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  1. Decided to quit after using grizzly mint for the past few years. Bought some Nicorette gum and it has made the withdrawal and cravings very tolerable. You’re even supposed to park it between your gum and lip like you would a pinch. Give it a shot… It’s worth the $15 bucks if it gets you off of snuff.

    • I’m on day 20 using the nicorette 4mg. I can get through the day using only 3-4 pieces where they suggest up to 9 per day. When I’m out of the 4 mg I’m dropping to 2mg and weaning myself off completely. I’ve dipped copenhagen for about 40 years and even switching to the gum I’ve found more freedom than I could have ever imagined in so many ways. I DO NOT intend to just swap one bad habit for another. It will be over.

      • TOD – I dipped for 36 years and quit last March, 2014. I went cold turkey and I’m still fighting the urges even today almost one year later. But I’m healthier and it does get easier with each passing month (not day). The freedom is awesome! It’s worth every ounce of effort you can muster. Throw the gum away and make today your first day free if nicotine in 40 years. You’re just delaying the inevitable anyways.

        • ^– AIRBUS is right… At some point the gum will not be doing what you want (filling that void) and you will go right back to dipping again. Throw that crap out, bear with the strong craving for a few days / weeks… and stay QUIT!

        • Cold turkey guy myself, just took gum surgery to push me. Nearly 3 years now, most days are awesome, you can do it!

        • I quit cold turkey myself but find going into the store to be so so hard just want to buy it been 14 days for me

        • I agree. I quit on April 4th of last year. 1+ can a day habit and quit COLD TURKEY. 35 years of it and I threw a new can out the window and said enough! I choose my family over a dip. Almost a year later and I honestly don’t want one.

          • I am on day 79 now and have been in a real funk for past few days. Everything was great and then I started feeling like shit again. Not sure how long this is going to last this time but I am sure I will not turn to chewing to ‘fix’ my problem. Been through this early on and now know I can beat it. Just happy to know that it seems to get better listing to the old timers on here.

          • Been 100 days cold turkey tomorrow! Chewed for 25 years! my dentist finally scared the crap out of me! Told me that she should send me to cancer institute for a screening! Was back for a checkup last week and she proudly informed me that my tissues in my mouth already look like they are healing back to normal! My family deserves to have their father around for many more years! Maybe with the 28 bucks a can I was spending here in Canada, I can save and treat the wife and kids to an awesome vacation Have already saved nearly 1200 bucks!! Cheers!!

          • that’s freakin’ awesome, I’ve been 44 days and come here when I need a pep talk. You’re the best. Thanks for sharing your stuff.

        • I’m on day 11 of cold turkey stomping a 35 year habit of a can a day Cope. I am leaning on the gum and seeds but will wean off of those soon. Great to know so many are fighting this as well – definitely worth it. Stay strong everyone.

          • Gary – I just wanted to write and encourage your success. I’ve been free of that devil now for 14 months after a 35 year habit. My dental appointment was scary as hell too. So, well done sir and keep up the fight because it does ease every week and the benefits continue to accrue.

        • Hey guys I am dipping like three cans a day I want to quit so bad I spent two tours in Iraq and ever since I just can’t put it down I’m 25 years old and wanna live to see 100 any tips would greatly be appreciated thanks again

          • I just went cold turkey 2 days ago and can honestly say that I will never chew again. I was listening to joe Pags on the radio and he said something that really stuck with me. His Dad died of smoking at the age of 69. He smoked 5 packs a day when the doctor told him that he had lung cancer. He quit right then and there. Never had another puff. Joe asked, what would you do if the doctor told you had cancer? Then he states the obvious and says why not quit before you get the diagnosis. It’s scary stuff! Just think of that every time you want a chew. You can quit! If his Dad can quit after smoking 5 packs a day. Anybody can. You got this. One day at a time.

          • JoeJr – what’s your status now? I didn’t know it was physically possible to dip three cans a day. I can possibly provide some help.

          • Hey bud, you have to take it one day at a time. I did a fourteen month tour in Iraq so I know what you are going through. I recently decided to quit. Luckily I put it down and haven’t looked back for a little over a month. Good luck brother

        • Did you find it hard to focus ?

          • Good Lord, yes. I think my productivity dropped 20% the first month alone. It slowly goes away. Drink lots of coffee. The fog will lift.

        • AIRBUSPILOT – I quit on May-30th-2015. Just 5 days ago. I too was using the gum but after reading your post it made sense. So I tossed the gum and I am doing it cold turkey. What ever the symptoms, I can handle it. Its just pain for being a moron 33 years ago when I accepted a dip from a friend in the military. Now I have to pay for it a little but this to will pass.
          Thanks for your straight forward words. Nothing good is ever easy.

          • Congratulations Dana and welcome to your new-found freedom! I can provide some support for you if you want or need any advice from someone who’s been there, done that. I flew F-16s for 13 years so I’m ex-military as well. You can email me anytime at jnnyberg at hotmail dot com.

      • Tod, 40 years!!! I only chewed for 28 years years and I thought I was a long time user. Unlike most people on this site I truly believe in using whatever it takes to make it through, anything legal anyhow. I am on day 37 and I have used the prescription ‘Chanex’ to help me get this far. I am sure I would not be at this point without it. Being tough has nothing to do with it!! Proper motivation and support is the only way, at least in my experience. Everyone deals with this addiction differently, so “one size” does not fit all. I have buddies that can quit for months with little effort, than chew again, than quit again. I AM NOT ONE OF THESE. My bodies chemistry apparently becomes hooked on drugs very easy. If a person who has used 12 years longer than me can do it, them hell I got it made :-). Thanks for your post, and I am sure it can be done!!

        • Mostly mind over matter. As soon as you can get away from the crutches, do it. Then just ride out. I did all of the that, since 8/4/2014 and now am addicted to Trident gum. I have to have a pack on me at all times…

          • Yes but did you know that nicotine is very addictive. I didn’t know that until I started using the quit for life program. I believe them because I’ve been chewing since I was 18.

        • My name is Jane I’m 19 years old I have been dipping since I was 12 I wanna quit but every time I do I go for 2 or 3 weeks and give in because I shake really bad if I don’t have a dip I dip Copenhagen wintergreen and it had me by the balls idk what to do

      • Yeah Tod I was big Copenhagen guy at least 30 plus years but quit on 1/17/15 using 2mg gum and number 2 patch. Not going to chew one day at a time even if my but falls off! It had me by the balls big time!

      • TOD – Congratulations on your decision to quit dipping, on choosing freedom over slavery. I am certain that you should toss the gum and trust in your ability to heal yourself. Cold turkey isn’t the end of the world when you have thousands of people just like you on KillTheCan who will back you up 100%, all day, every day! I dipped Cope for 35 years and averaged 2 cans per day over the final 20 years. In a few weeks, I will hit the 1,000 day mark in my quit. No nicotine patches, no gum and cravings are a memory. Trust in your inner strength brother!

        • Just joined KTC after years of climbing on and falling off the wagon. These posts and the organization are great. On day 5 and will draw on the strength of this group to tamp down the goofy rationalizations previously used to reach for the can. Thanks.

          • Congrats on your strength to quit! I’m hoping maybe you guys can give me advice? My bf started smoking cigarettes over the summer and tried to quit. A buddy of his recommended chew and he’s been hooked on it since. He’s chewing it to fight the craving for cigs but I don’t want him to get addicted. He promised to quit but is really struggling. What would you guys recommend? I really want him to quit but I don’t want to come across as over bearing :/

      • Hey I have a question about quiting

      • I’ve been Dipping for about 3 or 4 months. Seems like nothing compared to guys who have been doing it 20+ years. Im 17 and work in construction, and don’t want to ruin my mouth. All my buddies do it on the job. Any alternatives, except nicotine gum would be greatly appreciated!! Tried to quit cold turkey but it’s hard. And in 3 months I’ve seen how easy it is to become addicted. Going through roughly a can a day. I want to stop for good. Anything would help. Thank you!’

        • nicotine free alternative. if it’s an image thing and you’re worried about how you’ll look in from of the other guys just put it in an empty tin. you’re still young though. don’t get into this habit because it will kill you.

    • I know a few people that have tried that and now are addicted to the nic gum as well as chew, be careful. I am about 8 weeks quit. I put about a quarter of a can of cope in a can of smokey mountain. When that was done I went straight smokey mountain for two cans. Now when I get the cravings I chew gum, the regular kind. This is the end of 35 years of cope.

    • I quit after 25+ on and off (mostly Kodiak). Today is day five and I no longer think about it every single minute I don’t have one in. I went three days cold turkey and then forgot I had ordered Smokey Mountain to try as an alternative. It’s okay and works just fine, but it’s not really needed. I’m done this time…calling it complete quits. Can’t stand the thought of putting my kids or friends or family through what some of these poor lads have been through when cancer comes around. I have no idea whether I’m too late or got out before anything set in, but quitting feels good…damn good. I hope you all quit too. My next goal is to find something that tastes like Kodiak but obviously is an alternative and poses no health risk, since I loved having a dip.

    • Hey man hope your quit is going well you can also try smokey mountain artic mint

      • Ive had SM artic mint it is by far the best one. Classic is just plain nasty smelling. I havent quit yet because i am underage to buy nic patches but i am gonna ask my doc for a prescription. Been dipping for only a year. I wish i could stop.

    • I did the exact same. Chewed Grizzly mint at about 2 cans a day… 8/4/2014 was my last chew. What a difference…

    • nic free site. Highly suggest ditching all forms of nicotine, find you a quit group according to the last time you used any form of nicotine, and join KTC. It’s your best option, you will not regret it.

    • I’ll be honest with you I’ve been dipping for 23 years and I can tell you this I’ve quit 3 times for 6 months at a time I used to get winter green candy mints and winter green gum and place them to gather and put them in my lip and it worked grate but the only down fall is it mind over matter with the nicotine withdraw if you need any help shot me a email I’ll be more then happy to help I have quit for the last time of my life last January 2014 and been free for 1 year and for months now

    • Today is my first day without dip. I started when I was 14 and now I’m 18. I am motivated because I am tired of spending 1/3 of my paychecks on it. I had been chewing a can a day for the past 4 months now. I am using the Nicorette 4 mg gum and about to go buy some non nicotine chew. I am following the chart they give you. They say a piece of gum ever 1:30. So I am gonna follow that for a week and then cut back to a peice every 2:30. Is that a good way? I really don’t want to drag this out. I want it gonna asap. I find it funny that I want to quit the first year I am old enough to buy it legally! Lol! Sorry this post is so long but I don’t have anybody to talk to about it.

      • Hey u cand do it I have dipped since I was 16. I am 27
        now i have. been quit 2 weeks now I weaned my self down to 4 dips. a day. then quit cold turkey. the first 2 days was the hardest u can do it i believe in u

    • Working on it! Anymore help tips!

    • Vince C, glad you are finding some peace with the Nicorette. I am trying to quit cold turkey and I really needed a pat on the back this morning, but this fucking website wouldn’t send me a confirmation email so I could talk with you fellas. I tried to stick a gun to my head, but thank God the bullet was a dud. I made it through my crisis this morning by eating every Goddamn thing in sight, but it was close. I’m sorry this site is too sucky to allow me to join. Best of luck to all of you. I’ll do the best I can on my own.

      • Quitting on your own is doable, but a much more difficult road. Your account, like every other account on our forums, was moderated until we could determine it was legit. It was approved and now you can post at will. Welcome aboard our sucky website. :)

    • I’ve slowed down quite a bit , I try to not take more then 5 dips a day but it’s so hard I’ve been dipping for about 25 years now , and I know it’s time to stop , is there any advice u could give me to help me some how ,

      • I stopped chewing 3 days ago. I have been chewing for 26 years. I started it in the Marines. I have used the patch the last 3 days because I have tried cold turkey and cutting back and I just couldn’t do it. This is the longest I have been without chew for a very long time. My ear. Nose , throat doctor told me I needed to quit or I would probably get cancer. I had ulcers which use to scare the crap out of me. I also stopped drinking all caffeine which helps. I don’t stop at mini markets right now and I keep telling everyone I finally quit so they as me now how I’m doing. It all helps. Just stop chewing. If you get cancer in the mouth or throat you can kiss yourself good bye within 5 years.

    • I have to agree. I tried quitting with nicorette gum several times, and did well in the short term, but failed miserably after a while. I’m not a cold turkey guy, I ended up using (not sure on spelling) Chantix for 2 months. I threw away my last can 1 week into taking the Chantix and actually had no craving at all other then the habit of having something in my mouth. I’ve been 5 months now with no nicotine at all and still have no craving for it. I know that route won’t be for everybody, but it sure helped me out a lot. 18 years of a can a day in the rear view, and not going back.

  2. Day 341 of my QUIT! Thanks to you all for the support and assistance. I’ve primarily used Hooch, TeaZa, & Smokey Mountain. All are good in their own way. I was a can a day Copenhagen Snuff user for 26 years. Each “placebo” I’ve used I have managed to dwindle off of and hardly use anything anymore. I started off matching my can a day habit and now I can go 14 days without finishing a can. My longest without a “fake dip” is 9 days. The herbal stuff does work… oral fixation! I have not tried the herbals that contain nicotine (Elicit or Triumph) and I’ll NEVER go back to the real stuff again.

    Once again… Thanks to Chewie and ALL of you that have helped! For those of you struggling, keep it up! It will eventually take!

  3. I haven’t chewed for 6 months and the feeling is incredible… The freedom is indescribable… I still fight urges but they become less by the month, not day.

  4. Hey everyone…

    42 male here. Been chewing Copehagan regular and long almost 25 years.

    I gave it up Friday, 1/30/15. Been on Chantix since 1/21/15. On 1/30/15 when I went up to 1mg dosages, I pulled the plug on the cans. No side effects from the meds for me…your mileage may very. Well, i do know what they mean by having dreams…lol

    On a scale from 1-10, Id give this about a 3. Do I have the urges to pop in one? Yep, but they are more of an annoyance and go away when I grab some pistachios.

    Not here cause Im a Pfizer salesman, and I wont make any money from it, but talk to your docs. This is making it real easy for me to walk away now for 72 hours. Ive gone cold turkey, Ive tried patches/gum, and Wellbutrin prescription to get off this nasty crap. Chantix is working very nicely…its just not for everyone.

    • FYI…don’t drink while on Chantix….baaaaaaad cocktail.

    • Becks

      Don’t exactly understand your “quit”. Most of us actually quit , with the focus of getting nic out of our bodies, no substitutes, just good old fashion cold turkey. You will still need to battle the nic bitch. It may be easier to take meds, but, you really want to quit? Do what we did, we grabbed our big boy pants and went cold turkey.

      Sorry man, you need to get all nic out of your body,

      Good luck

      • Beck’s. I too am using Chantex to get of the chew, day 37. I like this option because frankly, it works for ME. Not sure why people think this medication has any nicotine in it, because it does not. It just helps your brain deal with the lose of nicotine. Like you, I am not a drug salesman, just a person who knows himself and knows having this extra help will improve my chances for success. I do know what they mean by ‘vivid’ dreams!! I have a couple buddies doing this with me and we all get these ‘dreams in color’ lol. Keep it up man and as long as its legal, whatever it takes to gain your freedom man!!

        • My husband has been dipping since he was 9, yes 9 he is now 44 and I am so desperately wanting him to at least try to quit. Our Dr wasn’t sure if Chantix would work for people who dipped too but apparently it works in some cases. I will let my hubby know that it works in some people and to please try it. Thank you so very much!

          • I chewed a can of copenhagen almost every day for 30yrs not sure if chantix works but wellbutrin works great. What he needs to do is take it for one week before he quits, he will notice Copenhagen will start to taste like crap. He will start slowing down with his chewing until he is able to start his quit. 106 days and counting, good luck

      • There is no call to be elitist about whether you quit cold-turkey or if you used nicotine replacement therapy. Isn’t the point to get out from under the yoke of snuff? I have a 43 year habit. I’ve been clean for 6 days now and loving it! I use a 2mg piece if gum when I feel desperate. Point is, it’s working. I’m proud of myself and anyone who puts down the can should be proud as well.

  5. is there a fake dip for Copenhagen southern blend

  6. You’re still addicted to nicotene though, unfortunately. It takes about 3 months of hell to come off that shit and you just have to suck it up cold turkey.

  7. The best think I did, stopped. I just stopped buying the stuff. I did have not touched the stuff for 2 months (65 days) and it feels fantastic. My wallet looks better now and my lip feels fantastic as well. Hope everyone else is doing the same!

  8. Day one of quitting the can- I have chewed for 14 years. So far made it to work (20min ride) with no chew. And now I’m about 5 hours into my day , this gum is getting old. i need to stop chewing for my wife and my 3 and 4 year old boys.

    • Congratulations Eric. You’ve joined the trail that leads to freedom. It’s a damn long journey but worth every step you take. Today sucks. No getting around that. It’s a pain that has to be experienced and the only way past it is thru perseverance. Stay strong and keep walking down this path to freedom. You aren’t alone. I dipped 35 years and quit for lent last year. I’ve been where you are and I promise it gets better with time. Stay on the path!

    • Eric

      You need to quit for yourself! Not anyone else, this quit is 100% on you.

      Day 186

      • Jeff no I don’t need to quit for myself, I need to quit for my two young boys and wife. She doesn’t need to look at my spitters and look at me with chew in. My 3&4 year old boys don’t need to see me chewing. When I started chewing I was single and had no kids. Im guessing if I was still single and had no kids I probably wouldn’t care and I probably would keep chewing, now I have a reason to quit , and that reason is my family.

        Airbus – thanks for the kind words.

        • Eric

          It’s good no matter how or who or why your quitting! I am your biggest fan, so keep the fight against the nic bitch.

          I quit for myself in which my wife is also benefit from my quit. We, or most of us say quit for yourself, not anyone else. The thought process is we don’t want us quitters on some of those tough days to freak out on someone. Benefiting from your battle will be your wife and your children.

          I had the same issues…spitters everyplace, how about the spitter in the car on a nice summer day, or spitters on tables all over, I get it.

          Let me know how it goes, shoot me any questions…

          Day 189

          • Thanks Jeff, I didn’t mean to sound rude the other day, that day really sucked. lol the spitters on warm days in your car. That I won’t miss , disgusting and I live in wisconsin so I experienced warm spitters to frozen ones. Anyways, it’s saturday now and I quit last Wednesday night. Things really sucked the first day, the second day sucked but was 10 times easier, we will see what today brings. I’ve chewed a couple pieces of regular gum after a big meals to help with urge.

        • I’m with you Eric. I would chew straight to the grave if not for loved ones. Its ok that your family is the motivation behind you quitting! Keep up the great work brother!

        • My son will be one on Monday. I am going to quit as his birthday present. I don’t want him to start on the road to having to quit. I am glad there are others out there who know what it Is like to put family first. Wish me luck!

    • Still going ok on day one, made it past the after lunch craving , although I got real nauseous for a while. Anyone ever experience that?

      • Eric

        The first week sucked. Nausea, no sleep, I had intense sweats, craves, foggy. Just keep fighting Eric, let’s get you to 14 days. I lost my voice for a few days, which I am sure my wife kinda enjoyed. Haha. All normal

        Drink water, I did do seeds only for a few days , the salt was too much, so my wife cut up carrots, I went crazy with carrots. After eating was the worst the first few weeks … Gum

        Hang tough, you can rant at me all you want dude, I am still going to help you get to your second week,

        I am in southern cal, I had spitters n my trunk after I quit, wow. I didn’t have the balls to open them. They were treated like used nuclear fuel,,, funny how gross the nic bitch can be.

        Day 189

        • Every night before bed I want to quit dip but when I wake up I say screw and dip I feel like the habit is mostly in my head and I’m so used to doing it at certain places like driving or fishing I tried quitting before but only went a couple days before I caved what do i need to do to keep going in the right direction and not turn back

        • Week one complete, some major cravings still going on daily but getting better. I’m hoping this Friday I can get in to the dentist to finally get two wisdom teeth pulled that should have been pulled 15 years ago, but hopefully I can get th pulled and that will make it real easy to keep on not chewing lol. I’m starting to feel better daily overall though. I even made it through a ice fishing trip with out chewing!

      • Sure thing – sucks for about a week with urges decreasing each day …

    • Doing the same Eric. Wife has been on me for a while to quit. Been at it now for 15 years at a can a day. We just found out we have a little one on the way and I have to kick this habit. Here we go!

  9. Martin, Chantix……Bad Cocktail is right, but Cantix or not, I have no Alcohol tolerance since I stopped Dipping anyone else notice that

  10. Hey all am 22 just found out after only 3 years that i might have some form of oral cancer, didn’t think it could happen to me, but hey… they are cutting a legion out and the doc says it’s a low chance it is cancerous, but the fear is real im getting some jakes mint and kicking the habit today. I workout 6 days a week and try to live a healthy lifestyle save for chewing maybe a can a week, but it wasn’t enough. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  11. Day 57 for me first couple weeks not bad then anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks. It got a lot better then the last couple days anxiety is back. Suggestions?

    • Willis

      Talk to your doctor .. Maybe get something to take the edge off.

      Try going for a run or a long walk, that will help.

      Day 189

      • How long did it take to get your energy back? I did reading on some other pages and it said it could take up to 90 days. Is the anxiety sucking my energy out of me?

        • It took me about 45-60 days for the energy to return and ‘fog’ to lift. The anxiety got so bad I had stomach problems and spent a little bit of change at the doctor trying to figure it out. I didn’t know what it was at the time, and dismissed the possibility it was the lack of chew that was largely responsible for it. The mental anguish and anxiety can damn sure take a toll on your energy. It sucks, but you have to push through it.
          It does lift (slowly).

        • Willis

          Contact your doctor, anxiety is a part of the quit.

          Force yourself to walk around the block a few times each nite, I live in southern Cali, so walking at nite is alway nice, if your on the east coast, cold ass weather, walk around a mall or something.

          Day 190

  12. I am new on here so u all bear with me. Quit cold turkey today, decided to quit as a early valentine gift to wife and to prove to myself that I don’t need it. My user name is generated from old man that said,” You can do anything once you get your Mind Right”. I have dipped for 20 years or so, have quit for as long as 5 months one time and started back. I have quit for a week or two at a time at least a dozen times. I was weak but now i’m stronger. This was a good idea getting on here cause as I’ve read there are a lot of winners on here! People with their mind right on stopping dipping. All of you that pray, say a special prayer for my dear wife, this will be rough for her as I may have anxiety or some extra anger issues for a little while. I;m proud of all of you on here for quitting! Awesome! I hope to check in daily on here as a achievement process. I need encouragement and hope to give all I can. Coworker told me about this web sight and it was a plus. Will check in tomorrow with all of you with no dip good news.

    • Mindright

      Congrats dude, it’s a fight to quit, but as you have seen, the success rate is pretty high. I know that the anger at times can flare up, even the dumbest shit will get you fired up. Come here and rant, I will listen to your anger, it’s ok, I have been there.

      I am on day 189, I am going to be here to get you and Eric to day 100.

      Don’t freak on your wife, I know it’s easy for someone else to say, just know I went through what you are doing.

      Go for a run when you feel anxious.

      get passed these first few days, you can do it.. Do not cave!!!!

      Day 189

  13. It’s so mentally addictive tho I’m screwed

  14. I have chewed mint Skoal for 20 years. At least 1 can a day. I have been cold turkey for 14 days and feeling great. I am using smokey mountain to subside the oral fixation. Can anyone tell me if the snuff or pouches have anything bad in them? I am using less of them everyday. I will hopefully be off them soon as well.
    Great job to everyone that has quit.

  15. How long have you guys battled insomnia? Going on 2 months. I can get to sleep just cannot stay asleep, sleep 4-5 hrs then I cannot get back to sleep.

    • Willis I quit almost one year ago (March 4, 2014) after dipping 16 hours a day for 36 years. I am Extremely addicted to nicotine to say the least. I’ve had the exact same sleep pattern you mentioned since the day I quit. I used to sleep 7-8 hours a day straight. No problem. Now, I feel lucky of I get 5 hours sleep. What I have figured out though for me is if I just lay there quietly and meditate or pray or whatever, I usually fall back asleep after an hour or so. It sucks just laying there awake for an hour but if you do I’m sure you’ll fall back asleep. And it’s not like I only need 5 hours. I still need 7-8 but I can no longer get it in one continuous cycle. It sucks really.

  16. Just curious for the guys that have quit. Do you feel like you have more energy?

    • No, not at first. It is slowly coming back. Last night and this morning I feel better than I have felt in a couple months. Hopefully I’m turning the corner a little. I also have been taking a multivitamin, vitamin B complex, vitamin D, and vitamin E. That seems to help a lot.

  17. Has anyone else had problems with compulsive thoughts since they quit. Mine started a couple weeks after I quit. They have really let up but still having them. Getting a little concerned.

    • Will – quitting will do some pretty crazy things to your body / brain. All of these “symptoms” are pretty typical, but if something has you concerned there’s nothing wrong with having a chat with your doctor to at least get some peace of mind.

  18. On day 4 of cold turkey, still having those Linda Blair “Exorcist” moments of pissed offness, but I can already tell a difference. I actually got this website from a gentleman who heard me talking at work to some other people about giving quitting a shot. He told me this site helped save his life and he’s been clean for 4 years. He said it really helped having support, which this site and you guys offers it. So any advice y’all can give would greatly be appreciated.

  19. Hey Guys, I have been a lurker and sometimes a poster on this site for a couple years as I have tried and failed many times on a quit. On Feb 12 I went into my tobacco shop to buy some Smokey Mountain in another attempt to quit. The worker gave me a new product called ZYN NT, that are Nicotine Pouches that come in 6 & 3 mg. I haven’t chewed since Feb 12 after 22 years of that disgusting habit. I have tried everything from gum to pouches to cold turkey to herbal pills and hypnotizing. This is the furthest I have made it in at least 10 years. I just want to give people in here a heads up about it, because I am praising it. My friends have had the same results. This week I’ve already dropped from the 6mg to the 3mg in hopes of weening off for good.

  20. Just joined KTC after 5 days cold turkey, my latest (and last) break with the addiction. The support offered by this group is terrific. May have to lean on you at some point, but for now feeling strong. Appreciate the positive energy.

  21. I’m 16 I’ve been chewing for 3 years. I need help. I’ve been chewing for 3 years now. I would do anything in the world to quit. Over here in the northeast every kid in my valley chews. I usually chew about 2 cans a day. I want to quit right now. But I don’t know how I should do it without getting the urge from people around me that chews to throw a dip in. Cold turkey might be a good choice but I was thinking Skoal Mint or like a vape or something. I’m a kid haha. I never really believed on posting stuff like this online but I hope it works

  22. Quit!!!!! Been 3 days been goin good. Dipped for 11 years and put it down. Im finding the hardest part to be breaking habbit of having dip in my mouth. Using the organic dip and it has taken care of most my urges. Have alot of support so that helps too!

  23. 21 days in this time. My wife found this site trying to help me understand if I’m in need of real medical attention or are all these symptoms withdrawal related. 35 years ago decided all the cool kids playin baseball chewed. I played baseball thus I chewed. Thanks to all of you who have been man enough to post your woes – it seems I have been experiencing pieces of each of the withdraw symptoms for the last 3 weeks. I have made it 1 full year “stopped” 7 years ago. I am hopeful this time will be a lifetime “stopped”. For the record I have set a personal Reward system for myself. 3 months stopped and I will buy myself an on/off road motorcycle to go ride the desert with. No bones about it – keeping my shit together as a manager at work and a dad at home is a bitch.

    • Scotts

      What kind of symptoms? If you think you need to talk to the doc go talk to him. He will give you something to help with things. I had some really bad withdrawal symptoms as well, shakes, not sleeping, not eating, anxiety kicked my butt and obsessive thoughts. It has been 74 days and things have gotten a lot better. I too am the boss at work and a dad at home so there is a lot of stress. This has always been there you used dip to get over it, guess what you don’t need it. You never have, it’s just a lie that your brain is telling you. Also get signed in as a member, these guys are the only people on the earth that understand what you are going through.

  24. 65 hours nicotine free after a 13 year habit. I’m hoping the worst of the physical withdrawals are over. I’m fine with the insomnia and headaches moving forward but the fog and dizziness are concerning me professionally.

  25. End of day three. Thought I could loose my mind yesterday. Dreams last night were intense. Not to bad today. Going to use some Smokey Mountain to help take the edge off. Have chewed on and off (mostly on) for 25 years.

  26. day 15 free of a 30+ yr. cope addiction. Driving my wife crazy, but determined to beat this!

  27. I’m 16. I Started dippin longhorn when I was 6. Having gum surgery at 16 isn’t the best thing on earth. I just recently quit about 3 months ago and I already feel more freedom. It’s still hard but it’s worth seeing the smile on my moms face.

  28. I am thinking about quiting (2 cans of Skoal Min Pouches). I started in 1992 and quit for 3 years and smoked. Now I’m 23 years (20 yrs) user, if you don’t count the 3 yrs while smoking. I have tried quitting cold turkey and also by vaping. I even thought about cigars just to kick the dip, but wife and kids caught me and jumped my shit. Started with Kodiak and now the pouches. I quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey being up to 3 packs a day and can’t quit chewing. I have a high stress job and I know it’s my crutch, but still can’t quit. WTF?!? Thanks for listening to my rant.

    • Rant away Jason – that’s why we’re here. If you haven’t yet, head over to our forums and get signed up. – we’re coming up on 23,000 members. It’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered from people who “get it” because we’ve all been where you are.

  29. Been dipping 20 years, 1 1/2 -2 cans a day the past couple of years. My 9 years old son has been my motivation to quit. Happy to say I quit cold turkey and haven’t had a dip in 17 days. I still get the urge everyday, but everyday is better. Seems like instead of getting a dip now, I just eat….lol. (All this food might be just as bad as the dip). Anyways, good luck to everybody!!

  30. Hey guys Im on Day 3 of quitting cold turkey. Dipped Skoal Mint for 17 years, about a can a day, but decided to quit. I am feeling the usual withdrawal symptoms…headaches, fatigue, sleeplessness…anyways, was wondering if anyone ever experienced sore or swollen gums after quitting. I’ve read on some sites that its normal…can anyone enlighten me on how long this will last…

  31. I chewed about a tin a day for 15 years. After the state I live in jacked up the taxes I said I’m done. I found this website and ordered some fake stuff. I prefer JakesMintChew since it’s made 30 miles from me. The fake stuff doesn’t pack in the lip as well as the real stuff but it’s a small thing compared to losing your teeth of your face. I have now made it 580 days without a chew and I don’t even think about having one anymore. This site has saved me for sure! Thank you

  32. Y r the dates not in order I cant find newcomments?

    • Brent – actually, they are in order. Newest comments are at the bottom of the page. However, comments are also nested, so if someone “replies” to your comment, it will be indented slightly and shown inline regardless of date.

  33. Glendon Kirkpatrick

    I am so grateful that I found this site. I stop cold turkey 12 March 2015, 10:30 pm. This 94 hrs is the longest time I have been away from the stuff in the last 32 yrs. This site has given me the strength and encouragement to stay on track. Every time I pissed off over the littlest thing, I take a minute and come to this website for encouragement. Thank you all for sharing.

  34. Wanting some advice on some ways of quitting… I haven’t been dipping for as long as anyone on here but hearing all these stories is inspiration to quit and not start the 30+ years of dipping. I’m 20 and I’ve been dippin since I was 12. Any advice?

    • Welcome Austyn!

      Advice… read, post, read, get involved. If you haven’t yet, check out our forums – – with over 23,000 members it’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered from folks who know what you’re going through.

  35. After 4 years of what I consider heavy dipping (1 can a day) I am very pleased to say that I am done. I had a moment of realization, thinking about all the pain and suffering I would put my family through if I contracted oral cancer. I would destroy them emotionally and I would send them to the ditch financially, it would be horrible. I am only 22 and I have my whole life ahead of me. Why would I let one, very stupid addiction determine the course of it? It is for these reasons that I threw my cans away yesterday, and I know no matter how bad the cravings get over the next few days that I will never look back. Good riddance cope, may you rot in hell.

  36. Hey guys- I’ve quit multiple times but always seems to go back whenever a stressful situation arises at work. Do you have any tips that may help me out? I know that there really is no easy way to do to (but to do it) Best of luck.

  37. This is my fist visit to this sight, I have been a user for over 10 years since quitting smoking. I have decided today is the day I reclaim my life. I’m glad to see a site like this to know I’m not alone. Thanks for all the great posts

  38. Guys it sucks! I have quit for almost a year now cold turkey and still have cravings. I had a tin a day habit for probably 16 years. I had quit previously for a year and went back to it. I am now almost to that point and won’t go back. I figured it up, I was spending over $2000.00 a year on chew. That is insane! If I invested that money from day one, I would probably be near a million! It is a bitch to quit and it sucks, but I do believe cold turkey is the only way, crutches only prolong the inevitable. What has worked for me is just to compound the days. I try to build on every day and not look back. This can work as my closest friends still dip and I am around them all the time without relapsing. It is tough and I do still crave, but what this site said about not ever having a chew is true. Having just one will ruin everything, good luck!

  39. Anyone have any suggestions on being able to focus on tasks without a chew. I have gone 24 days without a chew but the hardest thing for me is to stay focused long enough to get anything accomplished.

    • CBass I quit 13 months ago. I still struggle daily with concentrating or accomplishing mental tasks. I would always (for 35 years) pop in a dip every time I had to do something I didn’t want to do. It was my comfort. Now I just really struggle to sit down and concentrate for long periods or to make myself do something I really don’t want to do. I’ve become a horrible procrastinator.

  40. Hey guys,
    I’m only 19 years old and started chewing when I was 16 years old. I have to stay I was very heavy on it. I notice that I do have an addictive personality. I stopped about a week ago and today I broke. I have to say I feel very weak and disappointed. I read a alot of these posts and I am fucking terrified that I have to live the rest of my life always craving it or cancer or my jaw taken out or messed up. I’m in college and I can’t afford to be dwelling about it or overwhelming anxiety.
    I guess I just need help. It’s ridiculous that I can’t even get my homework because all I want is a dip. If you have suggestions on handling this problem or calming my fear of already having cancer, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I feel pathetic that some of you did it the majority and you quit and I can’t even get through a full week over three years. Thanks for your help.

  41. I am on Day 10 and am experiencing insomnia that only allows me to sleep 5 to 6 hours a night. I exercise daily,

  42. 269 days quit. Started cold turkey and with KTC. Still going strong. Karmisson57

  43. So I am 17 and I’m on day 2 of quitting for the past 2 years 1 can a day has anyone else ever got a weird feeling in their head while they quit

  44. I quit cold turkey yesterday today I have a weird feeling going. On does anyone else get this

  45. I wish i knew about this web site when I was quitting! I have acknowledged that quitting chewing is by far the hardest thing I have ever overcome, and would not even wish it on my worst enemy. Truth. Maybe only somebody that has a problem could understand or agree with that but that’s how rough it was. It never really ever totally leaves you but it does get better with time.
    My best advice would be to not put yourself in situation where anyone dips, and if you do just express to them you don’t want any ahead of time, but most importantly avoid going into gas stations, stay in the left lanes when driving by quick stops/convenient stores. I had to sort of brainwash myself into realizing the evil in it. Honestly it helped me and i realized how horrible it made me feel, but still continued to do it. It’s a relentless urge, but you need to reprogram your brian in a way. Looking at horrible chewing statistics and/or pictures as well. I only looked at pictures one time I will admit. Looking back on it I was just in denial.
    Also getting a serious and healthy relationship helped probably the most of all. But a mix of all those is my journey to quitting.
    I sincerely hope this helped someone in some way, and you can do anything you put your mind to. Repeat that daily and consistently, and its a matter of time.

  46. Just found this site today. I just spit out my last chew for the rest of my life. /\ I have been chewing since I was 19 (42 this month), never spit. I now have heartburn and a nagging cough, unless I take medication everyday. Thanks you for these other comments, and keep them going. I have a feeling I’ll need the support.

  47. I’ve made the decision to quit chewing yesterday for my health and my family…its about 9:30 pm 4-11-15 I made it till now with out a single dip from last night I feel like I’ve failed already but I think one dip in 27 hours is progress ! I use to chew a can a day but need some support

  48. I decided to quit yesterday at 6 pm made it till tonight at 9:30 pm before I broke but I was a can a day guy so one in 27 hrs isn’t that bad I think? Its progress but I need input from the group. I’ve chewed since I was 15 and I’m 37 now ..I for see major stumbling blocks ahead as I’m a plumber/pipefitter and almost everyone chews

    • George, you are doing good. I have 52 days and expect good and bad days through these difficult times. I went to the dentist for my check up and was told that my gums and mouth were fine. I was so relieved at this news and figured all the more reason to quit this shitty habit . I simply made a sincere decision because I have a lot of fun shit to do yet. I go to Pamplona Spain each year in July and run with the bulls which I have done for 24 years. This July will be the first run without a fukn chew. Just make that decision George and the reward will start happening. I promise.

  49. Hello my names Joel and mint snus ruined my life. 7 cans a day, 8 babies & 2 teeth left, here I am.

  50. I have been chewing for 29 years. I was up to 3 packs of Lancaster a day. At $5 a pack. You do the math. I had even let my truck payment go late so I could chew. I am using the gum and it seems to work better than cold turkey for me. I found cold turkey I was getting upset at my wife and kids. They had even told me if it was going to be that way then go back to chewing. I feel everyone of you all’s pain. You can do it. I know you can if I can. With Gods help it gets easier everyday.

  51. I went back to it. God damnit. After almost a year of being off the crap and I went back to it. I’ve gone through four tins in the past two months. Dripped for 8 years. I’m so mad at myself for giving in. And of course, now the paranoia of getting cancer comes along with it…Need help guys….

  52. Day #87 I still have trouble sleeping and still a bit out of it. you guess know how long this will last?

    • You’re on the downhill slope. It simply fades away on it’s own. Everyone is a bit different… I was mostly over it around 3 months, but had a bout with anxiety and obsessive thoughts. Good work!

    • I’m on day 53 and feel the same way. I hope this let’s up. Anxious and feel tired and weak and as a competitive powerlifter, it’s been messing badly with my strength and endurance. Keep it up though bud.

  53. Hey, day 8 doing fine urges have backed off I’m hamering sunflower seed though!

  54. Can someone explain to me if exhaustion at day 54 cold turkey is normal? I compete in powerlifting and it has caused a decrease in energy, endurance, and strength to a very noticeable level. Depressed and lethargic as all Hell but fighting the good fight.

    Thanks for battling along with me everyone.


  55. Gearing up to quit…. Haven’t been able to make it past 2 weeks…. Can’t chew the fake dip cuz molasses and diabetes don’t mix so got an appointment w doc to get champex or zyban… Smoked and chewed as a young guy (since 11/12 yrs old)…. Quit chewing at 19, smoked until ’98 then 4 yrs ago started dipping again…. Stupid! Got a dip in as soon as I wake up until I go to bed…

  56. 231 days TF with Smokey Mountain mint as my buddy. 25 years of dipping.
    Question: Did anyone switch to leaf before quitting? I did this because I thought it would be less convenient because of the wad and the juice (it was). I did this for a few months, then dumped the Red Man. I’m just curious.
    P.S.: For those thinking of quitting, just know that if I can go seven months, you can too.

  57. JP…How long do you plan on chewing the fake dip?

  58. I am starting today… only had one but I want and need to be done with it! please keep me in your thoughts… I know it is going to be hard. I have no idea how I am going to get through the rage that comes with it. I have tried so many times but I can’t get past the anger. I get so irritable. Any advice??

  59. 3 days is the longest I have been without dip for that last 12 years. Last night I started with the headaches, but I am determined to quit. I purchased TeaZa, and it is probably the only way I will make it for the first month. I am excited to get this junk out of my body, and never have to worry about the damage it is doing to me and my family again. This site is probably the only place I can look to for help from people who understand. Thanks for the encouragement.

  60. I’ve tried quitting several times- it’s time to throw the cans away and not look back

  61. I quit chewing on May 5th of this year after hearing Joe Pags talking about how his Father died from cancer on that day at 69 years old. He smoked 5 packs a day when he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and lived another 5 years or so. The thing is, he quit smoking cold turkey and never had another puff. Joe made a great and logical point by saying quit before you get the cancer diagnosis. I had to agree with him. How could I not. I always told myself I’ll quit sometime soon. But that sometime never came around. Once I heard those words I immediately got up from my chair and emptied 2 full tins into my toilet ( not my garbage) and flushed it away forever. If I ever think about having a chew I go back to that statement. It has made it extremely easy. I will never chew again. I hope this helps at least one person. Cravings have already reduced greatly.

  62. So I dipped for about 4 years. I know it’s not as much as some people, but it really took a toll on me. I dipped Copenhagen wintergreen since I was 14 and it took over my life. I would skip meals to dip, I lost weight…it became part of me. I always had a can on me at all times. I decided to quit one day because my girlfriend said she wouldn’t date me if I did it. Every time we’d hangout, I’d go for about 8-10 hours of not dipping and it made me a different person. I wouldn’t be there. It was like I was sleepwalking. I’d stare into nothing for minutes and wouldn’t talk and wouldn’t be active. I finally said fuck it and just quit cold turkey one day. For 8 months I didn’t dip. And I was happy, my family was happy, and my friends and girlfriend were happy too. I was proud of myself for overcoming the odds. It was an every day battle to not dip again, and every day I struggled to not go out and buy a can. One day, I did. And I regret it more than anything. I went back to dipping half a can a day and I didn’t think it would get as bad as before, but it did. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it until yesterday. I was at a wedding reception and I hated my life. It was even worse than the first time I hadn’t dipped in about 5 hours. I stared at nothing, I was an asshole to everyone, didn’t talk, didn’t dance, nothing. My girlfriend and friends were super upset with me when I told them the bad news. I was back where I started and I couldn’t believe it. My girlfriend will barely talk to me now and my friends and family are disappointed with what I did. Tobacco and nicotine have destroyed my life because it turns me into someone I’m not. And now I’ve come to the realization that I can never go back to it. And I never will. From this day forward, I’m done. I will go through hell and back to never dip again because I’m not myself when I’m fiending for nicotine. I’m just some asshole and I never wanna be that man again. I wanna start living again. I wanna be happy with my girlfriend, family, and friends. I will overcome it again. I’m sorry for the long comment, but I had to tell someone. Kind words are appreciated. I’m glad there’s a website built for this. Thank you all, and happy quitting. If I can do it, you can do it!

  63. Only chewed a bit over a year but I want to quit. Horrible habit and sometimes get those small white bumps on my gums and I just feel gross with a chew in. Today is the day I quit.

  64. Day one and I was ready to rip my hair out of my head this evening after work. Every one of my friends dip and most of the people I work with do as well. I made it through the work day with only a few cravings but the second I got off work it seemed like they would not go away whatsoever. The longest I’ve made it on my own will was 13 days but then cracked. I went 3 months during boot camp (obviously forced to quit.) but hadn’t even got off the base before I had a dip in. I’ve been dipping for about 4 years now.

  65. Had diarrhea last Night is this normal.

  66. I’ve been chewing for 8 years now and want to quit. I’ve been trying hard the past few weeks. I’ll go a day or two and somehow I’ll end up with a can. is the first week the worst?

  67. Hi all. I’m a can a day guy for about 10 years now. I’ve been saying I will quit for about three years now. I’ve always been very determined and successful with a Ed work and dedication and discipline. But when it comes to chew, I cave every time. I have been very down lately because I have tried seriously quitting since April. The furthest I got was my first attempt. I made it four days and caved one late night when the craving overtook me. I’ve since only made it to two days once with the rest in between back on it hard. It’s incredibly hard to get off this. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. My discipline is out the window with chew and its all I think about. I know I can do it, i know it’s not going to be easy. Whenever I’m driving and I’ve been off it for a few hours I get incredible urges to stop at a gas station and buy one. My head playing tricks saying “one more won’t hurt.” Ahh I need to quit, I want to quit, I have to quit but I literally chew after everything I do. I’ve thrown out full tins after having a dip and feeling like shit over it. I know it’s going to just take some balls and just say fuck it and quit. Any kind words would help though. I’ve tried employing the buddy system but it’s kind of a handful for someone to deal with. I need support but have nowhere to turn in the extreme craving sessions. I know the path, my brain knows the path, I want to get on the path but I’ve never had something control me the way this shit does. Anyway, wish me luck as I finish this last tin and try to embark on my first day of chew free tomorrow afternoon. Any words of encouragement or wisdom are greatly appreciated.

  68. TOD, you’re right it’s very tough to quit I never did heroin but I hear it’s just as tough. I once stopped for 3 whole years! Yep quit for that long but went right back to the shit! This time I’m quit for 1 month now but you know what I’m done for good this time last time I didn’t have this site and my brothers and last time I didn’t ask God for help… I have quite a team on my side this time! You can do it too admit the nic bitch is more powerful than you and use everything you can to beat her, you can win if you want too!

  69. I’ve done a can of Skoal every couple days for 15 years, maybe more. Always hiding it, liked it and hated it. I hated hiding it and spending money on it. Spending too much time in the bathroom, you know how it goes. You hate everything about it. I did it and I know how it is. My little brother recently passed away. He died way too soon but he smoked like a machine, non stop. That was a tough reality check. I quit the chew so that my brother’s death will have one positive result. I haven’t told anyone about it because this chewing shit is a secret so no one knows I did it or I quit. That’s a drag but I know what I did and that’s ok for now.Good luck to you and if someone else quits the chew in honor of my brother Jim then God bless you and may the force be with you.

  70. Been chewing for 10 years in dec. I switched to pouches it helped me get ready to quit I have 2mg. Nicotine gum now slowly weaning off that too. If ya want some motivation look up mouth cancer=) or know it could be the difference between you getting the girl. And the not.

  71. I have been dipping for 39 years, I have quit now for 22 days, I’m going to make it !

    • Great attitude Scott! Let us know how we can help!

      • Thanks , some days I’m strong but other days I try to tell myself that the chew really wasn’t hurting me at all and I should start back because I really don’t feel like myself anymore

        • It’ll take some time to redefine your “normal” without chew. Keep fighting. It’s not easy but I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s 100% worth it.

  72. I am on day 27 of no chew and although I’m not hurting for a dip , I constantly want one, my brain is trying to convince my body that chew wasn’t really that bad I have dipped slowly and wolf and longhorn for 39 years , I was only a moderate dipper , about a third of a can a day, I didn’t have any known signs or symptoms like mouth sores or teeth falling out but I don’t really know of what kind of cancer could be lurking internally from it so I quit. I miss it like crazy but I am able to get thru each day without it

  73. I really don’t understand this section it has comments from different months it’s scattered all over the place, there is a comment from jam. Then the next one is apt. Then it’s feb. WTF?

    • Scott – the comments are nested so you can theoretically have a conversation within the thread. The problem that we have is this particular page has over 1,300 comments currently so the “nesting” becomes difficult to see.

    • I have to agree 100%. If this site were more user friendly I would participate a whole lot more. As it is, hitting “reply” or “comment” doesn’t take you to the just quoted posting. So you have to scroll for five minutes looking for the post. The logical order of things leaves me befuddled. So I don’t comment much. Maybe Chewie can find a better software platform for hosting this discussion board. Because I think many more people would participate if it were user friendly – which it is not in its present form. That’s my 2 cents.

  74. On day 5, cold turkey. Started up in the military and dipped for 25 years. Me and a buddy are quitting it together.

    I am having trouble sleeping. Also, my arms and legs are really figity and I fart all the time. When will I be able to sleep again? I get 40 minutes of sleep tops. I am lying in bed as we speak, farting away.

    This has been tough.

    • CURTIS – The sleep thing I had really bad the first few days but then my wife made me some EXTRA SLEEPYTIME TEA. It worked after the second cup. Go to the store and get some of that and try it. Note: AS SOON AS YOU FEEL SLEPPY GO TO BED> DON’T WAIT. I got zero sleep the first few days but now I sleep longer each night. You have to re-program your sleep habits and re-train your brain because you have just disrupted what your body feels as normal. I hope this helps. let me know and STAY STRONG.

  75. Today is my first day with no dip in 15 years I’ve tried 2 other times to quit but today is different I’m going cold turkey and is going to work the patch and gum are just a crutch today I said I’m dip free not I’m quitting and that is why I no I will make it this time after reading a lot of the other comments I say a lot of people fighting the fog that was the biggest thing for me I see now if other people can do it so can I

    • Keep at it Paul Walker. I’m on a whole week. I’m not out of the woods, but I feel so much better.

      DON’T GIVE UP!!!!!

  76. Day 6 – Still going strong! Cravings are not so bad now. I chew Trident gum to get me through the morning craving and then I’m good the rest of the day. Chewed 1-1/2 cans of Kodiak a day for 34 years. I didn’t plan this quit but I couldn’t let something control me. The only thing I can Beotch about is my sleep habits now but the rest I can deal with. Maybe it’s because I’m so SHALLOW! Well that what the wife says. HAHA. Although, since I quit she has turned into a different woman. YEEHAW. She keeps telling me how proud she is of me. WOW every mans dream. Well Nicotine free feels good and never looking back, just forward to a new and richer life.


    I quit today. Got news of a friend who has been diaginosed with gum disease. Scared me strait I hope.
    I have used for 14 years solid. One can per day cope snuff..
    I have attempted to quit multiple times over the past years never making it over week. Without the shit .I never have been a serious as I am now. This shit has had control of me long enough. I am glad I found this site I know it will help me threw this battle that I am about to embarke on.
    I just lucked up finding this reading the 100 facts made me laugh an shake my head knowing I was guilt of over half or more. Really got me thinking.
    Day 1

  78. Fake chew has made my quit possible.40 days free now, after 35 years of fresh cope.

  79. You can do it. I dipped for 18 years. I bought my last can going on 6 months ago now, and it does get better. Stay strong, and talk about it. There is support out there.

  80. I quit cold turkey 6 months ago today! No looking back and the hardest thing to go through!

  81. I have quite today! Finally after 30 years of Copenhagen a can per day, I found out I had type 2 diebities about 5 years ago, I had a heart attack 2 years ago and still convinced myself it was ok to dip snuff, but what finally did it was my 15 year old son looked at me and said “Dad why do you do that nasty stuff” all that matters to me is being here for him and my wife as long as I can, so for them and my health I have quite cold turkey today.

    I will definitely need the support of KTC, so I will thank all of you now, Thank you!

    • Kevin Welcome to your first day of living in 30 years. I will not kid you…the first few day suck but it gets better. You will soon have more energy and no mood swings. Your sugars will be better too. I know because I am type 2 also. Now I’m on day 15 and loving it. You can do this. Look how many people already have. Its not impossible but it will take a committment and posting roll. My user name is EOD 1. Look me up when you join a group.

      • EOD1 thank you for the support, it has been extremely hard, I seem to have become very angry at any little thing, is that normal?
        I know everyone is different but do you think it’s better to use the gum or fake snuff to help with the stress? I don’t want to become dependent on something else.

        • Kevin, Yes anger is one symptom but it goes away soon. As far as the gum or fake stuff…It is your choice. which ever works best for you. If you want some support that is out of this world then join our group forum. It is the best thing I ever did. There are people in there just like you and they understand how hard it is. I call it “THE QUITTERS LIFE LINE”. And it really is. Kevin it is so important that you quit and I will quit with you. The dip changes your body chemistry and it effects you blood sugar levels. This quit will be the best thing you ever did for you and your family. Stay strong and join the forum group that way you will have that life line. Stay Quit my friend. Just know I’m here for you anytime. Your reply comes to my phone.

  82. Ive dipped for 17 years. I’ll be 31 this year and figure I better quit before I do some serious damage to my mouth. I dipped a can every 2 days of grizzly wintergreen for a good while. Over the past 2 years it’s been skoal or kayak fine cut wintergreen. Today is day 2 for me. I had what this site calls ” the fog” all day yesterday. Feel a little better today. Woke up in angry fits last night and think I might have kicked the dog in my sleep. Gotta keep a strong head. Sunflower seeds, wintergreen life savers, and this site will get me through this. Good luck everyone.

  83. Today is my 1 year anniversary of quitting Copenhagen Snuff. After 22 years of dipping, i decided that i didn’t want to fall victim to the same fate as some of my boyhood idols, ie Tony Gwynn and nearly Brett Butler. I wanted something better for my family than to be a middle aged man with cancer. I sat reading these messege boards religiously for weeks on end. I was that frantic guy grasping for something to get me through the tough times as everything i was involved in seemed to be a trigger for my habit. I was rude, angry, irritable, and short tempered for weeks. I am lucky to have people around me that care about me enough to know what I was going through and that kept things together, not me. I have reminders everyday of what i chose to do for 22 years, but i also have the solace knowing that i have beat something i didn’t think i could. I still have cravings, but they are fewer and further between and don’t last nearly as long. They’re now just thoughts and go away as quickly as they came. My decision to quit was a direct reflection of my wife and children. Everytime i think of snuff or having a dip, all i can see are my kids faces and that, my friends, is a sobering thing.

    My prayers are with all of you today on here looking for something to help you get through what i was feeling a year ago. Keep running the race! This helps me still:

    “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize! Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. Therefore i do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air. No i strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after i have preached to others, i myself will not be disqualified for the prize.”

    1 Corinthians 9:24-27

    • Well done Matt. You will be an inspiration for someone here. Thanks for sharing your success and your story. We all benefit from your story. I’m 1 year 4 months removed from a 35 year (lifetime) habit myself. God is god brother!

      • Thank you! Congrats to you as well! Everybody that has won that battle is an inspiration. God is most certainly good!

  84. DAY 1 OF QUITTING. Been using dip for 3 and a half years. Got introduced to it in the hockey locker room and never looked back. But, I threw my can out the window today. Wish me luck!

  85. Cold turkey after 8 years. NEVER goin’ back. 12 days without a “taste”. Dealing with the Dip Fog, fatigue, and generalized muscle aches/soreness. Anyone have a suggestion as to how to deal with the muscle soreness!?

  86. Hi guys been a long time chewer love it but all good things must end right I quit for a year and like an idiot thought I could just have one that was a month and a half ago. I think I’ve thrown away more cans than I’ve chewed it seems tougher to get that first day back. I’m pretty down on myself for going back so could us some support to get back on track helps a lot reading the comments stay strong everyone and there is no such thing as one take it from me and gd luck

    • I remember doing the same thing before I said enough! quitting has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done…staying the course is hardcore. Hang tough man…you can do this!!!

      • When u went back did u get paranoid ? Ever since I started feels like everything has fallen to shit. So damn hard

        • When I was going back and forth prior to quitting, yes it was a mind screw. Funny you should describe it like that…
          Ever since the day I quit (2.5 weeks ago) it absolutely feels like everything has gone to crap. The fog has been a pain, the fatigue ridiculous, the anxiety/fear extremely disruptive, and the depression upsetting.
          I cannot wait to get on the other side of this process…because this fully taxes the body, mind, and spirit.
          Stick with it man!!!

  87. Has anyone ever had a swollen submandibular salivary gland stone due to dipping?

  88. If you’re speaking of the little bumps that line the inside of your front lower lip, then yes, I’ve had that a lot. When I quit, (nearly 900 days ago) some of them got pretty big. Salt makes it worse. They go back to normal size after a few days. Don’t sweat it.

  89. Day 100 is complete. After 40 years of chewing Skoal every waking moment, it is finally over. Thank God. I went cold turkey and gutted it out over the first several weeks. After that, it became easier as long as I exercised hard every day.
    It was way easier than stopping drinking alcohol, but it was still difficult.

  90. Been thinking about quitting for a while now. I was reading on here the other day to set a day to quit to ease your self off of the dip. I plan on quitting Monday as I have been cutting back threw the week so I don’t crave it has much I hope. But I seen this page and everybody on here thats quiting and that made want to quit even more seeing all you yall quit. Plan on dropping the can Monday no more dip

    • Zack, It will be the best move you ever made. It’s going to be a rough ride at first, but well worth it. I’m on day 80 today and I can’t believe I can drive my car without a chew and not even think about it. The information on KTC is accurate and very helpful.

  91. I’ve chewed for over 10 years but smoked almost 20 years prior to that. I quit for almost a year but started back up again because I gained a lot of weight and my blood sugar went out of control as I’m a type 2 diabetic. It’s been a year since I started back up again and I know it’s had an impact on my health. My throat feels raw and soar all the time, I feel dizzy and light headed a lot, and lately my feet have been getting tingly and even feels like needles sometimes. I want to quit so bad, it actually makes me nauseous at times but I can’t seem to stay away from it. Anyone have advice?

    • You’re in the right place Loren – would suggest you join our forums at where we’ve got nearly 24,000 members who all “get it” because we’re right there with you. It’s the best place available to get support and questions answered from real quitters!

  92. 3 wks nicotene free. I have come to a conclusion Fake dip works. Chewing gum is almost as good. Physical withdrawl is long gone. My prooblem is the mental side. I drive a truck 300 to 400 miles a day on some of the most boring piece oc interstate. I get alot of time to fidget around Thats where fak dip comes in handy

  93. Day 99 and I’m very dependent on Smokey Mountain and sunflower seeds now. Any suggestions for the next step?

  94. I chewed the fake stuff daily (can + per day) for a good 220 days into my quit. Then one day… I just didn’t need it any more. My suggestion would be to use it till you don’t need it any more. The overwhelming majority of people will eventually just put it down and not look back.

  95. What do you mean dependent? Needing an oral fix? Try keeping a water bottle with you and taking a swig instead of a seed.

  96. Keep eating seeds and quit with the smokey mountain. Or continue with both

  97. I use seeds and fake chew too, have for over 120 days now. BUT….I’ve tapered off, as Chewie mentioned, I have only been taking 2-3 fake dips a day now. I’ve only had one so far today. But the seeds….those are some good things! I can see me moving exclusively to seeds eventually. And for $2 a bag, a much better habit than tobacco!

  98. 5 wks almost gave in I found a can in my drawer. I dont know how long it had been there it was all dried up . I thought heck its only one. WRONG! It would have been an excuse to lie to myself as to why I started again So I threw the weed into the toilet

  99. What types of fake dip did you find help full?

  100. John – There are some outstanding fake dips out there. Is there a particular brand or flavor you’re trying to replicate? I’m happy to point you in the right direction.

  101. Smokey mountain wintergreen is a good sweet fake chew, no tobacco no nicotene

  102. I’m trying to replicate Kodiak wintergreen the only dip I have used for the last 20 years.

  103. Is there something that replicates Copenhagen?

  104. I have been chewing the smoky mountain stuff and it is pretty good. I only tried Kodiak and can’t remember what it was like. I am finding that it really isn’t the taste (for me), as much as having something in my lip.

  105. I’ve been chewing Smokey mountain snuff wintergreen and its the closest to Kodiak I’ve found yet. I’m in the same boat as you.

  106. Let me know how that goes! I’m right there with you. Smokey Mountain is really sweet and not spot on. Haven’t tried any others…have you?

  107. After 27 years of only using Kodiak, I have been trying to find a good alternative, and after 3 weeks of being tobacco and nicotine free, smokey mountain seems to the best fake dip I have found! 3 weeks down the rest of my life to go.

  108. It’s true. Once you decide to quit, you can NEVER go back. I quit a few times and each time I went back, it was a worse addiction. It’s been over 4 years now (quit) and I still use the herbal snuff and I never even think of real tobacco anymore.

  109. Righteous!

  110. Hard love!!!!! If you quit for 1 truly solid week and you go back I say FUCK YOU !!! I chewed for 31 years before I truly quit,I’m in my 5th month of my quit. Just bought a brand new truck as my reward. The money I save almost covers the payment. This is the way it is, if you make it a week you can make it forever, don’t let that brown bitch control what you do, when you do it or keep you from your family

  111. I’m thinking about purchasing some fake dip. Usually do Skoal Wintergreen. So far Hooch and Smokey mountain are my top choices, but they say Hooch isn’t quite like long cut and that Smokey Mountain stains your teeth and is messier than Hooch. What about longetivity? Any suggestions????

  112. Thinking about looking into some fake dip. Usually purchase Skoal Wintergreen. So far Hooch and Wintergreen seem like my best too options, but I hear Hooch isn’t quite “long cut” and stains the teeth and can be a little too “harsh” to feel like real dip. However, SM I hear stains teeth and is super messy. What about longetivity and flavor? Advice and suggestions?? I’ll take as much as I can get!

  113. That’s what I wanted to hear!

  114. Hey Chewie, I hear everyone using Smokey Mountain, is that available in Texas? I finally broke down and ordered some Hooch, but it would be a lot easier if I could just buy it somewhere here locally.

  115. Lex & Ty – reviews, coupons, etc. here. I’ve tried just about all of them. My personal reviews are located here: If you’re a Skoal Wintergreen guy I’d point you to Hooch, Holt or Elicit to get you started, but there are SEVERAL great products out there. Let me know if you’ve got any specific questions… happy to help!

  116. Thank you so much!! Ty tried some Smokey Mountain because it’s all our local store sells and we have yet to get our Hooch…he said that it did not have the Skoal tobacco feel or the wintergreen taste. So my question is, will the Hooch Wintergreen be close to the Skoal tobacco feel and wintergreen taste he is looking for? He’s very excited about trying the Hooch! And will it be long-cut enough for him? That is his usual cut of choice.

    Please reply, and thank you for your help!

  117. I’ve often gone on record as saying Hooch Wintergreen (for me) is as close to the real thing as you can find on the market. It won’t be quite that “long” cut he’s looking for, but Hooch DID just come out with a “rough” cut which is much closer.

  118. Today while at Walmart I decided not to buy a can of smokey mountain, Im also on Day190 of my quit. no urges but I’ve been drinking a lot more lately. I’m not sure if it’s cause it’s finally gotten nicer here in the northeast or if I’m substituting alcohol for my ex-addiction.

  119. So we should go for the Hooch Wintergreen rough cut, yes?

  120. Day 243, I curbed my drinking, I drink only 3-4 evenings a week which is better than every night. I still would love to have a pinch but don’t want it all at the same time. I also just came from the dentist and the didn’t beat me up about my teeth this time, pretty cool !!!. I miss my old friend but I’ll get past this part of my life simply because I refuse to be controlled by tobacco or anything or anyone!!!

  121. copehog – Cope is a tough one. I was a Kodiak Wintergreen guy so take this for what it’s worth, but I’d point you to Hooch Classic, Hooch Spitfire or Smokey Mountain Classic as a start.

  122. Day 114. 20 year Copenhagen man. I tried a bunch of them and found Hooch Classic ( worked the best as a Cope snuff replacement. I mix it up between the classic and spitfire.

  123. Smokey Mountain ain’t bad, former cope man for 31 years.

  124. hey chewie, this web-site has helped me tremendously get through my first 5 days- thank you!! which fake dip would replicate skoal straight long cut?

  125. I just decided to quit chewing a week ago I’m 22 and I’ve been doing it 2 years. I did on average 4 tins a week. I didn’t think it would be this hard quitting only after 2 years. I made it a week so far but its been difficult not so much on the addicted to nicotine its the habit of it. I’ve tried smokey mountain and Jakes mint chew didn’t like either. Not sure what to try to help. I want what’s closest to either Skoal mint or Copenhagen wintergreen longcut. Thanks guys

  126. Kyle, I can’t help you decide what’s closest to Skoal mint or Cope wintergreen, however, I can say that there are a lot of reviews on pretty much all the fake stuff out there in this website. The reviews are pretty in depth too. Also, if you haven’t yet, join the forums, introduce yourself, and you can get a lot more help in there.

  127. Kyle – we’ve got a slew of reviews posted here:

    For my money, Hooch Mint is SPOT ON for Skoal Mint.

  128. Fake dip prolongs the addiction of the very reason you wanted to quit in the first place. Sort of like an alcoholic drinking a non-alcoholic beer. There is no easier softer way.

  129. Please don’t be glib Lee

  130. Lee,
    I disagree entirely with your statement. The “addiction” to “dip” is to the nicotine in it. Using nicotine, in any form, whether it be even patch or gum, WILL prolong the addiction. Most Fake Chews have NO NICOTINE in them, thus, their is NO addiction, if the fake dip has no nicotine in them. I will say, the “oral fixation” might be what you’re talking about. But there is NO addiction to the fake dips, if they are truly free of nicotine.
    I chewed 1.5 cans a day of tobacco a day. When I quit, I began using several of the non-nicotine fake dips, along with Sunflower seeds and a little gum. I was plowing through a fake can a day, I am now down to 1 to 2 fake dips a day, without any withdraws, fog, nic-fits, weight gain…all things associated with nicotine. Granted, the oral fixation is still very much there, and I think it sticks around a lot longer…but there is NO addiction to these fake dips. There is nothing in them that is addictive. They have been a heaven send with my quit.
    So please, get your facts straight before blasting the fake chew. I would GLADLY chew a can of the fake stuff a day, then EVER return to nicotine.
    Day #277

  131. In what world is an alcoholic drinking a non-alcoholic beer a bad thing??

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