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Cleveland Cavaliers LogoI live in the Cleveland area and I’m a lifelong Cavaliers fan.  In case you don’t know, the Cavs are in the Eastern Conference Finals starting tonight against the Orlando Magic.  I’m heading out for drinks tonight with a fellow quitter.  He’s a fellow member of (though he no longer visits the forums which I bust on him all the time for).  We’ll catch up, drink some beers, watch the Cavs and have a great time.

We’ll spend quite a bit of time this evening talking about dip.  We’ll talk about our quits, how hard it was and how good its going now.  We’ll talk about the season finale of Lost and how confused we are.  We’ll watch our hometown Cavs (hopefully) put a whoopin on the Magic.

You know what we won’t do?  We won’t have spitters on our table.  We won’t have to worry if we run into someone that we know and check to see if we have Kodiak in our teeth.  We won’t panic that we don’t have enough chew to get us through the night.  We won’t dip.

We don’t do that anymore.

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Erik Neikirk
Erik Neikirk
9 years ago

I started dipiing Kodiak 22 years ago. I have deided it is time to quit. What are your thoughts on the fake chew, does it help the oral fix? Any advice is needed.

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