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Forum and Live Chat Issues – 8.13.2012

Site DownWe are currently experiencing issues with some forum images (header, reply, quote, etc.) and live chat loading properly.

The reason for this particular issue is that some of these resources are hosted on a shared environment at  The server that these images are hosted has been under a DOS (denial of service) attack since approximately last night at 11:44 PM EST.  Full details from our host can be found here:  The current resolution time from our host is not until at least 4:30 PM EST today.

Examples of images that are affected include:


In the meantime, I am in the process of redirecting these images to another host so that I can restore proper posting capabilities to the forums.  Once this is complete, I will tackle chat, but there is less I can do there.

Stay tuned to this post for further updates.

Thanks for your patience ~ chewie

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Thanks Wedge.

Looks like everything is stable at this point. I’ll have to put back some of the links (chat, store, blog, etc) across the top. Let me know if I’ve missed anything else.

11 years ago

Chat is back up as of 4:30 EST as well. Thanks for the hard work Chewboss.

11 years ago

Well done Greg.

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