It’s Day SIXTY-SEVEN And Who Would Have Thunk


It’s day SIXTY-SEVEN and who would have thunk That I’d last this long without getting drunk. I’ve been tested and I’ve been tried, But I’ve also POSTED UP, so I’ve never lied! Yeah there’s been days that I’ve wanted to CAVE, But I’d txt a FOG CUTTER, and that killed … Continue reading

How To Post Roll On An iPhone


Everything we do at is based on accountability.  Accountability to ourselves and to our brothers and sisters in quit.  One of the main functions of the forums is posting roll.  It’s our daily promise that we will not use nicotine in any form that day.  We make it through … Continue reading

QSX Goes 500K

500000 has may outlets to help people quit dipping: The main site This blog Live Chat Quitter Twitter KTC On Facebook The Quitter’s Forum The forum – also known as QSXtreme – has over 4,000 members and is growing daily.  I obviously haven’t visited every site … Continue reading