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  1. Day 335. 1 month to my 1 year anniversary. I quit with all of you today.

    • Hi man…I am 17… dipping for 3 years…any advice how to quit dipping…I really want to be nicotine free….but the cravings are holding me…. really happy that U r nicotine free….

  2. 62 days free, doing pretty good. Shockingly I don’t get cravings unless I see someone else doing it but it goes away pretty quickly. The last time I didn’t want to quit, I was forced. This time I am doing it for myself and this wonderful girl. So it’s made is so much easier. I’ve noticed I don’t always feel as weak as I used to at work since nicotine isn’t in my blood to relax my muscles. I got a gym membership to keep myself busy after working my third shift job. My appetite surprisingly did not increase. Stayed little, my gums haven’t felt this good since before I started 4 years ago. Teeth color is finally returning. Only thing that’s gotten a little worse is temper control because whenever I lost my short fuse I would put a pinch in to tame it and now I don’t do that so learning to actually control my short fuse has been a struggle but I keep looking forward and have zero plans on going back. Keep it up quitters! 😀 it’s worth it.

  3. Been dipping for 7 years. Trying to quit for the first time, any advice? Im 23 years old. Also, do your gums heal and grow back at all?

  4. I’m on day 3 on my second go round of quitting.

    I used nothing but skoal mint for 5 years, half a can a day, every day. Tried to quit often but only succeeded once. I left the country for 3 weeks and didn’t bring a can with me hoping that not being able to access a tin would make the difference in me quitting. It worked like a charm for an entire year and I felt better than ever.

    But them one day I was driving through PA and I saw their $2 tins and thought that one little pinch wouldn’t hurt. After another 7 months of dipping I am trying to quit again…this time for good. I want a healthy and long life and know in the back of my head that cancer is around the corner if I can’t be strong enough to kick this habit. The problem is I simply enjoy the act of spitting. There is nothing quite like a dip in the shower after a long workout.

    The hardest part is somehow I keep convincing myself that one more tin won’t hurt, but that one tin turns into 50.

  5. Want to stop so bad but the cravings are terrible I’m only 19 got hooked around 15 when friends would do it. Have tried quitting multiple times always end up starting back up. The hardest reason I find is. I get a terrible rash on neck that itches like crazy then sometimes on arm. Scared for the idea of cancer. Have done some research to know that tobacco also increases risk of psoriasis which I already have. Anyway have tried smokey mountain ( terrible in my opinion after the first day ) grinds ( ok but just not the same doesn’t help at all just want a chew more). For.the past 3 years I chew about 5 to 6 times a day which is awful it seems every time I drive somewhere or I’m alone I throw one in and I mean it’s always a half/ horseshoe. So not small pinches. Go through around 2 cans a day sometimes one. Really just need to stop cold turkey it’s hard and everyone on here who has been doing it for 20 to 40 years it’s very encouraging to me that you have stopped. I’m just in sp much pain from the itching and side effects of everything. That it seems like having a chew helps. I hope I get the strength to quit and I only pray nothing serious has already taken place… has anyone else expierenced a itching on neck that gets more irritated once it’s scratched?
    Anything that causes gum disease cancer tooth loss decay stain and more shouldn’t be legal anyways. I.guess I was just a stupid kid that wanted to fit in .

    • I tried for years to quit. I started smoking when i was 13 almost 30 years ago. 6 years ago i quit smoking and started chewing because i thought quitting chew would be easier, i was wrong. Idk if im one to give advise but you really have to want to quit and dont give up. I have 281 days today and i have to say how much better ive felt sober without nicotine. Not to mention all the money ive saved. I suffer from seizures which have almost gone away completely which i really think had alot to do with nicotine plus my blood pressure has gone way down. My biggest regret is i wish i had quit a long time ago. My nicotine headaches are gone, i used to wake up with a nasty taste in my mouth nomatter how much i brushed my teeth, my attitude and patience has totally changed for the better. When i quit i wasnt worried about diseases or losing my teeth i was just sick of being an addict and my life revolving around nicotine, not being able to function or enjoy things without it. Just stay strong Brian, you wont regret it.

    • Brian, to steal a KTC quote, you’re here for a reason. You want to quit, that’s half the battle. Kudos to you for being 19 yoa & knowing you need to quit. When I was 19, I bought dip by the sleeve with zero thought of quitting. I am 45 yoa & have been totally nic & tobacco free for a yr & a half. Not gonna lie, it is a bitch. Drink alot of water, stay busy, go through the review section for fake dips, & post here & rely on your fellow quitters to talk you off the ledge. Like I said, check out the fake dip section, alot of products reviewed offer good sample packs. You will not find any fake product that will replace what you dip now, it just will not happen. Lower your expectations, if you do that, you get used to the fake stuff. I only sporadically use fake dip now, but I still have if handy when needed. Good luck buddy, you can do it.

    • Read the Sean Marsee story. Kid started at 12, dead by 19. All school athlete many many awards. All gone.

      Quit hard man! It is much easier than loosing your jaw or life!

  6. Day 20, feeling alright now, still dizziness is there. Now no cravings but I get sometime tremendous craving for a while if I see someone dipping etc.
    God may give me strength to keep moving forward.

  7. To the guys I met at Bethany Beach yesterday, this is the place I recommended. Please look through the site, read the introductions and get comfortable with the site. This is where all we hardcore long time users come to quit. Don’t say I will quit tomorrow or I will quit next week. Quit now and just go Cold Turkey. You have made it here. You are now ready to quit. So quit.

    I quit with you today.

  8. Next week will be Day 300 (10 months) and each month the craving pitch from the brain gets weaker and weaker and easily discarded, because we are all creatures of habit; you say “no” enough, your brain won’t ask you as much as you continue to build your credit base within yourself through every decline of using the can.
    I can say there are a myriad of reasons to quit tobacco, as you most likely will need multiple reasons in order to reinforce your quit, one that I learned as I was killing a 2 can a day Copenhagen Long Cut addiction is to be successful in quitting the source, not suspending it, by doing it primarily for yourself, and not for your wife, kids, etc. if you do it only for them, an unannounced argument can trigger a relapse, and now fingers start pointing in every which way on why you started again.
    Realize it’s an addiction not a habit.
    Herbal chews helped me cope with the physical withdrawals the 1 st month, by splitting the problem in half by keeping my psychological addiction busy temporarily. But, remember that although there is no nicotine, it may be habit forming, and keeps spitters around and leaves clothes stained with juices, which are some of the reasons I quit in the first place.
    Quitting has been every bit worth it, as I am starting to understand what freedom means again. It has been the best decision of my life. Good luck!

    • Congrats on 300!!!!

      Any insight on how your feeling overall would be great….any symptoms…..good days versus bad days, etc.

      I’m on day # 274 and am curious…..I still have struggles from time to time getting used to a clean brain.

    • Day 323 best and hardest thing i have ever done. I quit with all of you. 25 year plus Kodiak user

    • 36 years old and user for 21 years on day 4. So far this has been my easiest attempt. No depression and not much anxiety. I quit for a month back in March and got so depressed I could hardly get off the couch the first week. That’s just not the case this time. Don’t even feel like I miss it just feel pumped for the future without this demon on my back. Going to buy a membership at the gym tomorrow and get fuckin ripped! Lol. Walleyes in the Mississippi River better run for cover too. My new life has started.

  9. went to doctor today and no cancer from 45 years of dipping. on day 10 and quitting for good.

  10. First day fucking blows…enough said..I hate it, my mouth is so sore and tongue hurts, but the can is calling me. I can’t sleep with out it

    • i’ll tell you what dude..i have an appointment tomorrow with a ENT doctor from using snuff. you go to the doctor for me and i’ll go through day 1 again. c’mon man

    • Maybe pick up some zz quilt it’ll help with sleeping

    • Moses… I am with you.. I quit on the 8th of this month.. after almost 30 yrs.. I have quit before (many times) this time I am taking a more mental focus approach. I am using the niccotine gum and lozenges.. that is helping.. but maintaining a mental focus of my goal has kept the mood swings to a minimum..

    • It does fucking blow Moses, but I promise you it will get better. Get that shit out of your system.

  11. Today is 152 days for me, for the past week I can’t stop thinking about it, I ask my self if it is really worth quitting feeling like this , it feels like someone is standing behind me with a switch hitting me and they are gonna keep going until I start back , I’ve hung in there through some pretty rough spells, but I’m not sure how much more I can handle , I feel like I’m about to make a mistake , I almost did already I even had the lady at the gas station ring up a can, but made her take it off because I was afraid of wasting the past 152 days, I made it through this time but I’m not sure how many more days I can go feeling this way , any one else made it this far and it feel like day 2 all over again? Any advise ?

    • I am a cancer doctor and came to this site to help a gentleman quit chewing AFTER HE HAS ALREADY SURVIVED (3 years, so it could still kill him) from head and neck cancer. Please don’t start. It kills people…the slow, humiliating, terribly painful and horrendously awful way. DO NOT START AGAIN!

      • Doc Liz is right. it is not pretty at all. For I am on the receiving end of when doctors can not fix what you did to destroy your own body. Quit for YOU!, nobody else. I am quit. I been quit for 49 days. and I will never look back or get hooked by nicotine again.

      • Wow, now that’s telling it like it is and I love it!!!

    • Let me guess, Samuel1987, anxiety and nervousness got you? I’m 240 days nicotine free. The 140’s-160’s were, by far, the WORST! Better days are ahead. The monkey will come down off your back. You just have to stay the course; you have to walk through the rain to see the sunshine again. I wish I could tell you there is a ‘magic pill’ or easier way, but there is not! It does and will get easier. It is worth all of the sacrifice you have thus far made! Trust me! Each day you don’t put that shit in your mouth, your body is getting stronger. You didn’t get addicted overnight, you will not GET WELL overnight either. Stay strong; you have got this. You’ve come to fat to turn back! Think about it…

      • Thanks MARK GRAGO and CRAIGSELK66, it’s nice to talk to someone who made it through it , I figured there was an end to this tunnel because I’ve been through so many of them but this one seems to be a little longer than the past few, I’m sticking through it though came too far to turn back now.

    • I’m at #271…..and #140-160 for me were fuckin horrifying…..I literally thought I was going insane…..until I found out that around this time frame lots of people have struggled. So what your experiencing is completely normal…..get thru this stretch….and your golden!!!!

      • I am with you. 140 – 160 sucked. But other days much later will suck as well. There is a reason people stay committed to this site for years. The nicotine bear is always ready to come out from behind the tree and get you. Most days are better but embrace the bad days, they show that you are really quitting something very bad and your strength will get you through this. Day 308.

  12. day 9….no issues anymore. 45 years of snuff and called it quits. if you really don’t want to do it then you won’t

    • Anybody ever get a little white spot on their bottom gum?

      • Yes. Normally, these go away after one or two days, but it is a sign that perhaps it is time to stop chewing. You may also want to consult your dentist about this. But as I said, I would not become too upset; just think seriously (if you have not already) about stopping.

        Good luck!

    • Nice job KEVINPA!

      45 years is about 3 times as long as I threw that crap in my lip… As they say ‘Win Today’ and sounds like your mind is made up… Keep Strong…

      Hopefully your ENT visit went well when you said ‘no issues anymore’…

      • thanx quit_nic appointment is tomorrow hope it just something else but whatever I’m done with snuff for good. Anybody reading this …trust me when you have to make a doctors appointment over snuff that will help you a lot in wanting to quit

  13. Day #268…..

    Bob sorry I didn’t get a chance to respond til now….spent a couple weeks in the Northwoods at the cabin over the 4th…..which I’m happy to report was NIC free of course…..

    My brain continues to heal…..ever so slowly….I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again…’s a very slow process almost at a snail’s pace…..I poisoned my brain for 30+ years… I now realize I won’t wake up tomorrow and be cured…..once I understood that concept…..most of my anxiety disappeared instantly.

    As for symptoms…..fog has finally lifted and hasn’t been back in a while….slight dizziness from time to time…..mostly if my emotions get too high. I’m still getting used to a “clean brain”… emotions seem to be settling in to a constant….instead of super highs and lows.

    Life is just really starting to become fun again…..even the little things are easy to appreciate now.

    I’m starting to have glimpses of what “normal” feels like…..and for people who haven’t been through this horrible fuckin journey…..that sounds ridiculous. BUT for the tens of thousands of US fighting the NIC bitch… sounds like paradise… be normal again.

    Tomorrow looks like a great day to be NIC free again….think I’ll give it shot!!!!!

    • sage words, great job! 152 here, and I’m giving tomorrow a shot, too.

    • Thanks Craig ! Glad to hear that you’re doing well. Let’s keep going! I appreciate your comments about slow process. You are definitely right on the money.

    • Day 10, been chewing for 23 years. The fog is starting to lift. I didn’t realize what a hold chew had on me till I quit. Been reading around on here for support and Just wanted to say Thank you.

  14. Just checking in; it’s been 309 days. I’m dip free for a year on September. I still get the occasional hankering, but that’s only when I’m alone and bored. I could go through a can in 3 hours. Change everything you associated with dip, if you can. If I can give it up after 25 years, you can too. Don’t pussyfoot; you must go cold turkey.

  15. I’ve been trying hard to quit for a while now. I’ve tried all the fake stuff…it just doesn’t do it for me. I dipped any sort of wintergreen for about 15 years now. I recently made the switch to red man loose leaf silver blend…with no sugar. I was thinking that would be less harmful on the gums…as mine are starting to pull away from my two lower teeth in the corners. Then I found myself chewing both…not good. As of now I’m trying to get by on sunflower seeds and they help a great deal but it seems as if they are causing more damage to my mouth than anything else lol! I could get by on the seeds alone but I get so freaking crabby within about 5 hours without a dip…it’s unbearable. I can only keep trying I guess.

    • Going without dip for 5 hours isn’t unbearable, you have just been too weak to bear it. Stop “trying hard” to quit and just do it already. Dump all the garbage you have right now and commit to breaking free. There’s a community forum at this site that can help you, but no one tolerates that kind of weakness.

      • Well I wouldn’t want to be a burden then…God forbid anyone has to tolerate me. Thanks for the reply.

        • Paul Bogush Jr.

          You are not a burden my man, people need to relax and realize that quitting is different for everyone. People deal with it in different ways. I chewed for 18 years and am currently on day 17, it seemingly got easier after day 7, but I still have cravings on a daily basis. I like the NiptheGrip product, it gives me a little bit of that lip burn that reminds me of actual chew, but not as intense obviously. Have you tried that product?

          • Never heard of it. Smokey mountain and hooch give a little burn as well. I’ll look it up though. Thanks!

        • Chris, what I mean is that “trying” is going to get you absolutely nowhere. Learn about how nicotine addiction works. Every time you use, you press an addiction reset button. By still occasionally using, all you’re doing is making yourself miserable and getting no closer to quit.

          My calling you weak was meant to get a reaction from you. The fact is that nicotine withdrawal will not kill you. It sucks but it IS bearable. You just have to suck it up and bear it. The Community forum (separate from this board – link in tab up top) is full of people who prove that it is bearable and will be happy to help you work through it, if you truly want to be quit and are willing to work for it.

          But half measures won’t fly. If you really want to quit, you can. If you don’t want to quit, then stop torturing yourself and just chew away until your jaw falls off.

          • No I get it man. I thought about your comments all day. At first I just kept thinking what kind of jerk says that sort of stuff on a site that’s supposed to help people. The time I had to let it sink in i came to the conclusion….”he’s right.” I’ve been through this with alcohol in the past (27 months sober) and I should have known firsthand that when a addict hears what he doesn’t want to…he lashes out and goes into denial. So for that I apologize. I should have seen what you were doing but emotions got the best of me. On Thursday (I have Thursday and Friday’s off of work…unfortunately I work in a environment where I can throw a dip in whenever I want) I’m going to stick to seeds and smokey mountain. Hopefully I can have two days to feel it out before returning to work when the urge will be the strongest. Thank you.

    • Hey Chris, glad you got what I was trying to say. I wasn’t trying to be a jerk, but sometimes harsh language can be the only way to get that kind of message across. Good for you for putting some thought into it and it sounds like you already have had some success w/ other addictions.

      I’d caution against feeling it out. When you make the decision to quit, you need to go full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes. You should seriously check out the community forum here. I’m 71 days quit and I KNOW I would be back to dipping if I hadn’t found that forum. It’s zero tolerance for nicotine & it isn’t always pretty, but it works.

      All the best man, good luck.

      • Thanks! By “feel it out” I meant hopefully I can sort of get a grip on how to deal with the withdrawals before going back to work. Chances are if I hit the wall you might be seeing me on the forums lol!

  16. HAVENT SEEN THIS QUESTION EVER ASKED….I’ve dipped for 3 years a can a day for quite some time I have developed noticeable pockets from outside appearance on left & right bottom lip (only dip on bottom) they make me self concious cause I look at myself & notice how pushed out the lip is & is noticeable appearance wise. Is this permanent or after quitting will my lip retract back to more normal looking again. I also notice my top & bottom lips as a whole are more pushed out. Only 3 years so I’m hoping it’s just from stretching please weigh in on thoughts & experiences on the appearance aspect of your lips or noticeable pockets post quitting chew. Thanks guys

  17. Day 29 this morning. Extremely excited to hit that “1 month” landmark tomorrow, going to have a nice tall cold one after work tomorrow as I have earned it. All I can say is Day 1-5 was absolutely horrible, no sleep, couldn’t concentrate, and there wasn’t enough seeds in the world to satisfy me. IT DOES GET BETTER GUYS, a steady diet of Smoky Mountain now a days helps me combat the Oral Fixation part of the quit and gets me through. I definitely have a long way to go……but I feel the train starting to get a head of steam……….

    • I’m on day 5. After 34 years in the can I would have thought that it would have been a little harder than what’s it has been. cravings were bad the first day or so but since then it has pretty much been a breeze. When cravings do hit I usually try to do some form of exercise to make it go away.

  18. I agree cold turkey is the healthiest way but maybe not the most effective way. I have read several articles that say gradual reduction is the most effective. Effective not safest. Although this article references smoking, we both know the culprit is Nicotene and chew has a lot more Nicotene.

    • Dustin Williams

      Jason, feel free to reach out to me directly. In theory, what you are saying is correct. However, the problem with the theory is that we are addicts. We cannot do anything in moderation. I tried desperately, desperately, to ween. I tried to reduce the amount of dip that I used on a daily basis. I did that for 19 years and I never quit. Read that statement again, I tried for 19 years to reduce the amount of dip that I used on a daily basis and it did not work. If you could control how much you use then you would not have a problem. If you are on this website, you have a problem. We can help man.

      • I wonder about this nicotine addiction. They say it is out of your system in 72 hours and those first three days are the toughest battle. But at least for me that battle didn’t get noticeably better until many days or weeks later. I notice most of the research is based on smoking…
        And now approaching two months it is still a battle but I guess it is all a psychological battle against the oral fixation?
        Which brings me to Mint Snuff/Smoky Mtn.. I am technically not chewing tobacco or using niccotine so I guess this counts, but am I really just prolonging the agony if much of the battle now is against the sensation of having something in my lip.
        Or am I actually still addicted to the nicotine in some way? I don’t get why it is so damn hard if it is largely about beating nicotine. It does seem foolish to be on the patch or smokers vaping and staying afficted to the drug. But in reality they are making a healthier choice just the same.

  19. If you don’t mind me asking what research are you talking about? Not being argumentative or combative just wondering. I tend to disagree with that. The quicker you get that stuff out of your system and get on with your quit the better off you’ll be. Just my opinion.

  20. Funny how it does different things to different people. Total opposite for me when I quit. All I wanted to do was sleep sbout the whole first week! Hang in there it gets better. Day 149 I quit with you. We’re all here for ya to go through the suck together!

    • Grizzlymint, my quit was the same as yours. I slept the first week. Luckily I could do that. I guess quitting affects us all differently. As long as we get to quit that is all that matters!

  21. Hey! Good job with day 3! Just keep going. Remember that when the crave hits it’s usually just a few minutes of weird to deal with…. and usually the craving hits because you are at or in a trigger scenario. You can do this!!!

    • I am entering my day 3. I do not like the day 3 because I find I cannot get beyond it. Any advice from all of you who have??

      • Just make it to day 4. The only way you can do that is to not have a chew. It is going to suck but you are not going to die or anything. Unfortunately for me it seemed like day 23 was just as bad as day 3. That is why all my attempts always failed because there was never any end in sight.

        But this time I am determined. I am on day 57. I had to look that up on the calender and couldn’t have told you within a week what day I was on – which I think is progress. The first 30 days I knew what day I was on from the moment I woke up and I don’t know if a minute went by without thinking about it. Now I think I sometimes might make it an hour.
        But who am I fooling, I just threw in a mint snuff to be able to finish typing this post. I don’t think I should be the one giving you advice because I am struggling in the same battle. But I guess it does get a little easier. I was flabbergasted myself about a post a couple of weeks ago about how hard day 72 was for someone and now I am almost there myself. But there are crappy days, I’ve got job interviews, etc.. Chewing is not actually going to solve these things. Just win the day or even the minute and try not to look so far ahead I guess is the only advice that works for me. Or that the only way to quit chewing is to not have another chew. As simple as that sounds I think that is really all it comes down to yet this drug will try trick us into going back. I am not falling for it any more.

        • Thanks, GRIZZ, for the reply. I am heading to day 5. Eye of the Tiger!!

        • I’m with you grizz I’m day 23 and still feeling a lot of the effects. I can say I’m better than first few days most of the time then it comes rushing back.but I do like you refuse to take a dip or chew .just one day or hour at a time what ever it takes

  22. Today is day 3 my quit date was 7-4-16 I know it seems counterintuitive to quit on a holiday like the fourth but it’s working so far so I’m not complaining the cravings suck but I think I knew what to expect coming into this quit since it isn’t my first one but I am determined that it will be my last I’m only 27 years old and I have been dipping for over fifteen years more than half my life and my two sons are 7 and 3 and now they have both told me that they are going to follow my bad example so I have to quit now before they do and thankfully before any health complications can arise from the dip

    • my quite date was 4th of July too. independence from the can. been using snuff for 45 years and about a month ago felt like something was stuck in my throat or something. went to my doctor and he could not tell any issues. he’s sending me to an ENT doctor. the doctors appointment has me worried that it’s keeping me from thinking about snuff easier. i just threw the can away and never looked back. dude just do it and never look back

      • You can do it! We are both on the third day.I did the same thing – I just threw it away and never looked back. Let’s try to stay on the right path!!

      • Wishing you the best with your appointment. Praying. So when you get the news that you’re fine don’t go back to the can to celebrate! STAY AWAY FROM THE POISON, No matter what happens. Get pissed about it! A little tiny can controlling your life. It’s stupid isn’t it? You got this! Day 149, I quit with you today and every other day from now on!

      • Man that’s no good at all hopefully everything goes well at the ENT

    • Day 34 here. Congratulations keep up the good work. One day gets you to the next day. My boys are 7 and 3 also and have been my inspiration not to break. Not disappointing the kids is a very strong motivation for me .

  23. July 2, 2016, was my first day dip free. It has been almost 72 hours since my last dip. So far, not too horribly bad. I am sure there are things that I do not notice, as I am trying to focus on handling the cravings. I have used sunflower seeds (bacon flavor is the bomb), different types of mint candies, and even some mint chew, tobacco and nicotine free. All of these have helped wonderfully. The one issue that I have noticed in this short time is, I am having issues getting to sleep. I have read that this is a side effect of quitting. It seems it takes me several hours to get sound sleep. I sure this to will pass.

    • SHAWN, I am entering my sixth day and I can tell you that you may experience two different things – either a lack of sleep or that you will be sleepy all of the time. You also may find that your hours are “off” for at least the first few days, meaning that you will go to bed and four hours later your brain will wake you up. This is natural, I believe. The nicotine is trying to leave your bloodstream and at the same time there is a small demon inside you that still wants it. Avoid the temptation to take an early-morning trip to get a can.If you have to eat more during the first week or two, do it. It is better than the consequences.

      • When I first quit 150 some odd days ago I remember very clearly being DOG tired at 8pm but ready to hop out of the sack at 3am. So not like me! It took about two or three weeks for my sleep pattern to return to normal. Weird stuff that NIC is.

        • Yes, and I find that I am taking abnormal naps in the evening that screw up my sleep pattern. I am in my first week. I am typing this at 2:17 a.m. Not like me. I need to drink more water, I believe.

  24. Day 291 and I arrived at house at the beach. I opened my clothes drawer and found ten containers of snuff that were still fresh. I am very proud that this find did not phase me. I took all of the containers and threw them out without thinking twice.

    I still get crave symptoms but I have no thoughts of ever caving and going back to my tobacco dependency days. It is wonderful to be able to travel without a spit bottle and without worrying if I have enough cans on hand.

    Stay strong. I quit with you today.

  25. I am approaching 1 year tobacco free real soon. I was a can-a-day for 8 years. One thing that helped me once I found this website is setting it as my homepage and entering my quit date. I got a sense of accomplishment seeing that number rising everyday when I open my computer. It really is 1 day at a time. Keep on fighting the good fight!

  26. For all the people saying they can’t quit.. Cut that B.S. out, you sound like a little girl and I don’t know of any little girls that chew tobacco. it’s been 30 days since I’ve quit (dipped for 2 1/2 years), and my life is so much better than it was a month ago. For all the people that truly need hints and tips: sunflower seeds, you can do as much of them as you want!! also, if you really need some extra motivation, look up some pictures of people who got mouth cancer from dipping and tell me that won’t inspire you.. also, don’t count the days, but count the money that you’ve saved. I’ve already saved over 100 dollars! And if none of these tips seem to help, just pick up a Bible, read some of it, then ask our savior Jesus Christ to give you the strength, for all things are possible through Christ.

  27. Today is day 1 for me.

    • Congrats Vic – welcome aboard!

    • Day 1 for me too threw a half can away last night Because my fiance is quitting smoking so im quitting my bad habbit. I cant stop grinding my teeth

    • Vic, you are obviously a badass. I’m on day 1649 and it is worth the struggle. To feel free and not be enslaved to the nic. Go bro! Stay strong and connect to your KTC quit group – that’s what helped me get past those first 100 days and coast on to quit greatness. Which just means, I didn’t use tobacco today. BOOM!

    • Today is day 1 for me, also. I decided to do it this week because not only is it Independence Day (see the significance??), but my Dad’s birthday is coming up this week. He died of cancer. I have been chewing too long and I find that it controls my life. Time to get this done. Glad to be with you all!!

  28. Anyone else quitting today? I have been chewing grizz wint and cope wint for 6 years and took my last dip last night..Woke up this morning and my jaw is radiating.

    • I hear that about the jaw radiating and my tongue has been very sensitive lately. inside of my jaws white and scary looking. Called it quits because I didn’t want my grandson putting his fingers through the holes in my face from dipping. Gave it up this past Saturday and have been dipping for 26 years cold turkey.

  29. I’m on 6 weeks and you can do it. For me the challenge was getting over the belief I had greater focus when dipping. Like I could perform better, deliver a better work product. So i had to manage this. i also had to stay off the damn iPad and video games. Know the triggers and develop a plan to avoid them. Buy the mint chew and don’t look back.

  30. I want to quit but I am just not strong enough, nicotine has me by the throat and the dip itself has me trapped in its brotherhood, it’s not just a habit or an addiction, it’s a lifestyle which makes it that much harder to stop. I need help I mean real help. I’ve tried gum, patches, lozenges, smokey mountain, etc. and nothing works, I just want to quit and I can’t.

    • Garrin – you CAN do this. I know it and as soon as you know it you can be successful. Don’t worry about forever. Quit today. Repeat tomorrow. Quitting isn’t easy but it’s simple.

      • Why are users of the patch not welcomed here? I used 2-3 cans a day and need a way to step down. I cannot go cold turkey. Even with the patch I have felt sick and out of sorts (this is day two of not chewing). I love the die hard attitude here and I want to take part, but I hope to be on patches (and not chew) for at least a few months. I need to ween myself off of nicotine, I cannot go cold turkey.

        • Speaking for myself here…

          I don’t think it’s that patch users aren’t welcomed. It’s just that we feel VERY strongly that cold turkey is the “best” method. When it comes to our forums, and posting roll, you’re correct… patch (or other forms of NRT) are not allowed. But when it comes to the discussion here feel free to get and stay involved. But be prepared to have folks tell you that the patch isn’t the way to go.

          There are SEVERAL people on the forums that have successfully used the patch to “step down” and eventually go nicotine free. They started posting roll on THAT day as opposed to the day they stopped dipping. It’s an important distinction on our forums and one that we take very seriously.

          I’d caution you as well that using the patch can be just as addictive as the real stuff. There was a guy years back (I can’t recall his name right now) that was addicted to nothing but the patch for something like 12 years. No dip, no chew, no cigs… just the patch. Hope to see you stick around and ultimately, sooner rather than later, post a nicotine free day 1 on the forums.

          • I am hesitant to post/comment on here as I have not quit dipping yet. BUT I WANT TO NOW. I started when I was 13, I’m now 24 and dip up to 2 cans a day. It affects my relationship with my wife and children and runs my life. I have chosen jobs around whether or not I can dip while working there. I always have an embarrassing spitter in my hand/pocket everywhere I go and you can find my home littered with them. I want it to be over, I want my wife to stop hesitating to kiss me. I have tried before on my own and was successful for just 3 days max. I don’t know what to do without changing my schedule (to fit going to the gym for example) or spending money I don’t have. I don’t know what to do about both the urge for nicotine, AND (possibly even bigger) the habit of always having something in my lip….. I pretty much always have one in with the exception of eating and sleeping(most the time). I need tips and tricks from experienced quitters! Should I be looking somewhere else?

          • You’re in the right place. Here (as well as on our forums is the best place to ask questions and get support from people who know what you’re dealing with. We won’t tell you it’s easy… but it CAN be done!

          • Good for you guys being Nicotene free and not using NRT. However, it has been proven through research that cold turkey is not as effective as a gradual reduction in Nicotene or NRT therapy. But I understand where you all are coming from.

        • Just advice but some things people dont want to hear or have to learn for themselves? You have to find out what works for you. I used patches when i tried to quit smoking like 10 years ago and i just got addicted to the patches. Id get that rush putting on in the morning just any other nic rush. It gradually got less and less just like Smoking and before long one patch wasnt doing it. Id take one off at night when i showered and i started putting another on before bed and that really messed up my sleeping so i quit patches and started smoking again. This time though i smoked more because you are getting a more concentrated dose of nic with patches. Its easy to say now after ive suffered through the beginning of my quit but keep in mind a few things. One is in 3 days your body has flushed all nicotine out of your system and its mental from there, you could stand on your head for 3 days if you had to so just be strong. Also most nic fits only last around 3 min, they can feel alot longer wait it out. Think of something else or what i did is lift weights. everytime you fight back that urge you are healing your brain and destroying those Brakimo that associate nic with plreasure. Reward yourself for making it. I bought a nice ZT pocket knife with the money i saved my first month. I just picked up a 40 in tv and ps4. Ive saved that much and more since my quit last year. One last thing is it will be rough the first week but after that i was really feeling my mind and body healing, the extra energy, actually enjoying doing things. Just run with it. My biggest regret now is i wish i had quit years or decades ago, even after 9 months overall i feel so much better.

          • i posted this on an earlier reply but i’m pretty much in the same boat and this has helped me. it’s called teaza and it’s just like pouches only it’s tea, sounds weird but it takes care of the oral part of the habit plus it kind of tastes good. Only problem is how much it costs and i ordered some on the 6th when i was 3 days off the can and here it is the 11th and it’s still not in; called them and it was back ordered and wont be here until 13th!! Hope this helps you stop dipping because i almost stopped using this a couple months ago and i wish i would have stuck with it. I’m on my 9th day and i just thinking how stupid i am for putting something in my body that i know will kill me; i dont roll around in asbestos so why do i do this??!! Good Luck Everyone

        • I dipped 2-3 cans a day for 16 years… It sucks quitting but I’m on day 25 cold turkey… Man up and stop having a crutch… Yes it sucks but it gets better… Stop making excuses for ur crutch and man up bro

    • Been 49 days now! It’s still hard but I’m going to hang in there. Thanks for all you guys support

    • Garrin i dipped Kodiak for over 25 years. Last August i loaded up on fake dip and said enough. I am now on day on day 306. You can do it as soon as you get some days behind you its gets a little easier. Good luck

    • you can do it, Bro. I am on day 9 and I never thought I would be able to quit. So far so good. Know this!

    • you have to find a reason, like a real reason to quit. something that is selfless. obviously it’s not about the chewer, we all kept buying the can. it’s for the people around us. Could your brother, sister, parents, kids, friends, cat, or dog go on without you? would you want them to?

    • I have to agree so i will put in my 2 cents. This isnsupposed to be a quit group for all people no matter the circumstances. I wonder myself whoever come up with this sight thought everybody’s level of addiction was all the same irronic to compare addictive personalities as one in the same.take some of the people on this sight some have been chewing from one to 35 plus years and you think thenquot is all going to be the same i assure you not.i am a long time chewer ofnalmost 30 yearsandbthis sight promotes quitting wish is awesome .However hownpeople choose to try and quit should be promoted no matter what.yes the nicotine only stays in your body for a few days the physical and mental stay with us forever so if using the patch for however long to help with the physical addiction and then battle the nicotine because at the end ofnthe day one step toward quitting is a step in atleast a different direction other than the direction we are going so brother im with you and the patch andni dont need to join any group that thinksthey know my circumstances of quiting because at the end of the day its just me against my addiction.So kill the can thanksnfor nothing.

  31. 256 days. I was having some of my toughest days ive had in awhile a few days ago. I can deal with stress but when it comes to family stress or fights… I was havign a case of the fuck its. I managed to stay away from stores. It got me thinking though i dont even remember what a nicotine high feels like? What would it feel like now? I doubt it would even relax me since its been 256 days it would probably make me throw up. I dont remember what chew tastes like either? One thing that hit me is the realization i will always be an addict, it gets easier to say no but like heroin addicts or alcholics i got to stay on my toes. I know i dont come on here much anymore, i will go days now without even so much as thinking about it so i dont like to dwell on it. All you guys just starting sounds hokey but you can do it. Theres alot of advice and information on this site. Keep in mind after 3 days its all mental, the nicotine is completely out of your system. My biggest regret now is i wish i had quit along time ago.

    • I’m with you brother ! 328 days quit ,fights with family and wife suck but I know what you mean about what will it accomplish after that many days quit it will make us feel like shit for coming this far and have to start all over and your right about the first 3 days are the worse after that it is all mental take care

  32. I’m going to quit today. My can is near empty. I need to set a healthy example for my 7 month daughter. I don’t want to get cancer before she’s grown.

    • You can do this. You are in the right place.

    • Make the move Richard! Stay strong, recognize the small milestones (12hr, 24hr, 48hr, etc) and don’t turn back. Ride the momentum.

    • As you know….The sh*t is strong. Not only the Nic, They dump extra chemicals in the mix. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in smokeless tobacco, as found in soot. A estrogenic compound. Chimney Sweepers were known to get cancer. Big Pharma extracts cheap Estrogen products from soot. Selling it to the public through false advertising. Anyway… My cognition is notably better after 2wks clean and my voice sounds stronger. ITs amazing, I dont think im gonna make it, and then another day goes by!

    • RS, do not do it for your baby girl. Do it for yourself. Then think about how you would feel when she is 20 yrs old and brings home a boy who chews tobacco. You do it for yourself first. You set examples for others after that. 1 day at a time. That is how this works and it works well.

  33. Today is day 316. Looking forward to Aug 13th for one year clean. Rode with a good buddy yesterday and he’s a Cope fan. I had no desire and let him hear about quitting and help at this site. Stay quit everyone. You can do it.

  34. Going cold turkey again from grizzly pouches (easy to hide during my office time at work). I always seem to find a reason to start up, whether it be I think I am unable to think as sharply or just being in a slump. Tired of wasting my life worrying when I’ll lose my jaw, or worse, my life. Going through a can and a half a day puts me around $200 a month and that’s just silly. Wish me luck fellas.

  35. Day 300. Still using fake dip but a lot less. Stay quit and good luck in your battle. It does get easier but never let your guard down

  36. Ishaque Abdul-Aziiz

    for three year have been dipping i have jst starting now on my quiting journey still along way to …………………..

  37. Day #250… just keeps getting better and better! Just trying to get used to my new “normal” without a poisoned brain… can be tricky at times….and frustrating. Sometimes the “clarity” almost overwhelms my system….but it’s understandable considering I was poisoning my brain for 30+ years…’s finally getting a chance to breathe.

    It’s a slow healing process….and I finally understand that. There is no quick fix…. You won’t wake up and be healed…..I now compare month to month and can see slight improvement which keeps me excited about this horrible fuckin journey we are all on.

    I rarely think about the poison that once controlled my life….it’s almost humorous now when the Nic Bitch tries to enter the scene…..pathetic bitch.

    Anyway….gonna be a good day one way or another….cause I’m Nic Free….and that always puts a smile on my face no matter what shit I’m facing!

    • Ok buddy what was your quit date? I thought we had the same amount of days but for some reason im at 251 today? The last day i used nicotine was oct 14th. Oct 15th was my first day without.

    • Well said! I agree with all you wrote! The process of recovery is LONG! However, so was the addiction. Congrats on 250 days; that is outstanding!

    • Is it really hard? I told myself years now this can I buy my last and I’m going quite I just buy the last can today hope and pray u can do what i side my last can

    • Hope your doing well Craig. I have seen improvements as well, but my mind is still not fully recovered. I still feel lightheaded- foggy especially when I am inside. When riding my bicycle outdoors I feel like my old self. Just curious if you are still having any of these issues.



  38. Day 70. Happy Father’s Day to the fathers out there. Today when I look at my 3 kids today, I realize that going thru the hell of quitting is well worthwhile because it will give me more time on this earth to take care and spend more time them. God willing I will stay the course. I pray that I have the strength

    • Day 39 and I feel like it is day two. Just one @$!÷%^&* Kodiak. I could throw half a tin in there right now and end this. I cleaned the garage, drove to the pool and swam a mile, bought a six on the way home and downed it along with a tin of beef jerky (lol).
      I know that the only way I can win is to never have another one. Ever. I have been through this numerous times and this time I think I have the will but damn it is hard because I feel like it will never end. Am I going to be chewing sunflower seeds and mint snuff nonstop 5 years from now?
      Maybe I need to go to a deserted island for three months with no chew no alcohol no gum, sunflower seeds, alcohol. I don’t know. Maybe this post will help. I haven’t had one yet.

      • GRIZZ,,,, I know how you feel. I’m at day 72 and I swear dipping is on my mind more often now than it was a month ago. Its like this little red devil sitting on my sholder, poking me in the side of the head saying ” you know you want a dip so go get one” All I know to do is keep pressing on, one day at a time. I;m just tired of thinking about it all day long. I cuss the dam tobacco companies for ever inventing Grizzly and Kodiak.

        • Oh for the love of god – day 72??!!

          • Sorry GRIZZ, the response I had was not much of a motivation to you. I was having a bad day. For me , the 40’s 50’s and 60’s seemed to be easier that the 70’s for some reason. But hang in there. Things will get better down the road. I’m a 35 year addict and this is by far the longest I have ever quit. So right now and the future is un-charted waters for me. Its kind of exciting

          • Yeah I am not sure if this forum might be counterproductive. Every day is a victory but then I read about day 72 or day 300.
            Crap, I guess I will be fortunate myself to be there climbing the walls.

      • Grizz think of this quit journey like a pendulum. Your quit will go from good days to bad days. At first, it might mean good minutes and bad minutes. Eventually you will have a good few days then a day one or two. A good week and a bad week. Each time though, the bad time gets easier to manage. The cravings are still VERY real. But they are easier to handle since you know how to battle them. I was religiously using seeds, fake, gum over day 100. I’m on day 163 and i still use those tools, but not nearly as much! Like a pack of gum a week vs 2 packs of gum a day.

        One HUGE word of advice that has helped me and will continue to help me, and i hope this helps you too. ONE DAY AT A TIME. Stop looking at how you will be a month from now, a year from now, or even tomorrow! It’s too daunting of a task to think you will quit the rest of your life. Just worry about quitting TODAY! Ever been in a shitty relationship/friendship/job and you saw no way out? You thought your life was going to just suck forever? Then you get out of it and it’s so much better! Our brains are wired to only sense feelings and emotions for RIGHT NOW, and think thats how life will always feel. That is to keep us alive right now…we don’t know if we will be alive tomorrow. Just keep chipping away at your quit a day at a time and before you know it, things get WAY WAY easier!

  39. Day 132…Happy Father’s Day gents, lots to be thankful for.

  40. I need to quit. I want to quit. I’ve tried to quit. But I’m to weak. I only dip at my job never at home and never on the weekends or vacations. I’m going to try again starting today, starting with this half used can of freshcope. I can do it if I do it for the right reasons.

    • Hi everyone , I have been chewing grizzly crap for 5 years now ,it started with just couple times a week and to my surprise I found myself in the store buying more cans , at first it felt good ,a really good buzz ,first of all I only used pouches and then a year later I switched to the nasty stuff , I have never really tried quitting till couple days ago, it was so hard after only two days ,so I figured I just go buy another can and cut down and that will be my last one , so while I was in the store I bought one and to my surprised while I was telling the cashier that I m planning on quitting and I hope I won’t buy this poison again ,a tobacco sales person came up to me and said I have a coupon that will give you 3 cans for 3 $ so I freaking fell for it man ,walked out of the store with a fucking 3 cans while I only planned on 1 , my point is this tobacco companies are out there giving us free poison just keep us using ,when I got home I was freaking upset and threw away the 2 exra cans . Any one here really has a good plan in quitting this crap before I loose my jaws ,I have a baby kid on the way and no way in hell I m ruining all this beautiful life a head of me . I would appreciate your info .

      • Grizzly is hard as hell to stop I stopped cold turkey been 2 months and 20 days. The same kinda happened to me the girl at the counter tried to persuade me to dip. And I was like naa . What makes it bad I stay in a small town and we pay certain bills through that place SMH freakin sucks. But be strong my friend you can do it.

      • Just quit. Get some fake dip, chew seeds, chew gum, whatever it takes to not go back to that stuff. Just quit now. That’s all you can do, if not you’ll be a slave to that stuff forever. Your only 5 years in, quit the poison while you’re ahead. It’s not worth losing your jaw, it’s not worth losing your face, it’s not worth the bad breath, it’s not worth the bleeding gums, it’s not worth worrying if/when the cancer will get you and the constant anxiety knowing you’re addicted to something that is slowly but surely killing you. You don’t want to have to look at your loved ones in the face and have a death sentence, knowing you could have prevented it by quitting chew. Stay strong, stay hydrated, exercise. It’s a battle but it is sure worth it. I wish you the best and God bless you.

    • Hey Jamie,

      You should really use the forum if you’re going to quit. You are part of the September 2016 quit group and i know there are some fellow new quitters in there that would love to have you.


      • That’s my group! We’d love to have you. I’m on day 26 today and owe much to daily checking in and committing. Do stop by!

  41. I wish I could say something to make you feel better but pretty sure your to freaked out for words unless a doctor says” naw that’s just a calcium deposit ” but I’m not a doctor so I can’t say that bit I will pray for you man I had my own little scare moment before I quit had a big ugly black spot in my lip nasty looking one morning right where I put my dip I was freaked out what the f%#$ is this. Later I remembered my 6 month old son head butted me the night before and it was just a big ole blood blister but until I realized that I new I was dying and my wife would be widowed my kids fatherless and that really freaked me out cause I lost my daddy to alcohol when I was 16 made it a point to never drink for that reason I would not leave my kids the way my daddy did.but here I was freaking out over a blister in my lip cause I dip that’s enough I said through a full can of grizzly in trash picked up my sunflower seeds and after 15 yrs of dipping never looked back decided I control my life not some shit in a can

  42. Allready quit snuff; been off 6 weeks so far and I feel healthier ; been fighting urges to rage against the nearest and most loved Hey !/ maybe I should try faith and love ; then I could conquer this beast!!

  43. Thanks! Day 6 is done. Looking fwd to day 7 of quitting!

  44. Ode to Copenhagen
    Ah geez us how I miss thee…
    6 days ago I quit you
    I hate you.
    Slavemaster…just leave me the hell alone bro.
    Leave me the hell…alone.

    Seriously though. I dipped 8? years pretty much a can a week of Copenhagen. I too found excuses to slip away just to spend an hour dipping by myself. I’m done with that. I realized the chew wasn’t giving me that intense of a ” tasty buzz” any more which meant I was going to start increasing my dosage of nic. I realized I was a slave now. I’m 6 days now and I’m glad for it… starting to exercise again.

    Good site. Good motivation here. I need you guys. This is like freaking I dunno….. telling a playboy bunny you aren’t interested in her anymore but she keeps knocking at your door every hour…”hey! It’s me! Im still here! Remember all the good times we used to have! Oh yes! You know you want me! OPEN THAT DOOR NOW!!”

    Lol…. but not really lol.


    • Mike, you hit the nail on the head. The NIC bitch will mess with your head, its like voodoo. I have never messed with drugs but nic withdrawal has got to be up there with heavy drug withdrawal. I have been clean for 67 days now but I still crave a dip many times a day. It is MUCH better now than the first 30 days but it still a battle. Hang in there Mike, sunny days are ahead

    • 33 days. I quit with all of you today. All glory to God!

  45. I dipped 10 years im 32. For the last couple years ive had these round lumps under the skin where I place dip. Dentist today told me he wasn’t sure what they are and to see oral surgeon. I’ve quit dipping but I’m so scared it’s cancer and they are going to have to remove my jaw or worse I’ll.die. can anyone make me feel better please?

    • I am no dentist or doctor who is who you should go and see about these lumps, but I would think if they have been there a couple of years that they would not be malignant cancer. It could be a benign, but a malignant cancer is one that I think would spread aggressively, meaning months not years. But like I said I am no doctor and would definitely set up an appointment to see a doctor. 13 days quit

    • Praying for you man. Please keep us posted. Get rid of that poison and never look back. Day 128. Glad to be quit with you.

  46. Day 16 for me. I’ve had a few different quits, one for four months…two weeks…one month, but I always seem to find an excuse or “one dip isn’t gonna do anything”. Well, that one dip does. For me I’d start back up by saying that and next thing you know it’d be three dips a day, then 5, then going through the whole can.

    But I found the problem as to why I couldn’t stay quit. I would always quit for someone else and not myself. This quit is for me only, and I feel great about it. Ready for the feeling of not having to worry about every little sore in my mouth. Ready to not have to rinse out my mouth everytime I throw my dip out because of the shit getting in between my teeth. Tired of spending money on something that is really not going toward anything but poison. I’m just thankful I didn’t get trapped in the slavery for too long…I only dipped for 5 years. Surprisingly I haven’t bought any smoky mountain like I usually do when I attempt to quit. Maybe because I feel so confident this time. I don’t have as strong as urge anymore. Ready to turn my life around with everything for the better. Losing weight, being more financially stable, being a better boyfriend. I’m so excited for this journey.

    • Josh make sure you get involved with your quit group and post roll daily. I dipped for 36 years and stopped several times for short periods of time(on my own). It seems like I’ve become more and more hooked on the stuff as time goes on and each quit/stop gets harder. Don’t do like me, get involved here and make this your last quit!

    • First day of quit and it’s rough fogging pretty hard At work damn it’s hard to get stuff done on the computer. Not gonna give in, I know I can do this. Just win today

    • RIGHT ON!!! You have to quit for YOU and nobody else. That’s the reason my quit is a success this time. AND, prayer, support from family and friends haven’t hurt either LOL. Day 128. I quit with you!

  47. Day 64….I’m still missing my little tin buddy but I am staying on course. Been on vacation last week so it was especially hard but I made it. I really wish I could find a fake alternative that I like but so far no luck. I will keep looking

  48. I dipped since 2011. By the end I was up two 2 cans a day. I’d always buy single cans because I had myself convinced that I’d wake up in the morning and quit. Sometimes I even made it to lunch without a dip.

    I’ve made it 33 hours now. I’m trying to hold on. I used to drop my girlfriend off early so that I could have a dip. I’d only visit my parents a couple of days because I needed “me time”, aka time alone dipping for hours. I associated every action in my life with nicotine – finishing exercise, driving, working, reading, playing video games. I couldn’t imagine a future without dip, at least now I’m unsure. I refuse to be a slave anymore

    • that nic bitch is a clever one. She has thrown depression anxiety irritability and some new feelings I don’t think they have a word for yet. I believe the most dangerous one is complacency when you feel good and everything is alright why not have a dip to celebrate. Keep your guard up. Remember why you are quitting and don’t forget how miserable you are now for future reference. I ate hot Cheetos when I had really bad nic attacks. Maybe it was the heat or just eating one after another but that was my favorite. Spitzs seeds are good too. Very low salt so twenty bags a week and my jaw wasn’t completely raw. Flavored toothpicks too. Working out is a must for me and actually kinda started liking it so much I ride my bike for fun now not just when I have to work out all my negative emotions. Keep it up. We are all in this together. One day at a time

    • Hang in there Steven! I also associated chew with driving, work, video games, outdoor activities, cooking, watching youtube and even while riding my bike. This is my 5th day tobacco and nicotine free. My whole life was revolved around it for 6 years. Always making sure I have some on me, always thinking about it. It was a priority in my life. Coming from a rural area..if one gas station doesn’t have your chew you drive 20 miles to the next one and hope they have it. The first 2 days with out it were the hardest for sure! Now I’m not even needing anything in my mouth. Still having all sorts of triggers and head games but I know what I want and I’m heading straight for it. A life where I don’t depend on tobacco or nicotine. I’m free!!

  49. Just wanted to post an update. I haven’t joined a forum yet because I can’t really figure out this site but I will this weekend. Day 3 and I actually feel pretty good. I was a can a day for about 5 years and I never thought I could quit. I had tried before but part of me didn’t want to. I have just been taking 3 or 4 pieces of gum and wadding it up like its a dip and holding it in there when I do get the urge. I use seeds for other times. I had tried the fake but it just lead me back to the real stuff. I will stick with gum and seeds and keep fighting on. I will not dip today or ever again.

    • Hang in there Danny gonna be tough first weekend without but you can do it stay busy pack gum seeds or smokey mountain then get in a group ASAP buddy you won’t regret it

  50. Chewie, have you ever heard of Tough Guy chew? Just curious.

  51. I use to call it a pinch of happiness. I feel so sad and lonely. Day 13

  52. Day 268. I thought I was scott free and through all the hard stuff. But, I was wrong once again. It started yesterday. I felt like all the atoms in my body were vibrating and going nuts. Everytime I think I am free and clear, I get another bout of strange feelings and cravings because I quit. My last great quit was 10 years ago when I lasted for 9 months. I am going to make it to 9 months again and exceed that. I am going to be one of the folks that lasts years and never goes back.

    How do I do it? Exercise and take my mind off of my feelings and focus on everything else that is positive.

    Always be on your watch. Never let your guard down. I quit with you today.

    • Bro after 1030 day of solid quit, I had a weird dip dream. We are all addicts my friend and just one “Oh what the Heck” away from the can. The great thing is we are all here and we are all quit. It gets better every day and I go days withoute ven thinking about snuff, but the ol’ hag ain’t ever to far gone. Tighten the belt and hang one, it’s one awesome ride. NAFAR

    • Thanks for posting this Dun. It lets me know I’m not alone. I’ve made it 9 months several times and thought I was through with the fight and feeling free and then I got slammed with a graving out of nowhere like I was on week 1 again. Though it sucks for you to have be experiencing it right now . . . .it encouraging to me to know that I’m not alone. Hang in there brother, better days are ahead.

      • Mike, Thanks for the feedback. Glad to see you have made it past the 9 month mark. What is your count?

        • I’m at day 17 and the fog has lifted for the last 10 days or so. Thought I was out of the woods. Lol today I feel like I’m gonna fall over I’m so foggy!!

  53. Day 1 and I am miserable. I have begun to count the hours since my last dip thinking that maybe I should just get off it slowly instead of going cold turkey. I have been a can of grizzly wintergreen a day for the last 5 years.

    • Hey Man I hear you, my last Grizzly was Sunday I am on day 3 and not having much fun either. Truth be told I had tried “getting off slowly” for the past year and some how ended up going from a tin a day to two tins a day. Tapering doesn’t work nicotine is two much of a beast. Gotta pull the band-aid, I’m fighting the fight with you.

    • Danny my man, the turkey is the best and honestw at. It sucks the hammer the first three days. Buckle up and hang in bro. I got 1030 days and I tell ya you can do it. I coped and grized for 35 years so I know you got this.

    • Danny, you will be miserable your first three days and then it gets much better. After three days the nicotine is out of your system. I suggest that you drink plenty of Orange Juice as it contains much sugar. Your body generates sugar in your brain when you use tobacco. The OJ will help offset that loss. Eat plenty of good food to keep your body satisfied, exercise to work off the tension, sleep as much as you can and keep your mind distracted so you are not thinking about that thing.

      Then join the site, click on the quit forum, select introduction, give yours and then you will be contacted with your quit group. Once you have that you should post roll call every day.

      Read through this site and see how all of us, young and old, have made it through these dog days of quit.

      I quit with you today.

    • For those that are struggling and want the feeling of a dip in there mouth. There is a great product which is like a lot and it it’s called grinds coffee pouches. Best alternative I have found. They have all flavors but my favorite is peppermint as I was a grizzly wintergreen man. I on my day 2 and haven’t had the urge yet.

    • Danny 15 years grizzly wintergreen a can a day. At day 120 and I never will look back.

  54. Day 58…..Hey guys, I’m facing a new challenge today. I have my normal work day under control but this week I’m on vacation at Charleston and Hilton Head, SC. Its the weardest thing but I feel like I am in the same spot I was last year when I was here. I always had to sneak out every 30 minutes to get a dip and the cravings now are unbelievable. Maybe I have to much time on my hands but I cant help thinking….will the cravings for this nasty NIC Bitch ever go away. It just pisses me of. I know I need to pull up my big boy pants and grow a pair but it is hard. It took me 35 years to put me in this situation and it is going to take a long time to get out of it. Thanks for letting me rant…………Peace

    • Chaseman, what you’re thinking and craving is normal. Vacation came on day 58 instead of your 100 HOF. You’d be in a completely different mind frame if you were on day 101 because you’d be saying to yourself: ” I’ve come this far and I can do this.” Start now by repeating, “I can do this,” because you can and I believe in you. It’s quite simple. It’s a choice. You’re over half way to HOF!

      Get your mind out of the gutter and replace your 30-minute travails with new behavior. You’ll thank yourself every 30 minutes. I posted day 1603 and every time I sit next to a camp fire I crave a cigarette. When I work around the yard I crave a cigarette. I stand there for a few seconds and acknowledge my crave and surrender it to my commitment to myself and my promise I make with my fellow quitters.

      Failing is an option but we’ll have none this moment. Do whatever you can even if you have to sit on your hands so you don’t reach for the tin.

      Look us/me in April 2012…Bumpin’ Bastards in the Glass House. Post with us.

      • Hey, I just want to chime in here as to how I feel acknowledging the crave is a key aspect of staying quit. When I let myself experience it, accept it, let the craving wash over me… then I don’t feel like some pussy footed jack wagon in fear of my life or my own shadow… I got this… I feel empowered to confront it, embrace it but then simply review my mental record as to why I am quitting tobacco and then choose to stay quit. “Sure thing. … I COULD go buy a can of health harlet, but…. nah. I choose to stay over here where good health, fresher breath, no squamous cancer cells in my mouth hang out, and where slavery is no longer my king”.

        I know I am on day 7, so my commentary here is practically impotent but hey, acknowledgment of the craving works for me.

        • Thanks for chiming in Mike. Make no mistake, your commentary is VITAL. Day 7, 700 or 7,000 we’re all in this together. Keep up the great work!

    • Chase I see you post regularly on here and always wondered why you didn’t join a quit group. I saw not long ago that Grizzlymint reached out again and offered to help you sign up. Did you ever call him and get this done? Yes it can be a little confusing but once you see how it is done it makes sense. The group support and brotherhood is what got me to this point. I am at day 120 now and like you, I dipped for over 35 years.

      The cravings will eventually go away or at least be less intense. Your challenge in a familiar place where you use to dip is one I have also had to deal with. I think it is natural to feel that way as it is what we were use to doing. Fight the bitch and use substitutes (fake, seeds or whatever works for you). Sounds like you have been doing great so far. Keep up the good work and join your group now. You won’t regret it.

    • Day 27. I quit with you all today from good ol North Carolina

  55. Day 200! What a triumph! What a moment it is! Had you said this to me this time last year, I would have laughed and said IMPOSSIBLE! Was this an easy task? No! Was it all good days? Are you kidding? 90% of them were bad! Anxiety! Irritability! Sleeplessness! Chest Pains! Bowel Blockage! Fear! Uncertainty! Emotional Detachment! WANTING TO CRY FOR WHATEVER REASON! SICK! MOODY! It has taken this long to DEFEAT ALL of this! (I still have BAD days!) However, this is NOT a CELEBRATION; this is just a path down the road to recovery! I just thought I would stop and say HELLO! TO the newbies, keep up the fight, it is going to be ROUGH on you! To swim in the sunshine, you must walk through the storm; it is the only way! Better days are ahead. WE ARE NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHT! NICOTINE IS YOUR ENEMY, NOT THE WORLD! One day at a time, my friends! Stay Strong!

    • Congrats Mark! You are absolutely right on every account…..what a crazy journey.

      I’m at Day 235 and still face daily obstacles…..but nothing in comparison to my first 140 or so days…..that alone keeps me away from the poison.

      Keep up the good fight!

    • Great job Mark! Congrats.

  56. Jeremiah Stepetin

    I have been dipping for 17 years, I want to quit but not sure how it will go.

    • This is the place to be Jeremiah, I am over a yr quit after 30 + yrs of shoveling that nasty shit in my lip.

    • I’m on 7 days after 25 years straight. The last 15 I wouls sleep with it in.

      • Cold turkey is the only way to go. Get it out of your system. I was at the dentist last week and they said they can’t work on me until I see an oral surgeon. Scary stuff for me. Still waiting to find out what is next. January this year a kid I started chewing with in high school passed from stage four throat cancer. I’m in my 30’s still (barely, but still my 30’s for a couple months) shit like this isn’t suppose to happen! Walk away why you can.

  57. Day 70 here, keep stacking the days
    Can’t get over how Tony Gywnns family is trying to sue tobacco companies for him dying from chew. Yes, it’s an addiction but he chose to continue as we have all chosen to quit and fight like hell to do so. He didn’t and paid for it. Not sure what they are thinking.
    Have a great day. Still can’t figure out how to post roll with my actual quit group ? Is it ok that I just do it here on the general comments section ? Idk, get confused with some of this technology. Watched the video on posting with iPhone but still didn’t work.
    Take care for another day.

  58. Day 5

    Inspirational words from an amazing athlete, Ali.

    “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration, it’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

    • Thanks Greg that’s great Ali was an amazing man and there’s a lot of guys in quit groups that could use that if you haven’t joined a group you should it has helped me so much –day111

  59. Matt hollenbeck

    How you been feelin this far in?

    • Day seven. I went back to the bitch twice. Feeling very anxious this morning. Had a panic attack yesterday when my girlfriend had a bad Dr visit. I was on the ledge but went for a run and worked out all my frustration and anxiety. I was really down until my girlfriend sent me a link to this website a few days ago. I’m still down of course but I have been armed with an invaluable tool of knowledge and support. knowing there are other people struggling with this but more importantly there are people who have overcome the addiction. Ten twenty thirty years of chewing and you guys quit. That gives me hope for the future. I have never heard the term nic bitch before until I got on this website. It made me think of an ex girl friend. One who I was crazy about but I was miserable everyday of my life and everyone but me could see we weren’t right for eachother. She truly was a bitch. I finally decided I had enough and ended it. But for weeks she played with my head and did everything to Get me back or at least make me miserable. I have to trust you guys that it gets better because it is hell right now. Sorry for being long winded. I suppose this is a kind of of therapy and makes my thoughts tangible.

      • Joey Scarberry

        Man, I went through the same crap. 3 years I wasted on this mentally and physically abusive psychotically deranged girl who had a family who too was off and just had a troubled past. Friends and family told me over and over that it wasn’t normal and we should split. One day after all the sacrifices I made for her I asked if she wanted to hang when she was sick and that’s the day we broke up for good. All cause I found out she truly wouldn’t be there for me when she was sick like I was when I was sick but still would be there for her. Such a psycho selfish jerk she was man. She drove me so mad I did 3 cans a day for almost 1.5 out of the 3 years and the worst part, I did it behind her back because she disliked it and would leave if she found out. So of course I was the guy who’d do it when we wasn’t hanging or i’d go to the bathroom for 30 mins and get my nicotine. I truly believe if I didn’t do my dip during that relationship I would have finally snapped and laid her out on one of the times she hit me. So it’s best for me and her I sneaked chew or she’d probably know what a punch to the throat and eye feels like but it kept me cool enough to remember not to hit a girl unless it got bad enough. But I dipped for 4 years, 2 to 3 cans a day. I am 12 days and 4 hours free so far. I’ve had my nic bitch fits here and there during the first week. Second week in the only thing i’ve had was chest pains and headaches but that’s nothing really. appetite is staying the same and my gums feel better. All around I feel much healthier. Don’t need as much caffeine to function. I don’t need to sleep 14 hours a day before working a third shift job anymore haha. I feel like I have so much of my old energy back I hadn’t had in years. keep your head up buddy I can relate to you with girls and the bitch nic fit. You’ll do just fine my friend. Keep looking forward. I believe in you.

    • New to KTC, I’ve been on the fence with quitting for many years now. I’m 34 years old and have been chewing since I was 9. I chew between 1-3 cans a day every day depending on how things go. I have tried many times in the past with the help of the patch, nicotine gum, fake snuff, seeds, and even prescription chantex. Nothing has worked to help me, I always become a huge asshole with everyone around me, and give in within a few days of quitting. My driving force this time around is I’m tired of waking up every morning with a sore mouth, and looking into my mouth in the mirror seeing a ruff white wrinkled patch on my inner cheek and gums. I know I’m an addict, and I know that nicotine bitch has had her claws in me for way too long. I’m starting a new day tomorrow and I’m choosing to do it nicotine free, for me! I’m glad I found this site, it’s refreshing to hear that I’m not the only one who has struggled with this, and I have already felt more motivated than in precious attempt just by reading a few posts. All of you on hear are great, thank you and wish me luck!

      • Rich, just read your post. I also chose today to be the day to stop being a slave to nicotine. Wanted to check in to see how you are doing? I am feeling ok for the most part, but real anxious. It comes in big waves. I have also been a way too long chewer, I am 40 and started at 12. I also have tried just about everything along the way to help me quit. Anyway, good luck.

  60. Day 281. I will not dip today. Wishing everyone the best of luck with your quit. 25 year Kodiak dipper and Aug 28th I will be dip free for 1 year

  61. Well I just now put chewing behind me and I want to know how long it takes for sores to heal

    • Joey Scarberry

      Dustin, about 2 weeks max is how long mine took when I would even dip still and just deal with them. So maybe a weekish without it two tops. I chewed 3 or less cans a day for 3 years and I always got sores but I found it extremely funny how when I quit, not one single sore appeared. It was odd but I will just take it as a blessing.

  62. Day 105.

    Five days ago I made it to day 100 and celebrated by going fishing. 100 days before that was the start of a journey I honestly didn’t think I could complete.

    100 days seemed impossible to someone who chewed for twenty years, 2 cans a day for the past ten years. I couldn’t go an hour let alone a full day without my grizzly wintergreen.

    Someone on this site, I don’t remember who, said in these comments “Just win today.” Those words stuck with me and I carried them as a shield out in front of me, blocking temptation and excuses. “Just win today.”

    I didn’t join a quit group when I started this because like I said, I didn’t think I could do it. I read the comments everyday though. It became my morning ritual and the further I made it, the more proud of myself I became. Success spawns more success. “Just win today.”

    I regret not having a quit group, but I also consider all of you as part of my quit group. We succeed and fail together no matter what day, week, or month we are on.

    I still gauge my success by how long it takes me to think of chewing from the moment I wake up in the morning. Today was two full hours before it even crossed my mind, which is really good for me.

    The thought is usually brief and fades away quickly, but it serves as a reminder that I’m still an addict and if I don’t keep my shield up, it will bring me down. “Just win today.”

    So with a tear in my eye, I want to thank all of you for getting me to this point, even you guys like me who don’t post. I know you’re out there struggling with me. You have helped give me freedom I didn’t know existed.

    For you guys just quitting and even the guys who have made it years without touching this nasty shit, keep your shields up and just win today.

  63. Matt hollenbeck

    Mornings are brutal man. Super high morning anxiety, stomach turning, don’t wanna get out of bed. Although I have had some issues with anxiety so I know the feeling quite well. Seems as soon as I get my day started I feel a bit better although the fog is still there and each night i tend to dread the coming morning filled with nervousness

  64. Today is day 5 for me, I have been dipping a can a day for 7 years now. A year ago I quit for 3 months and fell back on my habit. It’s been so hard between the hot flashes at night, dip dreams and nic fits. I just don’t know even know if it’s worth quitting.

    • You may not see it now, but I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s 100% worth it.

    • Henry
      I remember saying the exact same thing at the beginning of my quit. I was such a jerk to my wife and kids I honestly contemplated returning to the can. What you are going through as completely normal and it passes with time. I am on day one 113 and rarely feel the kind of rage that I felt in the beginning. Trust me when I say it’s completely worth it. Don’t be a slave to the Can any longer

    • I quit June 22, 2015 after 22 and half years does it get better yes do I miss it duh! Remember you started the path just follow one day at a time.

    • Day 5, you got that shit!! Im on day 17, it keeps getting easier

    • Henry, The NIC bitch still has a hold on your mind right now. She is messing with your head making you think that nothing can be enjoyable without that fat dip in your mouth. I know exactly how you feel. You need to make up your mind that you are stronger than her and that you can beat her. The way you win is to stay the course, day by day, and not dip. If you cave than she wins. Its that simple. I can tell you that it is a good feeling not to have that monkey on your back and to be able to turn down dipping with out loosing your mind. I’m only at 53 days quit but I do feel a hell of a lot better. Hang in there brother

    • Thank y’all!! Today was rough especially the morning. My wife is starting to understand what I’m having to battle. In the 7 years or so that I’ve been dipping i don’t remember ever waking up to an empty can ever, and now its day 6 it feels remarkable.

    • Joey Scarberry

      May I suggest vaping. I know it seems stupid. I thought it was dumb since it came out. But one day May 27th I checked out a vape store next to a Microcenter after I finished buying parts for my pc build and I walked out spending $120. I bought a vape pin and 6 flavors for that price. Amazing deal. 2 flavors had 0.6% nicotine the lowest you can go. That’s how I did it. I’d hit it for an hour a day for 3 days and I found myself not wanting nicotine anymore so I trashed the two nicotine bottles. I still have the 4 fruity like flavors and just hit it here and there when I feel like I want a dip. It’s helped a-lot. Just a suggestion though.

  65. Day 51…. I don’t know why but dip has been on my mind constantly the last few days. I have been doing very well the last couple weeks and was thinking I was pretty much thru with the whole quiting process and then the Nic bitch snuck up on me. It scares me because I spent a lot of time this weekend trying to justify dipping. I know it is all BS but I could not get it off my mind. I guess the mental battle will continue in my head for a lot longer than I expected.

    But….I be dam if I will cave to that poison, and give up my 51 hard earned days. So if God willing, and the creek don’t rise, I will be Nic free today.

    If anyone has any advice or recommendations, please respond.

      I reached out to you via text message, sent you a video on how to join the appropriate quit group and post roll daily but never heard anything back from you. I can lead a horse to water but I can’t make it drink. You need to be in your appropriate quit group posting roll every day without fail. There will be many people in your group going through the exact same things you are that are willing to help. I was in my 42nd day before I learned how to post roll and have made many friends across the country that have helped me a long the way. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have without them. Shoot me a text or PM and I’d be glad to visit with you!

      • Grizzleymint/@sig45,
        I do thank you for your help. Grizzly, I did get your text and video but still could not figure out hoe to join the quit group. To me it was very confusing. Especially the difference between roll call and post roll…. It sounds like I need to figure it out and join my group. Any helpful advice is very much welcome. Thanks guys for your help

        • You still have my number on PM? If not let me know. A quick ten minute phone call and I can have you in the right quit group and posting roll like a pro! Let me know


      I am a 35 year NIC addict with 250+ days clean. Every morning I wake up and think about Copenhagen. I can now, with the tools I have learned and the help of my QUIT GROUP, The December Disciples, WILL myself not to use any form of nicotine. I agree with Grizzlymint, you should join a quit group; the sharing and support is the reason I am still quit. I have learned that it is not easy to stay quit but it is necessary to enjoy a full life. Stay QUIT one day at a time.

    • You using any fake dip?

      What’s your exact quit date?

      • Grizzly, my original quit day was Feb 17…..but I fell of the wagon April 10th and started over on day 1 on April 11th. Today is 52 clean

    • I am 317 days clean of chew and dipping after 50 years of chewing most of my time on this earth. I chew spearmint tea bags now. I quit because it screws up your arteries. If you want to grow old and see you grand kids quit. You either have a strong mind and will or you don’t. You have to want to quit. Took me 50 years.

  66. 5 weeks in and it’s getting easier! Proud of the progress I’ve made so far!

  67. Matt hollenbeck

    I already take anxiety meds prior to dipping! I think I picked up dipping as another coping mechanism for anxiety which is unfortunate but I’m at this point, oh well… Did u dip for 33 years if you started at 10? does it get worse when you drink?

    • I had my 1st dip at 10, full time dipper by the time I was 15. So I dipped full time for 30 yrs. Drinking has no effect I can think of, if anything it calms me down.

      • Matt hollenbeck

        Would you say the first few days were the worst of the quitting process?

        • No doubt, the 1st month or so got rough at times. I quit cold turkey with no help at all from fake dips. About 3 weeks into my quit I found KTC while looking into fakes dips. They helped alot.

          • Matt hollenbeck

            Geez only slept about 5hours last night. Woke up super irritable And anxious. How waS the irritability flr you

            Day 3

    • Oh yeah, a full time dipper for over 30 yrs. Drinking bas no effect that I can think of.

      • For some reason there is no way to reply to your last post, so I put it here. It most def affects your sleep. It still affects mine. I just don’t seem to sleep as long. But it does gets better. Just takes time.

  68. Matt hollenbeck

    Just quit on Thursday, already have anxiety issues. The fog is super unnerving. Any advice. I only dipped for like 8 months but a can a day I feel like I’m dreaming. Does this pass? I’m also pretty down on myself I never thought I’d get addicted to something but this is real I feel a lot of symptoms any advice? When does anxiety subside or fog atleast.


    • I had an anxiety attack 6 months after my quit & so have others here. I figure I took away my bodies way of coping with the suckage of life when I quit dipping. It has gotten better. Working out really helps me. If you are like this after 8 months of dipping, when I quit dipping I was 43, I had my 1st dip when I was 10. My point is quit & stay quit. It may not seem like it, but 8 months of dipping may not have allowed that nic bitch to firmly get her claws inyo you, do it man, no excuses.

      • Matt hollenbeck

        dan that means so much to hear right now. I’ve dealt with anxiety for a good 5 years now but I think 8 months is pretty unique of a time to quit. Hopefully it hasn’t fully grabbed me. 2 days I feel like I may be over analyzing it. I feel like I’m giving myself symptoms that I don’t have. At what point did you feel in a comfortable state of mind after your quit? If your interested in talking more I’d appreciate it!

        • I don’t mind talking at all bro. It was weird, as bad as the quitting was, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. This was in Feb 2015. Quit was going great & then out of the blue in September I started getting chest pains. Scared the shit out of me, I’m only 45 & in decent shape. I go to the ER, end up staying 2 days, ran an assload of tests on me, no heart issues at all. So I do a little research myself on signs of anxiety attacks & chest pain was right at the top. I have alot on my plate, a severely handicapped child that requires alot of my attention. I think just the day to day grind of life coupled with quitting dipping, which I think was a coping mechanism for my body, caused the chest pains. Take away the dip, when I got to the end of my rope the dip was gone and anxiety issues started. Let me warn you, this is all a guess on my & my Dr.’s part, he is fully aware of my situation. I would never say let health issues ride, by all means get checked out. I am only telling you my situation. I still have mild chest pains, but working out regularly & just trying to deal with stress better seems to help. I take no medication for this & that would be a last resort. As far as when I felt comfortable with my quit? A hard one to answer, the want is still there, just not as strong. Went to a Bad Company/Joe Walsh concert tonight & a buddy was dipping. I had a mild craving, but I don’t date cave in, I would be too disappointed in my self if I did. I hope this helps bro.

    • Joey Scarberry

      Matt, we’ve quit the same day then ha. I dipped 2 cans a day for 3 years. Was up to 3 when I was in a stressful relationship for 2 years so yeah. Between 2-3 cans. I didn’t think i’d ever pick it up but a buddy said here. Every since then it’s been a hole in my wallet and something to help me cope with stress. Day 3 into quitting i’m a little edgy. Little less energy than normal and less appetite for some reason. But if you’ve not thought of it I’d suggest vape honestly. I went out and got a kit and non nicotine flavors. Currently I love the bananna bread flavor ha. But it’s helped me. Since the hardest part is your body forcing the nicotine out and your mouth is like uh you used to always have something in me, vape is a good sub. You’re not stuffing your face pointlessly and less desire to cave into a pinch. You’ll be good man trust me. The first week is going to be our hardest but we can get through it man. Think of the money saved, the health you’re preserving. Like I said maybe you should vape a little. Test flavors you like without the nicotine in it and try it out. It keeps my edge off and soothes my stress a-lot. best of luck man! You can do it!

      • Matt hollenbeck

        Hey Joey. Glad to know I’m in this with someone together. I’m having trouble admitting to myself that I’m addicted. I know 8 months isn’t typically a long time for someone to be addicted to tobacco. It’s weird being in college where tobacco is so prevelant and used frequently. Not only is it used frequently but it seems like people can use it only when they’re drunk and that makes me really jealous. I have had some pretty serious anxiety issues in the past and I realized when I quit that I was coping with any issue with grizzly. So in a way I was dependent on it but at the same time I think it says something that it’s only been 8 months. Something about admitting addiction makes me feel ashamed. It makes me feel like I didn’t have control and I can’t admit that to myself. Anyway Joey if u ever need anyone I’m here and I’m glad your here for me! Everyday will get better I hope! Let’s do it buddy!

  69. Hey guys, I feel the need to chime in here. I have been nic free since Feb 2015 & I haven’t looked back. I used to post alot & then life BS took over & I haven’t been as active posting. Been popping in more lately & I find alot of new quitters & those trying to quit on KTC, which is outfreakingstanding. I will say this, Chewie & his helpers @ KTC have put together a site that has just about every tool you need to help you with your quit. Fake dips, testimonials, quitters to help talk you off that ledge, as much information that can be put together & guess what? It’s 100% free. There is absolutely no way I would’ve stayed nic free w/o KTC, no way. Please, if you get weak, use every resource here to help you out. We (the quitters that know the suck) will talk you down, but we don’t hold hands or pull punches, man up & get it done. The best quote on KTC is so fitting, YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON!!!!! Get it done quitters.

  70. I quit dipping yesterday (an hour ago) when I looked in my mouth and my gums were not only gator gummed, but they were yellowish. You wanna talk about a wake up call… Dentist appointment Tuesday to get that checked out. Four year habit (started at age 12) is finally going out the window

    • Hey Kyle it’s a rough road when you quit. I quit a week ago. I only dipped for less then 2 years and when you quit you think every little sore is cancer. Let me know what the doctor says. Keep up the quit!

    • good for you kyle — keep up the good work, odaat.

  71. Coming up on 77 hours since my last dip, and 73 hours since my last nicotine intake (gum). Decided on the first day of quitting that nicotine gum wasn’t going to help as I wasn’t removing the drug from my body. So, I said to hell with it and decided cold turkey was what I needed. Anyway, been dipping for almost 13 years now (since 18), and this is the longest I’ve been without nicotine during that time.

    What made me do it? I guess I’m tired of feeling like shit (guilt, etc.) every time I put in a dip, and I’m tired of being a slave to a drug. I’m tired of worrying about my health, and I’m tired of spending time and money on something so unproductive. You suck, nicotine, and you can kiss my ass.

    I know I’m in the infant stages of this, and I can already tell that dealing with the mental symptoms of withdrawal will be where the majority of the battles are fought.

    Nonetheless, I will win. No question about it.

    Anyway, figured this would be a good site to peruse, for obvious reasons. Glad to have found it. Hope all of you that are also quitting are doing well.

    • Justin, congrads on your decision to quit. Just so you will know what to expect, you are going to go thru hell for the next week or so. You will have withdrawal symptoms at first and them the mental war starts. If you really want to make it….you have to bite your lip, grit your teeth and make it thru the next week with out caving. The second week will be better. Good luck

    • Your in the same exact spot as me my friend I’m 31 and started at 19

  72. Today is my HOF 100 days no nic it works just make a promise to yourself a group and fight like hell this is a small step but it’s one in the right direction and it feels great

  73. Today is my first day of trying to quit after five years of grizzly, do I need to like cold turkey quit or decrease my intake ? Any help is much appreciated

    • Brandon, here was my response to someone a few days ago that was asking the same thing as you. For me, it was sunflower seeds & mainly Skittles that helped me get over the hump, I ate them by the bagful. Look into fake dip, Hooch & Smokey Mt ain’t too bad. Go to the review section, a ton of them. Drink lots of water & don’t let your dickhead friends beat ya down. It’s doable, but takes some effort for sure. Good luck.

      • Should I go to a dentist or a doctor? I’ve been nice free for a week and a half. The hypochondriac side of me is really coming out

    • Another thing Brandon, if you get some fake dip, you need to lower your expectations. When I 1st quit, I didn’t like any of the fake because it wasn’t exactly like the Apple Skoal I LOVED. Once I made my mind up that I needed to find something that would get me by & not replace the dip I loved, Hooch filled the need. I don’t even use it much anymore. Look into Teaza too, it’s awesome. BTW, go cold turkey, get that shit out of your system

      • Thank you man , it’s been a rough day ,but I have to quit , hot because I have to but because I want to and I’m sick of hindering on something like dip to make me feel less frustrated , thanks again Dan o

        • Check in here everyday, I did during my 1st 100 days of my quit. I’m nic free since Feb 2015. Get thru day 1 first, then worry about day 2. Make sure you have something to handle the cravings. I loved sucking on Skittles till they got soft, then I’d maneuver them in my lip like a dip. It would sit there for awhile & dissolve. I then had to deal with a Skittles addiction after 6 months, but that was easier to kick than Nicotine. Lol.

          • I’m getting through day three man , I’m struggling pretty hard but I have managed not to fall into it.

        • I will say this, without others here talking me off the ledge daily, I would never have succeeded in my quest for nic freedom. KTC is the best.

    • Day 106
      Brandon, just go cold turkey…put a period to the end of the sentence.
      I QUIT.
      I went cold turkey myself. I would try decreasing my intake but that never happened.
      Nicotine bitch had her arms around me.
      Only way it worked for me was to quit cold turkey and never look back.
      1st week was tough as hell.
      I started with a fake chew called GRINDS– had a caffeine pop that helped out.
      Mixed that with Oregon Mint loose cut & pouches as well.
      Mixture of all three.
      Whatever I had to do to stay QUIT when I first started out
      That’s what you have to do — do whatever you have to do to stay QUIT.
      Keep busy and sooner or later you come out of a thick fog feeling better.
      Trust me, you will.
      It will be all worth it.
      I don’t ever want to go through the 1st week again.
      I put fake dip in still and soon I will let that go as well.
      It gets better my friend.
      Sun will rise and you will be all smiles 🙂

      • Congrats, Dave. I’m on day 129. Started chewing Cope in 1986 at basically a can a day. I “quit” about once a year every year for a few days and sometimes even a few weeks. Always did it for someone else and then when moody said screw ‘me and used it as an excuse to chew again. I quit cold turkey. Did it for myself. Every day I remind myself that I’m an addict. It’s all mental and I just have to win one day at a time. It it is wonderful to win every day…but we all need to remember that the voice that says “that was easy” or “just one dip for old ties sake” is BS.

    • Brandon, congrats on your decision to quit. Now buckle down for a rough week ahead of you. You need to go cold turkey, any other way is just prolonging the quit process. Just for info, I too was a Grizzly wintergreen guy for 35 years. Been quit for 45 days. If I can do it, you can do it

    • I quit cold turkey on the 22 May…’s 3 days now….the urges are strong in day 1 and 2….now its a different ball game all together….blurred vision, sore throat, excessively sleepy, hungry, mad at everything…..just to name a few. I just need to make it through today…..tomorrow will be another day another battle.
      My advice is to go cold turkey if you can….that way it is a clean cut between your grizzly past and your dip free now.

    • Brandon , write it down- your thoughts, your goals etc. Writing on piece of paper helps a lot.First go by hours and then days. Feel that you are winning every hour you go without dip. Today is day 29 for me. I started with the goal of 100 hours then 5 days, 10 day like that & my next goal is 100 days.

      Thanks a lot killthecan support and members

      • This is hard for me , harder than quitting smoking . I feel so aggravated and it’s only my second day , my wcheduke is so busy so I’m trying to focus on that to keep my mind set and be preoccupied rather than be bored with nothing to do , I found out that hard cinnamon candies are working a tiny but , I can’t do sunflower seeds cause I eat the shit out of them and I spit way to much , thank you guys for being such a great motivation for myself and others . It makes the struggle worth it

        • Look, it’s mind over matter here. Yeah your going to feel like you “need one” or “one more” pinch won’t hurt ya, but iv been there and that doesn’t work. One more pinch leads to one more and eventually your months if not years down the road chewing just as much if not more, than before. Go get some smokey mountain from Walmart and use that as your last resort. When you “NEED” a chew put that in and just forget about it. Trust me, take it one minute at a time, and worry about the present not the future, and you’ll be a-o-k. Come in here to rant. Read the comments when you get the urge, we’ve all been there just own the day and stay quit my friend.

          We’ll see you in here tomorrow morning.

          • Good morning to all of you , today I am doing surprisingly better , with Altoids both cinnamon and mint, chewing gum , and tic tacs, it’s still difficult but I been eating the shit out of some candy lol

        • I you can have something in your mouth while you work, try Teaza, they are the best. One day at a time Brandon.

          • I’m staying strong haven’t had one at all , as long as I chew on these cinnamon candies and work constantly I’m good , after lunch is the hardest part though , like its my normal to put a dip in a right after lunch , and I’m getting low on candies ….but I’m not gonna give it up at all

  74. Day 22 feeling a lot better about my choice to stop chewing after 30 years of chewing skoal.I do have bad days but fake chew seem to be working .

    • Nice Dave. I did the same after a 25 year Kodiak habit. Fake dipped really worked for me. Day 272 and i quit with you today

  75. Been about 2 months for me, maybe little over. I dipped for 6 years and a lot! The method that best worked for me was just quitting it. It’s that simple! I woke up one Monday morning, which I have been trying to quit for weeks and just decided that that was the day. I feel like the more you plan it out the more you feign for it an not look forward to it. Either way it’s gonna suck but just think one more can one more pinch is gonna make it that much harder. It ain’t making it any easier. Next week ain’t gonna be better than right now. Nor is next month or next year. You do something you do it right. Man up say screw this POISON!!! Because it is pure poison, google images proves it every time. Start there look at pictures, find new friends and new hobbies. It’s a new life completely, heck I even went to organic everything now bc I was tired of poisoning my body. Started working out everyday to push through the urges. And honestly it wasn’t that hard bc I just told my self NO I already quit I refuse to poison myself any longer. I also thought about the fake stuff but they put chemicals in that stuff to and you aren’t quitting the addiction you have. You are just substituting it for something else, so again just say no to the addiction all together. Worked for me I hope it will work for someone else!

    • Also I chewed gum for about a week then I realized every single pack of gum in the store has Aspertame in it. Google what that POISON is too. So I even quit gum as well bc it’s just poison as well. Just like 90% of the shit that humans ingest on a daily basis. So don’t say owell it’s impossible to be healthy. Fuck that go organic you won’t regret it. I spent my down time researching healthy ways to live my life instead of crying about how “MY BODY” wanted tobacco. Fuck that be strong you only have one chance on this earth don’t wast your life away with the cancers of this earth!!! Sorry for swearing if that offends anyone but man up!

  76. Trying to start quitting. Looking for any feedback on best kinds of fake dip. I can deal with flavor not being exactly the same, just looking for a brand with similar consistency to the real stuff, something that packs well and lasts more than 10 minutes.

  77. Sorry havnt been on, like i said before i am just trying to not think about chew as much or at all so i quit looking at this site every day. I actually went over 2 days last week without even thinking about chew once. I was playing borderlands 2 and was distracted for a few days but suprised when i realized i hadnt even thought of it? I really dont think about it alot maybe a few times a day now. I couldnt remember how many days i had so i hopped on and see i have 222 days without now. $666 saved….creepy. Anyway i know it feels selfish, this site had been such a big help and im sorry i havnt been on but if im constantly looking at it counting the days reminding myself of my previous nicotine addiction i will never put chewing behind me.

  78. Hi guys just look back and found its been 5 and half months been quit first month two was hard honstly becasuse 7-11 years is enough to keep you in sircle for long time anyway at this point i have no craving or desire feel great without but yes if its came to mind i still do feel an urge for it keep it up guys if i can do you can also do this .my father had quit recently smoking 30-40 years he was been smoking but for him first month was hard now he is ok and happy to quit it ..

  79. Thus starts day 1. Friend of mine quit and showed me the site. Figured it was about time. Been chewing for about 11 years now. Need to quit.

  80. Day 2, it’s killing me. Griz straight for the past 4 years.i have been meaning to quit, but never saw the real reason or had the motivation. I just went to Canada on vacation, ran out of dip and stopped at a gas station. You know how much dip is in Canada? $26 a can. I paid it. When I knew I had to stop right now. I hate gum, any suggestions on assistance?

    • Brando……Hang in there man. I know that first week is living hell but it DOES get better. As far as substitutes, I used a lot of the shredded beef jerky (Jack Links) and a LOT of sunflower seeds. Use anything that will keep your mind off dipping

    • Brando, for me, it was sunflower seeds & mainly Skittles, I ate them by the bagful. Look into fake dip, Hooch & Smokey Mt ain’t too bad. Go to the review section, a ton of them. Drink lots of water & don’t let your dickhead friends beat ya down. It’s doable, but takes some effort for sure. Good luck.

    • Another thing Brando, if you get some fake dip, you need to lower your expectations. When I 1st quit, I didn’t like any of the fake because it wasn’t exactly like the Apple Skoal I LOVED. Once I made my mind up that I needed to find something that would get me by & not replace the dip I loved, Hooch filled the need. I don’t even use it much anymore. Look into Teaza too, it’s awesome.

  81. Great Pat ! You can do it it’ll be the best decision and the hardest thing you’ve ever done and the most rewarding that I can promise you. . Chewed for over 20 years can and a half to two cans of COPE a day .I was a serious Nic freak now I’m not IM FREE

  82. Hello all! New to the site…finally made the decision to kick the can. Hoping this site helps me become dip free.

    • Get in the appropriate quit group and post roll daily bud! Congrats on deciding to take your life back!

  83. Looking to quit on 5/27/16. Ramping usage down, looking guard to the day. Got a good supply of fake stuff. I also began mixing the fake in yesterday,and sticking to 3 plus a day tops. I found that using a cathartic song during those times i really want a real chew helped keep me focused. Not quit yet, but looking to a brighter future. I think having a song might be a good idea, to give an idea i use b empire of angels by Thomas bergesen. See you guys in 9 days in the forum!

    • I quit a while back and a couple things that helped after the final phase out

      1) have gum handy ( I always had juicy fruit cuz the large pieces at least can mimic a chew – sounds weird but trust me)

      2) I never chewed around the ladies, if you’re the same way go out and let the freak flag fly two birds with one stone

    • Why wait? I’m on day 44 here and the first few days were a little rough but after a week it’s not that bad. I made quitting to be a bigger deal than it really was. To be honest, if I knew how easy it’d be in would have done it sooner. I do still have a craving from time to time but it passes. Just go for it and be done.

    • Just quit.

  84. Day 101 here. Haven’t posted since twenty something, because quitting wasn’t an issue anymore. Lately I’ve felt it sneaking up on me, starting to think about it more and more. I don’t crave it, I don’t need it. But I miss it, and I want it. It’s like an old college roommate that was always trouble but you loved to hang out with because he knew how to have a good time, you know it’s not going to benefit you to see him again but you know you want to. Anyways had a rough day and found myself in a gas station buying some Busch light and grizzly wintergreen, I’ve cracked a couple beers and have been staring at this can a while, haven’t broke the seal yet, still contemplating. Thought I’d post on here again to see if it helped

    • Don’t hold it! Don’t touch it! Throw it away! Now! Do you REALLY want to say goodbye to 101 days??? I don’t think so! You don’t NEED that shit! That’s what it is:SHIT! Don’t be BLUFFED by your mind! Stay the course! I’m on day 184, and there is no RETURN! Same for you, my friend!

    • Why even buy it man. Are you in the habit of playing Russian Roulette?? Get rid of that can now! Simple as that!

    • Your analogy is moronic, so was buying the can in the first place. Fuck the slow death, go get some heroin & a syringe and try some mainlining tonight. I’m never this harsh but you are on this site to stay quit and to HELP OTHERS do the same. You’re a narcisistic douche who comes here only when he needs help. Piss off and dip away. You don’t deserve the wisdom of the great people who are here to give more than they take.

      • …”only comes on here when he needs help…”

        Isn’t that the point? Keep the heroin for yourself, man.

        Cody–Stay strong.

    • Cody, do you not remember why you quit in the first place? If you take a dip after 100 days I promise you will regret it. I caved after 42 days and went thru a whole can of Grizzly. The next day I felt like SHIT. Not to mention that I really did not injoy it that day because I knew I was doing something wrong. I started over the next day and now I am 39 days NIC free. Take it from me, starting over SUCKS

    • Cody
      Read the Tom Kern’s story above and if you still want to dip at least you know what your signing up for. Day 266 and I am not gonna dip today

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