2014 HOF Speeches

Embarrassed By Weakness – Idaho Spuds HOF Speech

EmbarrassedWhen I started chewing in high school it was a sneaky thing to do, underage, being a rebel and having my secret. During my marriage and professional career, it was still my secret, my companion on car rides, fishing, golfing, at work, working on the house but always in secret.

I could accomplish anything in life (CPA license, college athlete, etc.) but I couldn’t quit chewing??? It owned me. When we had our two wonderful boys I quit for a while, it felt good but once again, I was back to my addiction, I am embarrassed by my own weakness. A couple nights before joining, I was laying in bed next to my boys, wondering if it was too late quit, would I get mouth cancer and put my family in financial ruin… I was pathetic.

When I found KTC; it was the best thing ever. I found other people just like me secret (ninja) chewers hiding it from their loved ones. I now understand that; I am an addict, that quitting cold turkey, and being strong is the only way to beat it. I post roll everyday, it is now my home screen at work, I read through the stories of those that came before me, get inspired and have hope.

100 days are just the beginning. I know that I will have to quit for the rest of my life, I will beat it, I will be stronger than I was before, I will be healthy, I will not pass this addiction down to my boys, I will save money and I will not be embarrassed by a nicotine addiction!

Idaho Spuds

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Idaho Spuds

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10 years ago

This is awesome, like you I have accomplished a lot of things in life that required a lot of dedication. I finally got the courage to quit while actually thinking exactly that “I can do all these things that I’ve seen people fail at first hand, yet I can not control this addiction?” I was a coward and for lack of a better word a pansy. I looked myself in the mirror and said I am going to win. Today marks my 20th day without nicotine. I’ve tried multiple times, I realized the other times I didn’t truly want to win. This time I am going to win! Great story though!

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