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Contest Time With Whitetail Smokeless

Whitetail Smokeless Contest

It’s been a while since we’ve done a contest here at KTC and with 2020 well under way, a new website and a gang of new quitters I figured it was a great time to roll out another.

Our friends at Whitetail Smokeless (on the web at​ stepped up in a BIG way to bring us this awesome giveaway which is SUPER easy to win.

Before we get started I wanted to point out that these products are 100% TOBACCO AND NICOTINE FREE!!!

(Note: Whitetail does offer some products with nicotine but this goes against our philosophy so this contest will NOT include these). You can check out our original Whitetail Smokeless review here.


  1. Make sure you LIKE and Whitetail Smokeless on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram (@killthecan and @whitetailsmokeless)
  2. Comment or share – ANY comment will do. How’s your quit going? What’s your day count? Why would you like to try Whitetail?

That’s it!!!


Winner gets this awesome Whitetail prize pack!

  • Whitetail Smokeless MudJug
  • Whitetail Smokeless hat
  • Whitetail Smokeless t-shirt
  • Flak jacket can koozie
  • Keychain dip can opener
  • 12 pack of any Whitetail Smokeless ZERO NICOTINE product

Comment or share no later than Thursday, January 23rd at noon. Winner will be announced that afternoon!

Good luck!

Update – Winner Announced!

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  1. I went to They DO NOT have products that are nicotine and tobacco free as the picture advertises. Even the can in the add says it contains nicotine. Look at the small print.

    1. oops – disregard – I see it now – you have to add to the cart and choose your level of nicotine. Not sure it’s worth it – my luck I’d buy a can, chose zero nicotine, and some dude at the company would send me something with nic and ya’ll would bust my balls over it, make me sign a day 1 again. F’that. I’ll just stay away from all of it.

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