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A Taste of Realism – Skoal Monster Laying It Down

The Real WorldThere was a discussion going on about a newer quitter, who was having a hard time understanding how ‘Real’ this Quitting thing is.

Skoal Monster laid it down for him. Here was the original statement:

I would be more likely to take it serious if this shit was more realistic. Overall, I want to quit bc I feel better about myself and I flat out like the way I feel. Tangible effects-more energy, focus, drive etc.”

And Skoal Monster had this to say:

May I make a suggestion…..

Go fuck your self with a live porcupine . You must be wearing a pointy hat in the corner of your padded room because your dumber than a sack of hammers on a life boat.

You Want Realistic?

Have Curtis tell you what it’s like to have part of your jaw removed? Or maybe what it’s like to have your your smirking face placed in the clamps of a radiation jig while they BBQ you?

Go ask Mylittlesecret about what happens when someone you love sleeps with a dip in their mouth and fucking aspirates?

Go read Jpine’s intro about losing his mother to tongue cancer.

Read the words of Rutroh when he talks about his sister and how she still reached for her can thru a morphine haze so thick she couldn’t speak or even function and yet the addiction crawled thru.

Quitters who stayed quit through the death of a child, a friend, a wife, and even themselves, like Cliff who’s words of wisdom still ring on this site despite his death. Realistic is that we have lied stole and cheated to satisfy our addictions, this is serious for a lot of us and will be for you eventually too. Nicotines end game is a special treat, it is addiction without being able to pacify craving. The only solution at that point is quit. Real Quit.

Death by nicotine is a death of a thousand cuts. Blood pressure, heart disease, circulation problems, teeth, breath, changes in the ph of your body, a million illnesses compounded. Cancer is the least of it my stupid addicted friend.

It is a neurotoxin more lethal by volume than cobra venom, it kills more people than anything on earth. But that’s just the physical stuff.

How much time it steals is the real slippery wicket. How many hours have you spent hiding to satisfy your addictions little voice? Avoiding your loved ones to feed an addiction? how many little white lies? Over the years that turns into broken relationships, and countless lost moments. How many Tom Kerns by different names will listen to their daughters whimper Daddy please don’t go…. as they take their last breath.

Some people here, Including me, are busy saving our very serious lives. If you would kindly step on board with the program or get your nicotine addled particulars the fuck out of the way, because legitimate quitters have work to do.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Skoal Monster

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