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Golden Eagle Herbal Chew Review

Golden Eagle Herbal ChewTo say this review is long overdue is an understatement of epic proportions. Like… over a year overdue. It’s pathetic really. With that out of the way, let’s get to it.

Golden Eagle Herbal Chew ( is a family owned company in Grants Pass, Oregon. They offer five flavors including Straight, Licorice Mint, Hibiscus – Ginger, Cinnamon and Wintergreen. Their products are made from 100% all natural herbs and kosher vegetable glycerin. Because it is made with all natural herbs it is generally safe to swallow (but this is a personal preference of the user). For a complete list of ingredients used check out Golden Eagle Herbal Chew Ingredients.

Golden Eagle StraightGolden Eagle Straight Review

There are a couple of rather “interesting” flavors here so I’m going to start with something familiar and I dive right into the Straight. The smell upon opening can is totally something that I know but takes me a while to place. It’s 100% Ramen Noodles or Bouillon Cube. Strange to be sure but I’ve got to say once I got over the smell this was an outstanding taste for a Straight flavor. Good spitability which is always something I appreciate in a fake dip. The spit it produced was not super dark brown but definitely more than sufficient. Good pack here with a nice texture. This has a Straight flavor that reminds me of Redman Golden Blend with that nice “warm” flavor. Good longevity as well. I kept my chew in for 30 minutes plus. No float and it holds together nicely. Great start to the Golden Eagle offering.

Golden Eagle Licorice MintGolden Eagle Licorice Mint Review

This is a good mix between the Licorice and Mint flavors. It’s interesting to say the least. Mild Licorice flavor which isn’t overpowering as that particular flavor tends to be. I’m getting Skoal Spearmint overtones here more so than traditional Mint – not that that’s a bad thing. Same good longevity and spitability as the Straight with minimal float.

Golden Eagle Hibiscus GingerGolden Eagle Hibiscus – Ginger Review

This is a GREAT flavor. It’s very different from anything on the market that I can think of and it’s outstanding. I’m getting a hint of Ginger and can absolutely taste and smell the Hibiscus. This is a non-traditional flavor for dip or dip alternatives that’s a nice change if you’re into this sort of thing. This strikes me as something that a hot tea drinker would enjoy. Once again, good spitability. Doesn’t hold it’s flavor quite as long as the previous two flavors but this is a strong recommend if you’re looking for something a little different.

Golden Eagle CinnamonGolden Eagle Cinnamon Review

Good “sweet” Cinnamon smell on opening the can. This REALLY does smell and taste legit like Cinnamon and not Cinnamon “flavoring” if that makes any sense. I’m not a real big Cinnamon guy but this one is nice. It held together really nicely initially but I got some float as I worked the chew. It’s not the typical float either where I get a bit here or there breaking off and going into the back of my throat. This is as if the side of the chew are sort of “spreading out” along my gums and causing the entire dip to sort of slide. To get this under control I had to move the dip from my traditional spot way back in my mouth (on the side) up front.

Golden Eagle WintergreenGolden Eagle Wintergreen Review

This is a nice “classic” Wintergreen smell complete with the shiver that I used to get when taking a whiff of Kodiak. Has a good burn that you’d hope for with a Wintergreen product and for this former Kodiak guy this felt “familiar”. No float to speak of and great longevity and spitability. It was a great way to end.

You can get all five flavors from the Golden Eagle website at They’re sold in single cans or rolls of 10. They also have a multi-flavor sampler pack where you can get 1 can of each flavor.

Special thanks to Jonie from Golden Eagle Herbal Chew for providing me samples to try and review.

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  1. I have been taking Chantix to quit Chewing, and I have found that Golden Eagle herbal chew is helping me along the way! Thumbs up to Golden Eagle makers!??

  2. I bought a can of the wintergreen before I quit chewing and almost threw it away thinking it wouldn’t help. It has helped me get to day 4. May have gone crazy without it.

  3. I wasn’t a big fan of this brand. It was different for sure and had a good feel to it…but I thought it was pretty bland, in my opinion.
    Out of all of them (I too tried all flavors), the Wintergreen and Cinnamon were the best.

    1. That’s fair. I don’t use much fake these days, but I think if I had to pick one of these to go back to it’d be the Hibiscus – Ginger just cause it’s so unique. Not much else like that particular flavor out there on the market.

      1. I still use the occasional fake dip, here and there, but I’ve settled on one brand these days.
        Yes, the Hibiscus-Ginger sure was a different kind of flavor, I agree, very unique, there is no other one like it out there. If my memory serves me, this one was a little spicy?
        I am by no means trashing this product, I will even step out and say, ANY of these fake alternatives are better than using nicotine…the key is finding one you like, that will “do”. Golden Eagle is another great alternative available to folks wanting to get away from the nicotine.
        I would certainly advise trying it before denying it! My opinion may vary from others.

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