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  1. Day #414….I haven’t posted since a very rough stretch around the 380s mark. That one really seemed to punch me in the face….felt like being in the 150s again, which was also brutal.

    I’m on here every single day…..reading all the posts and remembering what it felt like at first and how horrible the fog/anxiety/loss of reality, etc…etc…etc actually is. That’s honestly what keeps me plugging away….as shitty as some days still are….I will never have to go through the pure hell of the beginning.

    As for now….in a “snail-like” pace…I’m healing up nicely. My anxiety issues have subsided drastically…..I can now handle stress without blowing up or freaking the fuck out. I still have a little fog from time to time…..mostly in my eyes….they feel heavy like filled with sand….which sounds weird but that’s how it feels. I no longer have that “cloudy brain” feeling where you just feel fucking stupid….and can’t hold a thought.

    Life now is a million times better….I rarely even think about the devil (nic bitch). I can walk into a gas station and stare the bitch directly in the eyes and not flinch….almost comical that a grown man has to deal with that….but oh well.

    Now I’m just looking forward to the next phase of healing…..

    I’m always looking for feedback from quitters with similiar stories….so feel free to chime in!!!!

    • Yes, Craig, you’re so right on spot with this! The 150’s to 180’s were HORRIBLE for me; I thought I would never make it! Now, on day 382, I’m still nicotine free. I can go into a store, stare at a chew can behind the cashier, and not go into an anxiety attack. That feels powerful! I still have a bit of anxiety from time to time and my eyelids, especially in the morning, feel like sheets of lead. I hope that passes away soon. It just feels so nice to be nicotine free and be independent, to exercise total control over every aspect of my life! The best part of this quit is not having a collection of spit bottles in my car and all over the house!!! Remember opening them to spit and how bad they stunk??? Progress!!!!

    • Grats. Im still here with you. Honestly i dont come on here every day anymore. Not to sound ungrateful but nic isnt my life anymore. Sometimes ill go days without even thinking about it. Ill remember and have to come back and check how many days i have.

    • Craig-
      Good to here you are still healing. As for me, I’m on day 330 of my quit and still have symptoms. The headaches are the most common. Are you experiencing headaches this far into your quit? I’m glad the “cloudy brain” feeling is gone for you. I still have it. Keep up the fight!
      Jake U.

  2. Day 462. Went to the dentist for a teethe cleaning for the second time after quitting. Felt really good in knowing i am not an active dipper. That right there is a reason to quit.I quit with all of you. Good luck

  3. I’m at about 26 hours off the nic bitch. Feel better already. Chewed off and on for 28 years. I was kinda forced to quit…it was making my stomach very acidic to the point where it hurt, I wasn’t digesting food very well and I was tired. I always though it was due to stress, but then I started tapering off of chew, going most the day without one, and I noticed whenever I had one is when my stomach hurt with the acidic feel to it and I would feel run down and tired. But since my last chew yesterday it feels way better and my energy is returning. My gums are itchy as crap, hopefully that gets better too.

    • Brett, remember this post of yours and be sure to reference it because I too hada very similar experience just 34 days ago. It is amazing how the nic bitch will make us forget these pains, and make us start thinking that dipping will make us feel better. They call this “the suck” and they are right. This site helps me continue my quit, and I suggest you use this very powerful tool!

  4. Ugh… How/when do you get passed the constant reminders that everything you loved was because you had dip?

    • Time. I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but those triggers will cease to bother you… in time.

      Fake dip was a big help to me. Allowed me to continue the “act” of dipping (and deal with this triggers) but not continue to take in the nicotine / tobacco.

    • I’m on day 99. I just went fly fishing for the first time without it. It was tough because dip was always an important part of the experience. As a matter of fact it may have been the experience. This time I went and it seemed not as hyped without it. What’s real though is owning it instead of it owning you. I just have to accept that my life is different without dip. The positives outweigh the constant addiction. Hiding the shit from my wife. Hiding places for the tins. I think I would have caved earlier in my quit but waited till I had passed many tests before facing the challenge of fishing without it. As far as the love-it’s dependence not love. I was a slave every day. Your mind will get right with each passing day

    • I am exactly where you are, you can only try to quit so many times before it gets difficult to believe in yourself. It’s as if you don’t even have control of your body walking back to a gas station to get a tin. It’s very frustrating that you can start something out of curiosity and end up living with an itch for life. No one to blame but myself, just frustrating. If you’re still young, please just don’t start. It’s not cool, it’s not a stress relief, it’s an extremely addictive and unproductive vice.

    • That happened for me around day 55 son!



  6. Zeta Boards
    Sorry, I caved.

  7. Njohns23 – 303 Days Quit!!

  8. Jake Frawley, 1

  9. Day 6 of going cold turkey and I am doing well. I should have done this many years ago! You really can do it!

  10. Y2Baier – 421 – MAGA

  11. Day 22 and keeping on keeping on.

  12. BigKahuna-691
    April 2015!

  13. sjfdmicp Day 2656 ,

  14. Idaho Spuds 827

  15. Bronc – 985

  16. CrazyVolts 830-ish quit of nic and 580-ish quit of caffeine with or without a forum I quit with you bastards!

  17. JB65 – 464 Looks like Big Tobacco finally hacked the boards!

  18. chewbacca5 – 835 – 11/23/16

  19. Been dipping copenhagen long cut almost 1 can a day for 10 years. Quit October 25th. Went through a lot of emotions. I can’t describe it, but I still have an “itchy” almost slight burning feeling in the throat from time to time. Is this normal and how long does it last? Still have lots of anxiety from time to time. Went shopping with the wife the other day and had a near panic attack in the supermarket. I am still swirling my tongue on my lips and spitting saliva from time to time. It’s true that I do sleep better now and I feel better rested in the morning even though I get less sleep. How long does this itchy feeling last? Any advice? Thanks.

    • Scott I haven’t had the itchy feeling yet in my throat but I was wondering if you have had pain in your gums on the other side where you used to put your chew. I quit about 2 days ago and this pain started right then and it’s unbearable. Good luck with quitting man we both don’t need this shit

    • I’m at 24 hours since I quit…this time anyways. Making another attempt. Anyways, my gums, especially the one side I usually put chew, feels itchy. From the last time I quite, which lasted 7 months, the itchiness eventually went away. I never felt any pain or burning so I don’t know what that’s about. In my research one of the things I learned is that nicotine restricts blood vessels. As nicotine leaves our bodies the blood vessels relax and open up again. It’s possible the itchiness is caused by the blood vessels opening up and blood returning to the area again.

  20. Guess the forums are still down

    SVD 528

  21. I quit 296 days ago with the help of this site and the forum. I have struggled with anxiety for 13 years. I can honestly say that I feel the best I have ever felt. Nicotine helped mask the reasons for my anxiety and my emotional immaturity. If you haven’t joined the site I urge you to do it as soon as the forum is back up and running. If you are on the site hit me up and I’ll try my hardest to make sure you have all the tools to kick this shit for good.

    • I’m 42yrs old and I’ve been dipping since I was about 9, I want to quit but don’t know how. I can’t remember the last time I went more that 20mins with an empty gum

  22. Day 21 thanks to the KTC community! In it to win it, one day at a time, with the February crew!

  23. CrazyVolts 829 quit of Nic and 589 of caffeine.

  24. Hey Gang, this site is pretty sweet, thanks for organizing Chewie. I’m on day 3 of the quit and it’s brutal. Chewed Grizz and Kodiak for 18 years and now I have a baby girl on the way. Need to stay quit for her and for my health. Anybody else feel their anxiety level LOWER once they quit? The other withdrawal effects are awful, but having that anxiety slowly drift away is AWESOME.

  25. Hey guys, day 46 for me. Chewed about a can a day for around 10 years. Been having weird experiences with my teeth. I have always had strong teeth and have had zero cavities, but since I have quit i have noticed my teeth don’t seem to be as strong, and a couple of teeth have actually chipped, just randomly. Wanted to know if anyone else has experience the same or has any advise.

    Thanks everyone for the support. Stay strong and continue the fight.


  26. BillW21 Day 106 of Freedom – November Swarm 2016

  27. Biggun Day 93 I quit with the November Swarm

  28. I’m posting day 204 here. I haven’t been able to get in the forums all day.

  29. Hey I cannot log into the forum at the moment. I think the site is down. Day 984 for me.

  30. I am currently on day three of quitting cold turkey. I tried everything else, so i decided to quit with no aid. It is rough, i cant sleep, by senses are acute to everything. Im irretable, and all my addiction is saying is to pack a dip. Im hanging in there, this site is encouraging me. Thanks to everyone posting.

    • Fight this fight! We’re there for you and the fight gets easier. I never thought I could do it after dipping 28 years, but here I am, about to hit 1000 days. One day at a time…just keep posting, get involved and support others. You can’t talk quit and think dip simultaneously. So talk a lot of quit!

    • Justin,
      I tried to quit a month ago and lasted about 5 days. Tonight my jaw and gums are killing me and I decided it time to actually kick the can. I’ve got the same problems you do that I can’t sleep and I’m irretable. Good luck man I’m in the same boat with you know

    • Brother, you are feeling the worst of the worst right now! Hang tough, reach out, you have chosen to take control of your life and the path is not an easy one. Sometimes we have to pass through hell to reach heaven! It’s a lot easier to chose this path then do battle with the unknown later in life, hold on tight, strap yourself in and try to occupy your time with other things. I let the bitch control me for over 20 years, I am now 890 days quit and I am loving life. Rverbou New York.

    • Thats how i did it. No patches, gum, fake chew nothing. Just keep a few things in mind. In 72 hours the nicotine is completely out of your system so its all mental from there. Most nicotine fits only last 3 minutes or so. If you have support use it. I had none so i used this site to vent. You spent years or even decades creating the neural links in your brain that associate nicotine to pleasure, thats what those nicotine fits are. Everytime you fight one off you are destroying one of those links. Your brain repairing itself will create those pathways naturally without nic. the more you fight them off the easier it gets. 404 days today and i promiss you it does get better. I used nicotine for 27 years and i havnt felt this good since i was a kid. i didnt realize how much control nicotine had over my life until i quit.

    • Good work Justin. You don’t need aids to quit. Just like anything else in life that you accomplish, you only have to want it. I’m a newbie quitter myself at day 25. Everyday is easier than the previous and I feel very fortunate for where I’m at and the help/support this site has provided me.

  31. If you boys are looking for a way to treat your gums I strongly recommend oil pulling. Clove oil is the best oil there is for your gums but it is extremely potent and burns. Take a big glob of coconut oil and drizzle some clove on it and swish for 20 minutes every night. They say it’s not possible to treat receding gums but I’ve been doing this for a week and my gums have never looked better. Keep on quitting on gentlemen

    • what brand of oils do you use, Joe.

      I’m on day 5 of my 100th attempt to quit…haha. This it is. I did pouches, not that that’s any better or worse, but I know it’s starting to catch up with me. Otherwise, this attempt is going well, but the gas station is so close to my work, so it makes it hard every day hard since it’s just so easy to walk right over there and fail. I’m going to do it this time!!!

      • Day 5 is awesome! We don’t try, we quit. You just stopped before…now you quit. You quit just for today. We’ll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. One day at a time, we quit. Make your promise today and keep your promise today.

    • I use the natures way extra virgin organic for the coconut oil. They have them at Walgreens, Walmart, cvs…clove oil was tricky to find so I ordered it from amazon. I would imagine just about any kind would do the trick if it’s just the pure clove oil. Worth it 100% in my book

    • Thanks Joe! Saw the dentist today and she said things are looking just fine but also that it would be a good idea to do oil pulling as that idea in of itself is a goal to create better oral health. She said goals are good to have to keep you/me on track for quitting success.

      No turning back! I thought better of it when I thought about pulling into the gas station today. just a slight urge, but I overcame it. thanks for the vote of confidence, fellas!

  32. Crazy to think it has been 89 days that I kicked nic to the curb…very proud of myself and my quit group. To all you starting out I know it’s hard, objectify Nic it is not your friend and does not make you feel better. It does not make drinking, boating, hunting, golfing, watching sports better. It is killing you.

  33. 400 days tonight and fuck. Ive had this infection in my gum for prob 9+months maybe even since i quit. Its has white gunk coming out of it. Went to dentist once like 6 months ago, he recomended i see this other dentists who he said specializes in gum infections so he said. He also recomended i get my wisdom teeth pulled. Make a long story short had my wisdoms teeth done first, my ride totalled my car and i was a mess for awhile from the dope the put me on and i forgot all about it and lost my recomendation slip. A few weeks ago i decided to brush that spot on my gum more aggressively and start soaking in mouthwash to see if i could kill this infection. I always assumed maybe it was a piece of chew that worked its way deep inbetween my gums and tooth? Well its opened wide up now, i can touch my tooth through this gaping hole? Looking online from what it looks like its not an infection it looks like cancer? Going to make an appt tomarrow to see if we can diagnose it. Kinda pissed, If the dentist had been straight with me before i would have had it looked at a long time ago before my car was totalled. Having trouble going to sleep now thinking about it. I have to admit though if it is cancer i am still happy i quit. Ive had some rough spots over the last 400 days but overall i havnt felt this good since i was a kid. My depression has gone away, my seizures have stopped, blood pressure dropped, i enjoy life now. Sucks it could mean the end of it if it does turn out to be cancer. maybe its just my new way of thinking but i am greatful i got atleast a year or two of good living in before. I am still happy i quit and even if it turns out i am going to die i would not start again because my life without nicotine has been so much better.

    • Coconut oil and clove oil. I’m a believer it will cure that infection. Stay positive

    • Brother, go get this checked Today! Congrats on the 400

    • Tom….any word brother? 400 is awesome I know Dano I and all the rest of this brotherhood is pulling for positive news

      • Thanks for the support guys. Made an appt the next morning but the soonest they can see me is dec 1st? I hope its just an infection? Its going to be a long wait. Coconut and clove oil? Will try thanks for the info Joe.

        • Tom, Just read your post. I’ve been dipping for 28 years and am quit for 5 days now. I wanted to know if you got to see the doc today. I’m praying for you.

  34. Today is ONE YEAR being Nicotine free! It has been hard; the process has brought me to my knees! I shook; I vomited; I had anxiety, I had breathing difficulty; I was sad, I was apprehensive; I was detached; I cried; I screamed; I crawled into a Corner; I couldn’t see right, I could THINK my way out of anything; I was confused; I was numb; I have experienced withdrawal symptoms for which there is no NAME! However, the most IMPORTANT lesson to read here: I WON! I ENDURED! I’m still ALIVE! I’m healthy! Stay and FIGHT! YOU CAN WIN! QUIT TODAY! BE A REAL MAN!

    • Congrats man! Awesome job!!!!

    • You’re a rock star, man. I experienced the same things around this time last year – the crippling anxiety, the panic, the depression, the sobbing, the dizziness, the confusion. I was afraid for my life and my sanity. And now? I’m a nornal human being again. It took a real test of self to get through the first 4-5 hellish months, but I’m here to say thst the struggle was worth it. Today is 396 for me. I will not use today.

    • You’re a rock star, man. I experienced the same things around this time last year – the crippling anxiety, the panic, the depression, the sobbing, the dizziness, the confusion. I was afraid for my life and my sanity. And now? I’m a normal human being again. It took a real test of self to get through the first 4-5 hellish months, but I’m here to say that the struggle was worth it. Today is 395 for me. I will not use today.

    • Congrats Mark G!!! That is a huge milestone….and you’re descriptions of withdrawal symptoms are spot on!!! I also experienced ALL of those….and unfortunately still do from time to time and I’m at Day #404….but continue to plug away and get better each day!

      Congrats man!!!

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