What To Expect When You Quit Dipping

What To Expect When You Quit DippingSo you want to quit. And you would like to know what it’s like. We’re not going to pull any punches around here, it’s tough. That’s why we’re all here.

Days 1 through 3 – Pure hell. You will walk in the fog. Nothing will seem real. Your brain is wondering where the hell its fix is and it is going to punish you until you come up with it. 72 hours, that’s all you need to get the nicotine out of your system. This is where you start to deal with the physical withdrawal associated with quitting dip. Drink lots of water. Read, post, read and post. Don’t take your anger out on your loved ones. We always tell everyone………Make this quit about YOU. If you quit for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, mommy or daddy, you will resent them during this period. Quit for yourself and come in here to rant. Yell at us. Bitch at us. We can take it. We’ve been there.

Days 4 through 20 – Here comes the mind games. The nicotine is out of your system now. You will still have some physical things to deal with.

  • Cravings
  • Irritability,
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Constipation, gas, stomach pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Sore tongue and/or gums

Yep, you have this to look forward to. Your brain is rewiring itself. It isn’t used to being in an oxygen rich environment. Your body is responding in kind. Everything is a mind game now. All the cravings you have are actually due to triggers. Triggers are events where you are in a situtation you would normally dip in. Mowing the grass, playing poker online, playing golf, working on the car………you get the picture. Keep drinking water, use seeds, the fake stuff, whatever you need to keep the dip out of your mouth. Remember, oral fixation is part of our habit, something you will eventually need to break. For now though, use all the tools you have.

Days 20 – 50 – You’re winning. Life isn’t great, but you probably had a couple of nights where you actually got some sleep. You might notice you’re going to bed earlier than you normally do. Not staying up to get in that last dip. You may notice some sores in your mouth. You’re thinking, “great, I quit dipping and now I have cancer.” You almost certainly don’t. Your mouth is healing itself. Tiny ulcers you’ve had for a long time are healing. We recommend you visit your dentist around the 30 day mark. Don’t be a pansy, just do it. He or she will be very supportive and they can explain the sores much better than we can. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t go out drinking with the fellas or the girls. We also recommend that you don’t drink for at least the first 50 days. Drinking is a huge trigger event and it weakens your resolve.

Days 50 – 70 – Cruise control. Life is really good. You still think about it, but this is good stuff here. Some people may suffer anxiety attacks during or a little before this stage. Some doctors say we dipped to relieve anxiety anyway. Some people can push right through this, others need a little help. Talk to your doctor before you quit or immediately after you quit. They will know what to do. Some give Wellbutrin or Lexapro. Lots of people in the support community take or have taken these medicines and can help you with the affects. Don’t wait till you get to this stage of the game to talk to a doctor. You’ll cruise through this stage much easier if you know how to take care of the anxiety or at least know it’s coming.

Days 70 – 90 – Late term craves, the doldrums, the blahs, the blues. Some people end up feeling like they are right back at day 1. The fog, the haze, the craves. It can be a tough time. You need to let people in your group know this is happening. Time to circle the wagons to get through it. It usually only lasts a few days. Fight through this and make sure your order your HOF Knife or Coin. Here are a couple of articles about this time period which we refer to as “The Funk”

Days 90 – HOF – Houston, resume the countdown. Enjoy the hell out of these last 10 days. You will be celebrating with your group as you all enter the HOF. It is a great feeling and an accomplishment you should not take lightly. Do something special for yourself and your family. They put up with your sorry ass for the last 90 days and they deserve something too.

100+ Days – Stay vigilant. Use the tools you have, to continue beating back any cravings or urges. You will still experience dip dreams and longings, but you are fully qualified to beat them down. Continue to post roll with your group. Get into the newer groups and help somebody out. Pass it along. Live the dream.

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  1. Another Long Monday, but with the end marks the day 84 of My quit. Chomping away to 100. Stay quit fellers.

  2. After 30+ years of Dipping I am finally getting away from it. I saw the cans behind the counter at the gas station. It kind of felt like seeing an ex-girlfriend, remembering the good times, but also remembering the agony while you were in it. Bitter sweet I guess. Was watching an old cowboy movie and dudes were dipping so deliciously, it all came back to my mind. After the big meal from yesterday, huge craving there, but no cave in. I’ve gone through this before, but this time it is different, the cravings come, but I have no desire to act upon it. It is as though when someone dies, you miss them, but you know there is nothing you can do about it, so you make peace. I think I have made peace, i still might get tempted, but there is nothing i can do about it because I aint going back.

    End of Day 82

  3. Day 81, this is it fellas, only 19 says until HOF. I am kicking this biocth to the curb. Ya’ll take care.

  4. I’m on day 24 aftwr 14 years of chewing and my brain feels like it is in an absolute fog. I’m finding it hard to leave the house and perform daily duties. Is it just me or is this normal. I’m freaking myself out.

  5. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, watch out for those cravings after a huge meal, stay strong people. I am starting day 79.

  6. Another day and another victory against the can. Filthy garbage I wish I’d never started. Day 78

  7. Also don’t forget the motto “this too shall pass” when things are going GOOD!! 😐

  8. Today was a blur to me, I guess Mondays are like that. On December 16th of this year I will complete my 100th day of Quit, the Big HOF is just around the corner. Only 23 days away. And with those words I end day 77 of my quit. You all take care.

  9. 81 days for me today. It’s been a struggle the whole time, but a couple of weeks back I got to where I was waking up at around 3 in the morning and only getting broken sleep until I got up around 6. Lack of good sleep led to symptoms that made it seem like week 2 again. My doctor gave me a prescription for Ambien, I’ll give that a try for the next week or two and see if it gets me through this.

    • Totally normal Bob. Then one day, you realize you actually got a good nights sleep. Hang in there….
      this too, shall pass (my motto during the first 100 days)

    • When I took Ambien I would wake up in morning and there would be food scattered across the bed, the fridge would be open, and my dad read me the riot act for calling him at 2 in the morning. All of which I have no memory of. Just a possible side effect!

  10. Anybody else experience sore throat 50+ days into a quit?

  11. Damn, I know how it feels to cave jay. It ain’t easy to admit it either, all of us hurt when a brother fails, but guess what? Just like me we have to start again from day one and carry the shame of being a loser because an inanimate object was stronger than us. Good luck.
    End of day 75 for me

    • No Losers here unless you let that stuff win. Quitting is an everyday promise “I’m done with Nicotine”.
      25 days left DDD, keep on keeping on.
      Jay..gotta agree with Chewie the gum is better than the other chemicals in the tobacco..but Nicotine is nicotine. That’s the goal here and the quit…to be FREE! I wish you luck ditching the addiction.

    • Yeah I want to be free from it for good, I need to quit turning to nicotine to relieve stress. Unfortunately it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I’m in a stressful situation, my blood pressure goes up and I immediately think of a dip or a smoke. But, it felt better not having to rely on any of it. Thanks for the support guys. Thanks for the link Chewie.

  12. I caved yesterday..sort of. I bought some 2 mg nicotine gum, 20 pieces. Better than tobacco, but it’s still the oral fixation + nicotine.

  13. It’s my 5th day chew free… I love chewing. But it’s not good..

  14. Thanks Jayp, you always there when we need a helping hand.
    Well, I didn’t cave in, grew some bigger balls and fought it off. It was pretty tough, but i did it.
    I remember last year when it was around this time in the quit, the same thing was happening, so I have to look out for those triggers this time.
    Well, and like you say, continue to fight the mind and convince it that it is over, we cannot go back, there is too much to lose if we do.
    I know we all busy, but I wish Sheeva and Jeff would chime in more often, I am almost to the 100 mark like you all and I need yalls encouragement. Right? the Mighty DDD calling out for help, but yeah this time around I want to make it through, even if it’s not all on my own. Thanks. Day 72, Over.

    • Day 99 here. Had a chat with a guy tonight who is over 5 yrs quit. He said the only thing that helped him was the mantra “not one more”. This has been my rally hymn and motivation cry for 99 days. I will not dip today. Not one more. With you all.

    • Keep kicking ass DDD! Your doing great

  15. That chart up there seems right on the money, I am getting bored with my quit and actually thinking about getting some Dip.
    I went to the gas station earlier and saw them, right behind the counter, all different colors, shiny, alluring, calling my name.
    It took all my strength to not get one. Came to the office and just keep thinking about it.
    Huge crave settling in, so I decided to come in here and write it all out, I am hoping it passes as I type this garbage. I am thinking, I went to 2 dentist sessions (uncomfortable rather than painful), I have saved over 300 bucks, and been nicotine free for over 70 days and I feel a little ashamed for wanting to throw it all away, for actually thinking about going back and breaking my word.
    I said I was not going to do it anymore, and so it shall be. Gosh, I just wish these craves weren’t so powerful, they don’t happen everyday, but when they do, they pack a punch.

    Day 72, but not over yet. need help.

    • DDD…you got to just tell yourself that “that” part of your life is over. And I don’t mean just saying it to yourself, I mean you need to convince yourself that its truly over. Of course you’re going to have the craves…hell, I had them at where you are and again after the 100 day mark. Just this past Monday i was out on my Afternoon run and as I started this incline, hill on my run, I passed an old broken can of Grizzly. Now…Inwas a Skoal Wintergreen guy, but I immediately could recall the smell and taste of tobacco. 1 year and 130 days into my quit…I STILL would love to pick up that old can and scrape a dip out of it! My words of wisdom…those craves will never go away. They might be a faint whistle across the canyon…but they are very much alive still in me. I have just convinced myself that those days are behind me…and I think that is the “secret” to the quit. First, its motivattion to get yourself the balls to quit, but then its a game of convincing the mind you are committed and there ain’t no way you’re going back. Easier said than done, sure, but if it were easy, we’d all be successful quitters. Hang in there Hombre, you’re kicking ass, DONT CAVE! You’ve worked too hard to give up now.

  16. Hi its almost two weeks of my quit symptoms are preety cool FOG, SMALL PAIN CHEST SAME AS anxiety EYES PAIN ON TOP AND BURNING DIFFICULTY CONSTRATION SLOW THINKING AND ACTING TROUBLE SLPPE SAME AS INSOMNIA ..preety cool but i think its all because of quitting nicotine + caffeine +anxiety tripple action ..

    • Zak…all normal..and I agree, it is a combination of all those items you’ve quit. That’s a huge Mountain you’re climbing, I quit alot of things at once myself, and it was tough. Keep grinding!

  17. Day 71 is coming to an end for me. Hang in there quitters.

  18. Day 5 here. I noticed dark spots forming on my lower teeth after about 2 1/2 years of dipping (2 years of which I used a can a day), and it scared me enough to quit. I picked up dipping as a freshman in college as a result of my ADD and inability to focus well. Although I realize that with finals upcoming now probably isn’t the best time to quit, I really feel strongly about putting down the can for good, and I intend to stick to it. However I am really having trouble focusing on my homework and studying, and I really don’t want to see my grades suffer as a result of me quitting a terrible habbit. Has anyone gone though something similar or does anyone have any advice/tips to help focus on homework? Thanks!

  19. Day 70, I finally moved to the next step. I am in the Funk it says. Late term craves, the doldrums, the blahs, the blues. 385.00 Bucks saved and not in the coffers of Big tobacco Companies. C’est la guerre, I was your prisoner for 33 years, and 70 days ago i declared my independence.

  20. Another weekend Comes to an end, Today is day 69 of my quit. You all take care.

  21. Day 68. Been really busy. No time for cravings.

  22. Day 67 and No Dip.

  23. The way I quit is cold turkey but whenever I feel the craving I put something in my mouth(har har) like a toothbrush, toothpick, sunflower seeds, a straw from a drink, etc. It really helps and before you know it you haven’t had a dip in like weeks. It’s totally doable.

  24. I posted this somewhere else: Let us play Chemistry Shall we?

    Formaldehyde: Used to embalm dead bodies
    Benzene: Found in gasoline
    Polonium 210: Radioactive and very toxic
    Vinyl chloride: Used to make pipes
    Chromium: Used to make steel
    Arsenic: Used in pesticides
    Lead: Once used in paint
    Cadmium: Used to make batteries
    Hydrogen cyanide: Used in chemical weapons
    Ammonia: Used in household cleaners
    Butane: Used in lighter fluid
    Toluene: Found in paint thinners
    (Source: Centers for disease control and prevention).

    All that stuff is in tobacco commercially available to people, now I am not saying you should Dip, but you should have the right to do it if you want to. BRILLIANT!! This type of logic shines.

    -Someone posted that he understood the incredible negative effects of these elements in your body, but his argument was that we shouldn’t tell people what to do for it is the person’s choice to dip or not to dip (sounds Shakespearean).

    To him and any other person that defends the freedom to dip I say, read what people in here are saying, they know what they are talking about.

    Yesterday I posted about having dip dreams, and today I will tell you guys that I had a couple of panic attacks, complete with rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, dizziness, the works. Now I read these symptoms before, but really paid no mind since they hadn’t happened to me before, now that they have happened to me, I know what those older quitter brothers were talking about.

    So all of the elements and compounds described above do have severe repercussion in the body and they will cause the symptoms described when they leave the body or when the body heals itself. What a trip, if I hadn’t known these things were going to happen when I quit dipping, I probably would have freaked out a hell of a lot, so I am glad I came to this site and got information from other dudes that have gone before me.

    When Sir Issac Newton said “We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants…” I even throw the Latin words for it, nanos gigantum humeris insidentes, however you want to say it, this site sure brings much gigantic information and people dynamics for people like me, a beginner, that stand on the shoulder of Giants.

    Thank you all that started this site, and for all the guys that take the time and write their experiences in here.

    Day 65.

  25. Hey Bill, I am on Day 64 as well. I know what you mean. The cravings come and try to knock you down. For me, they would come throughout the day triggered by anything I used to do in the past. Now ,and I believe this is crazy, but I think the vice has changed its strategy, it does not pop up in small cravings throughout the day, rather it waits and waits until a particular event happens and then it roars into my brain with a mighty craving.
    Last night, I was feeling a bit weird, because I was dreaming that I had taken a big ass chunk of tobacco and dipped it with joy. I remember justifying it in my dream by saying, “oh well, just this once, i can scratch this day and continue with the quit”, then I would think, “no I have to start from day 1 again, what a blow to all my quit brothers in the forum this will be”. The dream was so real, until I remembered in my dream that I was asleep and I had not really broke my quit. I was so relieved and actually woke up.
    The experience though, was surprisingly accurate, the flavor, the smell, the feel of it between cheek and gums, the high, and the throw up feeling I felt as well. All of these sensory perceptions seem to be saved in our brains forever, Scary.
    I had read here, that some people have these dreams, I never did, so I thought that aint real, but it happened to me, so i can vouch for that.
    Hopefully in time, just like any other uncomfortable memory, the memory of dipping will be placed in a distant drawer in our brain, but it will always be there as part of our lives. Sucks. I wish I had never had started Dipping.

  26. I am on day 64 and haven’t been on the forum for a while…but I gotta say I am at work and jonesing like a champ right now for some Copenhagen…I am trying to stay strong..

  27. Day 63 and still kicking Ass. It ain’t been easy at times, but somehow I’ve managed to stay quit. Only 37 days to 100, let the countdown begin.

    • Keep up your fight DDD, you’re doing awesome. I just looked back for my day 63 post, couldn’t find one…I must of not posted for a few days because I found my day 66 post. I printed my first 100 days off so I could reflect on my fight to get through. What I see on day 66 was a realization that I was going to make it to day 100/and beyond. And that the main struggle I had ended around day 40.
      I hope things are getting easier for you, I know each of us has our own story. Keep on kicking ass!

  28. DDD same went for me. I felt better the sooner I left the crutches ; fake dips, gums, mints etc. For some it worked,for me it just kept reminding me of dip. I felt better the sooner I left the fake stuff

  29. It’s the opposite for me, I went cold turkey, at around day 90 I started getting the craves to have something in my lip. Ordered some fake shit and the craves to do the real shit intensified 10 fold. I finished all the fake shit and to start all cold turkey again did not work anymore I had to have the real deal. And so I did. A year later I managed to pry myself away again after a health scare. If the fake dip works for you all then that’s cool. For me. It did not work. So cold turkey it is. Day 61.

  30. Early in the morning, but I couldn’t wait to post DAY 60 for me. 330 Bucks saved in 2 months, but monetary value means nothing compared to the health regained. You all be cool.

    • August 16, 2014 was my last day as a chewaholic. Never had one dip since. I use Smokey Mountain. Its funny how much the addiction is just having something in your mouth. If I go without the fake stuff for a number of days I start getting that addicted feeling back. It last a few seconds and then fades. No doubts I have gained 5-10 pounds but the reasons I did this were more for myself. If I can’t help myself I fail to help anyone else.

  31. Day 59 -Nothing to report- still quit.

  32. Day 58, I pray for this day to be good and tobacco free for my brothers and I. Amen!

  33. Thanks for your encouraging words guys jayp, jeff, Rich and Steve. Good God steve you are truly going through the biggest test of them all and you still took the time to give us courage. You have my respect sir. Hang in there, we will keep you in our prayers, right guys? Good.
    Day 57

  34. Another day comes to an end and that marks day 56 for me. Today, I had a busy day, but also attended my friend joe’s funeral. Not really a happy moment in my life and all kinds of triggers and fire alarms were going off in my brain to start dipping again, it felt as though a thousand demonic creatures would prick, pry, slice and stab onto every fabric of my being to try to get me to dip again. As a matter of fact a big bright huge gas station sign was shining right outside of the funeral home. Unbelievable, but its true, just waiting there and making it so available for me to go and purchase a can right when I was feeling down. The thought crossed my mind, but somehow I managed not to go down that road again, instead me and my other bud joe (funny how there are many joes) decided to go and have a beer. We had 2 and then headed home. I decided to get in here and tell you guys and girls my close encounter with the dreaded snuff.

    • Sorry for your loss, Deep, but big-time kudos on your abstinence. Trust me, there will be serious “tests” along the way, but if you stay strong and keep the ultimate goal at the forefront, you’ll be able to laugh at those “demons” as you’re stronger than they. I wish you peace and comfort during these challenging times…you will prevail!

      Rich S. – 400+ days QUIT

    • Sorry for your loss deepy
      I hope everyone is doing well here I’m still fighting cancer so I’m not able to check in as much as I would like but I couldn’t miss today. The fight is tough but I’m focused.
      One year dip free!!!
      Thank you to all the helped me get to this point, I appreciate the help you gave me!!
      Day 365!!!

      PS chemo is way worse then quitting, so stay strong in your quit

    • Way to fight off the demons DDD. The toughest times of the quit, are the moments when you are faced with stressful events. Getting through them, without the aid of nicotine, proves how strong and committed you are to it. Keep up your fight, we’re all here for you.

  35. Up late tonight, just wanted to leave some words of encouragement. Stay on the path, the path you know in your heart to be the right one. Stay strong my friends.

  36. Another weekend comes to an end, but this time I am on day 55, past the mid mark to a 100

  37. Day 4 here, couldn’t be more right about the cravings. Altoids have been my best friend.

    • Hang in there Dan, you made it through the 3 days of Hell.

    • Hang in there and stay the course….first week sucks but it will get better. You’re still going through the Nicotine withdrawal phase which usually takes a week or so as well. Before you know it, you’re going to feel real good about yourself and your quit.

      Rich S. – 400+ days Quit

  38. My day one quit is tomorrow I’ll be back when I’m pissed off…..

  39. Continuation of this morning post, I’ve just been informed that my work bud, has died tonight at 7:30 P.M. May God Rest his soul. He served and honorably discharged from the Army and obtained his degree from college, left behind a Daughter and an ex-wife whom he maintained an amicable relationship. In retrospect, he left us all behind since he is already on the other side where pain no longer exists. REST IN PEACE.

  40. There are 10,950 days in 30 years, out of those last days I lived I’ve been quit for 53 big ones.
    Though this is a tiny fraction of my life, the amazing part is that my body only needed that tiny amount of days to recover, to restore my health back. Absolutely amazing. just goes to show you that these old hides were designed to withstand anything (Divine Creation? Evolution? ET’s? I choose the first) In any case all we need is to give them proper maintenance or an overhaul every once in a while, in our case just quitting to push that toxin into our bodies will do the trick. without getting too philosophical or opening the statement for counter-arguments, i will now bore you with some mathematics.

    10,950 days x 3(more or less I will accomodate with an average price) = $32,850

    That has been my contribution more or less to the Tobacco companies, Do I hear a thank you from them? No, instead I am offered with the probability of destroying my life in a very painful or non aesthetic way.

    Well Thank you very much, I give you the tobacco companies a splendid, robust and well deserved ONE FINGER SALUTE.

    My contribution is hereby rescinded, How about ya’lls?


    • Sorry 52, got too excited to get to tomorrow, but the math more or less is about right.

    • DDD,
      I’m happy you came back to reclaim your quit. If new quitters don’t forget feel moved or motivated by some of your messages out here, then they are without a pulse.
      Great job & keep climbing, we’re with ya!

    • DDD, Great statistics,,,I also dipped for 30 years+. As I’m typing on the keyboard I recall always looking at my right middle finger and right index finger and seeing tobacco stains from all the years dipping, always being aware not to touch anything light colored and stain it. I know it’s a weird observation but it’s noticed regardless. I am so thankful for the support and advice from other quitters. Day 121 now and still trying to get used to life as a “non-dipper”. So statistically speaking, I’ve been quit the last 30+ years 0.01105023% of the time. It’ll take awhile to “re-wire” the ol synapses in the cranial region before I get used to it. However, without rambling on any further, I’m so f**king glad I’m quit…

  41. Day 52. To everyone following my saga. I am glad I can bring a bit of insight and inspiration. Jayp. Jeff and shiva know me from a while back. We started around the same time. I caved in, but they continued they have my respect. To those that don’t know me I started dipping in high school like most of us here. I wish I never done it. But yes for about 30 years I dipped, it started slow and sporadic. But The addiction grew in quantity and timing. Experimented with different brands, flavor and grit. Started only at parties with the guys to alone at night dipping late at night. Pathetic. Never really tried to quit until last year. I should be up in my numbers like the guys I mentioned, but I humbly came back 52 days ago and here I am. Help me out and share your stories. There are other guys reading these things. Who knows you might inspire someone to quit.

  42. Went 35 days girlfriend left me back to where I was 36 days ago woo hoo..

    • Matt, ??? What’s up? Are you saying you caved and need to start over again? Do you have a quit group and have you been posting? Remember Bro, If you caved, it was because you caved, not what your girlfriend did to you. I know quitting is emotional enough…Stay strong for you, not anyone else.

      • Matt,

        don;t let a woman be the reason you go back! I did the same thing. I have tried quitting multiple times over the years and have gone a couple weeks here and there, but between last July and March I went 8 months without a dip. Had a 3 year relationship end in March and I did the same thing. Hated the fact that I let that happen. Got over the breakup but surprise surprise, kept chewing because now I was back in the rythm. And here we are 7 months later and finally I decided to quit again. I’m just over three days right now. Lotta seeds and Grinds coffee pouches these last few days but going through with it. You made it 36 days once, you can do it (and more) again. Don’t use tobacco as a crutch because of her, I just did the same thing and it turned into 7 months of chewing after 8 months of quitting. Try to help you learn from my mistake. Glad I finally decided to look online about quitting though rather than just do it. This site has a lot of good tips and it helps to read other people’s experiences!

      • JGW,

        I like your rationale there. Stay Strong for “YOU” and not anyone else….truer words couldn’t have been said. Its the most greediest thing one can do, quit chewing tobacco. I mean its all about YOU and no one else. I didn’t quit for my dentist…my career or my family….I quit for ME and nothing or anyone else. You guys are kicking ass on this board, keep up the fight men!
        1 year, 106 days quit

  43. Continuation of this morning, After posting my message, there was quite a commotion at work. I found out later on that my co-worker who works a few feet away from me, had gone to break room to get a soda and suffered a massive heart attack, I had just seen him and said good morning, I saw the paramedics working on him frantically, not a pleasant sight. it aint nothing like you see on tv. After that I started thinking about our own mortality, that can happen to any of us, why add more detriment to our health. I am staying quit.

    • DDD, awesome job posting and leaving encouraging thoughts. Your right, you think of mortality more when you see stuff like that. After dipping for 30+ years my younger brother (fellow ex-dipper) had growth found in his throat. We quit together July 1st and didn’t know if he had cancer or not for 21 days. It was f**ked up. Thank God he’s good now and him and I are 120 Days clean. Keep it up, your helping me and many others.

    • Right on! I just quit 5 days ago.

  44. Day 51 feeling gr3at, I had forgotten how healthy it feels to be without tobacco in your system. How free it is to be without having to depend on a pinch of deadly dust from your back pocket, how re-assertive it is to look at people in the eye without them looking at your cheek and they’d be wondering if you have a tooth ache, or having to sneak around people to put one in, the absence of stains in your clothes, the disappearance of dried up snuff everywhere in the jeep and cars, the list goes on and on, I don;t have to tell you. It is a good feeling to be a quitter. 49 days until HOF.

    • Hi DDD,

      Just wanted to chime in and let you know how great you are doing. Not just with your progress but also in helping out fellow quitters.


  45. I made it to Day 50. I am on cruise control fellow quitters. I was here before last year. This time I am wiser, much more careful, know what to look for and also have spent time and money into this quit, ain’t no way in hell I am going back. That piece of tin or plastic can cannot defeat me and cannot defeat you guys either. Remember that, you are the master of your quit, no one can force you to dip except yourself. The devil can tempt you all and myself, but he cannot make us do it. He will try like hell to use every trick in the world to get you to do it, but you are stronger than that you have a more powerful ally on your side.

  46. Today is the end of day 2 for me and I can say I’m a rip roaring bitch. I Have worked out 3 times today screamed my husband’s ear off and I’m ready to walk up to the gas station near my house and buy a tin. However, I know I’m stronger than chew so I’ll put my wintergreen ChapStick on and gum in my lip and clean. It’s strange to go from a tin a day to nothing. I have no headaches no physical issues from withdrawal just anger and bitchyness. 90 days is a long time but if I make it that long and get cancer anyways I will go buy all the chew I want.

  47. Day 48, only 2 before half way to Hall of fame.

  48. Thanks JGW it sure feels good to hear an “atta boy” from the longer quitter brothers as I call them. And you are right, it sure is nicer to wake up and not have dragon breath.
    But tonight I wanted to reach out to those that come here and lurk around, being stealthy and reading all of our posts. I was like you, wanting to quit, but not really ready. Imagine that, in your mind you justify this behavior and allow yourself to keep doing it. I totally understand it because I was there, in fact all of us that are here posting were there. We all get our turn on quitting, one way or another you will quit, it’s just a matter of time. Getting addicted is easy, getting clean is very hard, but if you continue, you will have to deal with the consequences, you are gambling with your health in the future, please take a moment and think about what you are doing really hard, Man up and take that first step, remember the size of a man is the measure of the greatest challenges he has overcome. Be that great man in our own way, like the rest of us in here.

  49. Thanks Jeff, its good to be back and kicking some virtual ass. Day 45, feels good to be getting up there in the numbers. Glad you guys stuck to your guns and are way up there in yalls quit. BEST REGARDS.

    • DDD, you and Alton are doing great. I’m Day 114 of my quit. It’s funny, had a few drinks last night with friends with no urge to dip. I had a very small headache this morning and felt a stiff cup of coffee would help. Made my wife and I a cup and just when I was handing my wife her coffee, I remember the stench of Copenhagen breath in the morning and was very pleased I don’t suffer from that anymore…Trust me, you may not realize it now, but your family and friends do. Keep it up…The longer your away you realize how nasty that shit was.

  50. Day 5….I see what you are saying about mind games. Luckily I am in NYC for the next 2 weeks. It won’t be as easy to get tobacco like in Texa

  51. Day 44, getting closer to the new stage. Mouth sores are disappearing, the Disgusting stench of morning breath is gone, my teeth are actually getting whiter. With all the positive proof, how strange it is that the cravings still surface to bring me down. They are fewer I must admit that, but seems like the number has decreased and just waits to come up as one big one. Strange addiction.

  52. I was walking downtown earlier and I noticed myself thinking, “Man, it feels GOOD being a non-smoker!” (or non-dipper too) The liberation from having to duck out for a smoke or a dip, the lingering odor on clothes, bad breath, etc. These kinds of affirming thoughts are very powerful in my recovery from tobacco addiction, I can’t recommend them enough.

  53. Another weekend over and now I am up to day 42. Ya’ll take care.

  54. Many people are praying for you, feel the power when you’re feeling weak. Keep knocking on the door when you pray and ask to be free from slavery (Matthew 7:7)Sleep, Sunflower seeds, Atomic Cinnamon Fireballs and Fake chew are the physical things helped me the first few days and weeks.
    Ben H (day 142)

    • I’ve been dip free for 14 days but are having sharp stomach pains. Anyone else have this problem?

      • Digestive issues? Yes. There are so many different side effects from cessation of smokeless tobacco. I even started having stomach acid issue that I take medicine to combat. I never seemed to have them when I dipped.
        I’d say if it gets too much for you, go see your doctor. Let them know what you’re up to.

  55. Will do and push thru. Life is better each big ass day of quit in the mirror. Stay strong one day at a time.


  56. Made it to day 40. 220 frog skins saved.

  57. Day 1. It’s hard as hell. Been dipping for 19 years and it’s time to quit, pray for me

  58. Day 39. Today the dentist cleaned the side of my mouth where I used to place the dreadful dip. She tore the shit out of my gums, saw her struggling and took a lot longer than last time on the other side. She finally said. “There I am done. It finally looks good in there” music to my ears, but now anesthesia wearing off and I can feel all the digging done, scrapping, water blasting between gums and teeth etc, etc. I am glad I am done with that.
    This time the cravings are there, but now I have a point of reference to fight them back, you see when I get one I immediately think about the dentists chair, the drills, the blasting water in my mouth and splashing everywhere, the smell of blood gushing around and those stupid posters on the ceiling, that quickly puts an end to those cravings
    Thanks for reading fellow quitters, keep up the good work.

  59. guess I was in a bad mood yesterday. Day 38 and no dip. Got a dentist appointment tomorrow. Fun. Stay strong Bros. We can do it.

  60. Life sucks again, but I am on day 37. Fuck yeah. Bring it motherfuckers, what else can go wrong to get me back on the nasty shit suck again? I read a whole mess of postings of some dumb asses saying that dipping is allright. Some of them quoting experiences of of ancestors doing it for a long time, others quoting studies and statistics, and some other dumbfucks even actually philosophizing on the right to make choices on dipping. The fuck is wrong with these people? How can you justify any defending argument against anything so offensive as this bad habit? How? Rethorically and philosophically you can make an argument against anything, but when you know that simple logic tells you that whatever you are defending is wrong then there is where the argument ends. It’s not a matter of winning, but to uphold righteousness period.
    Driving a car can kill you, what the fuck? We all going to die sometime, you fucking dipshit what a horrendous way of living your life that is and knowing that these people are out there is frightening.
    I get that trolls infilter and distort the dynamic of the forums, so I wanted to unload on those bastards, because some of them actually get paid to do that, I understand we all got to eat, but when you do it to poke fun of the poor carcasses like myself that are trying to rise up from the funk and be a normal person, then that deserves a tiny piece of my mind party on trolls we all get our call.

  61. Kc,
    No pain no gain. On day 138 after chewing cope for 35 years and the pain now is 9,000 times less than on day 1 to 4. Look at quitting as a new work out routine, it’s much harder at first to train you’re muscles to do something new but with time the training allows you to do things with you’re body you could never do before. This new workout in this hell gym you are in now will train you and then allow you to live your life strong and free with no guilt or fear for what’s coming. Ask Jesus to help you, He said He’d be with you always and He’ll keep His Word. (Matthew 28:20)
    Ben H

  62. Stay strong brother! It’s hard but it’s worth it. Don’t need the Nic Bitch in your day! She doesn’t help. One hour at a time my man

    4 days and climbing

  63. DDD

    I’m on day 3….hell day from what I can tell and read from u guys! The urge is damn strong. I will not give in this is my quit! I think I have spent 180 bucks on cranberry juice sunflower seeds and gum in 3 days! And I’m eating like a friggin pig.

    So ready to be completely free…one day at a time . Back to work tomorrow and new triggers


    • Well first half day of work down. So far so good. Drive in was nerve wracking; and urges pop up but it was real wise to be past my 72 hrs away from here…work outside and could chew at will. Triggers galore! So far so good. Will never put that shit in my mouth again!!

      4 days and climbing one at a time

  64. Nothing new to report. 35 days. 180+- bucks saved.
    My blood pressure is back to normal.

    I guess I am at that plateau where nothing much happens, I have much time on my hands now, but strangely enough the cravings are weak enough that in order to start I would have to make a conscious decision to take that first dip. I am not going through this again.

  65. Day 3 Nic free. Surprised the physical hasn’t been terrible but mental…man! Keep reminding myself it’s a mind game and I can whoop this bitch. I will not EVER put nicotine in my body again. This part may not be fun, but thanks to a ton of reading on these posts I am confident life is wayyyy better without the nasty weed running my life!

    When in front of computer tomorrow will figure out the roll call; can’t seem to lick the techno on I phone!



  66. I have a Job Interview Today 10-9-2015, if you know how to pray, say a few good words for me, I need it.
    As for My quit, I am day 33, the exact number of years of My Lord when he went out and completed his Mission. (In no way I can compare of course, humble)
    I Went back to the Gym and when I was doing some heavy bench pressing I looked up and saw this sign on the wall “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” How appropriate. anyway I think I’ll apply that knowledge for My Quit, My Fitness and my Interview today. Stay Strong Quitters.

    • Amen brother! He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, He will help us with everything that is just, right and holy! Hoping your interview goes great.. Keep me in prayer, i’m on day 2 – going strong! Sunflower seeds by the bag.

      King David

      • Today is day 1 for me. I need a ton of support. I’m a baseball player who has been dipping way too long. Time to quit.

      • Thanks David. My interview went awesome. We’ll see what they say later. But oh man, you are the one that is going through those first days of hell like all of us did. I was up to day 100, got tempted and fell so I had to start all over and that is why I am here. Going through this hell twice made me realize it is stupid to go back to where you know sooner or later you’ll want to get out and to accomplish it you’ll have to go through great deal of uncomfort so this time I am more centered and wise from the hellish experience. Though it out. You only have a few hours until you are out of the worse part of your quit.

  67. Thanks Chewie, those numbers are very encouraging. You guys keep up the good work.

    • Hey guys. Today marks two years tobacco free for me. I started chewing at age 15 and quit at age 42 (3 can a week habit). I almost can’t believe it’s true. I just want to say thanks to everyone on this site for inspiring and motivating me to do something I didn’t think was possible. I couldn’t have done it without this site and all of you. I’ll be praying for all of you on this same path!

  68. You guys that been here long enough gotta help me out on this one. Does it seem that the amount of Dudes trying to quit has diminished? I have been here again for the last 31 days and not really sure, but seems that about a year ago when I started my quit there was a lot more activity with people joining in to quit?
    I guess if one of us makes it to freedom, this site is well worth it. Great idea you guys had to start a site like this. Not clinical, Not forced upon you, not legalistic in any way, just a bunch of people sharing the experience of quittin the dreadful gunk.

    • I can tell you this… quitting, and KTC itself, has ebbs and flows. We have our busy times (New Years Resolutionists, etc.) and we have our slow times.

      The main site (http://www.killthecan.org) had the single busiest month EVER (in terms of traffic) in September 2015.
      The blog (http://blog.killthecan.org) also had it’s busiest month ever.

      As for the forums (http://forum.killthecan.org)… we added 280 members in September, up from 263 in August, up from 259 in July. I believe our biggest month ever was around 465 in January of 2014.

      All of that being said… KTC is rocking and rolling. There may be less conversation in the “pocket” of KTC that you hang out in (I’ve seen that too – thanks for asking and for getting me to dig into the numbers) but overall it’s growing big time. And that’s an awesome thing… the more quitters we have, the more quit KNOWLEDGE we have. As you said… “just a bunch of people sharing the experience of quittin the dreadful gunk.” :)

    • Hey DDD,
      Just to follow up on Chewies comment, you probably get most by signing up and posting in groups. I never did it like that, I did sign up, but never roll called. I couldn’t figure it out and I just felt that commenting here on this post was enough. I did venture around to a few posts, hell, I even wrote a couple reviews on the fake stuff. But it did quiet down a lot. I hung out after my 100/days to be sure a few others made it, but would.pop in here and there to more than less “check in” on others, offer advice, even to argue with a few idiots that think nicotine is cool.
      I say, the site is only as much as you make it. In hindsight, I sorta wished I had found the group on my start date, but I was busy enough here. Met up with you, Jeff, Shiva and later, Rick & Steve. All good peeps on a mission like me. This place has been a GOolD send to me and my quit. I will always be in debt to it and the quitters I met/meet here.
      I’d say, just use it as much you can, reach out…what I still try to do when I can. It does get quiet sometimes. I still read the comments, just might not always respond. Still very solid in my quit!!
      I got you at day 32? Keep up that fight my friend!!

  69. 31 Days, still quit and loving it. My Mouth still trying to heal, Got another Dentist appointment for next week. She should be proud of me now,Deep clean, flossing listerine and coconut oil pulls. Never been healthier. Keep up the good work.

    • I am at 23 days cold turkey. It is getting better but still have rough times. Reading everyones comments has helped for sure. Thanks everyone for sharing.

  70. Today I hit the 30 day Mark, I feel much better. Thanks to this site and you guys and of course the Good Lord, I did not cave in my Darkest hour. I hope all of you are doing well.

  71. Thanks guys, today has been horrible, everything hits me at once and I am being tempted to get a can, I would dip when I was depressed to get me going.

    • I definitely would pop one in too when inwas stressed about something….was a trigger for sure. Just have to stick to your guns. Retrain yourself the use exercise or meditation (both things I’ve added to the tool box) to get thru.
      Keep rolling DDD!

    • DDD,

      Sorry if it’s a cliche. Popping one would not help improve your situation anyway and it definitely will not make you feel any better. In the end, it will make you feel even worse. Sorry fr sounding philosophical but been there seen there :(..
      Let us take life as it comes and not with the magical mirage of nic demon.


  72. My Grandma passed away this last week and my Girlfriend left me, Damn it, Life sucks. I almost caved in.
    Day 27

    • DDD

      Sorry to hear the bad news… But, stand tall in your quit. All I can say DDD. It’s hard enough to quit without any drama! Hang tough


    • Sorry about the loss DDD. Those certainly are triggers for the poison….STRESS!
      I had a lot of shit going on at the beginning of my quit, family.stuff I’d rather not bore the board with, stuff that continues today. I agree with Jeff, you just have to stand by your quit during this whirl wind. I’m sure Grandma I’m sure would be proud you made it thru this without that junk. Stay strong!!

  73. Hey shiva I remember you. Jayp and Jeff already welcomed me back. I hope Rick is still around. He was just starting when I dropped off.
    Day 26

  74. I’m over 200 days in & I still think about it, ALOT. But to go back now would disappoint me to no end. I quit one time for a yr or so 15 yrs ago, so no matter the time, you can get sucked back in if you get weak. I felt bullet proof then, being 44 yrs old, I don’t anymore. I have a dentist that never gave me a hard time about dipping, he just told me to not keep it in the same place all of the time. I tried not to, but we all know you get that comfortable spot & it’s hard to change that. He never gave me a hard time until I went & saw him when I had a spot on my gums back in February. He said he didn’t think it was anything. He asked me how long I had been dipping, I told him I had my 1st dip when I was 10 yrs old. He simply said, “Don’t you think it’s about time you quit?”. He then said the words that echoed thru my ears, “Oral cancer normally won’t kill you, but it will certainly ruin your life.”. That’s all it took, have not had a nicotine laced dip since.

  75. Went to dentist today. Deep cleaning they call it. Four shots they give you in your gums to numb you, that’s how deep they go. Thanks to years of tobacco use they had to dig deep.
    Flossing, mouthwash and brushing 3 times a day it’s not enough if you dip. Doc said there’s no oxygen flowing to your teeth. They are dying, so deep they had to go.
    I know some people are tough and say it ain’t no big deal, it don’t hurt, that may very well be, but I can think of a thousand things I’d rather be doing than a deep cleaning.

    23 days quit

    23 x 5.5 = 126 greenbacks saved which is what I used to pay tor that deep cleaning torture.

    By the way Jeff and jayp glad I could help you guys during those first days.

    • Hey DDD, good to see you posting out here. I was told myself by my dentist that she was extracting dip kernals every time I went in too. But not these past few times! Makes you feel good getting a hold on your health! That’s only one of several benefits of quitting, the $ you outline is yet another!
      You certainly did help me (Jeff too) get to that 100 day mark. If you remember, things do get a little easier around then. But you still have to beat down those cravings.
      Speaking of cravings, I am 1 year and 80 days into my quit, but for some unusual reason, the past week, I have been “thinking” about tobacco again. Not to a point that I am going to pop in a dip, but I suppose romanticizing about it, if there is such a thing? Just curious if any other quitters, veterans at their quit longer than me, have ran into this??
      As stated, way, WAY too much work invested at this point to turn back now, but strange those feelings come back even this long in the quit.
      Got a little off subject there DDD, but you keep punching away. I know, deep down in you, there is a quitter. I can tell you “got it”. Just keep at it! I’m in and out of here all the time, reach out if you need to.

      • Jayp, DDD

        I had the same feeling yesterday about a big fat dip; I am an addict, so I know at times I still need to fight the nic bitch: I am on day 418, and it shows that I still need to fight the bitch: we are so lucky to have this site to help all of us, the newbies to the veterans. Speaking of which, where the hell is shiva?

        Did the dentist myself back on day 90 or so, DDD as usual, ahead of the game: keep kicking ass my man


        • Jeff/Jayp,

          I’m still out there and going good:).. And anytime I see you guys post I smile knowing my fellow brothers are going strong. It’s completely normal to get this once in a while “funny” feeling. After all our brain doesn’t rationalize memories and the repressed ones deep in our memory comes out without any reason. It will go away soon.


          Not sure if you would remember me. Please read Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking and it will immensely help in fighting the mind games.

          The physical withdrawal in the first 3 weeks though it was brutal was more tolerable for me than the mind games. But the trick with mind games is that once you start realizing inside you it is nothing but a mirage you will better deal with that but that comes with a bit of practice. This is where Allen Carr’s book was very helpful. It speaks about smoking but the addiction in both are same nicotine.


          I’m glad you are fighting back bro. I have personally failed countless times before now.


          Keep us posted on how things are going at your end. Hope to see you better soon.


          485 days

          • Thanks to you too for posting your thoughts Shiva,

            Good to see you here as well. And as you predicted, the feelings do/did pass. It was strange just to have them again. Although they are very faint, like a whistle across a canyon. \
            No way I will go back now, I am well on my way to year 2 and beyond. If I really, REALLY want a dip, I would take a fake one just to get me by…which I have. I take one of those maybe once a week to 10 days…if that. But it just doesn’t even feel the way it used to…meaning I do not enjoy it like I once did. Just feels strange to have something in there. Still love the sunflower seeds, but that has went from a bag a day down to one every 3-4 days. I do feel the oral fixation beginning to diminish. I suppose if its completely gone a year from now, I will be a happy man. I am sure the thoughts will remain…we’re addicts, its expected. You take care Shiva and pop thru when you can!

        • Hi Jeff,
          Well, I am glad to hear that even you are still thinking about that shit. Yes, I am an addict too, I get that. Just was strange I was having those “romantic” thoughts about that nasty-ass shit again!! LOL! “a big fat dip”…Yup, I feel you man, I feel you. I know I am well qualified now just to roll with the feelings, they pass. \
          Good to see you out here now and then Jeff, keep punching away!
          ! year 80 days today, I was off 2 days on my previous post!

    • You hanging in there DDD? Hope so!!

  76. I’ve never been a “big” chewer, but get the urge at certain times or in certain situations — stress, fun, etc. That’s been my difficulty. I cut it for 10 months and then — “what the heck! little dip!” And the cycle is back to Day 1.

  77. After 25 years, what was the breaking point for you???

    • I chewed Skoal for 30 yrs and when I went to the dentist f9r a teeth cleaning he said my gums were healthy. All the more reason to quit chewing. Cold Turkey is the only way to quit nicotine. Grow a pair and get it done!!!!

    • My end was….I honestly just got sick of it. Tired of being a slave to the can, tired of paying $5+ a can, tired of spending every waking hour popping a dip in, hell, even falling asleep with that shit in my mouth. Tired of all that lukeoplkia shit in my cheek….knocking over spitters in my house, all the loose shit in the carpet of my car. I set a date, July 14th, 2014….that evening, I took my last dip. I did buy another can the next day, but the look I received from the man selling it behind the counter (he knew I was going to quit on the 15th) pissed me off so bad, I didn’t open it. It was a “you will never quit, I got you” look. I happen to stumble across this site about 2 weeks before my quit date. I was googling “quitting dippind” and the link to here popped up. I owe a large part of my quit and remain quit, to this site. It was like opening a new chapter in my life. I have met a ton of quitters here and have found a wealth of knowledge within it. My advice, spend some time here, reach out to people, help others, it all empowers you and will propel your quit!
      Good luck!!
      1 year, 78 days quit

      • Jayp

        I remember the day I quit… I didn’t plan it at all… I woke up that august day and said. Fuck it, it’s time for me to end this habit. My wife had no idea that quit( awesome wife )

        I found this site after 7 days of fighting myself… This site get the credit!


    • When you’re 20 yrs old, seeing how much of that crap you can fit in your face, you don’t give a dam. I’m 44 yrs old, have 2 kids, one severely handicapped, & a wife that needs me around. These facts & a scare of a spot on my gums caused me to. Kill The Can, haven’t looked back or regretted it since.

  78. I need a harder approach to cutting this out! Gradual is not the answer for me….:

    • http://forum.killthecan.org/ – nearly 25,000 bad ass quitters that “get it”. Nothing gradual there… we quit one day at a time and take it VERY seriously. When you’re ready, we can help.

      • Have you ever got upset to the point of tears over the thought of quitting

        • Hmmmm, I think the last time.I cried was being pulled from the womb…lol! J/K.
          No, I never had that, but there certainly is an emotional attachment to it, for sure! I think that’s why people experience anxiety during the early part of the quit. So I can see someone going through that…almost a state of depression. But I know that the symptoms you experience are so worth the freedom.
          1 year, 81 days quit.

    • Mike E…there is no natural or gradual approach to quitting. You just need to sack up and take the plunge. Gradual would have never worked for me either. People say “I will cut back” or “slow down” none of that works…it only prolongs the habit.
      Not trying to talk like some quitter from the hidden temple of badasses…but more of my opinion. You just got to take the plunge! This coming from a 25 year abuser who is currently 1 year and 77 days removed. As Chewie outlined, one day a time and yes, I take my quit very serious! Get started today!

    • Mike E, get fake dip, seeds, candy, I used everything to stay quit, post here, we all have been through it. It F ing sucks, BADLY. But you know what? I promise you, it does get better, get that crap out of your system 1st. Get it done bro, you can do it.

  79. Day 50 here. Was a tough road but I am glad I did. Mouth feels great. I have a teeth cleaning coming up. I was going through 3 cans of chew a day. It controlled my life. If I can do this, anyone can do it. I am still a little short with people but my loved ones are hanging in there for me. Sunflower seeds and gum worked for me.

  80. Day 10 and am going through almost every single one of those symptoms. Damn me for even starting chew.

  81. Thanks Anthony…on day 20 now and still jones for it every day at least once…thankful for the fake stuff

    • I’m 4 days from 120 after dipping for 40 years. My son quit and asked me what was my excuse. My mouth doesn’t bleed when I brush my teeth and some of the yellow is going away. Barrett’s esophagus is going away also. It’s way worth it to not be owned by a $5 can of ground weeds.

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