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  1. I’m almost through day two of no Copenhagen. I’ve got headaches dizziness and irritability. I am also a woman so I’m wondering if withdrawals are any different in men and women. Ive been dipping for about 4 years this time around. Is cold turkey always the best way to go?
    It’s how I quit smoking but this is way worse.

  2. Hey yall,
    Glad I found this page! I’m 28 years old and a Mama! I’ve been dipping since I was about 16. I’ve always dipped Grizzly and usually dip about 1-2 cans a day…I love it, but I hate it. Only quit once cold turkey when I was pregnant with my first and that lasted about 2 months…then I hit a deer. I want to quit sooo bad. I’ve come close, like from a few hours without to a day, but my withdrawals are scary. I get really angry with a short temper, shakes, all of it. It’s bad…I’d appreciate any words of advice because I’m so ready to not have this taking over my life anymore…thanks yall!

  3. I am 34 currently on day 60, chewed regularly for 18 years. I have noticed an increase in my blood pressure since I quit. I am guessing that has happened due to no longer having a stress crutch or coping mechanism. Has anyone else ever had this issue?

    • Yes, I’m on day 89 and my blood prrssure high.Never had high blood preasure till i quit.I beleave it is from anxiety,wich I also never had till my quiting dip.

    • Hi Paul,yes my blood pressure is up too since I quit dipping.I will be 50 on the 28th of this month,never had high blood pressure.

  4. 53 years old. Started dipping at age 12. Currently 28 days completely nicotine free. Cold turkey, no NRT or meds. It hurts

  5. Hey guys. I’m proud of you all. This is a great forum.
    Been chewin 38 years. I swore if Copenhagen ever got to a buck a can I’d quit.

    Went a month once from Thanksgiving to Christmas and my wife had me a ten can roll under the tree.

    I quit the can but not the nicotine. Hell, I was buying those little cigarillo things – then pipe tobacco – then cigarettes.

    I’m one of those guys whose can will last about 5 days. Small pinch of long cut cope and never spit. Been that way since I was 15. I could chew in church and my mom never knew.

    Guess what? At 9am tomorrow morning will be one week.

    I woke up and decided to quit. I had that last dip with my coffee and said goodbye old friend. I have an unopened can in my truck. I’m keeping it. It’s got a date on the back. I think I’ll pick it up on its “best if used by” date and smile.

    Here’s the thing guys. You have got to want to do it. This time it’s the easiest week because I actually want to quit. I keep reaching for my can in my back left pocket. But aside from that I’m doing pretty darn good. I want to quit and I’m going to!

    Listen, if I can do it anyone can. I know it’s not been quite a week yet but I quit the minute I made up my mind to.


    Again, great forum.
    Oh yeah, I’ve got that whole “tingly/chapped” feeling in my mouth too. Catch myself grinding my teet some to.

  6. I havent been dipping long, like maybe less then 6 nonths. I felt my gums and they are kinda swollen. What does that mean? I used mouth wash and hydrogen peroxide to wash my mouth out. What else do i do to get the swelling down?

  7. Christine_In_Florida

    I’m posting for my husband. It’s day 139 for him after quitting cold turkey on his 50th birthday. He has dipped since age 18 and tried quitting several times over the years but could never make it past a week or so. Even at day 139 he still craves it and thinks maybe one dip wouldn’t hurt once in a while but instead he chews bubble gum constantly to ease the tingling sensation in his teeth and gums. By the way, his teeth look so much whiter since quitting. I’m really proud of him!

  8. After 43 yrs of torturing my body with nic, I am now starting day 4 100% nic free

  9. Been dipping for 3 years and its been affecting my relationships. It affects them because im ashamed of it and dont like doing it around people. I’ve been wanting to quit but when i go a few days without it i get all angry and anxious

  10. I am 34. Been dipping pretty much since I was 18. Have tried to quit before and would be successful for a month or two. But now I am ready to be completely done. But it’s a big time struggle. Especially in construction industry. Need as much encouragement as I can get.
    Good job for those who have quit. And good luck for those trying.

  11. Day 358. Went striper fishing off of montauk and had 2 teaza’s. Didn’t miss the dip. It does get better! much better!!
    I quit with all of you.

  12. Day 56, having a mad craving at the moment.

  13. Just dropping by to share something, I recently stumbled on some fake chew called Grinds. I am well into my quit as today is day 259 but sometimes I have dip dreams and I still crave hard every once in a while, and I can honestly say this fake dip has helped so much, it feels so much like the real chew… Like my drug of choice (Grizzly wintergreen) That I no longer think about the Grizz bitch. Hopefully this can help someone else out there, oh and I also am wondering if anyone else has craved kind of hard into days 200 and beyond? QUIT ON!!!

    • Be careful with Grinds or other coffee products. Used it less than 24 hours and quit producing saliva. Is a painful situation

    • Hi Matt, I got some terrible craves at 240, 260, 280, 300, 320. I am at 341. The craves come, I recognize them, they are an annoyance, I turn my mind to other thoughts and I move on. But yes, they craves always seem to be right around the corner ready to attack. Do not let your guard down.

      I quit with you today.

    • I’m a huge fan of Grinds. If you like coffee it’s a great product. If not, may not be for you.

    • The lord tells us not to judge. As dippers we judge and we are denial. We say things like well i dont do drugs. And looked down on people that has used drugs. Well guess what have someone take your can away and go a week whithout how do you feel
      We. are users of a different drug that comes in a round can

  14. I’m reading the what to expect page
    and i’m definitely familiar with the first 30-45 days of withdrawal..tried multiple times…i’m currently 4 or 5 days into this one but am using patches
    does that mean I am essentially not starting any of these withdrawal stages based on the fact that there’s still nicotine in my system technically from the patch?

  15. I’ve been dipping since I was 13, I am 23 now (minus the 9 months I was pregnant). I want to quit but I feel like I can’t I’m struggling with this so much. Does. Anyone have tips?

    • Melissa, just decide in your mind that you are quitting and that is that. Do not dwell on the quit. That makes it worse. Instead, focus on everything else in your life beside that. Change your focus and be firm in your decision. As Nike says, just do it.

      I quit with you today.

  16. My name is mike. Im a dip alcoholic. I need to quit dipping. .i dip 15 or more cans in 5 days. Its like something nagging me to quit
    From the inside

    • This is the place to do it make

    • Mike – that is some serious nicotine uptake. I think it is time for you to quit as well. all of us have done it and are doing it every day here. join us brother

      • I am ive got it in my head to quit. You dont think about skoal being like a drug. Buy when havent had any skoal for 5 thinl anout the people thats on drugs and when they come down. My drug is dipping skoal. You feel moody not in a good mood. Hateful. I cant describe the feeling

    • Mike it sounds like your body is trying to tell you it’s time to quit.
      Today is my 100th day off Copenhagen. I was up to 3 cans a day and dipped for more than 40 years
      I pretty much had the same feelings as you which led me to quitting.

    • Mike, I am 60, been using tobacco since 6th grade and finally quit last year. I am at day 340. You can do this. Just resolve to quit, quit and don’t look back. It seems impossible that you can quit this but it is possible. I am proof. This site with all its quitters is proof. Now quit messing around and quit.

      I quit with you today.

    • Mike, I found a legit hypnotist. Just sat there and listened to him for an hour. It made it so much easier.

  17. Day 3 of my quit. Teeth feel like they are going to jump out of my face, numb face and sore throat/ jaw. Anyone else have all of these?

  18. Day 146 today, I gotta say it’s getting a bit easier. I know some people on here have said days 140-160 were tougher but so far so good. I quit with all of you today.

  19. Does any one else feel like they chew the fake stuff more than they did the real stuff?
    I like it as a mental aid or whatever you want to call it but man does it tear up my gums/cheeks.
    Any one else have these problems?

  20. Just quit bro. Those are definitely not safe NOR smart alternatives. You’re any more addicted to nicotine than any of us were I promise. Just gotta Cowboy up and do it. It gets easier over time I promise. Grizzlymint Day 190 I promise no nicotine today!

  21. Ronald…i’m afraid it doesn’t work this way…. you gotta go cold turkey pal…

  22. Ok let me confess, I took a shitty dip in a force of crave @ day 49. I did it one time and no crave then after, it was like I did a biggest crime to myself. Now I will call it my day 2. Let me start from beginning though have taken once. Tough time!

  23. I’ve been chewing for 26 years. Really starting to notice pain in my jaw, gums Starting To Decay etc. No white marks or anything of that nature. But i know my gums are very unhealthy. I’ll never be able to just quit cold turkey. I have been able to cut back some however. But any tips on alternatives? I thought about chewing redman. Not sure if that’s as bad as Copenhagen. I’ve also noticed skoal snus curbs my craving. Again, doubt that’s a safe alternative. But those don’t have fiberglass as far as I’m aware.

    My goal is to cut back from a can a day, to a can every two days, then a can every 3 days etc. Until I can get to the point where I only crave it a few times a day. As of now, 2-3 hours max before the cravings get so bad I just want to break stuff. And once you quit. Do your gums heal much?

    • Ron get fake dip jakes mint or smokey mountain. You have to get the nicotine out of your body. Cutting back never works because you will get a trigger event like stress or booze and next thing you know you are dipping like a champ again. I used fake dip and still do and I am on day 356. Dipped Kodiak for over 25 years. You can do it but find a non nic crutch to lean on. Good luck it is very big deal dont put it off

    • Ronald, there is only one way to quit, and that is cold turkey. I was pretty close to you with 20 years at about a can and a half a day. I said that I would not be able to do cold turkey and I am currently on day 9 100% nic free. I have tried many other times…..cutting back, cutting down, Nicorette, patch. None of this works. It’s a life decision that you need to make for yourself, and nobody else. We are here if you want the support. I couldn’t do it without my quit brothers here at KTC.

    • You have to quit cold turkey! Period!

      Your gums will heal in that they won’t hurt but what’s lost is lost, it won’t grow back.

      Decide now to stop and do it, I chewed for 25 years just like you. All day everyday, it can be done!

  24. Day 756 ,2 cans a day for 10 years plus cigs before that. trust me it gets a whole lot better. I sounded just like that. Freaking out about everything only to find it was in my head. Every piece of info this site has helped me relax knowing others have gone through it. Keep telling yourself you want it and make it happen. Don’t give in!!!

  25. It will be a week for me tomorrow. I have quit before and lasted 6 months. This time has definitely been a challenge. I have an amazing little girl starting school for the first time in one week and I WILL be around for all of life. Chew will not get a hold of me anymore. The fog is real though everyone. We can all do this!

  26. I’m at day 15. I have really no desire to chew, but I can’t stop freaking out. Started with a Cankar sore that healed, but now I have ear and neck pain and a weird feeling in my throat, not soar just weird. Did anyone else have this?

    • Yes I had the exact same symptoms. They eventually went away.

      • I agreed, I stop for three months. Every month of the 13th I celebrated. 24 yrs and I’m done I had those tripping symptoms but it take times. Important eat healthy, brush ur teeth a lot,and exercise

    • I have the same thing. Kind of like flem is just constantly there. A little bit of a scratchy voice but that’s it

    • You will be fine man I went thru the same thing. I even went to an ENT to get an oral cancer screening. Everything came back fine. Maybe you should schedule one just to get piece of mind.

      • Went to ENT today. Everything was good except one of my tonsils is bigger than the other. ENT said it could be normal, but wants to get it looked at. I have a CT Scan for next Friday. Trying not to freak out.

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