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  1. Hi everyone it is Dave I am 2 days quit. My neighbor Craig told me about this site. I think he said his name was craigelk or elk slayer or both maybe. He says do not join the forum because someone named “chewie” still dips and is a leader or something. I need more answers on what to do I have burning mouth and wife says I am being rude. What is a forum and how do I work this website

  2. Well my friend Craig I think his user name craigs elk or elk slayer something like that showed me this website. I am 2 days quit and wife has been on my case saying I’m bein rude. I also have a burning mouth. He said do not sign up for the forum because a person named “chewie” still dips and is mean to him for not letting him on this site or something I didn’t pay much attention. What do you experienced quitters think do I join forum and how do I do that

  3. 160 days today. I have been dizzy and light headed since day 1 of my quit with little to no let up. This is absolutely insane. The constant tinnitus has also given me a constant headache since about day 50 until now. This is what I would have imagined heroin withdrawal to be like.

    1. I went through the same stuff. When I went to the doctor, she told me nicotine withdrawal can be worse than heroin withdrawal. It’s amazing the stuff is legal. You just have to stick with it and eventually it does get better. My symptoms lasted well into the 300’s. I am on day 524 now and I almost feel normal.

      1. Hey Doug can you describe to me what you mean by you almost feel normal? Is your fog gone atleast along with the dizziness? That is a very long withdrawal period. It is nice to know that I’m not the only one suffering this long though.

        1. Hey Dustin, I’ve had the same problems since my quit date 539 days ago. A constant foggy/lightheaded sensation with occasional dizzy spells that started on my quit day. Been to multiple doctors and a cardiologist and they’ve all pointed toward anxiety (never had before my quit). If you drink caffeine try cutting back..that’s what was causing my dizzy spells. I used to drink coffee all day before I quit, now if I drink more than 16 ounces I get dizzy and shaky. I’ve noticed that the lightheaded ness gets worse during times of high stress, so maybe it is just anxiety. Also look into reactive hypoglycemia, not sure the connection but I had major blood sugar swings for the first 12 months after my quit. If I ate a large meal my blood sugar would be down in the 50’s an hour later (healthy 30 year old with no diabetes). Good luck man

          1. Hello Jim congrats on being quit for so long. But you are saying you still have the foggy/light headed/dizzy symptom every day since you have quit 539 days ago? I have completely cut out caffeine and started exercising again each night. Running seems to calm my anxiety but doesn’t help with my dizzy feeling. Driving has became near impossible to me because I just zone out and nothing seems real.

    2. Dustin,

      How long have you had tinnitus? I am only 7 days in on no chew and have had tinnitus for 7 months. Just wondering if it makes you T worse

      1. Brian my tinnitus has started at around day 50 of my quit, and I have had it ever since and today is day 160. I did not have tinnitus prior to my quit. I do notice that it gets progressively worse throughout the day and around the time I go to bed at night it’s all I can hear.

        1. Hey Dustin, ya I still have the lightheaded/brain fog like sensation everyday. It’s been a constant thing for me everyday since I quit. When I get really stressed I’ve noticed that it intensifies. Just recently (last month) ive had a few short lived occasions where I’ve felt semi-normal…usually for a few minutes after I wake up in the morning. Like I said, ive had tons of medical tests done to rule out any major med problems. And it started the morning of my quit. I think our bodies just get used to having that nic, and quitting is a huge shock on the system + quitting a substance I’ve used to keep stress at bay for so many years

    1. KTC,

      Congrats to all of you serious quitters out there. This is certainly the best decision of your and my lifetime. Enjoy the FREEDOM!


  4. Hello to everyone. I’ve been frequent to this site for a little over 2 years now. I’ve never posted or made myself known, however all you people played a huge role in my quitting chewing tobacco…what a freakin monster task quitting is, it tends to make me feel small. I’m at my one year anniversary of starting my separation from my beloved tobacco. Well I guess all I can say is thank you, and maybe give a little info on how I’ve stayed successful in my quitting journey. Unlike a lot of folks on this site, I genuinely love tobacco, my wife doesn’t care if I do it, no one was pressuring me to stop, but I honestly know abusing a plant as powerful as tobacco is not good for long term health and addiction is just a way of enslaving yourself to you (your worst enemy). So I started my quit, making it a week here and a week there but never going past about a week. I finally got past a week and suddenly I’m having problems with my testosterone, my mouth, my energy, my attitude. So I started climbing this hill by my house every day( this is no ordinary hill it’s paved and steep look up “A hill” in Tempe Arizona) and Its gotten to the point I do suicides up it every night till my cravings go away and I go to bed. Climbing this hill has done wonders for me, first I’m in excellent shape now, my testosterone is balanced out,I’m extremely energized, and I have a way to vent my frustrations of not chewing. For sleepless nights where your just up because your brain is pacing the floor, I recommend “lobelia” and a cold shower. For anyone just starting their quit…its worth it. Just remember not everyone sees good results, sometimes you have to work hard to overcome a chew comedown. But never give up. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

    1. My 4 year anniversary is coming up on Aug 28. I quit at the agecof 45 after a 25 year plus habit of Kodiak. The last year was my best so far. In the beginning I used fake dip and was on this site all the time. If you can get through the beginning it does get better. Good luck and if I can anyone can.

  5. Today is my one and a half year anniversary being off the dip. Some days I miss it and people don’t understand. It’s a drug that plays with your mind. Still trying to find peace of mind but will never open a can of that shit again.

  6. Has anyone experienced blood sugar swings during their quit? two biggest symptoms for me seem to be dizzyness and low blood sugar feeling. Just seeing if anyone is experincing this

    1. —————————–*****************___________________
      Davee, i also checked my blood and it was fine on sugar, lipids, red and white blood cells like joey here. My blood pressure dropped though. So my theory is that our bodies are used to running full throttle with high blood pressure and now the high is gone, blood vessels relax, organs start healing and operating normally instead of fighting all kinds of heavy metals, lethal chemicals and not to mention the good ol Nicotine. The brain gets flooded with oxygen and nutrients and operates on a less dense atmosphere, I am sure that our ears get affected like everything else and guess where the center of balance in our bodies is? That’s right, right in our ears. Anyway, the dizzy spells are gone for me, it took a damned long time though, it is a scary feeling, Of course I am not a medical doctor, but I’ve read the multiple stories here of people getting advise from them and none really receiving concrete advise nor therapy. Power through all this hell and when you get better, remember what you had to go through when you think about tobacco.

      Day 312

  7. Helping Others

    So, I wrote about an overnight with some friends,.,,,,, It turned out that many people saw that as me being a downer. I was sorry to see that was how my post was interpreted. I was just saying that even if you no longer have the craves, old thoughts may creep into your head. Oh, well.

    Well on that overnight, we visited the docks in Ocean City. I encountered a good old boy from Ohio using two fingers to stuff as much snuff into his mouth as possible. I chatted with him about fishing and then asked about his brand of snuff. He said he wanted to quit and I told him about KTC. We made sure we brought it up on his phone, I told him how it works. I told him to wait until he was ready and when he was, to join. That it was possible to quit.

    I hope that friend I met in Ocean City Maryland has joined and is on his way with his quit.

    We all have to come to this site and our quit on our own terms.


  8. Day 160 – SOS…

    Posting here as well as in other comments section in this site.

    After nearly 2 months of a much better time, my depression, sadness and anxiety are back. Feels really shitty for the last 2 days.. What’s going on? I have taken off from work today 🙁 🙁
    Why does it feel like all my brain chemicals have gone for a toss suddenly.. Feeling really pathetic.. just want to scream and cry…

    1. Shiva,
      The one major thing i realized after I was finally successful in my quit was that all your feelings, moods, etc. pass in a blink of an eye.

      You just need to shift your attention to something else when you are feeling bad, thinking negative thoughts, etc.

      I am not discounting your feelings but suggesting the same thing you did to quit smokeless tobacco can be used to battle these feelings of depression, sadness and anxiety.

      There is a chance that you were suffering from depression before you started dipping and your focus on dipping just masked other feelings. Your focus on dipping and getting dip took your mind off of other feelings.

      I would suggest that you make a list of all your successful battles in life. You must have many. Go through a self reaffirmation process every morning to remind yourself of how much you have accomplished. The Roman centurions did that every morning.
      This affirmation will help you remember what a great person you are, remind you of your successes and prepare you for your next success.

      Your whole life was focussed on doing a dip, figuring out where you could your next dip, determining where to buy your dip and checking whether you had enough for the next several days. When will I have my next dip.

      Now there is a void as you can now think about the rest of your life. Make a crazy goal for yourself. A goal that will make your smile, proud and energized. Go after that goal. Focus on that goal. You now have something new to go after and focus on. No more void.

      If this advice does not help in the least, then go see a mental health counselor. You should take these feelings seriously and not discusount them. You are not different and you are not alone. I know so many people suffering from depression, anxiety, etc. You can feel better and you will.

      IQWYT day

      1. Dundippin – Thank you so much for taking time to help me out.. I felt very emotional after I wrote this, my eyes swelled up and I cried a bit. The last such crying episodes happened between days 30-50. Feeling slightly better after crying though..
        Thinking back, I always have an anxious mind.. on anything and everything.. the kind of mind which always fears something bad will happen and what people think if I do this that etc.. The good thing is that I didn’t have any of this in the last 40-50 days..
        My wife told me I smelled the same like how I use to smell in the first 3 weeks.. looks like DDD said, some reboot is happening. Hopefully, when I come out of this I will be at a higher plane of recovery and feels much better.
        The thing is that I still struggle when I have to cope up with lot of stress without nicotine. That’s one major lesson I am yet to master in this recovery.
        I’ll remember the achievements and will recite everyday how I conquered the challenges in life. Thanks

    2. Shiva- 160- SOS,


      Dundippin speaks the truth.
      Reach out to your quit group and all support.

      ….and It’s time you pull yourself up by your boot straps and move along in a positive mind frame. Your will is very strong as you have lived 161 days of no NICOTINE Freedom.
      It’s simple, no matter how low down depressed you feel, NEVER EVER GIVE IN to that ugly sea hag NIC Bitch; just one slip and a quick dip and she will crawl up your ass and attach once again and none of us want to see that happen to you! Win every battle, everyday, as it comes, and win the war.

      Try these breathing techniques to clear the mind, etc:

      If all else fails, see your Doctor.

      I quit with you today.

  9. Just wanted to thank everybody involved with this website, especially the creators. I’m 117 days without tobacco at the age of 61, having chewed Copenhagen Long Cut/Straight, at least a can a day since I was 14 years old. I am from Billings, MT. and there was a neighborhood store where an older gent by the name of Claude sold me my first can. It was 35 cents back then.
    I did not follow the steps faithfully on this website, mostly because I didn’t have an f10 key on my tablet, but I was such a mess my first three or so weeks, and I read and re-read comments, and man did it help me.
    I did not want to walk away without thanking everybody involved, it means so much to me not to be a slave to the 7-11 or Kwik Mart and the insidious grip of big tobacco.
    You guys are the greatest!

    1. 47 years dipping Terry?
      I dipped since i was 18, in all it was about 25 years, slowly and sporadically in the beginning using levi Garret, red man and other long leaf pouch tobaccos, the last 10 years or so, I was using 1-2 cans of Skoal per day. Tried also Kodiak, coppenhagen and bandits, but always went back to skoal. I am on day 288 and you are right, it feels great not being a slave to convenient stores and even better to have regain my good health. Congratulations on your 117 days, keep up the good work.

  10. Day 105 for me! These past 100 days have been challenging but so worth it. Not being dependent on tobacco and nicotine has been an amazing feeling. I’ve also a little over $200 in the process which is also a huge plus. I’ll be going back to college here soon where I play baseball so that will be a challenge since most of my teammates and coaches dip but I can get through it. Everyday quit with you guys! Continue to make that choice every day!

  11. Day 154 – Feeling a bit irritated today. Couple of mild cravings.. Little more intense than fleeting thoughts or wantings but not very intense. Things were very quiet over the last few days except for the last couple of days.. It’s irritating when you feel you are through the worst and these thoughts came up from nowhere..
    I sometimes struggle a little bit when either I don’t have anything to do or have too many things in plate. Both these cases I miss the stimulant, to be honest. But once I start some work, I am far more attentive and productive than when I used to use dip / smoke.. Hope this phase also goes away.

    1. Here we go again. Day 2. I had made it 2 or 3 years until I relapsed several months ago. Both periods have been so long I forgot the dates.
      I think it might be even harder this time because I know how hard it was. I don’t think I ever stopped thinking about chewing for one day in two years. I am not sure I even ever went a minute.
      Plus, I am not sure I am quitting for the right reason, which is because I got caught and they told me to.
      But here I am. Going from two tins of kodiak a day to cold turkey.

        Day 1- Read, read, read then suck it up, embrace the suck and just quit for you,one day at a time. Day 2- repeat day one. Day 3-7 same same. Day 8- join a quit group and post roll daily. Repeat into perpetuity.


  12. I finally hit a milestone where I did not have feelings of cravings in my mouth or thoughts of dipping in my mind. Every damn 100 days or 1 year or so anniversary I would feel these craves from a week before to several days after. I hated it but I knew they would come.

    So I have not had any thoughts like that for some 100 days. I hit my 1,400 milestone and I had no craves or thoughts about snuff. Nothing. I was proud. i thought I have this thing conquered. I do not think about snuff anymore.

    Then the other day, my wife asked if we could go for an overnight at our best friends house.

    I could not believe the first thought that came to my mind.

    Will I have enough snuff, will I run out, where will I do my snuff.

    This is not me controlling my thoughts. This is my first subconscious thought. Wow! I could not believe all those thoughts and memories are hardwired into your brain.

    So this habit has invaded your body and your mind.

    You must remain vigilant.

    Keep your guard up.

    Keep your mind trained to focus on something else when you start thinking of tobacco.

    I quit with you today.
    Dundippin day 1414

    1. Dundippin, you’re over a thousand days into it and you still have thoughts and days like that?
      For all of you long time quitters, Do you all have these same experiences?

      I ask because I am only on day 281 and very seldom do I think about it. If you all are experiencing these things after years of being quit, this is more serious than I thought.

      1. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ll say that I can literally go years at this point without having something I’d consider a ‘crave’. It’ll cross my mind every now and then, but it’s just sort of a fleeting thought. ‘Man, it sure would be nice to have a dip’. And just like that, I brush it off and it’s gone.

        The good news is that after all these years I’ve got so many tools in my quit tool belt that I CAN brush them away.

        Don’t get discouraged DDD – you’re doing awesome – keep it up!

      2. Stay the course. I’m 545 days free. Quit cold turkey and never looked back. I dipped for 20 years and was up to almost 3 cans a day.

      3. DDD,

        I did get feelings of craving around my anniversary dates. I used to get the craves several days before my 100 day milestones and after. However, on my 1400 date I realized that I was crave free and quite happy for that.

        My biggest fear when I did dip was not having stash. I hated being invited to an event with another couple because that meant I could not dip. Further, I hated staying with friends overnight as that meant that it would be a bigger challenge to dip.

        So when I got invited to this overnight, I did not have any craves, but the old thought about how I hated staying overnight at someone’s house because I would be away from my snuff came to my mind.

        It was not a crave but just a thought. A thought of oh no, not that.

        That is what I was remarking on.

        This thought came from my subconscious and punched me in the face.

        So all those memories and thoughts you had when you dipped may come back and surprise you.

        That is what I was remarking on.

        The first 5 days are the worse. The days get progressively better from there on.

        I was not trying to be a downer but just warning everyone that there old thoughts may come back when they least expect it.


    2. Everyone’s quit is different. I read this thread and thought “Huh, I wonder where I’m at.” I logged on and seen today is 1,006 for me. I quit cold Turkey and havent looked back. After the 1st couple weeks when the FOG subsided I havent had any cravings, etc. I did have a couple “Dip Dreams” early on but that was about it for me.

      Good luck to all the New Quitters and if you want it bad enough, you’ll succeed.

  13. Hey everybody. I’m MTBG & I’m on Day 158 of my quit with Mayhem 2019. We read a lot about our lows on here, God knows there are tough times with your quit. However I wanted to throw a positive post in here. Yesterday, I played in a golf outing. Not only was golf a major trigger, this particular outing had a lot of beer flowing, also a major trigger. So I’m out on the course, beer in hand, and there are 2 guys in my foursome who are dipping. I threw a can of the fake stuff in my bag just in case. Not only did I not dip, I didn’t even use the fake stuff.

    I’m not posting this to brag as I know staying committed to your quit is something we all need to be vigilant about. I post it instead to show some people on here who are going through some tough times with their quit that there are good days as well. Yesterday was one of them!

    1. Great win MTBG, rock on Masters of Mayhem 19. I to play a little golf & see guys stuffing their lip with the nic b***h lie. Whenever I see them or any coworkers using smokeless tobacco I refer them to this site & tell them that I am here waiting to support their efforts. Do you ever feel this way?

  14. I just wanted to encourage anyone who is struggling and who feels like it’s never going to end, to try to just gut it out. I was a can a day kodiak guy for 25 years and I’m on day 475 nicotine free. I had failed my first three times quit. The stress of quitting this addiction has taken a toll on my health. The anxiety gave me ibs and bad reflux. I’ve had a lot of tooth sensitivity from reflux and grinding and I’ve had blood pressure issues. 100 days was not nearly enough for me to recover from this habit. On day 151, I had a major anxiety attack and I could feel my brain kind of flipping out. It was an incredibly uncomfortable feeling that is hard to describe. On day 222, I had another one that wasn’t quite as bad. I’ve not had that icky brain feeling since day 222, but I have had these bouts of anger that I think some people on here describe as nic fits. I just had one on day 470 and it followed a rough few days in which I had a lot of cravings. I don’t know if the desire to want a dip will ever completely go away. It’s gotten a little easier but I still crave and have an oral fixation that I’ve tried to fill with fake dip, gum, mints, just about anything I can. What I have learned though through quitting is just how powerful and crippling nicotine truly is and while I still want to dip, understanding how badly I was hooked (when I first was trying to quit, I went back into garbage cans picking up dip grains of cans I was throwing away) has helped me to know that I can never have a safe amount of nicotine again. I’m still not fully recovered from this addiction, but rest assured, is does get easier. I try to remember Murphy’s law. Everything takes longer than you think and for me this absolutely rings true with overcoming the evil, lying, deceptive poison nicotine. Good luck,

  15. How long does this dizzyness last? lightheadedness.. i am on day 26 and it went away for a few days and seems to have come back with a vengence.. hits me at random times a day like right now. I hate it. I also started 16:8 intermittent fasting which i am sure if playing a role in this but i know most of this has to be due to the quit. It can get scary sometimes like something is wrong with me. Someone please give me some comfort lol

    1. Hey double D, this is triple D, but seriously the symptoms are different for all of us, but we all have them, for Mike up there, seems like he’s doing a good job of fending off all of his symptoms and is taking him a long time. For me, it took a little less, but I am still dealing with moderate BP issues, so I started excersising and eating right to get that under control. Your question is about lightheadedness; it took me about 80-90 days to get rid of it.they would pop up every once in a while after that and after 150 days it is completely gone. They have a pretty accurate description of symptoms on your quit in one of these forums. I believe it’s called “What to expect when you quit dipping” I would go and read and post in it pretty much everyday during my 100 and 200 days. I hope that helps.

    2. Hey Double D,

      I am on Day 150.. It is exactly as DDD said. It was very worse for me from 21-35 days, bit better but still bad till 65 days and the last of which was around 80 days..
      Even if you are not able to exercise, walk briskly for about 30 mins. It’s summer you can just do it outdoors. I do not know your fitness level, but if you can squeeze some moderate fitness regime, it will really help to balance your BP, heart rate and other metabolism. Not to mention a good endorphine burst that makes you feel better. Watch out on the starving part for the first 100 days….your sugar levels will fluctuate a lot..

      1. Guys thank you so much for the support. Shiva i think my blood sugars are def giving me fits on trying to adjust. I recently read nicotine plays a very big roll in raising blood sugar and helps bring on diabetes. I am guessing a lot of my shakiness and dizzyness has a lot to do with my blood sugars getting back to normal levels.

      2. SHIVA,

        Good information! One hand washes the other and so on and so forth….


        Everbody is “hardwired” uniquely.

        I am 1400+ days into my journey and very rarely think about snuff anymore.

        Dundippin and I have similar NICOTINE addition history with 35+ years hooked on the shit; me Copenhagen Original from 1980 or so (the cardboard can era).

        Dun speaks the truth; you need to stay proactive with your quit and never fool yourself into thinking that you’re no longer an addict. YOU WILL FOREVER BE AN ADDICT, done deal, comes with the territory….Always remember this, that NIC Bitch is a sneaky old sea hag for sure; tempt her just once and she’ll crawl up your ass and own you.

        The mind and body are one!


  16. Tom, i must say, your display of courage is unbelievable, You are facing the ultimate battle and yet you take the time to encourage us to quit or stay quit. Sir, I must say what a great person you are. Please pray to our Great God for a miracle and post it for the rest of us. I will say a prayer for you as well Sir.

  17. Back in April i broke my back in 2 places. While in the hospital they also discovered i have kidney disease and my kidneys are failing thats why my bp is so high. I cannot even find a nephrologist who will see me. Besides other symptoms(not going to get into all of them) but my bp has been getting worse. It was 195/114 tonight. I have a feeling i dont have much longer to go? The funny thing is if i really am dying using nicotine again is not an option or even a temptation. These last 4 years(will be 4 years oct 15) i am so grateful for. I hadnt felt that good physically and mentally since i was a kid. I had forgotten what it was like to live without nicotine and i wouldnt give that up for anything even now. Best of luck to all of You. Day 1379

    1. Wow Tom… not sure what to say other than it’s an awesome testament to your quit that you’re staying super strong through this. You’ve got my prayers brother. Tackle this just the way you did your quit – you got this!

    2. Tom, i am very sorry to hear this i will keep you in my prayers. Keep fighting. Many people have miracle healings every day. God can do all. Stay strong, keep praying, keep praying, keep praying.

    3. Tom,
      So sorry to hear. You were are in the quit group one month after my mine. I quit on 9/15/2015. Wishing you success in recovering from your health issues. Sending prayers to you and your family.

      1. Appreciate the support. Ive been feeling better, bp is down to borderline now. Been trying to get out and exercise again. Rode my bike my old 8 mile route just now. Idk if i am over reacting, i have no idea just how serious systolic kidney disease is or even how far along mine is b/c i cannot even find a doctor who will see me. My regular doc just sent a referral to a nephrologist so we will see. Anyway one thing quitting nicotine/tobacco has taught me is to not give up. I will keep pushing myself as long as i can. I know it sounds dumb but over the last few 2-3 years i find what gives me a rush/gets me high is exercise. I love pushing myself hard on this bike. There’s so much you miss driving a car. Thanks again for your support and for this site. Dont give up people, i swear it is worth it. 1396 days =D

  18. Totally weird question, but with the withdrawls i have had in the past nothing suprises me. Has anyone experienced pain in the ribs? like its under my left rib cage and it radiates from time to time. I just dont get it. I have had aches and pains.. but the rib thing makes me feel like something is wrong with one of my organs, i am freaking out about it. I am not out of shape or overweight and i am in good health.. could this really be from withdrawls? i am 33 and have been dipping since i was 17 years old. Dipped 2 to 3 cans a week but i would leave them in at my work desk for hours.

    1. Not my ribs, but I experienced similar sensations smack dab in the middle of my chest. Sharp pains in my chest which would radiate down my arm. Naturally I freaked out as well thinking I had some heart issue or something. Went to the doctor and ER – got bloodwork, EKG and chest Xray and everything was normal. Was told it was most likely stress/anxiety related to the quit. I also had high blood pressure for a while after quitting. I went to the doctor last week and BP was finally normal again! I am now 493 days quit and that pain is mostly gone. For reference, I am 33 years old – I could definitely lose a few lbs but I am not in terrible shape. Occasionally I will still feel it if I am having a stressful day or week, my chest will tighten but those are few and far between now. Hope this info helps – I think it just goes to show that we all have different experiences related to our quit. I never realized until I quit how crazy and powerful a drug nicotine is I will never put that poison in my body again.

  19. I seriously need to quit. I find myself constantly waking up with a dip still in my mouth. When I go for a few hours I start the craving . I got a big bag of Lifesavers today. Hopefully it will save my life because I really need to stop.

    1. Steve,you are saying all the right things. You see the need to quit and you are ready to do it for you. Great start. Exactly a point that I was at. Only thing left to do is suck it up, embrace the suck and QUIT. 580 days ago I was right where you are. It is not easy. The thing you need to believe is that you CAN do it. If I can you can. There are 1000’s here that will say the same. Quit, sign up and join your group. It could just save your life. YOU CAN DO THIS.

    2. Steve,
      You may not believe this but it is all mental. The desire and the ability to quit all comes from you. If you are truly fed up you will just stop.

      Once you stop the conversation in your head as to whether to have just one more dip or not, the rest is just easy. You are quit and you will not veer away from that.

      Clear the calendar and get to quitting. Join KTC and post roll call daily.

      Get advise. Give advice.

      I quit with you today.

    3. Hey, that is literally how I woke up today. My wife says it is simply disgusting, so I decided to try to quit. Hope I’ll have the strength to deal with this addiction.

    4. I did it for 40 years. I am on day 59. I really did enjoy it. There are still days when I am thinking that I could really use a dip. Now I just get irritated that I want one and say……I used to chew. Now it does t control me. It was really weird and still is. You just gotta say no more spitting money away. You will go through all of the freaky things they tell you that you will on here, but don’t let the stuff control you. After the first two weeks you start normalizing. You still want one, but you now know you are the boss. Not the dip.

  20. Hi guys i am on day 10, this is my third go around with the quit but this one is different. This time i am quitting vaping. My first two quites last about a year and i had every horrible withdraw symptom you could imagine, i would say i am very experienced in the withdrawls. With that said this quit from the vaping has been a much smoother ride. I still have some soreness, irratability and chest pains but nothing like they were in the past, the anxiety is about 1/4 of what it was with the dip. I seem to cave after a year of being quit and starting back up because i feel like i can get away with one dip, or vape.. The fact is you cant. NEVER again can you indulge in it once you quit. Not once. You will be hooked and thats that. This time is for good. Just thought i would stop by and fill ya in

    1. just also want to add, that i went ahead and opened my mouth about withdrawls and today ended up being my worst day with symptoms. If anyone is struggling and scared with their withdrawl symptoms please reach out to me and i can help guide you through them. I have had multiple ER visits in the past due to withdrawls and was always perfectly fine but i can help walk you through yours.

  21. I’m 35 days dip free, about 10 lbs heavier and my wine intake has tripled. I should be writing this in the female section but since men are the ones that got me hooked (“just do it, it will be funny”), you can all deal with the wrath of my troubles. I started dipping 20 years ago when I moved to Tennessee for a year, then carried the problem with me to New York City where cans were $10-$15 each! I have tried to quit mmmmm about 1,000 times now. But never try to quit trying to quit right?? It would go in waves, making it 3 days then I think its ok, just this one. This shit RULES your mind. I would take my dip breaks instead of lunch at work, in my car, in tinted windows in the corner of the parking lot, I would never commute with anyone so I could dip, I would not go out so I could dip, it was insane how it rules your life.

    I’ve made it as long as 8 months dip free before. The #1 reason i fold is having a bad fight with my spouse, extreme stress at work, break ups, life issues, to lose weight for my summer body, its my crutch. This time, my wife gave birth to our daughter and I quit on my baby’s due date. I figured I would be so preoccupied for days that I wouldn’t realize I’m craving dip.. and i was right! However, I know the bad cravings last up to 3 months. I think I’m in that asshole stage right now, which makes me angry and everyone around me. I read from someone’s comment that “I’m healthier overweight and dip free then skinny and dipping”. So true, as a female this is the hardest part. I work out HARD so to eat 24-7 to replace dipping is taking it’s toll. Also my mouth is so so hot, is that normal? I feel the phantom dip all the time with my tongue, I’ve tried the fake tea mint dip which does help but it’s like dipping air. Mint gum also helps, but someone please tell me it gets better!

    1. yes, it gets better. If you read testimonies from veterans on this site, it echos same thing it get better, but to stay quit for ever is hard by your self, open a account and join the group. you will find people who had quitted at same time so they are going through same symptoms as yours and you can be in touch with them. accountability helps staying quit. if you decide to open account, based on your quit days you will be in September group (

      1. Does anyone’s jaw hurt? I quit for a year, restarted during stressful time for four months, and just quit again. One week in

        1. Yea i have been there before. Its totally normal. Your nerves are used to nicotine surging through them from that spot. Now its gone, takes time for the body to rewire itself. There is going to be a few good says strung together where you have no withdraw symptoms, then all the sudden you will get nailed over the head with some. Gotta stay strong. I suffered horrible withdrawl symptoms for about 100 days on and off.

          1. 13 days. I’m registered on here but have no clue how to get into that roll call thing for accountability. Can you help/

        2. Molly,
          I do remember my jaw not feeling right, like it was tired at times and had to keep my mouth open.
          I dipped for 12 years and always had it in my mouth except for eating and sleeping.
          Quit 8 months next week. Up to a month ago I felt like I should have something in my mouth (dip of course) now I hope and think that is the final symptom of my quit.
          3 most important dates in my quitting timeline.
          60 hours in, so hard, then a little relief.
          100 days, confidence, but still had to toe the line with urges and oral fixation.
          7 months 1 week, I don’t/haven’t had any urges nor symptoms.
          This will probably be the hardest/longest event in your life, if you manage to quit, and if you don’t, it will only gnaw at you until you do.
          You have only one choice so get it done before_____. You fill in the blank.

    2. KARLI,

      Embrace the new normal. I was hook line and sinker addicted to Copenhagen for 35 years and quit for three years now. If I can quit you can quit. Read up on this site. Join a quit group. Embrace the suck. Sign in daily and promise to quit.

      This really helped me with anxiety and withdrawal:

      I quit with you! @Sigman45@

    3. I’m 120 days quit and am Nic Free. I’m still wanting a dip every day. But, it passes after a few minutes.

      It gets better. Just don’t give in. Not one dip. No matter how small it is. Don’t do it!!

    4. If you or anyone else needs someone to text let me know. I’m on day 9 and I have discovered that chatting with others has really helped me when I’m around the unavoidable triggers.

      1. Does your jaw hurt? I’m freaking. One week dip free and my jaw hurts. Inspected my mouth/gums. No sores or anything

        1. Yeah your body is physically addicted. Half of the addiction is an oral fixation as well. You’re fine.

        2. I have had jaw pain, gum pain, numbness etc. if it’s worrying to you I would go get checked by a dentist. It’s probably just your mouth starting to heal itself from what I’ve read.

  22. Day one, hour one for me. After nearly 17 years (Age 31) of chewing its time to call it quits. Have twins under the age of 2 and a wife who put up with my constant fat lip and dip bottles everywhere. Woke up this morning and decided its finally time. Have been contemplating it for over a year now and keep saying today is the day. Shoot even told people I was going to quit a year ago and never did.. Well today is finally the day. Snagged my last pinch on the way to work this morning and tossed the rest of the can in the trash.

    I’ve had a dip every hour on the hour while I was awake for the last 5 years. Before that it was about a half a can a day. It’s time to kick the can and start life as you guys say. Here is to a hopefully successful attempt which I know will be difficult, but worth it.

    Cheers and good luck to all who decided to knock this “hobby”.

  23. Day 5 I’m having extreme urges to go buy a can. I’ve been dipping for about 7.5 years straight. I’m 24 now and I’m just trying to kick the habit. This is the longest and best I have done without dip. Any advice on how to help me through cravings

    1. Drink lots of water… get on our forums – and ENGAGE with other quitters, THOUSANDS of other quitters who know what you’re going through. You’re not alone and you’re through the worst of it (typically day 3). Hang in there!

    2. I went and got a can of Smokey Mountain it was no where near the same being nicotine and tobacco free but it sure helped

  24. Day 63 for me. Things are going well. I’m going to the dentist tomorrow and I gotta be honest I’m scared to death. I only dipped for 2 1/2 years which isn’t very long but still too long. I’ve had a mark on my upper gum on the opposite side of where I placed my dip. The mark isn’t white it’s basically the color of my gums but is a bit paler. It’s not soft or velvety, it’s pretty hard and it doesn’t grow it seems kind of like a skin tag. It’s really freaked me out and tomorrow will hopefully resolve this situation. Of course like an idiot I’ve been self diagnosing my self for 9 weeks on the internet and have expected the worse because of it. Keep deciding to quit everyday and remember I and everyone else on here quits with you.

  25. I quit 7 days ago, and it’s been hard to resist going and getting more. I’m doing this for me.

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