What To Expect When You Quit Dipping

What To Expect When You Quit DippingSo you want to quit. And you would like to know what it’s like. We’re not going to pull any punches around here, it’s tough. That’s why we’re all here.

Days 1 through 3 – Pure hell. You will walk in the fog. Nothing will seem real. Your brain is wondering where the hell its fix is and it is going to punish you until you come up with it. 72 hours, that’s all you need to get the nicotine out of your system. This is the only time you will go through physical withdrawal. Drink lots of water. Read, post, read and post. Don’t take your anger out on your loved ones. We always tell everyone………Make this quit about YOU. If you quit for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, mommy or daddy, you will resent them during this period. Quit for yourself and come in here to rant. Yell at us. Bitch at us. We can take it. We’ve been there.

Days 4 through 20 – Here comes the mind games. The nicotine is out of your system now. You will still have some physical things to deal with.

  • Cravings
  • Irritability,
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Constipation, gas, stomach pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Sore tongue and/or gums

Yep, you have this to look forward to. Your brain is rewiring itself. It isn’t used to being in an oxygen rich environment. Your body is responding in kind. Everything is a mind game now. All the cravings you have are actually due to triggers. Triggers are events where you are in a situtation you would normally dip in. Mowing the grass, playing poker online, playing golf, working on the car………you get the picture. Keep drinking water, use seeds, the fake stuff, whatever you need to keep the dip out of your mouth. Remember, oral fixation is part of our habit, something you will eventually need to break. For now though, use all the tools you have.

Days 20 – 50 – You’re winning. Life isn’t great, but you probably had a couple of nights where you actually got some sleep. You might notice you’re going to bed earlier than you normally do. Not staying up to get in that last dip. You may notice some sores in your mouth. You’re thinking, “great, I quit dipping and now I have cancer.” You almost certainly don’t. Your mouth is healing itself. Tiny ulcers you’ve had for a long time are healing. We recommend you visit your dentist around the 30 day mark. Don’t be a pansy, just do it. He or she will be very supportive and they can explain the sores much better than we can. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t go out drinking with the fellas or the girls. We also recommend that you don’t drink for at least the first 50 days. Drinking is a huge trigger event and it weakens your resolve.

Days 50 – 70 – Cruise control. Life is really good. You still think about it, but this is good stuff here. Some people may suffer anxiety attacks during or a little before this stage. Some doctors say we dipped to relieve anxiety anyway. Some people can push right through this, others need a little help. Talk to your doctor before you quit or immediately after you quit. They will know what to do. Some give Wellbutrin or Lexapro. Lots of people in the support community take or have taken these medicines and can help you with the affects. Don’t wait till you get to this stage of the game to talk to a doctor. You’ll cruise through this stage much easier if you know how to take care of the anxiety or at least know it’s coming.

Days 70 – 90 – Late term craves, the doldrums, the blahs, the blues. Some people end up feeling like they are right back at day 1. The fog, the haze, the craves. It can be a tough time. You need to let people in your group know this is happening. Time to circle the wagons to get through it. It usually only lasts a few days. Fight through this and make sure your order your Commemorative HOF Knife or Coin.

Days 90 – HOF – Houston, resume the countdown. Enjoy the hell out of these last 10 days. You will be celebrating with your group as you all enter the HOF. It is a great feeling and an accomplishment you should not take lightly. Do something special for yourself and your family. They put up with your sorry ass for the last 90 days and they deserve something too.

100+ Days – Stay vigilant. Use the tools you have, to continue beating back any cravings or urges. You will still experience dip dreams and longings, but you are fully qualified to beat them down. Continue to post roll with your group. Get into the newer groups and help somebody out. Pass it along. Live the dream.

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  1. My wife hates it, but im lucky she doesnt bust my balls at all…But I know she hates it. Its digusting. Hell, I dip at work, office setting, no one knows (at least I dont think they do)..I just put in a smaller one, but the point is..unacceptable. But this shit owns me…37 yo, been dipping or smoking for the past 20 years…I no longer smoke, stopped that over a year ago, and actually smoking to me now is disgusting-the smell, the taste..Im hoping dip eventually, hoping I’ll have the same aversion to it. You guys are great those who have committed..even 1 day. You’re my inspiration.

    • Your post sounds a lot like me. I unsuccessfully tried quitting many times but eventually grew to know that unless something drastic happened to me I wasn’t going to quit. My addiction to dip made me care about it more than my job and my family. I thought it was going to be cancer that “helped” me to quit but instead I lost my job two and a half months ago and my dip was a major factor. I’ve been fortunate to have my wife stay by me and support me despite this. I saw the dentist a couple of weeks ago and everything looks good. It’s been hell to get clean but it’s been worth it. Look around you and see what you might lose because you want to put that dirt in your mouth everyday. You are just like us and you can quit too!

    • I’m on day 3 and it hasn’t been too bad. I chew gum when I get a craving and it seems to help, but my jaw is always sore from chewing gum and clenching my teeth a lot.

  2. Well, I’m 32 and been chewing snuff since I was 13… I know too young. But I wanted to be cool and the life I lived in North Central PA consisted of hunting and fishing or prepping for it. Meaning, it was the thing to do while growing up. After bonding with our uncle Sam for 6 years I decided to quit. Well this seemed to work out for 2 months then Hunting season came back around and I was back in the saddle again… being cool saddle. Few years later I was chewing and watching TV with my gorgeous wife and she asked me to quit… well I did…for her. This did not last long, revenge prevented my consistency to maintain tobacco free. Well now I’m on day 10 and everything listed above I experienced this go around. WOW, tough few days for me… I mean tough. Wife is out of town and I planned this time would be best for all, plus I’m doing it for me/us this go around. Well I don’t feel much better about telling my story so I’m going to eat chicken and hit the gym to stop the cravings. Good luck to all!!!

  3. I have had a dip in from the moment I wake in the morning until I lay my head down to sleep at night…. for the last 20 years.. I am now in day 3 of cold turkey stopping and I have to say, the mental crap is the worst part.. “Should I quit my job? Am I appreciated at my job? Ups and downs emotionally of wanting to kick a hole in the wall one minute, to verbally assaulting the poor woman at the dry cleaners, etc.. Today should begin to be the point where the nicotine is almost out of my system but Jesus, it takes its toll… I went through yesterday feeling like I hadn’t slept in a month… groggy, irritated by anything…. felt what must be a little bit of depression because I was doubting everything that is great in my life … Sad how this drug consumes your mind when its starving for more.. but…. I will get through this… It won’t whip me… I will whip the can’s ass!

    • Hey Paul, congrats man.

      I quit last Wednesday night and was surprisingly feeling pretty good this weekend — could have been because I quit while my pregnant wife was away and she’s home again. But the mental crap is hard — I am feeling extremely distracted at work.

      Good luck to everyone!

    • Hey Paul…

      I’ve been dipping for the past 30 years. Today is my first quit day….and I’m going crazy – hours seem like days. Just wanted to ask….was the first day the worst or are they all pretty much the same amount of torture? Trying the cold turkey route as well. Take care and good luck.

      • I’m on day 5 they have all been tough but… I look at my 6 yr. Olds face and that is my strength to fight the can … days are getting better a lot of gum, jolly ranchers, Jerky chew help. keep fighting, it sucks I’m still not sleeping the best, as I post this at midnight lol just know your not alone good luck! NO YOU KNOW WHAT F*** LUCK !! GOOD FIGHTING!! Take your life back;) I’m fighting with you.

    • Paul your story sounds exactly like mine. After 20 years of constant dipping I am now on day 8 if being dip free. It’s been tough as hell but we are gonna win this one. I’m kicking the cans ass with you guys. Didn’t think this day would ever come. Let’s do this

  4. I am 23 and have be a user basically all day since i was in highschool. I have tried to quit and i dont seem to be strong enough. After seeing this website i am going to try again. It seems like a great place to come and read success stories and to push myself. if anyone has tips and tricks to it id welcome dang near anything. Thank you and God bless

    • Shoot me a PM in the forums (nickname Jubella) and I can help you out.

    • Im twenty four and i have been dipping since i was sixteen. I have been dip free for seven months and its been awesome. I ordered fake dip from jakesmintchew.com and got the variety pack. Wintergreen and cinnamon are the best in my opinion. Thats what helped me along with will power. Dont quit for your family or anyone else. Make the quit for you. Its hard but if your here reading these stories then you are taking the first step. God bless

    • Hey man. I’m around your age too and I just quit about a week ago. It is tough , but I suggest that fake dip. Not to do all the time , but when you feel like you have to have one , throw one of those in. Smokey mountain is the best Brand I’ve found. Stay strong y’all.

  5. Day#2, been awfully tough. I feel like I am cheating with this smokey mountain, but I suppose it doesn’t have nicotine and tobacco in it, so it IS better. But I sure am an ornery SOB, lol! My wife (I sent here to see this forum) has planned to leave me a lone and let “me” do it. I have been on the Dip “hard” since I was 15, I just turned 40 2 days ago…..time to quit.
    I will check back in and give you all my progress, I will do it…just going to be a battle, so worth it, I know!

    • Congrats on 2 days of freedom Jay! Definitely don’t feel like you’re cheating by using an alternative like Smokey Mountain – you’re not. It’s a tool and in my opinion should be used liberally. Keep up the fight!

      • Will do and I will keep you all posted out here as well. Day#3 still kicking the cans ass! It seems to be getting a little easier, I definitely don’t feel as “spaced out” like I did in Day 1 and 2. So I will keep on keeping on and let you all know where I go with it, thanks for the support (Lord knows us dippers need it!!)

      • @Chewie, hey, do you know if the “zero strength” Elicit is nicotine free? I am trying to verify. Ordered a can and it came today, very good taste, and lasts a long while….but I just want to be sure it IS nicotine free. Wondering why it tastes so good, LOL! Let me know if you know, thanks!

  6. 36 hours in. I’m feeling it. I’m sitting at work, distracted, and fighting myself to buy a can after work. I have a pretty good headache going, but nothing I can’t handle. Reading the things on this site have shown me it is possible. Thank you.

  7. I’ve been down this road at least 10 times in my 25 plus years of dipping. Well I’m at it again and have been sitting at my desk feeling pretty useless, dizzy and constipated. Soory Guys! Anyway I’m glad I stumbled into this site and will read every post and listen to all the words of encouragement. I’m on day 3 without my mint Skoal long Cut but I am using the Lozanges about 3-4 times a day. As crappy as I feel I know I have to man up and show up. Gave up the booze almost three years ago and never thought I could live without a cold beer. I actually told my wife I would get sober if I could dip for the rest of my life. I have been knocking back 2+ cans a day for at least the last 10 years. After reading about Tony Gwynn bascially using the same amounts as me and dieing from mouth cancer, it got my attention. My goal is to be off the Nic lozanges in the next 3-4 days. Please keep sharing your stories. And whoever came up with this site, CONGRATS and THANK YOU!!



    • Telling all you out Herr quitting…supplementing with the fake dip helps. I have been using the Smokey Mountain….I just ordered some of the “hooch” brand as well. Anything has to be better than the tobacco and nicotine. 25 year vet…on day 3, getting it! Its tough, but whatever, shits getting old, time to start a new chapter.

    • 15 year 1.5 tin a day Copenhagen user just hit day 99 cold turkey. This last week seems like I just quit as the cravings have been strong. But I will never go back. The thought of chemicals controlling my mind and body are no longer acceptable.

  8. I’ve been dipping off and on for about 17 or 18 years just quit 6 weeks ago for the third time I’m 41 and tired of the bleeding gums receeding gums sores and the ha and teeth just hurting. My jaw on the left side is hurting and popping all the time since I quit. Is this normal I am chewing a lot I mean a lot of gum the nicotine and regular sugar free anyone else experiencing this? Your feed back would be great?

    • Greg – Jaw pain, especially when you’re chewing that much gum, is 100% normal early in your quit. That said, I’d strongly suggest you drop the nicotine gum as it’s prolonging your pain. Once the nicotine is out of your system (72 hours) your recovery can truly begin.

      • @Greg, I concur with Chewie here, don’t prolong your quit, drop the Nicorette gum and grab a can of fake chew (if you’re strong enough).. The first time I quit, which was over 15 years ago and it only lasted 6 months, thanks to a fishing trip with a bunch of dippers, I used sugarless gum and Nicorette gum, mixed. And YES! My jaw muscles hurt from all the chomping. Even after I quit the Nicorette gum and just used sugarless, my jaws were always sore. “TMJ” I think is what you are experiencing..Google it! I have been off the nicotine for almost 7 days. I have been using Fake Chew, pretty good stuf these days, not like the old shit that tasted like plastic in your mouth. Smokey Mountain and been dabbling with Hooch, both seem to be close to my Skoal Wintergreen. I am also using Sunflower Seeds, Beef Jerky and a little gum. Anything to handle the oral fixation us dippers face. BUT NO NICOTINE OR TOBACCO….I am done with that shit!
        Let us know how the quit is going Greg, but drop the nicotine as Chewie says, you are only prolonging the addiction, GODSPEED!

    • Also, just in case you wanted to try the fake stuff, Meijer (if you’re in Michigan) sell the Smokey Mountain fake chew. It is tasty, you do get juice from it, a great alternative! And if you’re not in Michigan, I know there are Walmarts all over America, they too seel the stuff. Hooch has to be bought on-line, at least where I live. There is only one store that sells it in Michigan and it’s about 250 miles away, I like the Smokey Mountain better anyway. But that’s just my taste buds (what is left of them after chewing for 25+ years). Take care and good luck!

  9. I was on this site over a month ago, registered and found it difficult to post roll call Daily but was and am completely committed to my quit. I had been dipping since 15, and and am 36 now. I ran through 5-6 cans of Copenhagen, per week for the last 13 years.

    Being cool and playing baseball got me to try it. It tasted like shit and I almost puked every time I took a dip. Before I knew it, This bitch stole my soul. I always convinced myself that because you seldom hear bad about it, compared to smoking, that I’d be fine. So I justified this Nasty fucking habit… Cope was my best friend. Always there for me through the good times and bad.

    I’m on day 33 now and I sincerely thank KILL THE CAN crew and members for your testimonials, time and care for people like me, addicted to nicotine. This shit is no joke. We’re in this together and together we will fight!

  10. Not so long ago, I was browsing through all the comments, on this site, thinking about how amazing it would be, to be free from that little devil in my pocket, called snuff. I am now on day #73, cold turkey. The withdraw timeline is extremely accurate. Although, I will say that it has been a hell of a lot easier, than I ever could have imagined. If you make it through the first two weeks, you can make it to a hundred. Just stay strong, and be prepared for how you will handle a strong urge to dip. I found it best to stay busy, and always keep my mind on something else. But, DONT LET YOUR GAURD DOWN. I almost had a slip last night. I had a few drinks with friends, and someone offered me a dip. I took one hell of an urge, which surprised me, because I haven’t had any lately. So, It has caused me to refocus, on what’s important, and Im just as determined as ever to get rid of the junk. I will not let something control my life.
    Read the timeline, and know to expect. The first three days are terrible, and I suggest you limit the amount of time you have to spend around other people, on these days. Be a hermit. Other than that , good luck to you all !

  11. Dear All,

    I want to write a bit on what is happening to me and get a bit of advice as well. I was a smoker for 12 years and was dipping together with smoking for the last 7 years. After multiple attempts with cutting down, loznge, patch, gums etc I finally quit cold turkey this June 01st (my wedding day :)). When I quit, I was either 20 cigs a day or about 10 Cigs a day with around 10 dips.
    The first 2 weeks was very tough and it got much better there after. I am completely nicotine free since I quit except on one occasion around 4th week. I was in a drinking party and casually took a Skoal pouch (rationale being I never used a pouch during dipping days and just 1 wouldn’t make me go back). Around 5th minute into my dipping I realized my stupidity and spit out. Ever since I have never touched any form of nicotine. Today is my 53rd day of nicotine free (or around 25th day if I consider the earlier lapse) and was going great until last 2 days.
    The problem that is happening for me in the last 2 days is that all the memories of smoking/diiping is rushing back and is causing a deep craving. Like those memories, when you used to smoke when stuck in traffic, going on a long drive, when it rains after continuos hot days and so on. I am not sure what is going on with me. It suddenly feels like day 1 with all the fog and so on. I was doing absolutely great until 2 days back with hardly any cravings but all of sudden it is worse. I’ll try to explain this is in a different way:
    If someone very close to you dies or leaves permanently, then usuall the next 2-3 weeks will be emotionally very bad (you would be a ship wreck). But after that point time slowly heals you with grief pangs starting to lessen. By around 3-4 months, life starts to feel normal but out of nowhere the grief hits you back and all those wonderful memories with them comes again adn before you realise tears start flowing.
    It ‘s the same kind of feeling….. :(
    Please let me know if any of you have faced anything like this and would be glad if someone couldhelp me out.


    • @Shiva, I wasnt ever really a smoker, so i cant give you a lot of good-quality advice on how tough the battle is without smoking. I do think the two things are alike in that they are addictions of the same drug, nicotine. However, i was told just tonight that a smoking habit takes at least 4 months to get the nicotine out. I tend to agree that what is here on the site (72 hours) is what the smokless takes. But the mental and “habit”…of packing your cheek (or possibly puffing a cig)takes much longer (probably depends on the individual). As I mentioned to others on here, what’s been working best for me, is using alternatives. If i want a dip, i take a one, but its a fake on, no nicotine, no tobacco. Im done with that, i made my mind up. Sounds like you did too 53 days ago. It’s very encouraging to hear how far along you are in your quit…don’t quit-quitting! There are plenty on this site who are trying to get where you are today, keep it up!

  12. Well the 21st was my quit date. So far I am doing well. I smoked since I was about 15 and iv been dipping for about 3 years now and I’m 25. I have to say the first 3 days weren’t as bad as I thought but the oral fixation is the b*#&% I have been using the fake stuff but seem to be able to forget it and channel my craving to jolly ranchers but they are doing a toll on me with all the sugar. But believe me when i put in a dip of fake its like “ah” then I’m thinking “oh yeah not my grizzly 1900″ but within a few min. i go about my day and for a little while its “normal”. Now as of today I have noticed frequent headaches my teeth are hurting and I’m sick to my stomach but I still have my heart in this. My wife and mother and family have rode my ass about quitting forever now and I always told them that I would have to want to quit to stop and at that point I didn’t want to but this time in was ready and trust me if you set your mind to it you can quit. There are plenty of things to help fakes candy coffee distractions.

    • Hi Dan, congrats on finally getting the balls to quit the habit. I’m on day 14 without the tobacco/nicotine. I have been using fake dip too. It really is all about the oral fixation. I also use sunflower seeds (which I am growing fonder of by the day), gum and jerky. I am trying NOT to eat bad, but I have put on about 8 lbs in 2 weeks….which is alright for now. I do work out 5 days a week….so what ever weight I gain during my quit, I plan on losing once these fixations vet under control. I promised myself and loved ones I would quit when I turned 40. That happened on the 14th and I quit on the 15th. Really….my only side effects are “brain-zaps” (My term)…small, short, dizzy spells. I gather from my research, these are common when quitting the nicotine, since your brain is now getting more oxegen…which is good. I haven’t had any other side effects….and I am hoping these dizzy spells pass. I want to wish you all the luck with your quit. Come here often, we are all dealing with the same issues as you with our quit….its good to talk about it. Keep up the good fight!!

  13. Today is day 2 for me. Yesterday was really weird towards the end of the day my focus just vanished and felt slightly. The head ache is creeping in and its only hour 1 one of my 12 hour day.

  14. I’m 25 and I’ve been a regular dipper for 5 years. I joined the Air Force when I was 19 and for some dumbass reason i let my buddies that I work with convince me dipping is the coolest thing since sliced bread. I decided to quit last week, and it has been a bitch trying to stay positive. No headaches, but my ears have been ringing and that has been keeping me awake at night. The cravings are there, but I’m determined to quit, esp after I read how it killed Tony Gwynn. Plus, if yall that have been dippin 20 plus years can quit, then i sure as hell don’t have an excuse. Stay positive guys and get her done.

  15. From what I have found out quitting chew/dip takes more effort in these last couple days then it did for me graduate college.Im about to go to sleep with day three about to be complete, I have a feeling all the nicotine is out of my system, since I made huge cutbacks in my tobacco use before the day I stopped. I feel like I am borderline about to lose control at every moment, then I tell myself I am in control, am I really though? This website is such a great tool to help you find your motivation….I just want to say thanks

  16. I am on day 5 of about the 5th time I have tried to quit. Last year I quit for about 2 months and started back during one of my sons baseball games. It’s crazy but i did not plan to quit this time. I have been asking for a sign or motivation and believe it or not it came via a dream which i am thankful. It has been tough. Days 1-3 are extremely difficult. Cravings are still there today but for everyone i counter with Double Bubble. Jaw hurts daily but it is working. Had night sweats last night and really couldn’t sleep but it is getting better. My biggest challenge is going to be during hunting season. That would be around day 35. This page is great and thanks to all for your stories. I will be reading daily to stay on track. Good Luck to all.

    • Hi Eric, keep up the good fight! I am on day 16 myself and the only real issues I am still having is the foggy head….dizzy spells. I will tell you, if you get the urge, try some of the fake dips out there….the Herbal Stuff. I have tried 3 different brands thus far and I will tell you, they definitely help the urge when you want a chew. I have dipped for 25 years, quit about 17 years ago for about 6 months (using the nicorette gum, not this time, cold turkey), but regretfully, started again and kept rolling for 17 years up until 7-15-14. I can honestly say, j have been fine without the Skoal, this Smokey Mountain /BaccOff and Hooch, all fake (no tobacco or nicotine) have helped me thru these past 15 days. Get yourself a can of the fake stuff when you know you will be pressed for a pinch, it works. Its not the exact same, but it does provide some relief for a dip when you are about to pull your hair out! Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your quit. We’re all dealing with the same issues here!!

  17. Thanks man. I had to think for a second, it’s been about the same amount of years for me. Since I was 15. Tried cigars last year but it lead right back to the Skoal. I’ve tried the Smokey Mountain in the past and will try again. Thanks for the support.

    • No problem Eric. Been a long time dipping for me, think I started “tasting” the stuff at 10 or 12, and actually fully dipping at 15, so its been a long habit. I am doing totally fine with the fake stuff and suggest anyone trying to quit use it, it does help. I never could do the Cigar thing. I did smoke a little, usually when having beers…but gave that up about 2 years ago and only dipped. Now its no nicotine and no tobacco….just done with that chapter in my life. Keep up the good work and use the fake stuff, sunflower seeds, gum, jerky…whatever it takes to keep the quit going. Goodluck!!!

  18. Its my first day of no dip. its only 10:45 and im starting to crave. i am eating sunflower seeds and chewing gum. its rough but I am goin to continue to work for this. I would like any help and advice. thank you

    • Hi Mason, congrats on starting your quit. The first day after I quit, I did mix a small, SMALL amount of regular tobacco with the fake tobacco when I wanted a dip. On my second day, I felt like in order to quit, I needed to just STOP all tobacco, so on Day 2, I used no tobacco with the fake stuff. This is where I have been since then. Today is day 20, and as I type this, I have a wad of sunflower seeds in my cheek. Its really tough those first 3 days, but honestly, get yourself a can of that fake chew and pop one in, it will get you by. Your brain will “think” you’re getting what you need, but you are no longer using tobacco or nicotine. I will say, in my opinion, those first 3 days were rough, but its what follows in the coming weeks that will be the big test. I highly suggest getting some fake dip and use it when you need some. I am partial to Smokey Mountain, I have tried the Hooch, the mint flavor is the best in Hooch. I am NOT a fan of the BaccOff brand, just too dry for my liking. And I just dropped an order in for some of this Elicit brand (zero nicotine)….we’ll see how it goes. Hang in there, those first 72 hours are a bitch if you don’t at least have something to simulate the dip….try thefake stuff and keep on quitting!!

      • i have a can of grinds right now im powering through. thanks man it feels better knowing it gets better than this. thank you for your help ill make sure to keep posting. thank you again.

        • I have never tried the grinds, I am not a fan of coffee, which from my understanding, that is what grinds are? Anyway, whatever works for you Mason, just keep that poison out of your lip (unbelievable the shit that’s in chew). I have dipped for 25 years….not sure how long is has been for you, but I am definitely adjusting to life without chew. Keep up the fight, you will feel better as time goes on and YES! Keep us posted how things are going, we are all going through this war together! Take care.

  19. I’ve dipped at least 3 cans a week for the last 6 years. Today is day 6 of my quit and I continue to experience brain fog and major fatigue. I quit cold turkey because I knew it would be the most effective method for myself. I work out for at least two hours a day, hit the steam room, eat healthy, drink water. No matter what, I will not throw in a dip again, but I am struggling to find the mental clarity needed to perform the functions of my job. I usually take adderall in small doses, but stopped when I quit dipping. The cravings for nicotine are much worse on stimulants such as adderall. I know everyone is different, but how long did this brain fog last for you all? Can you provide your timelines? Thanks, I appreciate it.

    • Hi Ashr, the brain fog is suppose to be gone within a week for some. Not with me. It is starting to lighten up some for me at day20. I still have it some though. I think it all depends “how long” you’ve dipped. For me, 25 years is a long time. I don’t think I’ve done anything for 25 straight years (except 1- 6 month break in that long span) like I’ve have dipping. But back to your question…I think it just depends on each individual. It WILL go away the longer you stay away from the nicotine…that IS a truth about it. Good luck!!

  20. I quit dipping July 31st 2014, this is the second time I tried to quit, the first time I made it all the way to 6 months with no problems no with drawls no nothing, as if it completely skipped me but then for some reason in the 6th month area it all hit me at once and i started to dip again, A few days ago I decided to quit again after my jawline was hurting and my muscles hurt bad in my mouth I was just sitting there on the couch and had a image a idea pop in my head, A idea of me having mouth cancer and in part it had to do with the fact I am a health care worker and I have seen mouth cancer so the idea popped in my head, So i quit a few days ago, my thoughts are every where and I have ADD for the time being, however i hope it goes through, one of my triggers is eating dinner or eating, I have the hardest time to not dip after i eat… Anyways wish me luck

  21. I am on day ten of nicotine free life, no chews, so I get a headaches and stomack pains and the worse trigger is at the end of the day when I get off work and park my ass on the couch. Anyways I am a merchant sailor so I am in the middle of the ocean, its not like I can run out to liquor store to get a tin though. I feel good the fact that I want to quit helps keep the triggers down, but the one at the end of the day gets me every time. Hey Robert around day 5 for me the space cadet trips went away and I was able to start to focus again. THanks everybody for getting me through this craving

    • I hope you luck man, It seems to be easier for me as the days pass but the sleepless days ( i work 7 pm to 7:30 am ) is hard and the tossing and turning is taking its toll on my mental status. I am not so much in a fog as say I am just mentally tired from not sleeping i suppose. Merchant sailor, thats cool man being in the ocean will help you at least! Don’t give in and I won’t either

  22. I think I am on day 5 of no dipping. Not sure, cuz I was doing my last can and doing small amounts til it was gone. I stopped before this, but my son said…”mom, youre different” and not in a good way, I was so depressed and basically pissed, frustrated at any and every thing.
    Then I vowed not to buy any more. I haven’t. But it’s been hard and I have snapped at my son and husband a few times.
    I started dippin about 3 years ago, steady, but actually dipped earlier than that, while fishing. I love to fish.
    But since 3 years ago, I’ve been doing it every day, probably 8, 10, 15 times a day. I don’t take much, but still it’s not good.
    I am going through times when I have to talk myself out of going and buying a can. It’s crazy, my toughest times are after a meal, or just when I get frustrated with something, it used to calm me the heck down.
    Maybe I’ll notice my circulation getting better again.

  23. I just turned 30 this June and decidied 12 years of dipping was long enough. Im on my 18th day today dip free. The first four days my stomach was in knots, had trouble sleeping and of course very irritable. Now cravings come every once in awhile but eventually pass. After the first four days its a total mind game and your mind will tell you lies and make you justify going to buy a can. I find myself not thinking about it as much anymore. The key is to stay busy. To help me quit my wife will go walking or play tennis with me which we never did before. Godd luck guys.

  24. i am 65 and i started to use copengagen when i was 15 ! 50 yrs. is a lot of snuff and i just started to quit yesterday ! if it was not for my girlfriend i doubt i could make it this far ! i am determine to make it if it,s the last thing i do ! i threw away everything that reminded me of tobacco, like spit cans and empty snuff boxes ! i use to drink back in the 1970s but i just up and quit with no problems ! i have plenty of moral support which i need ! it works on your nerves ! heck the other day in town i was about to punch the woman at the pharmacy but i am glad my girlfriend stopped me or i would be landing in jail ! reading all you guys stories gives me more power to keep on, keeping on ! thanks guys for all your support ! i will tell you one thing, when i get off this stuff i will never go back again !

  25. I love copenhagen long cut chewed it for 14 years been 48 hours since my last dip oh man its good I miss it

  26. Day12: Getting easier. Been relying on Bacc Off to fight cravings and it has been working. Staying strong and committed to the quit. I believe that is the biggest tool i have. I believe and want to quit this time.

  27. Today is my 12 day of quitting as well, I really want to try some of that none tobacco mint chew stuff, butt im in the middle of the Indian ocean right now. I had a log of tobacco in my room for the first ten days of my quit and the trigger of getting off work would really make me want to one….I got rid of the tobacco and the cravings intensity has drastically diminished. One day at a time but I am really looking forward to the two week mark. Yeah man I want to quit as well, it really helps, I could not have made it this far by not wanting to quit for my self.

  28. Day 24….no tobacco/nicotine. The fog is finally lifting slightly. Still the occasional dizzy spell here and there. Still get anxiety a little bit….but even that seems to be letting up. Bottom line, I know I am kicking this habits ass and I do feel very empowered. This is the longest i have went without any form of tobacco/nicotine in over 15 years. I thank everyone sharing their brave quit stories here and the owners of this website that have also been an inspiration for my quit. Everyone keep up the good fight!!

  29. Day 12, after 37 Years.

  30. Day 15 after 37 Years. The Fog has lifted, blood pressure normal. Dizziness very, very sporadic. Cravings are still there but less in quantity. Went for a physical today and right away get the urge to buy the tin right after visit. Went and had a nutritious lunch instead. Physically the craving might be gone, but psychologically feels like a raging storm. Sometimes the crave comes in a different way, as if your best friend has moved away or died. Such a strange metamorphosis, it seems to attack you in every different angle until it finds your weakest spot. Perhaps it is the myriad of carcinogens and other elements sprayed onto the already dreaded nicotine that forms incorrect connections between your neurons in your brain. In any case the misfirings and firings in your brain become distorted from all the deprivation of oxygen, the sad rationalization of all this is that even though you know the consequences for your actions you still do it. I hope I can stay free.

  31. Day 16 I think my glory weak was, last week, I was feeling great, had a lot of energy, hyper sensitive to caffeine and the excess oxygen was amazing, I literally felt uerphoric….however you spell it. I found out later that is just what normal feels like. I am still prone to head aches especially if I slip up the tiniest bit of hydration, and have a sore throat. I don’t even know if I thought about having a chew yesterday. I cant believe how much this site helps me everyday. I really just want to get more days under my belt but one day at a time.

  32. Day 17. brushed my teeth for 30 minutes. never really paid attention to my gums, but I saw them last night and they have receded somewhat. Gonna have to visit the Dentist. Glad i stopped when I did. 17 days, I tell people and they think nothing of it. to them I guess 17 days are just 17 days, to me seems like forever. Though the cravings are few and spread out they Do not stop. I read of guys here breaking down even after 100’s of days and it makes me think how else I can keep myself from falling back into the clutches of this dreaded habit. I think about how sick it used to make me, yet I would still do it every time the craving would kick in, the vicious cycle never ended, reminded my of the sysyphus myth, yet very real in my everyday life. When I finally realized that I could stop rolling that gigantic rock like sysyphus sort of speak and alleviate the pain that came from it, again metaphorically speaking, I stopped. Strangely enough though, why do I want to go back to push that rock up the hill and have it come down on the other side once again? WHY? it makes no sense, yet that is what I feel like doing when these cravings come upon me. Perhaps I should get mad at the Tin can and declare war on it, yet that would only require energy that frankly can be used for other positive things, Should I then mount attitude of ignoring the issue? pay no attention to it and it will go away?, perhaps when I have more days under my belt, but I think for now it must be a combination of both Positive and negative energy used to stay away from the can. Be bigger than the can, but know that it is a strong opponent that can defeat me if I relax my guard. Be gone Tin Can, Be gone.

  33. Day #30 today. Everyday seems like another victory for this 25 year vet. I will tell everyone who comes here what has really driven me the past 5-7 days. I read what is in smokeless tobacco. Car Battery Acid, Lead, Nuclear Waste, Flumeldahyde? WTF? These are all things I never bothered looking into until I quit the can. That is all poison we are sucking on! That burn in your lip you get from the tobacco, is that the battery acid? That is some terrible shit I used for almost half my life. I am here to say, I am thru with tobacco and nicotine. I will not ever use that shit again. I’ve gained 10 lbs since the quit, but screw it, its worth it to stay away from the poison that is smokeless tobacco. Really….get yourself some fake chew, sunflower seeds and get thru the 72hour fit and anyone can live tobacco free. It isn’t really hard if you get mad at Big Tobacco and the shit they have fed you all your life. As always, come here often and vent, post and tell us all how you’re doing. Its a battle you do not face alone, God Bless!

  34. Excuse me, I did my Math when I was still going through the fog. Day 18 after 29 years of Nicotine and other harmful chemical components addiction. Incredible how the human body can continue functioning and even repair itself after decades of destruction.
    Almost 3 Decades of this Disgusting, loser habit, powerful enough to engulf and addict anyone, and I can’t believe I still want to go back to it.
    One Positive thing though, Today I saw my best bud doing the bandits, he tempted me by spitting and showing me the can, he even offered it to me, but I said No. There was no voice inside of me telling me anything or clouds parting in the sky, nor any kind of music in the background trumpeting my display of honor, there was absolutely nothing to indicate I had done the right choice. I simply said no. Now that I am sitting here typing this in and talking about it has raised a level of craving, maybe I should stop now. Take care.

  35. Dipped in high school because it was cool & I stopped in college until I started coaching college football. Head buzz kept me awake watching find on those long nights. I feel like an amateur on here because I’ve only been back on it for 5 years. Today’s my day 3. Brutal. I’m leaving coaching and interviewing at a hospital that doesn’t hire tobacco users. Glad I found this site. Is there a unanimous tobacco-less chew substitute it’s more the oral stimulation than it is the nicotine. Thanks

    • I am using Hooch herbal snuff. It’s tobacco and nicotine free and it seems to work pretty good to satisfy the oral stimulation. Good Luck to you!

  36. Day 19, Again my bud was dipping earlier today and offered me some, I said no. I had one big craving right after lunch, but driving took my attention away from it. sitting here and not really craving it, but the thought of doing it still there.

  37. Day 20, first time I’ve gone inside a convenience store since I quit. It was so weird not buying another can, they were there (the snuff cans) sitting behind the counter, all lined up like soldiers ready for battle, shiny, colorful almost grinning at me, mocking and could imagine them saying “sooner or later you’ll be back”.
    It was a strange feeling because before no matter what i would go and buy inside I always got a can, whether I had some left or not, which most of the time I didn’t have any left.
    It felt incomplete as if I had not finished the transaction, something was missing from the list, the feeling lasted about 5 to 10 seconds, but it was torturing, so close and yet so far?, now i know what that means.
    On the bright side i have saved over a 100 bucks on these 20 days that i been off the crap.
    I am not going to lie and say I have so much assertiveness by saying I will never do this garbage again, because there are moments that i become weak and I start thinking as though this quit is just temporary and I am gonna start again at sometime in the future, but this time take it easy. I know these are very destructive thoughts, but they do happen and sometimes i agree with them, then after the moment pass, I say to myself, I can’t believe I am actually thinking about going back. Some people might tell me get mad at it, or you just aint ready to quit, but the truth is that we all live in the moment and we can all become weak at some point, maybe not to the point to physically act upon throwing that dip in your lip, but I know that other people at least think about it, hell I read that some guys dream about the stuff. But I am rambling, my point is just to see if anyone out there has justified it in their minds and made peace by thinking about going back to it, at least momentarily, then get back up and say no, this aint gonna defeat me? or am I the only one struggling and perhaps cheating in my mind.

  38. I quit dipping about 4 days ago, the reason is because I have had a cough for about a month dry with no blood but when I sleep on my chest or back I have a cough frenzy without mucus but it fills like there is something in there. And way I changed dip from skole peach to cope LCS for a week and my cough went away. So I tarted peach back ad the next day I got that cough again and had it ever since. This time it progressed to sore throat and my eyes hurting and feeling like sand and stinky and feels like soap in them when the sun hits them. The doc said it was anxiety I told him he was a dumb azz. So I just wante to know if this has happens to anyone else before

  39. Day 21, did not have a crave today, the blog says I am winning.

  40. Day 22, almost a month. My victory has been rather quiet since I did not let many people know i had this disgusting habit, I guess you can call me a ninja dipper, only a few people knew about my secret, so now that I have quit, I can’t really go and tell people. it is my own private battle and victory for everyday I do not Dip. the few people that know though may be happy for me, but are not too articulate with words, then again, what do you tell someone that has quit the obvious. Why did you do it in the first place? they might think. Well it is not easy to answer, unless you admit that you are addicted to the poison. Guess that’s why I come here and share my stories.

  41. I am on day 24 , I don’t know if I have gone through a day yet without a craving. It feels like most of my routine is trigger free, however there are always a uniqueness to my routine that allows me to find another trigger. From about day 15 to 20 I had the worst head aches of all time. Did anybody else enjoy there sensitivity to caffeine as I did, one cup of coffee left amazing. I cant wait to get to a month. For those of you who just started the quit path like me, hang in there you’ll start to feel good.

  42. Day 23, just nine days short of a Month, how time has slowed down, this really sucks, I am in the worst moods ever, every little thing seems to irritate the hell out of me, what the hell, I was sick but in better moods when i was doing that disgusting crap. I read something that scared the hell out of me from one of the people in here, he said he saw someone in the hospital dying of oral cancer and it was not a happy sight, from that perspective my ailments seem minute and yet they do prod and poke until they seem to be large enough to take my victory away. We are all going to die sometime, we don’t know when or how, but I know for sure that I shouldn’t be helping this fact of life. I guess I write these things and answer my own Inquiries, cathartic, maybe. or maybe find inspiration or courage from others in here, whatever it is that keeps me coming in here seems to be working because at least it gives me something to do. i could start my own blog or even a written journal with memoirs of this infamous journey, but there is something about coming back to this site and read new comments that somehow keeps me going. Thanks.

    • LOVE reading your comments! If you’d like we have a member blog located at http://www.quit4today.com that you could write on. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll set you up as an author.

    • Hey Dippy, day 8 here. 26 year vet. I hear you on the worst moods. I am incredibly easily irritated and can go from zero to 100 in an instant. I cannot believe how short my fuse is. It’s like I’m not even myself. Guess we all are not our selves. Not our old selves anyways. We have taken away part of ourselves. We have to rewire who we are and that process clearly is a challenging one. I look forward to the day when I no longer have this angry devil on my back looking for ways to explode. We all have to die someway as you write, but we all have to live someway too. Let’s live dip free, keep fighting.

  43. Set me up, I’d like to document this journey. I hope it can help someone.

  44. Day 25, I seem to lose track of the days I have under my belt. Does that mean I am separating from thoughts about the quit? Seems like other things are taking priority and by briefly forgetting how many days I’ve quit gives me the sense that I am a step farther from my nemesis. I Can’t believe I let an insignificant and useless inanimate object develop such a strong bond with me to the point of craving it and wanting it to be near me at all times even when i knew the potentially lethal effects of it.
    If you read above this message and if the message was for me, I been offered to be an author of a blog so this might be the last time i write here, if the message is not for me, then you might read more of my junk in here. I stumbled upon this page after doing a search on a popular search engine so I consider this page my starting point.
    Stay strong, endure the journey.


    (I know the pseudoname is goofy, but there is a story behind it and I will share it in the future)

  45. Day 26, its friday and gonna trip a trigger this weekend, I am going out and possibly have a beverage or 2 I know that is going to set of the Dip alarms, but I know I can stay strong.

  46. Day 38 here. Still solid with my commitment on the quit. Spent all last week on vacation with an ex-dipper. I brought along 9 cans of various fake dips, each one was enjoyed thoroughly by the both of us. I will tell everyone, the symptoms above will pass, eventually you get to where I’m at today and begin forgetting how long it’s been since you used tobacco. When I do the math, it truly is inspiring to get this far. All I know is I am done with all tobacco moving forward. I still have the tinge of anxiety, the fog/dizziness, and even gained some weight, all worth it to be free of that mouth poison! Good luck to everyone doing the same, keep up the fight!

  47. I’m only at 9 hrs now and I don’t know if I can go much longer. I’m sweating for no reason.

  48. I am 28 years old. I have been dipping since the day I turned 18. My father has dipped since he turned 18. It is 1:09pm and I am now 65hrs Copenhagen free. This was a rough weekend, and quitting three weeks before my wife is due to give birth to our second child may have not been the smartest decision, but it’s too late now. I can’t go back now.

  49. I am 27 years old. I have been dipping for almost 6 years now. I played college baseball and thats where it all started. I am on day 12 right now. I’m not the avvid dipper I use to be while I was playing but I still use this stuff regular enough that I know its going to kill me eventually at some point down the line in one way or another, already my once perfect teeth are now cavity ridden. Never had a cavity until about 6 months after I starting dipping, now a large majority of them have a cavity. I don’t have any withdrawl from the tabacco, this part has been pretty easy honestly. The part that is drving me crazy is the physical action of dipping and spitting during certain settings. I always have a dip in while at Phillies games, playing video games, driving, golfing and not having one in for these events is what I am really struggling with. Today I bought some of the fake stuff from Jake’s Mint Chew. Im hoping this is my answer and is all I need to ease my mind. I’m proud of myself right now and want to continue to be proud of myself. You can do anything you set your mind to.

  50. I am on day 2 of my quit. The Hooch wintergreen I am using to replace my Kodiak is really helping. The mind games are wild though, I have to keep a can of Kodiak around (it’s empty) just so I can have the visual. I almost have a panic attack if I do not have a can. I wondered what you guys were talking about with the mind games but now I get it. This website and your posts have really helped me. I look forward to staying tobacco free with the rest of you.

  51. 33 Days, I made it to one full month

  52. Day 33.
    Seems like whenever there is a problem, other problems come at the same time, almost as though someone or something is there to bring it upon you. Trashing you, destroying you, bringing you down to your knees, forcing you to abandon your good deeds. I been getting my share and for some reason I remained strong on the quit, maybe it is this site, maybe it is me who knows, but I do know that things are not going good for me lately. King Solomon said “This too shall pass” how true that is. The bad thing about it is that it also applies to the good times.

    They say that nothing stays the same forever, everything changes, the only thing that remains constant is change itself, I read that somewhere, I cannot take credit for that thought. Now if this is true, chances are that our quit will change, when? we don’t know, the only thing that will prevent us from getting back into this habit is to destroy the thought of the habit.

    How can we do this?, well it will take time and strong will. I read that we should avoid the triggers, well we can only do that for so long, but it is hard not to run into these triggers because in my case for example I would dip all the time, so everything really triggers the dipping.

    In my case, I have walked into the triggers and faced them a couple of times. After a few times of doing it, the triggers fade out, they don’t dissapear completely but they are weaker. Again this is what I am doing for myself, if you think you will not be able to handle it, then DO NOT do it. For example Drinking, I actually have had a few beers and felt the dip trigger come on, it passed and then it became weaker. (perhaps this is a bad example, I am not encouraging anyone to drink, but this is listed as one of strongest triggers everywhere I been reading)

    Another example is when I have a good steak lunch, the craving for a dip is immediately afterwards, well I like my steak and so I aint gonna let this habit destroy my carnivore experience. the triggers, again have become very weak and almost non existent.

    I do not hunt or play video games, but I do work out and I would dip right after a work out, well guess what? I have continued working out and the craving is gone.

    I had to wait almost a month before I started this experiment on myself, it may or it may not work for you, but I think that instead of avoiding situations or activities that trigger the dipping, I want to face them, again and again, until the trigger mechanism gets destroyed if there is such a thing, that may be the solution to not being addicted for life, rather living life normally as though if this bad habit was something as a bad relationship, with a bad breakup that happened in the past and you may think about it sometimes, but it is in the past and it doesn’t hurt you no more. Perhaps that is a bad analogy, but I hope you get my theory.

    The same principle is used curing fears such as fear of flying or fear of heights, why not try it on quitting tobacco. Again this is only my theory, I will keep posting to see if it indeed has worked for me, so far it has.


    • Good post.

      I just recently started back smoking, (my biggest dip trigger) and have tonight, begun my quit again.

      I agree. Seems like once you start one challenge multiple ones are added on. And you just have to let go and know you are strong, know you have help, and that you can beat any of them. Weird coincidence, (but I don’t think it was a coincidence) I was just reading quotes from Solomon today too. And I have not read the Bible in many months, just happen to read a interpretation of one of his passages. Very unexpected to find someone else mentioning him today. Wise man.

      Thanks for post.

      • Am I reading this correct that smoking is your biggest dip trigger? I was never a smoker, but I spose that makes sense as nicotine (in one form) WOULD be a trigger to nicotine in another form. When you say you’re quitting again – are you quitting both smoking and dipping?

  53. I’m 25 and i think i started dipping at 20, i’ve gone 7 days now with nothing and i tried before but this time i really don’t see anything stopping me cus i just think about it and even already the damage i’ve done to my gums scares the fuck out of me sometimes right after i take a dip out i’ll grit my teeth and it really feels like my teeth are just sliding around so i don’t know maybe my teeth will start falling out when i’m 30 but i’m done for good

  54. so i can’t comment cus my name is inappropriate? i mean that’s what i’m assuming as to why my comment got deleted immediately fuck you guys and ur gay ass website

  55. Day 34
    Thanks ReDDeem, I was wondering if anyone was reading my posts. I have been posting since my second week of my quit I believe. Also Thanks to Chewie, he extended his help and reach out to me when I was a neewbie.
    I did want to comment on a previous post about our messages getting deleted from the Blog, I actually felt the same rage as the person posting about it, but was lucky enough to stumble back into the site and do a search on my own post, only to find it sitting in a queue waiting for the moderator. If I hadn’t done that search, I guess I would have fled this site as well.I hope he comes back and continues the quit with the rest of us, oh and the rage as well, we all have those days don’t we? but In my case now, I get mad as hell, but to the can only!! Stay strong fellas.

  56. Day 34
    Well, lets see, today I woke up early and headed to the gym, I actually broke my own record in bench press, i was pretty proud of myself actually, in any case as i started writing my post I realized that my theory of confronting triggers is actually working.
    It wasn’t until the moment that I started writing that I realized that there was no trigger of dipping after my workout, whereas before as soon as I would leave the gym, I would start thinking about dipping, I would get the can and pop a generous amount in my lip and enjoy this poison, well, not today, lets see if it happens again tomorrow, as I am gonna go to the gym again since Monday will be labor day and the gym will be closed.

    A stronger trigger for me occurs after lunch, especially after a nice Steak for lunch as I mentioned in another post, well I did not have steak today, but I had a nice hearty meal and felt the craving afterwards, i learned to recognize it and deal with it. I say something like “there it is, there is the craving, at this point I would be reaching for the can” as I think these thoughts, time seems to slow down, but I know that chronological time must be about 5-10 seconds of the craving as opposed to entire minutes as in the beginning. As the reader can easily recognize that for me it would be impossible to hide or avoid this particular trigger, so therefore the need to deal with it, confront it and destroy it completely is a daily battle.

    If i am able to overcome this trigger, i think I can win the battle since the other triggers do not happen as often as this one.
    Perhaps I am on to something here, I am aware of scientific studies about nicotine dependence cessation, but made from a second point of view, not from a first point of view.

    So Far I know that the nicotine dependence stops its physical craving after three days and a week at the most, the rest of the time mentioned in some places refer to a period of readjustment for the body. The psychological dependence lasts much longer and some say that it stays with you for the rest of your life, That is what I am trying to target on. To destroy the triggers by exposing them, recognizing them and confronting them head on, multiple times and see if the chain or programmed impulse can be dispersed, eradicated or somehow redirected to another response rather than nicotine cravings.

    I hope I didn’t bore you guys with my mumbo jumbo, but this writing helps me to focus and continue with my quit, as I said in the beginning, I am writing for My Health.

    Click on this link if you want to read my other posts.

  57. I wake up with a dip can in my hand dip before I eat eat then dip dip dip all day I work at night they don’t allow me to dip but I do then when I get off work I start drinking an dipping its not a good thing an I have to have my teeth worked on because of my habit but hey that’s all it is an habits can be kicked an I’m bout to kick the shit. Out of this one cause I’m sick of it we all got to stay strong an remember it’s our fault we started. )but we can end it he’ll were men right

  58. Day 35

    Interesting day of discovery today.

    As I head out to the gym this afternoon, I notice a big, dry cud of snuff on the floor that someone threw out there. Now as you may or may not have read my previous post I had mentioned that I would be keeping track of triggers that come up and also try to confront those triggers and see if I can overcome them permanently. Well, perhaps this situation was not a daily trigger and maybe just a coincidence that I saw the tobacco on the floor, but nevertheless, it brought the anxiety and impulse to purchase some and put it in my lip ( you know the drill), so I started counting the seconds to see how long that crave would last, I believe I counted until 10 or 15 seconds until new thoughts came into my mind and I started fuzzying about something else.

    After the workout however, I did not experience the craving, so it has been a couple of days of crave or trigger free after working working out. I know this because at the time I do not think about it, rather i remember much much later that I was supposed to be looking out for it, you see how it works?
    You just live life and not worry about the dipping, that is how I want to work on the other triggers I mentioned in previous posts.

    Now, here is the weird part (for lack of a better term) that happened today and in my research.

    I did not experience the crave after working out, but i DID EXPERIENCE IT BEFORE IT, now that may have been a coincidence because I saw the tobacco on the ground, but here is another trigger that I had not experienced before and it started today. As I am walking out the door, I feel a craving come up, I try to understand why and I remembered that in the past I would go outside to sneak in a dip, so the turning of the knob and the noise that door makes must have triggered it. What is worth noting is that I never had that craving before, and I am wondering if, as I destroy one craving, does another one come up using a different daily event?

    I hope not, that would be the equivalent of a living re-routing, re-programmable, mutating computer virus, but happening in our brains, triggering dipping cravings using different daily events as others are no longer used.

    If this is correct, we may have a huge battle in front of us and may agree with some folks in here that say we may be addicts for life. I sure hope not, so I need to keep track of these things more accurately.

    Well, until next time folks, stay strong, all we can do is not do it

  59. Starting Day 1 right now. I have been dipping all day everyday for the past 15 years. I joined the military and had to quite for 14 weeks. You would think anyone thats smart would have left it there lol. But not I. I started the very next day again. I am at a point in my life where it is costing to much money and grief to maintain this habit. Not to mention whatever physical harm i am causing to my body. Im sure you will be hearing from me again through this process.

  60. Day 36

    Lazy day today, no bbq, no working out, just hung out and wasted a day. I had to drive for about 25 minutes and that was how long a craving lasted back and forth, it would start, I’d try to ignore it, would go away and then come up again. This was the longest craving I’ve had since I quit over a month ago.

    i had to pull over and get some gas, after i pumped the gas and opened the door to get back in the vehicle, I noticed that a can of snuff has slid from underneath the seat.
    I saw it and picked it up. Instead of throwing it away, I held it, looked at it, it felt about three quarters full. I figured it would be dried up since it has been at least a month that this thing has been hiding under the seat.

    I opened it, i saw it, it was there, still moist about three quarters full, I aint gonna lie, the thought did cross my mind to just get some and enjoy this garbage. Who is going to know? Who cares? what is the big deal? aren’t you a man? aren’t you a grown up? how bad can it be? no one has to know. I felt all alone as if i was squaring off with the bad guy in the middle of the street like in the old west. it may sound comical now, but the thought was real, I got tempted and I DID NOT do it.

    I answered all the questions afterwards in my brain, even if no one knows or finds out I was thinking, I would Know and after all, it is me going through this battle, I cannot fool myself.

    On previous posts I expressed that the cravings were few and spread apart, so I thought i was beating this thing, after today, however, I am wondering if the cravings will ever stop or do they come up with more intensity at any time, no matter how many days or months you are quit?

    Does anyone care to share their wisdom of their quit? Has this happened to anyone else? or is it different for everyone else.?

    • Hi DippyDeeDont,
      Day 48 for me today. I have read a few of your posts and have chuckled at some of the things you’ve wrote, since I too have gone through the same. The triggers…..yep,still have those, but will admit, they have slowed quite a bit. Even though i have quit cold turkey from the tobacco and nicotine, I will admit to using the fake dips available out there. I am in the same school as the author of this page, I would MUCH rather dip a whole can of this fake stuff, all the days of my life, than go back to the can of cancer that plagued me for almost my entire life. Those craves have slowed down a lot. For example, I used to pop a chew in the minute I opened my eyes in the morning. Now, it might be a fake dip, an hour after I wake. I used to need a dip when driving….I usually use sunflower seeds now. I dipped all day at my office, I now use gum or the seeds. That’s not to say I do not pop a fake one in when I feel the need, because I still do in all the above instances when I feel “I need it”….but I usually make myself “squirm” before caving in. And those triggers and “wants” are starting to become far and few. Realistically, there is no way I could of made it this far without all these GOOD alternatives. I quit 17 years ago for the longest I had ever gone since starting, I made it 6 months. But I was too weak when on a fishing trip and surrounded by dippers. NOW, with all these alternatives around, there isn’t really reason for me to ever go back to the poison. I’ve found a few different brands that give me what I need to get by when the craves slam me. I know the fake stuff is a crutch and will need to be dealt with in the future. But it is no where near the habit the tobacco was. I used to chew a can or even more a day, now its 4-5 dips a day….hardly the same frequency!
      But that is where I am and how I have been dealing with my craves. I do have a full can of Skoal Wintergreen Long cut here with my fake stuff. I never open it, I just look at it every tine in grab a can of my fake stuff, to remind me of how far I’ve came and I don’t plan to ever go back!! I hope the quit continues to be a success for you, keep up the fight!! JP

  61. Hey Dippy,

    Congrats on your progress. This is that time when you feel you have kicked it out but all of a sudden you are hit by cravings one after the other. This is your memory and nothing physical (though what happens in your mind can actually make it look physical/real). This usually lasts for about a week and you’ll again start feeling comfortable may be for another couple of weeks before this phase comes again. The roller-coaster usually goes on for about 3 months before the evil is diminished by a big margin. This is also the time when you try to rationalize your addiction with irrational thoughts. Don’t give in. Life will be much beautiful once you cross this. We all are different and you may experience a slightly different experience than what I’ve described above.

    Good luck and keep us posted.


  62. I had been an heavy snuser (loser )last couple of years. Picked up this habbit when i moved to scandinavia.. Beautiful yet depressing part of world.

    Most people here do snus as part of life , but not for this Indian guy who thought it was cool to snus.

    At my peak, i did one box of thunder icemint( 16mg per sachet * 20 = 320mg can a day)

    Currently on 26th day bring cold turkey and going strong . Never knew that nicotine can bring someone to his knees and make his life miserable.

    Hoping to keep it strong with quit and waiting to see brighter side of being nicotine free in next few months!!

    Thanks to everyone for their experiences and motivation to fight this beast within

    – vinay ,

    • Good luck Vinay and try to hit 100 day mark. Till then you might have some oscillating experience but after 3 months things will be very bright. At my peak, I was pack a day smoker + a heavy dipper and my initial days (around 70-75 days) were horrible. Things are a lot better now :)

  63. Day 37

    Yesterday was day 37, I did not have access to my gear, but just as well. did not have much to report. Only that I had a long lasting crave and it went away, crazy how you think you got this thing whipped and then it gets you again. Shiva and Jayp offered their advise on what to expect, well, there is nothing like experience learned in your own skin aint it? thanks for your replies. I thought I was all alone out here.
    Anyway. starting day 38, lets see what happens today.

  64. Day 38
    Nothing exciting to report for yesterday, just went to work, worked out like a beast at the gym and ate like a freaking bear after work out, I must have had like 2 pounds of chicken if not more along with vegetables and Quinoa. I noticed that when you stop doing the snuff crap, your apetite increases, at least mine did, so I am on the wolverine diet and work out like crazy too so i won’t get fat. Hopefully after things stabilize I won’t have to work out so hard and eat like an animal. Anyway, that’s how boring my day was, but I managed to stay off the booze and spit so far.

  65. Day 39
    Well, I can’t seem to stop eating so the after meal craving cannot be avoided. My theory was to find the triggers and confront them, dominate them and destroy them. This is one trigger I cannot avoid and it continues everyday, it doesn’t seem to be backing down either. It is strange that I speak of this nemesis as if it were something alive outside of me, where as without me, this thought would not exist.

    So I am locking horns with myself and a weird thought that seems to come and go at will, without my help and obeys a law of habit mainly.
    So how do you destroy habits, maybe by doing other things long enough so your brain can form a different routine?

    People here write that the cravings come and go in intervals, I wonder if anyone else’s trigger happens after a meal?
    Does the trigger go away after a while? So far my research has taken 39 days and I am reaching to other folks that have quit longer.

    • After meal time was a HUGE trigger for me. The good news is that eventually, that too goes away. You’re doing great my man. Keep writing and asking questions!

    • Hey Dipee, same with me, that “after a meal” crave is a bitch! Even at Day 51 for me, I still have them. My hopes….as Chewie has mentioned, they go away in time. I think all of the craves and “extra” habits do. I get the same “after workout” triggers as you too. And the “right when you wake up” trigger was terrible too. Driving as well. The morning and after workout ones have softened. The driving one had been replaced with sunflower seeds….but that after meal one is still strong. Keep on writing, I know it helps some with the fight, but also, others enjoy reading about the same struggles they are facing. Keep up the fight!!

  66. I quit about 9 days ago. I honestly lost count how many times I said I was going to quit and didn’t. I have experienced the majority of the symptoms everyone else has mentioned. There is one that I’m curious about. Every morning when I wake up my mouth feels like it shed a layer of skin. Is that normal?

  67. Day 7, after twenty years (1.25 cans/day) Fog lifted. Remains difficult to manage bursts of irrational anger.

  68. 45 days of freedom that comes at a price, not monetary, but fines in Anxiety, restlessness, crappy attitude and RAGE. Such is the sweetness of a Nasty habit that is putting up a fight in the mind and possibly the soul by refusing to die. What is new? nothing really, just living one day at a time. in five days I will be in the phase of cruise control it says and life is supposed to get easier, I hope so cause I need a little break, then it says it supposed to get bad again and so on, for the first time in my life, I wish I had never started doing this garbage.

  69. Day 56 for me Dippy. And I have to admit, things have gotten much easier in this phase. I don’t feel the fog anymore, those “brain zaps” as I call them have almost diminished completely (except when I am running??) and that anxiety and anger has lightened up too. Its funny when you look back and reflect on how much has changed in 56 days. Everyone around me that knew I had chewed for all those years are offering their praise when they found out I quit….others that knew I quit are amazed its been 56 days! 44 more to reach the 100 that this site makes a monument…I see no point in turning back now….my tobacco days just get further and further in the rear view mirror….and I’m fine with it. A quick funny story, yesterday when I was taking a shower, I felt a small feeling of depression flow over me when I thought “you will never be able to take a chew again”…then I said to myself “you had that shit in your mouth for 25+years, there is no need to be sucking on the battery acid any more, you don’t need that shit, its over”. Suddenly, that feeling went down the drain with the water! Its true, I don’t need that shit anymore. Its a great feeling when you are able to SQUASH those feelings when they decide to raise their ugly heads. I am fine (minus the 15 lbs I’ve gained, even with exercising!) without the tobacco…life truly is better without it and I never thought I would say that after dipping for almost my entire life. You stay strong, you are not that far behind me on this marathon to 100 and beyond, and me and the others here will be there at the 100 mark to cheer you beyond. Take care and keep up the fight!

  70. Day 47
    Good Job JayP, I am glad you are at that level already where you are thinking it is the end for that vice.

    For me, between the daily cravings,( although I must say they have gone weaker for the most part, but there are times when they all seem to bunch up together and come back as one powerful one); rage and daily frustrations as a result of the quit sometimes bring me to my knees metaphorically in my quit.

    I am going to be honest and say that sometimes I don’t think I am so sure about this quit anymore, I know the facts, I lived the symptoms and I’ve gone a few days without doing it, but I still think to myself in order to subdue some cravings that when I reach a certain amount of days, i am going to go back to this disgusting poison.
    I cannot believe that I think like that, and the reason why I say that I am not sure about this quit is because I Don’t know if am thinking it just so the craving will go away or If I am really going to do it. (I know what goes here….You have to want it, Don’t be a this or that, be a man, step up, etc. all these neat sounding catch phrases, but the fact remains, it is a choice nevertheless, a bad one and I know it, but it is a choice.

    This is the reason why I ask the older quit brothers to see if the cravings go away, and you guys say yes, but it takes time.
    I guess I did choose the wrong way of thinking for subduing these cravings and should choose other thoughts or activities, but I am running out of ideas, I can’t wait until I don’t think about these ideas and the cravings are no longer there.

    It seems that this project is absorbing all my energy, focus and time just to stay afloat and not succumb to the cravings. I want to be free already, I wish there was a giant On/OFF switch somewhere where I could just turn it off and lock down the switch so it could never be turned on again, but I know there isn’t.
    And so I have to be patient, I know I have to be patient and wait day by day winning battles against it, sometimes I just want to blow some steam like today and so here I am chiming the same bell, harping the same harp about this quit.

    It took 29 years of my life to set in and take over completely, I guess a little patience is needed to reverse this old way of life.

    • Hey Dippy, I don’t think the cravings ever go away. I still have them…I know guys I dipped with back in High School that quit long before me, still tell me “I still think about dipping all the time” or “when I turn 70, I’m gonna start dipping again”. All of which is non sense in my opinion., Why would one want to start a habit like that again, after being away from it that long? I guess it just makes a quitter more comfortable knowing that “some day, I will get to do that again”. I was honestly 10 years old when my Grandpa (God rest his soul, loved that man) gave me my first dip when we were fishing. I took my last one (mixed with fake) on July 15th and haven’t had any since July 16th. My 40th bday was the 14th….I have had tobacco in my life for nearly 30 years….enough is enough. When I asked my myself the question “have you done anything else that long?”. It brought me to realization it was time for a change. Those were my reasons, everyone has their own motives to drop the habit, mine, honestly, was being tired of being “cuffed” to it. But to get back to the cravings….you ask anyone out here, I bet they all say they have them still, no matter where they are in their quit. But I think they just become a softer voice yelling across the canyon we quitters have to cross be free from this vice.
      You’re doing great…and I certainly appreciate reading your posts. Its nice to know we’re all in this shit together. Keep up the fight!! JP

  71. Day 14, after 20 years. The fact that I have quit no longer dominates my every thought. Sometimes a few hours can go by where my quit doesn’t even come to mind. Seems like a big step.
    Also, I let a few members of my family know just yesterday (I decided to keep it to myself until I had a few days behind me). My mom and wife started to cry. Pretty cool moment.

    • That’s awesome T-Maj!!! I’m at day 18 and kinda feeling the same way. I still think about having one often, but once in a while if I stay busy I forget all about it! I’m sure your family will appreciate having you around longer! Let’s keep it goin brudda!

  72. Day 48
    I am fully convinced there is something or someone not of this world trying to destroy the good work i have started, if it sounds too weird then call it, bad luck, coincidence, karma, whatever the hell you want to call it, but some shit is happening, and it comes all at once seems like.

    First, I mentioned a job that i didn’t get.
    Second, a death in the family.
    Third, another family member admitted to a hospital in bad shape.
    Fourth, straining family relationship due to all the hardship.
    Fifth, of course financial issues like everyone else.

    Did I mention that all of these things except for the first one happened in 2 days, 2 days apart.

    Does anyone else have something like this going on or it is just me,? it seems like in the past, things would come up like they always do, and i resolved them and moved on.

    I am trying to do something good here and I know it kind of sounds crazy, but it just seems as though it is being done on purpose to me, it is true when the say that cliche, “you can’t make this stuff up”. Days of our life or As the world turn soap writers could not have imagined these things for their shows.

    Though I am going through hell, I still have not dipped, not because I am such a superhuman man or I am such a tough guy with such a great character and power of assertiveness as i heard people in here, but just simply because i choose not to do it. it is said easily, but living it seems to be a daunting task.

    Perhaps it is time to once again, turn to the the only one that can help me?. This part of my life I am walking through reminds me of the psalm that says:

    “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me”.

    All of these bad things for sure would have led me to use tremendous amounts of tobacco, would it had helped if i dipped? absolutely not, but the craving would have been satisfied.

    I am rambling now, I think I made my point. things are not good for me right now and want to ask him for help.

    thanks for listening (reading)

    • I’m sorry for the hard times you are going through Deep, and I am sure that he is listening. Ask him to help you remain strong despite the stressors of your life. You are 100% correct when you say that throwing in a chew won’t help you get through tough times. I’m in no position to give you advice as I’m only on day 18 and to get to 48 days like you seems like an impossible journey. You should be proud of what you have accomplished, and know that you are not alone in the struggle. God Bless

  73. Shit day 17 here. Quit cold turkey after 16 years. Today is a ruff day

  74. Hey guys i’m on day 24 i think and i’m a student at purdue trying to get into engineering, spring last year was my first semester and i needed to take calculus chemistry and a general elective and maintain a 3.2 gpa and i finished it out with a 3.55 gpa A- calculus A chemistry B- in general class who cares, however what my counselor did not tell me is that i needed to attend a CODO meeting some meeting where someone acknowledges you wan2 join engineering. So this is my 2nd semester and i signed up for a meeting that was today at 4p.m. I have a class that is 330-420, and we have an exam coming up on thursday with material that is still being presented in our current lectures so i stayed till 355 snuck out the back and rushed to the meeting, however when i walked in the room the guy in charge or whatever said i have to leave because i’m late, and i said exactly what i am saying now he basically told me to take a shovel and shove it up my asshole, and i don’t know if it’s because i quit but i honestly feel i have never been more mad than at that moment i mean all i can think about his hitting his head with blunt objects until i physically beat his head off his body.

  75. Day 50.
    I did it, I freaking did it. I made it to halfway of the HOF. And according to the timeline at the beginning of this forum it says that I am on cruise control and to wait for the joys of Anxiety attacks if they have not happened already. Well I don’t think I’ve had anxiety attacks, but plenty of reminders that its time to Dip again.

    I am pretty proud of myself at this point though.

    1. I actually had a few Brews and managed to keep the craving under control, I may have felt it maybe 2 or 3 times during the evening, but I did not cave in.

    2. I actually went in to a gas station for the second time in a long time and there they were(Tobacco cans) behind the counter, once again looking all shiny and almost winking at me. Strange, weird feeling as though as if you see a super hot girlfriend that you broke it off with, and you ask yourself why in the hell did I let her go?, then you remember oh yeah, she was a biatch.
    The same thoughts raced through my head looking at those cans (no pun intended) at the store and thought to myself, I left you cause you nearly destroyed me, because you contributed to nothing positive in my life, because you are high maintenance, just a plain ol Biatch. Anyway I paid for my stuff and got out of there, again, I did not cave in.

    Thanks for reading

  76. Day 36 for me! Copenhagen was my addiction. My quit has been a bitch. I am 52 and chewed like a crazy man for the last 10 years. I had massive sweats for the first 3 weeks. The fog… Wow. That was crazy. 30 days of fog. Sleep.. Starting to get a full night sleep. Gained 7 pounds, I even get the shakes.. But. I will never ever go back to Copenhagen… I read posts each night and it helps allot,,,

    • Awesome job, Jeff. The “fog”… words fall short unless you are in our quit community and know first-hand. I tried to explain once or twice to my wife and older brother but non-chewers just don’t comprehend the sheer power of this physical addiction. Anyway, I do… so keep it up the good fight and good luck moving forward.

  77. Awesome Jeff, Keep it up.

    I’ve taken a little break from posting since nothing really exciting worth writing was happening. it’s been 4 days since my last post so there are some awesome things that happened yesterday, right now I am at work, but stay tuned. This Evening I will post an update on my quit.

    Thanks for Reading….And Keep up the good Work fellows.

  78. Yes Indeed, as a matter of fact, there is one follower that posted a comment on my quit4today WIKI. Thanks Chewie.

    BTW folks here is the link to my Site…..


  79. Day 66 for me today. I admit, I have come a long way and this website has helped me a great deal. I have spoken to a lot of dippers that want to quit, but just haven’t found the help to get going. I want to thank Chewie in particular from the start. He’s the one that welcomed me here and I have became friends with him out on other social media. I want to also thank all of you that have been brave enough to put down the can and begin the journey of freedom. Dippy has shared a lot of great stories and also has made me laugh in some of his storeies. I feel everyones pain out here, quitting isn’t easy, but its been well worth it to me and am grateful this site exists so we can all rant and bitch about what’s buggin us on the journey. I tell people about this site and tell them its like an Alcohol Anonymous meeting for dippers….and it kind of is (although I have never been in a AA meeting, but imagine its similar). I have became a member here, but haven’t ever did row call…I sort of wished I did get with Chewie and figured out how to do that….but I am now 34 days away from that 100 mark and I know I will get there and beyond. Life is great once you get past the first 30-40 days. Keep up the fight and we’ll keep everyone posted. And I cannot thank you all enough for sharing your fight!! JP

  80. @Jeff…never thought of myself as a super hero, thanks for the kind words. I think the row call keeps the people honest who need the daily reminders. Not saying I’m tougher than the average bear, just never could figure out how to do it from my mobile device. I don’t always have access to a “good” CPU, which makes things much easier. I have my pile of shit PC in the basement, but its time to upgrade that thing. This phone works faster than that POS! And I am suppose to be “working” at the office, so, this is my time to post. Anyway…getting wayyy off subject.
    I have a Mint Triumph, Zero Strength, No Tobacco and No Nicotine herbal dip in….pretty good stuff. I am now down to about 3 of these fake dips a day…I am now about to finish day 66. The BEST advice I can give to the noobies…keep up the fight, it does get easier. And for those of you who cannot get by without a dip….find yourself a fake one you like, there are several good alternatives available today….and they work, even as a placebo (making your brain “think” you’re getting the nicotine).I remember feeling like hell wayyy past the 72 hours…but it does lift and you will feel normal again….promise. this coming from someone who thought it wouldn’t ever end…..it did!!

  81. Day 55

    I am actually associating the number of days to specific important events in my life or just in general.

    Today is day 55, that’s the age I am planning on retiring. So its a particularly bad ass day. When it comes, no more putting up with crap, no more waking up at dawn if I don’t want to, no more meetings, no more, well ya’ll know the drill. Anyway, just sharing tidbits to keep my mind occupied. seems to work.

    Ok, well, a while back i wrote in a couple of posts that I was extremely pissed because of a job I didn’t get, and that i was trying to reach to a higher power because I was pretty bummed out.
    The quit was not making things easier either, but i did not cave in. In Any case, what I am trying to say is that God does listen, he does work in mysterious ways and sometimes if you are blessed, he shows you how he is working on your life.

    Now I am writing theology here because it ties with the point I am trying to drive in, if you do not believe in God or are not religious, then you don’t have to read, this is what happened to me and it is my duty to let it be known.
    I was at the end of my understanding as to why things were going so bad, even though I was knocking the crap out of this Nasty habit, and was trying to be a good father, husband, son etc. So I basically broke down and asked why these things were happening, I must admit that I was really upset, insignificant me, asking the creator to show me the plans that he had for me, now bear in mind that he doesn’t have to, but he did show me, not that day, but the next day. That day , after I finished my tantrum, I got ready and went to the gym, leaving everything in his hands I said..

    Well here is what happened, at work there was an announcement that I was getting a pay increase and was calculated by the amount of money i was getting, now you see if I would have gotten that part time job I would have been over the Maximum amount to qualify for this pay increase to kick in, at that moment that I realized why I didn’t get that job, I realized how He was working in my life, I was so humbled, I felt so bad because just the day before, ignorant, disrespectful me, was upset because of the bad things happening in my life without knowing what was happening and why.

    I hope you guys get the immense message of those words. I remember one of you guys replied to one of my rants and said, “He does listen” Well, you sir have incredible amount of wisdom. The proof was shown to me and it increased my faith and my courage to continue staying Quit.

    The way i see it, is like this: the money is ok, but the fact that he Showed me how he was working in my life, that, my fellow quitters is greater than anything else. I couldn’t wait to come here and tell you guys all about it. He knows the struggles we are going through on something that we brought to ourselves, unnecessary bad habit that thanks to him we did not seriously sickened our bodies to Cancer or other diseases, we do not deserve to be rescued, but he is bigger than all of us and anything that tempt us and might try to destroy us. We made the decision to Quit and he sees that, and in some cases he rewards us with things that we don’t even know are good for us, even if at the moment, they seem to be bad for us.

    I don’t want to leave you guys without saying thanks, for some of you have told me that I inspired and kept you strong to continue ya’lls quit, hell I was even called a Superhero, never been called that, so your support and most important with His help I managed to stay quit and If I ever did anything good in this life I hope this is one of them, to help others to stay quit.

    Stay tuned….. there is more to come. Stay Strong guys.

    Thank you for reading…..


  82. Day 21 after 20 years. Didn’t see days 15-18 being so tough. My addiction inner narrative screams, “ok, ok, ok already… you proved you can quit whenever you want to… now have a lipper to celebrate and we’ll quit permanently starting next year.”

    But I ain’t turning back now. And at the worst times… I just keep looking at my three kids. Good luck to all on this journey.

  83. Day 56

    Today was spent watching movies, munching and napping. Boring day, but at least got some rest to start the week. In four days it will be 60 days since my last dip. What is the deal with these cravings? I read of people that have a 1000 days quit and they still have cravings, very mild they say, but they still there.

    Now here is something ironic that i encountered one time when I purchased a can of crap, as I was paying for it, the distributor guy was there dropping off the shipment, he saw me buying it and I believe he told me something like, Don’t do it, it’s bad for you, I did it for 20 something years and quit 5 years ago or some long time like that. But then he hands me a can of each flavor and says its my job.

    How miserable must this guy have been? The Irony was incredible here.

    At the time I didn’t think much of it since I walked out of there with 5 or six cans for free, until now 10 or 15 years later, i started thinking about this episode, I guess because I am going through my own quit now.

  84. I have been dipping off and on for a year. I dipped a lot during the spring and summer but am trying to quit. I stopped for about a week but had a lot of anxiety/panicky feelings which I think is related to the nicotine. I really want to stop but I do not want to feel anxious! How do I get over this? Please help me!

    • Hi Rob, sorry to hear you’re going thru what us dippers call the “nic-bitch” (anxiety). There is only truly 2 ways to get through it. One and this is probably the safest way, go talk to your doctor and let him/her know what you are doing. He or she can prescribe you something in the short term to get you through the first 35-40 days (thus is how long it took for me to get through it). The second, is the “hard-liner” route, which is what I did, just go through the hell! It will lift after a bit. I am not going to lie…anxiety showed up at my front door 2 years ago, before I quit. I didn’t ask for it, nor did I vote for it, I just had a lot of “worry” going on in my life at that time and it snowballed into anxiety for about 7-9 months. After I got it under control (with prescriptions), I actually started reading a lot on how to combat this new sickness without drugs. I dropped 20 lbs, exercised everyday, running and strength exercise. Ithen weaned myself of the meds, which was pretty tough, since I was on them for over 6 months, but I did it. I have continued to exercise and eat half-ass decent. Then came my 40th bday and it was my quit-date. So I quit….the first 72 hours were bad…..but what really got me was the next 30+ days. A foggy brain , I was certain my anxiety was coming back to haunt me until I read several people here went through it. In fact, most said it was gone after a couple weeks, but for me, dipping for 25+years….it was WELL over 30 days of that shit. But I never went back to the meds, I just dealt with it and spent a lot of time here on this site reading, putting in my 2 cents on posts, encouraging others to keep up the fight. And I had several others offer me offer me encouragement as well….for that I am greatful.
      But to give you some advice in meds, don’t be afraid if them to knock off the edge, I have nothing against them, I needed them at a bad time in my life. But you can get through this without them….its all a personal decision. I didn’t use anything but will power and this site to get where I am right now (Day 70). Just know, what you’re feeling, IS normal….you’re brain is trying to punish you for giving up the nicotine. You’ll be fine, but if you’re worried go chat with your doctor….I am not a doctor and don’t pretend to be. Keep up the fight and good luck!!

    • Hey Rob – anxiety and stress are VERY common. http://www.killthecan.org/anxiety-when-you-quit-dipping-dealing-with-stress/

      Nothing wrong with going to see a doctor if your symptoms don’t clear up.

  85. Day 57
    I remember when I stumbled upon this page, I had no idea how many people were trying to quit and how many people were already in the process of quitting.

    By reading all of these posts I noticed that we all start this habit at different ages and for different reasons, but the main reason why we all are trying to quit seems to be because we become aware of the detriment that tobacco can inflict on our health. Either something has gone wrong with the body or people have read about long time nicotine use somewhere on the Internet or magazines.

    In Either case we start thinking about quitting. Some of us actually start the quit. Not so easy aint it? Someone actually told me what I didn’t want to hear once , we were running together and I had to stop and sit down because I was in terrible shape number one and number two, I had not quit using tobacco at that time.

    The person was upset because I had to stop running and told me, “you know what it’s wrong and what to do, but you won’t do it. ” Those words stuck in my head for the longest time, but I still could not quit. I would stop for a bit like a lot of people mention in here, but then as soon as I felt strong and better, I’d start all over again.

    Here is a trick that I used that may help. The first 3 days of your quit is pure hell so when I got sick as a dog from a bad cold or food poisoning and couldn’t do much but ride it out, that’s when I decided to start my quit.
    I already felt like Hell because of the sickness so i thought might as well use those days for my quit, but I must admit, I still wanted to dip, even as I was laying in bed, but i thought to myself I have to get better first so I tricked myself into waiting for it, when I got better I decided to wait a little longer, just another day I said, and another, before I knew it, a week and a half had gone by and so I continued.

    I was pretty proud of myself because i was off the snuff for a couple of days, but I noticed instead of feeling better I was in a fog all day long, couldn’t concentrate and just overall in pretty bad shape, I knew it had something to do with the quit, but I did not know it was a normal process until I came to this site and read the article “What to expect when you quit dipping” and sure enough the hellish state i was in, was described in there.

    Anyway, that worked for me, but it may not work for you, everyone is different, but IT CAN BE DONE, that’s the main point of this rambling.

    Thanks for reading.

  86. Day 60

    Two Stinking Months I been off the Shitsky, I am proud..

    Dude if you are contemplating quitting?, Do it!!!, Just Do it!! I dare you, I know you all can do it too.

    I know you got what it takes,

    You know how when you got started Doing this Shit, you felt like a MAN, a tough guy?

    Well It takes a Much Bigger Man to Quit. Be that Man, OWN it Fellas, Own that Shit.

    Come on Do it!!, and then come back here and tell us all about it, there are a bunch of guys here that will listen to your progress, rants, failures, whatever the Hell you want to talk about. I know they heard it from me, its been 2 Months and I’ve written almost every day.

    So What’s your story?

  87. If I ever did anything good on this earth, I hope this is it. I am calling all of yall dippers out

    I know a lot of tough people that dip, but it is even tougher to quit the dip and stay quit.

    ********* Don’t let a tiny little tin can kick your ass, get tougher and “Kill the can” ********* ******************************************************************************************

    Now, Who is going to be the first?

  88. Getting closer to 50 days of my quit, reading posts each day helps me continue my quit.
    I was thinking this morning of how I felt prior to my quit. This may be just me, but almost each night before I would sleep, which was almost always around midnight, I would have be on full alert: meaning, ac kick on. I would be wide awake from the noise: Car drive down the street, instantly I would be in “alert” mode, which would then put me in a mood for a dip: I was getting up to dip… How wrong is that, then complain all day I didn’t get enough sleep- nic bitch!

    Walking up stairs. I would be out if breath::: WTF!
    Fast forward to almost day 50
    No crazy thoughts or full on alert at night. I sleep early now and love it;
    Swimming and walking this morning, I noticed that I am not out of breath so easy;

    So. You can quit and really feel better.. I cannot remember feeling this well in yrs:

    Yes: quit is hard, I did it cold turkey. You will go thru hell, but you are not alone, just think. Quit today and your first thanksgiving without a dip!!!

    Anyhow, just thinking of how I felt Before I quit and now.

    Would love to hear other stories.


  89. Great post Jeff. Day 15 here….here are a few things I remember dealing with – #1 always planning ahead to make sure I NEVER ran out. What a slave I was. Weekends, trips, overnight, office, car, home – always had to know how long I’d be away from ‘access to more’ and would plan accordingly.

    I can remember wishing everyone in my house would just go to bed so I could have some ‘alone’ time – just me and my can! Often staying up too late and falling asleep with one in. Sometimes even drooling chew while I slept – WTF!

    I don’t miss those days. My car has actually got low on gas since the quit a few times as I’m not at the gas station every other day or so. Also, I’m in bed and asleep early! Granted, I often wake up at 4am now, but that’s another story I suppose will fade. Regardless, It sure is nice not to be a nic bitch all the time. It was dominating my life and choices almost at all times. Where to go and when, when to go to bed (or not go to bed), when to eat (or not to eat), etc etc etc.

    The bottom line is the Nic Bitch will wipe everything else out. Here are Her directives: You MUST be with me at all times, you should eat less and use me more, you should sleep less as sleeping is time away from me. Anything that gets in the way of us or doesn’t like us being together should be banished (friends, family, food, sleep, work, kids)or they should just deal with us and keep their mouths shut! There is nothing more important in life than having me with you at all times. We can never be apart. What a psycho huh?

    Stay strong and don’t forget what the nic bitch did to you and your life. When she calls you begging to take her back (she’s nuts and will call/stalk you everyday!), you’ll know what to do!

    • One day
      Hang tough dude! Good post!

      I never want to forget the first 30 days of my quit. The sweats, no sleep, the fog, I even had the shakes at times: I want to keep those times in front of my memory , so no matte what, I never want to take a dip again; once is enough for me

      Don’t give up one day.

  90. Great posts by OneDayD and Jeff above. Yup, I too remember falling asleep with that shit in my mouth. In fact…having it in my face worked like a sleeping aid. I would get so tired as that nicotine would soak into my blood stream….just a terrible habit when I look back 77 days ago. I’d wake up and be PISSED I fell asleep with a dip in. And the havoc it wreaked on my interior cheek! What a shitty habit to involve myself in…I am so happy I had the balls to drop the habit and its further in the rear view mirror. Everyone here should be proud of themselves for 1.) Making the choice (or thinking about it) to quit and 2.) Staying strong enough to remain quit.
    I love to read everyone’s progress and plan on being here for a long time. Keep up the the fight Quitters!!

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