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  1. Today is day 21 of my quit. Things lately have been better, less fog and a little more energy. Today though…a wicked bad sore throat. Using lozenges and ibuprofen, salt gargle….somebody please tell me this is normal!

  2. About to end day #4 of no chew. Today was the hardest day. Mini win was took work people to Cardinals game tonight (with drinks) and never did cave to stop and by a tin on way home. Now I’m back home not wanting another sleepless night – last night sucked.

  3. Holy crap, Im on day three of quitting. Ive been taking some nicorette gum when i feel the need to chew. 4mg seems to do the trick for 2-4 hours. But every time at work all I want to do is pop a dip in and code. It really doesn’t help when the majority of the people Im working with chew all day long as well. Its freaking torture man! granted I know this is cheating… im still planning on only taking 3 things of gum a day until I can work myself down to one gum a day for at least a week.

  4. Proud of you big dog. Hang in there. We’ve all been there. Get that boat brother.

  5. Yesterday was day 20 in a very tough battle. Was on the road for over 6 hours without dip for the first time in 41 years. Hard day to get through but made it. Have more long drives coming up next week and weeks to come. I am going to beat this thing. Life at home with wife is better. My Skoal money is now going to a new fishing boat fund. Amazing how fast it grows with a can a day habit.

  6. Day 21. I’m starting to have days where I feel great but then the next day comes and kicks my butt. I was on a run last night and experienced another spell of sever dizziness and a bit of an anxiety attack followed. I am so ready to be done with these weird chemical changes. I go in and out of “the fog” and currently feel as if I’m going to be stuck here forever! Sometimes my brain feels like it is swelling or something… maybe like I’ve had too much to drink… Very annoying/concerning. I thought after week 2 I would be fine but it is obviously going to take me longer to heal. I dipped 1 can a day for 7 years. Guess this is my body paying me back?

    • Right there with you John. Day 32 for me and still struggling with various withdrawal experiences. Fog, focus and lethargy are real challenges. It is getting better. We’ll keep doing this together.

  7. I left a reply on here yesterday. Any idea where it went? Does posts/replies have to be approved before they are put on here? Thanks

  8. August 2nd 2015. I quit that day. Haven’t had one since. It was rough on the 4th and 5th days for myself. After that I have been relatively good. Made my first dentist appointment in roughly 12 years which was yesterday the 31st. Got a good cleaning, bled real good. My own fault. It was worth it. Dr. came in and examined me, said I looked good. I thank God for a good report. It can be done folks, it’s up to us. Myself like the rest of you that have quit, we will continue to fight this some for the rest of our lives, others it will be easier. God bless those that it’s the easiest for. I have read many things on here. All have been for the good in helping a person quit. Keep moving forward quitters. Good luck to all.

  9. Phew.. Day 6 … throbbing in the lip has subsided somewhat .. but am going through foggy dizzy sort of spell here… hopefully it will pass soon

  10. Day 2. I have quit for years at a time before. This time has been so difficult for me to quit.

    I use it as a crutch to take the edge off at a very stressful job. Having trouble concentrating today. Can’t get anything done. Have insomnia. Lip throbbing for a chew.

    Chewing gum is huge, as well as caffeine (for me). I’m going to quit though. And I’m done for good this time. After how hard it has been this round……

    • Good job on your quit…just got through a solid three days…need to work on flying off the handle, though. Anymore and I’ll be on Springer as the guy with tourettes.

  11. Day 19 for me. First 7-10 days absolutely sucks. Beginning to feel like a new man now! It’s been a while since I have let my body function without nicotine and I can honestly say I missed my normal self. During the 7 years I dipped I was always moody and anxious at social events where I couldn’t have my nicotine fix. Now that I don’t have to worry about it I am the happy and outgoing person I used to be. Positive changes all around. Trying to figure out when you are going to dip next, stressing about only having one more pinch left in the can, worrying about cancer, wasting gas/time just to have one more dip before you get home, and dreading the dentist visits was definitely not worth it. SO HAPPY I QUIT!

  12. Day 20 and feeling so much better

  13. I’m on day 18 of my quit. This has been the toughest thing I’ve ever done. My anxiety is ridiculous. Hopefully things will calm down as I plow through the symptoms. I’m still tired all of the time and dealing with a sore throat. Say some prayers for me. I need it!

  14. I quit dip for the third time last Thursday. I’m using the nicotine patch. No withdrawals but still have cravings. I quit for 3 months the first time and for 6 months the 2nd time. Both times I started not caring what happens to me and started again. This time its only been a month since I started again so I really think I can do this for good this time. I started Copenhagen 4 years ago to quit smoking because I was getting emphysema after 15 years of smoking. I dont want to get cancer and I could really use the money I spent on dip for other things. The patch really helps but you still have to be resolute that youre going to do it. I hope my resolve lasts for good this time.

  15. stopped in the local Albertsons (Fort Worth) and they had fresh organic mint in the fruit and vegetable area. Bought some, stuck a couple of leaves in like a pinch. It’s a bit unusual and bitter, but it seems to help. Give it a shot if you are looking for something to help with the craving for the oral habit.

  16. I’m with you. I dipped for 25 years. I’m only on day 32 but I feel like I just took my life back. You’re gonna make it. We all are.

  17. It’s going to get better trust me. Dizzy spells visit me less frequently each day. Just win the day.

  18. Thanks I needed that encouragement, every time I do something or anywhere I go I’m reaching for that cope that’s not there,,, a little scary but I’m Done.

  19. Yep I did. It stayed a few days the went on its way. We put our bodies through hell with dip. It’s only fitting that our bodies pay us back a bit. I just made it through dip fog and now I am going through dizziness and weakness in the body. Not going back though.

  20. Has anyone experienced muscle twitching after you quit or while you were cutting back?? I cut back and started twitching on one arm and now that I have quit, I twitch all over. Not sure if this is the anxiety or something else.

    • Not specifically, but I wouldn’t rule much of anything out. I’ve been amazed at all the withdrawal symptoms I’ve experienced over the past 26 days.

  21. I quit on the 9th of august cold turkey. I am 22 and have been putting a chaw in since i was 14. I made a decision to never buy a tin again.
    For a few years i would have a pinch of cope wintergreen in almost 24/7. (I cant lie it sounds really good about now). I’d have a chew in as long as I wasn’t eating or sleeping.
    Maybe about a year ago I switched to skoal mint pouches hopping I’d be able to quit. If I stuck with the cope longcut I think it would have been much harder to quit cold turkey.
    14 days being off it I’m still having pretty heavy cravings but they are significantly less than the first week where it was pretty much constant. KTC helps with encouragement to not get another tin. I am up to 3 dip dreams where it was like a normal ride to the gas station to buy a tin and throwing one in. every one seemed like cave but were just dreams so far. normal chewing gum has helped, i just wanted to be done with nicotine 100% so i did not go for nic gum or patches.

    Not at all easy and i did have really strange anxiety, that started the last 2 tins i bought because i kept fighting off putting the next one in till i finally said nope not buying another.

  22. On day 5 of quitting. I dipped for 21 years, most of that time dipping nearly 2 cans a day. I decided I had to quit when my daughter told me 7-11 was the place where you get slurpees and dip. I want to be alive to some day walk her down the aisle. The first 3 days quitting really sucked. Felt like everything was hazy and I couldn’t concentrate. The last 2 days have been better, but still suck. I’ve been using Smokey Mountain Snuff and it seems to help out a little. I almost broke down and got a can tonight until I found this site. It gave me the renewed desire to stay quit. I’m happy to see that there is a support group out there for people like us!

    • Feel like im losing all my close friends. Not sure what to do. Bright side, 2 weeks off dip

    • Yea day 1 here after 33 years and I’m already losing it,,, almost panicky but seeing u other guys with over 20 in making it,, gonna help me get thru,,, I feel like I’m getting rid of an old friend that got me through everything,,,gonna miss it but I wanna be around in ten years and not end up with lip cancer.

      • Hang in there Darryl, it’s super hard but SUPER worth it. I’m on day 119 today and SO glad I quit. (30 year cope user). YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  23. Hey guys, I’m on day 96. It seems as if my tough cycle is starting all over. My mouth is so tense all the time. I thought by now I would be over everything. Anybody else have symptoms repeat later on in their quit?? If so when do they stop? I would love to know when.

    • I’m on day 177 and STILL having issues. It still consumes most of my thoughts and I have fallen into a depressed state of being where its hard to complete tasks.
      I’m here with you brother. It’s not easy but we cannot go back.

  24. Either way just quit. I am 26 days into going cold turkey. It’s tough but I am happy I did. Headaches and dizziness have set in but are lessening on a daily basis. You can do it we are all here pulling for you.

  25. Ready to quit it’s just time to drop this disgusting habit watched the HBO sports doc on tony gywn and dip in baseball and it was clear time to quit… Should I cold turkey or reduce my usage ???

    • I have been 11 days free. I did cold turkey. Started on a 5 day vacation so that really helped. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it while on vacation. It was a nice starting point

    • I cut down for a week and then went cold turkey. I also made my own dip from boiled black tea, cyan pepper a pinch of salt and black pepper. Really helped me get past the the tough times man. Go for it, it’s the best thing you will ever quit doing! 119 days today for me.

  26. I’m quoting on the 23rd. I’m scared of losing my jaw and life being misserable. With the help of God I can do this hopefully

  27. All,

    I left a comment back on Aug 13th (6 days ago) and would like to share a little bit of how my quit is going.

    It sucks but we can do it! An hour after posting my comment that I have decided that the 13th (and half the 12th) would be my quit date, I was rushed to the emergency room due to what felt like a heart attack. It had been about 15 or so hours since my last dip. The nurses pulled blood, did a chest X-ray, and ordered an ekg. The emergency medicine doctor came in and asked me a bunch of historical questions and told me all the tests came back normal and the panic attack probably was due to giving up/stopping the steady stream of poison to my brain for the past 7 years. He let me know cold turkey is the way to go but to expect very hard times in the near future. I have had many symptoms including being unusually tired, the chills, dizziness, and some headaches but nothing is worse than the anxiety attacks. Three days ago, I was sitting with a group of my friends and I am usually the more outspoken person in the group but had to excuse myself twice to go to the bathroom to try and compose myself. I can not believe I have used this poison (dip) for so long without really knowing what kind of damage it is doing to my body. If the withdrawals are this bad then I would hate to feel the wear and tear my body has gone through throughout my time dipping (7 years).

    Has anyone else experienced panic attacks? If so, how long did it take to get past this beast?!

    • I haven’t had panic attacks, but your symptoms are within the realm of normal. Hang in there.

    • Yes. I didn’t know what they were at the time. Never went through anything like that. Ever. It was freakin’ awful! $1,000+ in doctors visits for stomach problems amongst other things. I got emotional, which is not normal for me at all. I always took pride in being the chew dippin’, obnoxious, louder than I should be fella of whatever group I was in. In short, I was (am) the resident redneck. Quitting chew forced me to take a long, hard look at myself, and the chinks in my armor. I’m a better person, and father, for it. 919 days.

    • Yes day 5 of my journey… My own party i left the bonfire and started bawlingmy eyes out adter roughly 10 min my girlfiend came and got me. It was amazing how something so small can trigger an anxiety attack. I had a smaller attatck on day 7, much less intense. I figure it sill all be good in a couple weeks. Just got my wisdom teeth pulled today and the ammount of pain is unexplainable. Something good to keep my mind off dip and possible procedures that will occur if i dont stay off the can

    • I haven’t had any panic attacks. I quit dipping Aug 8 2015. After 30 years of Copenhagen. I am 45. I get the shakes a lot and have a hard time focusing on things. I just keep telling myself I will never put another dip in. Everyday is a battle that I will win.

    • Get your DR to prescribe a low dose benzo, it gets rid of the anxiety & will help you sleep

    • Yes I have exp them,, but they went away when I bought a can,,, I have tried several times to quit and gave up,,, so here I go again but yes on the panicked thing,,, 33year user here.

  28. 5 days in after 20 years of chewing and I feel this is the easiest thing I’ve done. Am I tricking myself or has someone experienced the same. I’m happy, not over eating, do eat some sun flower seeds, sleeping great.

    • enjoy it/be thankful. Maybe you are just in the right place mentally. Be ready for some tough moments though. This shit will sneak up on you like an avalanche.

    • Broke down crying at my own party for no apparent reason. My friends musf think im going insane. 5 minutes later i was happy as can be. Anyone have similar problems?

      • Yes. Remember…you are no longer “taking your mood stabilizer/lithium”. Mood swings and heightened emotions are very common. It will settle!!! Hang tough!

      • Yes!! My mood swings have been like I’m going through menopause for crying out loud and for a 43 year old male, that’s about as embarrassing as you can get. I’ve chewed out my friends for no reason, chewed out my wife for no reason, almost threw my daughter out of the house and all just because of these stupid mood swings. It takes about 5-10 minutes and I’m happy as a lark again. I found I can now start feeling them come on and if I separate myself from the situation for about 5 minutes, it saves me a world of stupidity, apologizing and embarrassment. Good luck!!

  29. Hey guys and gals. I was Grizzly Mint long cut/pouches guy for 6 years+. I’m about 2-3 weeks into my current quit via 4 mg nicotine gum. But, I wanna kick the nicotine gum as well and it doesn’t really help with the oral fixation of having a dip in. I stumble across this website last night and I wanna give an alternative a go, but I’m not sure which to buy. What’s everyone suggestions for something close to Griz Mint?

    • Chew on mint leaves, it works! I don’t know where to get them, my wife just had them in the garden. but they are great.

  30. I’ve quit for 5 days now and it has sucked. Tried to go dancing tonight with my girlfriend and had to leave early because of headaches. When I got back to her house I saw her dads can on the counter. Once I saw that it was over for me. I began breathing heavy and ignoring my girlfriend. Anything to help with the first few days?

    • Just got to power through Matt. Lots of water can help to flush out your system. I’d also suggest getting some sort of alternative. Whether it’s fake dip, sunflower seeds, etc., chewing on SOMETHING can help you through those nasty early craves.

    • Anyone have dreams that you have a dip in?

      • sure. I’ve had all kinds of dreams related to dipping. For a while I had a lot of dreams about my teeth falling out and my face rotting off. I didn’t like those dreams, but it wasn’t enough for me to quit.

        Quitting is hard. If you want to succeed you need to accept that it’s hard and there are times it’s going to totally kick your ass and everything else will have to take a backseat until you can get over the hurdle. It usually doesn’t take long to get past a crave if you have your mindset on it, but don’t think you can just do all your normal stuff like it’s nothing. Dip has been a huge part of our lives every day and practically every minute of every day for years. It’s going to be hard.

  31. Hey guys, I just found this site, and I’ve been in and out of quitting for the past three months. I haven’t been dipping for long, about a can a day regular for two years. The reason I started sounds dumb, but I did it to drop weight, as I’ve been overweight pretty much my whole life. It worked pretty well too, as dip plus excersize plus eating a little better helped me drop over 30 pounds to put me at a more normal weight. But every time I quit my weight shoots back up REALLY fast without any other changes in excersize or what I eat. I gained 8 pounds in a week and a half untill I started dipping again two weeks ago. Any advice as to how I can quit but still keep weight down?

  32. Today is the day to stop for good. Last attempt was not good. After 41 years of skoal a life change is needed. Found this site today and with your help I’m done

  33. About to try and quit again. I have had troubles in the past dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. The nausea, anxiety, and chills are the two symptoms that are kicking my butt. Anyone else gone through this? Help!

    • John,
      Those are very common withdrawal symptoms. The anxiety can be particularly challenging/frustrating. There is no denying the first month will absolutely SUCK. Just have to do it. This site is an extraordinary place for information and support. Today is day 60 for me…
      Anxiety occasionally rears its head. The fog has all but gone. Still defining the new normal. The process can take a while…so get into a group…and ride out the storm. Wish u well!!!

    • Bad anxiety when I see or smell dip Trying to stay from friends who dip regularly

  34. I’m 16 days in now. After day 3 the cravings get less and less. Now when I have them I speak to them like they are a real person. I simply say “Not going back to let you kill me”. We control or choices not a thing. When I get weak I pull up the website. You can do it brother!!

    • I thought I was the only one that talked to my cravings when they got bad. I kept finding myself grumbling, “Go f**k yourself.” when the urge would hit real strong. I actually felt like I was talking to someone, too. Crazy.

    • Hey guys I’ve been dipping a can a day for about 5 yrs now and dipped all together about 10 I just started to quit I’m dippen that fake chew from Oregon Mint snuff, but I’ve been really sleepy lately I’ve noticed when I quit has this happened to anyone else?

      • DOM,
        For sure…you can feel VERY tired after you quit. You are now functioning without a very powerful stimulant! It’ll get better!

  35. Feels pretty strange typing to a bunch of strangers…I read a lot of your posts, and it feels good to know that other fellas get the crap knocked out of them and I aint alone. I tried quitin 6 days ago…didn’t go that well, my wife is crawling all over me about stopping, Lord knows I want to, but I hate the rage I get…and I don’t know if this sounds like any of you, but I love my cope snuff…the taste and all, but I know I gotta stop. Anyways, I appreciate all you guys trying to encourage others, it means a lot…I am now officially on hour 3…….yep

    • Hang in there. Honestly, you gotta cut yourself some slack, maybe get away for a weekend. You will get angry and you don’t want that to be directed at people you care about.

      I’m very thankful my family was gone for a week as it’s given me time to adjust. I’m still adjusting, but I was able to get through the physical withdrawals on my own.

    • Hey Shawn, hang on man, it aint easy but you can do it if I can, (35 years of Cope, a can a day for the last 15, and I loved every dip just like you stated. I’m on day 104 today and this site has helped a lot, just to know your not alone. It does get better, but the first two weeks for me were real hell and I’m still chewing fake chew I make myself, which I plan to stop very soon. Hang on Bro, you got this, don’t let that crap F-you up man!!

    • Shawn im completely with you…Im trying to get thru Day 1 now, my birthday. Haven’t had a dip since 8pm (EST) yesterday…But I did have one SNUS pouch. In my upper lip, not lower, which feels completely different. The shit sucks man…But I keep thinking about how happy my wife will be. I’m lucky, she doesn’t bust my balls about it, not at all. She has said some stuff here and there, but nothing nasty. Of course like yours does, she wants me to quit. I think I might be mentally weaker than most…???

  36. Man I honestly wanna cry right now. I have been dipping for about 8 years. (Although I have been dipping for this long, I dip about once a day. A can normally last 4-5 days.) I have attempted to quit altogether several times. I’m just ready to be done with this crap. I’m so disappointed in myself. My latest try at quitting I went 3 months and started again. I just want to be done for good!

    • You can do it David. You are fortunate that you don’t have an addiction to it on the level of many of us–a can a day or more. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have an issue and a challenge. You can face it, but you have to decide that’s what you are going to do. Accept that it’s going to suck when the urge hits and you have to say no. Just say no once. Get through that time/moment. Then see what happens the next time. You can only “not dip” right now. Can’t control yesterday and you can’t control tomorrow.

      • Thanks for the encouragement. I am aware that I do not have as bad of a problem as many. Im lucky for that. But even with long periods of no use, I just give in to those cravings. I have a kid on the way and the fear of dying of cancer and leaving my kid behind has really made me more motivated to kill the can.

    • David,
      If you can go 3 months…you’ve certainly the resolve to be quit! I’m on day 58…and it is still hard. Joining one of the groups has been very helpful though! You can be done with this…stick it out!

  37. since 2011 ive dipped grizzley wintergreen pouches. and I loved it but since the birth of my son I’ve been paranoid about the risk of mouth cancer and my son growing up without a dad. but anyways I haven’t had a dip in 3 weeks now I think I’m in the clear. I did start smokeing one of them vapes or better know as a e cigg but I don’t plan on doing that for long. since I have quit I’ve had this soar throat i did some research on it one reason for it could be because the ph levels are off in my mouth because I quit. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a soar throat after quitting

    • I had a bit of a sore throat. Not sure if it’s similar, I think mine was allergy related. Never vaped, but I would think that could cause issues as well.

      Regarding your choice to vape, at some point, you will need to break the nicotine habit because you are still in the “danger zone”. You are depending on the nicotine although weaning yourself to a lower dose (I would think). Hang in there.

    • Pouches? Yea bud you really need to quit

    • Evan, you may feel you are in the clear but this is when you are most at risk. Be very carefull when you think you have this whipped! Sore throats are common after quitting. Just know that your body is healing and doing some strange things, especially your mind.

  38. I never had a problem with SMC tearing up my gums, but RODDOG brought a good point, getting past the oral fixation has been the bardest part for me. Still using Teaza because I enjoy the flavor. Enjoying not having to look for a spitter.

  39. Yes. I just stopped all together. You are going to have to stop the oral fixation one day. Just go ahead and make it today!

  40. This smokey mountain wintergreen is tearing my cheeks way worse than cope ever did. N e one else have that problem?

    • I’ve tried a few alternatives. For me, it’s a waste of money. I did not enjoy the experience after a very short period.

  41. It’s been 6 days now. Yesterday was a high/low point. My company insurance does the biometric testing as a basis for insurance rates. They do the cheek swab cotinine test and I hope my quit was in time to have a clean test, but I won’t know until next week. Having completed that task left me without that defined goal last night and it was really challenging. I really wanted to give in and have a dip or slip over to the NRT lozenges. But, everything I’ve read says that cold turkey is the way to get through this. It sucks, but it’s the most effective way in the long run. Glad to come here and read support stories and hope that my feedback is helpful to others.

    • Made it through a long weekend of working outdoors and boredom at times. Both of which were tough, but I just accepted that it was going to suck for a little while and I just need to keep moving or deal with it. I’m fortunate in a way because my family is out of town for the past several days. It’s allowed me to deal with the anger and frustration without having anyone around to catch it.

      So this is day 9. The cravings are gone, but the habit mentally lingers. In comparison to past quits, I’m glad I went head long in to this one rather than NRT. Guess I was just at the right place mentally to take it on.

  42. Want to say thanks to everyone here. I dipped for 9 years quit for 3 then started again for 9 months. Stopped cold turkey both times. Then got stressed out again 3 months ago. Made the decision on Monday I was done. First three days sucked, the fog, the hot flashes, crawling skin…. But reading through everyone’s experiences, the positive quits and mostly the relapses makes you stronger. I have determined the last 3 days of hell define the experience. Short time frame, but I will update 3 weeks from now to make it 25 days total. Keep at it guys, everyone here is am inspiration!

  43. I’m on day 29. Has any one had a loss of hair? I’ve looked it up and can only find it being due to anxiety. It was never a problem before I quit

    • I don’t know about hair loss from quitting, but I can imagine it being real as this is not a simple thing to do. Hair loss or not, hang in there it’s worth it. (I’m on day 98 after 30 years dipping cope. Super hard, so glad I quit, still dipping fake chew tho).

      • Hang in there fellas. This month is my 1-year quit. So glad. Healthiest I’ve been in years. The desire only creeps up every now and then , and its mostly associated with tasks that I am doing that I always had a have a dip for, which was pretty much everything. Over 31 years of Copenhagen use…never again. For those that are just starting out, stay focused. Something drove you to want to quit, don’t give in to big tobacco or peer pressure. And if you have not done so already, get to a dentist and get a deep cleaning done on your teeth. That helps too. Good luck all, keep it up!

  44. Hang in there I’m on day 7 your not alone

  45. I’m now on day 26… Ive had a couple nights I almost caved while drinking some beers, but didn’t. Both mornings I recall waking up so glad that I didn’t get a tin… Anyone going through it, realize it’s not easy, and at some point you’re going to look back and be proud you didn’t cave… It’s what’s keeping me going…

    • if you are this far out it is your mind messing with you. i was doing good almost 6 months and i went to an MLB tailgate last week. wow, had a rush back of this is fun time to dip. but then i was like, seriously for what? so i can start depending on something that makes me edgy if i don’t have it?? the thing you have on your side now is you can make a rational choice (harder when drinking, i know) but the physical monkey on the back is gone . i may start chewing again tomorrow but you know what, today i am not. it’s a helluva lot easier to say that a month quit etc than it is during those first couple days. you hit it on the head with the morning commment…that was something i read on this site that stuck with me. nobody ever wakes up thinking, man i wish i would have caved YESTERDAY.

    • JFIVES, a month or so into my quit I was having some brews & it sucked big time. I then looked into the fake dips. Honestly, most are pretty nasty. But I did find that Smokey Mountain Chew was not too bad. So if I’m gonna pound beers, I always have some SMC handy. I’m over 150 days nic free, so it’s working pretty well. Also check out Teaza, good stuff.

    • I Quit for awhile, Yeah it was called basic training in 2003. It was out of my system, it was out of my mouth. The only thing I could think of because I was 23, was when I graduated from basic was get a beer, and then after the beer was a chew. I am now 35. My dad is dying from smoking. I have Two kids. Help me.

      • I’m 47, I’ve got 2 kids as well. I quit on Sunday (8/2). Join me. I’ve stopped many different ways, but I’m cold turkey right now. I am seeing a counselor about general life issues, but I think dealing with those is making quitting less of a thing. I’ve been working on the mental side of the quit for a while. Right now I’m just tired of being controlled by this crap.

      • Phil, you can do this. I have dipped pretty heavily for last 5 years and im on day 19 of no smokekess tobacco or tobacco period. The first 3-5 days are pure hell. However, once you makr it through that period it gets easier. In the beginning you have to keep reminding yourself why you are doing it. You will feel so much better when you quit. The cravings do dubside tremendously past the 7-10 mark, at least for me they have.

    • i quit jan 5 of 2015, get jakes mint chew. its high quality and organic. trust me please

    • good for you man… My last day is august 16th! Going to be tough…

      • You can do it. I quit July 27th and it was about time. My first goal was the 72 hours to rid my body of the nocotine. Whew! I made it. Within two days of quitting my pulse rate dropped 14 bpm and my blood pressure dropped. I am 10 days in and am not going back. One day at a time brother. Today cravings hit bad but it’s getting easier to brush the urge down the street.

  46. What I want to know from the people who have been quit for more than 3 years is do you ever stop thinking about it

    • Unequivocally… yes. There will come a day where it never even crosses your mind. It’s a beautiful thing.

    • B.ig B.rother J.ack

      I’ll be celebrating 22 years Quit in 37 days … 7998 Days today … It has become an after thought … A person I once was if you will … A flickering memory that brings a sorry feeling for those who are locked still into the Lie that it is “needed” as a coping mechanism , a celebration , a way to live … everyday it gets stronger and you see by the support of your fellow quitters that you are not walking this path alone … Do I think about Chewing again ? No … Do I get that urge every once in a while when something triggers a long lost memory ? Yes I do , but as fast as it enters my Brain the feeling passes as I access all the things Ive become without being a slave … B.ig B.rother J.ack

    • It has been 5 years since I quit and I don’t think about it anymore. You know you have finally kicked the habit when your friends are chewing and you have no urge to have a dip. The first year was hard but after that is was easy.

  47. Hey everyone, today marks day number 21 tobacco free. I was wondering if anyone else has hit week 3 and have it feel like day 1 all over again? I just feel like I’m on edge and in a fog today. I didn’t know how long this will last. I thought I was over all of this. Keeping strong though!

    • For sure! Here’s an article about the 2 week weakness but it can certainly hit 3 weeks in.

      Hang in there!

    • Good morning to you! Job well done on 3 weeks!
      As I’ve learned and many will tell you…everyone has variations of and on the timing of the withdrawal side effects. I will tell you are within the norm! I’m out 43 days and only now past the fog, irritation, and anxiety. Still battling some of strange changes…but much better!
      Hang tough man. Join a forum too!!!!!!!


    • Another thought…
      Exercising has helped IMMENSELY. Lift hard, lift heavy. Grunt, sweat, curse, whatever. Really helps redirect the frustration and anxiety. It reprograms your mind to crave the endorphin release and not nicotine. Good for you also 😉

  48. I’m 55 years old and I’ve been chewing for 26 years and it’s past time to quit made it three months before but went back, this will be my last time quitting read comments and it’s hard but my wife won’t kiss me anymore and a new grand baby want to be around for him!!! Wish

  49. I quit about 5 days ago, dipped for about 8 years. Never been much of a smoker of cigarettes. Usually only when I’m drinking. I bought a vape pen though and now I don’t have much of a desire to dip or smoke anymore. One bad vice to a healthier one I suppose. Haha. At least I’ll keep my teeth and gums this way.

  50. I have been without chew for the past two weeks now. Those two weeks were complete hell. But now that I’m past that, things are so much better. I’m actually losing weight for once. I’m not so uptight all the time. I’m getting a better nights sleep than before. Hoping I can stick with it!!

  51. I’m close to day 150 & I guess I got lucky because the only problems I really had was the cravings, which I still have, just not as bad. I still dream about having a big ole pinch of Apple Skoal, but ain’t gonna happen. Done with it.

  52. I quit after 6 or so years yesterday. Feel like something has been stuck in left side of my throat for like a week or comes and goes. Also little red spot on center of tongue that is tender. Anyone else ever have this? Also is hooch a good alternative to real dip? Have had smokey mountain and it’s too gummy and grainy..

    • Hi Kevin – fake dips really come down to personal preference, but yes, I think it’s safe to say that Hooch is a good alternative. Here’s my reviews:

    • I had little sores and weird things pop up all over my mouth for the better part of a couple weeks. Canker like sores, rough patches and little bumps. Basically, anything that could be described as imminent death were you to search it on Google. You’re fine. Prepare yourself for some obsessive thoughts and anxiety. It’s no fun, but it’s worth it.

  53. Hey everyone.

    My name is Drew. I’m 22 and have been dipping Grizzly Wintergreen for the past 4 years with one 3 month break (due to nursing school/hospital). My gums below my canines are pretty low from dipping which is part of the reason I want to quit.

    I’ve been looking into switching to an alternative and wean myself off of that, but there are so many kinds that I don’t know where to begin.

    Any suggestions on what alternative to buy?

    P.S. I have a friend who is extremely against smoking/chewing. I told him that after 4 weeks, every time he sees me dipping, he can kick me in the balls. Maybe a little extreme, but hey, it’ll definitely help me to quit. XD

    • I’ve always wondered the same thing. I wanna buy something with less nicotine to start weaning mymyself off. I’ve tried herbal dip and it’s just not the same.

    • Drew,
      Bacc off and smokey mountain are the only two I have tried. I didnt really care for either one but maybe you will. I quit cold turkey 5 days ago and up until this point have just manned up and dealt with it. First 3 days are Rough…last two days are tough but not as bad. Hoping this gets easier by the day. Good luck

      • Day seven cold turkey. Down to almost no headaches. First days will be hell. Drink lots of water and chew seeds and gum.

      • I’m starting my second day without dipping and the cravings are terrible does smokey mountain help with the cravings

        • I used Bac-off for previous attempts and it was ok initially, but it was more a fulfillment of the getting a pinch and tucking it in. I couldn’t really dip it and found myself spitting it out within minutes.

          Note, Bac-off suggests you splice real dip with bac off to begin reducing nicotine content. I didn’t try this, but it might work okay. worth a shot I guess.

          I’m still liking going cold turkey. If you can carve out a week where you can reduce outside influences to get over the hump, I highly recommend going CT.

  54. SVD, I am so happy you are “coming in”. (It’s an old military term). I will see you there. I will give you my info and you will make this quit you last +1. I will explain that too.

    Glad to have you aboard,

    EOD 1

  55. SVD, Hello. I got slammed with the exhaustion you are describing about day 20. I also had random withdraw side effect all out of sequence. I am on day 53 and energy is high and I feel a lot better.
    I would suggest joining a group in the forum. That is what made my quit stay and a lot easier having someone the be accountable to. When you do join the group look me up in the Sept. 2015 group under EOD 1.
    If you have anymore questions the forum is the best place for information. You can ask someone in the live chat or your group. The old guys hangout there to help the new quitters but you have to join the forum and get in a group first. Good luck to you SVD.

    • EOD 1,

      Good afternoon and thank you for the response! At about 5.5 weeks today. Again, glad to hear I’m not outside some facsimile of normal. Thank the Lord the fog has lifted and my energy level is slowly returning. Just waiting for the damn muscle tension to finally subside.
      Will do with regard to the group…catch up with you there!

      Thank you again!!!


  56. I really really want a dip. The cravings are crazy!!

  57. Ryan, On Day 20…still pretty f*cked up. Fight through it. Feel like I’m in “No Man’s Land”,…Hate the sh*t and hate the quit…I know once through this wave of me being a total bitch to my friends and family…I’ll be good…until next time.

  58. Anyone experience constipation during their quit?

    • Not me personally, but I can definitively say that yes… this is an issue that is a common occurrence.

      • I’m on day 31 I’ve been to the dentist and an ent bit still have a rough patch where I used to put my dip I dipped for 9 years anybody else experience this

        • Yup. It goes from a rough patch to a spot that doesn’t have the same texture as the rest of your mouth. Almost like your tongue catches more traction on it. Totally normal.

  59. Day 19! Brother just had growth cut out of his throat. Pray to God they got it all. He is celebrating Day 19 too. Thanks for everyone’s support.

  60. Has anyone had a bloated just miserable stomach feeling when they first quit?

  61. Man my cheek feels all tingly and almost like it’s swollen. But does not look any different at all. Does any one else know this feeling at all?

    • It happened to me. Numb and a bit tingly, and although it didn’t appear swollen, I continuously bit the hell out of my cheek… both the sides and front. So, it was swollen, and it will go away in a week or so.

  62. Tomorrow marks 5 weeks!

    General question to the KTC community…

    Fog is lifting very very slowly but recently got slammed with intense exhaustion (yesterday was bad). I seem to be experiencing the usual withdrawal side effects, just in a different sequence.

    Anyone out there have a similar experience???


    • Exhaustion was an issue for me for a couple months but it still comes and go a little. I am on day 189 and all of these side effects still rear their heads but much smaller and I think I have just learned to handle them a bit better. 5 weeks rocks!!! You have got through what was the rough time for me, just watch the “just one” mind trick. Found that one showed up as the novelty wore off. Keep it up SVD!!! Your busting though the tough times.

      • Thank you very much for sharing your experience! Starting to feel better day by day. Would be a beautiful thing if I’m on the downhill though…tired of this stuff jackin me around. Congrats on 189 days!!! Hard core!!!

  63. Hi I really like to hear all the success stories on here. I’m not an addict myself but trying to help someone I love very much to quit. I didn’t grow up in a home where tobacco was present and as a result I don’t like it. I’m trying to get my boyfriend to quit for health reasons.

    As his girl friend what can I do to help? How can I show him I understand it’s an addiction, but that we’re a team and I support him?

    Thanks and good luck to all of you!!

    • Hi Laura – on behalf of your boyfriend, thanks for your support.

      Check out the Spousal Support section: for some tips / ways you can help.

    • Hey Laura, my girlfriend actually told me to quit and although it was hard,I did. Men are grumpy, mean, and down right obnoxious to be around when going through withdrawals. The best thing to do is make a compromise with him; Something challenging to yourself like going to the gym everyday or eating healthier while he goes through this. That way you and him can use each other for support to overcome these hardships together and can hold each other accountable.

  64. Chewie jayp or anyone who has quit for a while. I’m 11 days without. Chewing seeds gum or smokey mountain all day long. I’m dealing with all the symptoms except the eating or weight gain. Since I’ve quit I feel like I don’t have much of an appetite. Have you guys heard this much?

    • Yep… quite a bit actually. It seems folks have one of 2 reactions. Either they have NO appetite like you, or they become eating machines and gain a ton of weight (like me). Completely normal either way.

      • Thanks man. Last night was my worst yet. I ate more than I have been but now I’m on 2 hours of sleep. The restlessness and anxiety are a pain in the ass.

  65. Just want to say, that the nicotine lozenges have worked wonders for me.
    I am 125 days without a chew and I chewed a can a day for 7 years. Certain things still trigger a craving, so I use the lozenges as a fix.
    I know I still haven’t kicked the nicotine, but its a lot better than chew.

  66. Maybe I’ve always been this big of an Asshole…I’m not always an asshole. But at the same time, if someone had lied once, wouldn’t they be considered a liar? So if I’m an asshole once, then therefore…

    Anyways, been quit for a whole two weeks, and I kinda feel like shit. Not like i have the flu or cholera – that’s feeling shitty – but ya know. I’m kinda bummed for some reason. I feel sleepy, too. But then again it’s been a long week at work and I just got off after 11 hours, so I should feel sleepy.

    I’ve really only been tempted twice – i mean to the point where a felt my body pushing away from the desk and off my ass. Then I read this forum. It helps. Thanks.

  67. Just gotta pull that trigger and hang on!!! Change your daily patterns and avoid triggers where possible!

  68. I am a 26 year old female. Pretty girl who has chewed Skoal Mint Pouches fairly regularly since I was 19 when an ex boyfriend introduced them to me
    They were so easy and convinient!
    I tell you, I have great teeth (thankfully) even after all these years. But I still know that I am playing with Fire. I fear losing my teeth or getting cancer. I’ve read the statistics when I’ve been quit (many many times over the years) as an excuse to just start up for a little bit again.
    I don’t thibk I’ve ever really admitted to myself that yes I’m a nicotine addict. I use other excuses, I’m bored, I work from my truck all day, It helps me concentrate.
    I’m addicted plain and simple. There is nothing better than a fresh can! And I go through almost one a day! The clerks at the stores no longer look at me weird like what is she doing chewing??
    I think I can just have a couple and then the next thing I know I’ve got about 20 empty cans rolling around my truck
    I want to quit I need to quit and find it’s much harder than I thought it would be! I say this because I started when I was 19 thinking it was just a phase….7 years later?? Obviously it’s not

    • I chewed skoal for 7 years kept saying oh I’ll quit.
      Last few months I have not felt good went to the doctors all tests came back clean. I looked at the can and said this is probably the reason.
      Threw it out 3/4 full. I’m on day 7 so far the urge is very slight I feel better. Food tastes better :)
      But if i can do this you can too. Dip can run you and it will. Stay up late to keep the dip going put off when you eat to keep the dip going. Wake up bam more dip.
      You run your life not a tin throw it out take back your life babe.

      • You too, huh? I would get outta bed at midnight just so I could chew, and then justify the lack of sleep by thinking that a dip first thing would get me up and at it. I would skip a snack when a little hungry, so it wouldn’t interupt my chew; or I would simply eat with a dip in the lip.

        ….stuff is F-ing worthless…

    • Brit you can do it I chewed for 26 years never skipped a beat get passed the first 2 weeks an believe it or not you will notice a huge change in your quit attitude it won’t be easy but if we can do it so can u best of luck

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