What To Expect When You Quit Dipping

What To Expect When You Quit Dipping

So you want to quit. And you would like to know what it’s like. We’re not going to pull any punches around here, it’s tough. That’s why we’re all here.

Days 1 through 3 – Pure hell. You will walk in the fog. Nothing will seem real. Your brain is wondering where the hell its fix is and it is going to punish you until you come up with it. 72 hours, that’s all you need to get the nicotine out of your system. This is where you start to deal with the physical withdrawal associated with quitting dip. Drink lots of water. Read, post, read and post. Don’t take your anger out on your loved ones. We always tell everyone………Make this quit about YOU. If you quit for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, mommy or daddy, you will resent them during this period. Quit for yourself and come in here to rant. Yell at us. Bitch at us. We can take it. We’ve been there.

Days 4 through 20 – Here comes the mind games. The nicotine is out of your system now. You will still have some physical things to deal with.

  • Cravings
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Constipation, gas, stomach pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Sore tongue and/or gums

Yep, you have this to look forward to. Your brain is rewiring itself. It isn’t used to being in an oxygen rich environment. Your body is responding in kind. Everything is a mind game now. All the cravings you have are actually due to triggers. Triggers are events where you are in a situtation you would normally dip in. Mowing the grass, playing poker online, playing golf, working on the car………you get the picture. Keep drinking water, use seeds, the fake stuff, whatever you need to keep the dip out of your mouth. Remember, oral fixation is part of our habit, something you will eventually need to break. For now though, use all the tools you have.

Days 20 – 50 – You’re winning. Life isn’t great, but you probably had a couple of nights where you actually got some sleep. You might notice you’re going to bed earlier than you normally do. Not staying up to get in that last dip. You may notice some sores in your mouth. You’re thinking, “great, I quit dipping and now I have cancer.” You almost certainly don’t. Your mouth is healing itself. Tiny ulcers you’ve had for a long time are healing. We recommend you visit your dentist around the 30 day mark. Don’t be a pansy, just do it. He or she will be very supportive and they can explain the sores much better than we can. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t go out drinking with the fellas or the girls. We also recommend that you don’t drink for at least the first 50 days. Drinking is a huge trigger event and it weakens your resolve.

Days 50 – 70 – Cruise control. Life is really good. You still think about it, but this is good stuff here. Some people may suffer anxiety attacks during or a little before this stage. Some doctors say we dipped to relieve anxiety anyway. Some people can push right through this, others need a little help. Talk to your doctor before you quit or immediately after you quit. They will know what to do. Some give Wellbutrin or Lexapro. Lots of people in the support community take or have taken these medicines and can help you with the affects. Don’t wait till you get to this stage of the game to talk to a doctor. You’ll cruise through this stage much easier if you know how to take care of the anxiety or at least know it’s coming.

Days 70 – 90 – Late term craves, the doldrums, the blahs, the blues. Some people end up feeling like they are right back at day 1. The fog, the haze, the craves. It can be a tough time. You need to let people in your group know this is happening. Time to circle the wagons to get through it. It usually only lasts a few days. Fight through this and make sure your order your HOF Knife or Coin. Here are a couple of articles about this time period which we refer to as “The Funk”

Days 90 – HOF – Houston, resume the countdown. Enjoy the hell out of these last 10 days. You will be celebrating with your group as you all enter the HOF. It is a great feeling and an accomplishment you should not take lightly. Do something special for yourself and your family. They put up with your sorry ass for the last 90 days and they deserve something too.

100+ Days – Stay vigilant. Use the tools you have, to continue beating back any cravings or urges. You will still experience dip dreams and longings, but you are fully qualified to beat them down. Continue to post roll with your group. Get into the newer groups and help somebody out. Pass it along. Live the dream.

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  1. Day 1. I spent the last weekend getting dow. To one dip a day, although, it sounds like that isn’t going to make this MUCH easier.

    I am already cranky. This is going to get ugly, but I let it get here so I need to suck it up and get through it. happy to see an honest write up on how this goes. This is try 3, but I have way more emotional resolve this time around. Wish me luck.

    1. Tim – Welcome.. Take one day at a time and suck it up during the difficult times.. It will pass away..
      Keep yourself physically active (if nothing else just fast walk for 30 mins a day) and it will help immensely during the early times.. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins..
      Each individual is different and you probably know what affects you most from the quit. Given that it is your 3rd attempt, by this time you will be aware that the quitting is not a single day event and recovery happens slowly but surely..

      Keep coming here.. write here.. get it out of your mind and we all are there to help you. I am at day 253 and I still need help with plenty of things. I would not have come this far without the help of my amazing friends here.

      1. The first 24 hours was hard. Think I slept in four 30 minute increments. Mouth pain was intense. Day 2 got way better from a physical pain reaction viewpoint. But it is filling the gaps in time that I would normally toss in a dip. Happy to say I have survived all of the temptation so far and this is the longest time I have been off tobacco for 5 years.

        The info in this article helped a lot. Knowing what is coming at me helped me be ready for it this time. Previous quitting efforts have been purely solo missions.

    2. TODAY IS DAY 90. I haven’t talked much here since November, but I’ve frequently visited the site. Look, everything on here, and I mean everything, is real. You’re going to experience these things on your own level, and it is up to you to read this page and prepare. You can’t even imagine what “tooth pain” is going to feel like, but you can prepare for how you are going to deal with it. Different things work for everyone.

      Look, I wish I could say this was easy. It’s not. But if you commit to quitting, I promise, you can do it.

      I have been hiding the fact that I dip from my wife for 5 years. I dipped in high school back in the 90s. Swallowed half a lipper breaking up a double play and immediately was put off of it. Then, I get a new job in 2013, and I have a boss that uses pouches. A pouch? That would totally fix my concern for swallowing a dip again! To avoid getting hooked (or caught), I’ll only do it at work.
      Fast forward to 2015, I’m buying at least 2 tins a week, sneaking off to play video games away from my wife so I can dip at home. Dipping in front of her, but swallowing the spit because she can’t see me with a spitter or she’ll know. Sneaking dip into professional sporting stadiums by putting pouches in a zip lock bag because I can’t let my wife see me take a tin out of my pocket when I go through a metal detector. I am ashamed of my vice, so therefore, I am hiding it. And then I become ashamed I am hiding it. In August of 2018, I had a son. I told myself I would quit before he can see me dip and think it’s OK or cool. In August of 2019, I saw him notice me put a pouch in when I was home alone with him. He reached for the tin. It destroyed me. I decided then I needed to try to quit. I had all of the motivation in the world. I failed in August after 2 days. I failed in September in 1 day. I failed within 24 hours of trying to quit in October, so I didn’t even count it as a try… I couldn’t have felt more powerless. Then I found this site.

      There are a lot of sites when you google “what to expect when quitting dip”, this was the first to pop up on my phone (in private search windows, because I was so scared for my wife to find it). But this site explained that the absolute torture I was going through when I quit… was only temporary. It changed into new tortures, but all of the new ones were WAY better than the first few days. This gave me the motivation to fight through days 1-3. And it took probably a month until I felt less miserable. I still feel tired, I’ll be playing PS4 with my friends and hear someone throw a tin onto the table through the headset and immediately get cravings, but they aren’t constant anymore.

      The dreams… that’s when you know how you’re doing. At first I had the dream where I was having a dip and I woke up craving one. Over time I woke up from that dream feeling angry that I “relapsed”, even in a dream. You will know what I mean when I say it’s a good gauge of how you are doing when you get to that point. The mindset to quit is your most important tool to making it a reality.

      You don’t need to talk. You can just read what other people are going through in their journey to quit and know you’re not alone. If you choose to talk, you’ll find nothing but support, and you might be helping someone else by sharing. We’re all pulling for each other here.

      Thank you everyone that shared or responded to my posts in November. Just know it help me, and I am willing to bet it wasn’t just me.

    1. Way to go Shiva, Cal is right there with you, you guys will cross the one year stage pretty much at the same time.
      I am on day 379 and approaching the fourth floor. Hang in there.

      1. Thank you folks.. Unfortunately I am hitting another “funk” now.. after all these days :(.. I am getting this severe pressure around my head, fog, intense cravings and again morning anxieties.. Last few days, I am very irritated on everything.. (esp Social media when I see stupid political or religious posts.. but how to handle social media stupidities with emotional intelligence, I need some lessons which may be for another post 🙂 )

        DDD – Did you get any funk after 250+ days ???

        1. Shiva, I recall some others talking about cravings late in their climb to one year. I “think” DDD was talking about it. I was surprised he was still dealing with them, as I am you are….but as you’ve pointed out, everyone is different.
          Regarding Social Media, I unplugged myself. Just too much BS and I felt it was time for a break (been almost 5 months now).
          Maybe getting away from it might be good!
          Take care!!

        2. Hey Shiva, Yes I experienced the funk, cravings and Dip Dreams, I came in here and shared all that. Jayp, JeffJ and other elders in here gave me confidence and reassured me everything would be ok. You will be Ok too.
          Heck, on monday I had a weird dream where I had dip in my mouth so I spat it in the toilette, flushed it and the damned thing started overflowing. Woke up all worried.
          Anyway regarding social media and all that garbage, i would recommend to take Jayp’s advise and unplug yourself from it all. As a matter of fact that is exactly what i tell everyone I know, they don’t listen, but I tell them in the olden days all these businesses and companies would spend a ton of money trying to find out information about you and here you all are giving them all your information for free, giving them permission to snoop into your homes, and like you say, reading the freaking Garbage that some people write. Stay away from it for a while you don’t need the aggravation while you’re dealing with the quit.
          Anyway partner, you know what to do, come in here and ramble away and remember the Wise words you and JayP use, “This Too Shall Pass”.

          1. This is why I love this place folks.. I can count on you guys to help a fellow quitter.. Thanks a bunch guys..
            Today is much better and I feel some positivity around me.. I feel it is like my brain realized something is not right with it and is trying to set it up correct.. this is pure evil.. just to realize how much this nicotine and other chemicals have altered us :(..
            JAyP/DDD – you hit the bull’s eye. I was contemplating pulling the plug out of FB for some time. I realized anxiety was always a problem for me.. I was never a cool kid who takes everything coolly.I burst into emotions when I see stupidity or irrationality.. that’s how I’ve always been.. There was nicotine to deal with it earlier and now there isn’t.. Funny fact is that I never replied to any of BS posts or comments.. not even a single reply.. just reading the stupid memes and forwards itself makes my blood boil but I am taking it all internally without expressing it explicitly.. This is doing more harm than good as I am not letting it out.. It’s better to pull off the plug and be away from all these for some time..

  2. Day 21.

    I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But the insomnia is still pretty bad. I find myself awake at 3 AM, like I am right now. I find myself working extra hours to keep my mind off of it.

    For those of you starting your quit, if you are looking for something to fulfill the oral fixation, I would suggest Grinds (www.getgrinds.com).These have really helped fulfill the physical/mental part of my quit and also has helped with the fog as well because of the caffeine.

    ODAAT. Hang in there.

    1. Hey DDD,

      I’m here and doing well! Thanks for checking in on me. I’ve been following along the posts but haven’t been posting as frequently myself as thoughts of dip and my addiction start to fade away. Unfortunately, I can’t say I have my energy back, but overall I continue to make progress and feel better.

      Congrats on your 1 year mark. Man, what an awesome accomplishment! Shiva and myself will be joining you there shortly!


      Day 230

  3. Hey JayP, you are right, I quit on October 22, 2018, but the calculator says today is 365 days. Not sure where the extra day came from, but I can celebrate both days.
    Thanks for putting up with all my ramblings.

    1. No problem yes, you can celelbcel everyday you’re away from that habit DDD.
      I certainly am not “putting up with your ramblings” ?
      I actually look forward to seeing you & others out here, it’s all good, congratulations again!

      1. By the way, I read your post slamming that guy for saying things like tobacco don’t cause cancer and things like hot beverages and BJs cause more cancer than Nicotine. Like a Boss.

        1. You know, it looks like I’ve had some past arguments with that guy on some other pages out here. He was spouting off about vaping or something a year ago. I had forgotten all about him until he started with this hot beverage nonsense this time.
          I definitely don’t want to use this place for arguing, but refuse to sit idle when people (trolls) come to this wonderful place and start talking the other way.
          I think it’s they’re more curious about quitting but aren’t ready to man up and take the plunge. Touche I guess.
          Any way….congrats on THE year mark of being quit DDD…I’m proud to of you!
          Take care,

          1. Good job jayp. Have him talk to me. I can tell him all about my cancer and the cause .

            You can’t fix stupid. It’s just the way people are, but I would love to have a discussion about cancer from tobacco


    2. Hello there, i’ve been rereading comments all.week.on this site for comfort and wasnt sure where to post first but this seems as good a place as any. Im 16 days free of nicotine, from about a 13 year dipping habit. Im almost 27 so that about half my life, everytime i get any kind of mouth sore of sore throat i get immediately terrified that it’s cancer. So i threw out my last can and called it quits. I felt okay the first few days but the anxiety has been absolutely terrible. I feel really tired and have been going to bed much earlier than normal, but them im constantly waking up all night. In the morning high anxiety and nausea hits and has been making it difficult to start my day right. Sometimes my throat feels tight and sore and I can barely eat because of the nausea, and i haven’t had a decent crap in a while, anytime i do go its just diarrhea from what i think is the anxiety. All the while i feel so depressed i’m having trouble enjoying anything, i can’t even get enough motivation to have sex with my girlfriend. Anyway i just wanted to vent to some people who might have dealt with this in the past, and maybe get some reassurance. Thank you.

      1. Hey Kevin, give it more time. We all go though those first weeks and it is nightmarish, but it passes. Remember you been hooked on it for half of your life. Occupy your mind on something else and try to exercise and eat healthy, that seems to work for most of us. After your 100 days, your libido and “normal” functions come back with a force. Hang in there.

      2. Hey Kevin,

        The comments on this post in particular should be very helpful and reassuring to you, I know I used them a LOT!

        Everything you’re describing is normal and will continue for some time, probably longer than you would expect. The Depression for me peaked around the Day 100 time frame (I think a week or so before) but things really start to get better after that. It truly does take a long time to heal. The good news is you’re 27 so your body and mind should bounce back quicker. Man, stay quit for good and you will be so amazingly thankful that you did. You don’t want to end up years down the line wishing you had stayed quit back when you were 27…I’ve been there.

        You could very well be a zombie/depressed/in a fog even past day 100 – not trying to scare you but you should have a reasonable expectation. This way if and when it happens, you don’t think there’s something else wrong with you or end up going back to dipping to get rid of these problems.

        Keep venting here, it’s helpful to share your symptoms and there will always be guys to chime in and offer some advice and share their own stories. If you haven’t already, use the “notify me of new comments via email” feature on these posts so you don’t have to keep checking back. Things are general pretty active.

        Keep setting little goals for yourself, like at your point I would consider Day 30 a great milestone. But if you’re already on Day 17 by now, the worst part of the physical addiction should be behind you. Celebrate the small stuff!

        I too had trouble eating during the early weeks of my quit and lost a lot of weight in the first few months. Even though most people do the opposite, I’m here to tell you that lack of appetite is normal too. I had it because of the reasons you describe as well – I was nauseous, dizzy and depressed so I simply didn’t feel like eating. My appetite came back with a vengeance somewhere around the 150 day mark. I was eating fine earlier than that, but it was an even stronger appetite as time went on.

        If you haven’t already experienced it, your mind is going to start looking for other ways to please itself. The nicotine fix is gone, so your mind is panicking and looking for that rush of dopamine it became used to – this is a big reason for your anxiety. Be careful not to feed it; this will just delay your healing and recovery. Think of “over indulgence” as a bad habit – if you do things like binge eat junk food, watch too much porn, drink lots of booze, smoke a bunch cigars, etc. that’s your brain’s way of trying to get you to compensate for the lack of dip. Instead try some other habits like exercise, eating smaller, healthy meals, staying hydrated, meditation, yoga, reading. Hypnosis is a good idea as well. I remember using a “quit dip” hypnosis from hypnosisdownloads.com a few times in beginning. It’s like 10 bucks, totally worth it. I have no affiliation with the company or anything, I just believe it can be helpful. Another note: If you’re like me, you’re so tired that exercise is laughable at this point. In that case, just try and walk more or do some stretches…every little bit helps you to heal.

        And always remember, going back to doing dip (and this means not even doing a single dip – you can never do “just one”) isn’t going to help anything so don’t let your brain trick you. I’m sure it’s tricked you enough times at this point. I guarantee if you do, you’ll end up back here trying to quit again and wishing you stuck to it the first time. Your end goal is always going to be to quit for good, not this back and forth nonsense. Don’t be a slave to tobacco, don’t go back to having to worry about sores in your mouth, don’t go through the hell of withdrawal again. You don’t have to do any of it ever again as long as you stay quit!

        Please check back in with us man…I would especially like to hear back from you on Day 30 so we can celebrate a big milestone for you.

        – CAL

        Day 230

        1. Thanks guys yours words have truly helped a lot. I really have no desire to waste another cent on dip, but this is the farthest i’ve ever gone without it and i was just not expecting symptoms like this. Thank you for listening and your support, i will definitely be sticking around!

          1. Hey there Kevinjw, you sound like you are right on track bud. Most all of us have been through what you described. Hang in there. Try not to fight it (the anxiety, etc.) just let it take it’s course. Just like having the flu, you don’t freek out about the symptoms, you just let it happen and eventually you heal… hang in there you’re doing awesome!

      3. Kevin

        Welcome to the suck. I tell all new quitters this. Embrace it. And fight. The battle is difficult but, what I did was I gave myself victories each day. When I finished a day I was proud of the fact I completed another day without a dip.

        Keep busy is a great strategy, they also include triggers. I would play golf. Work on my classic car, which was also a trigger. So. I ate carrots.. I felt if I kept my oral fixation busy I could get past the trigger. It worked

        You also need to have self determination and discipline.

        I applaud you so far in your quit, and you will continue having strange feelings , recognition of what’s happening will help. Your brain is re wire itself.

        Come here often and chat with us. You have some great veterans here that are more then happy to help you.

        I for one what you to succeed.. I won’t give up helping you.. so don’t give up.

        Count on Shiva. DDD Jayp for influence and guidance.


        1. Thank you as well Carey and Jeff! My anxiety and depressiom has definitely died down ( for now). Just starting to experience the dip dreams and its crazy how real it feels. I know a sore throat and dry mouth are supposed to be common but i was hoping some of you could shed some light on this. I no longer have the feeling my throat is swelling/closing up but its does feel irritated, dry, qnd pretty consistent the last few weeks. I’ve been sticking with water and trying to stay away from soda (i drank way too much as a dipper)I live in central IL where it”s getting cold and i have the heat on at night so that’s probably contributing as well.
          Thanks for being around, you guys rock!

          Day 29 without a dip!

  4. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::Day 365::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Today I complete one year of being quit. It seems like a very long time, but if i count it against my 30 years of using tobacco it really isn’t.
    It does, however, feel good not being dependent of that substance though. The symptoms of withdrawal are gone for the most part and life is actually feeling normal like in the days that I didn’t use to chew. Those days are so long in the past, that it is hard to remember life without it.
    You all that are coming up behind me, keep it up, you all are doing a fine job. If you fall, dust yourself off and get back at it again. Those that are ahead of me, keep going I am right behind you.
    It is awesome to be part of this large group of men battling this powerful internal enemy. Everyday when we defeat this demon by not chewing, the weaker he gets. Let hours turn into days, weeks, months, years and a way of life away from tobacco.


    1. Congratulations on 1 year clean sir! (I had your date for tomorrow, but you know your date).
      You are now an experienced veteran and well seasoned to know what it takes to stay away and be free.
      Let this first year be the foundation of your quit and build many more layers to bury that past of using.
      I’m so far above that now, I’d be a complete friggin Moron to ever “dig up that past”.
      Enough on me, Congratulations again DDD, you are a shining example of someone who learned how to successfully quit after falling the first time.
      I am very proud of you and applaud you on this day DDD

    2. Good job DDD. Getting it done! It’s a huge accomplishment and take pride in your victory lap. I remember my first year… I couldn’t believe I actually did it.

      So. Lift your head a bit higher today, as you have battled and beat the nic bitch ..


      1. Thanks JeffJ, you guys welcomed me back after i caved in and i pressed on because you guys set the example. Like I told Jayp thanks for putting up with all my ramblings. Stay Cool JeffJ.

      2. Yes, you are a great example Jeff. Notice how he doesn’t want to talk with you about that crap? I just won’t stand for it. The number of people that have contracted cancer from using that shit, far out number the ones who contracted it from a hot beverage like coffee and team…what the hell is that shit? You’re absolutely correct, you can’t fix stupid, you can only point it out! Hope all is well Jeff, you enjoy that sunny, Cali weather….I’m looking at gray skies and 50 degrees out my office window….sigh….

          1. Thanks DDD, sorry Shiva, I’ve visited a lot of pages out here and didn’t remember which one it was. DDD posted the page.
            This clown is a Dipper, too afraid to face his own dam addiction. I guess the world needs those types too.
            Take care my Brothers

    3. Wow… amazing DDD and hearty congrats on the 1 yr of freedom. Wish you many more.. You aced like a boss this time… kudos

  5. Thank You for sharing such a nice and informative blog and your knowledge with us.
    An Oral Fixation. Freud proposed that if there is any thwarting of the infant’s libidinal desires in the oral stage, i.e. if the child’s breastfeeding is neglected or over-provided, or if he or she is weaned too late or too early, he or she may become orally-fixated as an adult.

    1. Just an observation, and by no means an expert opinion, but oral fixation and addiction to a certain substance to me seem like two separate issues. The substance can be introduced by other means. In our case the nicotine is introduced orally, but can also be inhaled or even snorted. You are correct though that the oral fixation has to be dealt with by all of us. It is interesting though, that the oral fixation could be traced to our development years. There is also the association of actions in our everyday lives that trigger the intake of more nicotine. The psychological effects are not really understood and I think we all speculate on what really happens to our bodies and psyche. A fact is that we all report similar symptoms and we come here to write them down in hopes that they help someone that is trying to quit. Good Insight though, I like the introduction of science into this journey, maybe some day those of us that are dumb enough to fall prey for tobacco will be able to get better help, in the meantime we are bringing our little contributions to the table.The best help we have until now is to never start using tobacco products.

      Day 361

      1. Hey JeffJ, great to hear you are on my Neck of the woods. How about them Cowboys?
        The weather is just a little cool. but not as bad as up there where JayP is at.

        1. You ain’t lying, It’s rainy and 48 right now in the thumb.
          My friend who is from Michigan, went to the Air Force, then retired to Florida. He said, “man you have to be dumb to stay in Michigan during them winter months”. In which I replied, “dumb….and tough” ?
          This isn’t even bad yet.

  6. Day 217

    Gentlemen, it’s been a while! Checking in with you all on Day 217. Lots to share…warning long post ahead!

    I’ll start by going back to around the 6 month mark since I never really checked in at that point. Shortly after hitting 6 months I came to the realization that it was the longest I had been without dip since starting at the age of 21 (I am now 35). When I was 24-25, I quit for about 6 months, but even then I couldn’t compare the addiction of only dipping for a few years to what I had become years down the road. This brought up memories of all my past quits – some of which I could only laugh at. In August 2016, I quit about 1 month before my wedding in early September. Not a stressful time at all, right? Perfect time to quit I thought, this way I won’t be craving come the wedding! Well surprisingly I survived. I actually made it all the way into 2017 and then in February 2017, I caved. I got to the point where I was still depressed and some stressful moments with my job and life in general got to me. I didn’t follow KTC at the time; if I had, I would have been much better prepared for what was coming at me and would have realized I was so damn close to the finish line. So many things I have learned this time around vs. then I can’t type them all out. After that point, I had a series of quits…2 weeks, 1 month, a few months, a few days. I was putting myself through absolute HELL going back and forth.

    Here I am on Day 217 and still reflecting a bit. I can sum up the first 100 days as full of cravings, anger, fog and anxiety with a few glimmers of hope and some bursts of energy and happiness. Days 100-200 were more of an absolute GRIND. Lots of depression, flat mood, tired. Not as much anxiety, but still there. Cravings all but gone. Some more peaceful days, but not much by way of energy – at least that’s been my experience.

    In the 180’s, I was still feeling depressed and had no drive or energy for anything. I felt pathetic! I came to another insight that I was basically replacing my dip habit with other bad habits to get a quick dopamine fix. This is very common! And when you take a step back, you realize how badly your mind and body wants that quick fix however it can get it. Common fixes include alcohol, porn/masturbation, sex and overeating. I’m not talking a one time thing here, I’m talking regular over indulgence. You need to take a look at yourself at know the difference between a few drinks on a Saturday and a six pack for lunch. The difference between a good night with the wife and watching porn several times a day or week. I don’t think I was truly healing as quickly or effectively as I could have been because I was replacing the dopamine fix I was getting from dip. It’s the reason why people reach for junk food and overeat right after they quit – it’s a simple replacement for a dopamine fix that your brain wants. So for me, I quit porn altogether and started eating smaller, healthier meals – those were my two “fixes” I needed to quit. It’s been 31 days and let me tell you, I went through the same exact fog, tiredness, depression, anxiety BS that I did when I quit dip all over again!! BUT, it was much more short lived and I’m grinding through it – the right way this time. I truly believe this is why some people can “get over it” much quicker than others. Anyway, lots of rambling here and I’m sure this has been said elsewhere but hopefully this helps others recover more quickly!

    In terms of my symptoms on Day 217 and how I’m feeling now: Energy is better and more balanced throughout the day; far from where I want to be, but I am at least feeling more “normal” now not like the energy levels of a 90 year old man. I’m not looking at the quit counter every day any more, the days of being quit are turning into weeks and weeks into months. Much less fog, better focus at work and more productive. Apart from energy not being where I want it to be, depression and low/flat mood is still the most persistent symptom for me. Anxiety is still present, but I also had some of those issues prior to dipping.

    Shiva, JefFJ, JayP, DDD thank you for all your support and for sharing your knowledge, it has been incredibly helpful to me on my journey.

    To some of the newer guys out there – Cowboy, BigDiesel, Connor and anyone I missed – please let me know any questions you guys have about symptoms or whatever else I am happy to help and share whatever I can.


  7. Day 358
    Hello folks, Here we are starting another week. In exactly seven days, I will have completed a full year of being quit. ODAAT. stay cool.

    1. Good job DDD. About to make the one year mark! Congrats. Glad you came back and got it done.

      Yes. Winter is getting close. Love it. Golf season for me

      1. Hahahaha.. nice chatter going on 🙂 :)…. Here I come… It is the most awaited season for me in my tropical paradise… Highs in 80s and lows in 60s.. The other 9 months it is hot, blisteringly hot, humid and extreme humid for me :(..

        DDD… just a week more (or less).. I remember looking at you in awe when you crossed 6 months mark.. Time flies..

        Jeff & JAyP – Always nice to hear u folks..

        1. Good to see your post Shiva. You are about right where I was when things started to become much, MUCH easier. I think it’s because the cravings finally began to let up. I, like you, think I still had a few battles still with the anxiety…but it was definitley getting easier at your checkpoint.
          As you said “This Too…Shall Pass” and it does.
          You take care and stay strong!

        2. Thanks Shiva, you are way up in your numbers too.
          It looks like you and Jeff and myself are enjoying the weather, but poor JayP is freezing his butt up north. Stay warm partner, or you could come down to the south for a bit.

    2. Got you on my calendar DDD…we’re waiting at the 12th floor (Roof) for you.
      Like Jeff, I’m glad you came back and took care of business.
      You really wanted it or you would have just disappeared, I applaud you.
      See you at the top!
      And Jeff, I am not liking your bragging about winter time being golf season. I just packed my golf stuff away last night….it’s about to get really shitty here in Michigan. Some day, I will GTFO of here for winter.

        1. Say Guys, not to brag either (Jayp), but here in Texas the weather is just right, like Jeff says, we are finally dusting off those golf bags after the infernal heat of the summer.
          But I wanted to ask, how are those rolling black outs in Cali going? we hear you guys are out of gas and power generators?

          1. You guys are spoiled in that weather. I’ve learned to deal with the winters in Michigan, but I have to admit, they’re getting more intolerable as I get older.
            Never been to Cali, been to Dallas for a Bachelor party quite a few years back. Was fun.
            I’m saving Cali for the Rose Bowl. But at this point, I’m losing hope!

          2. DDD. We had no black outs in my neighborhood. Believe it or not. Hate California for many reasons. But. The weather keeps me here . I was born in Detroit , when I was 6 moved to Denver. In 2009. Moved to SoCal. Winters kicked my butt

            I just deal with gas price earthquakes traffic for a nice winter. Just a good trade off


  8. Day 352

    Glad to hear everyone is here kicking butt. I never met Franco since I was caved in when he started, but good to know you guys are all still quit. Hey Cal are you still with us? aint heard from you in a a while. JeffJ how is it going? JayP and Shiva are doing good according to their posts.
    Hang in there fellas, the winter is upon us.


  9. Day 223

    Going very strong now.. Anxiety and morning blues have almost disappeared. Up until a few days back, it usually is either anxiety / depression and no cravings or cravings but no anxiety/ depression. For the last few days, I have none :)..
    Going through a few posts, there are few things that really concerns me.. I am not a headmaster to remonstrate so please don’t take offence, I am just expressing what I know.

    I see few posts where fellow quitters after few xxx days try one and feel confident that they won’t get addicted back. There are two problems here:
    1. If you are trying that one dip to get back the occasional “enjoyment”, there is actually none even though you may feel there is some. It is the addiction that is talking to you. If you still equate enjoyment to dipping, you’ll never really be free and there will always be a longing at the back of your mind.
    2. Thinking that by not using the substance for a certain number of days has helped you break the “habit”. Habit is secondary here but addiction is primary. Your brain develops a tolerance neurological circuit that never really goes away even when you are quit. The moment you start ingesting the substance you are starting the process to rekindle all those neuronal pathways. It may or may not make you to immediately go back to old levels but there is always a very high probability that it may in a few days or in a few weeks.

    Remember, we threw this out not because of health, family, friends. All those are secondary. We threw this out because we wanted control of ourselves and we did not want to be a slave. This “habit” is disgusting and there is no enjoyment here.


    1. Great Post Shiva, I agree 100%
      Quitting Nicotine means just that, quitting Nicotine.
      You’re flirting with disaster playing with it.

    2. Awesome shiva!

      I am too big of a coward to ever try even the smallest dip again. The quit was so hard and I remember how much I had to battle constantly to make it to day 100 .

      I let the battle burn a scar into my soul that I would never touch and nicotine again.

      The fear of the addiction is so strong for me.


      1. Agree Jeff,
        I know me, I was GREAT at dipping and LOVED that shit too much. I would never try it again for those very reasons.
        I read what all these guys are going through and it teleports back to July 15th of 2014 and what I went through in those first 200 days….I’m all good without that in my life these days ..no looking back, and sure shit not ever trying it again.
        DDD….all is well my man, you’re almost a year clean, great job??

    3. Hey Shiva would love to pick your brain about some of my symptoms. Today is 124 ODAAT for me I’m bigdiesel90 in the sept group

      1. Hey BigDiesel.. will be really glad to help you in anyway possible. I am at 230 right now.. At this point, as I mentioned in my few of my posts, anxiety and morning blues are my persisting symptoms. The frequency and intensity of this is gone down much (it is still there..once in a few days) and I have cravings very very rarely..
        At 124 – This is a major, major achievement and kudos to you.. Only a fellow quitter will know what we are going through and how much we have pulled through. At this point, I see you would have crossed majority of the acute and post-acute withdrawal symptoms. There might still be some issues depending on how badly you were addicted and if you already had some underlying issues which nicotine hid. Of course, no quit is the same for everyone. The recovery will happen in phases so at times you still need to be patient ( I follow my fellow brother JAyP’s mantra “This too shall pass”).
        I was not part of a forum (primarily because in the initial days I was not aware about a forum and also I am half the world away).. My brothers JayP, Jeff, DDD and few other great people in this group are my pillars.. Post here often.. we will help you as much we can..
        One thing for sure.. life was good after 80 days or so, much better around 150 days mark and great post 200 days.. I hardly get any cravings now and apart from couple of lingering issues I am almost near normal :).. Almost on the last orbit from slavery..

  10. Well fellas I had one again around day 120. Friend offered one while I was drinking at a tailgate and I said sure. This was around 10 days ago. So I guess my countdown resets but I may keep the count going for “days without buying a can”(130). I was hoping I would somehow dislike it after 120 days but man….it was nice getting a little buzz from it again….hadn’t felt that since starting 5 years ago. ANYWAY, the quit goes on, will not fall back into that cycle. I actually think it gave me some confidence that I could enjoy one without falling back into the system/addiction. But I understand that can be a slippery slope and won’t fall into that trap.

    Good luck to you all! TIP! Don’t get too hammered around friends who dip during your quit!

    1. 120 days dude?.
      I caved on day 99 and talk about huge shame. Glad you bounced right back though, for some of us we just go into the rabbit hole and don’t resurface for years. It took me 4 years to come back and start all over again.
      I am on day 348 today and I quit with you all.
      Enjoy ya’lls weekend.

    2. I applaud the bravery, many just don’t say anything, cave and life goes on.
      Unfortunately, you start back.at day one when you use.
      Sounds like you learned a lesson, quit means quit. Doesn’t sound like a very good friend waiving dip in your face when you’re well over the 100 day quit mark.
      I start out by keeping the pump hand strong, next time he pulls that!

      1. Yeah, to be fair he wasn’t a close friend that knew I had quit. I just wanted one, and had convinced myself that it’d been long enough that I’ve broken the habit and was safe to have one. I don’t really feel bad or discouraged about it. As long as I stay away from it consistently I’m content.

  11. JeffJ, Jayp, Shiva, Cal, Do you guys remember these 2 guys? STEVE AND RICK, from way back when we started, I wonder if they stayed the course.

    If you guys are reading this, Give us a shout out!!!

    Shiva and I caved, but JeffJ and Jayp continued on they are 5 years into it and us three are almost a year quit.

    Hope to hear from you guys.

    1. DDD, absolutely, I remember them both. I do know Rick did have a cave. He was in a band (a drummer?) or something and had a smoke that led to a dip. He actually had a couple different names out here .
      Steve actually came out and said he came down with cancer. I thought it was some kind, not related to the dipping, testicular?? I can’t remember for sure….it HAS to be padded in this feed somewhere. Not sure what happened to either of them.
      They were definitely 2 major players on this feed when I was early in my quit (as you and Jeff and Shiva were…Shiva was actually a head of me at that time).
      I recall a Franco too.
      Yes sir, time flies, still amazes me it was over 5 years ago that I used nicotine.
      I was up in Cadillac, MI last weekend for a golf trip. My partner and I, who is also an ex Dipper, he quit several year before me…were talking about how many smokes, dips and even Cigars we’d indulge in, back in the day, while golfing.
      It’s like we never even used. But boy, did we dent some beer last weekend, lol!!
      Take care and keep at it DDD

      1. I still pop in once in a while. Glad to see u guys staying quit. I was a bit behind you JayP (April 2015), but seeing all your posts was one of the reasons I was able to quit for sure!

    2. Yes, I remember DDD.. I think Rick fell down before 100 days but I think I remember he posted couple of times after about a year.. Don’t know if he was able to quit.
      Steve I think had some health issues but did nt see posts after that.

      Rick, Steve – If you are hanging around, give us a shout.

    3. Yes. I remember them both also… I have no idea what happened to those two.

      I remember I did post anything till like day thirty… I kinda stayed on the sideline and read DDD. Jayp, shiva, ricks posts. Helped me allot…

      Cowboy! Don’t give up. You are on the right track… come here often and let us know if we can help.


  12. Shiva – Yes thank you, today is day 201 with 200 quit days behind me!

    Quick check in to let you know I’m still alive and kicking and overall doing OK. I have been planning a much longer – and I hope helpful – post this week with my thoughts on days 100-200 and more recently the past several weeks. Stay tuned, I will check back in soon.

    How are you feeling? Congrats on hitting the 7 month milestone!


  13. Day 341

    in 24 days I will complete my first year quit. 11 months off the NIC, feels good guys, you all hang in there and take it one day at a time.
    Shiva, JayP, JeffJ, Cal? hope you guys are doing good.

    Have a good weekend fellows.

    1. Right On DDD start the countdown. Its a worthy accomplishment….

      It was worth the battle I am sure you agree,,, free of the Nic Bitch… The journey was hard, but you have motivated so many…. I am glad yo came back and finished the fight you started with me and Jayp

      Shiva is kicking butt

      I guess at the end, all of us made it


    2. DDD – Awesome work! I’m sure hitting the 1 year milestone is going to feel amazing. How are you doing with the triggers/craves lately?

      – CAL
      Day 201

  14. Day 340

    Hey Mykel, today is your 4th day, it’s do or die. The choice is yours brother. We all have our demons, yours is simply “the 4th day”. I tell you what, if you read this today, let’s make a deal that we won’t dip; tonight, come back in here and tell us how your day went. If we don’t hear from you, well, good luck.
    Take the challenge!

  15. Hang in there and keep your eyes on the prize. The first week is a bitch but, I promise you, it gets better from there. As for Day 4, embrace the challenge and, by all means, DO NOT overthink what tomorrow will bring. If at all possible, try changing up your daily routine and do something completely out of the ordinary. That way, you’ll eliminate any potential trigger with respect to persons, places, and things. You got this!

  16. Day 334

    It is finally Friday, to kick off the weekend I thought I would leave a fine note to ponder upon.

    Here is a list of the ingredients in Skoal Mint which was my favorite:

    Here is the link in case you want to look up yours,


    US smokeless tobacco, an ALTRIA company.

    Skoal Ingredients by Packing The ingredients are listed in descending order by weight.
    Salt (Sodium Chloride)•
    Natural and Artificial Flavors•
    Binders•Sodium Carbonate•
    Ammonium Carbonate•
    Sodium Saccharin
    •Ethyl Alcohol•Preservatives

    Seems pretty normal stuff Don’t it?

    Let’s see what the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics come up with.


    Here are a few of the ingredients found in smokeless tobacco.

    Polonium 210 (nuclear waste)
    Formaldehyde (embalming fluid)
    Cadmium (used in car batteries)
    Lead (nerve poison)
    Nitrosamines (cancer causing substances)

    The list is a little bit different aint it folks? Now the amount or weight found in the product is not really clear, however, when it comes to nuclear waste, I wouldn’t want to consume even the recommended amount if there is such a thing.

    Have a nice weekend.


  17. Day 333

    I guess that’s half of the bad number huh?

    Does it feel creepy when you get to that number or you guys never actually paid attention when you got to that day?

  18. Day 331
    Good Morning fellows, hope everyone is doing well. I have not much to report today other than the craves I experienced a few days ago are gone. I actually areated my lawn and fertilized the hell out of it. It was a lot of work, but I have started to see the results. That grass is looking dark green. The neighbors were a little ticked because I used tons of cow manure, but that did the trick, the grass loves it. In 34 days I will complete one year of being quit, I started looking at the quit coins, but for some reason the color chosen was pink. It is not my favorite color so I guess I will wait until I complete 2 years to get my coin.
    Other than that everything is going good.
    Hang in there fellers.

        1. Im on day 3 and have had very little cravings but i think about it often like before i leave the house idk how many times ive looked for my can then oyea i quiet a few days ago, but day 4 has broke me the last 5 times ive tryed to quit and tommorow is day 4 and im in my head bad today in and out of il grab a can and try again next week i always do this and dont know what to do to get past this…help?!

          1. Honestly im afraid of day 4, at some point during the 4th day o get a craving so bad i loose my mind…like its so strong it overrides my normal thought process…i havent got a buzz from dip in over 6 years just habbit, some of you are on day 300 so any HELP is much appreciated and why am i feeling emotional now?!

          2. Mykel, I’m over 5 years clean currently. But, I do remember day 3 like it was yesterday. It was after work, on a Friday, I had to get my suit from the dry cleaners. I was ornery as hell. I grabbed my pink slip from my car sun visor and entered the dry cleaners. I handed the slip to the owner and he looked at it, then pushed a button that brought the100’s of clothing around on his electrical hangers. He kept pushing the button, stopping, looking, pushing the button, looking confused, covering his eyes, pushing the button….like he lost my suit! I swear to all that’s Holy, I wanted to leap over that counter and take his controller and put it some place where the sun didn’t shine! Finally, after several more minutes of this, he found my dam suit. I remember paying and leaving the store and going to my truck and sitting for a moment. I literally told myself “you gotta calm the hell down guy”. This is when I realized what a battle I was in for with this quit.
            I guess my point is, we ALL have been where you are and we made it out the other side….you will too, if that is what you really want. You REALLY have to want it.
            Look, I dipped for dam near 30 years….a half a can a day, then a full can, then a can and a half… everything I did included dip. It was ridiculous. You really don’t understand or even appreciate the struggle until you go through what you’re going through right now.
            If I can get the hell away from that terrible habit, you can too.
            As the other poster said, embrace the struggle….it will only make you stronger. I decided to work out, run, drink lots of water…meditate, used gum, seeds, even the fake dips! Just stay away from nicotine!
            I promise it gets easier, but you gotta crawl before you can walk.
            Just know, what you’re feeling, is absolutely normal and is part of the healing process . “This too…Shall Pass”
            Keep at it, tap into that internal warrior and beat the cravings ass!

          3. Day 340
            Hey Mykel, today is your 4th day, it’s do or die. The choice is yours brother. We all have our demons, yours is simply “the 4th day”. I tell you what, if you read this today, let’s make a deal that we won’t dip; tonight, come back in here and tell us how your day went. If we don’t hear from you, well, good luck.
            Take the challenge!

      1. Over 5 years clean myself Trent, absolutely worth every ounce of energy I put into my quit in those first 100 days. Take it hourly….you will get through it. You’ve gotta want it.
        Things do get easier….the first 3 days were the worst.
        I always told myself “this too, shall pass”…and it did.
        Keep fighting, because being free from that shit, is 100% worth it.

        1. Trent

          Welcome to the suck.. it does suck, go ahead and embrace it. If you can continue your journey it will get better. It’s well worth the effort, each day is a victory, so don’t stop.

          Many of us have fought the. NIc bitch and won, so can you. Be determined! Fight! Count your victories.

          You have many veterans here to help you.

          When I quit. My support group was here daily: DDD will
          Always motivate you: jayp will give you guidance along with Shiva.

          5 years later, we all still support each other and new guys. This platform is a welcome resource.. read. Ask questions. We will support anyway we can

          Keep going brother

          I made it back from China boys: I really noticed that it seems every Chinese guy smokes.. i have been to china 20 or more times for work.. but wow. These guys are crazy for smoking. It’s was at times hard to get away from it: I must admit. Some of the aroma did smell good!

          Hope all is well. Shiva. You good?

          Jayp. Can you call Harbaugh and ask him to start coaching. Terrible


          1. Welcome back Jeff,
            I wonder if all that smoking adds to the pollution you read about in China? I admit, back when I did dip, when I drank, I would have a smoke now and then…today, I cannot stand the smell of cigarettes. Cannot stand the smell anymore.
            Harbaugh…pfffff, I think he left his dam playbook (and balls) in San Francisco! I knew we were in trouble after that Army game.
            Pathetic, not even close to what I imagined a Michigan, Harbaug football team would look like, 5 years in. Unbelieva I got nothing.
            Any way…I hope all is good, you men continue the fight!

    1. Way to go Shiva, you guys are doing an amazing job; you are on the 200s already, Cal is very close to it, I am on day 320 and of course JeffJ and Jayp way in the 5 year mark. Keep it up, you all are colossal Anti-Nicotine warriors.

  19. Thanks Cal and JeffJ, I think I figured out what was triggering the Dip crave. It was not my meeting with my friend, although i think it did to a certain point, but what was bringing those memories back was the water I was drinking. When I started my quit i started drinking lots of water and I read somewhere that cinnamon has some healthy properties so I started adding cinnamon to my water. Yesterday and today i’ve been drinking water and cinnamon so every time I would take a sip, the memory would get triggered.
    Now, the way I see it is you can run from your nemesis or confront it. I have been taking the bull by the horns in most other triggers sort of speak, so I have decided to continue drinking my water until the trigger is no more.
    Knowing your enemy is half the battle I say, it is still triggering the craves, but now I know what is causing it and I am killing it every time I sip my water.

    Have fun In China JeffJ

    Ya’ll have a good weekend.

  20. Day 327
    Hey Shiva, Jayp, JeffJ and Cal. Good to hear ya’ll are doing good. Today is Friday and wanted to share a little of what is going on before we hit the weekend. So I had lunch with an old friend and believe it or not it triggered a crave. Here is why, you see I hadn’t seen her since I quit dipping. I remember we usually would get together, had lunch and parted ways. Every time after that I would slam a big wad of dip in my mouth on my way home or back to work. Seeing her and having lunch must have triggered that crave. Now usually the crave goes away after a few minutes, this time I haven’t been able to shake it off since yesterday. I need help guys! I usually tell you all to excersise and drink water, but the crave is drilling into my brain. I can feel the taste on my teeth, tongue and mouth tissue, like it is craving it. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I can’t shake off that crave.

    1. Day 185


      It makes sense and I understand.

      The big thing you need to remember with a crave is that a dip is not going to solve any problems – it’s only going to make things worse. Right now, it may feel like a dip will help but it will most certainly only hurt and lead you down a bad path. There’s no reason at all to do it, even if you think it will temporarily satisfy the voice/crave in your head.

      Remember that this is just a feeling or thought and it will pass. I noticed a few other recent posts you made saying you have had some triggers lately and I think maybe you’re becoming fixated on the thought of a dip. I’m not judging you at all man, that’s just what I think I see.

      You have come so far and worked extremely hard to get to day 327. If you cave and get a dip, you KNOW that you will be back on board trying to quit again soon after and guess what? You’ll have to start all over again and go through all that fog, low energy, depression BS that is mostly behind you. Maybe it’s a few minutes, few hours or few days, but as long as you stay strong, you’ll soon realize you made the right choice to not give in. Don’t let your brain trick you.

      From everything I read, this is one of the strongest addictions out there and having urges a year after you quit is completely normal. Keep fighting and plow through this part of your quit!

      Hope that helps, stay strong brother I will be on the lookout for follow up posts and am here for support.



    2. I really can’t add more to this than Cal already did (great post Call), taking a dip ain’t gonna solve anything.
      Frankly, I’m surprised at 300+ days you still are having fantasies of still using. I certainly had small reminders of things I liked dipping with…but at 300+ days, there was absolutely no way (excuse my language) I was going to fuck up, what I un-fucked.
      You just have to “sack-up” in these situations. And may I even suggest, the fake stuff?
      Man, I know many say it’s a slippery slope, but it never was for me…and it possibly kept me from going back. Just 2 cents.
      Have a good weekend DDD, be strong.

    3. DDD – you know that better than me brother. It’ s nothing but a deep, distant memory inside your brain which was awakened and is now making a strong, desperate tantrum. It probably knows that you are stronger and more determined than this and it will probably be keep trying for a day or two. Once it realizes, you have thrown this shit for good and it is never ever coming back to your life, this will run away with its tail between its legs. We got your back brother. I too had many such instances where I fixated on a smoke. Somehow, I was able to throw away the thoughts of fantasizing dipping sooner and it took me longer for smoking.

      Cal/ JayP , thanks for taking time to write back. Your posts are wonderful and am really glad we’ve Cal in here as well. Cal keep writing. Blogging and venting out helped me a lot.
      Jeff – safe travels. We will chat once you are back.

  21. Day 196-

    Hello folks, time for a roll call. I am doing al right. Almost to the second floor. At this stage, the only thing I am still struggling with is anxiety. Even small incidents in day-to-day life is bringing my anxiety to the brim. It feels as if my anger level is always on the border and I am getting way too excited on the slightest provocation. I am not able to tolerate even the slightest things that seems out of order: for ex, people jumping line in a queue, some resident parking their vehicle in my parking lot, cars cutting in front of me aggressively in traffic etc..
    I just want my mind to settle down. It is not like everyday is like this.. After 100 days there are many calm and peaceful days but there are few days like the above.
    Healthwise, I am down with sinusitis and I am having some temporary hearing loss an dmild tinnitus (don’t know if these are related to anxiety in any way).

    On a positive note, I bought a new motorcycle (Royal Enfield Interceptor 650) as a gift to me :D… While waiting in the showroom to complete delivery formalities, I had a very strong craving after a long, long time. Don’t know why but it lasted for a couple of mins though.

    Jeff – think you are in travel now. Msg us once you are back from China
    JayP – Just a hi. Hope you are doing alright
    DDD – as usual awesome posts, keep them coming. I enjoy it tremendously and it is very informative.

    Cal/Carey – hope you guys are doing alright. Keep posting your progress.


    1. Day 183

      Hey Shiva – Thank you for sharing your progress, congrats on day 196 and on the new motorcycle!

      The anxiety is a tricky one. It’s tough for me to comment on it, because I’ve dealt with some form of anxiety for a while now even before I dipped to some degree and while I dipped. So having anxiety after quitting for me…well I’m not sure if it’s just how I am normally or if it’s made worse by the withdrawal process. I did have more issues with getting easily angered probably up to around day 100, but those are just about gone for me. On a side note, if my day to day anxiety ultimately lessens as a result of the quit, that would be an amazing and unexpected benefit, at least for me and my personal circumstances.

      I don’t want to read too much into it, but that craving you got makes a lot of sense to me. I would get cravings after I accomplished something or was really excited about something as well. I think it’s basically a memory of being used to “celebrating” anything with a dip. End of the work day? Dip. Game is on? Dip. Had a great meeting at work? Dip. Maybe because it was such an exciting and rewarding moment for you, your brain naturally went back to thinking of dip.

      As for an update on my journey, I am hanging in there. It seems like the 160’s, 170’s and now 180’s have been brutal on me. It’s been a while since I felt the “wow, I feel good today!” and I do remember several of those those moments, day and weeks throughout my quit so far. Overall, my mood has been very flat, almost no motivation to really do anything and low energy. I am sticking to some of the advice you guys gave me regarding exercise. I’m walking more, and doing regular push ups/situps/stretches nearly every day. I am also in physical therapy for small issue I had with my neck from sitting at the computer in bad posture, so that’s 1-2 days a week of exercise and stretches as well (and a nice neck massage!). I sleep great, no trouble sleeping at all. I’m usually getting between 7.5-9/hrs of sleep every night so I really can’t complain there.

      Haven’t had a crave in a while which is good. I am really starting to feel very distant from dip, like it was a part of my life a long time ago even though it’s only been about 6 months. This is a good feeling, but I remain vigilant in case a craving does pop up.

      Anyway, I’m pushing through, hopefully it’s just a matter of time before I start to get better. I look forward to the 6 month mark on Friday and then on to the second floor at day 200 shortly after.



    2. Shiva, a hi back, I am doing just fine, thanks!
      You know, I don’t know if it’s years of abusing nicotine that causes those anger issues. I do know, since I’ve quit dipping over 5 years ago now, my irritability and inpatients, has went from zero to asshole pretty quick these days. It could he I’m getting older, but I had always thought, you calm down as you age.
      But I read your comments and others out here and wonder if that junk doesn’t somehow do a lot more damage than we all know about.
      I read tinnitus is something many deal with after quitting. I am actually in the middle of testing for some things, 20% hearing loss my left ear, is the finding so far…MRI to follow.
      But reading yours and others on here…it just makes me wonder if this shit messes with more than is known.
      I apologize for.not being here as often, I do read each and everyone of your guys posts out here…even the new guys. I’m proud of you all, keep at it men!
      Day 1,884

  22. Day 318
    Ok Boys here I go with yet a new trigger i experienced this morning. It caught me by surprise because this doesn’t happen everyday to me anyway. So I am driving in to work and traffic slows down at a bottleneck, so I am looking around and I see the driver side door of this car next to me. There was this dried up nasty brown spill flowing down on the white paint. Instantly, it brought up a flashback of me pulling up next to my ex girlfriend at a red light. Her face of disgust was apparent and made it known to me too. “what the hell is that nasty spill on your door?” I knew exactly what it was right away, but played dumb and looked out the window, I replied, “it must have been a coke I chunked out the window earlier” I could tell she didn’t believe me, so i just punched it to get away.
    So back to this morning, I looked at the driver and there was this nice lady which led me to believe the stain was probably from coffee, but to me it triggered the crave. I started thinking about all the days driving to work and spitting merrily along. I thought 318 days quit, shouldn’t this be under control? Guess not, the memories come in involuntarily, but it is what we do that counts.
    Take care quitters.


  23. Day 175

    I’ve been having fog, low energy and lack of motivation steadily for a few weeks now. Low energy and basically the inability to feel pleasure in anything is really getting me down lately. I really never expected withdrawal to last this long, but I’m hoping it’s near the end of my truly debilitating symptoms.

    Having low energy crushes me – I’m basically incapable of doing anything let alone being able to think clearly. I can barely face every day normal tasks let alone get motivated for anything outside of the norm. Sorry for the depressing rant gents, there have been some bright spots in between but I am really down right now. No craves or anything, that’s not an issue. Maybe it’s the last stand of my addiction trying to get to me? I know there are better days ahead!

    DDD – I can only vividly remember having 2 dip dreams during the course of my quit. Same scenario as you and feelings of guilt, but I guess they’re not as prevalent for me as they are for others…at least not yet.


    1. Cal – I hear you. I’ll probably let the seasoned veterans guide us. I have problems very similar to you. I think we miss the stimulant action of nicotine. I don’t crave either it’s just the dullness and lethargy feels irritating.
      What works for me though is bite it and pull through. Once I get started on any work how much ever tired I feel, after 10-15 mins I keep going and sometimes it amazes me the way I complete. When I used to be an addict, it is easier to start a work with a stimulant but it is difficult to keep focused with withdrawals.

      Other thing, hitting gym or just jogging everyday helps. It keeps my energy level at a decent state and helps with sleep.

      Day 189

      1. Shiva – Thank you for your reply and wise words…I really needed to read them this morning! I think you’re right – I always relied on the stimulant to motivate me to do work and also to get energized/stay energized during social outings. It’s no real surprise then that I get tired around both of these situations without the stimulant. My brain is still re-wiring!

        You are right in that it feels irritating like it will never go away and you get sick of it. I’m tired of being tired. But it’s just a chemical imbalance that’s sorting itself out and it will pass.

        Thanks again Shiva, I am glad you replied to me.

        Day 176

        1. Cal
          Shiva is spot on!

          Omg. Getting tired of being tired.. I said exact same!

          Nothing really made me happy.. so I started walking. Allot. A quick pace was my way to push past this part of the journey. If your a younger guy, shiva is correct jog, hit the gym and hydrate.

          This worked great for me! I also would remind myself on how much I have kicked the nic bitch ass. I told myself many times how proud I was of myself.

          I can almost guarantee that cranking out a daily run or long walk will help you push past this part of your quite

          Try it for a week. Let me know

          I live in Southern California, so the weather is always good in the evening.for a long walk… I still do it!

          Jayp I hope will chime in

          Stay hydrated also is important

          Jeffj 8-14-14

    2. Hey Cal, that’s one of the ways that nicotine calls for more and there aint no way around it, but to plow right through. Like JeffJ says, embrace the suck, know that what you are going through sucks right now, but it is for the better. What I did is no different than what others have done in here too. Hydrate, eat your veggies and exercise. These activities keep you focused on other things and motivate you to get off the couch and move on to the next stage.

  24. Good Job Connor! you got to the first floor, we expect to see you at the second floor, it gets better and easier from here. Also Don’t forget to work on your Hall of Fame Speech, we all submitted one. Ya’ll take care.

    317 Days

  25. Day 100!

    Definitely some moments where I thought I would cave but I held strong! Will keep this going onto day 200. Anybody reading who’s on the fence, definitely worth it! I still crave one every now and then when I’m bored but fairly easy to dismiss. Watch out for those drunk/tipsy dip craves, as that’s the closest I got to picking up a can. Good luck everyone and keep on saving that cash!!


    1. Connor – That’s awesome man, big congrats to you! 100 days is an amazing milestone. There may still be bumps ahead but knowing you got through the first 100 days will provide you with the strength, confidence and knowledge to keep going successfully.


  26. Day 315
    Well boys I actually had a Dip dream last night. Almost a year into it, I could not believe it. I woke up all disapointed and feeling guilty, felt a little better when i realized it was just a dream, but a little concerned because it happened.

    It was very real, popping it in, feeling the buzz and slight burn, spitting it out on the ground. In my dream i remember thinking about KTC and felt really bad, I thought how am I going to explain? After all this time. That’s when I woke up.

    Have you older bros still have Dip dreams?

    1. DDD
      I cannot remember my last dip dream. I think, for me, I had a few during that first year, but, now I feel as though I never chewed.

      I don’t think about it at all, maybe just lucky

      Jayp May have some insight

      Hang in there. Almost a year!!!


      1. Hey Fellas,
        I too had dip dreams, I remember, like you, feeling guilty and thinking “I have to start all over again”. Like Jeff, I cannot remember the last time I had one though. Might of tapered off, year 1 or 2
        Totally normal for your first year…thankfully, it’s just a dream!
        Hope you all had a good holiday weekend!

  27. Day 185

    What a beautiful Saturday morning !!! No anxieties, no depression, nothing. Just peaceful and serene.. I wish this day goes on like this..


    1. That is awesome Shiva.. The last two days have been so good, after several days of anxiety, and depression. When I’m having bad days it is hard to think that it will get better, and when I’m having good days it’s hard to think that the bad days can get me down so easily. I hope that you continue to beat the bitch back and have more and more better days… keep up the fight. Soon we will be thankful for our suffering, and enjoy a clear head without the poison.

  28. Gentlemen!!!

    Remember, this is no joke, this is as real as it comes, all of us here are fighting for our lives, our health and to regain control once again. Many depend on us.
    *****Hang in there soldiers, our battalion keeps getting stronger everyday.*******

  29. Thx everyone for the wishes. It feels surreal to cross half a year mark, how great it would be to touch 1 year mark :)!!! I feel very proud. This is so far my biggest achievement in my life.
    Cal, Carey – come on folks.. you guys have done a wonderful job and are not far behind me..
    Carey – I still have the same problem with morning depression and anxiety.. It goes fine for 10-15 days and I hit a trough for 3-4 days.. Feels like crap and again start improving.. The same cycle goes on for some time now.. I am doing meditation and deep breathing that immensely helps.. I go by JayP’s mantra.. This too shall Pass.. and never, ever going back to poison… Whether I live or die, I’ll do it in my own terms and never again a slave to this bitch.. I have gone through this path, failed and have come up again.. I don’t want to go through any of this again..
    I am still learning life without this poison.. I realise whenever I have a smoke dream or a dip dream, the next morning seems miserable with depression.. Probably some deep dreams or many different things happen during sleep which I am probably not even aware which is causing these morning anxieties..
    Another thing, I still need to learn is how to cope extreme stress. I hit my anxiety peak whenever I am under lot of stress.

    Good luck to all you guys..

    1. Hey Shiva, good to hear from you.
      Definitely, Anxiety was the most troublesome side effect that i had to deal with. It is worth it though. The closer you get to the 1 year mark, you see that even that fades out into the background. Stress will always be around, but we can kick anxiety’s little virtual ass to the curb.

    1. Definitely not this JAYP, DDD….I never used Chantix, and did not use Cope..I was a Skoal user.
      I do have a story about using nic products to quit tho. I used NicoretteGum around 1996. I would mix it with regular gum, slowly reducing the amount of nic gum. When it was gone, I only used regular gum.
      About 6 months had passed, me and my buddies were up in Northern Michigan in the fall, salmon fishing in the rivers. We were all in our waders and one by one, all of them had their cans out thumping them, cracking the lids, popping in a big old fatty. I caved. “Toss me that can”. 18 years later, I came here and tried and successfully, quit.
      The difference? This time, I didn’t use the nicotine products to quit. I think it’s because I didn’t feel the “hurt” last time, that made it successful. I will never go through that pain again. And this, is what I think made the difference.
      Back to my doppelganger out here, I read Chantix is some bad stuff. Serious side effects for a lot of people who tried it.
      If you’re going to quit, there is no other way than cold turkey. Using nicotine, in any form, only prolongs your addiction. I’m speaking from experience. While I did quit using the gum, it did not last.
      Keep up the fight!

      1. Oh boy, that stuff doesn’t sound like something I’d like to use. Everyone is different and it may work for some, but in my case I wanted to go cold turkey with no help from anything, perhaps that is why i failed the first time, who knows, but I am up this far and aint no turning back.

        Well, at least we know there’s another dude out there with your same “stage name”.

        Hang loose brother!

        1. Yeah, I also noticed this other dude was talking about using chantix in 2015, I was well into my first year, clean, at that point.
          I actually posted a comment on that page after I seen it, thanks for the heads up.
          I don’t blame you, almost a year clean, don’t take it wrong, but at this point, the only reason you’d go back now, is by choice. You’re Free Now.
          Have a happy, nic-free-holiday weekend!
          -THE JP

      2. I did it cold turkey also. Was not fun, but I didn’t prolong the agony . Each one of us needed to fight the bitch anyway we could, with different methods.

        I am glad I went cold turkey… I will always remember the first month of sheer hell it was during my quit. I let let that terrible feeling burn real good… everlasting pain I thought at the time. When I see cope at 7-11 I just look at the can as misery

        Never again

  30. Good job Shiva, does it not just feel good to say that? “I am 6 months free of Nicotine”. Cal will be there shortly. For me in just a little less than 2 months i will be able to say I am a year off the bad habit and for Jayp and JeffJ well, they can proudly say, I am 5 years quit.
    Gentlemen, what we are accomplishing here is the labor of Titans, mighty warriors defeating the adversary that tried it’s best to end our health and lives. Be proud of your achievement and I am honored to say:



    1. DDD. Semper Fi on your last post! You still motivate me, even as a 5 year veteran.

      Cal .. shiva. Keep fighting.

      I for one would love to hear from rookies. I know you are hear… talk to us on your good days and bad.

      We are all in this together. From someone who just quit or a 5 , 10 year vet


    1. Congrats Shiva on surpassing the 6 month mark! How do you feel?

      I’m not too far behind you and looking forward to that same accomplishment in about 2 weeks.

      – CAL

  31. Day 310
    only 55 days to go, Can’t wait to hit that first year mark. I wonder if the older brothers stop counting days after a certain point or do they continue with the count forever.?

    1. DDD – Congrats on day 310, that in itself is an awesome accomplishment. And wow, the 1 year mark is right around the corner for you! That will be an amazing milestone.

      How are you feeling?

      I wondered the same thing regarding the count. I’m hopeful that at some point I’m not counting the days but rather thinking of it occasionally every few weeks, then months.

      Day 168

      1. Hey Cal, feeling just fine. Seems like the symptoms subside for longer periods of time and if they do come up they seem very mild. For sure, it feels better than during the first hundred days. I am able to do the things that i used to do while dipping, but without feeling any cravings. All the struggles and suffering to get away from the NIC were worth it. Being “normal” again sure feels great.

    2. DDD. Days turn into years ..

      I took slot of time off after my first year. Then came back. I am glad I did, but. I stopped counting days after a year.

      Just me


    3. Hey DDD, just as Jeff said, I definitely kept track up until my first year. After that, it became hard to keep the counting going, unless I plugged my quit date into that counter on this website.
      I just ended up hijacking Jeff’s idea and posting my quit date, lol!
      Great Job, you are well on your way to your first year clean. You are speaking like a veteran every day, I see it. Keep up the good work and help these rookies out when you can. You never know what a positive comment can do for someone who is on the fence about quitting .
      Take car men, and keep up the fight!

    4. Can’t speak for anyone else, but for me I keep counting and posting roll daily. It’s a small price to pay for staying clean. Day 4,784 – proud to be quit with you today!

      1. Chewie!
        I need to download your counter and put it on my phone ?
        All I know is Ive been quit for over 5 years, I’m quit today and will be quit tommorow ?

  32. Day 305

    In 60 days it’ll be a full year of nicotine free life.
    Hey Cal, welcome to the club, writing here and sharing experiences of our quit help others that seek information or motivation to start their quit.
    Stay the course and remember, one day at a time.


    1. Hey DDD, thanks for the welcome and glad to be here!

      At day 305, what kind of symptoms if any do you feel? Any tiredness, depression or other physical/mental symptoms? Was there a range of days where you started to feel normal again? Apologies if you already posted this stuff I was digging through comments but figured I would ask. Trying to have something to look forward to when I get there!

      – Cal
      Quit date: 3-13-19

      1. Hey Cal, yes, I’ve been writing in here almost everyday, in the beginning mostly about my symptoms and how crappy i felt.
        In my case, it seems that the first 100 days were the most brutal, but I wasn’t out of the woods just by passing that magical number. The mental triggers and physical symptoms still showed up every once in a while. I think I told someone that the body seems to do a reboot of all your systems after 100-150 days and it notices that the nicotine plus the other goodies are missing, so it starts kicking your brain to get them back into the body.
        So basically I went through another round of the symptoms like dizziness, foggy brain, blood pressure, the works. The body kicks and screams to try to get you to get back to it. If you survive this second round (days 180-280 for me) then the body starts to calm down. The triggers show up but very mildly and super short. The fog is gone and dizzy days are a thing of the past.
        The hardest symptom for me to overcome is Anxiety, doing research on it and nobody really knows exactly what it is, other than just unnecessary worry. I suppose I had it before, but didn’t notice it because it was suppressed by taking a pinch of tobacco. It is getting a lot better knowing that my body is healing, in the beginning the anxiety attacks came whenever i got dizzy or felt a pain somewhere so the thoughts of dying would come into my head and cause the panic. Now after several visits to the doctor and exams showing my progress the anxiety is reduced because I know it is just normal aches and pains and not a heart attack or brain tumor.
        What helps the most and I hear it from a lot of ex-addicts in here too is that exercise is key to a faster recovery. I’ve been exercising and trying to eat healthier and I’ve noticed that it does make a difference.
        I hope that helps.


        1. DDD – Thanks man, that’s very helpful. The anxiety can be really bad as well no doubt, but for me I had some of that before dipping and while dipping too, so those feelings weren’t as strange to me. Though of course they went into overdrive in the early part of my quit! I actually use a low dose (10mg) of beta blockers (propranolol) to greatly reduce the physical effects of anxiety. Basically, no matter how much you’re panicking in your head, your heart won’t start racing out of control or anything. As you said, once you start getting that dizzy feeling and your heart begins to race, it’s easy to spin out of control quickly. Ultimately, I believe you need to figure out how to get past those symptoms yourself without medication to truly heal, but the beta blockers are a nice short term or situational crutch. I also like them because they’re very mild, not addictive and safe – and they don’t mess with your brain chemistry like antidepressants and some other drugs on the market. Again, I’m no doctor that’s just my experience and two cents 🙂

          I’m hopeful that I won’t go through a fierce “round 2” during that time frame, but if so it’s good to know that someone else had that experience as well.


  33. Day 176 – Hello KTC’ers and dear Jeff, JayP and DDD. The nic free / shit free days are chugging along. I am nearing a major 6 month milestone :). Feels very happy and extremely proud.
    Last 15-20 days were not easy. I had some extreme work pressure at work and I have worked without a break for the last 10 days (~ 14 hours a day) and I am very proud to have crossed this stage without nicotine :). Stress is last of my emotion which I have a bit difficulty in handling without nicotine but I am doing much better. Had some mild fog, medium anxiety and mild depression back 10 days before but it has again gone down and things are looking better. As I said, i don’t think so the recovery is never straight. I like to think of the recovery phases as concentric circles (like planetary orbits) and you spend some time in a recovery orbit and progress to the next level.
    I believe this understanding will help us to keep us away from nicotine knowing that we will always always get better.


  34. Hey all,

    I’ve never done much except lurk on this site, but I come back to this post because of all the active comments. I wanted to share some of my experience because I know for everyone that posts, there are probably 100 more that just come to read. We’re all looking for reassurance that symptoms are normal and things will get better, so here’s some of what I’ve gone through. Currently on Day 162.

    – Many people talk about getting better after Day 100 or even before. That was not the case for me. It’s not meant to discourage or scare anyone, but I think it’s normal to not be yourself well after Day 100.

    – Here I am on Day 162 and I still get crazy bouts of intense tiredness, like fall down tired. I’m completely healthy, there’s nothing else wrong with me. Lots of literature on the web talks about 2-6 weeks of being tired and then it fades away; that definitely hasn’t been the case for me.

    – After 150 days, I did feel like I was over a big jump. I accepted the fact that although I wasn’t done healing, the next 150 days should be a hell of a lot better than the first 150 days.

    – I more recently (around day 150 range) started “feeling” things again in terms of emotion, laughter etc. I felt emotionally numb and disconnected for a long ass time.

    – Depression was really bad for me along with feeling emotionally numb. I would say it peaked between the 90-110 day range where I felt extreme sadness. I had to keep reminding myself it’s just chemicals out of whack and my brain rebalancing itself and that it would get better with time – and it did. I’m not myself yet, I don’t have lots of energy and I still don’t really take pleasure in the things I used to enjoy, but the sadness is gone and I feel like I can see the light.

    – I’m not a doctor, but my the brain rebalancing itself just seems to take longer for some people. Depends on how long you dipped, how often, your genetics, etc. I think part of it also depends on why you started dipping in the first place or why you continued to dip. Was it to help cope with anxiety, depression? Did it give you more energy? Yeah, all that shit comes back full force once you quit so I think if you’re someone who dealt with it more heavily prior to dipping, you’ll have a tougher time with recovery. No real science there, just my opinion.

    – Although I still get bouts of severe tiredness, I no longer feel the fog. Looking back at my notes (I kept a journal of sorts along the way), my fog was pretty much gone by Day 100. It’s come back mildly at times since, but it’s short lived. I’ve read on here some people say their fog went away in a few weeks and others are on day 200+ and still get it occasionally.

    – In terms of cravings, they still come up occasionally. But they’re much, much easier to dismiss. I always tell myself that having a dip won’t solve any problems and that if I do one, I’ll have 2 problems instead of 1 (I think I read that somewhere on this site and it really has helped me both in the early days and later on).

    That’s all I can think of for now. If anyone has questions I’m happy to help and will try to post here more regularly.


    1. Cal
      Great attitude!

      The journey is a bit different for all of us, it’s all a matter of time

      Keep the fight. Your in your way


    2. Cal –

      What a great post!! Happy to see someone in my ball park :). The recovery phases you described are exactly the same I went through except I got them earlier in my case (worst of anxiety – 30-50 days, depression – till 70, worst of sadness phase – ~ 85 days). I am not yet in the same league as some of 4+ year veterans here but we will get there.
      Like I said, recovery is not linear and it gets better in octaves. Knowing that we will always get BETTER will help us to stay away from this filth.

      1. Hey Shiva,

        Thanks for responding and for sharing those details! They’re very helpful and encouraging to me. And yeah it’s good to see someone in my ballpark as well!

    1. Been a busy summer, new house , wife in school. My work, and dip free for over 5 years. What a great feeling.

      I hope everyone is good! I am dropping by to check on all you Warriors make sure all is good

      Shiva. Mail call buddy..

      Football season starts soon. I just hope my Go blue team can get it done. I need them in the rose bowl this year.

      Next month off to China for A few weeks for business..


      ddd. Good job man.

      1. I’m checking in too!
        Seems all my brothers are, I’m free of the bullshit too, and will be!
        Was at golf league tonight, had a sub who is dialed into the Grizzly. He said he ran out and asked me for a fake one. I don’t have that in my golf bag anymore (probably should have a can)
        Found a guy to give him one but said to him, today is a great day to get away from that stuff. He’s not ready yet, but I hope in time my words will resonate. Again, people quit this habit when “they” are ready. You don’t quit this for anyone but yourself. It’s the most selfish thing you can do for “you”. It’s only about “you” and nobody else! Doesn’t mean you can’t.plant a seed tho.
        Alright, I’ve rambled long enough to, DDD, you and Shiva make us proud, keep on keeping on ?

  35. Day 300
    Hey Connor, based on experience and by reading many posts of cavers, one dip, means one can and one can means at least one year and so on.
    Five years ago I started my quit with JeffJ, Jayp and Shiva and on day 99 that is exactly what I said, “Just one dip” from a can that was there. It turned into 4 years of dipping. I had to go through the whole detox process once again and it was not fun.
    The decision is yours, but if you take even one dip, you WILL have to start all over in your quit. DO NOT listen to that reasoning in your head, it is what we call the NIC bitch lying to you and trying to bring you down.

    Good Luck!


    Date of quit: October-22-2018

  36. Day 84

    Still fightin the good fight. Went golfing today, couple of beers later and boy did I want one. Really, the only time the cravings come now are when I drink and I was very close to picking up a can for “just one.” Which I know is a lie I tell myself to try and justify it. But man one sounds good right now.

    Side question: Anybody have success having one occasionally while quitting? Like a friend offering one, so you don’t have to go buy a whole can? I feel like I could trust myself to just have one but if I got a whole can I think the whole process would have to start over and go back to square one.

    Great forum!

  37. Day 299
    In a little more than 2 months I’ll be tobacco free for 1 year. I hope the good lord allows me to live those days and more.
    The triggers are there, but somehow the hammer seems to be filed away. It feels good to be in control again. You see, no one and nothing is stopping us from just walking into a store, buying the can and pollute our bodies once again. In the beginning, we do restrain ourselves, but after a couple of hundred days without it and you don’t have to anymore. Hard to explain, but it is true. Life just happens and tobacco is not the center of my life. If you are here reading these posts and you just started your quit, congratulations!, the secret is to take it one day at a time.

    1. True story DDD, no one but yourself can keep.you accountable with your quit. It DOES become a lot easier a couple hundred days after…MUCH easier!
      I think what keeps you honest, or what kept me honest at your point was, I was almost to a year quit. I once made it 6 months, but caved and learned, one chew, equals one can. Quit mean quit. But I also knew how friggin hard it was to get away from this shit and the struggles that came with it. I wanted to make a year and beyond so bad and actually started to feel “normal” (whatever that is) without the stuff.
      As Jeff says, keep your eye on the ball (tho, I am still having trouble with this in golf after all these years, lol), and you’ll be fine. The way I seen it, at this point, you’d have to be pretty dam stupid to go back after all this time clean, you are done with that chapter. Maybe it’s a little.depressing, but as the years go on, you WILL know, it was the best decision you ever made for yourself.
      You keep busy DDD ?

      1. Jayp

        If Michigan can get past Ohio state. Rose bowl. Bring your clubs. We can hit a round and go to the game

        Jeff j

        1. I certainly will Jeff, been the plan for a very long time
          I’m saving my trip there for the next Rose Bowl
          Definitely been a long time coming!!

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