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Don’t Think Just Do

Don't Think Just DoDon’t think just do, words that may well have saved my life. I will share a pieces of my story in hopes that it might help even just one person quit this evil addiction. The day is Dec 12th, I sat in my car telling myself that I have got to quit. I am tired of hiding my embarrassing addiction from my family, taking valuable time away from them so I could feed it without being caught. Tired of the angry person it was turning me into. I told myself I needed to quit, just like I had told myself many other times. Today was different though. I was truly ready to try this for myself. Stop thinking about it and just do it already. I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I was going to try…for my family, my friend who is fighting cancer, for ME because I wanted to feel good about myself again.

So I drove and picked up some Nicorette. I felt like this was a good plan. I used the gum for a few days. I was also googling it to find out how it was working for others. What I found that stood out in my mind was there were people getting addicted to the gum. That was not acceptable and I didn’t want that to happen to me so as I looked around some more I came across KTC. I started reading how this is a cold turkey site. Ya Right!!! That seemed impossible. I knew if I tried that I would be in some major hurt, but I kept on reading. The more I read the more the reality set in. I was an ADDICT. I am a fully addicted to nicotine. It wasn’t the dip, it was what was in it. The same thing was in the gum. But how am I going to get through the suck if I just quit. It was that moment I told myself to stop thinking how and just do it. Don’t think just do. That was Dec 16th.

So for the next 56 days I did this quit on my own, kind of. You see, I would continue to go to KTC to read and occupy my mind when I couldn’t sleep (which was a lot and still happens). When the fog was so terrible that I wanted to rip some freaking heads off, I would read. It was the crutch I used, but there is no way I could join a site with a bunch of strangers. That is just weird. Why would I do that?

It’s day 56 and I was watching tv and I jumped onto chat, as I had done many times. Chat was another way I used KTC to pass the time. I would never join in but would just read and watch as these mostly long time quitters would show people how to join up, post roll, and get involved. Then it happened, I did it for some reason, I signed on and said hi. I was asked how many days I was quit. I didn’t know so I had to figure it up…it’s 56 days. I was asked if I was in a group. Nope, I am just quit. Then Husker2 said to me, you should join up, I think you would be in my quit group of March. No, that is just crazy talk. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Then it happened again. The next morning I woke up at 2 am and I told myself, stop thinking about it and just do it. You hang out here all the time. Husker2 asked me to join. Don’t think just do. I did it. I joined. I posted roll that morning somewhere. I know it wasn’t where it was supposed to be but it was on there. Cochese found my post and welcomed me and made me feel like a rock star. That was a key moment cause if my post would have gone unnoticed I would hate to think what I might have done.

So that brings me to today. I joined KTC because I felt like this quit thing was getting easy and at some point I would need something else to KEEP me quit. I was so right. If I hadn’t joined this site I am fairly certain I would have caved. I have totally stepped out of my comfort zone and thankful that I did. If you are reading this and are on the fence about joining cause it’s just weird, Don’t think just do, it will change your life. It may save your life. I guarantee you will find help, friendships, brotherhood/sisterhood, and accountability. This is the best recipe I can think of to be QUIT and STAY QUIT.

I need to thank a few people who have helped me get to my HOF. I will miss more than I will thank cause I read so much while I was in the fog I couldn’t possibly recall all of them. So to those who have taken the time to post things where guests can read, I thank you for helping get her. Husker2 for asking me to join. My march brothers for accepting me in the Underground Railroad of Quit. Thanks to Eric71, RDB, worktowin, and dundippin who replied to the intro I posted when I joined. Thanks to Srains918 for saving my quit around day 73. Thanks to XDM45 and TIMLER for keeping my quit strong. Last but certainly not least, to Cochese598, for the countless times you have helped me stay quit.

Oh, there is one more. Thanks to ME for having the courage to take on this addiction.

Don’t Think Just Do

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member DTJD

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