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How To Post Roll On an iPhone

Everything we do at is based on accountability.  Accountability to ourselves and to our brothers and sisters in quit.  One of the main functions of the forums is posting roll.  It’s our daily promise that we will not use nicotine in any form that day.  We make it through that day with our promise as our bond, and repeat the next day.

We have instructions on How To Post Roll Call in our Welcome Center, but sometimes being able to watch someone walk through the steps is helpful.  Luckily we’ve got some outstanding forum members who are willing to help us out making some videos.  Special thanks to Roamcountry for making this outstanding video and showing you how it’s done!

Video Transcript

How to post roll using the iPhone.  First things first, find your correct group.

Zoom in and scroll to make sure that you are either on a freshly refreshed page or that you make sure you’re on page 1 and you go to the top.  Post.  Select “quote”.  Scroll down to the lower box, tap on it once.  Tap and hold until you see the magnifying glass pop up.   Once you release, a bubble will pop up.  At this point, click “select all” and another bubble will pop up saying “cut”, “copy” and “paste”.

A lot of times it will pop up right here in the middle.  Sometimes it will pop up here in the top.  Sometimes it will pop down here in the keyboard.  If it doesn’t pop up at all, press and hold and drag in the blue area and release, and typically it will pop up right here.

Select “cut”.  Then you want to scroll up to the top box.  Tap once.  Tap twice and a “paste” bubble will pop up.  Select “paste”.  Scroll to where you need to enter your roll call.  Select “done” then scroll up, click “add reply”.

Once it goes back to the main page here, zoom in and go to your first unread post and then scroll down to be sure that you haven’t bumped anybody while posting.

And that’s how you post roll with the iPhone.

Thanks again to Roamcountry for providing us with this video.  If you’d like to see another video let us know and we’ll see if we can’t make it happen.

See you on roll call!

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7 years ago

Day 8 go to hell big ugly bears…

8 years ago

Fuk, sht, dmn, fuk fuk whore

Almost at 72 hrs, max rage and fog kicking…every trigger hit me in last couple hours and gums are throbbing for a quick dip to settle. Little cold chill and swelling in head…thx for letting me vent guys, gona distract myself to keep strong!

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