2017 HOF Speeches

Finally Free – Jpquit Hall of Fame Speech

Finally Free - Jpquit Hall of Fame SpeechWell here I am cured of this disease!…..oh wait shit I’m still an addict, but I am a FREE addict. I never thought that I would be sitting here with 110 days with absolutely no nicotine of any kind. I watched this website for a long time and never joined because “I didn’t want to be obligated to quit and promise to strangers EVERYDAY” Now that I am here, I’m thinking why didn’t I just join sooner!!

This site really saved my life. I thought that dipping made me more of a man and showed people I was a hard worker. Man was I wrong! When I see someone with a dip in I think, you are a slave to a beast and weak, but making the first step to your quit is when you become a greater version of yourself. You realize all the problems you pushed aside, all the emotions you bottled up, and how much of a crutch chewing really is. Quitting was and is the hardest thing I have ever done EVER. Without a family of brothers and sisters here on KTC, I would be chewing right now. Still worried about cancer and running out of dip somewhere. Now I am free, I don’t worship the beast anymore I make the beast bow to me.

I remember seeing on the site that I had to quit cold turkey and I was like, “Yeah fuck that,” but if you are reading this thinking about quitting, cold turkey is the fastest way to freedom. I have tried nicotine gum, patches, lozenges, and electronic cigarettes. None of this shit works, there was a point when I would be dipping with a patch on. Dump it all! I spent so much money on chew and those products and it got me absolutely nowhere. Dive into this site, the vets have truly seen it all and have gone through exactly what you are going through. No one is alone here and that is the best foundation there is.

Do I still think about dipping today? Hell yeah I do! But I have the strength and support to deal with cravings. I have a list of people I can call or text all over the country that have always helped me out. Are you going to have major life changes in your life during your quit especially early on? Probably, I went through major life changes with my health, mental health, social life etc. But I am working on them now and conquered them quit! (some very early on in my quit). When it rains it pours, don’t let that discourage you from you quit. I still have lots of stress and medical things to go through, but now I am doing it dip free and it feels damn good.

I thank all of January for helping me out and dealing with my awkward social and communication skills. Wouldn’t be here at 110 days without you all. Happy to keep walking down the path with you for more days to come. Quit on!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Jpquit

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