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Offshore Man – Late HOF Speech

Happy St. Patricks' Day From KillTheCan.org!This is very late as I am 139 days into my quit. The reason for my late effort is a bit of just plain old feeling sorry for myself and not taking the time. I can go through all the bullshit reason why I think my quite was tough. The thing is, it is for everyone. I remember after the first week I was skating and not having as many issues as others and seeing all the drama from the roll during that time. I tell ya I am paying for that time now. My cravings have been bad I am stuck using smoky M to get through some days. I am lucky I quite with the group I did. And I am truly thankful to them and KTC. The Cult is awesome!!

I read everyone’s in February 17 HOF speeches, so many great ones and humbling. I had my office manager make a binder of all the HOF rolls and speeches and select stories. I have actually given it to one of our guys thats a smoker when after talking about quitting. He came back both humbled at hard this process of kicking the nic bitch and inspired!! I realize he isn’t a dipper but hopefully he goes into his quit with eyes open.

My Quite started for my kids and has now been dedicated to my best friend who passed away right before my HOF. I met the man in AIT we became fast friends after an obligatory fight over some mouthy BS (probably my mouth over loading). After AIT we both went separate commands and I never saw him again till a fateful morning in NC some 14 yrs later. He was looking for a job and i was hiring. I of course hired him and as they say History was written from that time on. He was one hell of a fishermen and a goddamn good offshore captain having won on his own several kingfish tourney. And he taught me all i know about big game fishing and so may things i would be here all day. I dragged his ass over Florida and back to Texas with work. When I went to self employed he stayed in the business and was extremely sought after. We fished our ass off every chance we got. Started going after the demons from 2000 ft. We once had a sail fish attack our boat!! got his bill stuck in the center console seat. His Passion for fishing was only matched with that for his kiddo. She is a great adult now thanks to him and going to make history on her own.

My friend was a 2 pak a day smoker who died from a massive heart attack. He will be missed by all and the world is not as bright as it used to be for many of us. Hold your dear friends close because our time here is limited.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member OffShore Man

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  1. we all have to look for whatever inspiration we can get everyday….I know for me on day 3 (this time) that I am really ready to quit (for me)…I am going the route my son did 6 years ago and taking Chantix….so far no side effects that I can’t handle and it did help me throw my last can of dip away….I quit drinking 35 years ago “One Day at a Time” and am doing the same thing with my quitting dip….

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