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Enough Already

Happy St. Patricks' Day From KillTheCan.org!30 years ago, in 1986, I joined the United States Air Force and began the awful habit of dipping. For 30 years I have crammed that crap in my mouth to the tune of a can a day. In 2010, I lost my younger brother, age 39, to esophageal cancer. The man never dipped, smoke, or drank his entire life. I was devastated at the loss, but continued to use nicotine like an idiot. Earlier this year, my best friend and “brother in blue” was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and is currently suffering through the treatment. Again, never dipped, smoke, or drank his entire life.

Enough already!!

Those events had such an impact on me that I quit for good. Finished my last can on September 4th and committed to quit. And, I am better for it. I continue to be nicotine free. The first 3 days were hell and I never want to go through that again. That’s why I will never put that crap back in my system EVER. If I can do it, so can you. You can do this, but YOU MUST WANT IT FOR YOURSELF.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Pbpd183

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