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  1. Almost to day 50. Can anyone share their experiences with depression and feeling tired after quitting? I know it is a difficult topic to talk about…

    • It’s very normal. Check the older comments here or the quit forum for lots of stories. At 61 days I’m finally starting to feel normal for more than one day. Good job on your quit.

    • Never had depression or anxiety until I quit. It hit me from out of nowhere, and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. One obsessive thought lead to another. My only relief was sleep, and the 30 seconds after I woke up, only to be reminded of why I was bummed out. Resulted in stomach problems, which made me think my years of chewing had done me in with probable stomach cancer. Blood tests, doctors visits and the like until it was like a fog lifted over the course of a week. I could still feel a bit of the anxiety, lurking there, but I could identify it. I knew it wasn’t ‘me’, but a little monster that was waiting for the wrong thing to come on TV or wrong innocent comment in a conversation to send me off into another spiral of ‘what ifs’. I found myself saying, ‘Go f**k yourself’ outloud in the car when I felt it creeping up.
      You just have to chug through it, and realize the obsessive thoughts are just that… obsessive, and for the most part, completely ridiculous. Life is good! You quit this crap on your terms, not the terms outlined by an cancer doctor! It’s not going away without a fight. Right now you’re just prying it’s fingers off the ledge… one week at a time. It only has so many fingers.

    • I blame the tiredness on myself at this point. Finally started exercising. That will hopefully take care of that.

  2. Day 50. Hit some road bumps the past few days with anxiety and physical cravings that I thought were gone. Thanks to ktc, I knew what to expect. atill going strong. Not one more dip …

  3. So far so good I’m glad I have found this site I can explain things and get advice from people who have gone through what I have me am going through when it comes to chewing tobacco. You guys know the stress and ba that comes with quitting the addiction and I am glad to know that there is a place I can go and share my feelings and thoughts with what I am going through to keep me on the path of adding consecutive days to not chewing and moving on with my life nicotine free it’s a constant struggle but it’s something I want to do and I enjoy the feeling of not letting my addiction control my life

  4. Thanks. Guess I just needed some encouragement on that front and your right I made the wrong decision in lying about it but will have to continue to include her in my daily feelings when it comes to thoughts of wanting to chew during certain times of the day. The urge to chew is diminishing daily but their are lapses when I wish I had one but I know I have to stay strong and refrain from even purchasing a can. I am doing this for myself me the health benefits. thanks for the advice

    • Quitting chew is the right thing. Regarding honesty and trust, the only thing that heals that is time and being honest and trustworthy. As far as feelings go, it’s important she understands what you are going through–there is a reason that quitting is nicknamed “the suck.” Life pretty much sucks getting through the initial quit stages. It’s important that people close to you know about it. BUT, you are going to experience serious shit and she may not be equipped to handle that. It can create struggles that don’t have to exist. You’ll want to use this site to work through that shit rather than dump it on her.

  5. Just put down my last can 4 hours ago. Went through every drawer, seat cushion, dashboard and everywhere else and threw em all away. Sealed up the trash bag and gave it to my neighbor to put away. Now it’s time to buckle down.

    Chewed 1/2 to 3/4 of a can a day for 18 years. (Probably more when deployed). I have to quit this time. It’s gonna suck but I’ll jeep coming back here to check in.

    • join the forum. Ton of support there. Do it now. That’s an order. 😉

    • Our lives’ change when our habits change. Richard, you are at the right place. Read everything you can on this site and you are giving yourself the best chance to succeed. I’m finishing up day 80 as we speak. 81 days ago this seemed impossible. Now, it’s very real and the best blessing in my life. IT IS NOT AND WILL NOT BE EASY. That’s where KTC comes in to play.

      I quit with you today, Richard.

      Brian, username: Geis2597

  6. I stopped chewing for real this time on 9/3/2015 after telling my girlfriend that I quit twice before over the last three years. Yes I got caught after I lied to her this time I’ve gone 28 days and counting yet she doesn’t believe me and I don’t blame her. How can I get her to believe that I actually quit and haven’t had a chew since 9/3/2015 after 27 years of chewing. WA h day has gotten easier and I no longer feel the urge or desire to chew. Guess I got lucky since I switched from. Hewing long cut to pouches 3 years ago. I honestly think it made it easier at least for me.
    Any advice that I can use to convince her would help. Thanks.

    • Hey Joe – that’s a tough one. Unfortunately just like with quitting there isn’t going to be a magic pill when it comes to getting her to believe you. You’ve lied to her in the past. Why WOULD she believe you? It’s going to take time for her to understand that you’re serious this time and that you’re in for the long haul. Take it one day at a time. You’re less than a month in. While you feel great now you’re still in for some rough roads.

      Involve her. Tell her how you’re feeling but make sure you’re quitting for YOU. She’s going to see that you’re serious and over time that trust will come. This is the bed you made. You’ve got to lay in it and own your quit. She’ll come around with time.

    • Joe Jarism,
      Best advise I could give you is to stay quit. That will convince her. Your over the first hump but have more to battle. Use KTC, theres alot of info on this site. Use it to stay the course. I’m at 170 and just 2 days ago I woke up thinking I blew my quit. All from a chew/dip dream… It’s a long process. Take in one day at a time.

  7. 363 and counting. I am not a new member. I have been here before. The reason I write this today is to explain why I left. Recently I was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder. This explains a lot to me now. If you go back and look at my posts you will see a pattern…. The ups and downs. The rage and depression. It’s all there for everyone to see, but I couldn’t. I left KTC because I was too weak to admit I was struggling with keeping myself together. I now know with medication and therapy that life is better. I still have the desire to use nicotine, and I know how not to now. I learned everything from this site and the people here. I owe an apology to everyone here for not reaching out earlier, but it is what it is. I owe everything to my HOF class; I wish you all the best. I would have posted this on my HOF month, but I can’t for the life of me remember my log in. I just wanted to give an explanation. Those of you that know me and have my digits, feel free to contact me if you have more questions. My life is now an open book and a healthier book at that.

    Keep on quitting,

  8. Concentrate on today only make it through until tomorrow you will be fine

  9. 187, it is a daily battle. What else do you expect? We abused are bodies for years and expect it all to go away after 3 days of abstaining. It is like an overweight person going to the gym and expecting to get fit in a month after eating like shit, boozing & not exercising for years. Put things in persepective and stop being the victim, we did this to ourselves, embrace the pain & win the day

  10. You are going through the HELL stage as all of us here went through, some of us more than once. Don’t give up it gets easier. Keep your mind occupied, drink lots of water and if you can work out like a mad man do so. It helped me. Tough it out.
    Read this, it’ll give you an idea of what’s ahead.

  11. 9/22/15 quit date and all I want to do is chew. going at it cold turkey. chewed half can a day for 18 years. probably my 6th attempt at quiting. so far, it has obviously sucked, but I’m worried because all I think about is chew. anyone have some insight on this? I understand it may take some time, but if I get to 100 days and my mind is still consumed by chew, I may go crazy.

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