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When you’ve made the decision to quit dipping you need support. You’ll get it right here at KillTheCan! This site is dedicated to helping people QUIT dip, smokeless & chewing tobacco! It will be a long & difficult road, but we are confident that you too can be successful and quit dip!

All articles on are written by members of our forums. These are people who understand what it means to quit. They write these articles from the perspective of a quitter. Don’t believe the “experts” that you find out there on the web – believe someone that has successfully QUIT DIP.

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  1. william krueger

    help i have been dip free for 4 months. i have been struggling and i failed today i need the support to help me get back on the horse. stress and my overall daily life is getting to me any support would be appreciated

    • Nobody can ever learn anything without failure brother. Take what u have learned in the last 4 months and make it 4 yrs the next time. It’s been 164 days for me today, and I still have cravings that are awful. Best of luck my brother. Hope this ride on the wagon fares u better

    • You need to want to live more than you want to dip. Ive been quit for over 7 months and the urges are strong but we are stronger. You got this my friend keep posting and your life is the most important thing

    • William…. GET BACK ON THE HORSE!!! I am SO envious of you having quit for 4 months!!! You are a STRONG MAN! I have NOT picked a quit day yet… So look how far ahead YOU are!!:) I can’t even take the first step!:( I HOPE AND PRAY I can become strong like you and JUST DO IT!! You may fall off the horse time and again…. It’s OKAY!! As long as….. You GET BACK ON THE HORSE!:) your well on your way, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Look how FAR YOU HAVE COME!! Please, please don’t give up now!!! Good luck to you!!

  2. 100 days of being a quitter today it’s also my sons 3 rd birthday today pretty fricken sweet!!! To know that I now have a better chance of being around for more of his birthdays

  3. Day 2, Fuck man. Every thing is blurred. Anger, dizzyness, thirst. Every punishment of hell coming in me.
    but I knw am recovering, My body recovering.

    Day 2 Live strong. HMMMMMMMMM

    • Yesterday I almost broke my vow, almost man, but just 10 sec prior 2 eat i threw it & Thought just a piece of this shit can’t control me & my body.

      Eeeehhhhmmmmmmm no sign of life,, burning of body, heat stokes, anger, confusion, dimness in vision, all the awful shits in my body.
      but I’ve to resist,

      This is Day 3,
      \/ Live Strong \/
      Body is rollin,
      I know my body is recovering.

      • As the Day 4 passed by; body issues are also passed by.

        No sign of burning, anger,
        Lil dimness/dizziness but it just the recoverable effects

        After a decade use of Dipping & chewing, Finally i think i can overcome this shit.
        But for this I’ve to stay strong, focus.

        This is Day 5
        \/ Live Strong \/

  4. i have been dipping for 4 years i am 7 days with out it it is killing me but i am doing it for my girl she hats it i need some soport i am only 16years old and am arond it all the time

  5. Wow. Day 3 with 3 day lead. Wow.

  6. Bronc – Day 30 – Quitting strong with the Poon Platoon

  7. boards still down so posting roll, day 8 still nic free, i quit again today

  8. 100 days today! I used the fake stuff for about the first month… Gum once in a while now takes care of the “need it” now fix. This site helped a bunch on a few of those first tough days. Thanks!

  9. Been quit for 5 weeks. Week 3 was the worst for me. When I get a Copenhagen craving I just google oral cancer pics and look at them. That helps and the craving go away. I chew PUR gum and use Bacc Off. I’m down to about 5 dips of Bacc off a day. I was 2 cans a day. So if I can do it so can you. 20 years of Copenhagen.

  10. help me stop

  11. Read this if trying to quit:

    Like I have said before there is no magic relief when quitting. It sucks for everybody you are no different.

    Here is how you quit:
    -Make a date to quit and stick to that date. Do not change it and do not make a bullshit reason to put it off.
    -Most of all it is going to take will power. Be strong and fight.
    -Stay positive, do not make quitting harder than it really is.

    Things that you can stick in your mouth that may help: fake chew, beef jerkey, cotton balls, halls menthol cough drops in the BLACK bag, toothpicks.

    I am almost at 100 days of quitting dip. I dipped about 2 cans a day for 15 years.

    I have dealt with enormous pressure and stress during that time from home and work but I still won the quit battle.

    I feel good now and I will never let that nasty shit control my life again.

  12. Been quit for 295 days been working out in the yard all weekend and want to load my lip up bad

  13. Brian
    I am having the same issues. I quit on January !st of this year, so it is 37 days today. Before quitting I was to bed @11 or so and up at 6 or so. Now i am in bed by 10 and up at 4:30 or 5.

  14. 3 wks nicotene free. I have come to a conclusion Fake dip works. Chewing gum is almost as good. Physical withdrawl is long gone. My prooblem is the mental side. I drive a truck 300 to 400 miles a day on some of the most boring piece oc interstate. I get alot of time to fidget around Thats where fak dip comes in handy

  15. Day 99 and I’m very dependent on Smokey Mountain and sunflower seeds now. Any suggestions for the next step?

  16. I chewed the fake stuff daily (can + per day) for a good 220 days into my quit. Then one day… I just didn’t need it any more. My suggestion would be to use it till you don’t need it any more. The overwhelming majority of people will eventually just put it down and not look back.

  17. What do you mean dependent? Needing an oral fix? Try keeping a water bottle with you and taking a swig instead of a seed.

  18. Keep eating seeds and quit with the smokey mountain. Or continue with both

  19. 5 wks almost gave in I found a can in my drawer. I dont know how long it had been there it was all dried up . I thought heck its only one. WRONG! It would have been an excuse to lie to myself as to why I started again So I threw the weed into the toilet

  20. What types of fake dip did you find help full?

  21. John – There are some outstanding fake dips out there. Is there a particular brand or flavor you’re trying to replicate? I’m happy to point you in the right direction.

  22. I’m trying to replicate Kodiak wintergreen the only dip I have used for the last 20 years.

  23. This is probably normal because your heart rate isn’t super charged anymore

  24. I have been chewing the smoky mountain stuff and it is pretty good. I only tried Kodiak and can’t remember what it was like. I am finding that it really isn’t the taste (for me), as much as having something in my lip.

  25. After 27 years of only using Kodiak, I have been trying to find a good alternative, and after 3 weeks of being tobacco and nicotine free, smokey mountain seems to the best fake dip I have found! 3 weeks down the rest of my life to go.

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