2018 HOF Speeches

Get Angry, Get Free

Get Angry, Get FreeI first smoked a cigarette at age 12 with “friends.” I did everything I could to get that feeling of the first ever drag. Just like a hard drug addict, I quickly started to “need” nicotine to feel normal. Switched to dip because it was easier to hide and l needed my lungs for sports. Cope was $3 a can back then. Chump change even for a 12 year old who can mow a lawn.

That shit is 7.50 with tax now where I live. Unreal! Aside from the health risks. I just got tired of being a slave to it and paying all that money for taxes etc. I get angry at it and curse it to help me along, even though I have trained myself to love it more than anything. What a lie. Eff nicotine, eff Copenhagen, and eff the rich fuckers making money from addiction. I’m going to stay pissed about it and stay quit.

My message to new quitters. Get pissed at the can!!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Minicop

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