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  1. Wrapping up day 8. Seems to be getting a little easier and easier as each day goes by but I still have the uges to throw one in. Hell, sometimes I even reach for my back pocket but quickly realized I quit. I miss it a little not gonna lie but I feel like I’ll have a better future without it. I already feel alot healthier and more focused. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had some “mini-quits” but I really think this one is gonna stick this time. The hardest part is work because about 75% of the people I work with smoke or dip. For example one day a buddy of mine had a dip in, the same dip I used to use, and I could smell it on his breath. It sucked but I made it through. Smokey Mountain has helped alot.

  2. Day 32 without a chew , hey that rhymes lol.
    40 years of the habit in my life. Some day’s are harder than others. Aiming to stay clean, I feel so much better without being A dipshit.
    Thank you all for being here and posting in the forums, very useful site !!! I Love that there is a place to go for support !!! Thanks again. It’s a nic free day ….all day.

  3. Day 10. First 3 days were tough. Almost lost it on day 6. Bought a can of grizz. But I threw it out and didn’t give up. Still just throwing in giant wads of smokey mountain when I get cravings. I don’t see ever chewing again. I am addicted to it, but I don’t want it anymore.

  4. A few hours from the 72 hour mark. It comes and goes in waves with how hard it is. Some moments are unbearable, others its fine. Strange.

  5. Thanks craigselk. I made it ok, i was just stressed and worrying about alot of shit. Went home and watched the Rambo cartoon on youtube for awhile. I just needed to laugh for awhile. So im still with you here on day 121, you dont think i would let you take all the glory? Odd thing is it wasnt an actual craving for nicotine, i havnt had one of those in a long time but it was more me trying to mind F myself starting by trying to remember what a nicotine high felt like, i dont remember how it felt now. After laughing for abit it took my mind off it… But i wont let my guard down again. I would feel so horrible now if i had thrown away 4 months yesterday and any chew i got would probably be gone by now also.

  6. Tom S,
    Stay strong man! I’m at Day 121 also…..and its been a rough week….little patch of fog and slight spells of dizziness…..but it’s another week without NIC…..

    Hopefully today is a better one for ya!

    Day 121….can’t wait for 122.

  7. Wintergreenlover69
    I’m on day two as well brother. It’s been TOUGH! I feel more sorry for everyone around me more than I feel sorry for myself. I’ve been a giant prick and I can’t even help it. Plus I’ve been incredibly sleepy! Is that even normal? I’ve tried to quit several times before and don’t remember it making me sleepy.

  8. How long have you chewed?

  9. I made it without screwing up. Learned one thing, dont let my guard down. It had been a long time since id had a bad day like today.

  10. You can do this !!!
    Don’t give up !!!
    Your doing a great job dude.

  11. 120 days. 4 months no nicotine. Im not feeling good today. Im tired and just feel burned out. I havnt had a day off to myself in over 4 years. Its bad when i start trying to remember what chew made me feel like.

  12. WintergreenLover69

    Day two of quitting dip after a year straight of dipping at least 3 times a day. What is getting me through this is the realization that I can overcome any physical addiction because ultimately it is my mind that is in control. I can transcend past my bodily desires and allow my mind to make my choices for me. Not that I don’t miss that Cope Wintergreen, I just know I can live without it.

  13. I am on day 42. For the last week or so I have the worst sore throat plus very horse voice. Is this normal or is something I should go in and have Dr look at? The only reason I am asking I am work in sales I need to be able to talk it’s been a struggle not being able to talk normally. Obviously I have been drinking gallons of water. Basically I just want to know if other people have gone through it.

  14. 36 hours in. I can do this.

  15. Robert,
    You’re getting there man… day at a time your gaining freedom and extending your life with family and friends. All quits are different…..symptoms, severity, duration, etc…..but one thing is locked in stone for all of us and it’s the most important piece….you WILL get better one day at a time if you stay quit.

    I’m at Day 120…..Day 121 looks even better!

  16. You’re a bigger burden on your family when you’re not there to provide… because you’re dead. You’re almost over the worst of the irritability. Stick with it and stop looking for excuses. I was there myself. My wife left town for a week when I quit. It does get better, and soon you will stop thinking about it.

  17. I’ve been hanging around the site, not registered, but I’m at the point of desperation. I’m on day 10. I had (what should have been) an awesome day with my family yesterday, but I’ve been so ridiculously anxious that I can’t enjoy a thing. Sleep hasn’t been so bad, body feels fine, I just feel like I’m crawling out of my skin. I can’t concentrate at all, and I just want to give in so that I can be a good husband/father. I know that isn’t the right answer, but is it really worth it to quit if I’m being a burden on my family?

  18. I spoke to soon last night. Today sucks balls. It feels like my world fell apart this morning and I want nothing more than a fat dip and some peace and quiet. I have asked friend for cigarettes, dips, and even broke down and bought a can (haven’t opened it yet). I’m trying to rap myself in work but it’s all I can think about right now. HELP!

  19. Thanks Chewie! Any suggestions on apps that track the days I have been dip free? I feel like that may help motivate me.. I see your calculator but I think checking in on a day to day basis may help me.

  20. Been dipping on and off for the last 10 years… Just switched jobs and work from home. The habit began to get worse as I was always dipping. Finally quit, 2 days ago, and HOLY HEADACHES. Any suggestions? Would nicorete help? Seeds?

    • Nicorette will “help” in so much as it will reintroduce nicotine to your system. Don’t do that.

      Drink lots of water to flush your system. Days 2 and 3 are typically the worst. It takes your body 72 hours to rid itself of all nicotine.

  21. kyle, I know how you feel man. I am the same age, chew just as often, spitters all over the house, wife pist off, just had a son. worried about cancer, worried about my relationship, worried my son will see that and want to do it, or drink one of my spitters… just man the fuck up and do it bro… I need the same help.

  22. Striket you ever tried smokey mountain? That stuff is a lifesaver for me. Pretty close to the feel of real dip in your mouth.

  23. Well my first day is in the books and I feel positive. Last night was tough. Woke up several times and was just restless. Off to the store to buy a couple bags of seeds.

  24. What’s going on? It says I’m banned from the site?!

  25. Wrapping up day 5 for me. I feel alot better, more focused, and love being able to look at my teeth in the mirror and not have dip all over em. I’ve had longer quits before (even four months) but with this one I feel the most confident. To the point where dipping sounds pretty disgusting to me right now. I’ve always been more of a morning dipper, so once I get through the first part of my day it’s usually smooth sailing for me.

  26. Tomorrow it will be one week. This has been the “easiest” quick, after about a million attempts. Don’t get me wrong, I have chewed enough gun and tooth picks to make my digestive system go nuts, and I think I have threatened to punch just about everyone in the face. Everyones posts have been an inspiration and I think this one will stick.

    I saw a bunch of high school kids dipping at a basketball game, the thought of them having to go through all the same issues made me want to puke and cry at the same time, I wish someone would have stopped me 15 years ago when that was me. I will pay for them and ask if you.

  27. It’s 6:32 and still haven’t taken a pinch all day. I’m always good up until around 5pm and that’s when the cravings really kick in. I’ve crushed about 2 bags of BBQ sunflower seeds and my mouth is all tore up. I saw a previous poster chewed toothpicks so Im giving that a try. Not gonna lie, I’d love a pinch right now.

  28. Blaine,
    Thanks for looking out for me by throwing me a prayer, I appreciate that very much! I’m now on day 30 and still going,which in itself is a small miracle. It sounds like we’re about the same age from reading your post, with that said the clock is ticking. Please take care of yourself and live long and well.

  29. Day 29 and 195 richer for quitting Love this site has helped so much with this im gonna finnaly do this im gonna beat 43 years of copehagen running my life not having to sneak off some place to spit really sounds so disgusting to me now i use to only shop stores where a trash can could be found how stupid is that

  30. Cbass
    How do I tell you how much I understand. I’m an over the 30 year carefree user mark. I honestly was more of a can every 4-6 day user, but it was in 24/7. Did everything but make love to my wife with it in. I’m trying to get my mind right on this thing. Things going on inside my mouth that are very scary. Been reducing usage, but still not free. I pray you battle on and best this thing. I’d wish you luck, but we both know luck has nothing to do with it.

  31. Chewie,

    I am pissed. I’ve wasted so much money in my life with that stupid shit. Even though I did give in and buy a can yesterday, I still only had 3 dips which is good for me. At the end of night, before I made my initial post, I threw away my 3/4 full can.

  32. Well I went in today with the mindset of quitting. At the end of the day I became weak and talked myself into buying a can. Everybody here has probably done that at some point I’m guessing. My justification is that since I’m going through a tough breakup, it’s going to be an impossible task to follow through on. What a complete bs mindset. I’ve been dipping for over 20 years and I’m sick of it.

    • Sounds like you’re starting to get pissed at yourself. That’s a good step to take. Get pissed at yourself for failing. Get pissed at the can for having such a hold on you that you can’t keep a promise to yourself for a single day. Use that anger… you can do this. When you’re ready.

  33. Quitting for me has been a mindset that I have to reset routinely everyday. I dipped from age 5 to 41. I started dipping Copenhagen at 15 and when I quit this past fall I was using two cans a day. The first 100 days were very rough and there were times that I thought for sure I was going to jump back into it. Around day 56 I even opened a can and sniffed it but quickly realized how foolish it would be to through all of my progress away. The other thing that helped deter me was knowing I would most likely get sick if I got a big ole fatty since it had been so long.

    Anywho, I can truthfully say that it has been much easier since hitting the 100 day mark (I just hit day 115). Im not out of the woods yet and will have urges for the rest of my life but it really is about one day at a time, everyday, and just straight up commitment. If you are struggling find something to motivate you. Look at the money your saving (I use the calculator on this site everyday) the health benefits, how much cleaner your car is without all the bottles and dried snuff all over the place.

  34. The weird thing (at least for me…) is the “Rain Man” feeling (“These are not my underwear…”) for the first few days, then… nothing. No anxiety, no twitches, jerks, shakes… Then all of a sudden, it feels like I have ants dancing the Nutcracker Suite in and out of my butthole. I don’t know any other way to describe it. It literally feels like I have ants giving me a rimming and crawling in and out of my anus. I’m 19 days in, and I’m losing sleep over this… Oh…. and why the fuck do I get cold sores EVERY FUCKING TIME I QUIT?

  35. Day 1. I cant tell you how many half ass attempts ive made at quitting and then gave up a week or two in. Not this time. I need to do this, for my own health and my own sanity. I cant believe i’ve been a dipper for almost 5 years now, it’s mind blowing. Reading all of the posts on here are so inspiring, I want to be able to inspire someone else to quit this horrible habit. I no longer am going to keep paying to slowly kill myself.

  36. I’m at day 84. I can truthfully say, it has not been easy. My anxiety is terrible! I’m still in the fog as well. I hope this gets easier for me. On the plus side, food has never tasted so good! My bathroom habits have changed; I was told this was normal. Just hoping the arrival of Spring will bring brighter days! Without question, and as arduous as it has been, this is the BEST decision I have ever made for myself. I’m also grateful I found this site.

  37. Day 1 today. Everything is irritating. This needs to be done though

  38. Keep it up fucker, you’re just getting started! You are well on your way to being done, don’t give up.

  39. Day 28 and i have saved 189 bucks really thats a fucking car payment i am now so ashamed of myself what an idiot copenhagen kiss my ass i will not dip again to my family i am sorry as for me it will be a long time before i can forgive myself

  40. Dawn, my boyfriend is currently day (+/-) 40 on kicking the can and every since he has quit he has been aggravated at no patciular thing. Did your husband experience this? Do you know if this is normal and if there is anything I can do to help as well as if it ever eases up for him?

  41. Kyle,

    I know exactly what you are talking about. I had my routine too. I can’t tell you how many times I thought about quitting but never did. I knew I should have, but I just never did. Finally, one day I was sitting on my couch, out of dip and had some sort of epiphany that dipping was stupid and I shouldn’t do it anymore. That was 24 days ago and I haven’t dipped since.

    The first three days were the hardest, because I dipped so much, everything I did made me want a dip…just take it one day at a time. It’s not going to be easy at all, but you can do it!

    Now I’m to the point that I’m getting dreams where I’m dipping. They are super vivid, I wake up thinking I was actually dipping.

    In the end, I can’t believe that I ever dipped. I feel so much better now, and I realized that I was a total slave to the tin. I would literally rearrange my life around dip.

  42. Another thing that keeps my motivation up is how sick and tired I was of worrying about every little sore or bump in my mouth was cancer. It would get me depressed and stressed out, especially when reading the stories about it on this site. I love not having to worry about that stuff anymore.

  43. day 27 feeling prety good thats a little scary but ill take it says i saved 175 dollars so far damn 43 years of cope running my life im hopeful i can stay quit thanks to this site it has made it alot better

  44. Chris,
    You are very welcome from a simple southern MN boy! Grit your teeth….put on your angry face and go into attack mode….don’t sit and wait for shit to happen. Read everything you can on this site…..I’m at 115 days and first thing I do every morning is hop on this site and read the Roll Call….and look for any new posts to read.

    I did the exact same thing with finding posts that inspired me…..or if nothing else made me feel good even if for just a second….and those seconds turned into minutes…..and so on.

    It’s a wild fuckin ride….but your not alone….and that always helps to remember that part of this journey.

    Day 115… 116 looks even better!

  45. CSelk!!!! You are an inspiration! I printed your post off and will read that in the morning. I’m a flyweight compared to you and I’m struggling. You’ve given me the strength. Whoever the hell you are, wherever youve come from, your simple post has boosted my resolve. Thanks from a simple Western Canadian fella.

  46. Keep going bud. I fucking hate this. I do feel a bit better 4 days in but fuck me and fuck it all.

  47. Day 2 for me as well. Actually I quit on January 13th and started using nicotine gum. I stopped the gum two days ago and have went cold turkey. It really sucks right now. Mouth is watering and I would love to make love to my skoal with my my mouth. Lol. I just can’t do it anymore. Wife hates its, and I hate hiding it from her. Tired of looking over my shoulder and worrying about when I will get cancer or something else that kills me. Its time and I have my mind made up this time.

  48. Woke up on day two of my cold turkey quit. Freaked out a little, when I couldn’t find my can. When I remembered I quit yesterday, it felt good. My ride to work this morning, being a jerk, offered me a dip, felt good to tell him no.

  49. I was a 2 can a day dipper for nearly 3 decades! I am now entering my 26th day dip free and this has been without doubt the toughest thing I have ever done. Today on my 26th quit day, I feel calm and at ease for whatever reason and it’s very welcomed. Of course there’s still a long battle ahead but thanks to this site and the strong people on it gives me strength to fight the fight!!!

  50. Rosiagni,
    The dizziness came up during my quit…..but is very slight now…..and not all the time. Just like everything else with this wicked journey to freedom…..time is the key.
    I wasn’t at the level your describing….but I pray he can quit and stay quit.
    I’m at 114 days now……and life is much better…..looking forward to 115.

  51. day 2. Staying strong. Just reading about other people fighting the same good fight is helping a lot. Using Smokey Mountain classic right now, and it is a big help. The girlfriend started giving me a hard time today and it was a serious trigger, but i popped in some smokey mountain and cooled off. Just really enjoying reading everyones stories right now

  52. Hey everyone, names Kyle Douglas. I’m up here in Wisconsin and I just joined a few minutes ago. I’ve been chewing for about 8 years and over the last 8 years I’ve said “I’m done” hundreds of times. I’ve literally thrown hundreds of full tins out my car window, and dumped hundreds of full tons down the toilet or in the dumpster thinking I was done. Low and behold, the next morning, I run to the gas station for a fresh tin.

    My body is programmed on this shit. I have a serious routine.

    1. Wake up
    2. Get dressed
    3. Get in car
    4. 1st Chew

    5. Get to work
    6. Slam two coffees in paper cup so I have a spitter
    7. 9:00 am meeting
    8. 9:15—2nd chew
    9. 9:20—drop a huge deuce

    You get the point.

    Ive been to this site probably 12 times over the last 2 years, and was ignorant enough just move on. Today I will not make the same mistake.

    I finished my last dip at about 11:00 tonight. I walked into my garage, said a prayer asking God for strength, and dumped that crap in my garbage can one last time.

    Here I am…27 years old and a proud father of my amazing son Jax. I got too much to live for and tonight I’m committed to giving myself a better life.

    You’ve all been there. The struggle is real. I’m asking you guys for your support and advice and hope I too am able to help any one who needs it.

    Cheers to all of you. Please help hold me accountable.

    • A good feeling is knowing you got through a trigger and fought it. Like for example right now my girlfriend isnt here and I just finished my morning coffee. Everyday I would throw a dip in right about now but I’m not. And never will again. It’s tough because I feel like my whole day is just one big trigger, at every moment I just wanna throw one in. And the guys I work with at work dip so it feels alot different being around them. Gonna go pick up a few cans of smokey mountain today and see if I can get my fix on that.

  53. Thanks Cory. Coming up on 72 hours cold turkey. Thanks for the advice. Good luck to you on your adventure as well my friend.


    February 1, 2016 at 11:22 pm
    Thanks for the input…. I know exactly what your talking about….my head just hasn’t been right since I quit. I have flashes of clarity….but short-lived. I have dizziness spells in the mornings….almost seems like it’s caused by my brain not keeping up with my eyes/sight…..sounds weird but when I move my eyes too fast….. I get dizzy.

    And certain types of lights trigger dizziness for me…..probably why I feel much better at night.

    Anyone else feel like chiming in…..I’m all for it….I need stuff to read and am curious about what to expect on this journey.”

    Hey Craig,

    My boyfriend experienced the same exact thing you described but he has not quit dipping yet. We ended up going to the ER and getting a full work up and nothing came up wrong. Did you experience the dizziness when you were trying to quit?

    Did you ever figure it out or did time make it better?

    Thanks for your help.

  55. Hang in there Cody, just gotta fight the cravings. I dipped for almost 10 years and currently on day 125 tobacco free. I still get an urge for a fat one. Just try to focus on other things, but don’t let it be food, which is why I am working out again.

  56. Comming up on 48 hours soon. Time seems to go slower and I don’t feel myself. I believe after 7 years of chewing I am ready to quit. I am going to make it this time. Good luck to the rest of you on your personal journeys.

  57. Well its day 1 for me. No more messing around and quitting for a few weeks then finding an excuse as to why I “need” a dip again. I’m just ready to be 100% committed to never buying another can for the rest of my life. Hardest part is getting through work without it because that’s where I dipped the most. Just gotta keep thinking about healthy gums and saving money!

  58. Day 7…My ear canals feel like they are on fire. Phantom pains in my neck and upper back. 42 year habit did not happen over night and neither will the symptoms of being nicotine free.

  59. I’m on day 5 of no tobacco. The reason I quit is I started to feel like my throat was swelling up around my esophagus. Anyone else experience that before?

  60. Went to dentist yesterday morn for post chew checkup. No cancer after 15 years of scoal. Just minor gum recession. Quit 8 days ago. Still have some minor pain in jaw but better every day. Rinsing mouth with a salt water 3 times a day to aid the healing process. This is quit 2 for me and can’t see myself going back to it again. Good luck all.

  61. Just past day 500+ I have had all the descriptions. Yep they rarely happen now it’s just been to long

  62. Bob,
    Thanks for the input…. I know exactly what your talking about….my head just hasn’t been right since I quit. I have flashes of clarity….but short-lived. I have dizziness spells in the mornings….almost seems like it’s caused by my brain not keeping up with my eyes/sight…..sounds weird but when I move my eyes too fast….. I get dizzy.

    And certain types of lights trigger dizziness for me…..probably why I feel much better at night.

    Anyone else feel like chiming in…..I’m all for it….I need stuff to read and am curious about what to expect on this journey.

  63. I quit about the same time and I am still in the fog. Some days are better than others, but my head has not been the same since I quit. Looking forward to having a clear mind.

  64. Day 23 of my most recent quit. Been using for 37 years. Wanted to share a story my father told me. Many years ago a group of scientists performed an experiment with laboratory rats. They gave seperate rats different highly addictive drugs such as nicotine, herion, alcohol, and cocaine over a period of time to cement their addiction. The scientists then starved the rats, then at some point offered each of them food or their drug of choice. All the rats went to the food with the exception of one. You guessed it, the rat that was addicted to nicotine.

  65. Day 110. Just wondering if there are any more “funks” that are known to happen after 100+ days….or what people have experienced beyond the 100 day mark.

    I’m still in and out of “haziness”….which is probably more of a dizziness that’s not blood sugar related. Anxiety and all the other crap seems to have ran it’s course…

    Just curious about other people’s experience once the cross the threshold of 100 days.

  66. I was dizzy, couldn’t feel my finger tips, arms were rubber, insomnia, phantom pains in lower jaw. Back to normal after bout a month. I try an stay outta the gas stations when I can so I’m not tempted. Chewed scoal for 12 years.

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