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  1. Today is my first day of trying to quit after five years of grizzly, do I need to like cold turkey quit or decrease my intake ? Any help is much appreciated

    • Brandon, here was my response to someone a few days ago that was asking the same thing as you. For me, it was sunflower seeds & mainly Skittles that helped me get over the hump, I ate them by the bagful. Look into fake dip, Hooch & Smokey Mt ain’t too bad. Go to the review section, a ton of them. Drink lots of water & don’t let your dickhead friends beat ya down. It’s doable, but takes some effort for sure. Good luck.

    • Another thing Brandon, if you get some fake dip, you need to lower your expectations. When I 1st quit, I didn’t like any of the fake because it wasn’t exactly like the Apple Skoal I LOVED. Once I made my mind up that I needed to find something that would get me by & not replace the dip I loved, Hooch filled the need. I don’t even use it much anymore. Look into Teaza too, it’s awesome. BTW, go cold turkey, get that shit out of your system

      • Thank you man , it’s been a rough day ,but I have to quit , hot because I have to but because I want to and I’m sick of hindering on something like dip to make me feel less frustrated , thanks again Dan o

        • Check in here everyday, I did during my 1st 100 days of my quit. I’m nic free since Feb 2015. Get thru day 1 first, then worry about day 2. Make sure you have something to handle the cravings. I loved sucking on Skittles till they got soft, then I’d maneuver them in my lip like a dip. It would sit there for awhile & dissolve. I then had to deal with a Skittles addiction after 6 months, but that was easier to kick than Nicotine. Lol.

        • I will say this, without others here talking me off the ledge daily, I would never have succeeded in my quest for nic freedom. KTC is the best.

    • Day 106
      Brandon, just go cold turkey…put a period to the end of the sentence.
      I QUIT.
      I went cold turkey myself. I would try decreasing my intake but that never happened.
      Nicotine bitch had her arms around me.
      Only way it worked for me was to quit cold turkey and never look back.
      1st week was tough as hell.
      I started with a fake chew called GRINDS– had a caffeine pop that helped out.
      Mixed that with Oregon Mint loose cut & pouches as well.
      Mixture of all three.
      Whatever I had to do to stay QUIT when I first started out
      That’s what you have to do — do whatever you have to do to stay QUIT.
      Keep busy and sooner or later you come out of a thick fog feeling better.
      Trust me, you will.
      It will be all worth it.
      I don’t ever want to go through the 1st week again.
      I put fake dip in still and soon I will let that go as well.
      It gets better my friend.
      Sun will rise and you will be all smiles 🙂

  2. Day 22 feeling a lot better about my choice to stop chewing after 30 years of chewing skoal.I do have bad days but fake chew seem to be working .

    • Nice Dave. I did the same after a 25 year Kodiak habit. Fake dipped really worked for me. Day 272 and i quit with you today

  3. Been about 2 months for me, maybe little over. I dipped for 6 years and a lot! The method that best worked for me was just quitting it. It’s that simple! I woke up one Monday morning, which I have been trying to quit for weeks and just decided that that was the day. I feel like the more you plan it out the more you feign for it an not look forward to it. Either way it’s gonna suck but just think one more can one more pinch is gonna make it that much harder. It ain’t making it any easier. Next week ain’t gonna be better than right now. Nor is next month or next year. You do something you do it right. Man up say screw this POISON!!! Because it is pure poison, google images proves it every time. Start there look at pictures, find new friends and new hobbies. It’s a new life completely, heck I even went to organic everything now bc I was tired of poisoning my body. Started working out everyday to push through the urges. And honestly it wasn’t that hard bc I just told my self NO I already quit I refuse to poison myself any longer. I also thought about the fake stuff but they put chemicals in that stuff to and you aren’t quitting the addiction you have. You are just substituting it for something else, so again just say no to the addiction all together. Worked for me I hope it will work for someone else!

    • Also I chewed gum for about a week then I realized every single pack of gum in the store has Aspertame in it. Google what that POISON is too. So I even quit gum as well bc it’s just poison as well. Just like 90% of the shit that humans ingest on a daily basis. So don’t say owell it’s impossible to be healthy. Fuck that go organic you won’t regret it. I spent my down time researching healthy ways to live my life instead of crying about how “MY BODY” wanted tobacco. Fuck that be strong you only have one chance on this earth don’t wast your life away with the cancers of this earth!!! Sorry for swearing if that offends anyone but man up!

  4. Trying to start quitting. Looking for any feedback on best kinds of fake dip. I can deal with flavor not being exactly the same, just looking for a brand with similar consistency to the real stuff, something that packs well and lasts more than 10 minutes.

  5. Sorry havnt been on, like i said before i am just trying to not think about chew as much or at all so i quit looking at this site every day. I actually went over 2 days last week without even thinking about chew once. I was playing borderlands 2 and was distracted for a few days but suprised when i realized i hadnt even thought of it? I really dont think about it alot maybe a few times a day now. I couldnt remember how many days i had so i hopped on and see i have 222 days without now. $666 saved….creepy. Anyway i know it feels selfish, this site had been such a big help and im sorry i havnt been on but if im constantly looking at it counting the days reminding myself of my previous nicotine addiction i will never put chewing behind me.

  6. Hi guys just look back and found its been 5 and half months been quit first month two was hard honstly becasuse 7-11 years is enough to keep you in sircle for long time anyway at this point i have no craving or desire feel great without but yes if its came to mind i still do feel an urge for it keep it up guys if i can do you can also do this .my father had quit recently smoking 30-40 years he was been smoking but for him first month was hard now he is ok and happy to quit it ..

  7. Thus starts day 1. Friend of mine quit and showed me the site. Figured it was about time. Been chewing for about 11 years now. Need to quit.

  8. Day 2, it’s killing me. Griz straight for the past 4 years.i have been meaning to quit, but never saw the real reason or had the motivation. I just went to Canada on vacation, ran out of dip and stopped at a gas station. You know how much dip is in Canada? $26 a can. I paid it. When I knew I had to stop right now. I hate gum, any suggestions on assistance?

    • Brando……Hang in there man. I know that first week is living hell but it DOES get better. As far as substitutes, I used a lot of the shredded beef jerky (Jack Links) and a LOT of sunflower seeds. Use anything that will keep your mind off dipping

    • Brando, for me, it was sunflower seeds & mainly Skittles, I ate them by the bagful. Look into fake dip, Hooch & Smokey Mt ain’t too bad. Go to the review section, a ton of them. Drink lots of water & don’t let your dickhead friends beat ya down. It’s doable, but takes some effort for sure. Good luck.

    • Another thing Brando, if you get some fake dip, you need to lower your expectations. When I 1st quit, I didn’t like any of the fake because it wasn’t exactly like the Apple Skoal I LOVED. Once I made my mind up that I needed to find something that would get me by & not replace the dip I loved, Hooch filled the need. I don’t even use it much anymore. Look into Teaza too, it’s awesome.

  9. Great Pat ! You can do it it’ll be the best decision and the hardest thing you’ve ever done and the most rewarding that I can promise you. . Chewed for over 20 years can and a half to two cans of COPE a day .I was a serious Nic freak now I’m not IM FREE

  10. Hello all! New to the site…finally made the decision to kick the can. Hoping this site helps me become dip free.

    • Get in the appropriate quit group and post roll daily bud! Congrats on deciding to take your life back!

  11. Looking to quit on 5/27/16. Ramping usage down, looking guard to the day. Got a good supply of fake stuff. I also began mixing the fake in yesterday,and sticking to 3 plus a day tops. I found that using a cathartic song during those times i really want a real chew helped keep me focused. Not quit yet, but looking to a brighter future. I think having a song might be a good idea, to give an idea i use b empire of angels by Thomas bergesen. See you guys in 9 days in the forum!

    • I quit a while back and a couple things that helped after the final phase out

      1) have gum handy ( I always had juicy fruit cuz the large pieces at least can mimic a chew – sounds weird but trust me)

      2) I never chewed around the ladies, if you’re the same way go out and let the freak flag fly two birds with one stone

    • Why wait? I’m on day 44 here and the first few days were a little rough but after a week it’s not that bad. I made quitting to be a bigger deal than it really was. To be honest, if I knew how easy it’d be in would have done it sooner. I do still have a craving from time to time but it passes. Just go for it and be done.

    • Just quit.

  12. Day 101 here. Haven’t posted since twenty something, because quitting wasn’t an issue anymore. Lately I’ve felt it sneaking up on me, starting to think about it more and more. I don’t crave it, I don’t need it. But I miss it, and I want it. It’s like an old college roommate that was always trouble but you loved to hang out with because he knew how to have a good time, you know it’s not going to benefit you to see him again but you know you want to. Anyways had a rough day and found myself in a gas station buying some Busch light and grizzly wintergreen, I’ve cracked a couple beers and have been staring at this can a while, haven’t broke the seal yet, still contemplating. Thought I’d post on here again to see if it helped

    • Don’t hold it! Don’t touch it! Throw it away! Now! Do you REALLY want to say goodbye to 101 days??? I don’t think so! You don’t NEED that shit! That’s what it is:SHIT! Don’t be BLUFFED by your mind! Stay the course! I’m on day 184, and there is no RETURN! Same for you, my friend!

    • Why even buy it man. Are you in the habit of playing Russian Roulette?? Get rid of that can now! Simple as that!

    • Your analogy is moronic, so was buying the can in the first place. Fuck the slow death, go get some heroin & a syringe and try some mainlining tonight. I’m never this harsh but you are on this site to stay quit and to HELP OTHERS do the same. You’re a narcisistic douche who comes here only when he needs help. Piss off and dip away. You don’t deserve the wisdom of the great people who are here to give more than they take.

      • …”only comes on here when he needs help…”

        Isn’t that the point? Keep the heroin for yourself, man.

        Cody–Stay strong.

    • Cody, do you not remember why you quit in the first place? If you take a dip after 100 days I promise you will regret it. I caved after 42 days and went thru a whole can of Grizzly. The next day I felt like SHIT. Not to mention that I really did not injoy it that day because I knew I was doing something wrong. I started over the next day and now I am 39 days NIC free. Take it from me, starting over SUCKS

    • Cody
      Read the Tom Kern’s story above and if you still want to dip at least you know what your signing up for. Day 266 and I am not gonna dip today

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