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Hooch SnuffChewie says…

TrojanScott says…

“Best stuff. Must buy the Spitfire Chew over the Mint. Mint isn’t bad on taste, it’s actually quite good, but the Spitfire Chew is a lot better. The consistency is closer to Cope. Pretty fine stuff, and actually not very sticky (like the other two brands are.) It’s the closest to actual dip when you open the can. The can itself is tin, which is kinda cool. I have to give this stuff an extra credit grade of “F” for it taking a half hour to open, however. No way can you run your fingernail across this can and open it. It took a steak knife and half a finger nail for me to get the first can open, and when I did, I lost half the can to the kitchen floor. (if it were real dip, I’d have scooped that shit right back into the can, but with this, I just swept it up into the trash can.) Okay… back to the review… Hooch makes this stuff with some sort of peppers and Tabasco included! This gives the dip a little “kick” and you can actually feel a little burn against your gum. The flavor lasts for a bit, (again, better with JD poured in, but that’s me) but not quite as long as SMC, but still pretty good. Spit factor is good too. Clean up isn’t as easy as Bacc-Off, but not as bad as SMC, it’s somewhere in between. I’d actually say it’s like Cope would be. Not the easiest, but nothing a couple swirls of water can’t fix. Also doesn’t leave any coloring on the teeth the way SMC does. The taste on this really sets it apart from the others, and the little burn you get on your gum really tricks out your brain for a second or two.

  • Taste: A
  • Consistency B
  • Clean up: C
  • Spit Factor: B
  • Extra credit (can opening) F (this is offset by the extra extra credit score of A+ for having an actual tin can.

UPDATE! New can from Chattanooga is fantastic! One of their reps emailed me and sent me two new cans, which they realized were an issue, and they are awesome! Not only tin, which is cool, but easy to open! I used my finger nail to cut the paper on the sides, and it popped open nice and easy. Kudos to a company that saw a problem with their product, and fixed it! This really just re-emphasizes that if you are trying to quit, and need help with a smokeless chew, this brand is the absolute best.”

rjc says…

“Wintergreen has good flavor, straight did not taste like Cope to me at all, more like tea. Overall, the Cayanne pepper is over done and over powers the flavor. Moist somewhat gritty, but pack is best of the bunch, product did not float nearly as much as the rest. Wintergreen is way better than straight. My second favorite.”

elkhills says…

“Hooch has a good product and real good customer service. Shipped fast & cheap. Good flavor & burn, a little fine and dry for me, and it turned my teeth green. Tossing out a dip almost requires a toothbrush afterwards – it gets everywhere.”

Hooch Snuff Coupons For KillTheCan.org Members


  1. Haven’t posted in awhile due to no longer “needing” products for assistance, but I found out Hooch had made new larger pouches and had to try… especially with the new flavor of grape. Since they were the first product I used on my quit journey I had to try the (Fat Packs), so I bought a can of Grape, Wintergreen, and Whiskey. All have a distinct flavor or “mint”. I guess the mix used for the “rough cut” has carried over to the packs now. Not that its bad, but it does take away from the “flavor” of the Grape and Whiskey. It does not affect the flavor of the Wintergreen at all. I really like how Mr. May is always trying to stay ahead… whether it’d be new flavors or new products. The Fat Packs should be a hit for someone (like me) who loved to pack a big dip.

    I do see a couple of familiar names here still… hope all of you are well and doing good on each of your individualt quits. Take Care!

    Thanks for keeping the site up and going Chewie… I send friends here weekly hoping they’ll get further assistance.

    1. Hey brother NOCAM, glad your quit is well!!!! I’m 4.5 yrs free, zero, nada, zilch from nic & tobacco. I’m with you, I really can’t remember the last time I had a fake dip, a Teaza a few weeks ago when mowing maybe? I have several cans of unopened Hooch in my rec room. I just don’t have the urge at all. I even hangout with my buds that still dip & when they shovel that shit in their lip I’ll sometimes grab the can & take a real deep sniff & they’ll say something to the affect of “Go ahead pussy”, then I’ll cap it, tell them to Eff Off, smile & be glad that shit is no longer in my life. As far as Hooch, I used to like the rough cut, but I think when they messed with the formula awhile back, they started adding mint to the rough cut. The thin cut to me is almost mint free tasting. I like the peach & key lime the best. I may checkout the grape, I really wish they’d make a apple flavor, I would be down for that. Anyway, happy Quit bro!!!!!

  2. Hooch had a special a few weeks back, got 5 cans for $10. Got 2 cans of the new Spitfire & Key Lime. Really like the new Spitfire, just wish it wasn’t quite as hot. But for the hell of it I got a can of Peach. Man, it is really good. Tried it a long time ago, but I really enjoyed it. I used to like the rough cut, used to be a longcut guy, but all of Hooches rough cuts now have mint in them, so they all taste the same. I only get the regular now.

  3. Anyone tried the new Spitfire 7 flavor? I ordered a can to try it. Hope it isn’t as hot as the reg Spitfire, that shit burns the lip off.

  4. Have made it 5 days without tobacco / nicotine after 38 years of dipping Skoal Fine Cut Wintergreen on a daily basis. The Hooch regular cut Wintergreen I purchased in mid-December to help me with the quit has definitely done just that. I also purchased 5 cans of Wintergreen flavor of 2 other brands and ended up throwing one of the brands in the trash can after 2 dips and am getting through the other just to not waste any more money. Hooch will definitely be the only one I will reorder and am going to venture out and try the Spitfire flavor as well as the rough cut in Wintergreen. Will highly recommend Hooch to anyone I come across that is trying to #KillTheCan!

  5. Hooch now has pouches, got picked to receive some samples from the Hooch FB page. Will post a review after I get them.

  6. Hooch is pimping out a new Cinnamon flavor. Anyone tried it yet? Several fake dips have a Cinnamon flavor. The biggest problem is they either burn your lip off or they taste just like Big Red gum. Not sure what I’m looking for, but I have yet to find it in the Cinnamon department. Curious to try this. The last new product, Key Lime, was pretty darn good. Side note, wish someone would make a good tasting Apple product.

  7. I have been dipping Skoal Straight Long Cut and Wintergreen for about 8 years now. I decided to try to quit and found out about hooch from this website and all the Helpful reviews/comments. I purchased 1 can of each flavor to try them all out and I am now trying the Spitfire for the first time. I got to say I am amazed by this product so far. It tastes great and even has the burn I like. the only problem is it tastes slightly minty. But that’s not a deal breaker to me since I dipped Wintergreen also. I think I found my new brand without all the nicotine.

  8. So…I commented earlier (below) on Hooch’s Key Lime, which was very good.
    I bought a sleeve of all their flavors, really because I was missing their Spitfire I tried a couple years back. I’ve had their Spitfire, Wintergreen, Key Lime and currently, Peach, thus far.
    I have to admit, I am not into fruit flavor chews, but this Peach is excellent. And it tastes like Peach too. I never tried any flavor chews, except Mint when I was using tobacco. So I cannot say one way or the other if this Peach matches up with anything out there on the tobacco market, but it is very sweet (not too sweet) and juicy!
    I tried the Hooch line up back when I first quit (July 2014) and although the texture was spot-on, the taste wasn’t there then. That is no longer the case, at least with my recent batch/purchase…and I use the rough cut.
    I just wanted to put this out there, since I know when I quit nicotine almost 3 years ago, I was looking for feedback on these fake chews.
    Like another has posted, I don’t use as much of this stuff as I once did. I agree, these fake chews can help you with the void of something in your lip…and you will eventually use less and less of them. I just always have some of them around, just in case I am in the mood for a dip.
    Good Luck to all you quitters out here…if you’re looking to try a fake chew, don’t hesitate giving Hooch a try…they do a pretty dam good job with their product(s).

    1. Yeah they do & they make it super EZ to sample everything. I used SMC when I 1st quit 2 yrs ago, but it just stopped giving me any satisfaction. The burn Hooch provides is the only thing I enjoy in a fake dip now. Although my pouch goto is still Teaza, they make an untouchable product IMHO.

    2. I seem to have to stick to their fine cut. All the flavors as rough cut all taste like mint to me with the new formula. It’s a bummer…but I like to mix it up with some hooch when I need to take a break from smokey mountain.

  9. Been off the Cope for 2 years now….thanks to Hooch Classic. Good folks to deal with, always prompt on your orders. Not easy to find in stores, so I order 20 or so per order. I’ve found I don’t use as much now as I did at first…cravings (nicotine) have subsided. Good luck, it ain’t easy, but it’s worth it!

  10. Anyone know of a Copenhagen/Grizley snuff fine cut (worm dirt) knock off. Life long spitter looking to quit. Tried SMC natural I’m Not a fan of the flavor.

  11. Just tried the new Key Lime flavor Hooch has turned out. Pretty darn good I must admit. I am a huge fan of the SpitFire flavor, because of the burn, but this Key Lime has a little burn to it as well.
    If you’re looing for something that has the “feel” of the real thing, Hooch is pretty dam close.

      1. Not bad, reminded me alot of Triumphs Classic flavor, which now I think is a Key Lime flavor, called “Classic”. Triumph is my go to, but Hooch is a nice change up.

  12. Because i am quitting dip I bought 5 cans of this hooch mint rough cut. Overall it’s pretty good! The only problem I am having is there is not a lot of flavor. Took about 3 minutes for the “burn” to kick in which is nice but a little more mint flavor would really make this a fantastic alternative. Overall I give it a 7/10

    1. Andrew, have you tried the Spitfire? I too like the burn feel, I mix Spitfire with Wintergreen & Whisky & my my own concoction. It def gives it a lick.

    2. If Mint is your flavor, give Triumph (Zero Strength) Mint a whirl. Best Mint product out here IMO.
      I DO enjoy Hooch, but their are definitely better MINT flavors out there. Smokey Mountain Artic Mint is ok too.
      Some of the Hooch flavors do lose the flavor quick, but the feel is what I like most about the line.

  13. I have been dipping for 35 years. I am a bit fanatical about my teeth. So, as you know, the two don’t mix well. About, two weeks ago, my tooth began hurting. I began investigating. Come to find out I have a small hole in THREE of my teeth. I had never had a problem up til now and now I have three problems. I told myself if it ever, messed up my teeth, discolored them beyond what a cleaning could cure, or gave me a sore, that I was done. I am done. I ordered ten cans of Hooch in the classic flavor and got two mentioned flavor for free. Two days later they were in my mailbox. I must say….I like the flavor of this Hooch herbal snuff. IT HAS THE BURN!! Nice touch! Tastes great. Not like, Copenhagen/Longhorn/Wolf natural. But, I think, the flavor, along with the Burn would satisfy anyone who dips those brands. I wish it was juicier. Lol. That’s my only complaint. I can’t get enough juice out of it. It is like a new can that’s a little passed its date. Other than that….It’s good stuff! I dig it. Once I get the rest of the nicotine out of my system, I will be a happy man. Anyway, I just wanted to let people who dip those brands that there is something worth getting to help you quit, Hooch Classic! It’s pretty good stuff. Try not to be too mean to those who love you while you quit. They have put up with your, cups, bottles, and spitting as long as you’ve been doing it. And, try not to eat up everything in the house. Because, if you are serious about quitting, this brand will definitely help you do it. Peace

    1. I throw a in drop or 2 of Capt Morgan Private Stock in my Hooch to add some moisture & a little more burn. Congrats on your quit, I will be 2 yrs quit next month. 🙂

  14. I tried the Key Lime regular & it basically has the same taste as the Rough Cut, but the RC seems to have a burn to it the regular seems to lack. I personally am a fan of the little burn. Both have a great taste, but I like the RC a little better. Check them out, good stuff.

  15. Hooch just released a new Key Lime flavor. I just finished a rub of the Rough cut. I gotta keep it real, this maybe my favorite flavor Hooch makes. I get a bit of a citrus blast along with a little bit of a burn, which is a must for me. No matter the flavor, I gotta feel some burn to it. Hooch has hit a homer with this, love the way it packs & the flavor. I will def make this another part of my quit arsenal. Double thumbs up Hooch.

  16. Quit a few weeks ago cold turkey, been trying out alternatives. Just got my Hooch variety pack last weekend. Loved it at first, but after using 3-4 pinches throughout the day yesterday my mouth felt super sore and I’ve had a sore throat since. Could this just be due to the peppers in the snuff? I really like the stuff, tried SMC but it just doesn’t have the burn that I like, so I’d like to continue using it but if it’s going to cause problems like this I might just have to go back to SMC. Anyone help or have any experience with this?

  17. Hooch is the closest to Copenhagen I have found in consistency and lack of sweetness. It is peppery and salty with a touch of sweet on the classic flavor. The spitfire is a little sweeter and hotter. I would recommend either one. I actually like the taste and it is a great alternative for me so far.

  18. So I got this stuff about a year ago, trying to quit snuff. While I eventually went back to the real thing, I dipped 2 or 3 cans of the wintergreen and mint flavored of Hooch. Wintergreen very much flavored like tea, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Mint was def minty. Two complaints: VERY sticky and grainy. If you can get past that then this shit isn’t all that bad to be honest.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Mike – very valid. The issue that we run into is that we’ve got reviews from multiple people. That said, I’ll see what we can do to make them more consistent.

      1. I just received an order of 24 cans of Classic Rough, that’s what the tins are labeled. However, they taste like Peppermint! YUK! Has Hootch changed its recipe? I’ve tried to send messages on the Hootch site, also there is no phone for customer service.
        What’s going on???? I’ve been a loyal customer for over 1 1/2 years, first problem I’ve had.

          1. Thanks, I can’t reach them by phone and appears the aren’t getting my emails sent to them on the site, very frustrating! It ought to be a little bit easier for us old folks aren’t computer savvy!

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