I keep finding sores in my mouth that I didn’t have when I was dipping. What’s causing it?

Sore JawFranPro’s Response
First off, I am not a doctor and I do not pretend to know all about oral cancer and sores! What I can tell you based on personal and gathered experience from this site is this; you will go through a ton of changes in your body when you quit. The PH level in your mouth has been altered by your bad habit of dipping, so going through the natural healing process the mouth is adjusting the PH level back to where it should have been for _____ of years. This healing process can produce sores in your mouth that should only last a few days. Also, by adding sunflower seeds and gum to your 20 hour routine will all irritate your mouth and may cause sores as well.

Note: Any sore lasting more than 1 week needs to be checked out by a dentist or a doctor. This is serious shit and should not be taken lightly! You want to know why? Check this out:


Yep, serious shit! That is why you quit. Have any questions? Just look up Outdoortexan on this site and he will tell you the plain truth about oral cancer!

So bottom line is that you will be going through some healing when you quit, some people will develop sores in their mouth for a short time and that is normal. Keep a eye on every sore in your mouth and if it lasts for more than a week have it checked out by a professional.

SOS’s Response
First and foremost, calm down. Secondly, you probably did have them, but the demon had such a hold on you and your mental state that she was able to convince you to just not look! You know, the old “what you can’t see won’t hurt you” mentality. Guess what, more often than not you will find that the sore you see is normal and even people who have never touched tobacco experience the same things. Give it a little time, after several days they will generally go away. Personally speaking, there are a couple of things which cause little sores in my mouth. The main reason being stress. Every time I get majorly stressed over a situation, I get canker sores. Once the stress passes, they go away. And we all know that there can be major stress during your initial quit stages, so don’t panic. Another reason may be cheek biting. Some people do this while placed in a nervous situation, or may do it all the time and just not realize it.

Of course, if a sore sticks around for more than a couple of weeks, it may be worth having it checked by a professional. And if you can’t handle waiting, then by all means have it checked out for peace of mind. But do not feel alone. We have all gone through this and some still do. It is the nature of the beast after you finally Kill the can.

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  1. Hey there!.i dipped local tobbaco and lime(chalk) by mixing.it’s been 1 year and i got many sores before in my mouth and tongue.i did’nt stop that habbit and i did it again and again.every sore is now disappeared and i got an small ball like a cowpea (it’s smaller than a cowpea) and now i’m seriously scared of that.my friends also do that bad habit called “thul”.but now, i’m mentally got down and i don’t know what to do with that now.that cowpea thing is not even hurting.that’s also a reason to make me sacred.i feel like i’m just totally fucked up my life.while,

    I found something special.it’s an experiment that done by a srilankan team of doctors and they said it’s successful.”eat the seeds of bitter-grouds.that’s a best natural treatment to stop cansers.” If there is nothing to do to this.i’m eating that now.

    Pray for me guys.i pray for you.

  2. Dude (Johnny), if your Doc already told you not to worry about your lesions, then you’re ok. I was scared shitless also when I saw white bump on my tongue and soresin my mouth. I ran to the dentist, but he said I would be ok, I didn’t believe him either, but he was right. What I did during this healing process is of course brush my teeth and use mouthwash the yellow kind not a fruity and sugary type, stayed away from spicy or sour foods, changed my diet to vegetables, fruits and things that are healthy, excercise a lot and I know this is going to sound crazy, but sleep a lot. It seems that the body heals quicker when you go to sleep. It is a slow process though, give it time. It took you several years to destroy it to the level it is now, so let it heal. You will be allright man.
    Take it easy.

    1. Thanks so much for the response! It has been very frustrating but I’m doing my best to keep pushing! I appreciate you guys and I’m still experiencing some pain.. mostly my throat and tongue. Trying not to take it too hard. Again I appreciate the responses and motivation. Salute

      1. You’re welcome! Hopefully your mouth sores are better after 3 months. Regarding your throat and tongue, not sure what would be causing the contours irritation unless you eat a lot of acidic foods, which can irritate your throat/mouth. If that’s the case consider a bland diet. Hang in there. I’m still chew free, nearly four months now! Thank you God for the strength!


  3. I chewed Redseal wintergreen and Grizzly wintergreen… I’d only go through about a can every 2-3 days, but I’d hold my dip in my mouth for hours at a time. I’ve finally had enough as it was causing me some mouth pain and I think I even developed a nighttime teeth grinding habit because of it. I was just used to having it there I guessed.. I’ve been dip free for close to a month now and my tongue is still real sensitive. I can see the damage I’ve done on the sides and in the back.. I’ve seen my dentist since I was concerned and he put my mind to ease somewhat, my question is did everyone who quit after a long period experience this crap? I feel like I’m going crazy. Why would I have MORE mouth pain after quitting?? Thanks in advance and keep it up!

    1. Hey Johnny. I was in the same boat as you two months in without chew. My mouth, gums and lips were tore up. It’s only now after three months of much tooth brushing, oral antiseptic and some oil pulling that it’s starting to do better. Hang in the and don’t give up. It seemed to get a little worse before it got better, but if you think it better talking to a dentist, I wouldn’t hesitate.

  4. After 11 years. I quit over a month ago! ? It’s easier than you think. Just get some fake dip for a week or so. Baccoff was nasty but Smokey mountain cherry did the trick. It will scare the shit out of you. I still have a weird bump on my tongue but the dr said it was fine going back in a few days to get double checked. Quit before it causes more issues.

    1. I quite on 8/15/19 after chewing for nearly 30 years! I believed I was being careful as I watched the white patches, moving dips around, ect, but here I am. Well that seemed to work until it didn’t. Last week I noticed possible precancerous lesions, red patches that feel velvety. I’m taking your advice & trying to stay calm. I’m using Emergen-C, zinc losanges and oil pulling. I’m also using mindful mediation and prayer. I’ll give it another week to heal but if no dice, to the dentist I shall go. I’ve been so selfish chewing as long as I have. I think that’s the worst part of it. Realizing how I’ve been gambling with my life and how I could possibly hurt the people that I love & who need me the most. If you believe in God and pray, please send one my direction. Thank you.

      1. I’m a praying man and sending one your way. I didn’t chew as long as you but noticed the same thing. I now have hardly any craving after I quit. Sometimes fear is a good motivator. You can do it!

        1. Thank you Caleb for the prayers! I’m still chew free and my mouth has finally started to return to what I’m guessing is what a healthy mouth should be like. The problem is that I’ve gained so much weight due to obviously eating a little more but what is more true is the massive changes going on in my body including a much slower metabolism as a result!

          1. After how many days your mouth returned to normal state? Kindly share your store, like after how many years you quit dipping, the problems caused after quitting and how many months you have to endure the sores/ulcers in mouth, before getting completely healed..

        1. I had trouble finding the comment but here it is! After 7 months still complete abstinence! Ashish, the sores, velvety red patches and loose skin have disappeared! I would say it has healed nicely! The trouble still remains with one painful tooth that is barely loose due to a receded gum. This may eventually require grafting. Mouth health wise I’m blessed! Thanks for asking and good luck with your own trials!

  5. I deiced to call it call it quits this week. It’s hard i want it so bad but i also want to do everything i can to make sure i’m around for my wife and kids as long as possible. I feel like me doing something i know could take me away from them is selfish. so i’ve put it down and im not looking back

  6. I quit 2 days ago after dipping a can or more a day since i was 17 im now 27 ive got to say this is by far one of the hardest things i have done and my last craving was noon yesterday i drink almost 2 gallons of water a day and it may just be a mental thing but i feel like its helping me through it faster other then feeling sleepy alot and a kinda sore tongue throat and gums i feel pretty good. Im assuming the sore feelings are common. Anyone please let me know if they are as i am a noob to quitting dipping so idk im in uncharted waters thank.

  7. Its nice to see so many people calling it a quit. I quit journey is 5 days old and have been chewing from past 15 years.

    My mouth now feels rehydrated, flexible and nice. I had my doctor’s support to manage the after quit symptoms and has been really helpful.

    Guys, keep pushing yourselves, there is nothing bigger than your determination, your will and finally YOU.

    god bless and happy quitting.

  8. i chewed rajnigandha tulsi for 6 years, i quit chewing completely a month ago and was suffering through sore throat, bumps on soft pallet which disappear by its own now after 2 weeks nightmare m feeling better…m very proud of myself…dont ever touch any tobacco product once u quit dipping….this website gave me mental strength…thank u so much whoever created this page…may ALLAH bless u man…

  9. I went through an extremely rough couple years where i dipped heavily , skoal mint pouches. Got to the point where I sometimes would buy three cans a day. Multiple pouches in mouth at a time. I am struggling to quit …ended up cutting it to one can a day. Ends up being a morning and night chew and it’s gone…with anxiety in between, just recently noticed the inside of my cheek being extremely sore almost like there is a bump. Could this be a sore from cutting down the nicotine levels my body was use to? Took my last Dip tonight and I pray to God I can quit this terrible habit

  10. Hey,
    I dipped for roughly 6 years. I quit about a month and a half ago. I also broke up with my girlfriend and went on a bit of a hookup phase. I gave oral… and now all these sores are freaking me the heck out. Idk if they are cancer, herpes, or food reactions. I think I have lie bumps that are recurring in the same spot. The side of my tongue feels like it’s sore all the time where the lie bump occurs. I have symptoms of scalloped tongue now, and most this stuff happens when I wake up. I find new shit. Have a canker sore that comes and goes in the same spot on my cheek for the past 3 weeks. And my symptoms seem to worsen after I drink hard liquor or any alcohol. Can anyone say if they’ve experienced any of this stuff. I just want it to go away. How long will this last. I’m sure the stress is keeping them around.

    1. There’s potentially a lot of different things in play here. Stress, drinking and quitting can all lead to sores (canker and otherwise) in and around your mouth. So can a “hookup phase” as you put it.

      It’s most likely related to your quit, but I’d suggest you go to you doctor, be straight with him about *ahem* everything you’ve been doing / not doing recently and have him give you a once over. It’ll do wonders for your peace of mind.

  11. Hi guys! I quit chewing about two weeks ago. I started about 10 years ago while wrestling in college and tried quitting a couple times but fell back into it due to poor choices.
    My question is about withdrawl symptoms: Has any one experienced sore or thick throat when swallowing spit and a sore tongue? It doesn’t bother me when chewing and swallowing food but when i swallow spit, it’s a minor annoyance. Could it be due to dry mouth?

    Anyways, thank you for any feedback and positive support you may offer. Its just got me a little worried.

    1. David, I’m going through this right now. If you get this comment please let me know how long it took the sore throat and tongue/dry swallowing to go away. I’m almost at 8 weeks and it’s depressing af.

      1. I am having the same thing happen, with the thick throat constantly happening, it feels like I am producing way to much phlegm, does it go away?

        1. Any reply? Sometimes my throat hurts when swallowing small stuff, (spit) also. It’s not an always there lain, more of an irritant

    1. Safe, safer, harm reduction, etc.

      For me it comes down to this. NOT being addicted to something is better than being addicted to something. Dr. Rodu can talk all he wants about how it’s safer that smoking and that it doesn’t cause bad things (sores, cancer, addiction, etc.)

      I won’t speak for anyone else, but I know what dipping, and subsequently quitting, did to me. I’m proud to be a quitter.

  12. I started quitting journey from last 2 days but scared by hearing about sore dumps. I used raw tobacco with mix of lime. For last 12 years. Please tell, quilting will produce more sores or mouth uclears.

  13. My fiancé has dipped for a long time and the past 6 years he’s dipped at least 3 cans a day maybe 4 of Copenhagen Snuff! 6 days ago, he made the choice to quit! So proud of him! He says he has sores on his mouth that are very painful! Any mouthwash to help this or all natural products??

    1. Do a 50/50 mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. It will be painful at first but afterwards it really helps the sores.

  14. First off, to the people that are coming on here scared sh**less of cancer or some huge issue when you’ve only chewed for 3 weeks or once a day for 5-9 months, get out of here with that. You aren’t chewers no matter what you tell yourself and you don’t have the slightest idea of what true chewers deal with. Having said that, quit now while you don’t have urges as strong as true chewers. I’m a can a day easy now, and I remember it used to take 4-5 days per can. There isn’t a day that goes by now that I don’t look at my mouth and gums a minimum of 5 times a day. My bottom gum line looks like within a year or 2 it won’t cover up 1 tooth on the bottom which scares the shit out of me. I haven’t flossed for a while now, not because i’m lazy or don’t believe in it, but simply because I feel that the floss would slice straight through what gums I have left and teeth will just start falling out. I do brush 3 times a time, and am thankful I still haven’t lost 1 tooth, but I feel it’s not to far away from happening. Like a lot of people I have tried to the end of days to quit time after time. Hard candy / check, sunflower seeds / check, gum / check, fake mint chew /check, beef jerky chew / check, cold turkey / check, trying to space out when I chew /check. Nothing and I mean nothing works for me. I quit smoking after 9 years like I was changing underwear, didn’t think twice about it and it was not a problem. I’ve chewed for 10 years which is not on the level of the people with 17-30 years chewing under their belt, but the amount of chew I do on a daily basis really amps things up on the destruction of the mouth.

    I’ve gone way off track here, my point being is this… If you are less than a year into your chewing, quit now. The probability of you having cancer, or any other serious issue is .1%, so don’t come on here freaking out that you have a bump or a sore in your mouth. That’s like someone who drinks 1 beer a day for 5 months freaking out that they are a raging alcoholic or have liver problems. It’s bs, and makes me want to slap you for having no common sense. For true chewers I hope you as well as myself find an actual fix to quitting before it’s to late. Best of luck.

    1. Reading this helps me out lots ive been chewing for about 4_5 years quite when i was pregnat and started up again shortly after i dont brush my teeth floss nothin and i chew a can in 3 to 4 days depends how stressed out i am and i noticed a sore on inside of my gum but this is only one so far im trying to quite its tough for me tho many people dont understand at all what its like to have a dip then 5 to 10 min later all you think about is that new dip

  15. I dipped on and off for 15 years and did find a way to heal my gums and teeth. There are foods that will increase strength that contain Calcium, Vitamin D, and Phosphorus. For free I will show you what works. The list is Citrical petites with vitamin D3 before bed, Universal Naturals One Daily Multivitamins “White bottle, green lettering”, Fage Greek Yogurt with Sun Pacific Navals, turnip greens, beta carotene food sources, sweet potatoes, apricots, cucumbers or their juice which absorb acid in the mouth, nut butters. Vitamin B to heal ulcers in the mouth such as eggs, fish, red meat, rice milk, and soy milk. To clean I use 3D White Mouthwash in the white bottle, and Cologate Total. Coconut oil at about a teaspoon a day kills bacteria, parasites, and worms. The way to use it is to put a teaspoon of coconut oil in the mouth ” first”, mix with cucumber juice and swish for a few minutes then swallow. The technique is called oil pulling. Products for your lips that work best are Burt’s * Ultra Conditioning” Gray Capped Stick”, and aquaphor healing ointment for cracks. All of these foods/products have worked for me after my research and they were worth figuring out to see a nicotine free life. Wish You The Best! Eric.

  16. I started dipping when I was 20 in college because I was bored. I dip 4 times a day max for about 5 months but I still see my gums have a white lining to them on the bottom. I was dumb to start and now I am trying to stop before I do further damage.

  17. I’ve quit dipping for about 4 days and I noticed that I have a white bump in my mouth on my cheek I’ve been dipping for 5 months or so and decided to quit and my tounge is killing me and my throat hurts to does this just mean I am having a infection or something ?

  18. I have dipped Skoal longcut wintergreen faithfully for 25 years, if the store didnt have it id go to the next store. I love Skoal longcut wintergreen. I quit dipping 10 days ago. I used patches and lozenges for 1st 3 days, then only patches and hard candy. Now, just candy and chewing gum. I am proud of myself, but i have to give credit where its due. On quit day, (probably my 10th attempt in as many years), i asked God to give me strength, and asked Him to heal me. He did. Thank you Lord.

    1. I have been dipping for 12 years. I have tried so many times to quit. Like you, I finally prayed and asked to be healed of this. I have most certainly felt the effects of the nicotine leaving my system, but the Lord listened when I asked for the desires and temptations to be removed. I am now starting day 5 and am so proud!!

    2. Ron, this is the true solution! Asking God will work and he will give you more strength and will power than any remedy could even imagine offering. Amen! I’m on day one, and I’m never looking back!

  19. Hey I’ve been dipping seriously for about 8 months now. I can go a couple days without dipping but most likely I’ll have a dip every day or two. I’ve never had any problems until now. A couple days ago I noticed what looked like a sore on the left side of my gum line. I got worried about it because it looks like my gum line under that tooth is going down. So I decided to switch sides for a couple days and now there’s a similar sore on the right side of my mouth. I’m freaked out about it but it doesn’t make sense because I haven’t been dipping that long. Any advice?

    1. Dude, you’re nowhere near a serious dipper. Only one dip every other day, itll be easy to quit. I was going through a can a day for 5 years. You’ll be fine. Just quit.

      1. To be fair… how often / how much you dip may or may not determine how difficult someone’s quit it. That said, I’d totally agree with you. Cam, you should quit. You’ll be glad you did.

  20. I quit after 43 years of skoal and Copenhagen. I want a dip every day, today is day 91. I have gained 35 pounds and my mouth and tongue still hurt. I hope it gets better, I just found this site and I feel better just knowing we are all in this together.

    1. John, hope you’re sticking with your quit!!! Yeah gaining weight is a problem when quitting because you’re eating more (to keep your mind off of chew), you’re probably stressed (stress = weight gain), and while most people snack, chewers would rather have their dips in their mouths than anything. Don’t forget why you’re quittin. I know their’s voices in your head sayin quittin isn’t worth it, but that isn’t you talkin. You’re stronger than that. Eat healthier and workout. Go on a couple walks a week or every day to release your stress and to keep your mind off of things. Remember that you quit to become healthier. You quit chew! That’s the hard part. Now turn your focus into being healthy overall.

    2. Your not alone. I just quite after 29 years. It’s tough. I pray a lot and drink green tea. Also been using ZYN pouches. (Coffee flavor). I buy green tea supplements and crack open the capsules and make real green tea. Store-bought stuff has absolutely zero health benefits. It’s no more than flavored water. Real green tea is loaded with antioxidants and has been linked to many other things like weight loss. Check it out. Take care.

  21. Your just having a reaction to the dip. You’re alright bud. I had so Many worries about snuff, I been at it off and on for 24 years. But snuff is a irritant to the mouth and throat. Dont worry, but if you’re just starting STOP NOW

  22. Could be some allergic reaction. Or your swallowing the juices and it’s messing with your throat. I started using chew at 12 almost 13, I’m 23 now. I’ve got a big white patch on my gum line, ive constantly got gator lip, my jaw hurts a lot along with my teeth where I put my chew and I go through almost 2 cans a day for the simple reason I chew so much and the amount I pack. My advice for you, stop before you get started. I wish I never did. Like I said, things hurt in my mouth that shouldn’t. My taste is all together different. Don’t chew, drink bong water if you have to, just don’t start this crap.

  23. I am 20 years old. I dipped pretty heavy for I would say 9 months when I was 18 ( guessing back on it, a can a day) once I went to college I stopped and only have had occasional cans here and there (example: I went with out a dip from 11/19/15-1/11/16). I now have a pea sized bump in my mouth where I used to put my chew that is very hard that popped up around summer 2015. I am planning to have my doctor check it out rather than my dentist because my mom quit smoking a little over 6 months ago and my dentist mis-diagnosed her with some bumps in her mouth and my family doctor got it straight. Also I’ve been to the dentist 2 times since I’ve had this bump and I don’t know why but I was too nervous too tell him, and I figured since he didn’t say anything and has taken x-rays of my mouth since, it must be ok.

    Meanwhile I have been freaking out for a long time and just wonder if anyone has had anything like this, I don’t have any pain and it hasn’t got bigger. Also, it is not red or anything. I tried looking stuff up on the internet for the past few months and all i get is pictures of severe mouth cancer and every person saying everything is pretty much cancer (which I feel cannot be true with the statistics).

    I know this is an old post, but I hope an expert can still get back to me on it.

    1. Hi Kody – tough to say but I’m guessing you’re fine. I had a slew of things pop up in my mouth after I quit and everything turned out out to be nothing. You’re doing the right thing by going to see your doctor… he’ll be able to check you out and give you some peace of mind.

    2. Could be a mucocele. The size of them may vary throughout the day or may not. They are caused by trauma or irritation to mouth tissue. Trauma does not have to be severe.

  24. I quit dipping snuff after 18 yrs I have been quit for almost 3 years and every day it’s a struggle to not buy a can. I chew a lot of sunflower seeds and I get mouth sores now than I ever did dipping snuff

  25. Chewed for 17-18 years, im 34 now and have 15days free of chewing under my belt, didn’t have any bad looking or bleeding spots in my mouth when I stopped but decided it was time to quit as kids 3 and 4 are on the way (twins), been using smokey mountain fake chew, helps a ton, I can handle the nic withdrawls but the oral fixation with chewing was killing me so this stuff helped me. Had my Doc check out my mouth after a week free of chew just for a piece of mind, she said it looked fine to her but the only oral cancer experience she had was training classes and internet pictures, so I don’t know what to think about that. Got my first small canker sore in my mouth today, in a spot I didn’t normally chew much (but where I was chewing my fake chew at) looks like a small blister and iv had a slight sore throat since I stopped but nothing that couldn’t be explained by my every night snoring, but from these comments iv read both of those symptoms seem normal, still like the rest of you lots of sleepless nights, either from worry about oral cancer or the nic withdrawls, I cant tell which but I really hope its the 2nd and not the first. Anyway guys keep at it, kick this habit, its a terrible one, and anyone thinking about it, just get it done and over with, no need to die of oral cancer.

  26. I have been dipping for like 3 weeks now and I have a constant sore throat and have sores all over my mouth, I’m worried to death!

  27. Ive been dipping for like 3 weeks and have a constant sore throat and I have sores all over my mouth, I’m starting to get worried!

  28. my father had been a tobacco chewing for last 25 years and he has recently stopped using tobacco for about 6 months and is having sores.
    can mouth cancer occur even after quitting tobacco ?
    pls reply

    1. Hi Red – cancers can occur at any time, though chances decrease drastically after quitting. Nothing wrong with having his doctor / dentist check him out, but chances are these sores are just a part of him quitting.

  29. Keep strong all. Not a great feeling to have a canker sore stay around. And we thought it was just a good feeling after some shit…

  30. I’ve dipped for about 4 years but I did grizzley wintergreen pouches. two pouches stacked on top of each other per dip. I stopped dipping the day after my son was born witch was 3 weeks ago today. I have a mild sore throat which gets better everyday. and have little lie bumps on the sides of my tounge 2 of them on each side but they are very painful. I don’t think they are cancerous but they still freak me out. when researched them I found these can be caused my a lot of things. hot drinks or food bacteria the list goes on. has anyone ever experienced this ?

    1. Yes! I have been quit for about 4 days now and I have a pretty sore tongue in both sides as well. After reading all of these posts and soeKing to my cousin who is a doctor, she said that pain associated with bumps is a good thing. Most of the time cancer in the mouth is not painful and only recognized by white patches and red spots in the gun or on the tongue. So if it’s painful it’s a good sign. Stay strong

    2. Evan, did you ever figure out what your lie bumps were? I have the same thing. 2 on each side around the same area on each side. my tongue is a bit scalloped and its a bit painful.

  31. Anyone ever have like a canker sore near the epiglottis from chewing ? Freaks me out I think it’s just a canker sore but hard to know… It’s on the soft palate right next to my epiglottis (little thing that hangs down) gums, tong and cheeks are fine though. Chewed for about 8 years

  32. Good job guys. I’m Garrick and today, I have decided to quit dipping. It all started over 10 years ago when I started playing minor league baseball. With a daughter on the way, I think it’s time. I found some fake dip on eBay that helps guys. It’s called SMOKEY MOUNTAIN. I also found some at the Shell gas station.Hope this helps God Bless.

  33. I stopped today I have only been using for a couple weeks. The inside of my mouth is sore and gum line is yellow. Kind of scares me. What should I do and should I rinse with something. Looks like an infection

    1. Chris – rinsing with something like Scope / Listerine will help with any potential infection (though may hurt a bit).

      Nothing wrong with going to see your dentist and letting him know you quit. It’ll give you a great start to your quit and will give you some outstanding peace of mind.

  34. I chewed for 20 years and I quit o. December 29th. I haven’t had 1 since but I chewed a bunch of sunflower seeds lately and got a bunch of soars on my lips that lasted a day or two. I gained probably about 15 to 20 pounds and I’m trying to lose some of that now. I wish I would have never started!

  35. Today is my quit day…I’ve been chewing Kodiak for twenty five years….I’m 42 now. I found sores on my tongue a week ago so I gotta make this happen!!!

  36. pardon me, and if you already started your quit , keep it up, if you feel like seeking medical attention then do so, we all are going through similar circumstances. it is up to you to do it if you want to do it by yourself or get help, just like it was to start dipping or not, simple as that.. i hope that helps.

  37. Good , keep i t up guys, you all are doing great, keep up the good work, In fact the first reason why a lot of us guys start thinking about our health is because of the physical repercussions we do to our bodies. Start your quit now!!!

  38. I quit 4 days ago after dipping for 8 years straight! I feel great and alive. of course I am feeling dizzy, sore tongue, bored, stressed and out of place. Still feeling great, alive and proud 🙂

    1. I quit as well tounge feels weird in the back anyone know if this is common or how long tounge issues last it just started quit over a week ago.

  39. I quit dipping the middle of November. I’ve had many cankers and cold sores since. Makes me wonder if it is worth it? Lysine seems to help.

  40. Guys I quit in January , I’ve had canker sores and geographic tounge since I quit I had 20 canker sores at once now it’s just down to one or two once they clear up I get new ones . My dentist prescribed me peridex mouth rinse and now it is all almost cleared up . Also use canker cover on each sore . After it melts off your sores healing process will already start

    1. Trevor, u still have geographic tongue? I quit last week after dipping for 8 years, I was wondering the geographic tongue I have is permanent or eventually it will go away,,

  41. Benjamin, I quit on Dec 20. I hope you made it. I have a reccurrent sore and painful mouth. Scary, but better than still using.

  42. Quit the 16th of December 2013. Damn is it hard! Still no chew, as it is Christmas present for my loved ones. I find myself extremely angry and impatient with the people I care most about, these past couple days. I’ve been eating more when I get cravings and then I just get another post meal craving. I’ve gained 15 lbs and I’m not even 10 days in. Also, i got to this page after googling about the sores in my mouth now that I can’t seem to get rid of and they are extremely painful. I just need some pointers on any of the issues I’m having it’s really a horrible feeling sometimes. For instance, it’s 3 am right now and I can’t sleep because I don’t have my normal dip in before bed. Sorry for the rant, it’s hard to explain what I’m going through to people who haven’t chewed. Hats off to you fellas that made it through and dont have cravings anymore. Hopefully I’ll join your ranks soon!! Fack this sucks.

    1. Two years of can a day dipping, i figured i ought to quit before college and mouth cancer! Glad i saw that story in the article definately some motivation

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