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Hall of Fame JWidmer

Hall of Fame JWidmerSeptember 4th, 2016 I finished up a round of golf and requested to my brother to ride the golf cart around a couple more holes so I’d have time to take one more dip before I got back to the clubhouse where my fiance was waiting for me. Earlier that day I had caved from what was a quarter ass effort to quit on KTC before I even knew roll was important. We rode around for another 15 minutes and I started to feel the shame of how pathetic that was, that was the moment I decided to quit. I knew that if I wanted it to be for real, I had to come clean to my fiance, so the next day I told her all about my addiction. This was my first step in the right direction. I came back to KTC, took what I needed to hear and was determined that I wouldn’t let my quit brothers down again and that I would be quit.

Every day for the last 100 days I have woke up and made the decision to be quit that day. Some days have been hell, some days I feel great and I know that there are many more ups and downs in store for me and it feels good to have a support system along the way. I can honestly say that making the decision to start my quit was one of the best decisions of my life. My health and relationships are much better now knowing I have nothing to hide, it feels so damn good.

Thank you to all of the bad ass quitters of Dec 16 for keeping me in check and all of KTC for providing such a great support system. Anyone reading this who is thinking about making the decision to start their quit, it will be the best decision you have ever made. Its very difficult, but it can be done with KTC and everything gets better with time!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jwidmer

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