What To Expect When You Quit Dipping

What To Expect When You Quit DippingSo you want to quit. And you would like to know what it’s like. We’re not going to pull any punches around here, it’s tough. That’s why we’re all here.

Days 1 through 3 – Pure hell. You will walk in the fog. Nothing will seem real. Your brain is wondering where the hell its fix is and it is going to punish you until you come up with it. 72 hours, that’s all you need to get the nicotine out of your system. This is the only time you will go through physical withdrawal. Drink lots of water. Read, post, read and post. Don’t take your anger out on your loved ones. We always tell everyone………Make this quit about YOU. If you quit for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, mommy or daddy, you will resent them during this period. Quit for yourself and come in here to rant. Yell at us. Bitch at us. We can take it. We’ve been there.

Days 4 through 20 – Here comes the mind games. The nicotine is out of your system now. You will still have some physical things to deal with.

  • Cravings
  • Irritability,
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Constipation, gas, stomach pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Sore tongue and/or gums

Yep, you have this to look forward to. Your brain is rewiring itself. It isn’t used to being in an oxygen rich environment. Your body is responding in kind. Everything is a mind game now. All the cravings you have are actually due to triggers. Triggers are events where you are in a situtation you would normally dip in. Mowing the grass, playing poker online, playing golf, working on the car………you get the picture. Keep drinking water, use seeds, the fake stuff, whatever you need to keep the dip out of your mouth. Remember, oral fixation is part of our habit, something you will eventually need to break. For now though, use all the tools you have.

Days 20 – 50 – You’re winning. Life isn’t great, but you probably had a couple of nights where you actually got some sleep. You might notice you’re going to bed earlier than you normally do. Not staying up to get in that last dip. You may notice some sores in your mouth. You’re thinking, “great, I quit dipping and now I have cancer.” You almost certainly don’t. Your mouth is healing itself. Tiny ulcers you’ve had for a long time are healing. We recommend you visit your dentist around the 30 day mark. Don’t be a pansy, just do it. He or she will be very supportive and they can explain the sores much better than we can. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t go out drinking with the fellas or the girls. We also recommend that you don’t drink for at least the first 50 days. Drinking is a huge trigger event and it weakens your resolve.

Days 50 – 70 – Cruise control. Life is really good. You still think about it, but this is good stuff here. Some people may suffer anxiety attacks during or a little before this stage. Some doctors say we dipped to relieve anxiety anyway. Some people can push right through this, others need a little help. Talk to your doctor before you quit or immediately after you quit. They will know what to do. Some give Wellbutrin or Lexapro. Lots of people in the support community take or have taken these medicines and can help you with the affects. Don’t wait till you get to this stage of the game to talk to a doctor. You’ll cruise through this stage much easier if you know how to take care of the anxiety or at least know it’s coming.

Days 70 – 90 – Late term craves, the doldrums, the blahs, the blues. Some people end up feeling like they are right back at day 1. The fog, the haze, the craves. It can be a tough time. You need to let people in your group know this is happening. Time to circle the wagons to get through it. It usually only lasts a few days. Fight through this and make sure your order your Commemorative HOF Knife or Coin.

Days 90 – HOF – Houston, resume the countdown. Enjoy the hell out of these last 10 days. You will be celebrating with your group as you all enter the HOF. It is a great feeling and an accomplishment you should not take lightly. Do something special for yourself and your family. They put up with your sorry ass for the last 90 days and they deserve something too.

100+ Days – Stay vigilant. Use the tools you have, to continue beating back any cravings or urges. You will still experience dip dreams and longings, but you are fully qualified to beat them down. Continue to post roll with your group. Get into the newer groups and help somebody out. Pass it along. Live the dream.

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  1. Day 67
    Special day so I couldn’t pass the opportunity to record it in the digital world.
    Hectic at work so the day flew by.
    Went to the Gym and worked out pretty heavy today.
    Had about 3 cravings today, I have a little trick now, when they hit I start counting, thousand one, thousand 2, thousand three, seems to keep my mind occupied and re-routes the anxiety to a different part of the brain, in other words it just distracts me, before I know it, the craving passes and I continue my life. Weird aint it?, that feeling you get when the craving hits? Someone in here described it as a lonely feeling or as if you lost your best friend, or as if someone dear to you has passed away. Isn’t it horrendous that we associate those feelings to an Inert, carcinogenic piece of shit tobacco.?

    • It is crazy!! Day 80 today for me today, I am officially on cruise control, at least I “feel” like I am. It’s crazy to look back and see how far we and this board who remained quit has come. I fully intend on continuing to chug along with it. It certainly has been a journey, but I have made it, I am alive still and feel good knowing its NOT tobacco that’s going to take my life. Speaking of Life, I will need to get in touch with my Life Insurance company, I am paying Dipper rates!! Whoo-Hoo!!
      Take care D always good interacting with you out here, keep it up, you right on my heels buddy!!

  2. That was me D… And I am glad to read your wonderful words and in fact I am an ardent follower of your blog… You dont know how happy I feel to see your success in this long battle.. You are an inspiration to all of us… and lastly I am really glad to pass through that phase :)

  3. Does using the tobacco-free (Smokey Mountain) chew help with the cravings? As long as I am no longer expose to the tobacco/nicotine….is the fake stuff OK for a subsititue when trying to quit?

    • JKAP – for some people (myself included) the fake dip is a HUGE help. It’s definitley OK to use as a tool in your arsenal. You can find reviews, coupons, links to purcahse, etc. here: http://www.killthecan.org/your-quit/smokeless-alternatives/

    • @JKAP, I am at day 80 today and have used the fake dips religiously to fight cravings. As Chewie says, they definitely help you when craving. The key is to find a brand you enjoy. I am partial to one, there are others who like other ones better. That said, I felt guilty about using them at the start. But was told (here) that it is not cheating and not to feel bad using them. I took the advice and have been free of both nicotine and tobacco since. It’s more of a “placebo” (making your brain think you’re dipping) that helps with the cravings. You really just need to think of it as “they don’t make my [insert brand] anymore, I now have to use this kind”. I used (and still do sometimes in a pinch) the Smokey Mountain Brand, very good alternative. And you can find it at Walmarts through out the US. Most of the others you have to order online, and this Kill The Can has sample coupons for you to try most of them for a discounted price. I’ve tried almost all of them listed on this site. Read the reviews too, this is a very informative website, lots of good stuff all over the place. And of course members that are willing to talk your ear off given the chance, lol!
      Good luck on your quit. I think the fake dip substitutes have come a long way today, you’re sue to find one that “fits”!

  4. BTW, I just ordered my 100 day coin, I will be posting some pictures of it when it gets here. Said it takes a couple weeks, I will be getting it just before my 100 days, won’t open it until though!!
    I really want it to just remind me, daily, of how long it took to get here. And to also remember the website and wonderful members that helped me get there, thanks again!!

  5. Day 12 off of a 39 year habit at least a can a day, the non alcohol induced Drunken FOG is real, BTW, don’t drink real alcohol in the fog, you wont like the outcome. All I can figure is all those brain receptors are looking for anything to latch on to and Will! ,
    I likely have 100 days of this and its not fun, But it is real! Won’t be doing this again, I’m to damn old.

    • Extroitive

      Don’t give up man. I had the fog for at least 30 days, but it lifted, and it seemed when I came out of the fog, things really became a bit easier for me. The anxiety for me was very mild.

      Quitting is a full blown fight, and I took each day as “kill” (nic bitch) or “be killed” ( nic bitch)

      It takes total mental conditioning for the fight: but as each day goes by, momentum does shift to your side: this website is the best tools for you to win this fight:

      My battle brother’s that I have followed over the last 58 days are the pride of this site:

      We are “band of brothers” in the terms of one fight, one goal, help our brothers become victorious !!


    • @Extro you have a bit more time dipping than me…I was a 25 year vet myself. I promise, that fog will lift….it was 30-40 days for me. It’s a bitch and the big reason I am done with that shit. Too many good alternatives out there besides tobacco these days. I will choose a herbal dip instead of nicotine laced products moving forward. But I think you will see much improvement very soon, hang in there and check in with us here. Keep up the fight!! ~JP

  6. Awesome, aint it guys?, and we’ve done it without calling roll. I am not saying that that is a bad way of doingt it, BUT, somehow we’ve done it this far.

    • Yes we have! Part of the reason I never did roll call was I couldn’t figure out how to do it and wasn’t shown the way. But I guess showing up here everyday or every other day, has still kept me committed. Don’t plan on ever going back to the can!!!

      • Jayp

        I never could get a roll call either… Sucks because I would have one hell of a HOF speech!

        I use my iPad maybe that’s the reason…


  7. Anyway, enough said, tomorrow will be day 69, just like i promised a long time ago, I would reveal the meaning of my stupid stage name. Stage name meaning this forum.. Good Night Ex-Dippers………..

  8. Day 69

    A long time ago when my niece was only a small child, she came in from school and told me that drugs were bad for people, i said yes, that is true.
    She said then why do you do it? I said I do not do drugs.
    She said, yes you do, you use tobacco.
    That, threw me off my rocker. I guess I hadn’t thought about tobacco as a drug, since it is legal and sold at stores and all.

    Anyway i dismissed that talk, the years passed and she might have gotten after me about dipping and how bad it was a couple of times, but I didn’t listen to her after all she was just a little kid.

    One day I excused myself from the family and said I was running to the store, my niece said, what are you getting? some deepyDeeDooo? she said in a comical way, I said yes why?, hmm no reason and ran off to play.

    You get it now?

    She had made peace with my dipping, in her own little way she accepted me with my disgusting habit.
    Had I not been so hard headed, I should have stopped then, but I was not ready.

    They say in this site that if you quit for someone else, it doesn’t work out, it has to come from yourself and no one else.

    A decade later I finally had enough, I stopped dipping, started getting the symptoms everyone else here went through, so I decided to look around for help, i found this place and the rest is history, you guys have read my story from then on.

    I had to pick a name, so that episode in my life came to mind, hence I chose
    DeepyDeeDon’t. (I do not have to make people accept me, when i am doing wrong)

    She was the only one that stood up to me and had the guts to tell me I was doing something wrong, but I couldn’t see it. I thought I was actually cool for doing that disgusting ritual, how wrong I was.

  9. Day 70

    I made it to the next level.

    How does it feel? Well, I do feel a sense of pride, but it is not the end of the road.

    Optimistically speaking, I do feel better for the most part. I estimate a 96 percent of the time during a day, life is normal and free of tobacco cravings, it is that 4% that I have to watch out for. That is the suckiest part of the quit.

    You all take care.

  10. Day 72
    Definitely fellas, if you have a chance to go to the gym and work out like a damned mule, it sure makes you feel a shit lots better, no craving today and I feel like a million bucks.
    The last couple of days been kind of crappy, not entirely bad, but definitely not like today. The crave before and after the gym have entirely dissapeared, the older bros. were right, it takes a little while, but it gets better.

    Later quitters

  11. Today is day 85 for me since the quit began. I just wanted to, I just had my first “dip dream”. First one I had since the quit. The dream had started out that I did not have any fake dip left…so I took a real on, had it in for a few minutes and thought to myself “you’re cheating, you’ll have to restart all over again” I then spit it out and felt guilty about taking it in the first place. I guess this quit must be real fore now, since every ex-dipper I know, told me they had dreams about dipping, which always sound strange to me. Well….I’ve become that I guess.
    Also, I agree with Dippy….work out, it does make you burn off that pent up frustration you have deep within. The other side of that coin, you won’t be packing on the pounds since you will want to be craming stuff in your face with the chew being absent. Keep on keeping on, quitters!

  12. Dam! I really do hate using phones to post. So many errors, looks like a 2nd grader has been posting under my name! All well…..

  13. I quit for a month then fell right back on the wagon. I need to find a better approach any ideas?

  14. 60 days for me! Proud as a peacock that I have stayed the course: yes. It sucked many times….. But. The best feeling is no more splitters everyplace… Anyways. 60 days is awesome

    • Wait, there are 2 Jeffs here. A 60 day jeff and a 305 day Jeff, (Awesome by the way) maybe you guys can post and say your number of days like you did in this post so we can recognize you.

  15. @needdipgone Register on the forums, read everything you can & post roll with your group. I quit only by building accountibility with my quit group. You post a promise not to use nicotine for that 24 hour period & then you keep your word. It’s the easiest thing in the world once you buy into the concept & the group. I text & talk to guys in my quit group every single day & we stay strong together.

    It’s day 305 for me….. No question it works.

  16. Day 78. I had a long drive yesterday and the crave would not go away, it lasted for hours, tried to stay busy after I got home, but the thought of dipping would not leave, In not so many words i almost caved in, I had made piece with it (start dipping again). Somehow I did not do it, i can not give specifics, it just didn’t happen. Maybe i was so tired I fell asleep, but I did have a dream I was dipping, sucks because I really enjoyed it, woke up feeling guilty.
    Don’t know what else to say, this thing got a hold of my dreams now?

  17. I’m really tired of being controlled by a plant I hope someday I can be as strong as all of you. I’ve been lurking on this site for months waiting for just the “right” moment to stop. The idea of stopping forever seems insurmountable. And chewing nicotine gum is like putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound. my mental mineshaft seems to have thousands of workers chipping away on a minute by minute basis. I gotta send them home. I have other addictions too so when I stop one the other increases. Its like they’re intertwined in my subconscious. I haven’t had a chew of tobacco all day today and I’m hoping tomorrow is the same. Gonna stay strong for tonight I just want to make it more than 36 hours this time

  18. We all been there Rick. You’ll get your calling. Until then good luck.

  19. Day #91 for me today. It seems a long time since I had a wad of tobacco in my mouth. I honestly don’t miss the habit. I’ve read a lot of people constantly think about it, I’m thinking I just made peace with myself without the shit. As mentioned, I have been using several of the herbal, fake chews, which have helped with the cravings. Sunflower seeds have been my savior as well. But to be sitting here telling this message board I’m at day 91 is remarkable to me. And I know, if I can get here, as bad a dipper I was, ANYONE can beat this habit. I truly mean that folks. I mean I remember having a walk through in a high school, pre-game for football. We were in the gym and the coaches were going over our assignments on defense. Well….yours truly was dipping and had to spit, so as the coach approached me, I had no choice but to turn myself away and spit in the pocket of my tshirt I was wearing!! Nice eh? And I had to wear that shirt under my shoulder pads for the game….sigh…..the Nasty ass memories of a habit now 91 days behind me! I truly feel people that want to quit need to come here and share stories, this is the best way for all of us to get through it. I read them all folks, keep them coming! 9 days to my 100….and I will continue to 200 and beyond. Keep up the fight!!

  20. Did you make it through the day Rick?

    • Sure did. But I’m hating life right now for sure. The weight of addiction is much heavier than 1.2 grams of tobacco in each can

      • Good Job! Yes, its tough in the very beginning Rick. Yes life sucks, you will be getting frustrated, you will be angry, edgy….then that lifts. Next you will go through a foggy field that lasts (for me) about 30-40 days. Along with it comes some anxiety….which the author said he was told the reason we dipped was to help with our anxiety. But once you make it through that….at least for me, it’s smooth sailing. If you think NOT having a dip is the real issue….try the herbal or fake dips. You can order them out here. Smokey Mountain is in Walmarts across America. Depending on your state, you can find that brand in other retail stores too. And you can order them all out here on line. This website has all their websites listed. All you have to do is ask for help out here….someone will step up, we’re all going through the same stuff as you. Not sure your brand, but you can find one similar to your brand (will not be exact) that can get you by in the tough stretches. You can do it, just reach deep inside and find that inner warrior….we all have it. Keep up your fight! JP

        • right now I’m living minute by minuteI have a lot of inspirationmy wife of three years is expecting in Aprilthat’s one of the biggest reasons for me quitting I never want my child to know that I had such an awful addiction also my father in law battled nicotine addiction for 40 years and the reason he quit chewing is because they went in and cut a piece of his mouth out I really don’t want that for myself I can see the brass ring but at times it is so hard to reach if you guys don’t mind I think I will continue to post here because it makes me feel better to know that somebody out thereknows exactly how I feel

          • Absolutely Rick, if you read back on this blog, you can see that I’ve written almost everyday since I quit, it helped me a lot, if it helps you, then by all means…..Write away.

          • Everyone has their reasons Rick…I have heard for the wife, kids, health….but really, it has to be for “you”. Me, I got sick of being controlled by the shit, the wrinkled cheek tissues, the cost, the spitters, the breath, the teeth, the shit all over my truck, the shit under my nails, on my clothing….just SICK of it! I did it for 25 years, that was enough. Most people I know, that started dipping when I did, either have switched to smoking or just simply quit. They always ask “you still dip?”…yup!
            But as “deepydeedont” says, PLEASE, feel free to post here. We’re all going through or have gone through the same shit Rick, you aren’t alone. I would also suggest joining the forums here. I signed up, but have never really went into them, posted roll call or any of that. But I am committed to my quit and its because I spend some time here on this very page talking about it and to others who come along like you that want to quit. We’re around, stop in an talk with us!

  21. Well Hell guys, here is the thing, since I started my quit, (day 80 in 12 minutes) I been here barking around to the four winds how shitty this endeavor has been for me, but as I read more of yall’s stories I know you guys are getting the raw deal as well. By bitching and kicking everyday we’ve been able to dodge the bitch bullet, that’s heroic boys. I said it before and I am saying it now, tough guys chew on that shit, but it takes a Chuck Norris caliber of a dude to quit. We are there quitters, We are freaking there, we reached that level of bad assness (if its a word).
    Now along the way I called out and challenged some tough dudes to join us in the quit and test their toughness, well hell, some did as a matter of fact three bad asses took the challenge that I am aware of. JOEY (THE LIPSKI) CARNS, Brandon and Now Rick are on their way through hell like we all did it. Crazy motherfuckers!! but I applaud them for having the guts to take on the challenge.
    If you are reading this post and got the guts to start the quit, DO IT!! quit pussy footing around and start, START!! I DARE you to go through those three fucking days of Hell.

  22. I started chewing Skoal at 25 I’m now 31 I just saw a video of me from 2007 and the first thing I noticed Is that I didn’t have a chew in becuz I didn’t start yet. I lived a long time without it. Now its tormenting me every minute or so. When I finally kick this for good it will be the single most greatest thing I ever accomplished. To me That’s awesome and extremely pathetic at the same time how hard can it be to not put something in your lip? I’m to the point now where I feel the same if I’m chewing or not chewing-riddled with anxiety. I’m going out on my lunch break to get smokey mountain. Hope it fills that void.

    • I really f****** hate to Bacco I f****** hate it I hate it so f****** bad Hate to say but 90% of me is up at the store buying it and 10% of me is still here on the couch typing this in. Yea I guess I’m raging a little but fuck! Its just a little can! Sorry for the hostility guys but at this exact moment this is how I’m feeling. Thanks so much for your comments deepy jayp you know how much they help. gosh if it weren’t for your comments and me reading them a thousand times today I would have already went to the store

      • Rick
        Jayp and Deepy got me thru the worse parts: I am day 63 and each day I would have a routine : After dinner, and a walk around the block, I would read Deepy and jayp; I called them super hero’s a few weeks back, because they kept me on the straight ; jayp and Deepy were several weeks ahead of me, but it was a map of what I could expect:

        Stay with it Rick. Don’t give up. We are all here for you, kick its ass

      • Good Rant Rick let it all out, that’s what I did, get mad at it, curse it, kick its ass. You already taken the hardest step, the first step. Don’t let 1.2 grams of shit take you down. Think about those cancer pictures you saw, that aint no joke, think about the people that would have to see you everyday if that happens to you.
        Drink lots of water dude, every time you get a craving, stuff your face with water, count the seconds to see how long the crave takes, keep your mind occupied until the crave goes away.
        In my case I joined the gym and that has helped me to work out all the bad vibes from the quit, not to mention I developed an increased apetite so it keeps me from gaining too much weight and HELL, I am actually getting a hell of a body. I was thinking the other day, maybe I can find part time job at HardBodies (stripper) Just Kidding of course. But yes, try to stay active and busy and post in here like a mad Shakespeare, that’s what I do, it helps me. Seems like I was able to help Jeff too. You guys are doing great Keep it up.

  23. Well its late here and I’m fiEnding for my last dip of the night except that its been 56 hours Since ny last chew my mind is kinda playing tricks with me so instead of heading to the store I’ll blab instead met my Lady when I was 22 at a bar first thing I noticed she didn’t smoke and was stable and down to earth so we get to talking and she asks me “do you use tobacco?” I at the time I didnt so I said no. I was around plenty of friends that smoked growing up but I kinda thoughtbit smelled gross so I guess it just didn’t take with me. She then says to me “well that’s good because my dad has been struggling with nicotine since he was 17-smoke for 11yrs chewed 2-3 cans a day for 17 Yrs and still struggles with it and I don’t wanna be involved with anybody that uses tobacco” 3yrs into our relationship 2 major things happened- got a job in 08 with friends that dipped and started playing softball a lot. And one day I see my friend pit a dip in (fucking longhorn wintergreen) and say ” hey can I try some?” Figuring well I’ve tried a lot of things and how bad could it be. If only I would have heeded her advice. A couple weeks later another guy at work comes up and said ” hey man heard you had some dip here’s a roll of grizzly mint” of course I took it by the time I was done with it I thought well I guy I’ll go buy some. immediately a can or more a day.. Fast forward 3 years. I’m getting married To this same girl thinking “I’m done chewing I don’t have to do that shit anymore and besides she doesn’t know so its time to quit” wrong! Finally she finds out and we have huge Huge arguments about round and round over and over for months. And one day she came and I fell asleep with a huge lip in probably 1/3 of a can lol and the spit bottle and everything she wakes me up and says “well if your going to put cancer causing agents in your mouth I need to make you aware of what could possibly happen” and that was the night everything changed forever. She googled cancer from dipping.Squamous cell carcinoma tongue turning cancerous gums rotting well that was 2 years ago. Been making half assed attempts ever since. Haunted by those images. My wife has been a rock through all of this. But its time to kick this piece of shit product created by somebody to slowly leech all my money health and will to live. After only 6 and a half years it sucked a lot of stuff out and replaced it with more shit or the need to use tobacco. A vicious cycle. Tomorrow will be an enormous test really enormous I haven’t played a game of ball in 6 years without the round can in my back pocket. Thinking about putting smokey mountain in a Skoal can just not to raise eye brows(like it matters but whatever) jeez just spilled a lot of guts but I didn’t go buy any so I think it helped. Also wanted to say after 6 years I’m going nuts crazy can’t imagine how it was after 25 years must been awful thanks for inspiration


    • Rick
      Good post: I was the same way playing golf. Use the fake stuff, it worked for me, all the triggers ( mowing grass, camping, restore old cars) the fake stuff worked,

      I am on day 65 the journey will be hard, but you have all the tools you need to win this fight. I consider my quit a fight, every day is a battle, but it gets better! The fog sucks, just each day, fight the battle, you will win!

    • Great story Rick….we all have our reasons for starting, quitting too. In ran around with a kid in Junior High….one of the kids that was always in trouble, first to drink, smoke, chew, skip school….the ones your parents were pissed off you gravitated towards. He was the single most influential person that kept the dipp train rolling back then. We had a tree camp that him, me and my younger bro built….bad ass one, probably (and I am not exaggerating) the best one in the county. Wall to wall carpet…insulated… had a shingled roof….and us kids built this dam thing. But this friend of ours would go to stores and get all kinds of chews….Skoal, cope, Kodiak, Hawken, we tried them all. And after finishing them, we would pull the lid, and nail the can around the inside roof of the camp….so we had a ring-lining of cans where the roof and wall met in there…..dam we were cool kids, hahaha! But my habit never really rooted u til those years hanging with that kid. Sad to say, that kid didn’t ever amount to much….obviously. But he got both me and my younger bro on this shit. I quit back in the mid 90’s for a short 6 months, was on a salmon fishing trip and all my buddies were popping cans in the river while we were in waders trying to catch them on the run. I looked around at the 6 guys, 4 of them poppinv time and shook my head and said “toss me one”. All it took. I dipped the rest if the time there and bought a can the minute I returned home. I’ve dipped since then up until 93 days ago. I know now that I am not strong enough to just take 1 dip and be free from it….I doubt anyone is who dealt with addiction to it.
      You’re doing all the right things Rick, Ranting, reaching out, using the fake dips….eventually using the take shit will just be acceptable for you….gotta get use to it. None of this stuff is exactly like my Skoal Wintergreen Long cut…..but I have accepted them as my new dips if I want one. I will gladly chew this stuff all the days of my life than return to that other shit laced with battery acid, flumeldahyde(sp?), lead, nuclear waste and anything other them assholes at Big Tobacco feel it necessary to add to that tin to preserve it. I am done with that shit…and as Deeply said, the more angry younger towards it, the easier it gets! Keep up the fight!!

      And thanks for the kind words again Jeff…..its GREAT to see you out here beating the habits ass!! A big SALUTE to you sir, keep it up, you’re right behind me!

      • Good post jayp. My first dip in 1979 was ” happy days” does anyone remember happy days chew?
        When you mentioned Hawken chew, my flashback to happy days chew

        Jeff day 67

        • Happy Days…nope, can say I recall that one…I started probably in the mid 80’s. My first dip was Skoal Fine Cut…grandpas brand in the fishing boat….I was 9-10 years old. From there, its was pretty much exclusively Kodiak until that shit just wore on my lip….shit burnt terrible! Then switched to Long Cut Wintergreen Skoal probably in the mid 90’s and finished with that brand. I dabbled with them all….but Skoal Wintergreen and occasionally the Mint were my fixes. Speaking of Mint….if you haven’t tried the Mint by Triumph (fake dips)…get some! Solid, SOLID mint flavor. Triumph by far is my favorite. Hooch is pretty good, and Smokey Mountain is also good…but the Classic Flavor by Triumph, trumps them all in my opinion. Alright….enough of that advertising shit. I don’t recall the Happy Days….but the Wintergreen Triumph….reminded me A LOT of Hawken. Anyway….back to my work….keep up the good work my friend….we’re all chugging away!!

        • Happy Days? I just googled that and don’t recall seeing those.

          I also started in the mid eighties like Jay P, but unlike him I started with Levi garret the pouch. that damned bag was so huge to carry around so I shifted to the levi garret PLUG, years later I graduated to the big leagues as I call it and started dipping Skoal, that shit right there is what got me hooked.
          The chew was smoother and less addictive I thought at the time, but once I started the Long cut Skoal, it was all over.
          In any case, isn’t it blatantly ironic that those people call that powder from Hell, the “Happy Days”???

          • Found out it was discontinued in the mid 90’s: Wikipedia has happy days part of US tobacco. You tube has the Walt Garrison commercials

            Anyways. Rick. Stay with it dude! We are here for you and anyone that has the balls to quit, I read posts everyday, update us, and use feedback from these veterans, it helped me.

            Tomorrow I am headed to the dentist, It’s been awhile, but fuck it, no more nic, I have saved over $350.00. So I will get my teeth cleaned!

            Day 67

  24. Good Morning fellas, just stopped by to check up on you all.

    Rick you got a game to go to, that will be your test of fire. JayP, Jeff, Myself and about 21 thousand people on this site went through it, its your turn.

    Now I want you to come back here and tell us you stayed quit man, we are counting on you.

    This is war, the platoon has to stay strong, no man is left behind, that is my motto.

    If it helps this is my 81st day of my quit and I Dipped for 29 years.

    • You 3 are a godsend. I’m thankful I’ve started the process after only 6.5 yrs of use. I’ve actually had to audibly say no to myself multiple times today. I see guys walk by with huge chews in carrying around their stokers tubs at work and I start to get all sweaty and shit just thinking about it.especially when I tell them I’m done with tobacco and they wave it in my face. Still can’t believe this stuff is made by humans. As my lady says “they are pRofiting off of your misery” Kudos to you all for kicking it and fighting the addiction after so many years

  25. Hey Rick, the same thing happened to me.

    Don’t expect any mercy from those Bums at work or people you dipped with, they are going to kick you while you are down, they gonna twist you, they gonna punish you so you can cave in. You see they want you in the same misery as they are, secretly they wished they could stop. (Every Dipper thinks that)

    My buds (so called) would dangle that can in front of me too, and take big wads of that shit in front of me, followed by disgusting spits in trash cans or spitoons just to make fun of me.

    Not the best of times in my life during those days, and many times I thought “the Hell with it, I am gonna dip again” but somehow I resisted, that’s why I keep posting and saying you gotta have balls of steel to go through this.

    Jeff and Jay are here also rooting for you they going through their hell too.

    Here is a good note, well actually 2.

    The first one is that the Hell you going through is the physical pain of the Nicotine leaving your body, it eases up after the third day, keep track of your days.

    The second one is, that once those gutless weasels see that you aint caving in and that you are staying quit, they’ll show you their respect, they’ll look at you different, just endure it and watch. I am telling you cause it happened to me.

    Watch, they’ll be coming to you for advise when they are ready, if they do ask you, you’ll know what to do.

    In the mean time, Hang in there, good things are coming.

  26. I didn’t play softball tonight. Got rained out actually kinda happy because I just didn’t wanna deal with the extreme cravings.I really didn’t wanna be around my softball buddies feeling like this. The craving for chew got very bad today.it is like my brain is saying okay dude enough already when are you going to give me what I want. I must have been showing my moods the last couple days because the wifey asked me today if I ever thought about nicotine gum. I told her I’m kinda afraid to reintroduce the drug into my body after everything I read on this website. Yeah the father in law quit chewing by using nicotine gum but he’s still chewing it 12 years later. I really feel that he has just prolonged the torture. I really hope there is light at the end of this tunnel because it feels pretty dark right now. I know its because of the Skoal and all the awful shit they put into. I’ve done lots of research on the whole thing and boy its a greek tragedy what they’ve done to tobacco. They’ve had 100 years to perfect the drug to the point where its highly addictive. I never knew what addiction really felt like until about two years after I had been chewing When I tried to stop and couldn’t for even one day. I’ve tried a lot of things and I mean a lot and chewing tobacco takes the cake 100% very hard to kick when I’m done fighting all this crap(which I acknowledge might take a long time) I would like to speak to youngsters about the dangers of tobacco because really I never thought it would happen to me I never started smoking cigarettes because I always knew how bad they were but the only thing I knew about youChew tobacco was that ball players and tough dudes did it I don’t think enough people know that it’s really bad for you.anyway nicotine gum what do you guys think? I’m pretty sure I know the answer

    • You know Rick, when I quit back in the mid 90’s…I used nicorette gum. I bought a box….when I had an urge, I chewed a piece. Then I started mixing it with Extra Sugar free gum…Wintergreen…like my Skoal. I started to half, then quarter these pieces of gum and mixed them with the gum until it was gone and then just chewed the sugar free gum. I’ll tell ya, my jaws were so dam sore for the 6 months I chewed gum! But I was able to ween of the stuff eventually….6;weeks or so.
      Fast forward my quit this time around….the day I started my quit, I actually had a can of Smokey Mountain. Well…my plan was to mix some regular chew with it, which I did the very first day of my quit. But….I felt guilty about doing it that way. What did it? I was buying my chew from a tobacco outlet store and told the owner I was going to quit. So when I went and bought a can from him after he knew my quit date was that day, I seen the smirk on his face when he turned and pulled a can off his shelf and rang it up. It was almost like the dude was laughing at my addiction! It pissed me off to the point I told myself, I AM DONE WITH THIS SHIT! So…that small gesture by the tobacco store owner, only made my comittment to my quit stronger. I still do pop in there to see him and he always ask how my quits going. I might buy a bag of seeds or some smokey mountain (when my triumph is on order)..but I tell him I am done…and he says “good!!”. And! I still have that can of dip, just one chew taken from it. It sits right next to my fake chews in the cabinet. I don’t even look at it the can anymore. In seriously feel I’ve beat it.
      But to me, my opinion, I wouldn’t use the gum, patch…anything nicotine. It only prolongs your quit. Use this site to talk, sounds like you have a supportive woman, tell her no more nicotine talk. Get a can of the fake shit, some seeds, jerkey…whatever…but don’t prolong your quit with another form of nicotine. I went down that road and it only prolonged the quit. You will get through this, Jeff went through it here with me and Deepy. Those 2 guys been here posting on and off just shortly after my quit. Proud of them guys and the newbies like yourself who got the balls to take a swipe at dropping the habit. Its tough Rick, we know what you’re going through, but I wouldn’t bother with the nic anymore, you’re tougher than the withdraw…I haven’t said this out here….but I have adopted the saying “This too….Shall pass” throughout my quit….its true….it all passes.
      One day at a time and you get there!-JP

  27. yeah I have decided not to use the nicotine gum as much as I’m struggling right now I feel that while that would provide temporary relief it would really just extend the overall problem which is my addiction to nicotine and tobaccoit is funny what you said about the store owner because I had an incident at the tobacco outlet a couple months ago
    I was getting really fed up with the habit back in the summer and really was just going to the store because I felt like I had to like it was required and anyway a you UST representative was in there and it was right after my favorite shoe dropped in price by 50 cents. and he said hey how do you like the new price? I said honest to God I wish I would have never started using your s***** product and how does it feel to make money off of people’s weaknesses? You know he must have heard before because he didn’t even react he ended up walking to the back and he there I guess. I ended up finding a new store to go to. I suppose the ironic thing is that I went into that very same store today to get some fake tool Chew. Tried the Oregon mint snuff texture kinda reminds me of hawken. Seems to work I can spit it. Added a tiny bit of water to juice it up. So I had my last tobacco chew Sunday at 1130pm and its Thursday so like 95.5 hours? Never went this long before. Feels awesome and terrible at the same time I know it will get better just gotta stop beating myself about it.you guys were right this is an all out war. thanks for listening

    • I also can’t believe you held onto that can as well jayp! I couldn’t handle that right now. It would burn a hole in my mind like money burns holes in peoples wallets. Gotta big chew of oregon mint snuff in right now. I am finding that if I don’t think about it too much then the placebo effect kinda works.

      • Not sure why I kept it, guess I had intentions to give it to my younger bro….but that would just mean I support the shitty habit, so kept it. But nah….doesn’t bother me a bit to see it in the cabinet. The little warnings “this product may cause mouth cancer” is enough for me to take a pass these days. Its sort of motivating to.look at that cans edge and just think nothing of it. Really….just reminds me of how far I’ve came. As mentioned, I got pissed at the habit, mad at myself it had a hold on me and my life…I’m at peace right now and don’t ever intend on going back. Especially when I remember those first 30-40 days. You get that far Rick, cold turkey, you’ll understand. Just be sure to come back here often and talk to the new guys, it helps them get motivated, but also reminds you of the journey you’ve made. Alright…Midnight in Michigan….time to hit the rack! Good job with the Oregon Mint. That was really all there was available back in the 90’s when I had my first quit….there are several alternatives today that will keepe from ever returning to that other BS. That’s all it is….a placebo…which gets you to tomorrow, keep going!-JP

  28. Damn, you guys are posting some good stuff. King Solomon wisdom Jay and tobacco research rick, awesome stuff.

    I agree with Jay if you choose nicorette or any kind of nicotine product you will just be prolonging your quit Rick. I think you already knew the answer otherwise you wouldn’t have said it yourself.

    Here’s the thing, what you are going through is the physical manifestation of tobacco cessation, this is real; it is the physical side of it, once you get passed that then the psychological part kicks in, in other words you will no longer crave it with your body, but with your mind, this is the habit part. We learned to associate tobacco with things we enjoy doing, so when we do those things the mind says there is something missing here, throw in the dip. That is what we have to fight after what you are going through.

    That is where jay, jeff, myself and thousand of other quitters are going through right now, this guy chewie kept recommending the fake chew and for a while I thought he owned stock in the companies he recommended, but now I know why he does it, dudes like me get to a point when you say, I can not go any further I need something else to keep up the fight, So Yes I ordered some fake stuff to get me by, I can’t be chewing on gum anymore.

    So my advise to you is first go through the physical part, conquer it, get to the fog part, that is next, then you can try staying quit cold turkey like I did or start your fake dip and continue until you no longer need it. It is up to you, for me it worked cold turkey all the way until the Funk stage, but hey, everyone is different.

    The important part is you are tobacco free and planning your freedom however you want.

    Feel free to chime in Jeff , Chewie or any other brother, if you are reading this share some more wisdom with us.

    • Lmao! Deepy….”I thought Chewie had stock in these companies”….I honestly thought this site was just a “fake dip propaganda” place at first glance….but have since learned that’s DEFINITELY, not the case. I’ve used the fake chews since day 1. Actually the place that I bought my tobacco also carried Smokey Mountain…but then I started looking at all the other alternatives and wanted to try them. And minus the energy fake dips out here, I’ve tried about all of them. I have an Elicit one in as I type. But my frequency of how many I take a day….have dramatically dropped from my dipping days. I chewed a can, can and a half a day (depending on stress levels). Now…I’m lucky to break a half of this fake stuff. And I read (written by Chewie I think) something here that said after a while, you just don t need it. Which, based on how my habit has dropped, i can see it happening some day. But that was some funny shit about stock in these fake companies…I had the same idea at first, we can agree, not the case though…funny.

  29. Glad to provide humor in here, it’s good to laugh while we going through this though time.
    I read around a lot of these postings and Hundred Day speeches and it just seemed like wherever a dude would ask about the fake chew, then Chewie jumped right on it and started putting his 2 cents.
    I know he means well now, but for a while there I thought that his motives were not entirely altruistic. To tell you the truth tough, they are providing Incredible free service for all of us.
    I read somewhere that there isn’t a Medical Tobacco cessation program specific for Oral tobacco users because there isn’t a big market for it. Well, I say 20,000 people plus the other dudes that have not come in here seems to me that is a damned good market to start with, isn’t it?
    In fact I think that the tobacco companies should invest in creating this new science, it would look good for them.
    Think about it, “Dirty them up” by consuming the product, this as we all know takes years to do, so they rake in the money, then after you want to quit, go to their programs for cessation and voila you are “clean” and so are your pockets, cha ching. Everybody wins, well they win more than we do, but we walk away with our jaws and faces intact.

    What do you guys think? i know its a hare brained Rant, but it helps me to write guys. Now back to work. Laters Quitters.

  30. By the Way, Rick and JayP, I also kept the last can of snuff and it is still there under the seat of my Jeep,

    I Don’t know why I kept it either. Maybe because I thought that there would be a day when I would cave in and be within easy reach, maybe because I wanted to see if I could have the temptation so near and not do it, I do not know why.

    It aint as ballsy as JayP because he keeps it in plain sight, i don’t know if I could have done that, but mine is there just out of sight, but not out of mind.

    One of these days, I will throw it out, I know I will, and it will be mainly ceremonial really, maybe that is the reason why I kept it, so some day I could proudly throw it away.

  31. I know what you mean. It will be a hell of a ceremony when that day comes! I never got that chance to keep the last can because I finished my last can Sunday night cause of a dentist appointment on tuesday( we all know how shitty they are when your dipping constantly). The initial reason I stopped was because 6 months ago when I went in I had been chewing very heavy. Probably 2 cans a day like if I wasn’t sleeping or eating I was chewing . I had the audicity to spit out my chew in the dentists parking lot on the way in. Well he looks in there and says “your mouth looks exactly like the mouth of a chewer and your cheeks are gray and corrugated” I asked if it could become leukoplakia he said ” that’s exactly what it is! My advice to you would be to stop chewing tobacco” well I quit last Sunday so I didn’t have to hear him say that again! I was struggling hard Monday night( still struggling hard today but getting a little easier) so once again went on KTC and read deeply jayp and Jeff’s posts. I was feeling desperate looking for anything helpful. So I posted how I was feeling and they came to the rescue! Just with a few helpful positive words. None of this “its too hard to quit” or ” you’ll start again tomorrow” or ” just go get some already!” All positive thanks again guys. Good job on seeing it through

    • Rick
      Check it out. You are almost 7 days into your quit!!! Congrats!

      Sunday will be one week, you must feel some sort of accomplishment! I remember day 7. I truly remember telling myself that I actually made it a week!

      I was then heck bent on making it to day 14! You can do it…. In a matter of a few weeks, you will be helping a new quitter.

      I must tell you, now that I am at day 68, helping a rookie quitter is very important to me… See I am on a mission to put US smokeless company out of business.


    • Good to see your still committed to your quit Rick. Keep up the fight. As others stated, it will become easier as the days pass and you continue to stay away from the poison. Out on a camping trip and cruising through another day (95) without the shit. Keep up the fight and I will check back in later.
      Jeff…I LOVE your mission!! -JP

  32. Just checking in again. Been awhile. But I remember how important reading these posts were when I first quit. I’m feeling a lot better. Working out and fighting like hell to keep from gaining a bunch of weight.
    The only other pain in the ass at this stage… F-ing boredom, plain and simple.
    Day 49.

    • Coming on here has been a huge help been almost 6 days here 132 hours to be exact. I almost caved a bunch of times at bar last night but rverytime I was close I looked at these posts. I know what’s down that road. Temporary relief but a lifetime deceit lies and suffering. So I keep chewing Oregon mint snuff- the stuff is great!! Except for the green spit lol!

      • I can’t believe you went out drinking and stayed quit, that means you are really serious about it.
        I stayed away from drinking during my first 30 days into my quit because I knew I would cave in, it was too recent and too much for me to handle, but you were able to do it.
        Congratulations and stay away from the Nic Bitch.

      • Rick

        Talk to us,,,, you made it a week!

  33. T-maj I remember you, its been a while, you doing good looks like. Check it out I am on day 83 today.
    Jeff, JayP and myself been helping out a little with a new brother (Rick) that joined almost 7 days ago, he is on his way, like you and us.

    Keep it up dude and don’t be a stranger.

  34. Today was my first day that I felt a hard corp crave… Has friends in for the weekend and went to in and out burger joint ( I live in so cal). I have not had a double Double for almost a year. As soon as I was done… Boom! Wham! I wanted a dip , a big fatty of Copenhagen…

    I did not cave .. But it was the first crave in a while… Day 70. No biggie now. But a few hours ago. Wow

    What happened today shows me I do have the discipline ( or the fear of the fog and day1-3 again) to handle craves, it also shows me the nic bitch can show up any time …

    Anyway. Just needed to share this…


  35. Thanks for Sharing Jeff and glad you were able to fend off the crave. I am completing day 83 and proud to say that today I did not have any cravings all day. Unbelievable, but its true. I hope to have more days like today.

  36. Tonight will be 7 days for me .just jumped a huge hurdle today played my first games of softball in 6 years without my trusty can of death. I’m fighting back waves of sadness though. Like a friend of mine went away forever and is never coming back. Conscious ly I know its just all the triggers and habits coming back. But man today was tough even with the fake snuff. I really hope its get better Cuz today felt like day 3. Fuck tobacco I don’t need it nobody needs it. It just all the shit they put in it to make our brains believe that we “need” it. That we “have” to have it. I’m bigger than 1.2 ounces of manufactured death. Tobacco is the only consumer product that, if used correctly, can kill you.also me being a numbers guy I figured out that 5.5 million people use smokeless tobacco regularly and 21000 on this website have quit and are fighting the urges. We are the .003% that fought hard! Keep fighting it fellas

    Way to fight back that craving Jeff you don’t need that shit!

  37. Way to go Rick, your first week. Now lets make it 2.

    On your comment about sadness experienced because of your quit. That is exactly what I experienced and posted around the same time you are posting it. isn’t it insane that we keep that lethal substance in such high regard, to the point as to miss it as though a best friend would have died. I cannot believe the amount of insanity packed with this garbage.

  38. Hi all day 8 here. Never I thought I could make it this far. My brain now realizes that this substance is never coming back and it is really punishing me. I think the word crave doesn’t even come close to describe what I’m feeling. A fellow here at work just cracked a fresh tub of stokers dip next to me and I caught a whiff of it. Man did that get the ball Rollin in my head . a whole lot of “wouldn’t it be nice if” and ” cmon, it’ll make the day go quicker”. Problem is it would just perpetuate my addiction. I feel like I wasted a year of my life thinking about tobacco and trying to quit tobacco. It was November of 2013 that I started thinking really hard about what I was doing to myself. And it took me til 8 days ago to finally kick this bullshit habit. Everybody says 1 day at a time but today for me its 10 minutes a time. Hope I didn’t bring anybody down Cuz I’m just venting but I really hate this goddamn shit.nicotine is a dirty word in my vocabulary I despise it!

  39. It’ll start easing down, Rick. You have come a really long way. Look at you, some of the things you achieved in the first week, I could only dream of. Going to a bar, playing softball, be at work (i took off first 6 days :))… I cannot think of getting those done in the very first week.
    Knowingly or unknowingly, you are extinguishing the sub conscious memory of all those associated with nic and it is a wonderful achievement which will help you in the long term.

    Great going, Rick. You are marvellous.

    • Thanks a bunch Shiva I have to convince myself that it is, because I feel like a hot mess today. I read your post from July 23rd and the last half of it hit the nail on the head for me.. I feel like I’m going through the 7 stages of grief/ acceptance. But whatever I’d rather feel like this than pay 3 dollars a day to slowly kill myself.
      Your doing a fine job yourself
      Thanks for helping a quitter and fuck tobacco

  40. Day 85

    I had to stop and get some gas yesterday. I saw them behind the counter, shiny, colorful and alluring.
    My brother was with me so I told him look at them it would be so easy to just order one and pop it right into my lip.
    He said nothing, but I know he is proud of me, he never did this garbage so he don’t know how hard it is to quit it, only what he is seen me go through.

    One good thing happened, I contacted my Insurance as one of you guys did earlier and told them to stop the tobacco users charge. I was so Damned proud of myself. I can look at people in the eye and think, I ain’t a user just like you.

    And to the shit can I say this: You may have knocked me down once, but I aint going down no more!!, it’s my turn and I am coming after you.

  41. I think I posted enough, I am taking a break and give you guys a break from all my stupid shit. You guys take it from here. Good Luck and stay strong.

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