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RJ2 – I Started Dipping to Help Stay Awake

RJ2 - I Started Dipping to Help Stay AwakeI started my relationship with Nicotine at about the age of 20. Honestly I started dipping to help stay awake at night for work. Drinking energy drinks are not good for you after all!

I never thought much as long as i didn’t get addicted what could it hurt right. Well as you can guess one can a month turned into one a week then one a day but I’m still not addicted no worries. Told my wife i would quit when we had kids, they turned 11 in September. Still never really thought i had a problem i can quit if i wanted to, I chew because i like it that is what I always told myself.

I finally got tired of looking in my mouth every time i brushed my teeth obsessing over this spot, that bump so that was it. I instantly realized two things one i am addicted to Nicotine, and quitting this is going to be harder then i ever thought! Luckily in a random search about what to expect when quitting i found KTC.

I have no doubt that if it were not for posting roll/ making a promise to others, that i would be dipping to this day! So know i quit every morning, and it gets a little easier everyday! RJ2-124 days quit and proud to quit with you!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member RJ2

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