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Kenny Cancer Update

Fuck CancerI hesitated about posting this but I wanted to share it because it shows the true nature of the site. Kenny is a member of our forums. Know that we’re praying for you brother. Fuck cancer… and the way.

Hi everyone!!!

Been awhile since I’ve updated everyone. Got a few things going on. Well it’s been about 8 months since my last radiation treatment and I’ve been trying to recover all this time. Well there has been some major ups and downs .one is I finely cracked the 130 pds. Barrier! Unfortunately I can’t seem to gain any more and this is the reason for the update.

Because they radiated me sooooo fuckin much. (35 treatments )

They ruined all my teeth and their just breaking off in big chunks! They tried to fix 4 already but now they can’t keep up and now I have two teeth with exposed nerves. And all the rest are broken and the 4 they fixed I is already loose! Well here’s the bummer and the reason why I might not make it through this. They sent me to two oral surgeon and another pretty soon. What their worried about is if they try to pull them the bone won’t heal from radiation damage and to try to fix them would cost thousands and thousands of dollars!! And then there’s no assurance that they doubt just break apart as well. And something else their wo tried about is that I’ve lost so much muscle mass that I might not be able to tolerate any surgery at all.

So right now I’m having a hell of a time getting food down and it’s just getting worse. Jesus this shit is getting old!! And that’s not to mention the nerve damage is up to my ass now so every time I look down between my legs it makes me wanna fall down and feels like electrical shocks shooting down my ass cheeks and both leg and then I get this sensation right behind both knees that they want to buckle and then I almost fall down.

Of ya and the fire in my mouth is still just as bad as ever. I really thought I would be sharing all kinds of good info by now or be dead but the suffering just keeps on keeping on. I’m pretty much home bound now. Sorry no good info at all.


Update 5.25.2018

Kenny sent this update today. Sadly it’s not great news.

Hi everyone!

Well here is the latest update about what’s going on with my cancer treatments. Because I took close to 7000 rad or grey it’s a lot I know that. Well because I took so much radiation in that one spot it destroyed my saliva glands so I have no spit anymore. Well because I don’t have any spit anymore that’s what protects your teeth from rotting. Well because of that all my teeth are turning black and just breaking off.

Here’s an example for you how bad this is. 3 weeks ago a crown fell off off one my molers on the opposite side from the treatments. Well that was three weeks ago. Now the tooth is broken off below the gum line. Just in three weeks. This is happening to all of my teeth. So they have to pull all my teeth on the bottom. Here’s the huge problem. Their worried because I took so much radiation in one spot their worried that they may have killed the bone. I still have a ton of pain in my jaw and I can barely eat anything anymore. So they want me to do about 10 sessions in a hyperbaric chamber before they pull the teeth to accelerate rapid healing and then 10 or 15 or 20 more sessions of the hyperbaric chamber after they pull the teeth to help accelerate the healing process so I don’t run into well, you guys know all kinds of extreme problems!! (Like dying)

Here’s the bummer I have to pay at least 1600.00 up front before they will do the surgery. And I’m not sure if my insurance is going to pick up the hyperbaric chamber sessions?

Oh God it sure sucks to have gone threw all this to have my friggin teeth take me out. God I hate cancer.

And now I can barely leave the house anymore cause I’m so weak. Totally sucks.

It’s even affecting my walking. So if anyone can help me out with this I sure do appreciate it. Without you guys helping me so much I would have been gone long ago I literally owe you my life! I will know more next week I think about the surgeries! I know I’m forgetting something else but I can’t remember what it is. Well that’s the latest folks! Crazy ass stuff I tell you what!! I Love Each and Everyone of You !! Kenny

For more info on Kenny and his history please visit his GoFundMe at

I’m not even sure what else I can say other than to remind folks that this battle we’re fighting is real. The consequences are real. Regardless of what statistics you see, it CAN happen to you.

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6 years ago

Wow…somehow, nicotine withdrawal doesn’t seem too bad anymore. Still wanna dip?

6 years ago

This is just awful. I got chills reading this. I wish you the best Kenny and I hope you pull through. KTC and stories like this are the reason I’m 57 days quit and for the first time in my life I actually feel like I can stay quit.

6 years ago

Wow this reverberated right down my spine and put chills all over me. Very Sad. Thank you for sharing for us

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