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ATTENTION!!! To All Cavers

To Cave or Not to CaveNOTE: this post was in response to a serial caver on the forums.

I think it’s safe to assume that you understand the collective feeling of your cave on this board. like I said in my pm, we ball bust because we care.

If it sounds like we’re pissed, it’s cause we are.
If we sound like we don’t think you’ve got the balls to do it it’s cause we don’t.

If it sounds like we’re making too big a deal out of it it’s cause we are.

I’m 400+ days in and your cave HURTS ME. it’s that simple. We put our heart and soul into this board (and I’m not talking mods/admins here – I’m talking EVERYONE HERE). We understand how difficult it was to get where we are. It’s a daily decision that we make EVERY SINGLE DAY not to dip.

You think I wouldn’t want to have a dip right now? Hell yeah I would. But then I’d be right where YOU are. I’m NEVER going back my friend. I’ve fought my battles with my best friends in the world… right here. I’m free of my addiction and I’m NEVER going back. I’ve given too much of my self, family, time, effort, blood, sweat & tears ever to be a slave to a can of Kodiak ever again.

Your line of “I can’t throw it away I’ll be diving in a dumpster” is complete and utter bullshit and you know it. You’re not ready to quit. Come back when you are — we’ll be here for you. But until then, don’t patronize us with stories of when you quit smoking, drinking and everything else. This is serious stuff and we don’t fuck around when it comes to losing one of our members.

There are other boards out there who will sing Kumbaya, pat you on the back and say “Hope to see you soon”. Not here. We get FUCKING PISSED. You know what? That translates into success… The majority of our quitters make the hall. They make it well past the hall. That’s cause they UNDERSTAND how important this is. Head on over to killthecan and read some of the stuff there. It’s not there just to take up cyberspace.

www.killthecan.org/facts-figures/cancer-pictures/ – this is your FUTURE my friend. Time to sack up and make a change

www.killthecan.org/facts-figures/cancer-quitter-stories/ – these are your TOOLS my friend. Time to sack up and make a change

www.killthecan.org/about-us/brotherhood – these are your BROTHERS my friend. time to sack up and make a change

www.killthecan.org/your-quit/symptoms-of-quitting-dip-chew/ – these are your HARDSHIPS my friend. Time to sack up and make a change.

I’ve said my peace. You won’t hear anything else from me on the topic. Prove me wrong.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member chewie

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10 years ago

108 days quit and seeing this is a amazing thing.

1 month ago
Reply to  Jason

You still quit?

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