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2016 – Best of the KTC Blog

2016 Top TenAs the calendar flips to 2017 it’s time to take a look back at 2016 and reflect on what a great year it was!  As you may know, I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to website analytics so this sort of thing really gets my nerd juices flowing.

Is there something you want us to cover later this year?  Leave a comment or send me a note and we’ll do our best to get it done!

The Top 10 Posts of 2016 (by view)

#10 – Absolut Snus Review
Down one slot from last year,  Absolut provides an alternative for snus users.

#9 – Jake’s Mint Chew Review
Down from #6 last year, it blows my mind just now big of a player Jake’s has become in the fake dip market. This original review was written nearly 7 years ago!

#8 – Where Do You Buy Your Fake Dip?
Down from #5 (for the past two years).

#7 – KIKIT Update – Out of Business
A sad new entry onto the list this year. KIKIT was an alternative product made from coconut that sadly went out of business this year.

#6 – BaccOff Review
This review jumped back into the top ten after being absent last year. This review written way back in 2012 proves that there’s rekindled interest in this player. You’ll see why as you read on below.

#5 – Elicit Herbal Chew Review
Down from #4 last year. Elicit has versions that contain nicotine. Steer clear of those but the others are fantastic.

#4 – Smokey Mountain Snuff Review – Premium Herbal Chew
Falling from the top spot last year but always near the top of the list. SMC continues to be one of the premier fake dips on the market today.

#3 – Cowboy Coffee Chew & Major League Coffee Dip Reviews
Holding steady at #3 this year, this coffee based product continues to make waves.

#2 – Grinds Coffee Pouches Review
Grinds holds on to #2 for the second year in a row.

#1 – Gen II BaccOff Pouches Review
Written in April of this year, BaccOff has released an update to their pouch product which is quickly simply outstanding if you’re looking for something true to the real thing.

As with the last year’s version of this list, there’s a clear trend to all of these posts… smokeless alternatives and reviews.  I’ve said in the past and I’ll say it again. I didn’t start this blog with the intent of being the authority on fake dip reviews, but the numbers don’t lie. People are looking for and are interested in what REAL quitters have to say about these products.

If you’re a smokeless alternative company and would like to be reviewed please leave a comment or contact me and I’ll make arrangements to review your products.

Is there something that we’ve not covered on the site or here on the blog that you’re interested in?  Let us know… we’re always looking for suggestions!

Happy New Year – Here’s to a dip free 2017!!!

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