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Always a Quitter

Ariana5866 avatarToday is the day I hit 100 days! It has been one hell of a journey thus far! From the anxiety to the depression to the anger… Never a dull moment during my quit journey… I had tried to quit 2 years ago and epically failed because I had no support nor anyone who knew what quitting nicotine was like.. I stumbled upon KTC while looking up alternative dip.. I walked in checked it out and went directly into chat… Where I then met Cmark and several others who told me this was the place to be to get quit and stay quit… I joined up and began posting roll everyday! There are so many dedicated quitters here on this site that push you to do your best! I am beyond thankful for KTC and all of my quit brothers and sisters!

Thank you to:

Rhargett: You have been there since my 3rd day of being quit! You have kept me laughing in the hardest of times! We became quite close during this journey and I will forever be thankful for everything!!

Cantrap: We stumbled upon each other in chat and we automatically clicked, we traded digits and we have kept each other in line! We also became very close and I know that no matter what you would always be there to keep pushing me!! I can’t thank you enough for all of your support!!

STT, Leo, LMcB, Justin J, Ralphie, HG, Gas, Flucky, Bokie, Nolaq, Skidwilly, Weedsta, D2 Maine, Samrs, Bgbdbrd, DonkeyMN, Law, MN, Kitkat, Atown, Some Schmuck, JB, PMILS, Chickdip .. If I have missed anyone I apologies but please know that without any of you my quit definitely wouldn’t have been the same! Thank you all so very much!!

My June Crew: I want to thank you guys/gal for being there whenever you could be! We have came a long way together and let’s continue on together! We got this, next stop Day 200!!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Ariana5866

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