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  1. Haven’t had a dip since November of 2014. Still get cravings from time to time just have to learn to block them out. You just have to stay strong.

    • I agree. I just hit the one year mark and had serious craves right before my anniversary and I still get them. I do really that I have less time quit than you. I would note to others that I noticed that if I miss a meal or a workout that the craves creep up. If I make sure I workout regularly and make sure I eat 3 square meals a day it helps keep the craves away.

  2. One of the things most of us are concerned about is mouth, tongue and esophageal cancer. I just read this article posted by the Ravens in response to one of their defensive coaches passing away this weekend due to esophageal cancer. Good read. This gives us another reason to quit tobacco and to quit using processed foods as well.

    Quit today.

  3. I am on my 2nd full day of quitting. This sucks!!! I am not looking forward to tomorrow, or even trying to go to sleep tonight. Hopefully this will get better soon.

  4. Today is day 2 and I’m going insane. I was a 1can/day for 20 years. Tried the Smokey Mountain today, not so bad. Need to find something that doesn’t hurt my jaw so bad. Gum hurts!

    • A can per day, for 20yrs! Holy Mackerel. My system simply cannot handle the toxic compounds in Tobacco. Im talking like 2 dips in a day. Ive been doing it off and on for 20yrs, more off thank goodness. I remember 3/4 tin days in HS, but this shat knocks me out! After researching whats in chew im still craving occasionally but I know it affects my system harder than most people. Its just not worth it. Aceatone? Ammonia? Just insane. What i think is because my tests show LOW cholesterol levels i have less defensive chemicals available, so no wonder this and other stuff like “Air Freshner” products drive me nuts, and in the case of tobacco, it sends me down for the count, i kid you not. 2-3 chews or smokes in a day and im numb, 1/2 out of it. IT just plain Hurts! My head pounds.

    • I’m on day as well..after 20years..Can a day as’s a bitch. Cold turkey. Lollipops and gum is my go to. Went to an oral surgeon Thursday since I had a whit patch on the side of my tongue. We wants to cut out the spot on my tongue if it’s still there in a month. Hang in there….I know the feeling. Feel like I need to go for a walk or something. Lots of nervous energy built up and don’t know what to do with…wierd and it’s after midnight

      • JP
        I am on day 73 of my quit. It will be just fine.
        The white patch (Leukoplakia) will go away before your next appointment if you avoid tobacco.
        And even if it doesn’t he will remove it. Not a big deal. Don’t think about it.
        Think about being free from the addiction.
        Good luck

      • My dad started to get a white patch as well. If you can’t quit immediately, the doctors advise was to start dipping in different areas. Apparently if you put it in the same place, the leukoplakia will grow fasted in that area. Hope that helps. Good Luck!

    • Chris, I am on day 2 also. I have idea how I will get through this. After a weekend stay in the hospital for a heart condition, I decided it was time to clean up my lifestyle. First thing on the list is tobacco use. I am 43 years old and have been a two can a day user. If I can quit dip it will be a major hurdle. I love and hate the stuff.

    • Congratulations on making it to day 2. That was 4 days ago. One can a day for 20 years and quitting cold turkey. That is tough. I was similar but ashamed to say I had been doing that for close to 40 years. I was able to do it. Drink plenty of Orange or Fruit Juice. Your brain produces sugar when you dip. The sugar in the fruit juice helps replace those sugars. Exercise to fight the jitters. Eat plenty of food as being hungry can produce tension and make it worse. Rest as much as you can. I was catatonic my first three days and just rolled up in bed and slept.

      We all have different reactions to our first days of quit.

      The most important part of your quit is your attitude. If you say I wish I quit then you have not properly committed.

      If you say, I have quit and will never return. That level of thought and commitment will ensure your success.

      I quit with you today.

    • Hang in there you can do it, it will get easier and promise it will be so worth it.I was three cans a day for 24 years. I quit 12-27-15, never felt better

  5. Man pick a day and just walk away from it. Cold turkey is the best way. It will suck hard for a good while but I promise it gets easier. Day 220

  6. I was chewing Cope wintergreen for a few years. I at one point would chew a can to a can and a half a day. Well I decided I was going to cut back and ultimately quit. Since I’ve made the decision I went back to chewing cope fine and Redman when I wanted something sweet. Well its been about a month and half since I cut back. I’m now at a can lasting me almost two full days. The cravings are getting less intense and my triggers aren’t as strong. Even my bottom lip is smooth again. (It was all tore up)

    But now all of a sudden, my jaw is starting to hurt. Especially my left cheek bone.I also have a little pinching feeling along my collarbone. I’m starting to get paranoid. Been chewing fairly heavy for 16 years. Now I’m feeling myself becoming slightly less Dependent and these issues pop up :/ I’m a heavy soda drinker. (20oz a day roughly.) I’m hoping maybe it’s just a sore tooth or something

    • Man up, put it down, & walk away. Then go get a checkup to relieve yourself. Be happy when it’s nothing serious. Then smile & stay quit. The only real option.

    • After 30 years I am off Copenhagen for 107 days. I know what you mean. My right jaw has been killing me at the joint. Can’t even close my mouth. I was like you paranoid. I went to the dentist and MD last week. Consensus from both was that I was grinding my teeth and it was just sore muscles (maybe the stress of quiting).

      Anyway…good luck with the quit. I never thought I could be free of that beast but here I am. Beware the “3s”. You are likely to give up at 3 days, 3 weeks and 3
      Months!!! I was rocking along and thought I beat it, but at 3 months out of no where the cravings came back. I held strong, but was shocked they came back.

      • I agree with the 3’s issues. I had the same cravings 20 days into it. I am on 73 day now. Thank god for gum and fake chew. I hope there is an end to cravings some day. I have to read up on that deal they call “Shut the door” here.

  7. Yep, day 51. $331.50 saved. There are moments my friends. They don’t last quite as long, but they still come around. During these moments I sure miss my dip.

  8. Today is day 100 for me, although I never joined the forum i read every article i could on here. It has helped me a TON and i am very grateful. To the next 100.

  9. Day 115 here. This shout out goes to Brown71! Keep on quittin!

  10. Couldn’t have said it better buddy! Who knew freedom would be such hell?

  11. I have tried to quit several times in the past. I went to basic training for the army back in 2005. For 9 weeks I could not have a dip. I found that they had kept me busy throughout the day. This kept my mind off it. As soon as I left the training, I went straight for the can. Here it is 2016 and I am worst than I was. I tried to stop and made it three days before crawling back to the green can of death. I feel tired all the time. When I wake up in the morning, I feel good until I have that first dip. I have a bag of BIGS sunflowers in my car now along with one more unopened can of chew. I have been chewing for 25 years. I can’t do the taper down method because I also seem to chew more. I feel like a little bitch because I allow myself to be controlled by a leaf. I hope this forum will help me to write how I am feeling and get good feedback. Maybe this will help. Any suggestions for someone that has not started yet?

    • Steve buy the fake stuff to get you through the initial urges. As soon as you get some days under your belt take pride in them and dont give them away. i dipped kodiak for 25 years plus and I am on day 382 and thats how i started my quit. Oh and by the way throw that last can away. You can do it as it literally can be a life or death decision.

    • Hi Steve,

      Today is my 100th day of being nicotine free. Reading your post brings me right back to the beginning. Tired was an understatement. I would sleep for ten hours and wake up feeling as though I had not slept at all. I have a long way to go and I know that but I have a quit that I treasure.

      As far as suggestions go I can offer these (I hope the links work it is the first time I have tried pasting in a reply):
      1) Decide to quit. This is the first thing. Cold turkey is the only way and you must want it or it will not work.
      2) Register on this site and find your quit group. If you do it now you would be in the December 2016 ( group and its pretty cool that you can still make a commitment to hit 100 days in 2016!
      3) Write an introduction here ( and tell some of your story.
      4) Watch this video here ( to learn how to post roll daily from a pc.

      You found a place that has the strongest weapon against nicotine there is other than the immediate threat of death and that is community with people who know what you are going through, who have been through and are going through it with you. And something amazing happens when you join a group of people and make a daily promise not to use nicotine. Your quit becomes precious, something you will not easily give away.

      Finally send me a PM (Kmgrizz) and I will be there to help if I can every day. I will show up in your quit group like FISHFLORIDA did for me and especially on your 100th day to sing your praises.

      This is serious stuff and we have a strong team here.

    • Steve,
      You said it yourself, man up and quit being a little bitch. you need to quit this snuff shit immediately, COLD TURKEY and one day at a time. Read up on this site, join a quit group and stop the madness.
      @Sigman45 364 days quit

    • Steve I just turned 30 Sunday and dipped for 12 years straight I feel like holy dog shit. Just put it down and keep this little four letter word in your head FIDO Fuck it and drive on. Everyday you don’t want to let yourself down. I’m in the fight with you too brother

    • Steve, I suggest that you take that one unopened can of chew, open it up, and dump it in the toilet. Yesterday was a good day to start. Today is even better. 20 years of addiction speaking here. Day 39

  12. Today I celebrate day 300 being nicotine free! Simply put, FREEDOM! The road has been long and arduous. If I wrote on this forum that I went through this with ease, I’d be lying to you! The turmoil, guilt, anxiety, pain, fatigue, confusion, fog, poor appetite, fear, uncertainty, regret; I have WALKED through it all! THERE IS NO EASY WAY THROUGH THIS! You will suffer; you will have rough days, even weeks of hell! You will want to quit and go back to using; you will find yourself in self-pity and despair; you will, at first, hate yourself for putting you through this; you may find yourself crying like a bitch for no reason; you feel alone in this fight! News flash: YOU ARE ALONE! You must do this for yourself and no other reason! Your MISERY and WRETCHEDNESS is no ones fault! Stay the course and reap the rewards of a new you that will be healthier and stronger than you have ever been! Like anything worth obtaining, it takes time. You got this! Trust me, if I can do this, so can YOU! Stay FREE!

  13. Day 36 and still having cheek numbness and tingling. Anyone else ever have this..still freaking out over it..

    • I’m wondering the same thing. I am only on day 8 but my throat sometimes feels like it might close in me. If I stay busy, chew gum, or keep drinking something it’s fine. I don’t have issues swallowing. I went to the dentist to get my tongue checked out and he said I looked just fine. The throat concerns me though. As far as the tingling, I obviously still have a lot of that going on.

    • Hey brother it’s okay it’s just kind of a tick some of us have to try and get our fix brother. Great job already though brother

  14. I’m on day 30 of my quit after a 30 year Cope habit and it feels like day one! Swollen glands, headaches, dry mouth, fatigued and tired…. People say they exercise to help get thru this, but I have trouble getting out of bed, let alone go for a run or a bike ride! I feel like crying! This is horrible!

    • Chris, it is all NORMAL… get on the forums.. read, read and read some more until your eyes bleed and your motivation to kick this nasty habit that OWNED your ass for so long goes away. You can do it… do not give in to your brain fighting you.. you are master of your domain. get some fake Smokey Mnt Chew.. trick your brain and get up and stay busy.

    • Hang in there it gets better I’m on day 87 after a 27 year cope habit. Still have days where I want it but it gets better everyday

  15. I’m sorry to hear that man. You’re at the right place for support getting through the suck. Day 211. We all quit right beside you.

    • Day 130 and why do I feel like it’s day 1.. I figured by now it would be a breeze.. I still have never figured out how to post roll or post on any forum

      • Randy… it is day 104 and I know exactly what you are feeling because I am going thru it right now.. I ran to wal-mart like my ass was on fire and bought me 2 can of Smokey Mountain Wintergreen herbal snuff…. it saved my ass today… I dunno what it was but a huge trigger got pushed today and I am not throwing 104 days of QUIT away for a weed that ran my life for the past 25 years

      • I had the same problem Randy, I trie registering @ the forums & it just wouldn’t work. Don’t sweat it, just post here. Being into triple digits, your effects are all mental bro. Get something to occupy your time, candy, fake dip, a pretty lady, whatever it takes. You got this bro.

  16. I’m a recent college grad who has (had) a casual dipping habit. More situationally, as in driving or doing work on the computer. During college though, to study for hours at a time I would go through almost a whole can in a night, or at least every couple days. This happened frequently, and I thought that just doing it in college wouldn’t have too many long term effects. Well today, go into the dentist, and after an uncomfortable amount of digging and scraping, she tells me I have periodontal gum disease. “Like diabetes or high blood pressure.” Its incurable, I’ll now have to see the dentist every three months and brush the hell out of my teeth every day to avoid gum graft or laser surgery ($6,000), because now there is gum and bone-eating bacteria stuck deep in gums forever.. Day 1, I can get through this, but don’t let this be you, or somebody who gets even worse news. Don’t let this disgusting shit rot your entire mouth out one day at a time.

  17. Day 202 for me and I just wanted to stop in and say hi. It does get easier for you guys just quitting. I still think about that awesome grizzly wintergreen every now and then but I don’t have the cravings. It honestly feels like ten lifetimes ago that I was so addicted to something that it controlled my every waking moment.

    Hang in there guys. If I can do it anyone can. Remember to win today and worry about tomorrow when it comes. Don’t look ahead. Just win today

  18. Working on day 7 today for sure the hardest thing ive done dry mouth and being a cranky asshole i carry an unopenned tin with me just so i can have the satisfaction of ME telling me no

    • Hey man you’re doing great! If you need help with the dry mouth problem, try trident gum. I used that and it makes your mouth feel amazing. The cranky ass hole part well that comes in time haha

    • Congrats on day 7 Charles. You should go ahead and open that tin, walk over to the toilet, and dump it out. I tried that method, and looking back at it, the only true reason I kept that can with me was in case I needed it.

    • get rid of the unopened can… you will give in and cave if it is in your pocket and your triggers are hit. trust me…. get rid of all chew if you are serious about quiting.

    • Keep pushing one day at a time if I can make 87 days anyone can. Just shoot for small goals. Day 7 let make it to day 8.. day 8 let make it to day 9

  19. Day 49 here still tough, but getting somewhat easier.still having mind, focus,issues,when will this go away

    • It’s day 901 free from dip for me.

      It never goes away.. It gets easier with time. It’s always going to be tough… Hell, I had to talk myself out of buying a can two days ago. Stick with it though because your parents, your wife, your kids will thank you later.

  20. Sunday morning. Day 40. Cold turkey. Little voice telling me how much better my coffee would be with a dip. Skoal. After 40 years, I suppose it’s gonna take a bit longer than 40 days. This really sucks.

    • Same here…day 81. I’ll hang in if you will.

    • Doug – I am on day 191 and I was a 20 year Skoal user. The only thing I can tell you is that little voice gets quieter and quieter over time. To the point I don’t hear that voice any more. Feeling much better than I was 200 days ago. Yes it sucks and no it is not easy. If it were easy there would be no need for this website – the only thing that really kept me going.

  21. Well on day 31 today. I have to say the biggest struggle for me has been the mental struggles and issues. I like a few of you was convinced after I quit that I had cancer(still struggling with this). I went to the dentist, regular dr, and ENT. Everything came back normal except a enlarged tonsil. On Monday I had the tonsils removed, all came back clear.

    My point is anything that makes you feel this crazy by quitting has to be horrible stuff. I chewed for 5 years never more than a can a day, and I am constantly anxious and losing my mind. For those who go back and forth on quitting just do it. It’s not easy and that why you should quit. If it was easy to quit it probably wouldn’t be so bad for you.

  22. Currently 40 hours in. By far the longest I’ve ever gone. The biggest hurdle for me is the mental side. I have some small white patches on my chew side. My mind keeps trying to tell me it’s already the big C so the damage is done, why not just keep chewing and save myself the side effects too? Still holding out strong thus far though.

    • It’s most likely not cancer. You should however schedule yourself a doctors appointment. Good job on 40 though, I’m on day 69, and it is an up and down battle for sure.

    • Hi Drew. Glad you’re here. We understand. Whether you know it or not you are making a hugely awesome decision you are going to be very happy with in the future. I am on day 89.

      I quit with you today.

    • Drew, dying from Cancer is not by any means “Fast”…. it is a slow, painful, horror show that you and your family will have a front seat to if you do not quit now. Nothing is more important than your health.

  23. Hello all … this is day 87 for me. Last week was pretty rough with lots of anxiety and even some of that strong fatigue I experienced early on. This is when the true strength of KTC showed itself to me. I am in the fog (learned all about that here), I am not alone (I was until I found this site), with each passing day and each kept promise I am getting better (pretty much the same experience everyone seems to have when they quit and I learned that here too). I feel fantastic today. Best decision ever. Thank you!

    • I understand what you’re saying. I am on day 67 and had never experienced the fog until last week. The entire week I was completely exhausted and could not figure out why. I had strong cravings the entire week and had never before experienced the fogginess, so I thought I was getting sick. What an odd feeling.

  24. You came to the right place if it’s help you’re looking for. Look me up or send me a private message on your first quit day!

  25. On day 4 now everything hurts and I have no strength. I’ve been chewing Copenhagen for 7 years at 2 cans a day and I’m 23 is this a normal feeling?

  26. How long have you been quit?
    366 Days Free
    How much have you saved?
    $1098.00 Saved

    Best decision ever. I quit with all of you. If i can you can

    • Awesome, congrats Russell.

    • Very nice Russell congrats on the year milestone keep the course!

      Approaching 100 days here. Best decision I have every made too.

    • This will sound lame because I’m dipping as I type this reply. I’m an Army pilot currently deployed and my quit date is the day I’m leaving here, September 3rd. This is going to be tough for me, as dipping has been my thing for the last 16 years in the Army. It’s seriously part of my personal “checklist” in the cockpit. It excites me to buckle in that seat, turn the battery switch to on, put a dip in and get the engines going and smell that jet fuel burning. I’ll need some help with this giant leap I’m about to take.

      • I have been a police officer for 17 years….with me it was put on the uniform, jump in the squad car, put in a dip and hit the streets. It really was my checklist also. Other than my duty weapon having enough chew for the shift was my second most important question to answer. I have been chew free now for 386 days now. You just have find something to take its place. Mine was blow pops but after a few weeks I didn’t even want them anymore. Good luck and remember… can

        • Thanks Travis, you obviously can definitley relate to what I’m saying. I started cutting back today, countered it with sunflower seeds and kept a spit bottle with me. Did you ever use the nicotine gum?

          • I used the patch for the first day and then decided to see how long I could go without that. It became a personal contest for me to go just one more day. I ended up throwing the rest away and going cold turkey. For me I just decided to get the withdrawals over with from the get go instead of dragging it out. Not that I think there is anything wrong with him or patches…..just depends on what helps you quit.

      • I too had these certain traditions with dipping that seemed to keep the bonds of addiction almost personal until I learned why these emotions existed. The nicotine gets in the way of your endorphin receptors and prevents your brain from releasing the natural endorphins which is what makes us associate good feelings and times we have. If you dipped the first time you got in the cockpit, the dip is making you think that its the key that is giving you that rush. IT’S NOT! That is the nicotine only allowing your brain to release these great feelings when you take that dip. If you quit, you will have to go through your brain screaming at you for a dip so it can release these chemicals to make you feel good, but if you stick with it long enough, you will find that the brain will start working like it should again, and those rushes and excited emotions you get will not only be back with you, but they will be stronger and better than ever. I am on day 264 and am telling you this because when I learned how did was deceiving my brain’s activity from working right, this is one of the key factors that lead me to quit and to stick with it. Hope it helps you too.

    • 82 days $410 also best decision ever

  27. A very good point about seeing a doctor prior to quitting. That little lesson cost me 5 g’s when I had chest pain & it turned out to be an anxiety attack, spent 2 days in the hospital. I had been quit for over 6 months when I had mine. Never caved, feeling great, but it is not easy, no doubt.

  28. On my first day of another attempt in quitting. I really need this time to stick!! I’ve quit for 3 months, and about 2 months before. What brought me back to the can is the panic attacks. I will get to the point were I feel no need to chew or any withdraws, but I will get daily panic attacks were I just feel like I’m going to die. The feeling is horrible. Has anyone else experienced this?

    P.S. this is a great site and very inspiring to see all the people that have beat this addiction.

    • Yeah, I had something that felt like panic attacks for about a week. Just keep pushing through and will get so much better. I’m at day 116 and not looking back.

    • Zachary I am on day 82 and I am going through the same thing right now (and I mean like today … this very moment). High anxiety, feeling like I am going to absolutely jump out of my skin. I have had several two to three day spells of this since I quit. All of the reading I have done here leaves me to believe that this is all part of the process especially for someone like me who dipped over a can a day for a decade. Read GRIZZYMINT’s reply below as he has nailed it.

      “Quit because you want too and you’re PISSED OFF AT NICOTINE!”

      Then join a quit group, make connections, and come here when the going gets tough. We are real men and women fighting a real monster. KTC is an extremely strong weapon in the fight.

      Go see your doctor and tell him what you plan to do. It was only when I told my doctor the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth that I started to see that nicotine was hurting me in so many different ways. He can also help with panic attacks.

      • Day 23 here. Been to the ENT twice. On anxiety pills. Getting tonsils taken out Monday for good measure. Stay strong brother!

    • Zachary…yes, yes bro…sure have..and i never had one til i quit…this was 2 yrs ago, quit for 125 days….ears started ringing then panic attacks… if my wife read this she would say…’re gonna be fine! Bro listen…i’m at day 10 now and have all kinds of little issues from this shit… but i’m going thru the brick wall and kicking this once and for all… look at all the shit the can does to people! its a killer bro…. and you’re gonna be totally need help i’ll give ya my digits…cuz you nailed it bro.. the pain associated with quitting can sometimes make you feel like f it… i’ll gamble..i felt better chewing…wrong ass thought bro….will get thru…and have energy like no other…

      • Thanks guys for the support. The support really helps, and it’s nice to see its not a problem with me, its an effect from the nicotine withdraw. Feeling confident this time is the last time.

  29. Day 364. I will not dip today!!!! Sniffing one year and as anything else its not easy. I quit on a leap year so i need 366 for the anniversary.

  30. Cold turkey buddy! No other way. Slowing down you’re just delaying the inevitable. The quicker you get that poison out of your body the better! 20+ year can a day dipper. Closing in on 200 days, best decision I’ve made. Don’t quit because you found sores and you’re scared. Quit because you want too and you’re PISSED OFF AT NICOTINE! That’s the attitude you have to have. Stop now and don’t ever second guess it. Good luck brofessor!

  31. Hey guys been pondering the idea of quitting for some time now, been dipping for 3 years at atliest one can a day, latley been noticing several soars in my lip and gum, and stomache pain as I swallow the juices, would like to know what worked best, quiting cold turkey or slowing down and eventually stopping, thanks guys!

  32. It has been 366 days for me and I feel great about where I am but I know that it is a constant battle out there. I think once I got past day 100 I really felt I could do this thing. For all you guys that are out there and having second thoughts…don’t! It will be the best decision of your life and so well worth it!

  33. I am on Day 81. I quit June 5th and around the week of July 4thI went through several days where I felt like I was on a strong stimulant. Unable to focus, rapid heartbeat … just … off and wired. I am going through it again right now. But it seems that this is to be expected in this 70-90 day range. I am so thankful for this site, for my quit group, and for the clear determination I have to stay nicotine free.

  34. Hang tough, sir. I’m day 75 on quit. Feels great but you have to go through a couple weeks of detox… here and there. It’s one day at a time and some of those tough days it’s one 15 minute segment of time at a time! You can do it. Just remember that your worst craving WILL PASS. It always does. You just have to outlast it

  35. 25 year habit @ 2.5 cans a day and I’m through. Tossed them all in the garbage this morning. I feel pretty good about this. I seriously doubt I feel that great about it in about 3 hours though.

    • Spoiler alert – you won’t.

      That being said, keep on fighting. You’ve made the right decision. It won’t be pretty but the freedom you’ll attain is 100% worth it.

  36. Only at the end of day 2 and man. Didn’t realize how challenging it would be. During the day it’s not bad since I’m got so much to do but once I get home and plump myself on that couch I then start telling myself to run out and grab a tin. I need to quit though. I’ve only done it for a year now but I keep telling myself I’ll quit and I last a week max. I’ve been wanting to quit and I know I can. I just need to stop talking about it and stick to it.


  37. I’m almost through day two of no Copenhagen. I’ve got headaches dizziness and irritability. I am also a woman so I’m wondering if withdrawals are any different in men and women. Ive been dipping for about 4 years this time around. Is cold turkey always the best way to go?
    It’s how I quit smoking but this is way worse.

  38. Hey yall,
    Glad I found this page! I’m 28 years old and a Mama! I’ve been dipping since I was about 16. I’ve always dipped Grizzly and usually dip about 1-2 cans a day…I love it, but I hate it. Only quit once cold turkey when I was pregnant with my first and that lasted about 2 months…then I hit a deer. I want to quit sooo bad. I’ve come close, like from a few hours without to a day, but my withdrawals are scary. I get really angry with a short temper, shakes, all of it. It’s bad…I’d appreciate any words of advice because I’m so ready to not have this taking over my life anymore…thanks yall!

    • I saw that you have posted on Dec 16. Glad you did, it will be the best thing that you could do for yourself. Quit on mama!!

  39. I am 34 currently on day 60, chewed regularly for 18 years. I have noticed an increase in my blood pressure since I quit. I am guessing that has happened due to no longer having a stress crutch or coping mechanism. Has anyone else ever had this issue?

    • Yes, I’m on day 89 and my blood prrssure high.Never had high blood preasure till i quit.I beleave it is from anxiety,wich I also never had till my quiting dip.

    • Hi Paul,yes my blood pressure is up too since I quit dipping.I will be 50 on the 28th of this month,never had high blood pressure.

    • I’m on Day 314 of this awful journey…..went to the dentist about a month ago….and my blood pressure registered high….it’s always been spot on before I quit. I’m also guessing it’s the “anxiety”…..and over time this too will regulate as we learn to deal with stressors and anxiety without the NIC POISON killing our brains.

      Either way….a NIC free life is our goal…..I can handle a few bumps in the road to FREEDOM!

      Keep up the good fight!

  40. 53 years old. Started dipping at age 12. Currently 28 days completely nicotine free. Cold turkey, no NRT or meds. It hurts

  41. Hey guys. I’m proud of you all. This is a great forum.
    Been chewin 38 years. I swore if Copenhagen ever got to a buck a can I’d quit.

    Went a month once from Thanksgiving to Christmas and my wife had me a ten can roll under the tree.

    I quit the can but not the nicotine. Hell, I was buying those little cigarillo things – then pipe tobacco – then cigarettes.

    I’m one of those guys whose can will last about 5 days. Small pinch of long cut cope and never spit. Been that way since I was 15. I could chew in church and my mom never knew.

    Guess what? At 9am tomorrow morning will be one week.

    I woke up and decided to quit. I had that last dip with my coffee and said goodbye old friend. I have an unopened can in my truck. I’m keeping it. It’s got a date on the back. I think I’ll pick it up on its “best if used by” date and smile.

    Here’s the thing guys. You have got to want to do it. This time it’s the easiest week because I actually want to quit. I keep reaching for my can in my back left pocket. But aside from that I’m doing pretty darn good. I want to quit and I’m going to!

    Listen, if I can do it anyone can. I know it’s not been quite a week yet but I quit the minute I made up my mind to.


    Again, great forum.
    Oh yeah, I’ve got that whole “tingly/chapped” feeling in my mouth too. Catch myself grinding my teet some to.

  42. I havent been dipping long, like maybe less then 6 nonths. I felt my gums and they are kinda swollen. What does that mean? I used mouth wash and hydrogen peroxide to wash my mouth out. What else do i do to get the swelling down?

  43. Christine_In_Florida

    I’m posting for my husband. It’s day 139 for him after quitting cold turkey on his 50th birthday. He has dipped since age 18 and tried quitting several times over the years but could never make it past a week or so. Even at day 139 he still craves it and thinks maybe one dip wouldn’t hurt once in a while but instead he chews bubble gum constantly to ease the tingling sensation in his teeth and gums. By the way, his teeth look so much whiter since quitting. I’m really proud of him!

  44. After 43 yrs of torturing my body with nic, I am now starting day 4 100% nic free

  45. Been dipping for 3 years and its been affecting my relationships. It affects them because im ashamed of it and dont like doing it around people. I’ve been wanting to quit but when i go a few days without it i get all angry and anxious

  46. I am 34. Been dipping pretty much since I was 18. Have tried to quit before and would be successful for a month or two. But now I am ready to be completely done. But it’s a big time struggle. Especially in construction industry. Need as much encouragement as I can get.
    Good job for those who have quit. And good luck for those trying.

  47. Day 358. Went striper fishing off of montauk and had 2 teaza’s. Didn’t miss the dip. It does get better! much better!!
    I quit with all of you.

  48. Day 56, having a mad craving at the moment.

  49. Just dropping by to share something, I recently stumbled on some fake chew called Grinds. I am well into my quit as today is day 259 but sometimes I have dip dreams and I still crave hard every once in a while, and I can honestly say this fake dip has helped so much, it feels so much like the real chew… Like my drug of choice (Grizzly wintergreen) That I no longer think about the Grizz bitch. Hopefully this can help someone else out there, oh and I also am wondering if anyone else has craved kind of hard into days 200 and beyond? QUIT ON!!!

    • Be careful with Grinds or other coffee products. Used it less than 24 hours and quit producing saliva. Is a painful situation

    • Hi Matt, I got some terrible craves at 240, 260, 280, 300, 320. I am at 341. The craves come, I recognize them, they are an annoyance, I turn my mind to other thoughts and I move on. But yes, they craves always seem to be right around the corner ready to attack. Do not let your guard down.

      I quit with you today.

    • I’m a huge fan of Grinds. If you like coffee it’s a great product. If not, may not be for you.

      • Chewie, do you notice you crash at the end of the day from caffeine in it?

        • Hey Matt – I can’t say that I do, but I drink a couple of cups of coffee every afternoon (after two in the morning). Also in the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t use Grinds when I first quit and was first going through withdrawal so I’m probably not the best person to ask.

          I will say this – there is a very strong link between nicotine and caffeine early in your quit so it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re feeling that crash. Check out this article for some more details.

          • Thanks for answering the question for me Chewie, I am sensitive to Caffeine a little bit 🙂 I’m on day 266 so I am pretty deep in the game now.. But I think that sensitivity is what is causing me to crash hard. Either way, glad it got me through a tough few days and now I am back to feeling good again.

    • The lord tells us not to judge. As dippers we judge and we are denial. We say things like well i dont do drugs. And looked down on people that has used drugs. Well guess what have someone take your can away and go a week whithout how do you feel
      We. are users of a different drug that comes in a round can

    • I’ll be im not quitting. I will rejoin. After i get out of the hospital. Major operation coming monday

  50. I’m reading the what to expect page
    and i’m definitely familiar with the first 30-45 days of withdrawal..tried multiple times…i’m currently 4 or 5 days into this one but am using patches
    does that mean I am essentially not starting any of these withdrawal stages based on the fact that there’s still nicotine in my system technically from the patch?

  51. I’ve been dipping since I was 13, I am 23 now (minus the 9 months I was pregnant). I want to quit but I feel like I can’t I’m struggling with this so much. Does. Anyone have tips?

    • Melissa, just decide in your mind that you are quitting and that is that. Do not dwell on the quit. That makes it worse. Instead, focus on everything else in your life beside that. Change your focus and be firm in your decision. As Nike says, just do it.

      I quit with you today.

  52. My name is mike. Im a dip alcoholic. I need to quit dipping. .i dip 15 or more cans in 5 days. Its like something nagging me to quit
    From the inside

    • This is the place to do it make

    • Mike – that is some serious nicotine uptake. I think it is time for you to quit as well. all of us have done it and are doing it every day here. join us brother

      • I am ive got it in my head to quit. You dont think about skoal being like a drug. Buy when havent had any skoal for 5 thinl anout the people thats on drugs and when they come down. My drug is dipping skoal. You feel moody not in a good mood. Hateful. I cant describe the feeling

    • Mike it sounds like your body is trying to tell you it’s time to quit.
      Today is my 100th day off Copenhagen. I was up to 3 cans a day and dipped for more than 40 years
      I pretty much had the same feelings as you which led me to quitting.

    • Mike, I am 60, been using tobacco since 6th grade and finally quit last year. I am at day 340. You can do this. Just resolve to quit, quit and don’t look back. It seems impossible that you can quit this but it is possible. I am proof. This site with all its quitters is proof. Now quit messing around and quit.

      I quit with you today.

    • Mike, I found a legit hypnotist. Just sat there and listened to him for an hour. It made it so much easier.

  53. Day 3 of my quit. Teeth feel like they are going to jump out of my face, numb face and sore throat/ jaw. Anyone else have all of these?

  54. Day 146 today, I gotta say it’s getting a bit easier. I know some people on here have said days 140-160 were tougher but so far so good. I quit with all of you today.

  55. Does any one else feel like they chew the fake stuff more than they did the real stuff?
    I like it as a mental aid or whatever you want to call it but man does it tear up my gums/cheeks.
    Any one else have these problems?

  56. Just quit bro. Those are definitely not safe NOR smart alternatives. You’re any more addicted to nicotine than any of us were I promise. Just gotta Cowboy up and do it. It gets easier over time I promise. Grizzlymint Day 190 I promise no nicotine today!

  57. Ronald…i’m afraid it doesn’t work this way…. you gotta go cold turkey pal…

  58. Ok let me confess, I took a shitty dip in a force of crave @ day 49. I did it one time and no crave then after, it was like I did a biggest crime to myself. Now I will call it my day 2. Let me start from beginning though have taken once. Tough time!

  59. I’ve been chewing for 26 years. Really starting to notice pain in my jaw, gums Starting To Decay etc. No white marks or anything of that nature. But i know my gums are very unhealthy. I’ll never be able to just quit cold turkey. I have been able to cut back some however. But any tips on alternatives? I thought about chewing redman. Not sure if that’s as bad as Copenhagen. I’ve also noticed skoal snus curbs my craving. Again, doubt that’s a safe alternative. But those don’t have fiberglass as far as I’m aware.

    My goal is to cut back from a can a day, to a can every two days, then a can every 3 days etc. Until I can get to the point where I only crave it a few times a day. As of now, 2-3 hours max before the cravings get so bad I just want to break stuff. And once you quit. Do your gums heal much?

    • Ron get fake dip jakes mint or smokey mountain. You have to get the nicotine out of your body. Cutting back never works because you will get a trigger event like stress or booze and next thing you know you are dipping like a champ again. I used fake dip and still do and I am on day 356. Dipped Kodiak for over 25 years. You can do it but find a non nic crutch to lean on. Good luck it is very big deal dont put it off

    • Ronald, there is only one way to quit, and that is cold turkey. I was pretty close to you with 20 years at about a can and a half a day. I said that I would not be able to do cold turkey and I am currently on day 9 100% nic free. I have tried many other times…..cutting back, cutting down, Nicorette, patch. None of this works. It’s a life decision that you need to make for yourself, and nobody else. We are here if you want the support. I couldn’t do it without my quit brothers here at KTC.

    • You have to quit cold turkey! Period!

      Your gums will heal in that they won’t hurt but what’s lost is lost, it won’t grow back.

      Decide now to stop and do it, I chewed for 25 years just like you. All day everyday, it can be done!

    • Your gums will not grow back, they will heal and become normal in time. I haven’t had a chew for 3 months and I will never go back to it. I can’t believe I use to think I liked it. I didn’t lower my intake before I quit. I got some 4 mg nicotine pills and after a few weeks moved to 2 mg. now I chew on candy sometimes. I did t want to cut back on chew because if I had to be honest with myself I knew I would eventually have a bad day and there goes that I’ll be back to chewing my typical 3 cans a day. I originally started chewing to stop smoking and that was a huge mistake. The ENT Doctor told me to stop or I would likely get cancer. I have older teenagers and can’t stand the thought of not being around in the future. Last thing is I no longer stay awake sometimes at night worrying about a soar in the mouth or my guns hurting. Just stop. Trust me in a couple months you’ll be so glad you did.

  60. Day 756 ,2 cans a day for 10 years plus cigs before that. trust me it gets a whole lot better. I sounded just like that. Freaking out about everything only to find it was in my head. Every piece of info this site has helped me relax knowing others have gone through it. Keep telling yourself you want it and make it happen. Don’t give in!!!

  61. It will be a week for me tomorrow. I have quit before and lasted 6 months. This time has definitely been a challenge. I have an amazing little girl starting school for the first time in one week and I WILL be around for all of life. Chew will not get a hold of me anymore. The fog is real though everyone. We can all do this!

  62. I’m at day 15. I have really no desire to chew, but I can’t stop freaking out. Started with a Cankar sore that healed, but now I have ear and neck pain and a weird feeling in my throat, not soar just weird. Did anyone else have this?

    • Yes I had the exact same symptoms. They eventually went away.

      • I agreed, I stop for three months. Every month of the 13th I celebrated. 24 yrs and I’m done I had those tripping symptoms but it take times. Important eat healthy, brush ur teeth a lot,and exercise

    • I have the same thing. Kind of like flem is just constantly there. A little bit of a scratchy voice but that’s it

    • You will be fine man I went thru the same thing. I even went to an ENT to get an oral cancer screening. Everything came back fine. Maybe you should schedule one just to get piece of mind.

      • Went to ENT today. Everything was good except one of my tonsils is bigger than the other. ENT said it could be normal, but wants to get it looked at. I have a CT Scan for next Friday. Trying not to freak out.

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