What To Expect When You Quit Dipping

What To Expect When You Quit DippingSo you want to quit. And you would like to know what it’s like. We’re not going to pull any punches around here, it’s tough. That’s why we’re all here.

Days 1 through 3 – Pure hell. You will walk in the fog. Nothing will seem real. Your brain is wondering where the hell its fix is and it is going to punish you until you come up with it. 72 hours, that’s all you need to get the nicotine out of your system. This is the only time you will go through physical withdrawal. Drink lots of water. Read, post, read and post. Don’t take your anger out on your loved ones. We always tell everyone………Make this quit about YOU. If you quit for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, mommy or daddy, you will resent them during this period. Quit for yourself and come in here to rant. Yell at us. Bitch at us. We can take it. We’ve been there.

Days 4 through 20 – Here comes the mind games. The nicotine is out of your system now. You will still have some physical things to deal with.

  • Cravings
  • Irritability,
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Constipation, gas, stomach pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Sore tongue and/or gums

Yep, you have this to look forward to. Your brain is rewiring itself. It isn’t used to being in an oxygen rich environment. Your body is responding in kind. Everything is a mind game now. All the cravings you have are actually due to triggers. Triggers are events where you are in a situtation you would normally dip in. Mowing the grass, playing poker online, playing golf, working on the car………you get the picture. Keep drinking water, use seeds, the fake stuff, whatever you need to keep the dip out of your mouth. Remember, oral fixation is part of our habit, something you will eventually need to break. For now though, use all the tools you have.

Days 20 – 50 – You’re winning. Life isn’t great, but you probably had a couple of nights where you actually got some sleep. You might notice you’re going to bed earlier than you normally do. Not staying up to get in that last dip. You may notice some sores in your mouth. You’re thinking, “great, I quit dipping and now I have cancer.” You almost certainly don’t. Your mouth is healing itself. Tiny ulcers you’ve had for a long time are healing. We recommend you visit your dentist around the 30 day mark. Don’t be a pansy, just do it. He or she will be very supportive and they can explain the sores much better than we can. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t go out drinking with the fellas or the girls. We also recommend that you don’t drink for at least the first 50 days. Drinking is a huge trigger event and it weakens your resolve.

Days 50 – 70 – Cruise control. Life is really good. You still think about it, but this is good stuff here. Some people may suffer anxiety attacks during or a little before this stage. Some doctors say we dipped to relieve anxiety anyway. Some people can push right through this, others need a little help. Talk to your doctor before you quit or immediately after you quit. They will know what to do. Some give Wellbutrin or Lexapro. Lots of people in the support community take or have taken these medicines and can help you with the affects. Don’t wait till you get to this stage of the game to talk to a doctor. You’ll cruise through this stage much easier if you know how to take care of the anxiety or at least know it’s coming.

Days 70 – 90 – Late term craves, the doldrums, the blahs, the blues. Some people end up feeling like they are right back at day 1. The fog, the haze, the craves. It can be a tough time. You need to let people in your group know this is happening. Time to circle the wagons to get through it. It usually only lasts a few days. Fight through this and make sure your order your Commemorative HOF Knife or Coin.

Days 90 – HOF – Houston, resume the countdown. Enjoy the hell out of these last 10 days. You will be celebrating with your group as you all enter the HOF. It is a great feeling and an accomplishment you should not take lightly. Do something special for yourself and your family. They put up with your sorry ass for the last 90 days and they deserve something too.

100+ Days – Stay vigilant. Use the tools you have, to continue beating back any cravings or urges. You will still experience dip dreams and longings, but you are fully qualified to beat them down. Continue to post roll with your group. Get into the newer groups and help somebody out. Pass it along. Live the dream.

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  1. Hi guys, been a minute since I’ve posted here. Things are still going strong with me, 2 weeks past my 100 days and still dip free. I don’t know if I’m just addicted to the fake stuff…to the sunflower seeds…or just been to dam busy trying to get this pole barn up before snow fall here in Michigan, to really say I’ve “missed” the tobacco. I honestly haven’t missed it a bit.
    This is where I would like to hear from both Deepy and Jeff….do you both miss that shit? Just curious if my quit is different. I’ve honestly think I’ve just accepted the taste of this fake stuff and moved on now.
    I was telling my uncle about a week ago that I quit. Again, he was one of these smokers for 23 years, but congratulated me and said “a year from now, you’ll forget how hard it was to quit and why you used tobacco for all those years”. If a long time quitter out here reads this, I’d love to hear your opinion too…..did you forget the struggles?
    Personally….I don’t think I will ever forget those first 30-40 days….right where you are now Rick. Those were some tough days. I ain’t gonna lie….I was on a rampage those first few weeks. What you’re dealing with Rick is the your mind wrestling with the notion that you are DONE with tobacco. Totally normal, especially in this stage of your quit. As mentioned….I think this is why I was dealing with anxiety…over quitting something I abused for 25 years. You will definitely come out of this, and certainly with a big feeling of empowerment because you went through the hell to get there.
    And let me tell you about it….if you get through this with flying colors, there ain’t a dam thing you do in life that you cannot quit!
    I hope you all are doing well….me and Deepy are on the first floor waiting for you Jeff and Rick and the others that follow, keep up the good fight!!
    Day 114

    • Great man JayP. I am sure it will be very encouraging for the new comers to see your post..
      You know after a certain point it is all mind, you think you are not affected and you definitely not.
      Great to see ur posts man..

      • Thanks Shiva!
        At this point, I am all about helping the new people wanting to get through this stuff…as I am sure this is where you are. PAY IT FORWARD!

    • Hey guys I’m starting day 5 here, any idea when the night sweats end? I’m feeling pretty good otherwise, little quick tempered and my stomach is messed up. I like the fake stuff

  2. Jayp

    I must admit. I am
    Close to not thinking about it as
    Much. I only use fake shit maybe once a week. I am
    So done with nic. My focus now is to loose the weight I gained:

    I think mentally, I am so done with Copenhagen,

    Have a good one dude, winter is coming here in southern cal! Golf time for winter!’

    Day 88

    • Good to hear from you Jeff,
      Better to hear you are only using that fake stuff once a week. I noticed that a can of it lasts me a few days now instead of just one.
      I definitely can relate to the weight gain. Before I quit, I lost about 18 lbs, because I “knew” I would slap on 15 right away after quitting. Well, I gained almost 20. But have since lost about 4 of it. I am not “seriously” trying to lose it right now, but you can bet your ass, I will be working on it all winter long. My new goal, is to get in the best shape of my life before I click over to 41. I have until July 2015 to get there….and I will do it, just need to get serious about it, its going to happen!
      I’ve ALWAYS done what I said I was going to do in life, so this is just another hurdle for me, no biggie, I love challenges!
      12 days to go to the first floor for you, looking forward to greeting you at the door, keep fighting!
      No golfing here anymore, maybe fall specials, but there are leafs all over the place, the weather is in the 40-50’s. Wish I was in SoCal this time of the year, lol!
      Take Care!

    • Awesome Jeff… you the man :)… I am in Princeton, New Jersey and first snow of the season is expected next week… Dull weather :( and cant play any cricket until May next year..

  3. Rick,

    This was the toughest phase I faced. Many literature told us first 3 weeks are miserable. It indeed is but in a more physical way. However, the real test starts now. As your brain is rewiring itself, the psych battle starts up. I would like to call this a chatter in my head.. The chatter went louder until about 50-60 days and from then on it was on decline. Trust me as JayP said once you get through this phase you’ll be very strong and you might even have a smile when you think back like 100 days later.
    As I said in an earlier post, give time for the mind to heal and let it go through a natural roller coaster and no shortcuts :). You’ll come out victorious eventually.

    • Amen Shiva! I remember out jogging in that period and having brain zaps (dizzy spells) while I was running, it was strange, scary and annoying all at the same time….but it did pass and you feel so empowered by it!
      Keep up the fight Rick!!

  4. Well I am 52 years old, Loosing weight is a total bitch, But I am taking the same motivation as I did with my quit. We will be in the 70’s through out the winter…maybe a few cold day sin the 60’s. I was born in Michigan, moved to Denver in 69…I moved here 5 years ago..

    My wife is awesome when it came to my quit… and she did notice the few extra pounds..hahah She is one healthy woman..so she is helping me a ton.

    this is my first week in real work out… we hike each day, and man I am a fat pig, but I am not a fat ass, out of shape chewing tobacco dumbass anymore… just a fat pig and out of shape..haha

    • HAHAHA…Hilarious Jeff!!
      I hear ya, I’m my worst critic!! I have support around me too, I really do work hard to stay in shape, and it does get harder as you age (as you already know).
      Yes, you told me you were here in Michigan (by Dearborn if I recall), then out there now, probably the best move you made. I love it here in Michigan, actually enjoy the 4 seasons, but as I get older, this winter shit is just that, SHIT! Someday, I will find myself a winter retreat, I cannot see myself here 25 years from now, during this time of the year, we’ll see!

    • I’m new here Jeff but if you can quit, you will lose the weight. If you’re new to exercise/gym start slow with compound movements best way to lose weight is by lifting it! Any tips for a guy about to finish day 5? By the way this week felt like a month!!

      • Steve,
        The first week sucks, but our “rookie” Rick is already at 24 days: I would rick would agree, take one day at a time, use fake chew or seeds, ( I went through carrots)

        Your at day5. Get one week under your belt, then go for two; you can do this!! We are here for you and we are your biggest fans!!! Kick ass, keep posting

        As a prior Marine, cardio is my first step: we have a mountain near our home, it’s a 3 miles course, we do it in 45 minutes, sucks, but I lost almost 3 pounds this week.

        I gained almost 20 pounds, I am so focused to get back to my” chewing ” weight

        Day 89

      • Hang in there man. My toughest spots were in the first week I used a lot of fake chew, smokey mountain wintergreen is a great substitute. Today is day 27 for me and is hasn’t been easy but its been worth it. Just gotta develop new positive habits it’ll help take your mind off of old nasty ones like chewing. I read a great phrase on this website that ill use here- ” the only thing tobacco is good for,is keeping you addicted to tobacco!” Also if it helps come on here and post how your feeling. Not everybody out there knows what’s its like to come off a highly addictive habit like chewing but everybody on this website does. It really helped me especially the first couple weeks. Just do anything you can to keep tobacco out of your face and you’ll be OK!

  5. Ok. So where is DDD HOF? It’s like I am waiting for a new movie coming out. Just like jayp’s HOF…. I waited :::: and waited::: so DDD… Where is it?????


    • I read, when I posted mine….its take like 2-3 days to be posted by the mediator…so this could be the hold up. Maybe Chewie will give us a heads up if/when its posted?

  6. You guys are funny, i’ve been such a chatter box all these days and now I am having a mental block. been reading a lot of posts and they seem to go the same way, different motifs, but lead to the same outcome. How to start mine and how to end it? Don’t worry I’ll let you guys know when I post it, i might just wait until I gather more days on my belt. I am glad you guys are still going strong, keep helping Rick and as many other dudes as you can as I am doing the same. By the way, where is rick? I aint heard from him lately.

  7. I’m still on the wagon guys. Its getting mental now. I’m just beginning to understand how powerful nicotine really is. Still struggling withe idea of forever so I try really hard to just think about today or this hour this minute etc… Guys this is not easy for me. Its possible i dipped to cover up some minor depression/anxiety. I can’t wait for it to get easier. Smokey mountain wintergreen has been a HUGE help probably Cuz it burns a little. almost asked for a drag off of a cigarette Cuz my Buddy lit one up next to me yesterday. I longed for it! But I abstained. There’s no doubt in my mind I’m an addict. The workers are taking a long time to give up hope.
    Day 25

  8. Actually day 26 damn early morning posts! One more revelation- I’ve learned that when you quit you don’t just say “no I quit” once, you say it about 500000 times. Its not just one decision its many decisions over a period of time.

  9. Rick
    Already 26 days! Good job!

    I remember your first few days, and now look at what you have done! Almost a month. Good job!!!

    Day 89

  10. I’m so frustrated this morning man, I asked my wife to do the food shopping today usually I take my son. You would’ve thought I asked for a big favor, sticks her face in her hands big sigh. So that obviously aggravated me, made me feel like shit actually headache dizzy foggy. It hasn’t even been a full week and it’s already “been tough on her” and “not fair on her”, I asked her last week if she was ready for this and she was 100% we got your back. the weird thing is I’ve been at work most of the days I’ve been quit so I’m not even sure what’s been tough on her, the fact that I sweat all night or get headaches.

    • Steve

      It’s part of the path that we all have taken. I remember the sweats at night, could not sleep, headaches, you need to keep pushing through these hard days you are at now. We all went through those days.

      Being hyper sensitive to everything is part if it, I was guilty of being an as for a few weeks, but it eventually subsides, hang tough dude. Don’t give up. If your pissed off. Come her and rant. Don’t rant on anyone but us…

      Day 91

    • Hi Steve and welcome to the board. I can hear the frustration dripping from your posts. I hope you have been strong enough to this point to remain quit and finish what you started….waiving goodbye to smokless tobacco. As some other folks have mentioned above and below, we are here to help you through this transition.
      About the spouse, just know that this quit is for no one else but yourself. And if she doesn’t have a nicotine addiction, then she can never know what you are going through with this quit. I’m sure she is being supportive with the notion “you’re quitting” but unless she’s quitting right along side of you, there is no way she’ll know the struggles you’ll endure along the way. Just keep the focus on “you”…nothing wrong with being selfish about it. Get yourself some sunflower seeds and if you can handle it, try the fake herbal snuff. Keep in mind, you want to stay away from the ones that have nicotine in them….this is the poison in the tobacco you’re fighting. But I will caution, using them still is similar to chewing and you will still be dealing with the oral fixation. BUT….you will be beating the nicotine….which is what the purpose of quitting is. I am still using the fake stuff….about 2-3 dips a day. I was chewing a can a day at the start….so things do taper off. And I am a big advocate of sunflower seeds….a great way to fight the oral fixation crave and snacking you’ll want to do while quitting. Keep up the fight and I hope we can help you get to the 100 day mark!
      Day 118

  11. I absolutely agree with Jeff. I must say I’m extremely lucky. Because my wife’s dad has been trying to kick nicotine for 30 years so she was well prepared for anything I might throw at her.(not literally). Yeah the wifey is also expecting and there’s been times that I wanted to just fly off the handle about something because things aren’t going well and I just tell myself its not her fault that I got addicted so its not her fault that I’m having a hard time trying to quit using. Keep talking to us and don’t give in.

    4 weeks today for me!

    • Great job Rick…another week in the books!! Keep up the good fight, great seeing youpprogress through the hell….I’d say you’re about 2 weeks from things getting much easier (if it hasn’t already).

  12. Wow rick. 4 weeks already!!! Awesome!!!
    Day 91

    • 8 days! Eight meesley ass days to the first floor Jeff. I too can hear your foot steps on the staircase. I kind of been taking some time off here, but I’m still headed to the second floor of this quit….but still here to be sure you guys make it and help where I can. Looking forward to your HOF speech too.

  13. I have just learned Againthis morning that the urge to use tobacco will pass whether you use tobacco or not.just got an enormous craving for youSorry some chew and actually envisioned myself going and getting a can and putting the dip in. But I of course told myself absolutely not put in some SM wintergreen. I do feel better now but wasn’t so sure this morning. The SM has been filling the void pretty well.
    Day 29

  14. Hey fellas just came across a great webpage on nicotine addiction- nicotine addiction 101 on whyquit.com. its definitely a real eye an opener on what nicotine actually does when its inside your brain- check it out!
    Day 30

    • Rick,

      If you look into one of my older posts, I have posted a link which is the complete pdf published in WhyQuit. Chk it out here.. http://whyquit.com/FFN/chapters/FFN_00B_TOC.pdf

      It’s very good.

      And also, if you have n’t read Allen Carr, check his book. It is very good in helping you out battle the psycholoical stuff.

      Happy reading :)

      • Yeah I checked it out but since I’m using a smartphone I was only able to look at the table of contents. But thanks for your effort Shiva. Very appreciated.

  15. Fuckin A guys! the after the meal craves is killing me right now. Its one of the ones that have been really getting to me lately. I have plenty of reasons not to go the store so I won’t but DAMN! I thought I’d be somewhat over it by now. Mind games!

  16. Battle tested animal?! I love it! Defending against nicotine!
    Day 31

  17. How is everyone doing? Thank you for your support the other day, very helpful. I’m holding strong but it sounds like quitting comes in waves. I feel like I’ve been lucky so far or maybe I built it up to expect way worse. I do find myself almost setting up a crave. Meaning FSU plays MIami Saturday night and I’m already thinking damn a dip would be nice, oh well looks like it’s me and smokey mountain. I will definitely check out the reading material suggested and can’t wait to be considered a battle tested. Stay strong.

    Day 11

  18. How is everyone doing? Thank you for the support the other day, very helpful. I’m holding strong but it sounds like quitting comes in waves. I feel like I’ve been lucky so far or maybe I built it up to expect way worse. I do find myself almost setting up a crave. Meaning FSU plays Miami Saturday night and I’m already thinking damn a dip would be nice, oh well looks like it’s me and smokey mountain. I will definitely check out the reading material suggested and can’t wait to be considered a battle tested animal. Stay strong
    Day 11

  19. Dropping by just to see how everyone is. Haven’t read anything lately from DDD…guess his 100 days has passed and yes done here. Jeff…5 days to go? Proud of you my man, looking forward to reading more from you. Hoping the battle with the wieght war is becoming a win as well. Rick, great job on crossing the 30 day mark! That’s a month dip free, you are almost a 3rd of the way there. Keep scratching and clawing, use your tools, the fake dips and the message board. I see Shiva has shared the my motto I used for my 100 day journey “this too shall pass”. It does and will if you keep up the fight.
    What else….yes! Steve, welcome back. Thought we lost you back to the can. Good to see you are still plugging away at then quit. Continue to check in and let us know how you’re doing, we’re here to help. You all are Warriors!!
    Day 121

  20. Jayp

    Maybe when we all hit 100 days, their is no more goals, and most vets with over 100 days are done and on the road. I think DDD is around, maybe working on his HOF speech,

    I feel that I am not here as often as I was, I just don’t seem to be here as often. Yes , I am excited to hit 100, and hope I stick around to help new guys. Just like you and DDD helped me.

    So, why are you not here as often?

    Day 95

    • Guess I’m not here as often because I feel I have a pretty good handle on my quit as it appears you do with only 4 days left now to 100 days.
      I am looking forward to 365 days free, that will he an accomplishment. I’ve went 6 months before (back in the 90’s) without dipping. So really, I haven’t accomplished shit yet, IMO. But I do feel like this time it will stick….I’m done.
      I will be checking on everyone here and there…my time is not over here!!

  21. Good to hear from ya jayp! Still foggy here but the cravings are going down slightly. Took long enough. I took Shivas advice and checked out whyquit.com extensively. All I can say is wow. Nicotine is a true poison. Education is key and now I feel very educated about the effects of nicotine on the brain. Glad to see your still around Steve keep hanging in there bro. It sounds like you are done with tobacco we wanna help ya man. I check this page everyday so if your feeling down well pick you back up. Your doing the right thing by putting the can down. You know hoW many time I’ve chosen my addictions over hanging withe wife or family? You can’t get that time back but you can change the future one day at a time. You only get so much time on earth and I wanna spend it making lasting memories withe people I love not a fucking can of processed shredded plants.
    Day 32

    • Those last sentences are so true Rick and well said. Did anyone else change diet when they quit? Watch out for foods that spike blood sugar, I have to think that has been helpful for me

  22. I left a reply to both you guys (Jeff/Rick)…must be caught up in mediation. Trying from my iPad, we’ll see if this works….GodSpeed!

  23. Thanks JP, I’m feeling great hopeful it lasts but not letting my guard down. Jeff, how is weight loss coming?
    Saw some guy at the gym with a dip in this morning and we started talking I ended up giving him my can of smokey mountain to try, hopefully he is posting on here soon. Don’t worry I didn’t take one of his he had skoal and I WAS a kodiak guy.
    Day 12 and rising

    • Good Steve! They will become less and less the further you get from using that stuff. Look at Rick for example, he was where you are just a few short weeks ago. Keep up the fight, you’re right behind him. And hopefully the guy from the gym comes along and you help him into this brotherhood! Good to hear you are still quit, keep it up!

    • Steve. Do not let your guard down for any reason. Your subconscious vmind will try to convince you to go back to the can. I was done for 2 3 weeks and was having a rough go and before I knew it I was at the store purchasing my favorite kind. I threw it out the window so it all worked out but I took off mental armor for a little bit and that’s what happened. Also your post about possibly dipping at the football game I will tell you that I killed a lot of quits by planning to cave on a certain day for a certain reason. Bring the smokey mountain along you’ll get used to it. Stay strong bro it takes a lot of balls to get this shit out of yourvlife. Remember one more can could mean a couple more years of chewing. I would love another chew but not 10000 more.you can do it!

  24. HERE GOES NOTHING…well actually, here goes everything!! I’m excited to have my life back!! I would actually love to start having children in the near future and I’ll be glad to have this shit out of my system. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! Bring on the headaches!

    • You can absolutely do it Samantha. You just gotta want it. Me I was tired of the cost worry anxiety over my health the whole thing. It took me 2 years to get to this point -33 days without nicotine. I couldn’t go 4 hours without it before. You can do it!
      Day 33

  25. Thanks Rick!!!! Its really hard, but I know I can. The headaches have always been the worst for me. Everyone around me dips so that will be my biggest obstacle. I am going to school for welding so we can’t smoke in the shop (never was a smoker anyhow though). I’m taking 2 weeks off from school so I can really focus on this!! Thankfully my teacher understands :)

  26. Is this day 1 Samantha? You got this!
    Did you load up on alternatives, fake stuff, seeds, gum?
    Best of luck I’m only 12 days in so the other folks on here can give you better advice. The fake stuff has been helping me a lot, that and working out.
    Good luck, keep in touch so we know how you are doing.
    Day 12

    • Steve, I found in the past that the fake stuff just pissed me off!! I’m trying to to find another bad habit with this so I just quit cold turkey and I’m actually eating more regularly and healthier. 1 day and 7 hours in!!!

  27. You guys are doing a great job encouraging each other out here…mway to take the lead Rick!!

  28. Nice to see rick and Steve kicking ass, and more important, helping others.
    I have been hiking and watching my diet, when I was in my first month of my quit, I ate allot!!! As I have said, mostly carrots instead of seeds, just my preference.

    I gain 20 lbs, and this week lost 3..lucky we have been in the low70’s.. Perfect workout weather. The way it’s going I will be back to my weight before I quite in maybe 10 weeks..love it.. Kicked the shit out of the nic notch, get back to healthy weight… Priceless

    Jayp… Good to see you back here, 5 more days my brother and finally on the first floor with you and DDD.

    Rick, Steven&our new rookie Samantha, I will be here to help as much as I can.

    My philosophy was take one day set a time… And before you know it, you made it a month! Look at Rick,, he kicked ass

  29. Jeff good to hear the weight is coming off nice work, jealous it is 70 there it is 30 here

    • Congrats on 5 weeks of freedom Rick! I’d imagine things will be getting much easier in about 1 more week. You’ll probably still have the cravings, but the whole fog will be nearing the end.
      I also want to commend you again for taking the torch on this board and supporting the new arrivals. Believe me, this too will help you get through this 100 days. You’re doing great!!
      Day #125

    • Awesome Rick… Way to go man… good luck..

  30. Also guys, what’s my best way to NOT gain weight!! I’m only about 112 now and just barely 5’1 but that’s what I have heard to be what happens!!

    • Samantha,

      Work out at least 30-45 mins a day and at a moderate to high intensity level. Let me tell you. A good workout increases your blood flow and you can channelise all your frustrations in a workout. It not only keeps the cravings to a minimum, it also immensely helps to clear fog and address fatigue associated with quitting.

      Some weight gain in the first 5 weeks is inevitable but after that you’ll stabilize and combined with a good workout and healthy veggies, you can get it back to a more healthy self.

  31. Right on rick! Your well on your way my man!
    Samantha, I can only tell you, eat fruits and veggies, and workout during your quit. The mistake I made was I didn’t workout that much, I would walk for maybe 30 min.

    So. Eat the best you can, and workout,
    Day 99

  32. One day away from 100. Sweet!
    Samantha, eat healthy and hit the gym. That was my mistake, during my quit, I just would take casual walks…

    But look at DDD ( by the way, where the hell is he?) jayp was hitting the gym. I stayed away from seeds, because if the salt… I am also 52 years old.. Now I get almost one hr cardio a day, eat healthy.

    Important thing is. Concentrate on your quit. Loosing a few pounds can be done!
    99 days

  33. I’m here to greet you at the door Jeff, GREAT job! It’s great to see a post from you out here, and on the eve of your 1st milestone. Not sure where the hell DeepyDeeDont ran off to, hopefully not to another can. He did say he would be back, guess it’s not time yet?? As you said, some folks reach the 100 days and just disappear. I love this site, it helped me quit and I fully intend on giving back!

    Samantha, welcome to the board. Yes, as others have said, the weight will come, nothing you can do about it. In fact, I have read some research that said Nicotine not only curbed your appetite, it also sped up metabolism. Those 2 things are needed to lose and maintain weight.
    Like Jeff, I gained about 20 lbs myself. I have lost 3-4, but am not doing anything to get it off. I stopped lifting weights like I was prior to my quit, but have continued the cardio (about 10 miles a week I run), which I’ve always done. Had I NOT done any cardio, I bet I gained 40!
    But I have been using sunflower seeds, yes, they are loaded with salt, my blood type is probably “ocean” right now! But hey, if it keeps me away from chewing tobacco, so be it. I do use fake chew as well, only 2-3 a day these days. I have cut wayyyy back, I was knocking back a can a day early in my quit. Which is fine, as I mentioned, I would gladly dip a can a day of that fake shit than EVER go back to that poisonous tobacco!!!! And I have snacks, healthy ones, beef jerky, almonds, peanuts, cashews, cheese sticks…veggies. I have always used the high protein, low starch/carbs/sugar approach when battling weight, so this is why I choose these as snacks. Lots of water, drink it until you’re stuffed and flowing like a waterfall, this cleans the nicotine out, and flushes other toxins, along with making you feel full.
    I don’t know, I’m not a nutritionist, just a guy that “knows” how to train and eat right, but am not right this minute. I will be shortly though, just getting cold in Michigan and the winter “coat” is helpful, hahahaha (that’s just an excuse). I hope that helps and that you find this site helpful in your quit, I was a 25 year vet with the can, I am NEVER going back now. Good luck and keep us up to date on your progress!

  34. What an awesome website and forum. I’ve been dipping Kodiak on and off for the past 25 years and quit cold turkey 8 weeks ago. I won’t lie….it’s been brutal but well worth the eventual victory. I found your timeline to be quite informative and pretty darn reflective of my journey. Ironically, the first 5 weeks went much smoother than I anticipated….especially with all of the triggers which, unfortunately, were just about everywhere as I was dipping non-stop. However, the morning of Week 6, I began experiencing anxiousness that wasn’t solely based upon dip-cessation, but was clearly an element. I found this very confusing as to why it would be hitting me harder after a healthy passage of time.

    By the end of the week, my doctor decided to start me on Lexapro for general anxiety which was a huge mistake. Dosing up (at even 5mg/day) made my condition considerably worse due to the side effects. After 8 days of that crap, I quit the Lexapro and then spent the next week dealing with withdrawals. I only mention this as Lexapro was not a personally wise choice to deal with the dip-withdrawal. Instead, Xanax has helped me tremendously in enduring some nasty craves which, based upon the timeline above, should start subsiding shortly.

    Aside from the Xanax, I have found that a dip of BaccOff Wintergreen does a nice job of satisfying the oral fixation associated chewing and usually does the job in a short period of time. Finally, I find that deep breathing techniques work well to smooth over the rough moments.

    Thanks for all of the info and personal experiences. It really does help knowing others are experiencing similar experiences and discussing these things is extremely therapeutic. My best to you all fighting the good fight…..here’s to eventual victory!

  35. Thanks dudes. I’m very proud of myself and also of you guys. Each day away from nicotine is another day away from nicotine. Sounds silly but is true. Been hammering smoky mountain wintergreen a lot I’ll worry about oral fixation later. You know its funny I’ve only gained maybe 5 10 lbs sine I quit and yeah I’ve been eating a lot like goldfish and peanuts and beef jerky. Love the beef jerky!. Trying really hard to develop new habits in all avenues of life. My armor is still way up! Still find my subconscious “wandering” over the idea of buying a can but I smash it down before it really manifests. Me and my wife worked together to print up a list of things and reasons for me to stay quit maybe I’ll post it because its pretty good I read it many times a day. Temptation is strong but I am stronger. Thanks for every bodies encouragement. Its really a wonderful thing.
    Day 36

    • Last post of the morning, day 14 my girlfriend asks when are you going to quit the fake stuff? Are you phucking kidding me!!!
      Day 16

      • All kidding aside Steve, this quit is about you, not her. Maybe she needs to be told this, gently of course, but needs to know this is about you and your health, not her and the motives. I didn’t quit and remain quit for anyone but myself. The decision to quit is that of the quitter, not the outside chatter.
        The fake stuff is a crutch to get away from the poison. As mentioned, I’m still using it, a little. Between the fake stuff and real stuff…..you won’t die from the fake stuff. So if you chew the fake stuff the rest of your life, at least you won’t die of cancer!!

        • Thanks JP, I told her gently to back off when it happened. I was just aggravated she asked the question. I only do two pinches of the fake stuff a day which I think is impressive considering two and a half weeks ago I was doing 5-6 pinches of kodiak.

          • Real impressive! I knocked back a can a day at the start of my quit. I’m usually at 3 a day now. Still would like to do only a couple only once in a while….all in time. As mentioned, chewing the fake stuff isn’t harming anything other than keeping the oral habit alive. I will deal with this too eventually.

  36. Hey guys, Been using for about 4 years now and realized I was too dependent and didn’t want to risk my health and happiness on tobacco. I only stopped yesterday around 2pm… so it is day 2ish and I am trying to remain calm but I feel so dizzy and anxious and shakey I am not sure what to do and hope this is normal. I also feel like my boyfriend and friends don’t understand or are acting as if I’m just not Indulging on a piece of chocolate but it is sooooo much more than that. I am just missing my crutch and thing that relaxes me and makes everything ok. Please let me know what you think or if you guys have any advice? Not ok over here.


    • Hi Katie – first off… this is 100% normal. Advice – if you’re looking for something to take the place of your dip, there are several alternatives out there that are awesome: http://www.killthecan.org/your-quit/smokeless-alternatives/ Also, get involved here and on the forums. Let us know how we can help – keep up the great work!

    • 100% normal Katie the first few days are very rough, it does get easier soon not easy but easier. Go exercise or get some fresh air when a craving comes on. Fake dip, seeds, fruit, nuts, water find something for your mouth to replace the dip. I’m only two weeks removed from where you are, the dizziness got better after about day 4, night sweats lasted about 9-10 days. It won’t kill you but it won’t be fun either just get thru the next hour/crave.
      Good luck

  37. Nice work Rick, Keep it up man!! I’ve been using the smokey mountain myself were you a kodiak guy? Cravings have definitely gone down to a few a day but still strong. Had some heart palpitations the other day so that was fun, I know that is a side effect of quitting so I just went for a jog.
    Keep it up man
    Day 16

  38. Samantha I agree with everything JP said about keeping the weight off. Also try short bursts of exercise when you get a crave. For example when I get a crave I do 20 burpees, gets me in shape and thru the crave. Could also do push-ups, squats anything body weight that you can do anywhere. As far as snacks high fiber stuff like fruit and water will help the most, anything will do though I hammer down pieces of grilled chicken like apples. For other exercise I like the weights and I also do Krav Maga both great ways to get out frustration.
    Hope this helps
    Good luck
    Day 16

  39. 100 days! I did it!

  40. You guys are awesome!! Even though I had a slip up last night, I am already back at 19 hours without a dip!! (i know that’s not long at all but it really is lol). I now realize that drinking was a total mistake!!! But with that being said, I do have a drug test as early as Monday, the 24th….it only tests for nicotine (cotanine) but even though it will be an entire week without tobacco, will that be enough time to show nicotine free on a blood test?? I would like a way to get through the cravings along with working out to get through this…..IT WILL BE 250 FUCKING DOLLARS EXTRA A MONTH ON INSURANCE IF I TEST POSITIVE!!!! (you would think that would be enough but this shit really can control you at times!!!!!)

  41. Samantha supposedly it is out of your system in 72 hours not sure what that means in regards to testing. Drink lots of water (piss it out), exercise (sweat it out), fruits/veggies/eggs/garlic/onions are all foods that will help detox quicker. Good luck.
    In regards to the slip up, it happens, just commit to the quit and get back to it. We all know how controlling this shit can be.
    I definitely would avoid booze for a few weeks/months. You will get there, take each crave as it comes.
    Getting cold in the northeast, everyone have a good night.
    Day 16

    • Its cold here too, 16 degrees here in NC! but I drink plenty of water anyway so that should work! plus thats way too much money to spend on insurance and tobacco, its just insane!!!

    • Steve, you are in NE? Me too. I am in Princeton, NJ. It’s frigging cold out here. 24 but wind chill is 12 with a heavy wind. :(

      • Hey Shiva I’m in Boston, MA and already sick of he cold the wind is the worst it turns the city into nasty wind tunnels because of the buildings. Are you a fantasy football

    • Samantha,

      As Steve said drink lots of water. And also drink lots of Cranberry juice (watch out for the sugar though). Cran is acidic and an acidic blood content will help to flush out nicotine sooner. If you completely abstain and follow above, you can well be guaranteed to eliminate nicotine within 72 hours and cotinine will be eliminated in 7-10 days.

      Good luck

  42. NC at least chew is cheap down there! My cheap place up here was 2 for $14, some places in Boston are over $10/tin. $250 a month is a lot of money. Not to mention all the health benefits.

    NC will warm up, I’m there every couple months for work, Charlotte area is nice

  43. Thanks everyone! It was at times tough, but as I sit here now( after doing my 3 mile hike and 80 sit-ups) it almost seems like time went very fast… After the first 30 days.

    Rick. I will be waiting with jayp here at 100, Steve. By the time you roll at 100. Rick, jayp, and myself will be waiting.

    Weather here in southern Cali… 74 today. Love winters now

  44. You know is funny guys. I had a slip up last night and took a couple puffs off a CIG after too many drinks. Do I regret it now? Absolutely. One moment of bad clouded judgement threw away 36 days for me. It was my fault. My choice. So I have now learned alcohol is out of the question for awhile. I joined Feb 15 quit group and have been on live chat all day to prevent a complete relapse. I wanna thank everybody Jeff jayp Shiva Steve DDD on all of the positive helpful comments. It carried me a long way, longer then I’ve ever made it before and that’s awesome. I of course will come back to update once I build numbers up if any bodies interested. It was very hard for me to post this. Keep up the quit.

    • Hey Rick, it happenes to a lot of people, especially here. Now that you know what you did, what are you going to do this time around, differently? Sounds to me like you already have a plan in place. As Jeff said, Steve too, don’t give up over a few puffs on a CIG. It isn’t the end of the world, just get back on track with your quit.
      I can appreciate the honesty on posting your “slip-up”. There isn’t anything you can do but learn from it and move on with your quit. Life is all about how you respond to experiences, they are either fuel (to push you further=Motivation) or garbage (something to set out to the road). This “few puffs” is garbage….don’t let it derail your hard work!

  45. Rick
    Please don’t give up on us, remember, we are your biggest fans. Try again , you did it once, you can do it again.

    I for one will hang here with you until u hit 100 days


  46. Hey Rick it’s a slip up not a relapse, so you fell down get back up and throw some punches. We all fall down its what you do when you get back up. We got your back just get right back to the quit.
    I’m definitely curious if a couple puffs of a cig will make you go thru nicotine withdrawals again, I doubt it will. And you didn’t dip which is the addiction you are quitting. All in all its a minor slip up don’t throw away all the hard work you’ve done. Don’t act defeated and say fuck it I slipped up, I’ll grab a tin and quit in a couple weeks, stick with it man. You’re still the senior senator of the quitters under 100 days in my book.
    Day 17

  47. Rick, as I said I had one the other night even very early in. These things happens, I completely regret what I did but there is also no need to focus on that part of it!! Just move on and start over, maybe you were to the point where you needed a fresh start. :)

  48. Congrats on 100 Jeff! Thanks guys

  49. Rick. Thanks, no get back on the horse… I am staying here until I read your HOF speech


  50. I will give it my all guys. Chewing smokey mountain cherry as I type. I’m going toe to toe with Skoal again gonna take it down!

  51. Hey guys, hope everyone’s day was well!! i need an alternative (like the fake stuff) to dipping. I have tried a couple (jakes and hooch) but they just fell apart too easy…i need something more along the lines of Cope Longcut

    • Samantha I tried a bunch, bacc off, golden eagle, smokey mountain and one other that must have really sucked because I can’t remember the name. I like smokey mountain but I was a kodiak user, nothing like the real thing but it helps. I liked the texture of golden eagle better so when I had some of that I would mix it with smokey. Remember you just want something to get you thru not something to fall in love with. Try a bunch and see what takes.
      Good luck

    • Hi Samantha, I’ve tried a lot of them myself. All the Hooches, BaccOff, Holt, Smokey Mountain, All the Jakes, Elicit and Triumph. By far, Triumph is the best one I’ve had. Elicit is a strong second, but its a really, REALLY, fine cut (like cope). And I guess the Smokey Mountain was my 3rd. I don’t use anything but Triumph now. I was a Skoal Wintergreen Long Cut guy….for about 18 of my 25 year stint. Nothing ever replicated the Skoal. What I did is what was said above, found one I liked and could live with. While I was a wintergreen guy and Triumph offers it, the classic, which is suppose to replicate a classic flavor is my favorite. And it doesn’t taste like a classic, its got a strange but very good taste to it. It doesn’t dry out quickly like many do. Its base is mint leaves, like Baccoff, Jakes and Elicit. It really is good stuff. This is just an honest opinion from someone who has tried a lot of them. I’ve written a few reviews on them on this site. Triumphs Mint flavovored stuff is THE BEST mint flavor I’ve had, hands down. If Skoal Wintergreen was my love, Skoal Mint was my second choice. They also have a cinammon one that is a little different, but good. I am not a big “flavored” chew guy, but this cinammon one is worth a try (they all are). They offer a sample pack (all 4 flavors) for like $12. I would buy one of those first and decide for yourself. They are located in Montrose Colorado and ship their stuff free. Give it a whirl, fast shipment too….2 days at the most!

    • Oh! And I agree with Steve, Classic Smokey Mountain DOES taste “close” to Cope. I have a can of that sitting up with my Triumph.

    • Sorry….it was RICK! Not Steve that said Classic Smokey Mountain tasted like cope….my bad…..

      • Good Afternoon,

        I also FAILED to mention, both Triumph AND Elicit offer their fake tobaccos WITH and WITHOUT nicotine in them (Full Strength, Half Strength and Zero Strength).
        I guess this is where I should state, I only use Non-Tobacco and Non-Nicotine products…so I only buy the zero strength ones. I know this is sort of a captain obvious thing, since we are all nicotine addicts here, just thought I would mention this.
        Hope you all are remaining quit today!
        Day #128

  52. Smokey mountain classic is kinda like cope. I found the wintergreen to be very helpful for me .Unfortunately its hard to replicate the feel of shredded tobacco leaves in your lip . just gotta find one you can “deal” with. For me just the feel of something in there helped. Even today. Hang in there.

  53. Rick, You got this!! How can we help?

    • Hey Steve thanks man. Just by coming on here your helping me and all of us out. I’m good today-back on track. I just had to delve a little deeper into the website. The chat is cool because if your getting the urge you can go on there and talk it out. So I’ve been doing that. Jayp good to hear from you again!

  54. Steve I was an ‘any kind’ guy. Though i loved Kodiak! Supposedly the highest nicotine content per can out of all of them. But I chewed anything except fine cut. Chew is freakin cheap around here. 3.19 for a can of Kodiak at the tobacco store. I know I keep saying it but Smoky Mountain wintergreen is an awesome substitute For wintergreen. I have nicotine withdrawals again. Looks like just one CIG is enough to wake up the receptors. But 72 hours is almost up so I am Getting there. I just went through this last month.
    You guys keep it up. Your all doing great

  55. Rick sorry to hear you are going thru the withdrawals again, they aren’t fun but fight thru them man. Damn 3.19 a tin, that’s what I paid in 1999-2000, amazing.
    Does anyone on here remember around the three week mark feeling off? I feel really weird like sometimes I will feel numbness and sometimes really lightheaded/dizzy. It’s very odd, I figured this stage would be over by now. Past couple days it has been in the morning and I feel better at night. I feel fine working out and I usually do that in the morning.
    Steve -Day 18

    • I think you said in an earlier post that it feels like quitting comes in waves. That’s what it was like for me after the first week sometimes it was really easy and took no effort and other times I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry Cuz of the cravings. I think your doing great! It helps me to see your success

      • You just got to get mad at that shit Rick. I know what you’re saying about the waves,then the “curl up and cry” stuff. Its depression that you may not ever do it again. I will share what I shared during my first 100 days. I was talking a shower and suddenly felt a wave of a “depressed” state come over me when I thought to myself “you are done dipping, you will never take another dip again in your life”. I seriously began to feel a strong, depressed feeling when I thought that. But then I got angry at myself and said “you had 25 years of that shit, its time for a change, you’re done with it”. I actually got angry about the thoughts I had….suddenly that wave of depressed thoughts began to roll off my like the water and down the drain.
        That is one real strong moment I had during the 100 day stretch….probably was one of those moments that defined my quit. It was a moment that I knew I could beat the cravings, depression….whatever….I was stronger than the habit. And I have to admit, it was awfully dam empowering. I look back on it today….it WAS my turning point in my quit. It was like saying goodbye to my grieving.
        So, this is what I think it takes to quit and remain quit Rick. Commit to it and get pissed off! Its what I did, I know its what Jeff and this DDD guy who went AWOL/MIA did and appears the way Steve is moving. Get angry….and say goodbye to the poison!

    • Hey Steve, I’m at work and was trying to respond to you earlier on this. I was going to tell you it “might” be anxiety and it will go away. I had that shit hanging around forabout 40/60 days . It does go though. I was going to suggest either getting thru it without anything (what I did) or going to see your doctor. I had anxiety about 2 years ago. Was on some meds for about 18 months. Lost some weight, started exercising and eating right and it cleared up and I got off the meds this past spring. Then…I quit chewing in July. I was about where you’re at now, that I began to feel those familiar feelings I was experiencing for 18 months! I thought I was coming back down with that anxiety shit (which I was, but only temporary). I fought through it….and it lifted with that fog around the 50-60 day mark. So what you got going is 100% normal. As one of the owners of this site said “doctors claim we dipped to cure our anxiety”….which has some truth. The “calming” element of nicotine is what’s missing in your brain. Stay the course my man, it’ll lift…PROMISE!

      • JP, thank you for getting back to me on this. I thought I was having a heart attack to be honest, which would be strange since I exercise, eat healthy, etc. but I didn’t know how else to explain it. So I took the Xanax (.25mg) and felt better so now I know it is anxiety and will be able to fight thru it when it decides to come back. Looks like I have another 30-40 days of it so I better learn some management techniques now. I’d rather have the night sweats come back to be honest, it is a weird feeling. Honestly I didn’t even feel anxious or worried.
        I went to my doctor before I quit to discuss side effects, etc. I did a lot of reading too, (first time quitting so I wanted to do it right) I guess I just never bothered to look up the symptoms of anxiety. Not to mention today was the first day that I didn’t either lift weights or train boxing or krav maga. I’m sure that had something to do with it.
        Thanks for helping me get thru this, any advice on techniques will be greatly appreciated. Good thing about this episode is that I rationalized if I’m having a heart attack no way will a pinch of Kodiak help me out, so thru it all I had no desire to run to the store. I find doing that (rationalizing) during craves helps me get thru it. For example, throwing in a kodiak won’t help FSU come back in the second half…again.

        -Steve, 18 down 82 to go

        • Anxiety when quitting can be brutal. I took myself to the ER twice early in my quit cause I thought I was having heart attacks. Both times it was nothing but anxiety. Hang in there!

        • Steve…I never found any techniques really worth a shit for anxiety. They have this thing called A.W.A.R.E. that I read about….I tried it, but unless you practice it and perfect it, its about as worthless as a tits on a bore hog! What I found was exercise was KING to fighting anxiety. Staying away from sugar was also huge. They say breathing techniques work….concentrating on your breathing and quieting the chatter in your mind….I had 18 full months of that garbage. And let me be the first to say, if youre rolling with a full blown anxiety attack, “relaxing and breathing” techniques are tough. Like i said, impossible, no, difficult, hell to the yes! I heard Yoga was solid too, havent bought my pants yet, lol! None of those techniques seemed to work except the exercise and eating right. Meds helped….but like you, I feel they are just a band aid for the problem, not a solution. I certainly don’t frown upon the meds, I certainly needed them at the time to get grounded. But after a while….they just felt like a crutch. I wasn’t hip on taking them in the first place and wanted off them ASAP. But here I go again…in novel mode, lol!
          You’re doing all the right things Steve. Exercise and eating food will help you after this fog and anxiety passes. I’d say take the prescript if you need it….but continue what you’re doing here and with your exercising and eating right…you’re doing good!

  56. Thanks Rick, it was anxiety. My doctor gave me some Xanax to sleep while I quit, so I decided to try one and see if it helped and it did. I was against even taking the prescription in the first place because who wants to replace nicotine with benzos? I’ve been even more reluctant to take one (not my style) but the way I felt earlier I needed to know if that was what anxiety could feel like or if I needed to go to the ER. Turns out that anxiety is a real mindfuck!

    Samantha, Katie and anyone else just starting out take a note of this happening to me around 3 week mark so you know what’s going on if it happens to you.

    • Steve

      I had mild anxiety, nothing too crazy. I had a numb tongue for maybe 25 days. My fog was maybe 30-40 days. When the fog finally cleared, I felt almost… ” normal”, all I had to deal with was the craves.

      Let’s finish what you started, you know the drill, let’s get it done.

      Where the hell is DDD??????

      • Yessir. I have a renewed interest in kicking Nicotines ass

        • Right on Rick!!!!

          Jayp is correct, get pissed off at the nic bitch! I had my moment also, cannot remember the day, maybe around 30. I finally had enough of the nic bitch constantly fucking with me. My attitude changed when I finally tossed the bitch out of my life.

          I think around 30 days is when I had the strength to fight harder.

          I use Smokey maybe once a week now… All I need to do is continue hiking and running. ( which me and my wife are leaving now, 70 degrees)

          Have a great weekend, everyone… Ohh. My first thanksgiving nic free in many years!!!


  57. Jayp Jeff your posts are very inspirational. Thanks again dudes! Steve hope your hanging in there.


  58. Hey anybody still around here? Haven’t heard from anybody in awhile. My quit is going good. Day 43 or day 7 (cigarettepuff). This site considers it day 7 for me. Hope you can hang around that long jeff. Thanks for your enduring support. “Rick, finish what you started, you know the drill, let’s get it done” . well sir I do know the drill and I’m getting it done. One day at a time. Jayp Steve Sam hope you guys haven’t forgotten about us.

  59. Hey Rick glad to hear it’s going well again, I’m still here been a busy few days with two sick kids. This forum really did go silent for a few days. I hope everyone is doing well and I Hope everybody is ready for a dip free turkey day. Lot of triggers coming up thanksgiving, birthday, lot of driving, etc. just going to get thru one at a time.
    Day 22

  60. Rick, Steve

    Hell yes I am hanging around for your HOF speech!

    Thanksgiving without cope! Awesome

    You guys just keep on kicking ass, yes. The holidays will offer some cravings, but I am strong enough to handle them. You guys can also do it!!!!!!

    I think that the best gift I can give to my wife is my quit, she never asked me to quit, she would save bottles for spitters! When I told her I was quitting, she told me on day 100 that she didn’t think I could do it, and she was proud and happy I quit… I am lucky!

    The fear of ever going thru hell( day 1-30) will be fresh in my mind, and keep me far from nic.

    Have a good one boys!! Keep up the fight


    • Hey Jeff, have you posted your HOF yet??

      • Yes I posted last week… 100 days I kicked the nic bitch

        • I’ll need to look it up!!

        • I found it! Actually it was linked at the bottom of this page right here. Great motivational message in their Jeff, I couldn’t agree more that reaching the 100 day mark is truly a great feeling. And as you mentioned, that feeling at the beginning these new ones are going through, is something I do not want to ever experience again, but you and I got through it…my ass is done!!
          And know, that even though I was ahead of you by some days, you coming here posting each day (DDD too, that went AWOL on us) helped me get where I am, I appreciate it! And I will be here to help the new guys as well! Its real awarding to see these new ones here supporting each other like we did a few months back. I really hope they stick with it and see how rewarding it truly is.

  61. Good Morning Warriors! Sorry, I too have been a little busy too, gearing up for the holiday and trying to get things buttoned up at the office as well.
    Like Jeff (and others on the board), this will be my first Thanksgiving in over 18 years without the tobacco. I am pretty dam proud of that.
    The board did get a little quiet there for a bit, but I am still here, I read all comments posted here, just haven’t replied in a couple days, but I am still going strong and plan on it the rest of my life. As Jeff mentioned, those first 30-40 days will always be in memory bank. Those were some tough times and why I consider the new guys in this period, Steve, Rick and any others, Warriors. Keep up the quit and I’m here and will be for a while, I want to see others reach that 100 day mark.
    Just an FYI, yesterday, I had a very small and weak craving…..when you get far enough into the quit, they are more like passing thoughts, but it was real. I just shrug off those feelings now, nicotine use is getting further and further on the rearview mirror now, I am NEVER gouing back now! Keep fighting men!
    Day #133

  62. I screwed myself this morning, forgot to bring smokey mountain to work! Not that I’ve been doing a lot but I would definitely like one right now.

    • Time to see how strong you really are Steve. I did that too early in my quit, it was tough, but kept telling myself “its just a few hours, I’m going to treat myself later”….not that it was easy, but I made it! Fight through it!!!!

    • Hang in there Steve. One minute hour at a time. You are bigger than that little can. One day of nicotine use will bring withdrawals again. You don’t want that bro. Stay strong!

  63. Rooster – Day 30. I posted on this site on my Day 11 but the whole roll call thing was too difficult for my computer knowledge. Either way, I stopped back by the site today because I am having major anxiety problems. It sucks to be stressed and fired up over stupid things that didn’t bother me when I was a dipper. Ahhhh! But, after reading a whole bunch of posts on this site, it has helped me realize I am not alone in the feelings I’m having.

    On another note, to everybody who posts on this site. Keep up the good fight and thanks for being there for people like me who needed your help today (whether you knew or not). Just reading everybody’s journey/accomplishments/struggles has been huge anxiety relief for me and for that… I can’t be more grateful. My quit continues!

    • Right on rooster! Keep up the fight, as u have hit a milestone…
      Anxiety is a bitch, as many of us have to fight it. Mine was mild for some reason, others had extreme anxiety. Many have sought some relief by going to the Dr.

      Hang in there dude, hang out here , this is our group as many of us didn’t do roll call, I never figured it out..

      Day 106

      • Haha that is fantastic I could t figure out roll call either!
        Welcome Rooster, I had some fantastic anxiety last week, Jayp was a huge help if you scroll up you should be able to see the posts. I’m hoping mine came and went quick and isn’t loading up for a return.
        I think the two things for me that helped was realizing it was anxiety then hitting the gym to beat it down.
        Rooster it will pass on the meantime come on here and ask around, I’m sure one of us has experienced exactly what you are going thru. Mine felt like I was having a heart attack, scary shit bro.

      • Thanks Jeff! Like I said, it’s really cool to have people like you, Steve, and others that are here just to lend a hand. The day is almost over and I did feel better for the remainder of the day after being on this site. That kicks ass! Talk to all soon.

        Rooster – Day 31 now. Woo Hoo!

  64. Holding strong fellas, thanks for the support! Luckily I do have some seeds/jerky/fruit around I haven’t stopped eating. I think I’m addicted to kind bars now.
    The withdrawals were awful, thanks for reminding me Rick!
    Day 23 (wow)

  65. awesome job Steve. I was hoping to read that you held out and you did. You helped me quit today

  66. Thanks Rick, winning these battles makes you feel strong! I’m guessing the quit will be tough over the next few days but after them we will all be stronger. I’m looking forward to the challenge, hope everyone else is.

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