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  2. Kinda, sorta. Windex does, too. They’re making some jumps Evel Knievel would have a hard time making.


  4. 90 days, 3 months no nicotine today. $270 saved. my old record was 12 days without chew. Im not sure how i made it this time. I dont think all the times i tried quitting before i ever actually believed i would quit for good.. Until now. Walking by a store yesterday seeing people hanging out smoking and the sidwalk covered in dirty cigarrette butts and it felt so good to think i am finished with nicotine. I dont need nicotine to get by. I felt bad for those people puffing on their smokes not being able to stop. I will never let nicotine control me again. Ive had some bad days but i Was able to get through them. it does get easier.

  5. Day 12 of my quit, longest I have gone since 2007…… dipped 2 cans/day for about 18 years. I actually feel better than I expected, definitely a couple times throughout the day I would love one but it feels like a switch just flipped……. just over it. the mess, the sneaking around, the cost and most importantly, the fact that it slowly rips your face apart. I’ve tried so many times in the past but this is my first attempt after discovering this site. just always felt I was flying solo but seeing and reading the stories on here are so helpful. good luck too all, I have never been prouder to be a quitter in my entire life. Thanks!

  6. Tom S and Dundippin….thanks for the comments…..I’m at Day 90 and forgot how far into this thing 90 days really is. I also noticed that I’m “fixated” on 100 days, which I need to get out of my brain…..and go back to “one day at time” or slower if needed….and remind myself that every day if better than the next…..even if it doesn’t feel like it. Damn this is a wild ride!

    No nic for me today!!!

    Thanks again guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is exactly why this site is a “life-saver”…..

  7. Craigselk66,
    I am on day 120 and my last 3 days have felt like my first 3 days. I can not explain it but I know I just have to muscle through it. I do not want to start the hell of quitting over again. That is not an option. I just found out my daughter is on day 4 of her cigarette quit. Her boyfriend has recently given up snuff.

    So, yes, the funk of quitting hits you at different times and in different ways. I have seen people who have been quit over 3 years say they still get a nagging. You have to be ready for it and hang in there.

    Continue your quit and do not get weak.

    Remember you are setting an example for others.

    I quit with you today.

  8. +craigselk66 89 days for me today also, nice! Idk if i have a leg to stand on giving advice when we are on the same days but When i was using chew it numbed my senses so when i got sick i felt like shit anyway so didnt notice but now when i get sick im alot more sensitive. Maybe your fog is a little cold? When i first quit i would get dizzy but that i think was not only my brain healing but nicotine consticts blood vessels so i was getting more oxygen. Just dotn screw up. As bad as you feel chew will not help. Tomarrow will be 3 months, dont throw it away now, we are finished with that crap.

  9. I’m at day 89 on my quit….and feel like I’m at day 20….dizzy with a slight fog/haze. I understand all quits are different….but I was really expecting to feel quite normal by now. Just need some veteran advice….is this a normal track to freedom???
    I’ve battled slight dizziness since the beginning….and I excercise and diet….I have followed everyone’s advice. Is this just the “Funk” that I’m in?? It’s frustrating as hell ! I’ll take all and any comments!!

  10. Willy you havent even hit puberty and your dipping?

  11. Day 14 for me. I dipped for 30 years on and off. I tried to quit more times than I remember. This time I am doing it, thanks to this site and all of you here. I feel that i am not alone.

  12. Brad,
    Yes, you can ask a question. That is what this site is for. Post away.

  13. Dude I’m 13 and chew cope black and a way to quit is slow add coffee to your can as u go add more and more it helps SOmuch!!!!

  14. Hey can I ask a quick question

  15. JerW,
    Effects of quitting – my white receding gums are now pink. I for the first time in my life can smile where before I could never. I do still have a case of dry mouth, irritated top of my mouth, etc. No cancer and have been using tobacco for 48 years. I am lucky and healthy. I have been working out all my life and have good genes.

    You will read other stories in here where folks dipped for 1 or 2 years and got cancer. It depends on a variety of factors.

    However, one thing you can not dispute, the sooner you quit the sooner you reduce your chance of getting the big C.

    So come in, join, post your introduction and have us assign you to a quit group. Just stop and stop today.

  16. Redsoxfan4444,
    I am surprised you have not quit sooner at $30 a can. I was complaining when it was costing me $4 at Royal Farms in MD. Be glad it costs too much as incentive to quit. Here is the link for smokeless alternatives:

    There is not substitute for straight out quitting. But you need 3 days where you can cacoon and rest in bed. That is how I quit. The other thing to focus on is anything but the dip. If you focus on what you are quiting then it will be impossible to quit. Instead think of anything else to keep your mind distracted.

    I am on day 117, been using tobacco since 6th grade, and just quit at the ripe age of 59. You can do this. You know you can.

    I quit with you today.

  17. Hey folks, I’m from canada where a tin is pushing into the 30$ range. I’ve been chewing for 14 years since age 12. I was just wondering what you guys thought was the best substitute? I’ve tried just stopping before and I relapse quick.

  18. Day 5. I would rather go back to the fog, at least there it not my mind playing tricks on me. It’s starting again, the I can have just one. Not this time!

  19. Those of you in your first week, I am with you (day 5). I understand why those who are addicted to “worse” drugs have to go away for rehab. This is hell on earth, but I get these glimpses of well being that I have not had much of in a long time. Every day there seems to be a little more, like seeing the sun light slowly cutting through the fog.

  20. I just have a question. Been dipping for 4 years. Im 22 and really ready to quit. But my concern is not with future damage to my mouth i will do…because well…i dont plan on doing any more…but what did you fellow dippers experience as far as oral changes from chew? And how many of you long time dippers have cancer? Im just very concerned for myself.

  21. Grats to all those who have decided to quit. Its tough no doubt but if i can do it anyone can. Theres alot of good info on the internet to help get you though those rough first days. Keep in mind why you want to quit. You dont want to be controlled by chemical addiction the rest of your life. Your cravings early on in your quit dont last long, they can feel like it though. Wait them out, try to think of something else. Set some goals, maybe a reward for yourself using all the money you have saved. Years of nicotine abuse has created connections in your brain linking tobacco use with feeling good/better so it is rough those first few weeks but everytime you are fighting off an urge to use you are weakening and breaking those connections. Not only will this cause it to get easier and easier to say no your brain is also healing and rebuilding those connections with pleasure to normal things in life. You will enjoy things you had lost interest in. Your energy will increase and your thinking will become clearer. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels and is hard on the heart. Alot will come naturally so i would suggest dont push yourself. I have 85 days today. Physically i feel so much better. My energy has increased and i have started lifting weights and jogging. My gums are completely healed and are now finally not bleeding.I dont feel so down and depressed all the time. I enjoy things now. When i chewed i was just miserable. when i woke up every morning the taste in my mouth was so nasty. By the end of the day the taste of a chew was so revolting and sometimes so painful i couldnt leave it in long. Then if i wasnt chewing say somewhere i couldnt then eventually all i was doing was craving and wanted to get home to have one. I was to the point where i wasnt happy whether i was using or not And it was causing serious depression and sapping me of enjoying anything. Anyway best of luck to you with your quit. Dont give up, you can do it. I passed my hardest test this week, the one that has had me worried since oct. i have seizures and after my mind is scrambled with serious anxiety, confusion, nervousness and it lasts for days to over a week. I am still feeling somewhat odd but i am proud to say i stayed strong and didnt give in. Chew would not have helped and would probably made the seizures and recovery worse especially when i havnt had any nicotine months.

  22. You can do it my friend. I’m on day 7 and holding strong. If I can do it YOU can stop dipping too! I discovered Smokey Mountain tabaco free snuff. It has helped me the most! Good luck to you and everyone else here!

  23. I use jakes mint. Day 133 and it helped me. Check out their web page. I dipped kodiak so i got a roll of wintergreen and a varierty pack.

  24. i started when i was 12 or 13, i’m 37 now so you do the math, i’m on day three now of being chew free. so far it has sucked to be honest,now i feel like i could puke at any second. but i am not going to cave

  25. Day 2 dip free. Been dipping since I’ve been 17 and am about to turn 31 in a couple of months. I’ve “quit” 3 times but never longer than a 7-10 days. I weaned myself off until I had nothing left which was almost entire month of December. I’ve read what others have tried and agree sunflower seeds, beef jerky and another thing I’ve been popping in are sugar free ice breakers mints.

  26. Hello all, I’m 39 years old, I have been dipping for almost 25 years and have to quit! I’m getting really scared of the potential consequences. I use to dip the wintergreens many moons ago and then good ole skoal came out with the flavor tobaccos and I got hooked even more, especially the berry skoal now (pause, spit!). I need to know a good alternative to a flavored dip of a fake chew or something. I’ve tried to quit a few times but….well you know the story. In 2015, I had a goal to lose a ton of weight and did it (yep, food was another addiction) now after 85 lbs of fat gone I’m ready to tackle this feat. Any suggestions?

  27. I quit before Christmas and broke down this week before s stressful meeting. My wife found my tin and lost it. She really wants me to quit for my health and says she does not like how chew makes me act. So now I’m on the wagon again, threw out my tin and hoping the wife will forgive me and help. Any help comments are welcome it is hard.

  28. So, I stumbled onto this community about 2 weeks ago and have been lurking around reading all the stories. As of 10 minutes ago, I just finished my last can and have decided thay today is the day I quit. I’ve been dipping since I was 16, it pretty much has/had complete control of my life. The only times I wasn’t dipping was either when I was asleep or eating, other than that it was nonstop. I’m looking forward to this but I also know just how tough this is going to be, in the end it will all be worth it though.

  29. Can you recommend any that are like grizzly wintergreen pouches? Tobacco and nicotine free but still has the burn?
    Sorry I’m so difficult. :/

  30. Day 5

  31. Well i passed my test. Like i said i suffer from seizures. After i have one it leaves my brain scrambled and can sometimes take over a week to recover. Its what screwed up my last attempt when i had 11 days. Well as bad as ive felt for the last 4 days i managed to not use any chew. I still feel somewhat odd today but am feeling better. Atleast i didnt throw away my quit and have 83 days now.

  32. Day 4

    Forgot to mention in my post yesterday that I’ve been dipping for 11 years.

  33. I quit on 1/2/2016. I am going to be 24 on March 30th. I started dipping when I was 17 years old. I tried to quit once before and I was having such a bad day, I caved after two months. I feel as if this time is a lot harder. My headaches are making me sick, I can’t stay awake, and I’ve been so angry or annoyed with everything. I am taking everything out on my fiancé. We are quitting together. I’m a dipper and he’s a smoker. Its just so hard feeling like complete shit when I know that if I just go buy some and put a lip in everything with be alright.
    Do they have like, fake dip?

  34. Turning 21 in a month I’ve been dipping since I was 15 in Highschool. I have a baby on the way now and figured I needed a change. Wish me luck because after this can I’m done!

  35. Hey everyone! Just been dipping for only 5 years… I have wanted to quit for a long time. I just turned 21 and decided enough is enough. I have been tobacco free for 2 days because I just got all my wisdom teeth taken out. I am happy to report that it is almost out of my system and I did use a lot less before I quit. I have tried to use grinds, I like the great smokey mountain a lot better because it’s long cut! So hopefully this 2016 year will become the best of them all for all the quitters! Tobaccofree2016

  36. Magnesium Bis-glycinate is a highly absorbable form of magnesium. Magnesium helps relieve muscle cramps and aids in relaxation. Might be the trick for those experiencing those problems. 200 to 400 MG a day would be a good dose to help fight muscle cramps.

  37. Please find your appropriate Quit Group in the Quit Forum on, ALL OF YOU!!!! We hold each other accountable every single day. It’s a journey for all of us. And we will all be QUIT together!!!!

  38. Day 4 going strong. Had heavy urges today and a rough night sleep last night. Went to dollar general today and picked up some seeds and beef jerky. I recommend giving jerky a shot! Chew up a piece and leave it in your lip just like a dip… Tastes great and might be a good substitute for fake dip. Not sure yet….

  39. Hey fellas. After my morning chew I decided the hell with it. It’s 2:30 now and blows ass. Gum and seeds go a long way for me. I quit a couple of years ago for 6 months. I need to get life insurance and don’t want to have to pay $$ cause I’m an idiot chewer. I know I can never socially chew so I just need to stay away from this sh!%. It was getting to the point of having a dip in every waking moment. Dumb..

  40. I quit for 53 days in the spring last year until I broke down.

    This will be day 3 quit so far.

  41. Ex-Chewer-Snuser

    68 hours nicotine free. It pains me to say this, but I’ve “quit” twice in the past 6 months only to cave at day 16 and day 19. What’s frustrating to me in the first 3 days are the toughest, but I cave later on thinking I’ll just have a chew and be done. Obviously it doesn’t work that way. Right now the agitation is so strong I’m miserable to be around, but the last 6 hours I’m starting to see a little light.
    No nicotine in 2016. I’m going to choose everyday to quit. I’ve got a good support system including a close friend who quit nearly a year ago and having people around to keep me accountable helps. Hang tough!

  42. …. My seizures started again last night and all day today off and on. It isnt the seizures but the postictal symptoms it feels like im on a bad drug trip, nervous, confused, anxious, my bp skyrockets, its like i am really not myslf. So far it hasnt gotten that bad this time and if i feel ok and sleep ok overnight i think that will be the end of them for awhile but i g2 admit the idea of going and getting a can to relax and to feel better is tempting. This is what screwed up my quit months ago. These are my first seizures since. I have 80days today, $240 saved and that helped me not to mess up today. I just hope this is the end of them. This is not fair.

  43. 24 hrs down. struggling but determined.

  44. I had similar issue when I quit. There really wasn’t anything I could do to overcome the symptoms. I can tell you that after a week or so, the headaches and muscle spams lessened considerably and then stopped. The inability to sleep only hit me for about three days, I have been dip-free for just over three years now, after 30 years of chewing. What I will tell you is that whatever temporary pain or issues you face, the long-term is WELL worth quitting.The nicotine demons hit each of us differently, so crush those demons!

  45. Oh yes I always have migraines all day everyday but there seeming to subside slowly but surely gettin better my friend I am on month 5 now without chew I use smokey mountaineering herbal non tobacco to give me sensation that it’s real am trick my mind an puts me in a better mood even has the burn effect

  46. Yep, have a clear reason why you want to quit. Perhaps it will help you battle the headaches and twitching.

    Here are my reasons and I am working on day two. No particular order.

    Expensive at least for me, a can a day.
    My family wife children and grandchildren.
    The challenge of overcoming something that has controlled me over 40 years.

  47. So I tried to quit about 7 months ago. I made it ten days before I broke down. I had these headaches that Tylenol could NOT cure, and I could NOT sleep due to, well I don’t know what it’s called but at night when I laid down my whole body would twitch. I want to quit again for good!!!! Anybody got any advice for what could help the headaches and the twitching

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