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This page will attempt to answer some of the questions that you may have when you first visit not only KillTheCan.org, but also our forums and our Discord Server.

  1. Mission Statement – Why We’re All Here
  2. Quit Groups — What do they mean?
  3. How to Post ROLL CALL — Roll Call Instructions
  4. Roll Call — Why we do it…
  5. Hall of Fame Speeches — What they are and why we do it
  6. The Playground — Objects of Mass Distraction
  7. The Veterans — Why we stay around after 100 days
  8. Guests & Visitors PLEASE Read! An Open Invitation
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2 months ago

Hi Chewie it’s James again.

I’m on day 10 of not dipping and it’s been hard. I checked out that video on Sean Marsee just now and it was SO eye-opening. I was familiar with his story before but hearing it from someone who knew him and saw what he went through was insane. I feel more motivated than ever to quit now. Something else I was wondering is how long does it “usually” take for a dipper to get cancer from dip?

5 months ago

I made it 15 days before I relapsed

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