2024 Hall of Fame Coin Travels

Chewie on Mount Snow, Vermont

Kill The Can community member Chewie (October 2006) takes his quit skiing on Mount Snow in Vermont. 20 inches of snow the night before made for great conditions!

Chewie on Mount Snow

Chewie - Mount Snow - 3.25.2024 1

Chewie - Mount Snow - 3.25.2024 3

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1 month ago

Chewie or any HOF members. When did you order your coin? When I hit my 100th day, I will be camping with my wife for about a week, but I want to make sure I have the coin with me so I can carry it proudly on the day and from that day forth. I just don’t want to order too soon or too late.

1 month ago
Reply to  Chewie

Not that close yet. Day 24 Today. Thank you for the info, very helpful. I think I will put my order in a week before we leave. I will give it to my wife to hold onto. She is very proud of me, so it feels right to have her hold onto it till I have earned it.

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