Asking For Help

Asking For HelpDoes asking for help make you weak?

Getting help from someone to stop using tobacco/nicotine may sound like a simple thing, just go ask right? But is it really as simple as it sounds? Who do you ask for help? When do you ask for help? Where do you go to find people to help? Will they even know how to help? All very real questions that require some answers before you expose yourself to someone else. There are so many mixed messages when it comes to quitting it makes it very confusing to know where to turn.

Asking for or accepting help is something that is extremely challenging for most of us. It is never easy to admit you cannot do something on your own and it can be extremely hard, almost impossible for those who have a mindset that seeking help makes us less of a person or shows weakness. I had these thoughts when it came to asking someone to help me stop using tobacco/ nicotine and it kept me from quitting for a long time.

To begin with the number of people who successfully quit tobacco/ nicotine without help or a solid support group is about 2 out of 100. Sure we all know “that” person who did it without help but what about the thousand other people who did seek help? You probably never heard about them because getting the help they needed has kept silent, a bond of trust between quitter and mentor. If they fought their asses off every day, screaming, ranting, scared shitless and needed every ounce of support and help they received does that mean they are weak? I say Hell no.

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. Quitting it is not easy, it takes work and is often not a pretty sight. In my opinion the person who had to reach out for help is the stronger of the two. They knew without help they would still be a slave to their addiction and were willing to do whatever it took to rid their self of a terrible demon and take control of their life again; even if it meant admitting they need help. To me that is STRENGTH !!

There is only one way to quit nicotine, and that is to put it down and never touch it again in any way shape or form. Anything else is still using, thus not a true quit. That idea of stopping cold turkey is scary, believe me I know. I ingested nicotine daily for 30 years. Cold turkey CAN be done. This site is where you need to be to become clean, stop lurking and start quitting. This site was founded by ex users and is run by ex users so we know what you are feeling and what your journey will be like.

If you need help ask for it !! That is why we are here. The goal is to free yourself from Nicotine, do what you must to get that done. If it means you have to lean on someone for awhile then do that, I did.

Your freedom IS worth it.

We are waiting…

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Greg5280

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