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It Was Time and I Was Ready

It's TimeMy first ever post on this site came in the introduction forum with the simple title “Its time, I’m ready”. Looking back it was definitely time and I definitely felt ready. There’s a lot of things you can’t prepare for, and the daily struggle is one of them.

Quitting dip should’ve been an easy choice. Everyone around me tells me how smart I am all the time, yet I made stupid decisions day after day for 13 years to dip constantly. When I first joined KTC I felt like I took the first step and all I had to do was stick with the program and boom I’d end up here. There’s so much work that goes into quitting though that I wasn’t prepared for. That’s where KTC really came in clutch for me. I genuinely feel I would have stumbled more than once had I not been a part of this website. You gotta do the work everyday, even on the days that feel easy. And in turn you gotta let this place and the people you’re surrounded by here work for you on the days you need them to. You’ll need them. I needed them. I still do.

I don’t feel like a Hall of Famer, or like I did anything I shouldn’t have done long ago. So I’m here to boast and celebrate my accomplishment of 100 days Nic free. I want to remind anybody who ever reads this post of two things. First, we are all addicts here. Telling yourself you’re better than anyone around here won’t get you anywhere. Secondly, if you’re new here and wanting to quit and this is the post you stumble upon looking for the magic words to convince you, they don’t exist. You need the right reasons. You need to put your pride aside and humble yourself and be ready to work. People die from this shit. People fail to quit because it’s hard. This place is for when it’s hard. This place will be what gets you over that hump that you’re fearing about quitting. Let it work, make it work, it WILL work.

Thanks to everyone who remains quit from our August Ajay group. Thank you to Bug Guy who was probably my most hated person alive the first few weeks of my quit. I needed him and he knows how much he’s meant to my quit. Thank you to gottadoit, exbearhag, chaotique and my other texting buddies from early on until now. Thank you to everybody else who I’ve interacted with from KTC over the past few months. It’s hard to express my gratitude to everyone who’s deserving of it from me. I appreciate you and I got everyone’s back who’s ever had mine, as long as you all need it.

In closing, if you’re new and you read all this; It’s time to quit today. You are ready to do it. You’re not here by some mistake. You didn’t read some stranger ramble on for 5 minutes out of pure curiosity. It’s time, let’s put in the work together.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member WonPump

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Santosh Kumar Rai
Santosh Kumar Rai
3 years ago

Sincere wishes to The KTC and everyone connected with it. Mr Brian, I am Santosh from India. I had been chewing tobacco for more than two decades and lost a number of significant things and persons. In India, specially UP, addicts are treated awfully badly. They lose credibility and confidence from friends and family. Although, it has been more than 500 days ever since I had my last dip still things are the same. Even my father treats me as unfairly as he used to when I was an addict of this Chewing tobacco. I lost my mother on the 5th of July the very year. My father a veteran from the Indian Air Force himself has been an addict of this shit for more than 6 decades. He got open heart surgery nevertheless he consumes chewing tobacco. I confess regretfully that I sometimes look down upon him because I find him sticking to his addiction. I am guilty of this. I should not have done so, rather I must be humble and help others quit. I beg for the pardon of the Almighty, KTC and Miss Cherry.

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