What To Expect When You Quit Dipping

What To Expect When You Quit Dipping

So you want to quit. And you would like to know what it’s like. We’re not going to pull any punches around here, it’s tough. That’s why we’re all here.

Days 1 through 3 – Pure hell. You will walk in the fog. Nothing will seem real. Your brain is wondering where the hell its fix is and it is going to punish you until you come up with it. 72 hours, that’s all you need to get the nicotine out of your system. This is where you start to deal with the physical withdrawal associated with quitting dip. Drink lots of water. Read, post, read and post. Don’t take your anger out on your loved ones. We always tell everyone………Make this quit about YOU. If you quit for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, mommy or daddy, you will resent them during this period. Quit for yourself and come in here to rant. Yell at us. Bitch at us. We can take it. We’ve been there.

Days 4 through 20 – Here comes the mind games. The nicotine is out of your system now. You will still have some physical things to deal with.

  • Cravings
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Constipation, gas, stomach pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Sore tongue and/or gums

Yep, you have this to look forward to. Your brain is rewiring itself. It isn’t used to being in an oxygen rich environment. Your body is responding in kind. Everything is a mind game now. All the cravings you have are actually due to triggers. Triggers are events where you are in a situtation you would normally dip in. Mowing the grass, playing poker online, playing golf, working on the car………you get the picture. Keep drinking water, use seeds, the fake stuff, whatever you need to keep the dip out of your mouth. Remember, oral fixation is part of our habit, something you will eventually need to break. For now though, use all the tools you have.

Days 20 – 50 – You’re winning. Life isn’t great, but you probably had a couple of nights where you actually got some sleep. You might notice you’re going to bed earlier than you normally do. Not staying up to get in that last dip. You may notice some sores in your mouth. You’re thinking, “great, I quit dipping and now I have cancer.” You almost certainly don’t. Your mouth is healing itself. Tiny ulcers you’ve had for a long time are healing. We recommend you visit your dentist around the 30 day mark. Don’t be a pansy, just do it. He or she will be very supportive and they can explain the sores much better than we can. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t go out drinking with the fellas or the girls. We also recommend that you don’t drink for at least the first 50 days. Drinking is a huge trigger event and it weakens your resolve.

Days 50 – 70 – Cruise control. Life is really good. You still think about it, but this is good stuff here. Some people may suffer anxiety attacks during or a little before this stage. Some doctors say we dipped to relieve anxiety anyway. Some people can push right through this, others need a little help. Talk to your doctor before you quit or immediately after you quit. They will know what to do. Some give Wellbutrin or Lexapro. Lots of people in the support community take or have taken these medicines and can help you with the affects. Don’t wait till you get to this stage of the game to talk to a doctor. You’ll cruise through this stage much easier if you know how to take care of the anxiety or at least know it’s coming.

Days 70 – 90 – Late term craves, the doldrums, the blahs, the blues. Some people end up feeling like they are right back at day 1. The fog, the haze, the craves. It can be a tough time. You need to let people in your group know this is happening. Time to circle the wagons to get through it. It usually only lasts a few days. Fight through this and make sure your order your HOF Knife or Coin. Here are a couple of articles about this time period which we refer to as “The Funk”

Days 90 – HOF – Houston, resume the countdown. Enjoy the hell out of these last 10 days. You will be celebrating with your group as you all enter the HOF. It is a great feeling and an accomplishment you should not take lightly. Do something special for yourself and your family. They put up with your sorry ass for the last 90 days and they deserve something too.

100+ Days – Stay vigilant. Use the tools you have, to continue beating back any cravings or urges. You will still experience dip dreams and longings, but you are fully qualified to beat them down. Continue to post roll with your group. Get into the newer groups and help somebody out. Pass it along. Live the dream.

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  1. Thankyou jeff for a quick reply. Really need you guys.
    I am doing a cold turkey.
    Is that okay to do ? Till now I am going good I guess. But I always think about it especially whenever I go on a walk ☹️

    1. I did it cold turkey also, another veteran Jayp also went cold turkey. Many have and many have kicked the hitches ass: my friend DDD and shiva ( who is almost at 100). All went through the process. I am a Marine veteran and one bit of advice is to embrace the “ suck”. As in. This sucks. Or that sucks. Embrace it and know it sucks. The battle each day.

      You will get allot of support from theses guys. Don’t give up: don’t put yourself into a trigger situation ( drinking beers)

      I am here usually daily. I will walk with you through this process.

      Jeff 8-14-14

      1. Anupam – let me put it bluntly. This is not something you will get over in a day or couple of weeks. As Jeff put it rightly, embrace the suck… I go by the mantra, this too shall pass and not today. I am almost at 100 days and getting better.. I still have a long way to go… remember just one dip or one smoke it all takes to unravel all your effort.
        Yeah, btw I am succeeding with cold turkey and I have previously failed a lot of times with patches and gums. The experience of first 2 months with cold turkey is good enough to drive you away from relapsing. There are lot of wonderful people out here who will be more than willing to hear you out. Come out and rant here. Good luck with your quit.

        1. “this too…shall pass”..?
          Sounds like my battle cry, Shiva.
          I’m glad you’ve incorporated this in your quit this time around.
          I agree, cold turkey is the only way to go about this habit. Was out golfing today, 27 holes,..while looking for my ball in the woods, I seen an old faded Kodiak can in there…man, all I thought was “it’s been a long time”. And, it has been.
          I’m done with that shit, it’s a chapter that is now almost 5 years in my past.
          3 days to go to reach that 100, keep at it.

      2. Good to see you out here Jeff, yes sir, Cold Turkey is the only way. It was pure hell, I have learned as I age, I enjoy making myself uncomfortable. It’s the only way to get it done. I am not a military vet (thank you for your service), but I can only imagine, this is what they call the “suck”..being uncomfortable.
        As I said to Shiva, I glanced at a can of Kodiak in the woods of a golf course today and all I could think was “it’s been a while”. And quite frankly, I’m ok with that. FUCK, that habit…it ruled my life for dam near 30 years! I had my fun with it…it’s time to move on to a life without it…and I have.
        I hope you are well my friend, I am beyond happy to see you remain free!

    2. Thankyou jeff and shiva for your words. I will keep that in mind shiva (about one dip can ruin all the things) I will always hang in here. You all are real motivators. Thankyou

    1. Wow!!, you almost there Shiva, Way to go. I knew you could do it.
      Now, start thinking about your HOF speech.

  2. Day 226
    Took a couple of days off and went to the beach, i caught a nice sunburn and a hangover. Aside from that destruction, I actually did go in a tour inside an aircraft carrier, boy I tell you what, I got a deeper respect for those serving in the military. I imagined how life would be in those tight closed quarters and with a constant fear of an attack at any time. Thanks for your service.
    How does this all tie into my tobacco free journey?, well I’ll tell you the less glamorous part of the trip. On my way back, I stopped at a gas station to relieve some pressure, well low and behold, there it was right in the urinal; the reason of all of our distress. Not the pee!!, no, next to it, a wad of what i could tell was wintergreen Skoal or Grizzly long cut. All the memories come rushing to my brain and immediately a trigger. Why not, I am at a gas station, middle of nowhere, maybe just once?…….

    1. Dude. Your 7 days away. How is the flu? I finally go back to Cali tomorrow. Wisconsin is humid already


      1. I know Jeff and it is a little hard to believe I made it this far :)… Had a very bad flu but I am now fully recovered. Flu is the boss and I had 0 thoughts about tobacco in the last 5 days 🙂 :)… weather in LA is very nice and I love it…

    2. Hello all . I was chewing tobacco from past 6 years. Now today it’s 20th day i haven’t touched it. Right now craving for it ☹️

      1. Anupam

        Keep rolling along. It’s is hard but keep the focus on your quit. Each day you stay away from the bitch is a victory

        Many veterans here to help you. Come here often and keep us updated


        1. Thankyou jeff for a quick reply. Really need you guys.
          I am doing a cold turkey.
          Is that okay to do ? Till now I am going good I guess. But I always think about it especially whenever I go on a walk ☹️
          And I feel something is happening to my gum where from where i used to dip. Is that cause of quitting?

  3. Day 88 – I have travelled 10,000 miles and 24 hours to South Cali. Came here for business related and will be staying here for the next 3 weeks. I was always dreading this travel but so far I am doing good :).. I myself a bit surprised.. Looking at all the places where I used to smoke. There is a slight urge but I keep telling no nicotine…. never…

    1. Welcome to my hood shiva. I live in riverside. Easy of Los Angeles: Keep up the great work man. So proud of you.

      I had challenges when I would fly to china (5 times a year), It will be get easier my friend

      Your almost to 100. See. Time moves quickly and soon you will join the 100 club


      1. That’s awesome Jeff.. I stay in a nice Airbnb place near hollywood. My rotten luck, I caught flu ( probably from travel) and was really low after my last post. The hosts here are really kind and they are helping me out when I am sick. It would have been miserable had I stayed in a hotel.

        1. Hang in there shiva. I was sick a few time in china, seems to be worse when not home: But sounds like you have help: keep going man. Get over the flu and let me k ow if anything I can do to help out man. I travel to Wisconsin tomorrow for meetings till Saturday: keep me posted. My go to with the flu is ginger tea. Always works well


    2. Dude, that means you will complete your 100 days in the Good ol’ South Cal. Just 12 more days, hang in there

      1. I caught a bad flu from travel and down with fever for the last couple of days.. the hosts are really nice people and they are taking good care of me..
        One thing about flu though, it pushes any thoughts of dip out of your mind. All you want is to feel well.

  4. Week 4 for me. I dipped for about 2 1/2 years, started when I was 19 now at 21 I’m giving it up. I’m a college baseball player so dip is all around me every where I go. That’s how I got started chewing. But I have been able to stay strong even though all my teammates around me dip. Even though they are users they have also been very supportive of me and my quit which has been awesome. I honestly never saw myself quitting but 4 weeks ago I had enough and wanted a change. That stuff just controlled my life. I was also looking to leave social engagements and stuff so I could drive back home with a lip. My mind was always on my next dip and it feels great to not have those thoughts anymore. I still struggle sometimes but the Lord has given my strength to fend off those temptations. I still have some withdrawal symptoms. My upper cheeks feel sorta numb and tingly sometimes which scared the crap out of me until I read about some of yinz having the same symptoms. I’ve been brushing and flossing and oil pulling since my quit everyday and my mouth is feeling better. Best of luck you all of you!

  5. Yo guys it’s another week, conquer away.
    Egerius and Shiva keep going, ya’ll are making the best investment of your life.
    I am on day 211, if I can make it so can you.

  6. Day 75 – Cruise control except the cruise still comes with 2-3 intense cravings and still morning blues and occasional sadness and emptiness. As long as the control is there I am fine. In spite of the above, I am having hours together in the day without any thought or craving for tobacco which I think is an achievement.
    I am still having feelings of mouth burns, unable to still eat very spicy food.

    1. Hey Shiva, good to know you are still hanging in there. I know what you are going through, and at the time it feels like days will never end, but let me tell you, once you complete your 100 days, things start to get pretty good, when you hit 200 it gets even better, it is so cool, because you gradually stop thinking about tobacco and the quit itself, you just live. Hard to explain, but you’ll know when you get there. You are at 75, just a few more days, hang in there.

    2. Right on shiva! The small victories will end up being a complete victory soon. The journey will start getting getting easier. DDD is right. Gradually you will stop thinking about it.

      Jays and I are just around the 5 year mark, I really don’t think about it much anymore.

      You just keep going day by day. You have allot of us here cheering you on. So. We all share your daily victories. Don’t let us down,,,,



      1. Thanks a bunch, DDD and Jeff. I am hoping one full day of no thoughts and no withdrawal stuff to come soon. For now, I am taking it one day at a time. Early morning is the time I am struggling. It is not cravings but I wake up with some kind of unexplainable fear, feeling sad and empty. It gets better after 3-4 hours.

        1. Had the same thing at your stage! I was a mess… keep going this is part of the “suck”. I know that it’s easy for me to say.. but most of us had to face the exact same feelings… please trust me, it will pass. Just keep on fighting. Your so close shiva….

          Are you in Cali?

          I am in Southern California I remember sitting in traffic going through the same emotions.

          Post daily. Let us help


          1. This is pure horror Jeff, I vividly remember how I felt when I quit in 2014. The first 2 weeks were terrible with fog and tiredness killing me but things improved dramatically from week 4. This time though, first 2 weeks were breeze, this anxiety and depression started from week 3. Days 20-45 were horrible. It did improve slightly after that but still I am a mess.
            Thanks for checking on me Jeff. A weird thing happened 4 times in the last 20 days. I just started crying for no reason. Thankfully three of those 4 times were in front of my wife and the 4 th time it was in my car while driving to work. A sudden feeling of sadness and the next thing I know was that tears were rolling from my eyes. This is insane and like you rightly said it’s a mess.
            Thanks again.
            I’ll write about “Gutka” ( kind of dipping tobacco +Areca nut+lime+ few other shitty components) that is prevalent here and how it ensnared me and millions of others. This is pure evil.

        2. That’s the “depression” part of the quit, Shiva. I had the same situation, when I thought “you’ll never dip again”. I don’t know how old you are, but I abused nicotine for dam near 30 years. As Jeff said, it’s normal to feel that way.
          I’m really surprised you and DDD don’t remember those first 100 and the symptoms…or maybe you do…but them dam symptoms we’re terrible. I thought I’d never get “normal” again. And they certainly are the reason I won’t have, forget that shit! I’m ranting over here, hahaha!
          Remember, “This too…Shall Pass”?
          It all did pass…keep at it and stay away from the work dirt!

          1. I am 38 JayP. I started smoking when I was 21 and started dipping when I was 24.. initially it was more about smoking and I dipped once or twice a day. As time went on, dipping slowly edged out smoking. It was worse in the last 3 years after my relapse. I smoked 6-7 cigs a day and dipped 12-15 times. Some days I may smoke just 1 cig and rest all dipping.
            Last time when I quit it was not this bad.. it’s a lesson to me.. each failed attempt is making it much tougher..
            Jeff, I lived in NJ but now in India. In fact, I relapsed during the relocation. Somehow I was stupid when I came back and had few moments of weakness under stress. I undid all my good work during that time and failed :(.
            I was in LA for a month last Dec. I may have to come again on a short business trip most likely by end of this month and that would be my biggest challenge.
            Thanks again Jeff, JayP and DDD for helping me out. I don’t want to go through this pain again ever.

          1. Day 80 – going strong. Today morning was much better… :)… Thanks for checking Jeff.

  7. Day 200
    It even feels good to type it, it’s almost like completing your 100 day milestone, but with a more toned attitude, life now seems to make sense away from the nicotine habit.
    Thanks JayP and Jeff, you guys are so cool for encouraging folks like Shiva, myself and all the other folks in here going through the tough moments. I know you guys don’t have to do it, but by you taking a moment of your busy lives to pop in a comment says a lot about your character.
    Also the dudes running this site deserve a special commendation, I know that without KTC, many of us might not have made it on our own. Thank You.
    I think I have bugged the hell out of ya’ll during this count up on days of my quit, so I’ll keep it to a minimum like my predecessors.
    Shiva it is time for you to step up and make it to 100 days, can’t wait to read your speech, you are almost there pal.
    To the rest of the guys still struggling in here, I know you can do it. I Dipped for 30 years, now I am 200 days free; that is a small amount of free lifetime compared to the nicotine time, but it’s all about a day at a time.
    Take care guys.

    1. Congrats DDD! 200 is a great, GREAT accomplishment, you are your way to the 3rd floor. Just remember how friggin hard it was to get through those first 50 days. This is what kept me on the straight and narrow with the nicotine.
      Realize and accept, you are an addict. One dip will equal 2, then a can. No more means no more. You’re clean, stay that way. Helping others with their troubles here and encouragment has also helped me stay clean. Don’t disappear. It sometimes only takes one encouraging comment to solidify someone’s decision to quit.
      Congrats again, we’ll see you around!
      Quit date 07-15-2014

      1. DDD – A very big, heartfelt congrats. This is no mean achievement and for most of us the biggest achievement of our life. Going through all these, I know what it feels, what it takes to break the shackles.
        As JayP said, any time the nic bitch pokes its head, we need to keep reminding of our struggles to get in here.
        Thanks for being helpful and supportive to me and to all other quitters.
        Congrats again 🙂

        Quit Date 02-28-2019

  8. Day 199
    The cravings are very rare now. completing another 100 days kind of motivates you to keep going as well as reading yall’s stories in here. Keep strong and don’t give up.

    1. Congrats at 200 DDD! Now, let’s keep it going! You have that fighting spirit to never look back!


  9. Day 198
    How do you replace a DDD? easy with another and better DDD. Boy oh Boy!! 2014 was a rough year, it took me a long time to recover from that loss, but I am back on the saddle. In regards to my quit, that is under control so far.
    For those of you to get it, good for you, if you don’t Triple DDD is my KTC name.
    Just Rambling………
    You all have fun. laters.

  10. Day 197
    I bought a new house shortly before my quit. The guy at the corner store knew me as a daily customer and would have my Skoal at the counter every time I would go there. After I quit dipping, I stopped the daily trips to the store. One fine day, I stopped by and the dude grabbed the cans and put them on the counter. I told him, no thank you, I quit. He did not say anything, but I could tell the loss of revenue to his store worried him. It took several months for the guy to realize I had indeed quit for good. He would offer it every time I went to the store. He does not offer it anymore. I am not sure if the quit had anything to do with it, but the guy and I are pretty good acquaintances now. BTW I started going with my original name since this is how i started my quit, so Triple DDD it is.

    1. Almost floor #2! You’re doing great
      I’d have to say, I don’t recall anymore bad days after about day 220. I still thought about it, I still had the dip dreams (occasionally still do), but the fog, cravings and feelings of emptiness, without the dip, seemed to vanish when I hit that second floor.
      The only person you have to blame moving forward is yourself. It’ll be 5 years this July, FUCK THAT HABIT, I ain’t ever going back!
      Keep strong, congrats on almost 200 days free, that’s awesome!

      1. Thanks JayP, and congratulations on your almost 5 years.

        Shiva, we haven’t heard from you lately, hope you are doing good and off the NIC.

        1. Thanks DDD, almost to that 2nd floor, time to pick ’em up and put ’em down!
          Shiva, you still quit??

          1. Hey JayP, Jeff and DDD,

            Still going strong.. 69 days and counting… been up and down and the withdrawal effects are coming in waves.. there are couple of good days followed by 2-3 rough days.. like Jeff said , I am embracing the suck and carrying on…
            Started working out and it is helping me immensely.. at least it makes my evenings much bearable.. mornings are the most difficult..

            BTW, DDD congrats on nearing 200 days.. :).. really glad for you

  11. Day 194
    I got out of work early yesterday and went home. I stopped at a convenience store and while waiting in line, I saw them Skoal cans behind the counter again. A huge craving came over me, I actually thought about buying one and sending it all to hell. Of course I did not fall for it, but it is incredible how the addiction makes you think like that all of the sudden. I actually imagined myself with a huge cud in my lip and spitting joyfully. Almost 200 days into the quit and the memories are still there, but that doesn’t mean the battle is over, it just means I have to be careful not to fall prey to it again.

  12. Second attempt after making it 20 days (alcohol was the fatal blow). One really weird thing happened when I went back on, I noticed my heart racing at night and could not sleep, this was a great motivation to quit again never really feeling how much this stuff messes with your body.

    Second Try Day 3 – 15 years of the griz. wide awake at 3am… night sweats…. never get up to pee, but now it’s twice a night. I will beat this damn bear.

    1. I am 5 years clean from snuff chewing,Gosh i still have some mouth rash,mouth dry comes and go,still have anxiety and anger,i feel helpless, i thought this will go away but no

      1. Agie, at this point, 5 years clean, I’d say your mouth rash, dry mouth, anxiety and anger are from something else, than nicotine withdraw. If you truly are nicotine free, I’d suggest seeing a doctor. You wouldn’t have these symptoms from not dipping, after 5 years quit.
        I myself am have bouts with anxiety, still have other strange things too, but they aren’t related to nic withdraw these days. Go see a doctor.

        1. You are damn right I think its depression ,i remember how i used to beat myself up for failing to quit ,im visiting the therapist soon, thanks Jp

  13. Day 191
    Almost there to complete another 100 days. I can’t believe it. Ya’ll stay strong, we can do this.

  14. After 15 years of chewing my teeth are finally hurting so I’m done, and I’m on day 7 of no chew ever again. I’m doing this out of concern, willpower and a shit ton of chewing gum. My triggers are driving and med school (stressful).

    1. Shiva. Jeff here. Hang in there man, I remember days like that. Big cravings. Stay strong. The good news is those craving will soon be a lower intensity. I will say. Even at almost 5 years. Once in a great while I think about a dip, but it’s not a craving.

      You are on the journey that takes balls. Use them. Fight and you will win.

      Hell I will fight next to you

      1. Thanks Jeff… Day 63 and chugging along.. I don’t know how to describe my symptom.. it is something like this. When an intense craving hits, I start feeling uncomfortable in my forehead… like kind of having a dull , mild head ache.., I feel some sort of pressure building up in my forehead..also like if you are very hungry and skipped a meal, that light headed feeling… it keeps going on for some time and suddenly a bliss will hit and everything goes away..l suddenly I feel very happy and content and feeling very satisfied. This alternates for some time.
        I think it is probably the neuro transmitter imbalance and brain somehow compensates after a while..

        1. Keep healing shiva. It’s part of the journey, although not pleasant at this time, long term, these cravings will not be so intense.

          In the Marines we often would talk about embracing the “suck”. You know what’s happening and identify the cravings, you have embraced the suck. Keep going. I am here man to work with you. Aug 14 is my 5 years. October will be two years cancer free. Fight shiva!!!

  15. Day 185
    Howdy quitters, it’s me again. just here to share a quick compliment I received. I figured I’d share it with you all because it pertains to all of us going through this quit.
    At a gathering with folks i simply blurted out that I had stopped tobacco usage of any kind and I was completing over 180 days. I received a cheer for it and a tough dude stood up and said. Your quit doesn’t just end with stopping the spittin’, but it also says a lot about your character in other ways of life. Keep it up and a pat to the back that spilled my beer!
    There you have it folks. If you can conquer this nasty habit, you can take on pretty much anything else.

      1. Thanks Shiva, you will too get here, just remember your quit last time. You and I should have been at least 4 years into it, but what the hell, just suckers for punishment. No going back this time though, Keep it up.

  16. Thank you JayP, your note means a lot to me.. I keep reminding myself this is just a chemical and it is only giving a false impression that everything will be calm and pleasant when you have it.
    I believe the key is that I would never want to go through this pain and black days again. I keep telling this myself again and again

    Thanks again to all my friends in this forum and good luck to the fellow quitters.

  17. Day 47 / Week 7

    I was MIA for last couple of weeks but still going strong. Days 20 odd till 35 were the most difficult period I’ve ever encountered. Depression, sadness and anxiety were killing me..
    It started getting better after 35th day. I still have morning blues and the time during commute and immediately after reaching work is the most difficult time for me (i am used to having 3 dips and 2 smokes before lunch time).. and I have 60-90 mins drive to work one way.
    I am still getting 1 or 2 cravings a day though the intensity is definitely going down. May be in the last 1 week, I would have had 2-3 very strong cravings but all others are mild.

    Since I was both a smoker and dipper, something weird is happening. My junkie mind somehow has got into it that dipping is the most repulsive habit and I should never do again but it is not doing the same thing towards smoking. Somehow it is convincing it is ok to smoke and it is a better way to feed the addiction and it is also associating all the triggers with smoking (including the ones that was associated with dipping) 🙁 :(… hmmmm…

    Accomplished some milestones last week. Had a drink session with my buddies with no smoke or dip and went for a long drive over the weekend. These 2 are major triggers for me.
    BTW, I am taking Aswagandha daily as suggested in this forum and thanks everyone for helping me along the way.


    1. Yo Shiva, hang in there.
      Good to hear more and more dudes from the past are popping up in here, Congratulations to all on your years of quit.
      I am on day 177 and not looking back.
      ya’ll take care.
      Oz1 formerly DDD

    2. You’ve been thru this before Shiva, you just gotta want to be free, more than you want the nicotine. One day at a time. Each day without that shit is a victory. I do recall having up and down stretches of all the things you list. In fact it came back again AFTER the 100 days. After that, it still did, but not nearly as much.
      I’m sorry for saying so, but your struggle reminds me of why I am never going back. No way in Hell do I want to re-live that stuff. Just remember all the misery this time, take all the pain in…and remind yourself daily that you are DONE. No more nicotine, no more “just one”…no more, DONE!
      Same goes with you DDD, Oz1…no more of that shit.
      I understand we are all addicts here…I’m not trying to say I couldn’t start this nasty habit all over again, because I could.and it would be as easily as just one pinch. I like that shit wayyyy too much. But I am strong enough today to not let it lure me back. And the biggest reason? I don’t want to go thru that shit ever again. I like being clean more than I like the nicotine.
      You guys keep plugging away. D, you are rapidly approaching the second floor, I would say life started to become a lot more normal at around 220-30ish. Get there!
      Keep Quit!

  18. Would have been 5 year for me on June 1 had I stay quit alas no :(..
    Congrats to all the veterans.

    Day 47 and chugging along

    1. Shiva. Finish this quit and before you know it.. you will also be a 5 year veteran. I know it’s easy for me to say now. But the truth is, once you hit the 100 days. 200 days will come quick: You are doing great man. Keep up the hard work and congrats on being on day 47.

  19. Today is 4 years without dip (after 25 years of Kodiak). Finding this site was a huge part of my quit. I never joined a group, but I came here daily and read so many posts that somehow got me thru the day….. Special thanks to JAYP & Chewie, U don’t know me, yet somehow, you two helped me become dip free! And I will be forever grateful. To all the new quitters hang in there! Things will get better! Trust me. I chewed for 25 years and after those almost crippling 100 days I’m posting this 100% 4 years dip free! It CAN be done!

    1. Congrats Franco! Yes, I remember you back when I was quitting. I’m happy to hear that you are still quit. Man…time flies when you’re free!!
      Good to hear from you, believe it or not, you (as well as many others after) helped secure my quit too. Amazing what everyone with the same goal can accomplish together!
      Keep quit and take care!

        1. I will be 5 years free on July 15th…not too far ahead of you Jeff. Me, you and Steve were all real close.

  20. Day 12. It took me over a year to work myself off Copenhagen long cut into the new Zyn pouches. Started off with a can a day of 6mg pouches, worked down to the 3mg pouches and would make a can last a few days. At that point I said now is the time to quit, I bought some nicotine gum for the first 10 days and use that when an intense craving come through. I’m finding now I can put regular gum in and trick myself. 2 hours later I’ll realize I made it through the craving still to be chewing on regular old gum. First 5 days were hell but it could have been worse had I not worked my way down to tobacco free nicotine pouches. The biggest help for me is identifying the triggers which make me want to dip and avoiding as many as possible. 2nd biggest help was recognizing the anxiety and anger, so when they did arise I could talk myself down from them both. You have to be mentally tough!!!

    Backstory.. been chewing for 10 years, I’m now 25. Started from one offered dip in high school and hooked me since. Keep strong and know you can push through the first 2 weeks!

  21. Day 2 of my quit. Really sucks. I found a half full Skoal can in between the cushions of my couch and just placed it in my pocket. Later that night I told myself that if I don’t get rid if it that i’m going to find some reason to take a big pinch between my cheek and gums.I couldn’t bear that thought so I ran to the bathroom and dumped the whole damn thing down the toilet before I find any reason not to. Day 2 and a long ways to go! Hang in there everyone!

  22. DAY 2. My 24 year best friend has to go. Not that happy. Keep thinking of one more but know better from other attempts and fails.

  23. Hey guys I’m 23 days without a dip
    I was chewing the camel snus at 2 to 3 cans a day for 10 or 11 years I’m 29 now. Today something weird started happening, my gums are swelling. I put 2 pouches in my upper lip in the front and that area is where the swelling is happening. It doesn’t hurt, there is no pain. I just wanted to see if that was most likely my gums healing?

  24. Day 11 ….in and out of the fog some dizziness. Definitely can relate to most of the symptoms in these post but was taken off guard by the anxiety and depression.I know I’m serious about this quit as I keep finding cans around the house and chuck them in the trash except for that one can in my truck I’ve been saving to know I can control this no matter how bad it sucks! Have dipped or smoked scine I was 13 now I’m 47 and can’t hardly believe and did not expect the hold the nicotine has had on me!!! NICOTINE IS A DRUG

  25. I quit 4 months ago. I started in high school when I was a sophomore. I’m currently a junior in college.

    If you’re struggling, find an alternative. I started Juuling ( E-Cig), I understand that it might not be the best alternative but it definitely helped. After 3 months after I quit, I was on vacation with a group of friends and one of friend my friends asked me if I wanted a dip. I accepted his offer, I mean why not, and I’m glad that I did. I had it in for no more than 5 minutes, I thought it was disgusting.

    Find an alternative that doesn’t require you to place substances in your lips. It won’t help. Get an E-Cig with decent concentration of nicotine, to withstand the craving. Also, mouth fixation is a psychological behavior, and it is one of the major factors that keeps you from quitting. Avoid putting anything in your lips.

  26. Day 163
    How does it feel to be 163 days quit you ask?
    In a way it feels pretty good that monkey is off your back.
    Life keeps coming at you though.
    I hear people say, nobody said it was going to be easy, true, but you have to ask why?
    Some others say, it has it’s ups and downs and again you have to ask WHY?
    Who knows, but sometimes it seems that when you try to do something good, things come out of nowhere to stomp you down.
    Well, aside from the negative perspective of today, I can only hold on to the good thing I am doing and that is stay quit.
    Thanks for reading my ramblings.
    Hope your day is better than mine.

  27. Day 162
    How is it Going Quitters!!!!?
    Welcome to another day of your life without tobacco, sucks don’t it? your mind be hating it, but your body is saying thank you. For years you went to battle with your body trying your best to defeat your good health. How dumb can we get? as dumb as they come. I know, i was one of them. Addiction is a bad word and a bad place to be. Screw it though, we are on your way to be healthy again.
    One day at a time.

  28. Day 159
    How sweet it is, looking forward to the 200’s now.
    I stopped at the corner store and saw them behind the corner, waiting, alluring, tempting. I must say there was a moment of weakness there. They had my favorite flavor, we locked eyes (If tin cans would have eyes) and took a stroll down memory lane. Just me and the can. (Sound of needle falling off the record). What the hell? No, this aint a love story, it was a horrible nightmare and glad it is over. Some guy used the word romanticizing the quit, hell now I know what he meant. First I was pissed at the SOB for pointing out my description of symptoms and rants, but not anymore. At least in my case, I associated tobacco dips, buzz and nausea to the good times of the past. So of course when I see those damned cans I think about dipping.
    Anyway, rambling again. the weekend is here, you all stay strong in the Quit.

  29. This junk has made me forget all the calmness of mind when it was not addicted.I am going to beat this. I did it once and I’ll do it again. I am going to learn to love this transition and healing phase. I am better than this. This too shall pass.

    @JayP / OZ1 / Jeff – Was going through all your old posts and it is certainly giving me a big inspiration to get back on track.

    JayP – I am posting this below comment from you when you were on Day 56. This note is a huge inspiration to me..

    Day 56 for me Dippy. And I have to admit, things have gotten much easier in this phase. I don’t feel the fog anymore, those “brain zaps” as I call them have almost diminished completely (except when I am running??) and that anxiety and anger has lightened up too. Its funny when you look back and reflect on how much has changed in 56 days. Everyone around me that knew I had chewed for all those years are offering their praise when they found out I quit….others that knew I quit are amazed its been 56 days! 44 more to reach the 100 that this site makes a monument…I see no point in turning back now….my tobacco days just get further and further in the rear view mirror….and I’m fine with it. A quick funny story, yesterday when I was taking a shower, I felt a small feeling of depression flow over me when I thought “you will never be able to take a chew again”…then I said to myself “you had that shit in your mouth for 25+years, there is no need to be sucking on the battery acid any more, you don’t need that shit, its over”. Suddenly, that feeling went down the drain with the water! Its true, I don’t need that shit anymore. Its a great feeling when you are able to SQUASH those feelings when they decide to raise their ugly heads. I am fine (minus the 15 lbs I’ve gained, even with exercising!) without the tobacco…life truly is better without it and I never thought I would say that after dipping for almost my entire life. You stay strong, you are not that far behind me on this marathon to 100 and beyond, and me and the others here will be there at the 100 mark to cheer you beyond. Take care and keep up the fight!

    1. I remember that post from JayP, thanks for re-posting it Shiva, sure brought some memories back.
      Some good, some bad and unfortunately it was the bad ones that I used to justify my caving. I would have been over 4 years quit, instead I sit here and count my days up to 156 only.
      During my last 4 years of chewing, I would remember sometimes about this site and the people that I left behind and wonder if they stayed the course or caved in like me.
      Before posting here, there was really no point of reference, just living, dipping and spitting. I would think about stopping, but that really isn’t enough. I hear people here say that accountability is the key. It is for them, for me, it is more of coming here and dumping my garbage on you all.
      I guess it is a form of accountability, just wordier. I figured, someone could be reading some of my junk that relates to how they feel and hadn’t pin pointed it out until someone writes about it. Sometimes it helps to know that you are not all alone, others are going through these struggles and there is hope after all.
      If I can help at least one of you people then my journey has been worth it.
      I know that JayP, Shiva and Jeff were here after I left trying to help others. JayP says he doesn’t come in here very often because he feels like he was getting in the way of others helping each other. Perhaps he is right and maybe I will feel the same way once I hit a year or maybe less who knows, but in the mean time I’ll still come here and offer words of encouragement. The way I see it, you don’t have to read my garbage, but it helps me to dump it in this tobacco free bucket.
      Stay Nicotine Free Quitters!

    2. Good Morning Quitters, texting live from Jamaica!
      I have to admit, it was strange seeing day 56 of my quit being re-posted Shiva…even stranger, I remember that day and thought like.it happened this morning! Approaching 5 years free (July 15th), it’s funny how you remember those first 100 days. I remember being out on a run and seeing a broken can of Grizzly in the road and the smell.and taste came back to me….but I continued my run and the thought (and can) gotgot furt and further away from me.
      You guys just remember how hard it was to get free, come here and post, it helps others…it has helped me read others posting over the years.
      I no longer have any interest in nicotine. That’s not to say that if I want to dip, I won’t pop a Smokey Mountain dip in…I always allow myself the fake shit, if I want one.
      But honestly, I go weeks without touching it….it no longer consumes my everyday thoughts…that chapter in my life is over…and if I have a say, it ain’t ever coming back!
      Take care fellas and Keep Quit!
      Yes, when you feel the cravings or depression or anxiety…always remember..
      This Too, Shall Pass!

      1. Yo JayP, that is awesome being in Jamaica man!!
        Me? working away, but still tobacco free and not looking back. Still trying to help out brothers in here. Not sure if helping much, but at least helps me with my quit.
        Party on and drop a line every once in a while.

    3. Shiva. Jeff here. Keep rolling along man. My 5 years will be in August since my quit… I have to be honest. I don’t even think about the chew any longer: I don’t notice it at all when I get fuel in my car: Each day you survive without a chew is a victory lap. Kick ass dude.

      I was behind Jayp when I was fighting my quit, and he kept me in line. My friend DDD was also a great motivator in my quit.

      I remember my “go to” was carrots. My wife would pack up seemed to be a hundred small one a day for me…

      Keep going man. Before you know it, we will all be Christmas shopping again, and the thought of a dip will not enter your mind


      i am a veteran of the “ fuck Cancer club”. Do not join!

  30. Day 27: Need help or suggestions here.

    Last 2-3 days I am getting very emotional and is always on the edge. There are other times when I am feeling very dull and need lots of effort to bring myself to do even some small things. Sometimes, I don’t even know or remember what I am doing. It’s getting worse.. This was not there are at this level in the first 20 days of quit. Is this depression or anxiety? Should I see a shrink?
    Also, when the irritation / anger / dullness builds up, I am feeling some sort of pressure building up in my forehead (kind of being lightheaded for sometime which eventually ends up in a headache). This goes on for few hours and it completely clears and I feel sleepy or fatigued when it clears (just think of a migraine cycle).
    I really don’t what this is. Is this what foggy mind is?

    1. Yes Shiva, that is all normal. It is your body tricking you into going back to the only thing it knows to function.
      Remember? you would feel happy and you would stuff your face with tobacco.
      You would feel sad, again stuff your face with tobacco.
      Angry? same thing. For every mood there was a reason to dip. Hell, even when just sitting there with no emotions I would stuff my face with dip too just because.
      I am not a doctor and you are certainly welcome to see one, but I can relate to your quit, I also became depressed and got anxiety attacks. If you read my earlier posts you can see what I was going through.
      It is hell, but you can beat this!. You are bigger than it. If you were a loser you wouldn’t be here and be out there Dipping your health away.
      I think days 20 to 50 were the toughest for me. But it is like you say, it’s a cycle. It leaves you alone for a little bit so you can lower your guard and then out of nowhere it strikes you with everything it’s got to make you go back to Dipping.
      You been through this before, own it man. Whatever you do, don’t cave!! You already did that once. Starting again in 3 or four years you will be in the same shape if not worse.
      I am telling you the more times you try to quit, the harder it gets. Exercise, drink lots of water and write the hell out of it in here. It helped me beat those days.

  31. Day 152
    The weekend is fast approaching, time to get ready for the summer. Repair fence, treat the lawns, work on cars, all those triggers ahead, but now I am confident on plowing through all and not caving in. I went out last night with the guys and of course had a few drinks, food, played pool and most importantly and proudly say that I experienced no triggers. That was a number one scenario where I would certainly be spitting. Last night was no match to my quit. I know I shouldn’t be overconfident, but sure feels good to be in control instead of it controlling me.
    You all have a good weekend and stay strong.

  32. Jeff, it is truly an amazing ordeal you had to go through. I am glad that all of that is behind you and now things are looking better. Your story should be made more widely available to all that are dipping and those of us trying to quit.
    I remember in high school in my health class the teacher passed around a news clip , there was no internet back then, of a high school guy that was dying of cancer and his last words to all were just simply “Don’t Dip”.
    I think a more detailed description of what he had to go through before giving up and just wait to die, would have been a horrific deterrent for all reading the article.
    At the time, I had never heard of dipping or even thought about it. The year after that is when I started and I wonder if things would have been different if the article I read would have been more descriptive. I know that when we are young we think that we are invincible and things like that only happen to other people, but a severe warning like that may reach some of the tough young people like myself back then, especially since the effects take such a long time for some to take a toll on the body.
    The sad and scary part is that, though you had quit 2 years prior, the cancer managed to get to you. This information is vital for all people chewing on this garbage and should make all stop it immediately and pray that nothing major goes wrong with our health. Thank you for sharing your heroic story Jeff.
    By the way those of you that know me from before(Jeff, JayP, Shiva and the rest of the gang) are welcome to call me DDD, that is how I started.
    I agree with JayP, looking at it through your perspective, it makes our quitting symptoms mere discomforts.
    Hang in there partner and you all stay quit.

    1. Thanks boys! I just hope I can help one person to quit. The truth is. Financially you need to ask yourself a question: so. Pay $5 for a can. Open it up and take that dip. Cool. I did it for years, now. Let’s say you are one of the unlucky thatbget cancer. You better be prepared to understand the financial side of your $5.00 investment.

      If you have the throat cancer I had, you will not talk or swallow for up to a year.

      Chemo will weaken even the bad ass person out there.

      So. You will not work

      Who will take care of your medical bills? Just a FYI my radiation co pay was $250.00 a day for 7 weeks.

      Three surgery’s depend on your insurance 80-20 after deductible: mine was. 10k deductible

      Chemo copay was almost $1000.00 per session

      Not bad huh for $5.00

      I still had to make my mortgage, car payment, credit card, food plus meds.

      I was fortunate to sell my company to it for all of this…

      Do you have what it takes to pay for your life and those who depend on you?

      Sorry. But life is not fair. Cancer doesn’t fuck around. It takes! it will take it all. Be prepared for you $5.00 investment

      If you have endless cash. Enjoy that fatty !

      Otherwise. Put the $5.00 in your pocket and quit

      I am niot trying to scare anyone, it’s reality.

      My quit date 8-14-14.

      Side note. My doctor said if I had not quit, things would have been much worse and more risky: quit will also. Lower your blood pressure, just fyi.

      1. Well said, Jeff. I am really sorry you had to go through all these but it gladdens me to see you still staying strong and quit. Well done, brother.

  33. Jeff here… jrj430.. my quit on August 14 , 2014. Cold turkey… I remember DDD, Jay p. I am almost 5 years since my quit… never took another dip. I remember DDD disappear right before his HOF. Jay p. Good u made also… I never caved.

    March 2016, I was diagnosed with throat cancer, even though I quit almost two years before, the diced I rolled ( Copenhagen) for 30 years got me:

    April 2016. 6 hour surgery to remove tumors. 5 days impatient
    Think and hoping they got it all , and I was learning how to swallow again, more bad news

    7 weeks of radiation and chemo. The chemo was every other week. 6.5 hours it took each time
    Radiation daily could not miss a day

    The first day. That shit hurt. Within the first week I was on a feeding tube. I didn’t talk, swallow, or eat( feeding tube) for almost 6 months: even after treatment it sucked. I was lucky I sold my business to pay for treatment. All my billls and feed my family:

    Took a year to gain my weight back. And I now can work ( if anyone needs a sign for their business. Let me know)

    I lost hearing in my right ear thanks to radiation .., I know I am not the same. Chemo fucks up allot of shit… but. I still shot a 84 a week ago ( golf). My wife was great. Shower me and drive me each day to treatment.

    If you chew. You are rolling the dice
    I am only 55. And I remember the doctor telling my wife. This treatment is one of the most painful experience anyone can deal with. The nurse actually thought I would quit the treatment because how hellish it is.. I am a Marine , so I don’t quit things very often

    My hof speech was called. “Get busy living or get busy dying “

    As of today I am clean, but the pure hell of cancer is horrific.

    I am begging anyone on day one or 1600. Don’t chew

    I am lucky. I am alive and hitting the gym. I am also getting my life back again. Take it from me. Quitting is the best thing you can do

    1. Hey Jeff, quite a journey you’ve been on. I can only imagine the pain you went through to get to where you are today. I assumed everyone (Steve, DDD “Oz”, Shiva) was moving on with their lives, without the dip. Glad to hear you remained quit, you could have said screw it and started again…but you didn’t. I guess my swallowing issues, acid reflux and yo-yo weight gain-loss pails in comparison to your journey. I am happy to hear you made it through those painful treatments.
      I agree with everything you’ve written above. If you dip, quit. It’s not worth it…we all pay for our habits…some worse than others. If I can help any of you, please reach out.
      Keep in touch Jeff, you are the Jeff that quit with me. I owe you many thanks. Thank you for sharing this with us, you may have helped someone else with it.

    2. Congrats and sorry….to me after my body has been used to dip since like 1988 maybe year or 2 earlier i am afraid if i quit my body will fight itself and cancer may be a way it does it…its a disgusting habit but the fear of quitting something that has been in your system for 30 plus years is terrifying

      1. I think iv started at the age of 14 just can’t remember well and have quit since 2014,everything is possible

  34. I’m on day 5, I have dipped since I was 13 and I’m 31. I’m literally freaking the fu*k out. I quit because I wanted to, I’ve tried to stop before but it wasn’t for me. My wife is having our first child and I told her I would quit if she got pregnant. I am not freaking out because I want a dip, im freaking out because now my throat and neck hurt. My jaw is sore and I have this looming feeling I have something wrong with me.

    1. Keep going Matt..l am on day 21 and it is getting easier. I started feeling much better after 7 days… in about a week you will be able to manage your withdrawals much better… for me mouth sores and insomnia are still on and most of the others have gone. Still feel a bit edgy once in a while but that is not very frequent.. still a long way to go..
      Also I keep getting some more new mouth sores..

      1. Hi Shiva
        I chewed Gutkha mix with Tulsi brand tobacco for seven years. Now, it’s been 43 days since I quit and shall never touch again in future. I like to know whether u encountered same symptom like sore tongue, mouth burning sensation while eating spicy food? After how many days such problem gone?

    2. I think that looming feeling is normal. The body going through withdrawal saying make me normal, which is with a dip in. Alarms are going off saying shit ain’t right. Ignore it. Stay the course. Not having a chew in is the new norm. All else will follow

  35. Day 149

    How is everyone doing?

    I hope ya’ll don’t criticize me to harshly, but here are a couple of words of encouragement.

    I have to say, I am impressed by the posts from Brothers that are still hanging around here though their journeys have carried them to the 1000 day mark and beyond.
    Now bear in mind these people were just like you and I with a tiny fraction of their lives, in terms of time, vested in their quit once.
    Today they soar with the eagles(non dippers). We are, if you will, tiny little birds out of the egg on our journey to fly with them, it seems like forever at this point, but one day, us too will be there.
    When you guys get there, do not forget about those that are in here.
    Again, it has helped me tremendously to hear from you all. Thanks for your comments, it gives reinforced strength to those of us that are still newbies.

  36. Day 20 – Starting to recover from flu. Thankfully it is a milder one. Last 2 days again was good but today having a few cravings and getting easily irritated.
    I went to work only for 4 days in the last 3 weeks.. somehow the thought of going to work is triggering huge cravings… how to beat this 🙁 ?

  37. USMC vet…Day one… I want to give in…punch a goat…break shit… get in my truck and go get a fresh can right now.

    Reality: I’ve got 4 kids, two boys two girls. I’m quitting for me, but also that they don’t EVER go though this sinister as hell shit… ever!

    Please someone that has beat this, give some prayers this way.

    1. Thank you for your service Chris.

      It is a daunting task indeed, but you are bigger than this sir, you were created clean and your efforts shall deliver you clean to the Lord some day.
      I am a christian so I’ll leave you with this from Philippians 4:13
      ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”
      Keep focused and find the strength.

    2. Prayer your way bro. Imo, after a few times of choosing not to chew ..16 years… and deciding to. Then finally none at all. Give yourself some room. Be pissed, get angry. Get that shit out, just in your own space away from loved ones. That shit passes. I had a night in garage where I battled that crap and anger like I could never have imagined. You can beat it, and when you do, you’re free. My experience came down to that night where I was wracked. It ain’t easy after that but a few days pass and the initial hard crap goes

  38. Day 18 – getting much better. Most of the withdrawal symptoms were gone. Disturbed sleep still persists. If I sleep at 10:30-11:00, I am waking up at 3-4 AM and not getting much sleep later. If I sleep at 12-1 then I am waking up at 6-7 but very tired. Had a weird dream. In Dec I was in LA and stayed at a nice Airbnb place. Had a nice spot in the garden where I used to smoke. In the dream, I am going back to LA to same place and took out a Marlboro and then I remembered I quit and I just sniffed the cigarette for a few secs but didn’t smoke. It triggered an intense craving in the sleep.
    Looks like I am catching a flu… :(… bye for now.

  39. Wow!! Jeff is here too? Glad the gang is all doing well. I cannot write too much right now, but I will later on. And you are right JayP, it is challenging to find new posts, seems like it takes a long time for them to show up and the links at the bottom for “New Posts” don’t necessarily point to them. I pointed this out to Chewie and he said there was nothing wrong, I thought I was the only one having issues so I chalked it up to cache errors. Anyway, you all take care and will write later.

    1. Does anybody has reflux problem 9 months after quit? I am going thru hell 24 hours a day, 90 days or so. If u had this kind of problem, please explain.

      1. I am on day 148, but yes I have had acid reflux for a long time, at first I thought it was a heart attack since I never had them before, ended up in the ER and all, the Doc gave me Prilosec and that took care of that. It takes a couple of weeks, but it works, the trick is not to drink alcohol and spicy food for a while until the affected area cures itself, if not it may be a bacterial infection and they’ll prescribe you antibiotics to kill the bugs. In any case, intestinal problems are associated with the quit in my case and seems like a lot of people in here too, I would recommend to visit a doctor, keep trucking and don’t look back, hope that helps.

  40. I’ve quit before for several years. Now I’m doing it again. It SUCKS. Day 2 and I want to destroy everything.

  41. I can never find the New Posts here anymore…seems the order is all messed up?
    Oz1, I remember Jeff and Steve were the 2 guys I remember (you and Shiva) from my first 100 days of the quit. I am not 5 years clean yet, but will be on July 15th.
    I actually just threw out my last can I’ve kept all these years, last Saturday. Took one last wiff, gagged and tossed it out. Not sure why I’ve kept it all this time, probably just to remind me of the party store owners face, when I told him my quit date and showed up that day to buy it. He smirked at me and placed it on the counter with a can of Smokey Mountain. I never told him it was that look that further fueled my anger to quit….but it certainly motivated me more.
    It hasn’t been lonely doing this Oz1, I spent a lot of time here, like you, helping others. It really helps you stand firm with your quit, when you engage with others starting their quit. After a while, I just felt like I was stepping on others trying to help each other out…so I got back in my Lane and hit cruise control. I still see the posts in my email…I’m glad you and Shiva got back on the horse that bucked you off.
    I can say, with the up most honestly, it will take an awful lot for me to ever go back to nicotine…Been there, done that for 30 years…life is absolutely normal these days without the aid of that junk. You’ll see Oz, stick with it, get to day 250, 300…it all gets easier….don’t ever look back!
    Shiva, keep at it, you know there is sunshine on the other side of this habit!

    1. Still here and still quit. Glad to see you guys are back on the wagon and that Jay p is still quit. Life is good and quit keeps getting easier. Don’t even think about it most day.

      1. Hey Jeff, glad to see you’re still around and stayed quit!
        I certainly agree, I don’t really think about it (obsess more like it) anymore myself. It’s so far behind me now, I’d be a dumbass to ever go back now.
        I will honestly say, if I ever do want one, I’d take a Smokey Mountain…but never again the poison, all done! You guys (Chewie too) may not ever know how much you helped me get free, thank you!
        Good to hear from you, take care!

    2. Thank you, JayP… I am starting to feel better. Getting few hours when I feel very normal.. it’s just that this junk has completely made me to forget how I was doing last time around :(…

    3. jayP. This is Jeff. Jrj430. August will be my 5 year mark. I never caved: unfortunately I did end up fighting throat cancer two years after I quit. It was a tough time. Surgery x3. Chemo. Radiation, but I am here: I was lucky to catch it early, although I did live on a feeding tube for 6 months: I didn’t talk or swallow for 4 months. I am clean and have been so since dec 2017I quite in August 2014 and diagnosed in March 2016. I am glad I quit, I am an old Marine, never gave up on my quit, although half way thru chemo and radiation I wanted to quit. If anyone is reading this, quit as soon as you can. I chewed Copenhagen for 30 years, I rolled the dice. You dint want to face what I had to face. I was lucky to have savings to live on, I didn’t work for over a year. Is a 5 dollar can worth it? Anyways. Glad you made it.. deepity ever get it done .

      1. So I’m confused, the Jeff I remember was in AZ? Is that you? I recall you did dip Cope too. I know we were close on quit date. If I have it right, I am sorry you went thru that. To be honest, I’ve always felt I’d be visited by some bullshit after I quit.too. I have some digestive issues I deal with, swallowing too. All my tests come thru good,.so I continue to be assured I’m fine…no answers on my issues. I am glad to hear you are better and made it thru both your quit and treatment..I wish you peace moving forward!

  42. End of 2 weeks: completed a minor milestone:)…
    The last few days were a cycle. Nth day – extremely emotional and trigger happy not much cravings, N +1 th day – totally emotionless and empty, completely opposite to Nth day, N +2 th day – emotionally normal but cravings were left, right and center.
    The above phases were going in a rotation since the day I quit. At last it broke today. Emotionally much better though not normal yet. Few cravings not more than 10-15 seconds and much less in vigor.

    Had a few moments today when I felt completely normal. I think I’ll come out of this addiction successfully :).

  43. Well glad to hear 2 warriors are back in here. Shiva and JayP. I am not sure what happened to the others, but there was a wild writing bunch about 5 years ago that were going through the quit together, posting and sharing stories. I can only hope everyone is doing well.
    After catching up with these 2 dudes, I learned that only JayP has been quit since, he hung around here after seeing the rest of us fall, must have been a lonely feeling. He is 5 years quit, awesome job, I am on day 143 and Shiva is on his double digits.
    It is true what others say in here, once you bite into it, it feels like you never left it, you get right into the addiction.
    Chewie asked me “What is different this time?” “I am ready to quit” I said.
    If you are reading this and thinking about going back to it, I can only advise you NOT to, learn from others and keep going. I tell you all what, the second time around you try to quit, it gets WORSE.
    Keep up the good work.

      1. TYR, Sometimes you got to say the harsh words, it may just help someone that think they can just do one more.

    1. Thanks DDD (or OZ if you prefer his one 🙂 ).. There was Steve and if I remember rightly he had some diagnosis in his throat. Not sure if he was posting after that.

      1. That’s right, I forgot about Steve, I hope he is doing well.
        Steve if you still come in here to check things out, let us all know how you are doing.
        Hope you’re doing well Shiva.

  44. Day 1 for me. Chewing hard for 35 years. I’m dying right now. My mind and body are unhappy. Pray i can get to day 4

    1. It’s been a few days really having a hard time. My tounge is feeling some kind numbing effect and alot.of tiny white spots are appearing I hope this is normal. Motivation would be good. Thanks.

  45. Day 13 – Have taken additional 2 days off as I dont feel like doing anything. I am NOT moping for dip or smoke and even if you give me one I’ll throw it in trash… it’s just that I am feeling very empty and don’t really feel like doing anything at all…

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