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  1. Just had my last pinch. i have been dipping for about 20 years and i realize it is time to give it up. Ihave two young daughters and the youngest asks me why i put the dirt in my mouth and i havent got an answer for her so I am done all wish me luck. Congrates to all of you whp has quit this scrwed up habit. I will post a a comment on my progression. All wish me luck. I am going to it hell.

    • Congrats on your decision. I dipped for about 30 years. You can do it. I quit 53 days ago and will not dip again. My grandson started going around spitting just like his “Pa”. That was it for me. Try not to think about it except how much money you will save, and what you can use it on. Every Monday I take the cost of 5 cans of dip (a week for me) and put that amount in my drawer. When I feel like having a dip, I just look at the money I saved. I am almost to $170.00.

    • Good job Scott. You are on the path most if us have taken. Your first goal is to make it 7 days. Which we are all pulling for you. Just focus on week one, before you know it you will be working on week two!

      After the first three days you will run into the mind games, stay focused, use fake stuff, seeds or my ital fixation was carrots.

      Have in there, we will check in with you daily

      Day 92

    • Scott, go get ‘em, brother! I dipped and chewed and smoked off and on for 25 years and finally realized I didn’t want to live enslaved to addiction and the nicotine trap. I’m on day 1051 & the first weeks were very tough and then I got in the groove and I haven’t looked back. It’s so worth it! Rely on your ktc brothers and sisters and you’ll make it. 1 day of Quit at a time.

    • way to go. me too had my last after lunch yeserday. 35 years of it for me. good luck.

    • Congrats!! One day at a time!!! I quit 143 days ago for the exact same reason

    • Stay strong, man! It gets easier! I was also around the 20 year mark, and quit due to my little girls. I didn’t want them to watch me kick the bucket over something I ultimately had control over.
      The first week or two weren’t very fun at all. In fact, I had a hard time thinking of the reasons I quit in the first place. My mind was foggy, and I wanted to strangle everyone that looked at me. Power through it. One of the guys on here told me ‘You might as well face it fact that you did this to yourself.’ That stuck with me, hopefully it will stick with you.

    • Scott,
      Great decision to quit! I dipped for 30 years, and I quit I’m here to tell ya if I can do it you can. Don’t dwell on how my days just wake up every morning and promise yourself ” I’m not dipping today” before you know it a week will have passed! Best of luck to you! You got this!!
      And like Steve stated, a bonus I think I’m up to almost 2k in savings.

      207 days

    • Congratulations Scott. Keep it up. Use herbal chew, the patch. Whatever it takes.
      38 years here. 3 weeks in. More energy than ever. Totally worth the pain. It’s so painful, you don’t want to go thru it again.
      Keep leverage on yourself. Remember:
      A pound of discipline weighs far less than an ounce of regret

    • Great decision. Read the info here and chat when you like. It’s not easy but worth it. My quit is 65 days today

    • Alright fellas first day work no dip!

    • Gonna quit tonight. I’m 20 years old and have dipped for 6 years and I don’t want cancer or anything that comes with smokeless tobacco.

    • Scott,
      I dipped Kodiak for 28 years. I have a daughter too, she’s 7 and she just looked at me and said, “Daddy, I don’t want you to die.” In those 28 years, I tried every which way there was to quit but nothing worked. I finally quit and around day 3, I was googling for helpful hints when I ran into KTC. I’ll tell you, this was the difference. Sign up and get started today. There’s no cost. It’s free. There’s no signing up for anything except getting yourself some help and support. The biggest thing here is that the guys on here will bring you the straight truth about the power and danger of nicotine addiction. We quit one day at a time, starting with a promise each day and we keep that promise. Here I am 270 days later to tell you, that you can do this and you need to do this. That shame and guilt of hiding and knowing you are addicted to something that is killing you and keeping you away from your daughters and those you love will end. You will experience a freedom like you’ve never known.
      Make the decision to quit, and register here:

      It’ll be the best decision you’ve made today.

    • Hi Scott,
      Congrats and wish u quit sooner. I also wish to quit.i have been dipping since 2 years ,2-3 dips a day(15 mins). But wish to quit. Don’t want to worried about cancer. Mouth cancer images are just scary. Today was my last dip. Please be with me everybody! It’s good to have people around.

    • How do you sign up so I can start my quit date

    • I am 23 years old and have been dipping for about 5 years. I need help quitting while I’m young. Any advice?

  2. Does this fog include slightly blurry vision? I’ve been off for 16 days and thought I was through the ‘fog’ but the past 2 days I’ve experienced some subtle differences in vision. Normal?

    • I noticed that myself, but it seemed to have happened to me on days 2-5 and 15-30, after that It went away. I must say though the third month you have a big desire…. Stay strong.

  3. Stopped on 11/5, three days before my 32nd birthday. I wanted to stop before I could say that I have dipped for more than half of my life. I’m wrapping up day 6 and feel like the last 2 days have been harder than the first couple. With the amount of healing that is happening, I’m not surprised with the amount of constant tingling in my lips, but does anyone have any suggestions to dull them down a bit

    • Sadly there’s nothing that will speed up your recovery with the possible exception of drinking lots of water to flush your system. But at this point your 6 days nicotine free so it’s 100% out of your body. Hang in there and keep fighting!

  4. To anyone interested, I used an app called Quit the Can to help reduce the number of dips I was having per day. I also limited to 10 or 15 minutes per dip. The app was about 5 dollars but I thought worth it. It had helped me compete with myself and reach small goals then move to larger goals.

    • IF it works great.. Guys thanks to all now day 8 and seems to be getting better. FAR from over but better.. Us the FUCK YOU tobacco you will not win ITS free SO far so good

  5. So i’ve got 7 days off dip. I’ve been vaping though to allow myself to cut back on the nicotine without putting the shit in my mouth. I was never able to cut back by dipping less so at least this is working for now. I plan on quitting vaping within the next week so I will actually be off the nicotine completely. I feel at least that I’ve broken the habit of dipping. I just don’t want to trade one source of nicotine for another. Feeling good about this though.

  6. day 4 for me all. I have been smoking and dipping since i was 16, and I’m 32 now. many years just cigs, but for the last 5 it’s been dip. 2 cans of grizzly a day and i work in an office. i was at the point where i was hiding in the bathroom for 15 minutes at a time. i have 2 kids and just don’t want to be a statistic. The pictures of mouth cancer are awful. I’d rather have lung cancer to be honest, but if I can avoid both then I’m all for it. Not doing any fake chew cause i hate them all and i’d rather kick the physical part as well, and no other nicotine products. If I don’t just get rid of nicotine in general then i’ll end up right back on the chew.

    I have had a rough day to be honest, but i refuse to break down. This past 4 days have been the hardest thing i’ve done in my life, but me joining the KTC site shows me that i’m really going for it this time. I can’t fall back and end up doing this again after another 5 years of chewing. I doubt i would even see another 5 years with the amount of nicotine and tar i put into my body when i’m on this stuff.

    i can use all the help i can get right now so feel free to post away.

    • Michael, I was just like you! I was slamming downs cans of Cope in my office bathroom for longer than I could tell you!!! Joined KTC, got into a quit and support group and here it is at 31 days now. Been free from Nic for a month. The first 3 days suck, and cravings really haven’t gone away for me yet. I see anything related to baseball or pass any gas station and I crave the shit. But we aren’t those who fall back into our former way, but those who press on. Fight the good fight!

    • On day 3. I’m almost over the hump of getting nicotine out of my system. It’s been brutal at times, I’ve dipped for over 13 years. But my wife and I just had a little girl and I decided I didn’t want to miss things in her life because I was off somewhere getting a lip full, or worse yet, not quitting in time and then my daughter would get raised by another man.

  7. Just had my last dip, im 24 and have been chewing for 9 or 10 years. My gums are getting horrible and i almost feel like sometimes my teeth are loose. Ive tried to kick the habit countless times and my longest was 3 months during basic training. Wish me luck because im not to confident

  8. Thanks buddy for the words of encouragement. I’m on day 8 now and feeling real good about this. I’ve leaned on KTC big time over the weekend when I was having a few drinks. Kept looking at pictures of mouth cancer and reading these positive stories from other quitters. I’m happy to say this is the beginning of a long happy life without DIP.

  9. Day 28 of quit for me. My experience has been this: first week is shit. Cravings are massive as is irritability. Days 7-28: irritability gone but I’ll get cravings on random days.

  10. I know this may be a stupid question, but can I get a buzz from putting chew into my eye lid?

  11. Supportive Girlfriend

    My boyfriend was a Ninja Dipper. I am behind him and supporting his recovery 100%. Thank you to this wonderful website for motivating him.

  12. Been chewing for almost 7 years. Decided I needed to quit. Need some help along the way. Just sick of it.

  13. guess this is day 2 really. more than 24hrs. nic. free. tough day, hard to concentrate at work. definately feeling foggy.

    • Hang in there, one day the fog will leave and the sun will come out. I’m on day 124 and 95 percent of the time I feel great. Stay strong you can break the habit

  14. pete i am right there with you this is day 2 for me also feeling very foggy

  15. Getting geared up to quit by dec 1. Last time I didnt make it to dinner time. Trying to prepare and plan instead of just willy nilly deciding to quit. I know how hard it is gonna be but it has to be done. Mind games are what get me. As absurd as it sounds I end up feeling like im giving up an important part of my life. Bullshit I know

    • I will share with you that I made the decision to quit December 1st as well. I found this website about a month ago and looked into a herbal chew that would satisfy my desire to chew. Found the one I liked and rolled w that. 4 days nicotine free and although It is tough today. I will succeed this time. My best friend quit the same day so that helps. Good luck

  16. Ok gang! I just joined tonight because I need all the help I can get. 34 years old and have been plugging for 19 years with a 1 year break in the middle. Started back up and the addiction is 10 times worse. I have 4 beautiful kids and a beautiful wife and I am not going to let this habit risk that. November 20, 2014 is D-Day and I am going full throttle! I will be keeping you posted. Wish me luck!

    • Everyone can do it. I quit 11/18 at 6pm was my final dip. I went cold Turkey. I’m approaching hour 41. The fog has lifted except for brief intervals. Food tastes better and my mouth feels cleaner. I still get cravings bit solve them with seeds and smoky mountain. I own my life and Skoal no longer.owns me.

  17. My name is John I have been dipping 12 years I am expecting my first son. I don’t want my son to pick up this habbit that I picked up from my dad. My wife has hated it since we started dating and I have been thinking i want to be around a long time. Being a mechanic I have got use to always having one in and when I don’t I have to be drinking or chewing on something

  18. So I’m on day 4 of no dip. Its tough but I told myself I won’t ever have another pinch again. Got tired of dreading the dentist, spending money, seeing my family with a disgusted look, etc. I’m trying to get my hands on the fake stuff just to use for a little while but I can’t find any around my area. Wish me luck guys

    • Josh, a tobacco outlet should be able to order whatever you want if they don’t have it in stock. Just ask to speak to a manager.

      • Just to clarify, I was referring to ordering the fake stuff from a tobacco outlet. That’s where I get my smokey mountain chew.

  19. tried my first chew (Skoal) at age 8. starting at 13 used it once a week during baseball games (red man). at 17 used it several times a week (skoal). quit for a year age 20 in the Navy. been chewing 2 dips a day for 25 years since (copenhagen), now 45. recently though, I’m chewing a can a day or two (copenhagen). must stop chewing. how do you start and succeed in actually quitting once and for all. that’s why I’m here. I want to succeed. any help is appreciated. thanks. Rob

    • You just gotta set a quit date and commit to it. Remember, you CONTROL whether you out that dip in or not. That’s what keeps me going. After the 3 day mark you start getting into the routine you just gotta keep thinking about all the reasons you wanted to quit. Don’t give up!

  20. Hi,
    I have been meaning to write a post for a long time to let you know how much I have benefited from your site, even though I have never made a comment or even registered as a user until last week. I assume there may be other “silent” readers out there like myself. I chewed close to a tin of Skoal a day for 32 years. I wasn’t going to quit because I liked it. Nobody could make me quit either. I told my wife that I needed to chew because of anxiety. When I decided that I wanted to quit, I looked for online resources and discovered your site. I read everything that is there. I quit chewing on 1/26/2010 and have never looked back. It was the hardest thing I ever did, but your articles and postings helped every step of the way. I am a licensed professional counselor and I work with others who wish to quit. My cards are in numerous dentists’ offices where I live. One person who I sent to your website has become a regular poster and during our conversations, has convinced me to let you know how much you have helped me over the years. It isn’t fair to you if I don’t give you credit for my quit. You deserve it. There is a whole lot more to my story, but I want to thank you for all you have done for me. I am almost 1800 days free and my dentist says that she sees no residual effects in my mouth and it would be difficult to tell that I ever chewed. Thank you killthecan for giving me my life back.

    • On a whim I decided to look for this topic and found this site. I read the comments and related to the things people went through. I am happy to see that it’s possible to quit again. It’s been on my mind for awhile. I quit several times for 10 and 5 year stretches. The first time was cold turkey because of the fear of cancer. Thank you for giving me hope that all is not lost. I just have to decide and stick with my plans. Growing up it was common for children chewing because the adults were also chewing. Nobody told us it was bad or harmful. Being female it has affected my life. You can’t walk in public with spots on your teeth because it’s not something you would consider ladylike.

      • Welcome Naaqista – you’re definitely not alone as a female quitter here!

        • Thank you! I’m so glad I found this. I told my cousin to look it up yesterday. She’s the one who told me she was also considering quitting. I went through the comments and saw some of the struggles and challenges one faces when you finally decide to quit for the right reasons. I loved the part about parents quitting because of their children! My husband quit smoking when we found out we were going to have our son 24 years ago. I started 5 years ago when a relative came and have been hooked since.

  21. 1 more day to my 1 year of being tobacco free !!!!!

  22. I’m on day 6 of quitting a 17 year habit of dipping Copenhagen . My daughter who is only five kept asking me why I keep putting that “stuff” in my mouth. Had no answer other than telling her bad habit. Tried to quit numerous times and thought nicorete would help. Only thing that did was get me addicted to the gum as well as the snuff. Last week I decided enough is enough and so far haven’t touched either since. Good luck to everyone and let’s beat this awful habit!

  23. I ma having a hard time quitting im in the military and stress is high even if I had already quit I find myself reaching for some or asking someone else. On top of this it seems to be habitual the thing about driving in the car,after eating and especially drinking beer.these situations seem to be the hardest for me.

  24. Made it to my 1 year anniversary !!!!!

    • Way to go, sir.
      Day 85 here.

    • Wow! So it is possible to add all those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months into a whole year without chewing/dipping? Congratulations!!! I need to find inspiration! My youngest son’s name is John and that inspired me on the name alone. I would not want any of my children to be addicted to tobacco and be trapped in its web of deceit and chemicals and reliance on a harmful product.

  25. I’m 18 and have dipped for about two years. The last couple years I have been very stressed due to family and relationship issues and dip was the one thing that seemed to keep me going and under control. I promised myself that I would quit once I found a girlfriend because I knew I wouldn’t feel like I needed it anymore. A couple months ago I fell in love with the girl in with now, and after a couple failed attempts that lasted only a day or two, I finally out my head to it last week and decided I was done. I’m currently on day 8, and some days see harder than others, but I know only a couple short weeks and the hardest stage will be over. I want to have kids someday and want to live a long healthy life for them, and even though my girlfriend is cool about it, I know it is a disgusting habit and no one wants to kiss somebody who does it. Quitting addiction is never easy, but I know it will be totally worth it! Stay strong!

    • I am 18 right now also. ive been chewing for 5 years. ive been with my girl friend 2 years now. ive had a dip in the whole time. until now. its hard. ive quit many times but started again. stay quit!

  26. I have been dipping for about 30 years.I’m disappointed in myself because my son also took after me on dipping.I told him that he should stop tonight an he said when I stop he will stop.So come thanksgiving day I will stop dipping for good.If anyone has any advice or hints for me please let me know.

    • Congrats on a great decision Johnny – if you haven’t yet, I’d suggest joining our forum at – we’ve got nearly 22,000 members who “get it” cause we’ve all been right where you are.

    • You have to quit for a purpose. I wanted to show God how important He is in my life. So I gave up something very important to me. Have dipped/chewed for over 35 years. Have had little withdrawal but I keep thinking about why I am doing this. Have to have a purpose. If a two can copaholic can do it, anyone can. Quit at midnight on Thanksgiving eve. Doing good

  27. 5 cans a week for 11 years…Just hit Day 95 and looking forward to triple digits. Every quit attempt failed until I found this site. Thanks to KTC!!

  28. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Kind of disappointed in myself right now. I’ve been 57 days free and today I cracked and went out a bought a can. I was doing very well but the holiday season isn’t the best for me. Hopefully this will just be a little rut that I need to get through. Is this normal? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  29. I have been dipping for 5 years, and I have tried to quit several times recently, but slipped up several times. Just dumped my last tin out and going to try again. Does anyone have any tips to help keep from slipping again?

    • Ryan.

      All of us had to get passed the first few days and weeks. Going cold turkey is how we do it here, my advise is to get fake chew, smokey mountain, and get ready for the fight against the nic bitch.

      I was on this site several times a day during my first 60 days. Allot of help here, as you read post, we all had the fight

      Hang tough Ryan, keep posting, I remember day 1-3.

      Day 110

  30. Has anyone ever tried to replace dip with coffee grounds? I feel like i can still put something in my lip (so it helps mentally), spit if i choose to, and still get a bodily reaction. The only difference is the “buzz” isnt going to kill me. Just an idea. People will definitely look at you in a strange way but since ive occasionally switched out fine cut for folgers, ive cut my dipping in half and saved a bunch of cash. Hope it helps you too!

  31. Five days without a dip!!!!!

  32. Can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to be a quitter… every single day I thank the maker that I was able to find my freedom with these fine folks!

  33. How is everyhting workign out for you? We can be confident for you brother.

  34. What are some good stuff to help quit? seeds? caffeine pouches? what worked best for you?

  35. Battling. 15 years dipping. 3 kids under 5. Sales job gives stress as well as other things. Always turned to dip for relief. Don’t want to die from dip. Need another substitute for relief….

  36. Quit 2 weeks from today. Just noticed a Tiny white spot on my lower gum, not a sore almost like dead skin but it’s firm. Anyone ever had this?

    • Yes I’ve had it it’s common. It will go away but takes a few weeks usually. Rinse with Salt water it will speed the healing

  37. I went to the site and saw the comments. Will be on a mission to get Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff in Wintergreen. That way I am making baby steps in my decision. At least I’ll have an option to have the non-tobacco product rather than procrastinate and think to myself I can get that when I decide to stop. I’m still negotiating with myself. But in the end I think quitting would be best in the long run.

    • Naaqista, yes do the herbal chew. Whatever it takes sister. I am currently on Zyban, the patch, and smokey mountain classic and peach. I used to be a Copenhagen addict for 38 years. You/we can overcome this addiction. The more you read and educate yourself on how nicotine and the other chemicals trick your brain, the more you will want to conquer the beast. You will win.

  38. On day 18. Its getting easier and NOTHING compared to day 1. There are occasions where I think “Man, I could really use a dip right now”. But I just give it time and keep myself busy and I don’t think about it anymore. Its all mental from here on out.

  39. On day four without any dip was the worse so far compared to the first three. I am now on day five and hoping it is a better day. I am determined to finally kick the can for good this time.

  40. I’ve been sitting in the shadows and waiting to post until i knew I was going to make it to 100. I’m Alex and I quit on 01SEP14. That date was my second wedding anniversary and I owed it to myself and my wife to quit. I had chewed for 5 straight years before my quit with a total of at least 8 years and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of on and off chew. As far as my previous habit went, I was about a tin and a half a day of wintergreen grizzly. Nasty shit that I thought I loved. It didn’t matter if I was drinking beer, eating dinner, driving, working out, watching tv, playing video games or doing any type of work around my house….I had one in. My brother Nick who is in the Navy quit on the same day. He has had trouble and has not been nic free the entire time. My quit went as follows: I was spending $10.00 a day on chew. It was cold turkey. I gave my wife a 3/4 full tin of grizzly and said hide it I’m done. (She didn’t hide it. She brought it to her work that day and threw it out in front of all her other nurses.) I told my co-workers that I was done too. Chew was who I am. I was the guy that always had one in. I was mother-***king everyone. I’m a cop and I would throw one in at the following times:
    1. After morning coffee.
    2. After morning workout.
    3. After lunch and driving to work.
    4. After work roll call.
    5. Entering my car to patrol.
    6. 5-6 throughout my eight hour shift.
    7. On my way home from work.
    8. Watching tv before bed.
    9. In bed just before sleep.
    It was bad. Really bad for the first 10 days. I’ll admit that I did use nicotine gum 3 times during the first 10 days. That’s an exact number. But I’m done now. I’m quit. I gave it up for good. I made a decision to quit and I’ve stuck to it. The reasons for my quit were plenty and though I wasn’t active on this site during my quit I believe that without I would have failed. My internet homepage has been and for the future will be this site. I thought that I loved dipping. But now I know that I love quitting. I’m 2 days away from 100. I’ll post again when I get there. But before that time I want to say thank you to everyone else that has been active on You have all inspired me to SAVE MY LIFE. I appreciate that you all also want to live a healthy and tobacco/Nicotine free life. It was a nasty habit. The absolute worst. The mirror will tell us all that.

    • Sounds ALOT like me. I am on day 20 now but will never have another dip. I work at a blue collar job as a welder and it gets boring at times so I would throw one in. It was a routine for me. After my coffee on the way to work, setting up my welder and other machines, 2 more while welding, one after lunch, then one on the way home. If I was drinking beer that night itd be another 2-3 from the time after work til I got to bed. I was dipping a can and a quarter a day. The worst part of my job with a dip is I can’t always spit if I have a lot to weld that day because I constantly have my mask on. So I just decided to stop. Fake stuff helped but I didn’t need it as bad as I thought I would. Keep it up and congrats on your 100!

    • Right on Al!

      I am day 117, I was the same way, I started each day with a big fatty in the shower, even before coffee.

      I am happy for what you have done, and a big congrats on your quit!

      Day 100 to me is very significant, it shows that I fought the nic bitch and won. Sure, I get craves now and then, the intensity is much lower, I can actually ignore the craves. I still keep some fake shit around, but only use it once every two week.

      I agree. This website is the key for my quit, I met some awesome dudes here!!

      Anyways. Congrats dude
      Day 117

  41. I put it down yesterday. 30 yrs old been dipping since I was 16. Google oral cancer! That’s enough to make you quit right there. I’m putting it down cold. No sub nothing. I’ve tried seeds ect. Just reminds me of a dip. I quit for my mom rip Oct 15 2014.

  42. Congratulations Al. Keep up the good work. Your story sounds very much like mine. I waited for almost 5 years to post to the site, but I read the articles and posts by others. You have a support network here and it sounds like you are well on your way. Stay focused on your goal. Every day you resist the urge to chew you become stronger. Don’t be alarmed if urges come out of the blue or certain events or activities trigger them even now. You can’t control the urges but you can control whether you act on them. Thanks for the work you do as well.

    Steve H. – Day 1777

  43. Just finished reading the story of Randy, after reading his horrible story I took my dip out looked at my wife and said I need to quit, I do not want to die a horrible death, I have quit many times before but always go back, it is time to quit and not go back, my gums are a mess I have a pocket in my lip, I am done, wish me luck I will need it as I have insane with draw, glad I found this site now let’s see if I can join the many that have quit

  44. Correction to the homework post 12/12/14

  45. I’m on day 21. There were tough moments. Found a few sores that Dr. Google pointed me in the direction of oral cancer. Built up anxiety, stress and more things I didn’t need. Went today for a oral exam with a ear nose and throat specialist and got the all clear that every thing was normal and the sores just looked like irritation and there were no indications of cancer. He said my mouth has healed really well and in 6, to 8 weeks it should look as if i hadnt chewed to begin with. Biggest thing he told me is if you have a sore don’t be afraid to get it checked. Its better to be checked and it be nothing vs doing nothing out of fear and it being something…my emotions took over as I have a 3.5 month old little girl and she is the reason I quit. I have no interest of putting that shit in my mouth ever again.

  46. Chet man take you can open it up. Dump it out and say I’m done ! Kick the mic bitch and report to roll call your first day nic free.

  47. I started my quit on 11/11/14. I dipped for a long time and quit for 6 years, but played with fire and fell back into it real deep. I was going through a can a day and hiding it from my family. So now I’ve been 14 years on, 6 years off, 10 years on and now 30 days off. The cravings are tough, but I’m managing. Thank you for the site and the encouragement.


    I started dipping about 15 years ago. What really got me started was I played college football and we spent a lot of time watching meetings. Well obviously it stuck and know I’m chewing a can or 2 a day. I read the article about Curt Shilling and the effects of chewing. It opened my eyes about how destructive chew can be! I have been making up reasons to quit chewing for as long as I can remember! I am happy to say that I quit tobacco since 10/27/14

  49. Thank you to this site.
    I am currently on Day 98 and I was a lot like you. I had thought about quitting all the time. I was hiding it for years from my wife. When she’d find it, I tell her it was an old can, or whatnot, but I kept perpetuating this lie and I was just forced to ride it … for nearly 15 years. She never really believed it, but she tolerated this. Blah, blah, blah. I am not very proud of any of this. Anyhow, I’m 45, and I chewed about a half a can a day for 27 years. I quit for about three months one time, but I had been a regular dipper ever since.

    Being married to a wonderful woman should have been enough for me to quit. I wasn’t.

    Having young children should have been enough. It wasn’t.

    The fear of the dentist or the intermittent pains in my jaw. Nope.

    What finally did it was watching a Curt Schilling interview when he first returned to ESPN after oral cancer treatments. This was on top of Tony Gwynn dying. It was after these two instances that I really thought that dying from this could really happen. I mean, it could REALLY happen. I could leave my wife a widow, and I could really screw my kids up by leaving them fatherless. I could die! Something went off in my head that took the threat of dying for a theoretical possibility to a real possibility.

    And so, I quit on Sept. 9. On Sept. 10, I found this site, and it has helped provide me short-term goals. After I got through the first three days of physical addiction, I decided that I wasn’t going to get defeated by my own mind. I combed the local stores for Smokey Mountain, and I quietly quit. Remember, that since I was lying about not chewing for all of those years, I really couldn’t celebrate it with my family. So it has been a personal celebration to this point. Like I said, I’m really not proud of lying… that’s the worst part. At least I’m not lying anymore.

    Two big stressers hit this week:
    1. Going to the dentist tomorrow. Hopefully, all is well…
    2. Flying on a plane for the first time since quitting. This was one of the reasons I would delay. I was afraid to fly, and that lipper was my way to counteract this. I plan to just throw back shots this time. Ironically, the flight date is also my 100th day.

    So, for all of you who are thinking about trying, or if you are in your earlier days of the quit, please read all of these people. They were you. I was you. They sucked it up and did it. You really can, too!

  50. I’m 17 and dipped a can a day since I was about 15 and trying to quit because cancer seams to run in my family , what is the best way to quit?

    • Bob
      First, congrats on your decision, and it tells us you have the balls to quit the nic bitch.

      The best way to quit is to go get your can(s). Go to the toilet and flush all of it,

      Cold turkey is the best way… Fight the first few days

      Post. Read. Post… You will find allot of support on your quit.

      The first step is a bitch, but you can do it

      Day 128.


    Hey ya”ll

    I quit chewing 50 days ago today. I decided to quit when one of my buddies forwarded me the story about Curt Shilling and his bout with mouth cancer. I have always wanted to quit chewing and I have always had an excuse each time. My wife and I got into an argument about it and I basically told her that I don’t see it happening. I started chewing mostly when I was in college. I played college football and we sat in meetings and watching film for countless hours. It always helped pass the time to have a Copenhagen in, that was 14 years ago. We all know the story from there, your chewing for breakfast, lunch and dinner and in between. I came across this site and it has helped with my battle to quit. This is the first time that I have posted a comment but reading the other people that have posted and are going through the same struggles really helps!The hardest time is when I have some beers so I keep the fake stuff on hand to curb the desire. I do have to say that the desire is fading. No longer do I have a chew on the way to work, at lunch, or on the way home. But still the crave is there! Thanks to everyone on here for there encouragement! It’s nice to know that other people are going through the same struggles! I know my battle is far from over and 50 days feels like a long time. Now that I have posted I feel like I need to be accountable to all of you as well!



  52. Day 2. I absolutely love Copenhagen. I am not quitting because I want to but because I know I need too. Wish me luck. Good luck to the rest of you.

    • That kind of attitude makes it tougher. I used to romanticize how much I loved my Grizzly Longcut. It wasn’t until I could list off the reasons I despised it that I could commit to my quit.
      We all loved it at one time or we wouldn’t keep putting a poison weed in our lip day after day, year after year. Your post reminds me of a guy that keeps a girlfriend around regardless of the fact she’s giving him a venereal disease every night. “It hurts to pee, but by golly she’s a looker!”

  53. I would like to join this group

  54. Not sure what the typical length is for a first-time post so excuse me if it’s lengthy, but I just had my last pinch about 30 minutes ago..

    Here’s a little bit about me: I’m 19 years old and I started dipping almost a year ago, around the same time I started my enlistment process for the US Marine Corps. It was never really something that I craved doing, just a once in a blue moon thing – but I imagine that that is how most of us started.

    Now, I can’t really get through a shift without dipping before, during, and after work. In hindsight, I picked up the habit from my recruiter & fellow recruits, since they dip quite often and got me curious as to what was so great about it.

    I have always found that conventional methods by “experts” for quitting substance abuse (pills, marijuana, etc.) have never worked. Luckily, I found KTC this morning and feel as if this is the support group I’m looking for.

    Why I’m quitting: To save $, preserve my health, and most of all – to live a long life with my family, friends, and the love of my life. By quitting this habit I’ll be able do all of the above, and avoid unnecessary problems down the road.

    That pretty much sums it all up, and knowing that I just took my last pinch is a pretty big relief. I am going cold turkey so wish me luck lol..

    Other than that, I look forward to chatting with you all & sharing my progress.
    Feel free to ask me anything!

    • Chris,
      Quitting cold turkey is how it’s done, and how I did it.

      I am a USMC veteran, if you did sign up, no tobacco at boot camp, so I hope can get your quit in before, at least you will not have withdrawals at boot.

      Your a young man, and smart to quit now, I know several of my friends here in ktc, would have quit at 19.

      We are most in our 40’s or 50’s.

      Good luck

      Day 128

  55. I quit for 6 months and started back with the Camel Snus thinking it would be super easy to quit.Wrong. I’ve flirted with it back and forth and in the last month I’ve wanted to buy a can of Grizzly Wintergreen pouches everyday. And I have some days. I’m officially on day 1 of my new commitment to quit. This has been harder than the first time. I cannot concentrate at all at work. But if I don’t quit, then I’m gonna die one day and lose my future wife. Not worth it.

  56. over 1300 days! This April 1st will be 4 years! chewed a can a day of Copenhagen for 33 years. Set a date! plan for it. Cold turkey and a mindset that you will never ever take another pinch of tobacco again. Yes you can use tobacco free chew to help, but you can’t wean off the tobacco adiction because that means you don’t have the mindset to quit for good. I know that I will never go back, and when you have that mindset, it makes all the difference. I tried many times before but I really didn’t want to quit because I liked it too much! That leads to failure. You need to really want to quit. Good luck, I’m living proof it can be done, and PS I am around people that chew a lot so don’t use that excuse. I have the mindet that I could care a less. You can stick a can under my nose and I have no urge to try it again. 3yrsoff (Mark B)

  57. Day 55. For those starting out- you will go through hell. Your fault- suck it up. But one day you will wake up and feel like a new person. I’ve still got a ways to go, but there’s no looking back at this point. I’m a real competitive guy- so I made it a point to tell my family so that I was going up against my reputation. Fight until victory- same with this. You can do it!

  58. 3 wks nicotene free. I have come to a conclusion Fake dip works. Chewing gum is almost as good. Physical withdrawl is long gone. My prooblem is the mental side. I drive a truck 300 to 400 miles a day on some of the most boring piece oc interstate. I get alot of time to fidget around Thats where fak dip comes in handy

  59. Day 99 and I’m very dependent on Smokey Mountain and sunflower seeds now. Any suggestions for the next step?

  60. I chewed the fake stuff daily (can + per day) for a good 220 days into my quit. Then one day… I just didn’t need it any more. My suggestion would be to use it till you don’t need it any more. The overwhelming majority of people will eventually just put it down and not look back.

  61. What do you mean dependent? Needing an oral fix? Try keeping a water bottle with you and taking a swig instead of a seed.

  62. Keep eating seeds and quit with the smokey mountain. Or continue with both

  63. I use seeds and fake chew too, have for over 120 days now. BUT….I’ve tapered off, as Chewie mentioned, I have only been taking 2-3 fake dips a day now. I’ve only had one so far today. But the seeds….those are some good things! I can see me moving exclusively to seeds eventually. And for $2 a bag, a much better habit than tobacco!

  64. 5 wks almost gave in I found a can in my drawer. I dont know how long it had been there it was all dried up . I thought heck its only one. WRONG! It would have been an excuse to lie to myself as to why I started again So I threw the weed into the toilet

  65. What types of fake dip did you find help full?

  66. John – There are some outstanding fake dips out there. Is there a particular brand or flavor you’re trying to replicate? I’m happy to point you in the right direction.

  67. Smokey mountain wintergreen is a good sweet fake chew, no tobacco no nicotene

  68. I’m trying to replicate Kodiak wintergreen the only dip I have used for the last 20 years.

  69. I have been chewing the smoky mountain stuff and it is pretty good. I only tried Kodiak and can’t remember what it was like. I am finding that it really isn’t the taste (for me), as much as having something in my lip.

  70. I’ve been chewing Smokey mountain snuff wintergreen and its the closest to Kodiak I’ve found yet. I’m in the same boat as you.

  71. After 27 years of only using Kodiak, I have been trying to find a good alternative, and after 3 weeks of being tobacco and nicotine free, smokey mountain seems to the best fake dip I have found! 3 weeks down the rest of my life to go.

  72. It’s true. Once you decide to quit, you can NEVER go back. I quit a few times and each time I went back, it was a worse addiction. It’s been over 4 years now (quit) and I still use the herbal snuff and I never even think of real tobacco anymore.

  73. Hard love!!!!! If you quit for 1 truly solid week and you go back I say FUCK YOU !!! I chewed for 31 years before I truly quit,I’m in my 5th month of my quit. Just bought a brand new truck as my reward. The money I save almost covers the payment. This is the way it is, if you make it a week you can make it forever, don’t let that brown bitch control what you do, when you do it or keep you from your family

  74. I’m thinking about purchasing some fake dip. Usually do Skoal Wintergreen. So far Hooch and Smokey mountain are my top choices, but they say Hooch isn’t quite like long cut and that Smokey Mountain stains your teeth and is messier than Hooch. What about longetivity? Any suggestions????

  75. Thinking about looking into some fake dip. Usually purchase Skoal Wintergreen. So far Hooch and Wintergreen seem like my best too options, but I hear Hooch isn’t quite “long cut” and stains the teeth and can be a little too “harsh” to feel like real dip. However, SM I hear stains teeth and is super messy. What about longetivity and flavor? Advice and suggestions?? I’ll take as much as I can get!

  76. That’s what I wanted to hear!

  77. Hey Chewie, I hear everyone using Smokey Mountain, is that available in Texas? I finally broke down and ordered some Hooch, but it would be a lot easier if I could just buy it somewhere here locally.

  78. Lex & Ty – reviews, coupons, etc. here. I’ve tried just about all of them. My personal reviews are located here: If you’re a Skoal Wintergreen guy I’d point you to Hooch, Holt or Elicit to get you started, but there are SEVERAL great products out there. Let me know if you’ve got any specific questions… happy to help!

  79. Thank you so much!! Ty tried some Smokey Mountain because it’s all our local store sells and we have yet to get our Hooch…he said that it did not have the Skoal tobacco feel or the wintergreen taste. So my question is, will the Hooch Wintergreen be close to the Skoal tobacco feel and wintergreen taste he is looking for? He’s very excited about trying the Hooch! And will it be long-cut enough for him? That is his usual cut of choice.

    Please reply, and thank you for your help!

  80. I’ve often gone on record as saying Hooch Wintergreen (for me) is as close to the real thing as you can find on the market. It won’t be quite that “long” cut he’s looking for, but Hooch DID just come out with a “rough” cut which is much closer.

  81. Today while at Walmart I decided not to buy a can of smokey mountain, Im also on Day190 of my quit. no urges but I’ve been drinking a lot more lately. I’m not sure if it’s cause it’s finally gotten nicer here in the northeast or if I’m substituting alcohol for my ex-addiction.

  82. So we should go for the Hooch Wintergreen rough cut, yes?

  83. Day 243, I curbed my drinking, I drink only 3-4 evenings a week which is better than every night. I still would love to have a pinch but don’t want it all at the same time. I also just came from the dentist and the didn’t beat me up about my teeth this time, pretty cool !!!. I miss my old friend but I’ll get past this part of my life simply because I refuse to be controlled by tobacco or anything or anyone!!!

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