What To Expect When You Quit Dipping

What To Expect When You Quit DippingSo you want to quit. And you would like to know what it’s like. We’re not going to pull any punches around here, it’s tough. That’s why we’re all here.

Days 1 through 3 – Pure hell. You will walk in the fog. Nothing will seem real. Your brain is wondering where the hell its fix is and it is going to punish you until you come up with it. 72 hours, that’s all you need to get the nicotine out of your system. This is where you start to deal with the physical withdrawal associated with quitting dip. Drink lots of water. Read, post, read and post. Don’t take your anger out on your loved ones. We always tell everyone………Make this quit about YOU. If you quit for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, mommy or daddy, you will resent them during this period. Quit for yourself and come in here to rant. Yell at us. Bitch at us. We can take it. We’ve been there.

Days 4 through 20 – Here comes the mind games. The nicotine is out of your system now. You will still have some physical things to deal with.

  • Cravings
  • Irritability,
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Constipation, gas, stomach pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Sore tongue and/or gums

Yep, you have this to look forward to. Your brain is rewiring itself. It isn’t used to being in an oxygen rich environment. Your body is responding in kind. Everything is a mind game now. All the cravings you have are actually due to triggers. Triggers are events where you are in a situtation you would normally dip in. Mowing the grass, playing poker online, playing golf, working on the car………you get the picture. Keep drinking water, use seeds, the fake stuff, whatever you need to keep the dip out of your mouth. Remember, oral fixation is part of our habit, something you will eventually need to break. For now though, use all the tools you have.

Days 20 – 50 – You’re winning. Life isn’t great, but you probably had a couple of nights where you actually got some sleep. You might notice you’re going to bed earlier than you normally do. Not staying up to get in that last dip. You may notice some sores in your mouth. You’re thinking, “great, I quit dipping and now I have cancer.” You almost certainly don’t. Your mouth is healing itself. Tiny ulcers you’ve had for a long time are healing. We recommend you visit your dentist around the 30 day mark. Don’t be a pansy, just do it. He or she will be very supportive and they can explain the sores much better than we can. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t go out drinking with the fellas or the girls. We also recommend that you don’t drink for at least the first 50 days. Drinking is a huge trigger event and it weakens your resolve.

Days 50 – 70 – Cruise control. Life is really good. You still think about it, but this is good stuff here. Some people may suffer anxiety attacks during or a little before this stage. Some doctors say we dipped to relieve anxiety anyway. Some people can push right through this, others need a little help. Talk to your doctor before you quit or immediately after you quit. They will know what to do. Some give Wellbutrin or Lexapro. Lots of people in the support community take or have taken these medicines and can help you with the affects. Don’t wait till you get to this stage of the game to talk to a doctor. You’ll cruise through this stage much easier if you know how to take care of the anxiety or at least know it’s coming.

Days 70 – 90 – Late term craves, the doldrums, the blahs, the blues. Some people end up feeling like they are right back at day 1. The fog, the haze, the craves. It can be a tough time. You need to let people in your group know this is happening. Time to circle the wagons to get through it. It usually only lasts a few days. Fight through this and make sure your order your HOF Knife or Coin. Here are a couple of articles about this time period which we refer to as “The Funk”

Days 90 – HOF – Houston, resume the countdown. Enjoy the hell out of these last 10 days. You will be celebrating with your group as you all enter the HOF. It is a great feeling and an accomplishment you should not take lightly. Do something special for yourself and your family. They put up with your sorry ass for the last 90 days and they deserve something too.

100+ Days – Stay vigilant. Use the tools you have, to continue beating back any cravings or urges. You will still experience dip dreams and longings, but you are fully qualified to beat them down. Continue to post roll with your group. Get into the newer groups and help somebody out. Pass it along. Live the dream.

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  1. Jayp

    Almost 200. Congrats my friend!

  2. JayP,

    Almost 200… congrats dude and awesome progress. Hello to Rick, Jeff, Steve and other new comers. Sorry couldn’t log in for a couple of weeks. First down with a viral fever followed up by strep throat. One after the other and I was out of work for 10 days. Very tired and exhausted now. Catch you folks later.


    • Thank you Shiva,

      YES! Today is Day #200 for me. I cannot believe how fast time has passed since I put down that can of lip cancer and began my journey. I am now, seriously, in the process of carving this 40 year old body back down to what it’s suppose to look like. I didn’t let myself go, just enough to motivate myself to trim off the excess weight that my quit has caused…or myself…I’m blaming the quit, lol!
      Sorry to hear you’re not feeling good Shiva, just roll with it, you’ll get through it. I got sick twice at the beginning of winter, working hard to not get sick anymore.
      Hope All is well and appreciate the props Shiva!
      Jeff, Rick, Steve and all the Noobies, STAY QUIT!!
      -JP Day #200

      • Your the man JP. 200 days off of nicotine is an extraordinary accomplishment. I’m sure you smashed down about 2000 craves and you held the course. Its stuff like this that keeps me going.BTW me and the lady did some painting in the babies room and I had a flash of nostalgia- up until October I never did housework without a dip in. So that little voice started talking to me quietly. Shit it took about 3 seconds to smash that voice by thinking “I don’t do that shit anymore!”. However that thought seemed to hang around for awhile til I went for a run (in 30 degree weather) and it went away.
        it just surprised me for a little bit because I haven’t had any major cravings in a couple of weeks. do you guys still get that little voice “suggesting” tobacco? More of an annoyance than anything but definitely there.
        Day 75

    • Shiva I’ve been getting crushed since the calendar turned two stomach bugs, bronchitis, the flu and a sinus infection. Screw 2015 so far except the super bowl win. Feel better soon buddy

  3. My boyfriend was the nicest, sweetest man on the planet,until two days ago.We have been together for two years, a very happy two years. He quit chewing very fast, because i was expressing my concerns. He said, “fine I quit”and threw the can at the wall. After watching him drive like a wild man and call innocent drivers,
    m…f-ing c–k suckers…. I became scared and begged him not to quit the chew all at once, rather drop down to half (pouches) for a week and so on… Now he is getting a buzz when he puts the chew in and complaining of headaches. Is cold turkey better?…SOS……

    • Withdrawl sucks… plain and simple. It changes a person in ways that you cannot imagine (as you’ve seen already). We subscribe to the cold turkey method as yes, we think it’s better. It’s the quickest way to get nicotine 100% out of your system so the true “healing” can begin.

    • Hey Laura the key is it has to be his decision to quit, not pressure from you. Otherwise he may resent you during his quit or stop dipping around you.
      In terms of cutting back that is an excellent strategy, have him taper off over a couple of weeks it worked well for me. Gym, seeds, gum, fake dip, lots of water and try to avoid foods that caused blood sugar spikes were all things I did for the first few months. Oh and posting, we know what he’s gping thru and people that haven’t quit don’t have a clue.
      Good luck

  4. Hey jayp thought I replied guess it didn’t make it thru. Congratulation! You are a solid quitter and have helped me with your posts many times keep it going dude!
    Rick day 78
    Shiva Jeff steve hope all is well. Keep kicking that nic!!!

    • I think your reply got through, I have just been too tied up with work and life and haven’t had a good chance to reply.
      I appreciate the kind words Rick, in fact I want you to know that it is quitters like yourself, who have committed to the quit, that actually keeps moving me forward as well. I am glad my posts help out others, and all of yours help me out too.
      I wanted to reply to your comment about doing things you used to, without a dip. You mentioned you and your wife were doing some painting and you had a crave. They will still come and go Rick, but the “strength” of them are so much lighter than they were in your first 30. I am proud of you that your reply was “I don’t do that anymore”…this is exactly the phrase I used to myself along with, “this too shall pass” when I had a crave. They do pass and every time you get past one, it’s just another old ass whooping on that habit. I love the feeling of empowerment it gave me to say “NO!”, then listen to the crave, whine off. You keep us all going too Rick, 22 days are right around the corner, I can here you arriving at the first floor, Keep Quit!
      Day #203

  5. Hey JayP that is awesome man, congratulations! Been a busy week but my Pats pulled it off again!

    • Thanks Steve,
      Yes, Brady got his 4th ring, happy for him. But I have to disagree with the MVP choice, #21, who intercepted Wilson, that’s who should of gotten that MVP and new truck….whatever, what the hell do I know? LOL!
      Keep up the quit Steve,

      • JP I got to disagree and I’ve been hearing Butler should’ve got the MVP a lot these past couple of days. All I can say is Brady threw for over 300 yards and 4 Tds he completed 75% of his passes versus the best D in the league. Back to back drives down the field in the 4th quarter without Butlers pick never happens!

  6. Hey quitters…
    Day 177 and I must admit, chewing Copenhagen for years, now almost feels I never chewed. I have been busy with work, doing my 3 miles a day.

    I am looking forward to August and my one year anniversary!

    Loved the Super Bowl… Good job patriots, my broncos I hope can do it next year.

    Rick. Almost to 100. I am so happy for you…

    Totally agree with Steve , Laura, he must quit for himself,


  7. I just wanted to stop by and thank everybody on here for helping me acheive and pass by without even realizing it my 100 day goal! (I’m on day 102 now and didn’t even realize it!) That’s awesome because not dipping has become so second nature to me that I forgot to celebrate my 100 days dip free. And that’s after 27 years of dipping, I’m pumped!

    I haven’t posted a lot but I have checked the site often and each time I did it helped me get through the tough times that I had. Especially Days 20-60 or so when I was a foggy iritated mess but I made it through with the help of everybody on here. Thank you all and keep up the good fight!

    Nicotine is My bitch now instead of the other way around and that feels super Nice!

    Rooster – Day 102

  8. Hello every I am N this is my 24 hour … but have taken three pouches in last 4 days .

    • Hello N, I am J…..P. congrats on 24 hours free….the goal…no pouches! Smokey Mountain makes some pouches, go grab a can of the fake ones and put down the tobacco for good!
      Good LUCK!!

  9. Congrats rooster!
    Day 178

  10. Any word from Stacy? She was killing it early on, I think last I heard she was at day 12

  11. I’m new on here, 19 years old, and have been dipping for 2 years now. I am only 3 days sober of dip and trying my hardest! Lot of my friends are discouraging me from quitting but I know it’s the right thing to do. All the help I can get the better thanks a lot ladies and gents!

    • hey you’re doing the right thing powers. Remember misery loves company and your friends are just mad because you have the balls to kick this horrible addiction and they can’t. no matter what anybody says you are kicking ass my friend is so worth it! best thing you could do for your life is to keep quitting you might not realize it now but life goes by regardless of what you do with it. You will be very thankful you put this thing down when you hit your thirties and forties.powers
      Day 80

  12. I got less than week till hitting the century mark and I’m noticing something I haven’t in a while, craves. Anyone else around this point get craves?

    • They come and go Steve…but by now, you are well qualified to knock the crave.
      One week to go, you got this!
      To be honest….any craves I get any more, are for the fake stuff. I only take 3 a day. I should just quit those, but they are a treat for an ex-dipper. And I don’t have any issue(s) with chewing the fake stuff.
      So maybe I no longer really crave with the aid of my fake stuff.
      I am a little ornery currently, been trying to shed some of the unwanted LBS from thequit. I have slowed down the consumption of sunflower seeds as well….so not a lot of fun currently…..but “this too…shall pass”…..
      Day #207

    • Steve – definitely. This is what we refer to as “The Funk”


      Keep fighting… you’re almost to a MAJOR milestone of 100 days (note that I didn’t say “the end”). Not only CAN you do this… you ARE doing this!!!

  13. The first “72 hours. This is the only time you will go through physical withdrawal” leading into “Days 4 through 20. You will still have some physical things to deal with”.
    Starting the article with a glaring contradiction is an interesting choice. It makes me doubt the validity of it, so I didn’t bother reading further.

    • Thanks for pointing out the mistake John – it’s been fixed. If you don’t bother reading the rest of the article you’re doing yourself a big disservice because it’s full of outstanding information put together from thousands of quitters. That said, I’m guessing you won’t… this sort of comment is what we refer to as “addict speak”. You’re looking for any reason to not continue in your quit. I hope I’m wrong. Good luck in your quit!

    • Wow….so a “glaring contradiction” is preventing you from reading further and possibly finding something informative, to help you quit?
      I guess some people will use any possible, to continue their habit.
      Hopefully you grow a pair and get a handle on your adduction. I will say a prayer for you Grammar Gangster.
      Day #208

    • Hey John I actually had some physical affects after day 3, I had night sweats for the first 10 days. Also, the plumbing was a little off for a week or so. I had trouble concentrating for a while but that can be considered mental I guess.
      Day 100 minus 3

    • John, if you are still reading the posts and continue to abstain…. You’d now know what Chewie means regardless of grammatical errors… Biggest mistake any person makes is to start going very analytical and say now 3 days I should be out of nicotine, now 21 days all the nicotine metabolites should be out and so on. Please understand every individual is unique and what clears in 3 days for one person might take 5 days for another.
      The fact is that the moment you spit the last chew you have quit.. whether it takes 3 months or 6 months to get a good hold of your abstinence it doesn’t matter. You are quitting for yourself and you are not going to go back on your habit for perceived mistakes in the guideline, are you :) ?

      Good luck on your quit.

  14. I am on day 3, I am having trouble concentrating,I am at work and everthing I do is associated with dipping. It also doesnt help that everyone around me is a user. I appreciate being able to read these posts and to know that have gone through the same things I am feeling

    • You aren’t alone TJ…we all went through those first few days…tough patch for sure!
      I would recommend some fake dip, just to get you by while hanging around users. I quit smack dab in the middle of golf seasons….and those boys out there enjoy stuffing some HONKERS in their lips! I got through those days with some fake stuff….sunflower seeds were also something very helpful.
      Please come back by and let us know how you’re progressing!
      -JP Day#211

  15. Hope everyone is well and dip free! Yesterday was day 100 here so I wanted to say thanks to everyone that listened to me bitch and talked me down. Also thanks to the newer faces helping you helped me work myself thru craves. I looked at my first post yesterday the response was from Jeff talking about some “new guy” Rick going thru the same things as me, too funny.
    Thanks everyone especially Jeff, JP, Rick the “new guy”, Shiva and Chewie. Rick you’re on deck now!
    Also on day 100 I was able to come off blood pressure meds that I started 18 months ago, my doc said getting g off the chew contributed to it coming down for sure.
    Day 101

    • Congratulations on the 100 day mark (101) Steve!! What a journey its been. I’m proud of you. You’ve made it this far, so it will all be up to you from here to stay off the stuff. As mentioned, you will still get the occasional whiffs of a crave….they too will pass with a little will power.
      Oh! And yes…amazing how f’ed up things happen to quit (blood pressure issues) when one quits the tobacco. I too had some medical issues that disappeared after killing the can….what a reward!
      Congrats again Steve and welcome to the century club!

    • Awesome Steve way to go man. Can’t wait to join all you at the 100 day train! You guys are all amazing. I learned a new quote the other day that I wanted to share with you guys.
      “With experience you take the test first and learn the lesson afterwards”
      Solid advice there!
      Rick (the new guy)
      Day 87

      • Less than 2 weeks Rick, we’re all waiting for you. Good quote, I can feel it.

      • Rick
        Almost 100 dude! I told you I would be here at your day 100! Proud of you!
        Day 190

        • Thanks brother! 8 more days staying focused on the prize! Thanks for your support man it means a lot.
          I was thawing out frozen pipes when “that” thought crept in. It always seems to show up when I’m doing something hands on. I brushed it aside kept working and then showed up about 15 minutes later. The shit was coming and going all day. By themselves each instance was easy to deal with but when you them all up…….it was definitely enough to take notice. Annoying more than anything!! But hell I’m not tossing all this good work for a cheap thrill and a ride back to tobacco town..fuck that. I stopped about 100 hundred times before and you know what led me back? That “one” magical dip. So I could rehash old glory….or something. One dip led back to 16 hours a day dipping…..every time. I can’t control it. this is the only way to truly control tobacco.
          Thanks guys
          Day 92

          • Way to beat those craves back Rick! As you can see…they still are very much alive, even at almost the 100 day mark. Hell…even after the 200 day mark you have them. About a week ago, I had a big crave for a dip. Not even sure where it came from…or what in was thinking that brought it on. All I know is it was very much a real crave. Strong, but obviously not strong enough to wreck all the hard work I’ve put in the past 200+ days. I simply just thought about it…recognized it and it faded away after about 5 minutes or less. I made a decision….I’m done with that shit! And I’m not going back if I have a say!
            Looking for your arrival on the first floor and beyond Rick, keep up your quit!
            Day #218

          • Hey Rick, keep it up man almost to 100!! It’s crazy how it all works I posted right around the same day that I was getting some heavier than normal craves and Chewie pointed out that it is normal. I’ve been getting those thoughts, what if I had just one or would one every couple of days really be that bad for me? only problem with that logic is it would never stay at one for very long. Other issue is it is chemicals I’m putting in my mouth not a vitamin,
            Stay strong you animal, you got this!!

  16. Congratulations on Day 100 Steve and advanced congrats on many more 100s :).. Awesome news about your BP coming down. I am really feeling happy on seeing your post. I bet the journey was/is amazing :).. Way to go Steve.

    Rick, waiting for your 100th…

  17. Steve

    Congrats! 100 is awesome, you made it, now let’s get rick here, and we start to focus on day200


    • Thanks everyone for help getting to 100! Let’s go Rick you got this and that is an excellent quote. It seems like we’ve seen a lot of the newer quits fall off lately, that’s too bad.

  18. Day 3 for this 25 year Kodiak user. Doing ok – kind of nice not having cotton mouth 24 hrs a day. Gonna keep focusing on the positives

  19. Good work Kurt. That is also one the many things I didn’t miss from my quit…the nasty ass cotton mouth. Keep up the good work and post your progress here…we’re all here to help.
    Day #215

  20. Hay Kurt, 26 years here using Kodiak. Stopped before but was using again. 2nd day here. No problems except cravings which I’m beating off. With lots of water and keeping busy around the house. Good luck.

    • Good job Al- I’m over a week now. I’m letting myself feel empowered with every craving that I beat back. It’s helps in making the negatives of my quit a bit more of a positive. Stay strong and get stronger, start to enjoy your ability to say hell no

  21. brodykmb@hotmail.com

    Moving into day 50 tomorrow! Man I have to say that I never realized how badly my gut was torn up while dipping. Kind of feels like I bought myself a new gut off the gut lot. Happy to see that this next phase as listed above begins with “cruise control”… I still have my sticky note on my dash that says “you buy a can, you lose sucka” with a picture of Mr. T pointing at me. I have already noticed the extra coin in my pocket from not spending the $14 a week.
    Good luck everyone! You can quit….. just do it

  22. Shitfuck guys I’m having a tough day today. I’m gonna have to grind it out—-alot of tobacco users in the building right now. I feel like a damn junkie. I’d like to pull my brain out and kick it across the room telling me all these little lies–” you’ve proved you can quit anytime you want to, now how bout a dip fror celebrating?” The one thing that’s been saving me is the promise I made to you guys and myself that I wouldn’t put nicotine in my body. The option to use is off the table I guess jolly ranchers will have to do.
    I came up with my own concoction—- 2 cans of wild bills beef jerky into one can then add a little water- its juicy and tastes good. Tastes a helluva lot better than Kodiak ever did.
    Day 94

    • 6 days to the 100 day mark, Rick, keep up your pace!! Who cares if those tobacco users in the building are still addicts. I look at dippers/smokers/E-vapers as weak people now, call me a hypocrite if you will, but it takes a MUCH stronger person to quit and stay quit.
      I like your concoction, sounds tasty!
      I forgot my fake chew the other day too and although I only take 3 a day, having that plastic can in my pocket just gives me security I guess. But I ended up chewing a little more gum than I usually do and had a few more handfuls of seeds…I got by until I got back home. You can do it too!

  23. Stay the course Rick. Don’t allow others to influence you into a bad decision. Feel great with every hell no you say today

  24. It’s normal Rick, it is a small part of the brain that does this dirty dancing if you know what I mean :).. Just give it a week or two and you’d start laughing that you even thought like this..

    Come on brother, we all are waiting for your first of 100s :)


  25. Rick

    You have all of us waiting for day 100, your a veteran of many crave battles, I am like jayp, quitting. Staying quit takes a big man to accomplish. Finish up your run to 100 Rick
    Day 193

  26. 28 days clean from a 11 year addiction. Cold turkey, got real sick with this past flu that’s been flying around. been thinking about quitting for awhile just took the opportunity to stop completely since I’d be able to sleep the first free days off. Cravings are kicking my ass. I’ve been eating alot of Cajun trail mix, sunflower seeds and mandarins.

    Anyone have almost like jaw aches when the cravings are at their worse?

    • I had jaw aches all the time, but I don’t really get them anymore. Just try not to think about it for a while and it will go away.

      Day 51

    • Jack

      My jaw hurt the first few weeks because I was eating more. When I had a dip. It would last from one meal to the next, when I quit… Well. I ate. I was all over carrots, my jaw muscle was used more then it had in the last 10 years.

      Should be ok, your just using the jaw more, it should pass..

      Day 195

  27. Rick

    You did it!
    Day 198

    • Yeah Rick, congrats man you’re a battle tested animal!!! I’m really happy for man, you’ve given this everything you got and got back up after you got knocked down. Glad I’m here to see your century mark

    • Jeff, congrats on Day 200 Hombre!
      Proud of your success, hope you are well and enjoy the milestone today. We’ll be in touch.

  28. Congrats on 100 days Rick…hope you’ve prepared that HOF speech. We’ll be looking for you moving forward!

  29. Haven’t been on the board in a while. Seems it gets awfully quiet when I don’t come by here. I hope everyone is still on their quit. I see a couple familiar folks here.
    Jeff…on the dawn of his 200th day free….I’m really proud you’ve stayed on my heels through my quit….pushes me each day.
    Steve, well over his century mark now, also a motivated quitter, but haven’t seen your HOF speech?
    Rick, just joined the century club, hoping to see his HOF as well.
    And of course the ocassional appearance of Shiva….he was here long before me.
    Wish you all well on moving forward through tlyour quits, stay strong!!
    Day #226

  30. guys thanks so much I knew this moment would get here eventually if I just stayed the course. Jeff jayp Steve and Shiva thanks for all the support and listening to my rambling posts and stuff. I owe you all a beer and my life!
    Day 100!!!!!!!

  31. After 32 years of a ‘can a day’ habit, I’m 2 days into this. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the anxiety and irritability. Fun…

    • Allow every painstaking no you say fuel your quit. You need reinforcements, especially early on that this quit is the best thing to do. Stick with it – bitch whine and scream here where we know and understand- not at family/friends. Use this board – it helps

      Day 17

    • Spartan, I hear you…those first 3 days….pure bullshit. I remember on day 2, picking up my dress suit from the dry cleaners and just feeling like turning that place up-side-down when the people “lost” my tag and couldn’t find my suit….they did end up finding it. But when I returned to my truck, all I could think about was going back in there and giving the owner some tips on how to run his business, lol! I remember that clear as day. That’s the nicotine leaving your body, give it another day or so and it will all be mental moving forward. You have 5-7 years on me, as far as how long you’ve done the habit…but I am a happier person today that I quit that shit back last July. You can do it too…I would use the quote “this too, shall pass”…it always did in the rough patches.
      Keep quit and let us know how you’re doing!
      Day #227

  32. Question: I smoke AND chew. Would quitting smoking before I try to quit dipping be smarter than trying both at once?

    • I wasn’t a smoker so I can’t speak from experience. That said, the chew actually is giving you more nicotine than the smoking. My suggestion would be to just quit them both at once. Otherwise, you’re just delaying the quitting / healing process.

    • Cory, nicotine is nicotine. Had this Convo with my better half this morning. I still have the can I bought before my quit sitting up with my fake stuff. Its there to remind me of how hard it was to get away from it. I will dump it on my 1 year anniversary (July 15th 2015).
      Any way…I showed it to her, cracked it open this morning and we smelt it. Have to admit, It did make my mouth water a little, but I will not fold, I’ve worked too hard and went through pure war to get here. But she said, its kind of like when you smell a cigarette and want one (I used to smoke only when I drank, back when I chewed, instead of dipping). I told her, nicotine is nicotine, doesn’t matter where it comes from…its poison. It would be like me smoking a cigarette and saying I’m still dip free….technically, yes I am, but the real goal of this site is to be nicotine free. I had a few friends that “quit dipping” but started smoking. Really? How have you quit? You substituted one form of nicotine for another. So I concur with Chewy, stop all the nicotine and start the healing today!
      Good Luck!

    • I was one such person, Cory.. As JayP said Nic is nic.. but one difference.. Cigarette gives you an immediate nic hit and chew takes more time. but chew gives you a longer dosage.. I would suggest to give up all nicotine at once but if it seems to be overwhelming to you, quit cigarette couple of weeks before giving up dipping…
      Enjoy :)

    • Cory,
      Do you dip or smoke more? I agree with quitting both together but I also had success cutting back at first. I did about 6 dips a day and weened down to 1 a day over 3 weeks before killing the can. I only dipped for the record. I’m guessing there will be different triggers too but the nicotine should be out of your body after a few days.
      Train is pulling in, fire away with questions

  33. Hearty Congratulations Rick :)… First of many 100s..


  34. Man thanks so much shiva it means a lot coming from you. I’m going to stick around and support and encourage other people to give up this nasty addiction because you guys sure as heck helped me!
    Day 101

  35. Day 200

    Next day 365!

    Day 200

  36. My husband quit dipping on January 1st cold turkey. He’s doing great and I am super proud of him. But, he is lazy, tired and unmotivated. Is this normal?

    • Kim,
      Speaking out of experience from the exact same situation (cold turkey on the 1st,) not only was I extremely worn out for weeks after I quit, but I’ve gained some weight and I didn’t start sleeping more than a couple hours at a time until recently, so I was constantly exhausted. He’s weening off doing a stimulant many times a day, and it’s definitely taxing on his body.

      For reference, I was doing about a can a day for near 8 years. I’m starting to feel a lot better now, but he may just take a little longer to recover especially if he was doing it longer or more often than I was.


  37. I quit Jan 6 2014. The restless nights, nightmares etc. I’ve been using Jakes mint chew lately, it seems to help. The stress level for me is at an all time high. Definitely don’t have the energy I use to, but at least my wallet is a lil heavier than the chewing days.keep it up guys! It’s a struggle even a year out!

  38. Hey Kim
    Like Alex said the quit is tough on the body but he’s been quit almost two months so he should be feeling better. Maybe he should see a Dr to get checked out? Has he always been lazy?

  39. 19 hours nicotine free, feel like I’m on shrooms. Pushin through though

  40. Decided after 15 years to stop chewing yesterday. Have tried several times before, but like many of you posted above, it just seemed like the time is right. As many of you have written, the journey is not easy, but well worth it. Congrats to all of you that have already stopped and for those thinking about it, you can do it, start tonight when you go to bed, that will put you several hours closer to done when you wake up!

  41. 62 hours nicotine free. 1st time in the last 13 years I can say that.Still a bit foggy but just trying to make it through a stressful Monday. When should I expect some of these physical side affects to cease. I have meetings to run in the next couple days.

    • Hey guys, I’m new here. After dipping cope for the past 30 yrs. I’ve been free for two weeks tomorrow. Lots of cravings today!

      • Welcome Shane! Let us know how we can help!

      • Nice work Shane two weeks is a great start but I’m sure it’s still rough right now. Remember the nic is out of your system. Let us know how we can help
        Day 12

        • Thanks guys. It really helps to read that everyone else here goes through the same thing. I’m ahead of myself, I posted below day 18, but it’s only day 17. Just ordered some hooch classic, hoping that helps.

    • It gets better after 3 full days and much much better after a week. Hang in there bro you made the hardest step—–the first one. Stick with it man!! Come in here and bitch and rant!!! I want to hear it!
      Day 106

  42. Today is the day, Its gonna be hard cuz I gotta sit in the car with the kids while my wife gets her hair done, and theres one can left in the freezer, but I’m seriously tired of chewing.

  43. Already gave up

    • Wow. Epic fail. Less than 5 hours?

      When you’re ready to not be a slave, come on back. The bad ass quitters will be here.

    • Tough habit to break from, I agree. I was a 25 year vet my self. Its a 100 day challenge to yourself….if you can get there, and there is plenty of help here, you will more than likely stay quit. As Chewie says, us badass quitters are here to help Dave….get your mind back on quitting and stay focused this time around.
      Day #232

    • Don’t ever stop trying davet. Don’t ever give up. I tried every day for 2 years until I finally got it. Please try again. You can do it. Were are here for you man. I mean that. I’ll do anything to help somebody off of this vile shit.
      Day 106

    • Davet it sounds like you weren’t ready, that’s one of, if not the most, important things to a successful quit. When you’re ready, we will be here. But damn less than 5 hours, that is a pretty epic fail.

      I’m over 120 days now on my first attempt because I had my mind right before I started the quit. Granted that same mind fucked with me heavily for the first few weeks and still does from time to time but it was ready.

      Those first few days of withdrawl are nothing compared to months of chemo and radiation, lip surgeries, etc.

      • Agree, you have to be ready for the fight, all in! Nobody here said it’s easy. I’m a 30+ year cope user on day 18 and it’s constantly on my mind. Just gotta keep telling yourself that your stronger than this bull shit.

  44. Day 2 sucks all I want is a dip

  45. Day two almost over quitting sucks but I’m sticking with it!!

    • Hey man hope your still hanging in there. No one ever said it was easy just grind through each minute if you have to. Quitting isn’t a decision you make one time. Every time a crave hits and you don’t use nicotine your saying “I quit”. I’ve said it about 100000 times keep with it!
      Day 111

  46. I quit chewing this morning and I am already wanting to beat the shit out of something what should I do 3-9-15

    • If you haven’t yet, head over to our forums and get signed up. http://forum.killthecan.org – we’re coming up on 23,000 members. It’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered from people who “get it” because we’ve all been where you are.

    • Hit the gym, hit a heavy bag…the gym was crucial for me early in my quit. The first few days/weeks are rough so take it day by day or even minute by minute if needed. It’s not going be easy but nothing worth it ever is! Drink a ton of water, try to avoid triggers as much as possible, eat clean and work out all that helped in the first 60 days. Also get substitutes like seeds or fake dip, I was a kodiak guy and smokey mountain helped me out. Get in here and post, ask questions, bitch whatever you need to do.
      Day 120-something

      • Thanks for the advice man I went to the gym earlier and beat the shit out of the heavy bag and now I am feeling a little better do they make fake chew?

        • Yeah man bunches of different kinds. It’s not the real stuff but helps a ton with that part of the addiction. Smokey mountain, hooch are a couple brands.
          Guys help me out here what kinds of fake chew have you used and what was your real brand.
          I was kodiak and found smokey mountain to be a decent replacement.
          The heavy bag always helps

          • Smokey mountain wintergreen helped immensely at first. I got bored with that now I chew wild bills beef jerky in a can I add some water to give it some juice. Heavy bags are great for getting out that anger!

          • I was a wintergreen Kodiak guy and back in the early days of my quit Smokey Mountain Straight was my goto fake. I’m also a big fan of Hooch Wintergreen and recently the TeaZa pouch products.

        • Just adding to the convo here, I tied almost every single one of the fake dips. Smokey Mountain is the most accessible one on the market. Most of your Tobacco Shops carry it, Walmart carries it and there is another chain here in Michigan that carries it. I went to the page here (Alternatives to Smokeless…help me out Chewie) and started ordering them. I ended up using the Triumph brand and still do today. I usually only take 1-3 a day now, but was hammering a can a day early in the quit. I am partial to the Triumph, just one that I enjoy the most. But I occasionally dabble with the Smokey Mountain too. Hooch is very close to tobacco, texture wise. I tried all their flavors as well. “Spitfire” was my favorite….that shit was HOT!
          But, I will put this out there, NOTHING will “exactly” replicate the real shit you were using. The idea is to find something you can “get by” with until the habit slows down…and it will in time. I chewed for 25 years and have used fake stuff since day 1. The craves do slow down, I really only use the stuff now out of boredom, not because “I need one”. I agree with Steve and Rick, 2 veterans that have been committed to their quit, come here and post your beef, get out and get yourself some fake stuff, use seeds (I also use them, love them), get LOTS of water and exercise…the last one helps a lot and you won’t gain the weight that comes with the quit. I did gain weight, but have since carved off half of what I gained. it’s all a work in process, keep up the good work men (and the support Rick and Steve)
          Day #240

        • Cody – yes, there are a SLEW of great fake chews out there. We’ve a links, coupons and reviews here: http://www.killthecan.org/your-quit/smokeless-alternatives/

  47. Doing great Steve quit for 12 days now and it feels great ! For 15 years I chewed this shit and for the first time I don’t feel like a slave to skoal . Water and gum , gum and water and it’s getting easier everyday . I appreciate the support from everyone ! I think I finally quit for good this time!

  48. Hi, my name is Hudson and this is day #1 of quitting for me

  49. Day one. Planning on being done after a tin a day habbit. Im spending over $250 a month. What’s the best alternative to make it to day 21? I work out 5 days a week and own a punching bag for the rough days but as far as gum, seeds, etc. thanks

  50. 14 hours and counting

    • Keep it going man!!! You gotta want it. Imagine your underwater—-drowning. How bad will you want that next breath? You gotta want to quit as badly as you want to breathe.period.end of story.

  51. Anything, try them all see which one works best for you- I did gum. Prepare for the worst 3 days. Tell yourself im worth it and allow yourself to feel good with every hell no you say.

    • Honestly I feel like such a failure I usually have one as soon as I wake up and all day I constantly have one in. I didn’t have any through college today but now I’m typing this with one in to get rid of this killer headache. It’s all I can think about and I let my gf know to expect me to be edgy. I was very groggy and clouded thoughts all day. All I can think about is dipping all day in class and I got nothing accomplished. The dip I have in is the last of the Copenhagen log I had and I have no way to purchase more so Im set from now on. Please help me with any tips/tricks. I’m thinking about patches to help with headaches because I frequently get migraines that put me out for a whole day and qutting before for a week had effects. I’m going to restart today but I feel like sh*t having taken one more.

    • I’ll give an update on day 4, I think the alternates would help but 2-3weeks shipping cuts off that deal maybe seeds?

      • Swim,
        Try some Smokey Mountain Straight. I was a Skoal guy, but the Smokey Mountain Straight, to me, taste an awful lot like Cope. I never could get into the Cope, way, WAY to fine for me. But the smell and taste is close (not exactly) to Cope. Again, all these fake chews will not replicate that shitty stuff we abused for years, but it will get you by until the cravings slow down (and I promise, they will).
        Walmart carries the stuff, and a lot of tobacco shops do too. Or you can order it from the link Chewie provided above. Give it a try and keep quit!

  52. Looks like we have some new quitters, welcome guys.
    Hudson the first few days are really tough man you got to stay committed, look at Scotty he’s already two weeks in and I’m sure he will tell you that he’s doing much better than days 1-5, my point is it will pass.
    Swim I was a kodiak user and smokey mountain has helped me out. Gym was huge for me as well, I was very irritable at the beginning and that knocked the edge off. To my surprise posting on here took the edge off too, I didnt think it would at first to be honest but a great group of guys here talked me down we’ve all Benn thru it before so we really cAn relate.
    Day 134 I think

  53. Funny story for the new guys. Well and old guys!
    Yesterday I was driving home, long ride for work and I was having a smokey mountain and I tried to remember why the fuck I loved kodiak so much, what was it? I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. I also wondered if I had one today would I even enjoy it? Would I go back 100% to dipping?
    It was a reminder how sneaky the nic bitch is, 4 months quit and she’s still trying to slide in the door. Stay on your toes.

    • Great Story Steve, I agree, those are just them nicotine ghosts of your past talking. I often wonder why I liked the Skoal Wintergreen Long cut so much. In reality, the stuff did taste terrible…even the smell is awful! I really think it is/was the spitting thing that I liked most…and probably the chemical reaction I was getting too.
      Good you were able to just shrug off that thought of “would I even enjoy it?”. I know I am too weak to have “just one”. I learned my lesson long ago, quit is quit!
      Take care and Welcome all you new bad ass quitters!
      Day #246

    • Thanks for sharing Steve. She never gives up. Some days she’s louder than others. I still have my issues while doing hands on stuff around the house and yard. I just take a deep breath andplow through it. The “just one dip” comes up a lot at those times. No such thing as one—might as well be 1001 dips as far as I’m concerned. Jayp back in the 90s salmon fishing. Your were quit for 6 months— was it the thought of “just one dip” that made you ask for a pinch?
      On a good note I only have 5 weeks before I become a dad!
      They say you have to quit for yourself and I did.
      but my biggest inspiration for quitting is knowing that I’ll be around for the family all the time and won’t have to sneak off or leave a family get together early just so I could have a dip. tobacco has no part of my life anymore. I look at it now as something evil. I’m sure it sounds silly to some people but its an evil thing to have to go through getting off the shit.

      • Wow Rick 5 more weeks it’s going to fly by. Get a couple good nights out of your system now because it’s an adjustment.
        You will love it though

      • Hey Rick! Good to hear from you, sorry I missed this until now! I am having issues with the lack of Syncing going on with email and my phone! Still cannot figure out the issue.
        That fishing trip in the 90’s….yes, it is a shining example of what “just one dip” does. I ruined 6 months of quit, just by having “one”. It was really my first true test if I was committed or not to the quit. All my buddies were thumping there cans, popping the lids, we were all wading in the river….it was all “perfect” for a dip, Spit into the river while it rushed between your legs with the Salmon, still recall it like yesterday, I came home from that trip and was working for Pepsi at the time. I was at one of my stores and seen a guy I knew in the meat department. I knew he dipped, so I caved and asked for another from him (Dip 2). I went to my next store, finished my work there and went and bought a can…just like that, I wasted 6 months of quit. And I dipped all the way up to July 15th 2014. So one small slip up led me on another 18 years of chewing tobacco. I am not that stupid (or weak) anymore. There is NO such thing as “one dip”. I’ve came to accept, I am an addict of nicotine, smokeless tobacco specifically. Either you are quit…or you are not. I view it entirely different these days. I am proud of the outlook I now have on life without the tobacco these days. I no longer rely on nicotine or look to a time I can dip again, I am free and will remain free from that shit. I kicked the habit and know I am dam lucky I came out healthy. I do especially love not having my cheeks full of Leukoplakia (dead skin) from that poison!
        But I will honestly say…had that not happened back in the 90’s on that fishing trip, I would of never learned what “caving, relapsing, failure” was all about. I learned from it. So anyone that thinks they can have “just one”…I wish you luck on your next quit, because you WILL start dipping again, believe that!
        Hope all is good Rick and congrats on being a new Dad. Life certainly changes when you become one, you lose the luxury of not giving a fuck about stuff. But we all have to grow up someday, right? Be good, stay quit and keep in touch!
        Day #248

  54. Thanks for the help guys. I’m making it through the day and I’m going to pick up some seeds. Today has been easier but I found out I got a concussion so I have another migraine. I’m starting to hate the smell of dip and I hate the sight of it, it makes me sick that some dark leaves control my life. The only thing that’s not helping now is someone may have been knocked up that wasn’t my girlfriend so I’m stressed out from that and college and other life events going on making the temptations even worse but I keep coming on here and reading your comments, which actually helps! Thanks guys

    day 2

    • I can promise you swim no matter what is going on in your life that having a dip is only going to make it worse. because we all know you can’t have just one dip. you might as well stack a thousand cans underneath that one can and tell yourself well I’m going to chew all this tobacco because I’m having this one. speaking from experience your Self esteem will go up and things will get easier!
      We were not born needing this poison.
      Don’t believe the lies.
      Nicotine is a lie.

  55. Day 4 underway. I chewed grizzly mint for 5 years 5 cans a week. When does it start to get better ? I am working out a lot and making myself tired and also sleeping as much As possible I have baccoff and nicotine gumhave to say it has helped .. At what point will The withdrawal not bother me so much and I can just go on with my day like everything is normal

    • Dow – you had me until “nicotine gum”. The problem with that gum is that it contains nicotine. Every time you chew a piece, you’re “taking the edge off” but you’re reintroducing the drug that you’re addicted to, and withdrawing from, back into your system. Essentially, every time you take a piece, you’re starting over.

      Dump the gum, go 72 hours NICOTINE FREE and then you can truly start your recovery. Until then you’re just delaying your pain.

    • Dow,
      You shouldn’t be having any withdraws if you’re chewing nic gum. Withdraws occur when you totally rid yourself of a chemical. In this case, nicotine. I agree with Chewie 100%, you gotta drop that gum and put on your big boy pants. You’re only prolonging the addiction by using another nicotine product. I suggest getting yourself a can of mint fake chew from Hooch, Smokey Mountain or even Triumph and waive goodbye to nicotine for good. Its tough, but you truly can’t start your quit until you dump nicotine all together. Start by tossing that gum today and come here and post your progress!! Good luck!
      #Day 247

      • Ya your right a couple piece of nicotine gum a day means no withdrawals wen your used to a tin a day . Get off your high horse

        • We’re not on a horse, high or otherwise, DOW. We’re telling you like it is.

          Yes, chewing nic gum will in fact take away the pain of withdrawals. That’s because you’re not withdrawling from nicotine, because you’re continuing to feed your body the drug that it’s craving.

          It would be akin to an alcoholic who’s fiending for his Jack Daniels… would you give him a beer to “take the edge off”?

          • Day 25 with no dip. Day 21 without the nic gum . All I have to say is fuck you faggot . This site was not support for me… I was blasted down after making it 4 days without a dip because I used the gum to help . Quitting the gum was a hell of a lot easier then dip , I want you all to know that … Chewie and jayp aren’t gods or are they doctors or some kind of genoius. You don’t need those faggots

          • Dow,

            I re-read the entire conversation just now and I don’t see any place where you were “blasted” down. I could only see folks sharing their knowledge with you to help you succeed. Also, I couldn’t help notice the irony that you stopped your nic gum around the 4th day :).
            Just to let you know around this time your body will be completely free from Nic and it’s metabolites. But now the mind games starts. The inner chatter was terrible for me around 50-70 days.
            Good luck on your progress,

        • Dow,
          I am (nor anyone else here) by no means trying to read you the rite here. You’re obviously here for a reason….you want to quit and I applaud you for that. Just simply pointing out that the nic gum isn’t doing you any favors. It’s like taking just 2-3 pinches of tobacco a day. You’re not quitting, you’re slowing down. Maybe that’s the way you need to start your quit…and that’s fine. But when you’re ready to fully commit to the quitting of nicotine, we’re all here for you. We’re not on any “high-horses” here, just giving you the facts. Accept that you’re an addict and you need some help, we’re all addicts and are here for each other. Good Luck!

        • Wow guy….sorry you felt picked on here. But nicotine, IN ALL FORMS, is the enemy on this site. I felt it hard to believe you were having withdraws when you were popping nic gum. In fact, let me hit you with some more stuff. When I quit (and failed) back in the 90’s, I quit on nic gum. I mixed it with regular gum until I was out of nic gum, then just chewed gum. I didn’t have any withdraws, fog, sleep deprivation, fits, weight gain….UNTIL I was out of the nic gum. SO! I was pronging the quit (which is what we told you here). You truly cannot get on the road of “quit” until you drop ALL nicotine. Again, sorry you felt picked on, glad you are into the quit (WITHOUT THE AIDS OF NIC PRODUCTS). I can tell you are off nicotine now, since you flamed out on the board me members here. Good Luck!
          Day #274

  56. Last spit August 7th 2015…….one of the best things I’ve ever done at the age of 56.

  57. Day 3 went well. I’ll continue to post daily if possible. I ordered 20tins of smokey mtn wintergreen and I got a ton of gum and seeds. I think I’m set for awhile. stress is lower today that usual I’m just doing one thing at a time and it seems to get done. Huge help was no headache or migraine today. If you guys have any sites on fake caffeine dip that doesn’t taste like coffee let me know! Thanks!

    • Great Job Swim, welcome to Day 3 of freedom!
      I never used the fake stuff that had stimulates in them. I know there are a few that have “energy” in them, and I think they are listed on the alternative page here as well. There is a “Tea” one I think too, I imagine those probably taste like Tea (Captain Obvious shit right there). Smokey Mountain makes a pretty good product, that is where I started myself. Then branched off into the others listed here.
      Keep up the good work and let us know how you’re doing!

  58. I’ve used 4-5 cans per week the last 10 years and am trying to quit. I have lozenges, Hooch fake dip, Grindz coffee pouches, gum, etc. I’m on day 9 and the feeling I’m having is – this isn’t worth it. Suck – I’ve quit 5-10 times but never made it more than 2-3 months. How do you convince your brain it’s bad enough that you really need to stop? My father died of lung cancer from smoking and I can understand how he was never able to quit. He was a 2 pack per day guy for 35 years. I really don’t want that for my family. Anyway, I guess I’m writing on here to keep me going. Day 9 and counting. Oh and I’m a tax accountant – why would anyone try to quit during tax season. Well I always have a reason to look forward to a dip…

    • JD – the lozenges you’re referring to… are they nicotine lozenges? If so, you’re prolongoing your agony. Evey time you take one, you are reintroducing nicotine into your body and essentially “starting over”.

      As for whether it’s worth it… I had similar feelings. I can tell you now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it’s 100% worth it. FREEDOM from addiction is an amazing thing. It’s not easy, but yes, it’s worth it.

  59. Hey boys!
    Wow. Allot of new quitters. I love it, and looking at the vets showing the new guys how we roll here.

    Congrats to the new quitters! Stick with your quit, use the veterans to help you get to have a successful quit

    Jayp, Steve, Rick, Shiva… This is my busy season, all over china these months, then trade shows and traveling all over the USA.
    Sorry I have not been here as often to be helpful to the new quitters.

    Day 222

    • Start of day 6. Feeling pretty easy just major craves once in awhile. Drinking doesn’t make me want to chew either so that’s a plus. No nicotine in my system for sure now.

      • Great job Swim, keep up the good work!
        Yes, those cravings will continue to hit, some strong, some not so strong….you will have them on and off for this first 100 day stretch. Not going to say they will disappear after the 100 days…but they sure seem much weaker and less frequent. Keep pushing the craves away!

    • Hey Jeff! Good to see you dropping through. I’m on and off here now myself. Great to see you’re plugging away still with the quit. Lots of new quitters taking the reins here and I will help them when I can (as you have too) Take care!
      Day #253

  60. Closing in on day 20 tomorrow !!!!!! Best decision ever was to quit . My big hurdle is going to be drinking I haven’t drank since I quit. Any advice?

    • Scotty, in almost the exact same shoes my man. In my 40’s, been dipping for over 30 yrs, dentist told me it was time to stop. It’ll be a month this week since I stopped cold turkey. I tried Jake’s mint chew & it was OK, but I was also still dipping my Apple Skoal, so Jake lost out. This last weekend I was having a few cold beers and I was hurting big time for dip. I didn’t cave in, but instead of making myself suffer, I wanna find a good non tobacco dip for those hard times. I bought some Smoky Mountain today, the flavor was great but didn’t last long. I think I may give Jake’s another shot. Besides.this advice, keep candy and sunflower seeds handy. Really hasn’t been too bad. Good luck.

    • Congrats on 20 free days Scotty!
      Whew….drinking. Personally…I took almost 30 days off the booze until I had a pretty solid handle on the the craves before I drank. I had my fake can of herbal chew in my pocket and a bag of seeds. The minute your party starts the tobacco…the craves will hit like a sack of nicklels. But if you are ready to face another huge trigger, then maybe its time to face it. In would have your fake stuff near…the idea is to train your brain that “this” is what you do now, not the tobacco…and stick to your guns!
      Good Luck!!

  61. Day four right now feeling no satisfaction at all eating everything in site even craving cigarettes

  62. I have 13 days today without skoal classic long cut mint horseshit! Feeling shitty with dizziness when I turn my head a certain way, Very annoying indeed. I knew it would be tough to stop as I had made a conscious decision to quit cold turkey and realize that half measures will avail me nothing. I had a pinch going in my mouth from morning coffee to bed time each day
    . Even though I have 28 yrs of sobriety in A.A. , I feel that this has nothing to do with quitting chewing tobacco. Not having a dip seems fairly easy…It’s just the dizziness that fks me up. I know it’s the FOG and part of the deal but what is the normal length of time for the dizziness?

  63. Good going Scotty!!! You are at a stage where Nic and it’s metabolites have gone out of your system and hence you feeling great. The mind games are bit tricky and you’d still get psychological craves for some time. The problem with drinking now is that your brain still remembers the days when you were still dipping and drinking and it will start convincing you to do the same. I would suggest to wait for few more days/weeks. But the good part is that if you drink and still do not cave in then it is a strong extinguisher. Like JayP said, it is all about training your mind now.

    Good luck again, quitting completely is the best ever decision in your life


  64. Lee, it lasted me for about 20 days

  65. Any tips chewed cope long cut for 14 years today is my first day of attempting to quit made so far

    • Graffin, I chewed Skoal Long Cut Wintergreen, for about 20 of my 25 years (Kodiak prior to that). BUT, I dabbled with Cope, just didn’t like the fine cut and never tried the Long. BUT! I think Smokey Mountain Straight is very close to the flavor of Cope. Again, NOTHING will replicate the worm dirt we abused for years, but the idea is to find something close. And I have always contested, Smokey Mountain Straight, is as close to Cope you can get with out getting back into the bad shit.
      Good Luck!

  66. Thanks for all the comments and advice! Prob not gona drink for a couple more weeks I think its to early and I don’t want to ruin my progress. The fake chew never worked for me in the passed I would always buy it chew it for a day and then right back to the skoal ! Been using gum,mints,and toothpicks and it’s helped. I think about chewing everyday it sucks but I never felt this good in a while I have tons of energy! ( it’s probably bc I’m not drinking!!)I will continue to be strong and hopefully by day 50 I won’t be thinking about skoal everyday.

  67. Ok, so there are “triggers” that urge you to dip, something you associate dipping with. I’m a college baseball player, and obviously we have practice or a game everyday. I associate baseball with dipping, so how could I quit when baseball is present literally everyday? Even in the off-season I am still out on the field long tossing, batting, etc. Advice would be appreciated.

  68. This is my first day after quitting chew. I am 52 years old and I am concerned about throat cancer. I started when I was 14 years old. I have been trying to quit for the last 5 years. I get headaches, my throat hurts, my neck hurts, and I am disoriented. I hope that im not dying from this stuff.

  69. How long have you been experiencing those symptoms?

  70. hey guys I’m new goin on 27 Y/O dipping for 5 tried to quit a few months ago but now I’m ready any advice?

    • Welcome Harold and congrats on a great decision. If you haven’t yet, I’d suggest you join our community at http://forum.killthecan.org where we’ve got over 23,000 members that “get it”. It’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered from folks who know what you’re going through.

  71. Hey guys I am 21 and I have dipped since I was about 16. I have tried quitting a couple times and I never really stuck with it. I decided that I needed to be done with stuff for good. I have been tapering down and I plan to start my first day tomorrow without any nicotine.

  72. Hey 5 days clean still feel like total asshole. I hate life dip is amazing what are we all doing? Who are we kidding? Dip is delicious. Damnit I hate this !

  73. Good to see a lot of new quitters joining the good fight out here. I’ve been plugging away at my own quit as well. I will say, I am a very happy man without needing the nicotine anymore. Sure, I’ve gained a little weight since the quit, but have since lost half of it….and I feel like I can accomplish anything since I shook that habit of 25 years….and all you new guys can do it too!
    Billy, I will tell you what you’re doing….kicking the nic-bitch’s ass!
    Brad, I hope day 1 of your quit is treating you well and you were brave enough to quit today and beyond!
    Harold, come here and come often to vent and share your stories with all of us, everyone has their own battles they fight each day, we want to hear them!
    Brass, hit your doctors office, get yourself checked out. And when you find out you have a clean bill of health, get back here and start your quit!
    OF#13, I would say get yourself some fake chew to get you by when you are feeling the triggers. I would also encourage you to come here, on this site and share your quit stories with us. We are here to help each other!
    Scotty, It sounds like you are ready to be free from this nasty habit and I hope you chose to stick to your quit. Let us know how you’re doing!
    Graffin, how did that Smokey Mountain Straight work out for you? It should be “similar” to Cope, but not the same. Again, these are just there to help you get by, they will not replace that poison we’ve abused for years! I think Classic is close to Cope as well. Let us know!
    Shiva, Jeff, Rick and Steve, hope you all are doing well with your quits too!! Be good and continue to
    Commit to the Quit peeps!
    Day #261

  74. I quit 6 years ago for 4 years. I took one chew with my buddies out drinking one night. About a week later had a couple chews. Next day I was right back to a can a day.
    I just finished day 2 of no chew . I don’t remember it being this hard last time. I don’t remember having insomnia. I will stick with it. I have my motivation I need to get me through this.

    • Hi Jeff, I wish you all the luck this time around with the quit….I had a similar relapse myself, about 19-20 years ago…it lead me on a 25 year habit instead of a 5-6 year one. At least you know you cannot have “just one” now. Quit means quit, is what i learned. I am wiser now and will not go back. So many “good” alternatives these days…I won’t need that stuff anymore. I have read the second time around quitting is much tougher than the first….so I wish you luck and know you will succeed….you “know” what it takes and think you will be stronger knowing you cannot do that stuff anymore….quit is quit!
      Good Luck!!

  75. Hey guys , I’m 19 and have been dipping for 2 years , tin of pouches a day, and I think I’m ready to put it down for good

  76. Hey Rick, it’s been quite sometime we heard from you. How you doing?

    • Struggling man. Day 150 here. Bought a can last Wednesday and dumped it. Did the same thing Friday. Wasted 5 dollars on shit. I feel like I’ve been going in reverse the last couple of weeks.
      Wtf!!! Ive always had a tough time admitting that I need help but I do. I feel like I’ve learned nothing.

      • Keep coming around Rick,
        Isn’t a dam thing wrong with admitting you need help, WE ALL DO! We’re all addicts here, no different than an alcoholic.
        This place is a good place to pop into when you feel the urge, use it!
        I hope you stay strong, 150 days is quite a feat!
        Stay Strong!!

      • Hey Rick, hang tough man I’m in the exact same fucking boat right now. And we are close in days so this may be another rough patch. I think for us it has to do with the seasons changing, I’ve read it takes a full year because there are different triggers at different times of the year. Before it was shoveling now it is mowing/raking, different crave.
        Lately I’ve really wanted one, just one. Kind of to see what the fuck I ever liked about it, honestly I forget the smell and taste so I don’t know why I want one so bad. The feelings pass but they are definitely more frequent then even before I hit day 100. Big thanks to my friends (that will never read this) for not letting me do one the other night when I was hammered.
        Sorry everyone for the radio silence, work picked up and it finally being nice in Boston I want as little screen time as possible. I do read the posts so I’m glad to see Shiva and JayP still coming in here, it doesn’t seem like there has been a consistent new guy so hopefully Zach or Mike can keep the torch going.
        Day ~170+ maybe (6 months 5/3)

  77. Hey guys my name is Zach. I chewed for about 6 years. I chewed at least a can a day and some days 2 cans the last couple years or so. I am on day 30 of my no booze no chew lifestyle. The booze is super easy for me compared to the chew. I get cravings so bad still that I have to look up cancer pictures and persuade myself not to give in almost every night. I work out a ton and play hockey a couple nights a week. The only real way for me to not crave chew is to be doing something active. How much longer of this foggy hell?! I miss my morning, evening, and especially after meal chews! These cravings are painful.

  78. Thanks for help! I got 5 cans of smokey mountain straight on the way!

  79. Day 7 of the quit. Haven’t been this long since I was 14. Sleeping fine, down to about three cravings a day. Using fake nicotine free snuff, sun flower seeds, and regular trident gum. Foggy in morning, slightly irritable, and getting really tired of constipation. All and all though I’m happy. I cut back for about a month prior to quitting. Went from a can of Grizzly Straight a day, to 1 can every three days that helped me a lot.

    • Great Job TLQUITIN…that is pretty much the way I started my quit too…tapered it back to almost nothing…then used the fake stuff, seeds and a little gum. You’re doing awesome. Keep us posted on your progress!!

  80. My Hubby is almost at one full week. He had a crappy dentist appointment and it scared him. So he’s going cold turkey and has hit the insomnia point…(this is the second time he’s quit btw, the first time was for 2 whole years!!)

    • I hope he can remain quit this time K.G.D.
      2 years….I am not even to a year yet (closing in tho) and I just don’t see myself going back. There are plenty of alternatives that he can use if he really wants to “dip” without using tobacco. I use Herbal Chews a few times a day and it is a tobacco, nicotine and guilt free for a dipper to enjoy one without all the terrible chemicals. I wish him all the luck, tell him to come here and join the army of quitters!
      Day #276

  81. I quit dipping 86 days ago. I went the nicotine patch route and have been nicotine free for 7 days now. I dipped for ten years and dip about 2 cans a day. I used fake stuff to get me through the days. I feel great but recently I have been in a fog for the last 3 days, mostly in the morning and mid afternoons. How long will this fog last and how can I get rid of it? Thanks

    • Mike – even though you’ve been dip free for 86 days your body is just NOW going through the withdrawal from nicotine. SO… if you’re looking at this timeline you’re at day 7

      • Thanks Chewie. Kind of felt these feelings a while ago when I first quit dipping but I’m ready for them now. This fog feeling is tough but I’ll beat it. Great website!

  82. I have been nicotine free for 7 days now. I have been in a fog for 3 days when does the fog go away?

    • Hi Mike,
      Congrats on dropping the patch! While its great you put that can down and got away from that habit, unfortunately, you were still pumping your brain with nic through the patch. Now, you truly can start the recovery process.
      The FOG! Yes, I can definitely remember that hanging around for a while. I had a bout with Anxiety, before I quit chewing last year. When I decided to quit, that fog came to me and it felt like my anxiety was returning (it wasn’t), because I had dealt with some “fog” during the anxiety too. The good news, I think it only lasted a couple weeks. My suggestion is to get to drinking a lot of water, this will flush any left over nicotine residue. If you exercise (I run), get out and get active, this also helps with the fog. But I promise you, as everyone else will here, it WILL lift. Just stay the course and it’ll lift! I also had what I call “brain-zaps”. These annoying “dizzy-jolts” that partnered up with the fog. Just to let you know, if those come along, they too will disappear after a while. Your brain is PISSED you chose to do this to yourself, so this is where the FOG comes from. If it becomes too much to deal with, go see your doctor and let him/her know what you’re doing, they will be happy you made this choice and can give you something to help. Just roll with it, come here and bitch about it, we’re all here to help Mike, good luck!!
      Day #276

      • Thanks JayP for the advice. Everything you said is exactly what I am going through. It’s good to know eventually these feelings will go away.

        • Hey Mike, no problem. We all want you to succeed here, so if you are feeling shitty, bitchy or turning back, come here and let us all know. Everyone here is willing to help, we all been through what you’re feeling. I had a lot of help at my start, so I will do what I can to help the new ones get rolling so they can help others. Keep up the fight and keep us posted on your progress. Yes, all these “feelings” will pass, PROMISE!

          • That’s great to hear. Thanks for the help. Shit sucks now, fog is pretty much gone, which is great! I am still getting these jolts or zaps throughout my body and I feel weak most of the day. My sleep sucks now. Running and walking helps during the day but if you got any other tips to help please let me know.

        • His you hanging in Mike? Quit still??

          • Are you “still” hanging in there Mike, is what I meant. I visit this site on my mobile phone….fat-fucking-finger syndrome I guess, lol!

  83. Hi all, I’m the wife of a man who decided (on his own) to quit cold turkey yesterday. We’re at hour 29 currently. I was wondering how I can help him? I hate seeing him like this, but I hate the chew even more. He is feeling hot, having a hard time concentrating, can barely sleep, and looks a little wild-eyed quite frankly. I kept him distracted all day, but the evening has been difficult for him. He hasn’t become irritable, but I realize that could still come. Anyhow, any advice for me? Thanks

    • Hey Amber,

      How is your husband doing? The first week is miserable, so is the second but it starts to get better. I’m trying to think back to what my wife did for me or what I wouldve wanted Her to do. Honestly just give him his space, have him go to the gym he really needs to be busy. The gym was big for my quit. Not to be crass but my wife did “put the moves” on me quite often in the early days to keep me from snapping.
      Is he using fake dip at all? Seeds?


  84. Day 15 an this is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever did. I been dipping for 35 years, my wife says just start back up lol.

    • Hang in there Eric – you’re dealing with the “Two Week Weakness” – it gets better!

    • You’re doing awesome Eric, a 35 year veteran and 2 weeks into your quit, keep moving on without the nicotine, I promise, it gets better! I wouldn’t take the wife’s advice and “go back”…2 weeks removed from the chaw is a huge accomplishment. Keep us posted and Keep Quit!!
      Day #284

      • Thanks JP an Chewie, the most support since I started on this journey. I do feel better an feel better about myself.

        • Eric you’re doing awesome, the first two weeks are awful so don’t throw that away! The next couple weeks are much more manageable but still tough for sure. Keep doing whatever you’re doing since it seems to be working.
          Almost 6 months

  85. I’m 12 days in… I’ve been reading the posts so I figured I should post. I know to expect a rough ride since I quit for over a year before, although I have know idea how or why I started back up… Days 1-3 are brutal and then the mind games start. Reading the comments and articles have helped motivate me to make this my last quit. Between all the cravings, triggers and irritation I have a feeling of euphoria that keeps me going. Being free of chew keeps me going. i don’t want to go back to days 1-3…
    good luck and peace


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