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100 Days Down – Forever To Go

RachelMosley avatar99 days feels like yesterday and a million years ago all at the same time. I never thought Id make it this far and I hope my story helps someone else get there.

How it started:
I started smoking at 15. When I was 17 I started dating my high school boyfriend (an asthmatic). He didn’t want me smoking in his truck for obvious reasons but he was an avid dipper. A friend of ours made a joke that I could take a dip and they started making fun of me saying I couldnt do it, id puke etc.. Well my pride took it as a challenge. Took a pinch the third of the can and popped it in. Never puked. And that began my love hate relationship with dip.

How it Continued:
At 18 I got my lip pierced and the loose stuff became a problem so i switched to pouches. While trying to find a pouch i liked i discovered SNUS pouches. I DIDNT HAVE TO SPIT!! It was heaven. Thats when I really fucked myself. I started having a pouch in 24/7 LITERALLY. Id sleep with a pouch in. at 20 I found out I was pregnant and of course stopped immediately. The day my son was born I put a pouch in. I literally chose fucking nicotine over breastfeeding. Thats probably one of the lowest points of my life.

How my quit began:
Now Im 26. Im married, trying to have a baby, and my teeth are rotting out of my head. One night I found a bunch of brown stuff on my gums, freaked out and started to google pictures of mouth cancer. I found 2 things. 1. My gums were just stained (thank god) and 2. KTC. I read around and mossied over to the live chat. At midnight I was talking with seasoned vets and fighting a battle with my addiction. The next day I quit!

Where Im at now:
My quit has been a rollercoaster. During My first 100 days I had 3 family members die, a hurricane throw a tree through my roof, and my 5 year old son was diagnosed with some mental health issues. But i am quit. EVERY DAY DAY. Even now sometimes its a minute at a time. Special thanks btw goes out to swilson and MikeP who have really been a stepping stone. BUt even more FRANK. Not only was he a shoulder to lean on but there were days he practically dragged me through to the next day. They didnt give up on me and I was always welcome to cuzz and scream and fight! I am very thankful for my quit brothers! USE THE TOOLS!!!!

Tomorrow I will be at 100 days. My teeth have been brushed for the first time in years, Im saving $100 a week and my husband actually enjoys kissing me! IF only there was a KTC for junk food. SO heres the the first 100 and heres to the next!!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member RachelMosley

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Grant Richardson
Grant Richardson
5 years ago

I have been quitting for over 30 years. Mostly cold turkey but also with Smokey Mountaigt. Now I’m unemployed and seeking disability so my $$$ is low and I can’t justify buying the stuff. I created my f $$own with herbal teas by mixing other things in pouches made from tea bags.
Where can I buy any fake stuff in southeast flof:rida? Bass Pro shop maybe. I wear dentures now . Don’t announce to friends or family that you have quit. They expect you to fail because dip is the hardest addiction to beat. I’m not sure how long I’ve been CLEAN this time ( 3 months)but I miss doing it even though it WI’LL KILL ME.
I’m going to spend money I don’t have tO’Day to find non stick gum for dentures and if I’m lucky I’ll findo fake snuff. If nothing else at least the aquarium will be entertaining for a couple hours.

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