One Dip Won’t Hurt, Will It?

Just One DipAhhhh yes… the big lie. This single thought has broken many quits and perpetuated an addiction. There is no such thing as “ONE”. One is too many and a 1000 will never be enough. Such is our lot in life as addicts. You see, that one dip is your addiction convincing your brain that you are “cured”. The day you believe that you have been cured is the day your addiction takes control. We all have blown quits because of “one”. We convince ourselves that we can be a “social dipper, just some every now and then, nothing like the can a day habit I had before I quit”. We do good the first day…maybe even the first week…but before it is over with “One” has consumed us again. “One” has us hiding from family and friend, lying about the fact that we are still quit. “One” has us stealing time from our children so they don’t see what we are doing.

No matter how long we have been quit…we are exactly “ONE” dip away from full blown addiction.

Check out The Law of Addiction which states, “Administration of a drug to an addict will cause reestablishment of chemical dependence upon the addictive substance” for some additional information on the topic.


  1. I had quit since the last week. Just took one dip because I had an intense urge. Now worried if I am going to start again or should I stick with my quit plan. Is it going to be as hard as the last week? If yes, I think I wouldn’t be able to resume with the pain I felt last week. An encouraging feedback is required please.

    1. We all here had to go through with what you are going through. What i learned from this site is that you take it one day at a time. One day is good the next day is bad. I dipped for close to 30 years, i had the withdrawal symptoms from hell, there aint no denying it. I stopped for 99 days and then took one dip, it was all over, four years later I quit again and that time it was for good. How did I do it? I came in here everyday and wrote about my aches and pains, but more important I took it one day at a time.


  2. I’ve been off dip for 14 months. I feel like I’m fighting everyday to stay off of it. I’ve driven to the gas station and back many times thinking I’m going to buy it, then I feel guilty and I drive back home. I used smokeless for 9 years. I always feel like one can won’t hurt, but I know where that will take me. If I give in than I’ve wasted all that time it took to quit. What do you all do when you feel the urge?

      1. Bacc off helped me quit a 30+year habit. I still use it today to help fight cravings. 2+ years baby and it’s such a great feeling!

      2. Lobelia Inflata powder –you can get it on ebay . . Buy some triumph or smokey mountain or other non tobacco snuff . Take a 1/4 of the can put it in another empty
        dip can and sprinkle a 1/4 teaspoon to that 1/4 of the can. lobelia inflata has similiar properties but NO addictive nicotine. It is amazing . It buttons you up if you need a dip..

  3. I quit 9/2…a week ago i was drinking and had two (that’s it, but I feel like i’m starting over again)…still not dipping, but damn…i’m all over the place…can’t think straight…self-confidence issues…i’m not as efficient at work…no self-discipline to work those long hours…tired all the time…is it worth it? I mean…screw this, right? it was better before

  4. Cleaning out my junk drawertoday and found a half a can still moist it wasnt my brand but close enuff I thought gee I have been quit over a month and I could handle just one I took a pinch smelled it and the rush of oh its just one I can handle it came over me I even licked the lid I am an addict I ran to the bathroom threw the pinch in thetoilet along with the rest of the can. It just doesnt end Once an addict always an addict I have to face it on a daily basis and keep situations like this out of my life

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