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  1. Never posted before, but wanted to thank all those who do. On day 106 of the quit, and checking into the site and reading comments daily got me through the tough days. To all those who are new to the quit, or are thinking about quitting. It gets better, way better. Let people around you know you will be a bear for the first month, battle it out, and people will understand and appreciate your quit later on. There is no “perfect time” to quit. Not when school is done, not when a sports season is done, not when an important date at work is past, the perfect time needs to be now. You’ll perform at life just fine without the shit. You did before you started, and you will without it.

  2. Day 23…..Today I’m kind of in limbo… I quit back in Feb and made it for 42 days before I caved on a Saturday and went thru a whole can of Grizzly. I woke up the next morning with a tobacco hangover and was soooo pissed at myself. I have been clean for 23 days since that cave. So if I had not re-lapsed that one day I would be in the 60’s of my quit. Take my advice… you don’t want to make the same mistake I did and have to start over…it sucks!!!!

    • That was one of my biggest fears and kept me from screwing up for the past 6 months. If i had caved in and bought a can, it would make me feel high for alittle while, relaxed all night… but the next day waking up after the effect has worn off how low i would feel starting over from day one again. I tried for so long to quit, usually making it 3-5 days and i dont think i ever really believed i would make it, more of just seeing if i could break my record. This time idk how i made it but i have to be finished with it. If i go back to using i think i would just be done trying anymore.

      • Tom….I read an interesting statement yesterday. It said there are only 2 reasons why anyone would want to go back to dipping….#1 They want to go back to using as much tobacco (or more) as they were before and slowly eat their face off. #2 They enjoy starting the quit over again and like going thru the hell of the first weeks….I think that pretty much sums it up

  3. Day 264 of my life back. So happy that I made the effort to quit and stay quit. Got my open water diving certification last weekend. Can’t spit when you are underwater. Get quit and stay quit is my advice to one and all.

    • Day 250 and its getting a little better everyday. Relied on fake dip alot and recently even that is losing its appeal. I dipped for over 25 years and could not quit until i was really dedicated on Aug 28th 2015. Bought a log of jakes and smokey mountain and said i will not use nicotine and made that promise everyday. Before i knew it i had some time since my last use and i was vested. Even if i had an urge i was not giving up my days quit. Now i have 115 days to my one year anniversary and i will get there one day at a time. Stay quit and do not dip today!!

  4. Day #262:

    – Had my first great 7 day stretch last week
    – Anxiety and Depression have been my worst symptom
    – Dizziness faded after day 100
    – Dipped over a can a day for 10 years
    – Had an Brain MRI, ENT visit, Heart Echo, and multiple other doc checkups… everything has come back normal

    Quitting really messes with you and your brain chemistry. The lack of dopamine after quitting puts you in a really weird state. Hang in there… Each day gets better.

    Remember that one can of dip is equivalent to 80 cigarettes (4 packs of cigs). Dipping is way harder to quit!

    • I’m on day 168! The anxiety is still there, along with some bouts of depression. I do hope it ends soon! Looking forwards to the 200’s.

  5. Day #201….actually was busy yesterday and forgot that it was #200 for me….which was almost refreshing… what a crazy fuckin ride this has been. But the difference between #100 and #200 is amazing….can’t wait to see what #300 feels like.

    Still have little doses of fog here and there….my emotions seem to be stabilizing and are more controllable….life is just really starting to get better….period.
    The “detached” feeling that caused most of my anxiety seems to have subsided….I now feel like this is normal….which is a big relief…..I really struggled with that.

    Damn #202 looks to be a good one!! It will be regardless….cause I’m NIC-Free!!

  6. Day 22……I’m doing OK today. Kind of a rough weekend. I really miss the chew when I’m cutting grass and doing yard work. Went thru a lot of seeds. But I may as well get use to it because I’m not going back to chew. On the other hand, my gums feel a lot better, no sore spots in my mouth. This is the longest period I have gone without dip in the last 35 years. I am pretty proud of my self

  7. 200 days without nicotine. Seems like the last 100 went pretty fast. Sorry havnt been on alot, trying to just forget about chew.

  8. @joe hang in there bud. I quit for you you quit for me and stay strong!!

  9. Day 20….question. Has anyone had problems with headaches ? I have never had a problem with headaches but I have had a terrible one for the last week. I’m sure it has something to do with my brain trying to re-program itself after 35 years of NIC abuse. Just wondering how long this will last

    • Yes, it part of the recovery process! I have had headaches that only lasted for a few minutes and ones that have brought me to my knees! Just hang in there, Chaseman! They will pass!

  10. I’m wanting to quit but unsure of which fake chew is better for the big day of my first step any suggestions? I chew longhorn wintergreen long cut now

  11. Hey guys, just joined today and trying to get in the right day. I quit three days ago, and it’s getting hard.

    • This has been one of the hardest things ive done. I just had the conversation with my wife who doeant understand and thinks you just quit. I am on day 7 and on my way to golf and the mental preparation has eaten me up at night because my other friends still dip. I have had some of the worst headaches that ive ever had and had an average of 3 hours of sleep each night. Its really hard. Ive quit so many times but in my head never really was going to. This time has been different and its hell. Keep strong it will be worth it. Thats what i keep telling myself. Do whatever you have to. Its time.

  12. Thank you guys. I may not post here much but I check in and read a lot, it’s very encouraging to read the success stories, it still helps me.

    For all of you quitting: The freedom you will feel is amazing, not having to be sure you have chew before you go anywhere or do anything is an awesome feeling!!

  13. Yooo,just joined today. I need help finding my quit group.


  14. Day 40. Getting better each day. After quitting 100 times in the last 10 years I never thought that I would get this far. I am getting to a point where I don’t even think about it anymore. Stay strong!

  15. So proud of you. Don’t you love looking at that wall of crap that used to own you!?

  16. Day 365 for me today, a whole year!! Thanks for all the support from this site. 35 years @ 1.5 cans a day , now when I stop at the gas station I used to buy my chew at, I look at that wall of chew behind the counter and say to myself, “F-you, I win!”

    Stick with your quits brothers, it is SO worth it.

    • Bill M….Congrats on a monster accomplishment!!!!

      I’m at Day #198 and still look to this site for reassurance…..and you just got me through today…..thanks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m currently on day 12. I hope to get to that 365 day mark! It is an amazing accomplishment for you Bill, congratulations!

    • Bill M….congrads…the 100 day mark is a big accomplishment but to make it for one full year with no tobacco is my ultimate goal. You have worked hard and you should be proud of your acomplishment

  17. Day 598: Popped on to say “Hi”, and thanks again. A can a day for 23 years, but I finally quit 9-9-14. A lot of you going through the darkness of the quit are stronger and smarter than I am. Know that the fog and cravings will go away, even though it’s hard to imagine. Don’t be chew’s bitch anymore. You can do this!

  18. Grizzlymint,

    I sent you another e-mail this morning. In case you do not receive it….try sending me an e-mail from your end.

  19. Made the 1 week mark. The first 4 days were the hardest. I found myself sweating at night. All I could think about was putting one in. I’m glad I found the smokey mountain snuff. Its not the best but it will do. I still crave it, but not nearly as bad as the first few days.

    • I also hadon’t those people who told me I wouldn’t make it passed 3 days. I love making people eat their own words!

    • Stay away from the substitutes. Just reiterates it. Cold turkey is hard but worth it in the long run. 506 days free.

    • JT…hang in there man. I know where you are…during my first week, I could not sleep and I would sweat all night long. I can tell you the second week is better and the 3rd week is a lot better. That first week is a bitch. Grit your teeth and stay strong. You are thru the Worst part

      • Nicholas Karaisz

        I am on day 3, woke up with sweats, feel real foggy, sleeping poorly, chewing a lot of regular mint gum, and trying to work out and sweat as much as possible. The waves of irritation seem to subside in about 5-10 minutes, its best if I can focus on something else or eat a piece of gum.

  20. hang in there guys im 58 and i dipped copenhagen for 40 plus years to qoute a movie dying is easy its living thats hard i choose living without the fear of oral cancer or worse

  21. Day 107 was out of country for about a month didnt realize that i had hit my 100 mark saved 822 dollars to date yay me and big thx to yall

  22. Day 56 – Oh man! I can’t describe this FOG! Is it normal to still feel it with such intensity? Can’t wait to make my way out of these murky waters. Also, sleeping is still pretty tough, melatonin had the opposite effect on me.

    Keep on pressing gents

    • Hang in there! I just blew past day 912 of my quit. Dipped for 20 years and evolved into a two can per day dipper in my last 4-5 years. It’s tough and the cravings will always show their demon heads, but you chose to quit for you and your strength will guide you through those. You have made it through the toughest parts… will get easier day by day.

    • @rory:, feeling it as well day 49… Had some good stints but can’t shake the anxiety…. Gotta believe better days ahead! I fooled myself thinking this would be easy… Stay strong and quit 4-life!

  23. Long time no talk all. I’d say it was probably back in February that I made my last post. At that time I was ready to quit. I thought. Apparently not though. I lasted 4 days then bought a tin and haven’t stopped buying tins since.

    I had my last dip Saturday around 4:00 pm after a few brews at baseball practice. I have chewed since I was 19, and I’m 27 today. It’s truly a struggle. I spend a lot of time in my car driving and not having a grizz green in today was a real bitch. My co-worker chews. He came over to my desk today and I asked him if he was chewing. He said yes and I said I quit. He said “until when, noon??”

    I too thought I would cave around noon today. I didn’t. I actually have a tin with 1 last pinch in it on top of my fridge behind a cereal box so my wife can’t see it. I’d love to chew it, but I’m kind of testing myself.

    I’ve read a lot of posts from other members here. If there’s one consensus, it’s that it’s hard but not impossible to get over the hump. I’m going to rely on exercise, diet, fake chew, gum, and Nicorette pills if I’m about to cave and buy a Tin. That’s last resort, but I’d rather do that then just say “F it” and buy a new Tin.

    I tried to unsubscribe from all the emails i get from this site. I tried multiple times but they keep coming in. I started reading them again recently and your words of encouragement to one another got me thinking again.

    I’m taking this one day at a time. Tomorrow marks day 3. Keep me in your prayers, you’re all in mine.

    • Kyle, we have all been where you are right now. I am 50 years old, dipped for 35 years. I tried quitting more times than I can count but it wasn’t until my 50 birthday that I realized its now or never. I am now on day 16 and I will not cave this time. I just wish I would of had the guts to quit at your age. You are getting ready to go thru hell for the next few weeks but I PROMISE YOU that it is worth it once you get over that hump. If you think about it….everyone that dips is always wanting to quit. But that NIC has a strong grip on them. You have to brake that grip and the only way to do it is stop the NIC…..clean it out of your system and eventually the cravings will go away. Just take it day by day

    • Kyle, congrats on another attempt to quit. Like Chaseman I am in my 50’s and dipped for over 35 years. I am now day 77 into my quit and the reason I have gotten this far is simple. I am not doing this alone. I have the KTC group behind me. The system is easy and it works. You need to sign up and join a quit group. You would be in the August 16 group. Your group is where you post roll everyday and promise to not use nic for that day. You do this everyday! WUPP (wake up, piss, post). You will have People available to you to help you, if needed. Chat and other tools really help too. Point is, you don’t have to do this alone when you have a great resource and group of folks ready to help you succeed. You just have to take the step. Jump onboard, I promise your chances of a successful quit will be a lot higher with KTC.

    • Ditch the nicorette crap and flush your hidden can of dip. You ain’t fooling anyone but yourself. Man up and quit. Suffer through it like the rest of us, join the forums, post roll daily, and stay quit from ALL nicotine no matter what.

      Until you can commit to those things, you are destined to fail. Please consider this a wake up call and not a personal attack.

  24. Wow, thanks for the posts guys. I’ve been dipping for what I can’t believe is almost the last 10 years. I thought I dipped a lot (1.5 – 2 cans/week) and have tried to stop a few times before. I always get to the 2 month or so mark and find a reason to stop in and get another tin, and then it all starts again. Seeing that there are some guys that dipped way more and have had success is really motivation. I’ll keep checking out the posts for success stories, but here goes day 1.

    • Tim, congrats on day 1 of your quit. Did you sign up for the August 16 Quit
      Group yet? If not that is a crucial step in staying quit. You will post daily to your group that you promise not to use nicotine of any kind for that day. Your group will be your new brothers and sisters and you will help each other as needed. Trust me this works. I am day 76 and my group has a big part of me getting this far. Proud to be quit with you today. WUPP (wake up, piss, post).

    • I chew that in a day, that’s not bad at all.

  25. Grizzlymint,

    Did you ever receive my e-mail? I sent it out twice. Let me know Thx

  26. 90 + days here. Thanks again to everyone who runs this site to those who post. Reading others experiences REALLY has helped me a lot. To the newbies, never quit quitting. This is my 7th attempt in 5 years but this is by far the most successful due to my support staff. I am starting to let go of the replacements like sunflower seeds and gum without noticing. Stay hydrated and stay busy. Thanks everyone.

  27. Day 73 here…it was so easy from days 20-70, but all of a sudden its gotten hard again. Anyone else have this?

    • Yes. There is info online about it. I didnt want to mention it because i didnt want to discourage people but from what ive read usually around the 90 day mark people sometimes have trouble. The newness of quitting wears off, the health benifits you felt at first like extra energy or motivation or general outlook of life just become normal, the healing slows down and is less noticeable. It goes away just stick with it, the hardest part is over and you got is now. keep in mind you dont want to start over from day one and nicotine wont make you feel any better now anyway.

    • its been years since I’ve been on my quit date was 10-4-07 and you can overcome this battle. keep it up.

      G. Lee

  28. Snuffless in Seattle

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that posts here, it has helped me tremendously. Chewed Cope snuff all day everyday for 20+years from age 15 to 36. It truly was part of who I was or thought I was. This is my first post here, I’m now on Day 46 cold turkey. Best I can figure in last 20 years I blew close to $20k on cope snuff, and another $3k in dental work to mitigate the effects of chew. The smokey mountain has helped a lot feel so much better and my cardiovascular capacity has greatly improved. Even when chewing a can a day I completed marathons and other events and my fastest pace was 8:35/mi. I’m now consistently hovering around 7:30/mi with no other changes to training other than removing the poison from my routine.

  29. Day 12……still having strong cravings but starting to get into new schedule of doing things without a dip in my mouth. Gums are really starting to feel better. Hope everyone has a great NIC free weekend.

  30. Quit now while your young. It’s a filthy bad habit that brings along a lot of hard times. Do it for your health and your future. It’s not easy quitting. But well with it once you get over the hump. The cravings never ever really go away. You just gave to stay strong and resist backsliding. I wish I could kick my 18 year old ass when I started. I’m 44 now and still regretting the day I started and all the failed attempts of quitting. I’m now on day 41 this go around. I made up my mode that this is the time. I don’t want to die young and leave my family alone to struggle. It’s not worth the short term satisfaction of of a dip for the long term heartache!

  31. I’m tired of bullshiting. I’m 18 and I’ve dipped since I was 12. The older Ive gotten, the more I’ve realized all you are doing is paying to have your face removed. It’s not cool anymore. I know the whole group therapy thing seems pretty stupid, but I am fed up with being inslaved to tobacco.

    • If you’re realizing that at 18, you’re way ahead of the curve. Just keep reminding yourself that it’s a habit with no upside & stick with it.

    • JT if Inly I had realized that at age 18! I’m 38 now on day 73 wondering why in the heck I did this to myself. You’re taking the right approach. You have to be angry and PISSED off at it!!! Nake the decision to not let it run your life anymore! Get in a quit group NOW! I wouldn’t have made it without the support from my quit group!

    • JT… I’ve never heard or seen anyone make the comment like I see that you made about dippng and it’s a real eye-opener.
      You said, “all you’re doing is paying to have your face removed.”
      You are so young and I commend you for making this commitment to yourself and your life. I just stumbled on this page, but I had a friend suffer and die years ago from smokeless tobacco. He was a hard-working young farmer that wound up losing nearly all of his lower face, turned to hard drugs for the pain and then later became a drug counselor before he passed away.
      Best of luck and stay strong!

  32. Hey all, currently on day 3 of my quit. I’ve chewed cope long cut for about 15 years. I just wanted to let you all know that I have been reading your comments the last couple of days and your inspiration has kept me from buying a can. I am definitely in the “fog” right now and I sure hope it gets easier.

  33. Day 51 – Wow….The FOG!!!! My brain feels it is in low power mode, finding it very difficult to focus on anything.

    • I quit 6 days now and its not getting better. I have a coach who is a friend helping when i have a craving. Its been rough and its tough to turn the corner. I feel a little foggy and irritable, but it really depends on the day. Today when i came home i was pretty foggy. Wish me luck. Kill the Can!

      • Keep going, Evan! You got this!

      • Evan, put things in perspective, people ask me at the gym how they can lose weight & 8 to 12 weeks later they are frustrated they aren’t model material. I simply ask them how long did it take to put the bad weight on? Invariably the answer is usually over the course of years. How long did you dip for? Temper your expectations, you aren’t going to feel normal in a scant 6 days but everyday it does get better. I’m at day 397 and I bought a can of Smokey Mountain last night. Just win the day

  34. Day #190….and of course I received a little reminder that I’m not done with this crazy fuckin journey….a slight fog showed up yesterday and is still present today.
    But it’s more of a tickle/annoyance compared to what I experienced the first 100+ days….

    Closing in on 200 days quit…..which is crazy to think about….never thought I’d get this far….was pure fuckin hell….and then some!

    This site saved me…..and all the fellow quitters that chimed in when I was struggling…..

    So to all the “newbies”…..use this site….it will save your life!!

    And life gets so much better each day!!!!

    • Congrats on Day 190. CRAIGELK66! that is amazing and wonderful to obtain! Well done! Like you, I still get hit with fog and some anxiety. I keep going! I’m on Day 157. I feel a lot better than when I did in my first 100. Oh, my, that was pure hell! THE NEWBIES NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT GETS BETTER AND BRIGHTER! You will find a million excuses to cave in and chew again; however, all you need is just ONE excuse to keep going! You will find it! Blessings to all of you!

  35. Hey all, currently on day 3 of my quit. I’ve chewed cope long cut for about 15 years. I just wanted to let you all know that I have been reading your comments the last couple of days and your inspiration has kept me from buying a can. I am definitely in the “fog” right now and I sure hope it gets easier.

  36. B.ig B.rother J.ack

    8266 Days and this morning I woke up , Posted Roll and plan on doing it again today … Cheers


  37. Extroitive. 500+. Days quit

    Ignore it unless it’s violent it takes a long time. Took me more than 100 days quit to get a grip

  38. I have dipped at least a can a day for the last 25 years. I dipped behind my wife’s back for the last 10 years. I quit dipping 6 weeks ago. My cheek is still sore where I used to put the snuff. I went to the dentist and they did a cancer screening and found nothing. I am scared to death that I have cancer. The area is sensitive to touch with my younger but nothing rally visible. Anyone else ever experienced this kind of sore mouth?

    • Sorry about the typo. My cheek is sore when I rub it with my tongue. I feel anxious and sluggish. Hope I start to feel better soon. Wife us pretty pissed that I have been dipping behind her back. I’ll never dip again! That is a certain. Just hope and pray I didn’t wait too late to quit. Please pray for me. I will be praying for the group. God is Good!

    • Bennie, this is normal. I experienced the same thing. I moved my dip all over so the pain I experienced was all over the place. Was scared to death about cancer. Dentist said all was good.

  39. Day #9….doing pretty well today. Tobacco is still on my mind a lot thru-out the day. For what its worth, I have found that Cry Baby (extra sour) bubble gun helps me get thru the cravings. I don’t know why, but it has help me more than anything else I have tried. Can’t hurt to try

  40. I have used chewing tobacco for 3 years now. I am 19 years old and recently quit. I quit on March 25,2016. It hasn’t been that hard except for a few time. When I get aggravated, I need one. When I am watching sports, driving, out with friends, or just out anywhere, I need one. It is especially hard because most of my friends do it and it is hard to be around them. But I have had the will power to control myself. I will go days without thinking about it. But recently, I have become extremely stressed with school and am craving a dip so badly. What should I do?

  41. This is very helpful. I started to dip in 2013. But I want to quit this shut and be nicotine free. Should I just quit or I can change it to something else to help me forget about dipping. Thanks in advance

    • Quit and quit now! The quicker you get that poison out of your body the better I promise! Grizzlymint day 70. I quit with you!

  42. NaggingGirlfriend

    After 26 days, I told my s/o that I didn’t care what he did anymore because of the stress it was causing me, is, and him and he just started like it was nothing. Like the past 26 days didn’t even mean anything. I get sick to my stomach at the thought of us having a good time during a movie and him only being able to think about when he’s going to get his next dip or whatever. I’m at the point where I don’t see how he doesn’t see that it’s fuc**** DISGUSTING. And he’s putting himself at risk for so many problems. “I don’t feel like a man without it” is something that he said last night. I don’t understand how not having chemicals in your body doesn’t make you feel like a man. But. Okay. He said drinking and smoking are different because they mess with your head and chew doesn’t. Let me tell you- there were nights he was sweaty, shaky, snapping at anything and everything and acting (in his own words) “like a drug addict”. I’m at the point where I’m so bewildered and disgusted that I don’t even know if I want to be in this relationship anymore….

    • That is his addiction speaking loud and clear; and you are VERIFYING all of it, NAGGINGGIRLFRIEND! I do hope things get better between the both of you; as I stated in previous posts, the race is long and the process is slow. I wish we ALL could say that this has been easy; we know it has not! In the end, he has to quit for himself or it will NEVER work.

    • I get your frustration. There is a culture associated with dipping in the military ( that’s where I started) and I’m sure other areas of society like sports, etc… I lost my s/o so don’t have anyone to answer to but my kids. I am creeping up on 60 days dip free and it is hard but not a excuse for being a shithead. If you are offering support and he is refusing it stop offering. If you are not offering support then shame on you! I hope you guys can work things out and be there for each other.

    • Fuck him then. You need to think about what’s best for you as well. You have already put him first and tried lending support. If it is truly affecting YOUR life in a negative way, then you need to make a change. You shouldn’t have to deal with someone who treats you like shit because he can’t man up and change for his self and his family. Do you, fuck the rest.

    • Question, how do I become a member..

  43. My quit day will be this Friday 22nd ! Gearing up for the battle but also scared. I’m 42 and started chewing at 12 and haven’t went a day since without at least 1 dip a day but my 11 year old daughter asked me to please quit so I’ll go down swinging fir that gal. Glad I found this site and looking forward to begin.

    • Keith,

      You and I are identical….I’m just a year older. Don’t get scared….get fuckin pissed at NIC for costing you all that $$$$ over the years…..and controlling your life.

      Get “determined”….not scared….and do it for yourself, nobody else…’s easier that way.

      You made the choice to start… the make the choice to stop.

      I’m at Day #187 and it feels great….see ya when ya get here!!!!!!!

      • 111 day without, 46 years old and chewing singe age 14. Still crave Copenhagen but its getting better. Be prepared, get some fake chew, gum and hard candy.

    • You can do it… I am 44 and started in the 8th grade. Been four days and the craving is gone, but the habit is not. I bet I reached for my dip 1000 times the past 4 days. Be sure to let your significant other and those around you the 1st few days what you are doing. The emotional roller coaster is crazy

    • Good luck Keith, Get ready for a rough couple of weeks, to say the least. But you have to want it for yourself. I have learned the hard way that you can’t do if for someone else, you have to really want it for yourself. You have made the first important step, so keep us informed on your progress next week

  44. Day 7….I think I am on a pretty good road now. Still miss my dip but I’m not thinking about it 24 – 7 anymore. Hopefully I will get to a point to here I will not think about it anytime. Stay strong my friends.

  45. Day 45 – The fog today is the worst I have ever felt, this is extremely difficult. The anxiety is also hitting like a freight train.

    • Hang in there, Rory! The FOG and ANXIETY is a BIG part of the quitting process! I’m on Day 151 and I still deal with both of them from time to time! It just goes to show you how nicotine was in control of EVERYTHING you do and think! Stay strong. It will pass!

    • Hang in there Rory day 233 for me and it gets better slowly and day by day but it gets better. Just tell yourself i will not dip today and the days start adding up before you know it.

    Do you know how to private message on here?

  47. I’m 16 and i’ve went one day without dip

    • Read all of these comments on here and please pay attention. If I could only go back to my 18 year old self and tell me to never put a dip in.

    • your still young ! if you continue using it then it can ruin your teeth like mine ! I rubbed snuff for 50 yrs and now my teeth are ruined ! believe me it gets easier the longer you go without any ! this August it will be 2 yrs for me without any !

  48. Good morning to all! This is day 150 for me to be nicotine free! I am feeling a bit better; as I stated before, the 140’s were catastrophic! That said, I am looking forward to better, cleaner days. My concentration and appetite are much higher as well as my energy levels. I still have some anxiety, but I no longer get cravings. That is a blessing! The fog is slowly lifting! My mouth and breath have gotten a lot better; I think it needs to be said how bad your morning and bedtime breath was when you were chewing! You just never noticed. I also need to stress how much more ‘in control’ I finally feel! I control my anger; I control my reasoning; I control my happiness! Most importantly, I CONTROL MY STRESS! No more excuses for anything! I have acquired some freedom! I’m really thankful today. I’m immensely thankful I found this site! Keep up the fight! The positivity and independence you get is unlimited! Stay strong!

    • Mark….Congrats on #150….that seems to be a huge turning point for the better in this crazy journey.

      And well said….I’m now in my 180s and things continue to get even better….actually sleeping on a somewhat consistent level…..and for me the “detachment” from reality which was causing absolute chaos for me….seems to be gone. It’s crazy how NIC has a strangle-hold on your brain and life…..crazy shit.

      Anyway…..awesome job Mark!

  49. Just wanted to tank this site for helping me quit. THANK YOU!

  50. Day 3 (after re-laps) Good morning Gentlemen. I’m feeling pretty good today and I am so glad I am back on track. I hated starting over on my quit date but that is my own fought. Stay strong everyone

    • Day 10 I go back and forth with feelings of pride in slaying the nicotine beast To over whelming fits of wanting to rip someone’s head off . Total anger with not being able to pack a huge cud . Ten days clean!

    • Chaseman, congrats on day 3 and starting your Quit over. May I suggest as a newbie myself (day 65) that maybe you never were on track before and that’s why you caved. As I recall you were 52 days quit when you caved. That would put you in our Quit Group (May 16). I don’t recall seeing you post or being active. May I strongly suggest that you be in a group and post every morning. It makes a difference. The commitment is not just to you to be nic free that day but to all your brothers and sisters in your group. You will be letting every down if you give in and cave. This process works one day at a time for the rest of your life. I am proud to be quit with you today and congrats again on day 3. Looking forward to your day 4!!!

      • Maddog, thanks for the encouragement. I am not sure how the Quit Group works??? Is it the same as Roll Call?? Please give me some details as how to sign up for your group

        • CHASEMAN
          Do you know how to private message on here? I too struggled with this at first but once you figure out how to post roll and promise to quit every day you’ll be better off!

  51. 181 days. 6 months no nicotine. This is the longest i have gone without nicotine in 26 years. I have been fighting with quitting for years, i would quit for 2-7 days then screw up for awhile and try again. Im not sure how i made it this time. I didnt quit for my health or my family i quit because i was sick of being an addict. I lived my life around chewing tobacco. The the constant ups and downs of nicotine fits. Getting grumpy when your out or cant have one and then the relaxation when you can over and over from the time you wake up until you go to sleep. Its crazy how much it really effects your mind. Its hard to grasp when you are just starting but you will notice a difference once your mind starts to heal. Anyway good luck to all those starting their quits, dont give up. Trust me it is worth it, i just wish i would have quit a long time ago.

    • it’s better late then never Tom ! it’s been almost 2 yrs for me without any, it will be 2 yrs in August 2016 ! you will find out how better you feel once your off of it long enough ! for one thing your good cholesterol will come up once your off of it for awhile, mine did ! the longer you go, the easier it will get ! look at it this way ! you got into a habit of using it so now you have to get into the habit of doing without ! candy helped me get off of it ! I used copenhagen for 50 yrs and quit just like that !

  52. Day 147! Man, this is tough! I read a few times on here that the 140’s were brutal! It seems to be really true; the sensations and anxiety are MUCH like my first 40 days! Is there any relief in sight? On the bright side, I’m looking forward to writing in about my 150’s. Stay strong, guys!

    • Relief is on the way…..I hit 150 and the fog seemed to subside and I started a long stretch of good days…..not great…..but the best so far in this journey.

      So hang in there man…. Good stuff on the way!

  53. Day 40 – Feeling better but still think I am in the thick of it. Does anyone get random tingling feeling on the gums?

    • Rory I am on day 39. I still have sensitivity and numbness where I used to dip. Cancer thoughts are racing through my mind. How is your quitting progressing

  54. I stand before you today with my tail between my legs!!! I regret to inform you that I caved in this weekend and went thru a whole can of Grizzly!!! 52 dam days quit down the drain.. I am sooooooo pissed at my self. But any way, I am back on the wagon …..starting over on day 1 I be damn if I let this happen again.

    • Hate to hear that. What happened to make you decide to cave?

      • I don’t know what happened. I was having a bad day but that was not what pushed me to get a dip. I think I just got to a point that I was bored with quiting. I was tired of thinking about it. But you know whats funny…..while I was dipping that day I kept thinking….what is the big deal with this stuff….I was not enjoying it….I finally realized that it is the nicotine…when you are hooked on it you get nothing out of it but when you stop it puts you thru hell. It is a money making poison from the tobacco companies that is designed t get you addicted. I will not be a victim of his shit ever again!!!!!!! One way or another I AM DONE WITH DIP

    • That sucks chaseman we had same quit date wanted to bring you in May with grizz and I but you haven’t posted forever and couldn’t get ahold of you get in a group buddy it will help best of luck

    • Chaseman, well you now know exactly what to expect, so quit and welcome to the club once again!

    • Chaseman,

      Thats rough man but look at the bright side, you made the mistake and have learned from it, and its not like you went and dipped again for a week straight, you took a wrong turn, realized it, and flipped around.

      Keep pressing dude.

    • it happens sometimes ! sometimes you quit 2 or 3 times before quitting for good ! myself I used Copenhagen for 50 years and it will be 2 years without any in Aug 2016

  55. Day #180….holy shit what a difference time makes!

    That sense of “normal” is starting to set in…..getting control of my emotions….and adjusting to every day life without the fuckin poison Nicotine contaminating my mind and body.

    God damn it feels good to be creeping towards total freedom!!

    Can’t wait for #181….

    And anyone just starting out….it’s a fucking crazy journey….but so worth it….so hang tough….grit your teeth….and fuckin battle!

    • Craig wanted to let you know that your comments helped me more than you will ever know. We quit within a few days of each other and the way you were feeling was how I was feeling. The fog was the worst part for me. I am on day 179 and finally feel my brain is also getting back to normal. The fog still comes and goes, but I have long periods without it. Thanks Craig!

      • Bob…you are very welcome! Posting on here is almost like “therapy” for me….for some reason it eased my pain early in the quit….and I’ve continued to post every so often….almost like a track record for myself to see how I’ve progressed and slowly have started to win the battle.

        I agree….the fog was the worst part….seemed like I was stuck in it for ever….my 140s were brutal…..then I had a great stretch til yesterday…..fog came back but not as intense as before.

        So let’s keep up the battle…’s hard to tell….but we are winning one day at a time!

      • Hey Bob I saw you reached 6 months congratulations. Im on 3 months right now and struggling pretty good. Things have gotten better I admit but I’m still waiting for a couple things to stop aching. Keep fighting

    • I’m on day 147! I hope it gets better. The process has been slow; however, my energy and positive emotions are growing stronger each day.

    • Congratulations, today is my first day on here, I’m ready to quit, I’ve tried in the past but I’ve failed, I need alot of advice and support, I don’t even know how to begin, especially when I’m drinking, and I also have a drinking problem. I wanna turn my life around, I just don’t know where to begin with having both of those vices

    • That’s what I’m waiting for. I’m waiting for her to feel normal but I don’t rely on a big fat dip in my cheek to make me happy. Also tired of being grumpy all the dadgum time!

  56. It has been nearly two days now since I have quit chewing and I have been trying to do things to get rid of the nicotine feeling I have been chewing gum like crazy and it has helped some but I still get those nicotine fits and I am reminding myself not to buy a can when I go to the store and I’m trying not to be edgie when I am at home with my room mate and her kids but if has been difficult to do and I had some shaking today through out the day and I tried to stay busy to try and not think about it I am wondering if my doctor might have any ideas on to help with quiting and to keep moving forward on not touching the stuff I am staying strong willed with it and I am trying to hang with people that don’t want me to do chewing tobacco so hopefully it will help me

    • Chandler – it’s a drug and its leftovers — a strong, addictive chemical designed to imprison you, take your money, power a billion-dollar industry that doesn’t give a shit about you, and kill you — leaving your body. You’re in withdrawal, just like in the movies. That’s all this is. The shaking, frantic feelings, irritability, racing thoughts. It’s withdrawal. Your brain and blood and cells are all panicking. Let them panic. Breathe. Walk. Hang with those friends you mentioned. It will get better; the poison has to be pissed out (drink lots of water) and processed out (walk, run, stretch, move around) of your body. You’re also addicted, so there’s the work of facing yourself and your addiction – but here we all are, kill the can, supporting each other and supporting you. Get in a quit group if you haven’t already. Just talk. It’s good to laugh, bitch, feel supported and known – and support others. I’m on day 1565. It gets better. I promise. It got better a long time ago. It will for you, too.

    • On day 3 w/o dip. Dipper for 30 years. I’m a train wreck. Gum isn’t much help, at least for me. I chose to quit due to gum deterioration. Don’t want dentures….

  57. Hold on brother! It’s hard or everyone would be doing it. You got this !

  58. It’s been 41 days. I really thought the fog would be gone but it’s not. I feel really dizzy,weak and lots of anxious thought.I’m really hoping this gets better soon! It feels like pure hell and it seems like family members just don’t understand. But one thing I got going for me. I’m still quit through all this shit!

  59. Hi my name is Chandler I quit dipping yesterday and it has been hard because I have been getting urges to dip and I keep reminding my self not to and I keep reminding my self not to buy any dip and I have been thinking of different things I can do to control the urges is there any suggestions on not get rid of the urges

    • hey Chandler – I’m on day 3 myself. I get the same urges, you’ve just got to be committed to quitting and knowing that its whats best for you.

      Get gum, seeds, or some replacement for anytime you have an urge. Drink a lot of water and take some vitamins. Exercise helps too.

      Hang in there!

      Also – did you join the July 2016 pre-HOF group? Come over and make sure you post roll every day. You give your word and commitment to the others in the group and it helps! We’re all here to support each other!

    • Keep reminding your self why you quit .Be proud that you have the mental stamina to get clean from the junk. Change you’re life style altogether. To be clean of nicotine requires a total change. Drink lots of water a cranbury juice. You can do it.

    • Get some seeds, fake, candy, gum anything for the oral fixation. Drink a lot of water and exercise as much as you can.

    • I quit yesterday. Don’t buy a can. Stay busy. Stay around people you don’t want to chew around. Stay quit. Let’s make it to 10 days together.
      Sun flower seeds. It is baseball season after all.

    • Yes, CHANDLER: Exercise! It will work wonders! Use all of that ‘angry’ energy to get healthier. Your body will thank you for this later. Keep fighting!

    • Im going to quit april 15th. Im taking smaller and smaller amounts. It just costs way too much. Id rather buy things other than the stuff. I already have seeds and everything to use to help. Wish me luck!

  60. Does anyone feel like they eat alot more since they quit? Feels like I can’t pass by the kitchen without grabbing something to snack on, especially when I am craving.

    • Yes, it is completely normal! I have been eating a lot more! Because you are no longer under the influence of nicotine, your blood sugar levels are more reliant on you to maintain them rather than the nicotine. This explains why you were able to ‘skip’ meals when you wished. Somewhere, on this forum, there is a good explanation of all this. I’m sorry I cannot remember where it is or I would tell you. Stay strong, JOSH!

  61. Today is day 240. After 41 years with the can under my nose, I am happy to say that I don’t miss it like I thought I would. You can quit if you want to quit. Stay quit and live a longer life!

  62. Day 62, feels great. Don’t miss it & seeing others with a fat lip in make me wonder why I did that to myself for so long. Remember, it’s easy to give up & cave in, it takes guts to stick this out. Keep it up.

  63. I chewed at least a tin a day for a better part of 14 years. I quit cold turkey and I am on day 36. This has been extremely difficult- I am also a narcoleptic and nicotine helped keep me awake and less tired throughout the day. Before I quit, I used to say I was tired of being tired. They say everyday for a narcoleptic person is like not sleeping for 36 hours. For the first two or three weeks after I quit I was either pissed off or felt completely dead to the world I was so tired. I have had little support from my wife and laughed at the comment “I too felt the same resentment towards my wife for not giving me a standing ovation every time I walk through the door”. That comment made me feel like at least someone partially knew what I was going through. My wife actually said to me- maybe I should start chewing again for better quality of life. Did I want to quit? NO I loved that nasty shit. Do I still want to chew- Hell Yeah. Has quitting made my life even more difficult than it already was? ABSOLUTELY. BUT I never will chew again, because I quit for two reasons: 1. PRIDE- because I know I can do it and I am mentally strong, I will prove it to myself. 2. My kids- because I figure that maybe if I do not chew, I can live to be with them a few extra days before all the other meds I am on for Narcolepsy kill me. My only hope is that it will one day get better for me as I know it will for all of you. Stay strong, have pride in yourselves- We all have our own problems, I have to remind myself everyday it could be a lot worse. It doesn’t mean I am at peace with this because FUCK THIS. I will manage though as will all of you.

  64. Hello everyone. Dipped pouches while in the Marines. Was on about 10 cans a week for 4 years. December 2015 I started the patch and smokey mountain. Kicked smokey mountain after about a week and finished dip free after the 10 week patch. Made it to March of this year and had hip surgery. I was miserable and bought a can. Now a month later and I am killing the can once and for all. Going cold turkey this time. I cannot be a slave to this. I worry about every little thing going on with my mouth and the thing I used to use to relax now causes me great anxiety. At 24 hours now and just need the right kind of support this time!

    • Way to go man! You got the experience to do it, now it’s just 24 hrs at a time. I hit 7 days in about 4 hrs. Best/ worst week of my life. Day 3 was the worst. Day 5 I slept like a baby! Just keep plugging away. Gum and seeds helped me and are still packed everywhere I use to dip. Car, bathroom, office, gym bag… Everywhere. Keep it up!

  65. I quit today. I’ve dipped for 15 years now. 1 can a day. It’s been a tough day. Tried quitting countless times but found this website and know with the support I can do it this time.

    • Doug hang in there brother! Today makes 42 days for me. Yes I still check to see if I have a can(s) in my bag before leaving the house! I am just getting to the point were I am sleeping ok and not as “foggy”. I got tons of respect for what you are doing along with everyone on this site to include family members putting you with us.

      • Quick update. Kicked day 2 in the teeth, went through a bag of sunflower seeds but just felt good. Slept great, woke up refreshed and day 3 is going great. Made it this far many times but not with this great of a mood. Going to wait until the two week mark to even mention to my wife because, well she has heard thus tooany times before but I know this is it!

        • Congratulations on your new quit. Hang in there and just know we’re all pulling for you AND with you. Be careful not telling your wife. I tried that and my wife actually got really upset with me. I didn’t tell her for the exact reason as. You but she told me that that was important information that I shouldn’t have kept from her. Just a thought. Day 59. I quit with you brother.

          • Day 4 isn’t going as well. I was dipping in every dream last night and woke up with my first thought being well I will grab a can on my way to work. Got a coffee instead but certainly feeling the urge today!

  66. NaggingGirlfriend

    I know this place isn’t really for those who are close to those who are quitting, but I found this site and just had to get it out. My s/o is on his 15th day today, and things are worse now than they were in the beginning. Most of the posts on here said the fog lifted after two weeks, and for him, things are just getting bad. It’s all he can talk about and we fight SO much. I’m terrified that I’m going to lose him over this.. We fight more than we ever have, and splitting up seems to come up every day. I understand that this is hard and stressful. Probably the hardest thing he’ll do in his entire life. But I just want to know how the hell I can make this easier.. Not only for me but for him as well. I say I’m there for him and he snaps at me. I say I’m going to give him space, and he snaps at me. I ask him what I can do, and he snaps at me. I’m at a loss on what to do..

    • Ask him if he truly wants to quit. If he says yes, then ask him if he wants your help. If he does, ask how he wants you to help. If he doesn’t want help, then tell him he can’t be taking this out on you. That’s not fair. Stand up for yourself… And stand up for the both of you. That’s a pathetic way to end a relationship. I know quitting is stressful, but don’t let him be a jerk because of it.

    • This site is here for anyone who needs it. Idk if theres much more you can do for him right now. Just know that he will get better and in time he will be even more relaxed than when he was using chew. The first month is the roughest, i would bite the heads off costco workers, amazon employees, you got in my way id roll right over ya. 5m days and ill have 6 months and i can guarantee you it does get better. He may seem bad now but the worst is over. I hope he keeps in mind he doesnt want to go through those first 2 weeks again if he screws up. Im no expert but i would say give him alittle space and dont take what he says personally. He is in pain right now. When you used nicotine you created connections in your brain that associate nicotine with pleasure and everytime you fight off an urge you destroy them slowly. As you go along and your brain is healing it becomes easier to just say no and ignore the urges to use. Theres no fast way through it but i guarantee he will be much happier in the end. I want to say it took me about 1month for my temper to start calming down and by 2months i was like a different person. I just hope he keeps in mind the worst is already over, nicotine is out of your body in 36 hours. most nicotine fits last about 2-3 minutes although they seem longer. Anyway best of luck.

      • NaggingGirlfriend

        I appreciate it, really! And little thing I can do to help him get through this, I will! I know he can do it and I’m so proud that he is. Thank you for your reply!

    • don’t do anything … do what he asks you to do and nothing more and nothing less … he will eventually lose the angry feelings and believe me he will become closer than you’ve ever been … you have to not give up (stay … don’t leave) and weather the storm until the storm is over … he’ll love you more for it and you’ll love him more for not actually killing you physically 🙂 good luck!

  67. Day 35 – Does anyone still get random soreness in the mouth? Not sores, but just a sore feeling.

  68. Used Snuff for 32 yrs, last brand was Timberwolf LCW. On my first day and using the patch. Within the first couple of hours and I had to buy a can. But I noticed, I didn’t have to use as much as before and I took it out as soon as the need was over. I see the biggest issue being after I eat and wake up. I see this fight being harder than when I quit smoking. Chomping on gum as we speak…

    • I recommend cutting nicotine all together. It sounds rough, but trust me it’s the best way. Using the nic alternatives just delays your quit. Look into getting some smokey mountain fake chew. Stuff works great for the oral fixation. Grit your teeth we and hold on for the ride of your life. It’s gonna be anl roller coaster of emotions during the quit.

  69. Today is day 14 for me and I can’t tell ya how much better I feel. I dipped on and off (mostly on) a can and a half a day for 5 years but finally wanna just be done with dip for good. Seems like I can focus alot better. The first week sucked bad I was getting irritated every day about something even if nothing triggered it. Sometimes id take it out on my wife and itd make me feel bad but she said she understands. The biggest reason I quit is reading cancer stories and people not making it through and thinking i can never leave my family because of a stupid choice I made. And the fact I had a couple of abnormal bumps in my mouth that weren’t going away that scared me to death but they either went away or I went to the dentist to have it checked out. I hope everyone is able to stay strong and continue to kick the nasty ass habit

  70. Day 34 – Things are slowly but surely getting better, feels really good to have made it to this point.

    Everyone keep up the fight

  71. I’m on day 2 and let me tell you, aside from helping deliver my baby bro from my mom’s placenta and cutting the umbilical cord with my own teeth, this is the most difficult but rewarding thing in my life. I feel you guys when you say you get short with the people around you… THEY DON’T GET IT!! Either way, I support everyone here and think you’re doing a great thing so keep up the great work. Let me know if you need anything

    • Hey Dimitri, I feel your pain man. It ain’t easy bein greazy but you seem to make it look effortless

    • Dimitri…hang in there man…whenever I felt the urge to dip in the first week of quitting I cranked one out to relieve the stress. Helped me…good luck my friend

    • Dimitri you don’t know half of it man. You think you’re saving the world over there well you ain’t. I fought in ‘Nam, WWII, and Iraq. I have more than 20 confirmed kills. Chew is all have going for me in my life and I had to quit as my teeth started falling out. When you get on my level, call me.

  72. I’m quit for 2 and a half weeks now. Dipped for 8 years. I don’t know if this is fog or what but I feel angry about it. My temper is much shorter. I’ve almost caved because of it. I get pissed and start to think it would be better just to dip than to be mad all the time. I even get annoyed that my wife isnt giving me a ton of praise for quitting. Haven’t caved yet though. I feel a little disoriented. Kind of dizzy feeling from time to time. I’m going to keep hanging in there. I was at about half can a day and quit cold turkey. Still don’t even know how I did it. Anyways, guess I just needed to vent a little. Thankful for this site.

    • I’m in day 55 and I still feel your pain bro. I’m still pretty short with everyone but I think it’s getting a little better. I too felt the same resentment towards my wife for not giving me a standing ovation every time I walk through the door and conquered another dip free day! I realize now that this quit is for ME and me alone. I think that’s what’s different about this quit than any other I’ve attempted. Hang in there buddy! It’ll get better. We’re all fighting the same fight together. Each day is a new quit!

      • I just keep trying to tell myself “she never been addicted to dip so why would she understand how hard this is!” Still tough though. Day 55… awesome!!

    • Govols, I had the same problem bud. Mad at the world, Wife, dog, work, and everyone around me. That will pass. Good job. Stay strong my friend

    • Just keep going, GOVOLS1998!

    • Stay tough im about two and half weeks in and I cant focus im angry can barely focus on this but.I try to think of my son when I and how I dont want.him to.see me enslaved to something so selfish I want to to be myself without it

    • Dallazcowboyz41

      Hang in there man, I know these feelings all to well! I used to try and find any reason to cave, my wife and I fight.. Time for chew. It’s your brain trying to find any reason to chew. I am on day 123 right now, my wife and I had our first real blow up since like week 1 of my quit. Usually like you, I would want to run to the thing that would make me feel better in stressful times. My brain is slowly wiring it’s self to not want chew, I left and drove around to clear my head like I always do. My wife instantly thought I went out and chewed since it is how I cave every time. I can honestly say chewing didn’t cross my mind at all during this drive! Do not cave, you will feel so much better real soon. The pride you feel after a while is way better than any high Dip can give you!

  73. Today is Day 140! Wow! I really need to wrap my head around this for a moment…the process has NOT BEEN EASY! THIS IS THE HARDEST TEST I HAVE EVER BEEN THROUGH! So far, I believe I’m passing it. Slowly, my brain is putting my emotions, my reasoning, my sense of well being, and my self-confidence back together again. As I stated before, it is remarkable the level of control that nicotine has over your body and mind! There is no secret to tell you; I just keep shooting for the stars. When that “little voice” begins to speak, I ROAR back! Do not put a question mark where there is a PERIOD already. You got this! You can do this! Each hour, each day, is a crucial victory over our addiction! Stay strong and NEVER GIVE IN!

    • Grats on your 140! It is crazy how much nicotine affects you. I never thought about nicotine as a real drug when using and just assumed it was only a brief reaction because the high doesnt last long or towards the end it wasnt a high at all just took away the jitters. After quitting and my brain started healing its amazing how much has changed. When i would chew i lived my life in between dips. My biggest excuse for screwing up was when i would talk myself into it thinking a chew would make things more enjoyable like a movie or hobby. Now i get alot more enjoyment from my life and it is so much more than i got when chewing. i dont have the chemical crash/ nicotine fit when the effects start wearing off. I was just thinking that this morning how horribly i used to sleep because no matter how much i brushed that nasty taste of gum disease or chew would wake me up eventually.

    • Congratulations man! 140 is huge. You da man!

  74. Day 25. I chewed Grizzly Wintergreen Long cut. Had to stop because my teeth were rotting/coming out. yesterday I decided to clean out the old dip cans/bottles in my Dodge. I got so tempted, I decided to drink the bottles, I puked and then ate the puke. I don’t know what to do anymore, so I decided to chew Skoal so maybe that will help?! I hope this helps you all quit.

  75. Josh A, Keep quit. Doing a dip is not going to majically get your fiance and daughter back. Show them you love them by sticking with your quit. Send her a letter telling her how much you care, how quitting snuff is like quitting heroin, and you are doing this to make your life together better.

    I believe she will understand. Do not forget to apologize for your behavior. Also, everytime you do xyz you promise you will do _____ to make it worth her while to stick through this with you. Your fiance is only human. How would you react to your behavior.

    Now stick with the quit. I quit with you today.

  76. Day 171 i was just researching a new sleeping bag (black pine grizzly bag) to buy on youtube and accidently stumbled across a video of some guy taking a big fat dip of grizzly chew. My first reaction was thats disgusting, why would i have ever done that? I have to admit though the curiosity of what nicotine would feel like tempts me and it will probably always be there in some minor way. i still think about it atleast a few times a day, i dont brood over it long though. not like i am thinking of using or craving, just remember when i used to use or how many days i have now. its pretty easy to change the subject now and think about something else. I think im doing pretty well. I passed my biggest test last week when i had my wisdom teeth pulled, still under the effects of anesthesia i was shown the door then walking about 300 yards to see my driver had totalled the front end of my car. I came pretty close to screwing up but somehow, even under the influence of drugs i was able to resist. Now im just looking forward to my camping/ backpacking trips this year. I need a better sleeping bag though. Anyway stay strong people, if i can do it anyone can.

  77. I went 30 hours and I’m sorry to say, but I caved in. The fog hit me at about 21 hours while I was driving to work. I couldn’t concentrate on the road and getting to work didn’t help much, but I made it through work, then the fog hit again on my way home and I bought a can. The problem I’m having is the sunflower seeds are tearing my mouth up and smokey mountain costs the same amount, but I’m using more of it. I going to restart again in the morning, any tips would be greatly appreciated! God bless!!

    • Skoalmint….grit your teeth and get ready to fuckin battle for your life…literally. The fog is something we all go through…..and once you get through….life is amazing.

      Just remember you’re not alone on this journey…..there are thousands of us here ready and willing to help…..or just cheer you on…..

      You can do it man….I guarantee it.

      Day #170….can’t wait for #171.

    • Hey there Skoalmint, Like Chewie always says just quit one day at time. Quit today, only worry about today and then do it again the next day. Quitting forever is a HUGE undertaking that none of us are up for. One day at a time bro. You can do it!
      Day 52 here.

    • Shoalmint you aren’t alone in this fight. We have all gone through it. Hell I am still going through it as I am only on day 52 but it is a lot easier than at first. Join up if you haven’t already and this group is awesome support. As Grizzlymint said one day at a time. We get up, post roll and commit to another day of no nicitine, everyday. We are addicts brother but together we can lick this bitch.

      • MADDOG looks like our quit date is the same!

        • I’m on day 11. This is my first time trying to quit after picking up grizzly about 6 1/2 years ago. The fog is there, but I’m beginning to be able to focus on objectives a Lil better day by day. Today itself has been pretty rough. My fiance is pretty passed at me and is going away with my 2.5 yr old baby girl. Traditionally I would ease a pain like this with a couple tins and a bottle of crown…maybe a few beers, and some time with buddies…. not quite sure what I’m going to do today…. just hoping I don’t fold and buy a tin. Have a good day bros, and keep up the good fight. I’ll check in, in a week or so.

          • Sorry Josh. I hope everything works out for the best. A dip isn’t going to make it better. 1 problem+Nicotine= 2 problems. Have you joined a group yet? I strongly recommend it. It is a great way to hold yourself and other accountable to their quit. For addicts like us, going a week alone is risky business. Stay close to us and we will help you get through it.

    • SKOALMINT, why don’t you just put your big boy pants on and suck it up? Just like Craig said, you are in a battle for your life. No one can fight it for you. You have to be willing to do it. But we can help. Get in a group and start holding yourself accountable to others who have quit around the same time. You will find relief knowing that there are others going through the same thing you are. So what if your using more Smokey Mtn, you not putting cancer in your lip fucking idiot. That’s an excuse. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will be ready to quit. Get in a group now!

      • Dude talking like a fucking cock sucker and talking down/tuff to people who are in need of help is not the way to do things. Go to an AA, NA, CA meeting to see how to actually talk to people in need of help.

        • I’m sorry. Do you need some suger coating? I call it like I see it. Quiting is not for the weak. You have to WANT to do it. Quitting for 30 hours proves your not ready to man up. So keep your pussy ass mouth shut if you can’t handle the truth. I said nothing to this guy that he didn’t need to hear.

    • I dipped for 38 years and Skoal was my dip of choice. You have to want to quit and do whatever it takes to stay quit. The first 3 days will be hell but you have to power through it. I’ve been around here a few days and this place works if you follow the plan. I too tried different ways to quit and this is the one that worked for me. My quit date was April 1st 2009 today I have been nicotine free for 7 years thanks to this place. You mentioned cost while they may cost the same or more for replacement look at it this way. Tobacco = poison fake dip = a chance to break the chain. I have a new life thanks to this place but you have to work at it. Quitting was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It also is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. So Skoalmint man up and get back in here failure is not an option is the attitude you must have.

    • Skoalmint, I recommend quitting on a weekend and taking Monday off from work. My first 3 days I spent in bed. The only thing I did was sleep and eat. It is really hard to quit during a normal work day so try doing it on a weekend. Less stress, get yourself setup so you do not have to do anything but hibernate. Not everyone can do this. But, if you can, it will make it easier. If you can’t, then you just need to will yourself through the first 3 days. I recommend drinking plenty of OJ your first few weeks. It helps restore the sugar in your brain that the snuff used to produce.

      Now get back on that quit. I quit with you today.

  78. Well, i havent joined a group or posted roll or anything like that cuz i wasnt sure how the site was set up.. But I chewed for 6 years (Im 21 now) so it was a big part of my life. I found this site while researching health symptoms i was dealing with, and that was it. I quit on February 3rd, so im just about 2 months off. I feel great. I was a griz green guy so smokey mountain has helped a lot. But this site has helped so much, just reading encouragement every day and seeing that its possible was definitely my driving force. Just wanted to thank everyone for that. Its still a battle, but its a battle im winning day by day. I even convinced my brother to quit!!! So thanks everybody, il be back regularly.

    Nate V

    • Nate, you should join a group! According to your quit day you might even be in mine.

    • Join a group. Become accountable for yourself, and to others. We make a daily promise to not use nicotine every morning and that promise, gives everyone accountability. This site is amazing and so are the people on it. There is not doubt in my mind that you can help a lot of people in here Nate. Look what you have already done for your brother.

  79. I’ve been a Copenhagen chewer for over 30 years. I have quit a few times. The last was cold turkey and the withdrawal symptoms was like having the flu. I was free for over 1 year. Today I’ve made the decision to quit once again. You see I’m in the health field and the company I work for is a tobacco free environment. It’s my job or go tobacco free.

  80. Day 4 and the tightness in my chest and anxiety is crazy!!! Feels like my breastbone is curling up into a ball. Makes me want to take a dip but I have just dealt with the tightness. Hopefully it gets better soon. I will say for anyone else exercise was a temporary relief.

    • Hang in there, whatabeating! Yes, the anxiety and chest pains are horrifying! I thought only smokers got the chest pains! It turns out, we get them too. It is part of the nicotine withdrawal. This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life is to quit chewing! It becomes a bit easier with each day.

    • Good work and keep it up. I’m working on almost 3 months and I too have had chest pains and anxiety. The cravings are almost gone completely and the chest pain is slowly getting better. Keep pushing.

  81. Two days of driving everyone crazy. People at work want to string me up, and everyone is telling me to drop a chew. Seeing how I can’t shake this foggy head, productivity is down, and anything can set me off. I about gave in and bought a can on my way home. Dumped it out without ever taking a pinch. I don’t know why, but it felt good. Hope tomorrow goes better.

  82. Day 3 and the Fog Was not as bad. Actually today was pretty easy. Lots of stress at work but didn’t cave and take a dip. Drinking a few beers to relax and end the day. Mind over matter! The first two days were tough but don’t give in.. It’s downhill from there people.

  83. Dipped for the last 20 years, 1/2 a can a day and I am day 9 tobacco free. I feel like I haven’t had it too bad. Only once was I really tempted and that was when I had a couple of beers, besides that it hasn’t been too bad. My dad just passed from lung and brain cancer and it scared me straight. Good luck everyone, stay strong.

  84. End of Day 2 and this is a beating! After 2 cans a day for over 12 years I figured let’s just see what cold turkey feels like. WELL, it feels like hell. Had the fog all day and so much for being focused at work!! I will say that heartburn has already decreased and I know the benefits will outweigh this lack of concentration and fog feeling. One day at a time. Went all day yesterday at the bbq with no dip, no dip sitting in traffic, and no dip all day and night. Mind over matter people… I will drink a few beers tonight and try and get some sleep.

    • Stay with it brother. So worth it. I’m at day 48. Believe it or not it does get easier. I will say, be careful with those beers. Turns out that’s the time I crave a a fat dip the most is when I’m having a few beers!

    • Rowland Ketchersid

      use ambien or a tylenol pm ( advil pm) or just see the doctor
      Lack of sleep creates the fog
      You got this….a relapse at this point means you suffered for no good reason

  85. Have used chewing tobacco for 6 1/2 years non stop. Just turned 24 and realized I have been killing myself for too long. On day 20 now and every pain in my mouth jaw and throat makes me convinced I have cancer. That reason along with everyone’s motivation on this site is enough for me to quit.

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