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  1. I’m on day 74. Still in a pretty dense fog. Is this normal? Some days are worse than others. The anxiety has toned down quite a bit. Just fog.

  2. Day #460: Yes, I still get cravings from time to time, particularly a certain time. However, I wanna post something that I don’t think has been touched on which may still have an affect on us and don’t know it. How many of you experience some anxiety or irritability just after dinner? For me, this is still a bit of a struggle. I get really jumpy and moody after I finish eating. I think it is because that was when I would dip. I know we ALL remember how good a chew or dip was right after you finished eating, especially after pizza! Just like smokers do! Anyways, this has become the worst part of my day. If I go out for a walk or drive, I’m fine; but if I stay home and watch news or whatever, I’m just in a restless mood! I have just not found that replacement for chew yet, the after-dinner mint I’m still craving. At any rate, my spirits are fresher and I feel so much cleaner; I just never imagined, like so many of us, that this would be such a battle! I hope this post relates to someone and that your feeling on this is not a solitary one. Stay strong!

  3. Day 517 I was walking around and my mouth tasted like I had a dip in. A genuine dip. Had not thought of that taste since I quit. It was weird. How could I be tasting a dip with no dip in my mouth. No wad under my lip. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else.

    Then day 520 I got the craves again. Not as bad as in the past but I got them. I thought about something else and went about my day.

    I had posted earlier that all was well now that I hit 500 and the craves were over. I guess you can never let your guard down.

    Day 522, I quit with you today.

    • Hello-
      This is Jake U. I haven’t posted in awhile but have a few questions. For Dundippin I have a question for you. Do you experience any fatigue this far into your quit? How about any headaches or dizziness 517 days into your quit? Just wondering because I’m 408 days into my quit and still experience these symptoms. And Craigselk66, we’ve spoke before-but how are the symptoms now? I was wondering about any level of fatigue that you’re experiencing this far into your quit. And if you’re still experiencing fogginess and/or headaches? Thanks.

      • Hi Jake,
        Yes I do experience some fatigue. Thought it was more because I am 61 rather than being quit. This usually comes about when I go a day or two without working out. I really lose energy when I do not work out so I always try to get even a light cardio (bike and calisthenics ) every day.

        As to headaches or dizziness, I only get these when I do not eat a meal. I become a monster when I miss a meal. For me it is critical to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner the same time every day. If I miss slightly then I do get dizzy, headaches and all around grouchy.

        It is like common sense. Most advice is common sense but we do not follow our common sense and that is why there are so many Career and other coaches preaching common sense.

        I suggest that if you eat 3 healthy square meals a day, workout every day and get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep that your fatigue and headaches will go away.

        Also did you give up coffee when you quit because it was a trigger? Perhaps have a little coffee in the morning, it constricts blood vessels in your brain which may help with your headaches and dizziness.

        Stay quit. I quit with you today.

    • JCB… I’m day 50, can a day for 34 years….. I’m doing well, I still crave it but I’ can’t do those first 2 weeks ever again….sheer f’ing misery.
      I’m working outside and would love one but I’m standing strong and just NOT going to do it…. If I can do it everyone can….cold turkey, no substitutes, smokey whatever, I’m over it…Let’s get on with it

  4. On my 4th day of dip free. Absolutely losing my mind, getting extremely frustrated easy over nonsense. Haven’t used any alternatives. Quit cold turkey after having chewed for 8 years.

    • DO NOT go it alone, get some alternatives, go to the review section & check them out, way too easy to get your hands on some good stuff. Another DO NOT, do not think some fake dip will replace what you dipped, won’t happen. Good Luck, you can do it.

    • Barnswing,
      I am with you. I had rages into my 400s. Make sure you do alot of cardio workouts that will wear you out so you get rid of that extra energy. Make sure you eat 3 square meals a day. Do not pass a meal up. That could add to the tension and rages. Get plenty of sleep.

      I finally felt clear of the frustration and rages by mid 400s.

      I quit with you today.

  5. Today is day 47 of the quit. Can per day habit x 30 years. Went cold turkey for the first 3 weeks and was out of my mind. I then started using the Smokey Mountain product and it really made a difference. I’m also starting to drop the 15 lbs I gained in the first 20 days of the quit. Never ever going back. For those of just starting your quit, it will absolutely suck for the first week. But IT WILL get better.

  6. I am started to quit I am dipping smokey mountain Wintergreen. It very good

  7. Hey guys, i’m on day 3 of quitting dip. Started dipping 4 in a half years ago when I played baseball. If anybody is having any questions about quitting, I found switching to different chew products that had less nicotine in it was a good way to start. Chew something you don’t care for, for me it was dark grizz long cut. Cope was my favorite but whenever I tried to quit cold turkey from that it was nearly impossible to do so. This time quitting, since I switched products I found the cravings to be a little more manageable and easier to deal with. They still suck though, the fogginess is still lingering and felt even a little nauseous yesterday. Can’t wait for the first week to be done. Good luck to you guys.

  8. Well today i made the decision to quit chewing tobacco. I have been chewing a can and a half a day for 8 years. Im only 24 and I really dont want this bad habbit to control my life anymore… Here goes nothing!

  9. Today is day 7 tobacco free for me. I miss it big time, but a little less each day. Any healthy alternatives you could recommend? I was a Kodiak user for 20 years and miss that minty burn…

  10. Today makes me a year tobacco free, couldn’t have done if I never found this site, thanks guys.

  11. The mental games are real. It’s easy physically but so much stuff makes you want to put another one in. I’m spitting my last chew out right now. Of course cancer can happen to anyone at anytime. But I’d rather not let this be the cause. Pray for me and others❤️

  12. Anyone remember Ernest from Ernest goes to camp, Ernest goes to jail etc? I couldnt remember what happened to him? Looking online turns he was a heavy smoker and died of cancer. According to imdb when he found out he had cancer he threw away his cigarettes and quit cold turkey but it was too late. Everyone on here just starting out on your quit or considering quitting keep that in mind, when you get diagnosed with cancer you will quit anyway but it will be too late. Idk why just thought id share that, i had no idea he was dead?

  13. Today is day 199. I hit 200 days of freedom tomorrow. Unbelievable. It just proves it can be done. 41 years of bandage. Long gone pecan.

    • Hey Doug, my fiancée just started to quit today. I know he could really use someone who can understand what he’s about to go through. If you are willing I’d love to get you guys to connect. My email is He has been dipping since he was a kid and he is 41 now.
      Congratulations on hitting those 200 days of freedom! I’m impressed.

      • Hey Laura. It is hard to quit and your fiancé will need your help and support. I am doing it without support but I know how great it would have been to have someone there for me. Stay strong. I’m on day 188. Most days I’m fine but I still get urges. I’m sure one dip would put me back to day one. Good luck !!’

  14. I recently decided to quit thanks to a close family friend who has known me since I was born. We were heading to a gun show and I put a chew in and he said “You should really quit that” I replied “Why you do it” and laughed. He said ” He said my life is half over you have plenty of time to change yours, I’ve been doing this shit longer than you’ve been alive.” I’m 24 and have been chewing for 4 years. My wife and I are also expecting so that is added motivation.

  15. Quitting is hard, but if you don’t you’ll lose more than your dignity. I’m 28 and I’ve lost most of my teeth and have gum disease.

  16. Wanting to quit, any tips for the first few days. Also any tips for convincing myself to start day 1?

    • If you’re looking for convincing, you’re not ready.

      You need to make your decision.

      Only YOU can make it. When you do, you’re in the right place. Check out our forums: With nearly 30,000 members it’s the best place going to get support and questions answered by people who know exactly what you’re dealing with.

      • Chewie, this site is awesome. Day 188 and could not have done it without this site and the daily reminder it brings. Just reading the entries on this site is enough to keep you going. Thank you Chewie.

    • Look @ the pictures & think of yourself!! It is a reality!!! Make sure you are doing this for you #1!! You have the most to gain – long term!! Depending on the amount that you chew, you may want to cut down first, for a week! Then go cold turkey. It only takes 3 days for it to get out of your system – physically!! Then the mental game begins. Know what to be expecting along the way. Stay Busy exersizing – working around the home etc… Tell whom ever you live with on how to help for the first few days. Walk away from the emotions and go cool off! I have been cold turkey for 19 days after chewing for 30 yrs. So I am w/ you!!!!!

      • Josh…..Good man !! Proud of you brother, I’m rock solid at 52 days after 34 years, can a day….back at farm , my helpers chew every day, doesn’t bother me one bit….
        I absolutely cannot go through that first 10 days again…. I would love to eat the top off of a skoal can and I’m not going to do it…. I’m golden gentleman…. ALL OF U CAN DO THIS…. I did…..

    • Tips? It’s called Smokey Mountain Wintergreen and Triumph Wintergreen herbal chews. Don’t know exactly what kind you dip but I was always a Wintergreen guy. Do NOT and I mean DO NOT put a dip in or smoke a cigarette whatever you do. My advice is to go with the nicotine free herbal chews, but if you feel like you needs to ween yourself off nicotine Triumph is designed to do that for you as they have different levels of nicotine in their fake chew. I’m on day 36 of my quit after 15 years of the nasty habit brother. If I can do it anyone can. Your first month is really gonna suck if you decide to go cold turkey, but I can tell you slowly but surely the withdrawal symptoms get better. Come back to the site if you ever feel the need to vent your frustrations because of withdrawal. We’ll all be here. As one already mentioned. Look st the pictures of what this crap can do to you. That is one of the biggest motivators that makes me stay quit.

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