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  1. All of us ex dippers have been in similar circumstances. You still have to live your life, so go into it armed, have some fake dip, seeds, something to cram in your mouth, especially if you’re only a few months in. I will hit my yr mark being nic free next month. I still have Hooch & Teaza for circumstances like the ones you’re describing. Don’t let your buddies test you, the non quitters can be assbags at times.

  2. If you bought a can then you’re not ready up and lets do this together

  3. I was 18 when I started in 2007 all due to baseball, could go a few months at a time without any but once I craved one I would grab a can and it was back at it for a few months…Quit last Friday for good, 7 days and haven’t craved one yet…I’m a fitness coach who is starting his own business and gotta set a great example for my clients!

  4. Good luck son, it’s been 19 days of big time suck for me. I hope the next 19 are easier!

  5. It’s only been 15 hours and I caved in and bought a can I have bin chewing tobacco for 25 years trying to quite

  6. Ramey, don’t ever underestimate the addictive properties of tobacco. There is a great series on the History Channel called “Live to Tell”. One of the stories a Ranger told was sprinting 300 yards under heavy fire to bum a dip since he was out. He also had to run back to his post after getting his fix. Does that put things in perspective for y’all?

  7. I hope soon I can find the strength. 25 yrs in and can’t find my way. it is amazing how something can be this addicting!!!!

  8. That would honestly make it so easy

  9. thanks chewie. yesterday was 365 days since I used nicotine. over 20 years i used. I haven’t posted role in more than 6 months. I got to a point when I wasn’t thinking about it everyday and was able to move off the site. telling my wife yesterday, it dawned on my this site helped tons. I just wanted to express my gratitude and to let the people posting role, and leaving comments know they are providing support to more people than they realize. I never got into the forum stuff, just posting on the website’s daily role and reminded myself we only worry about saying we will avoid nicotine for the day, that’s it. for those of you that can get past those couple days of hell, stick with it. I used fake stuff for a couple months, then eventually all that seemed foolish. I still like sunflower seeds and toothpicks and my fingernails lol.

    for those of you that are poking around on this site, it might work for you. at least it can’t hurt. I saw a lot of comments and such during the hard days weeks and months of my quit. things guys would say that would help stop me from justifying a cave. for example.. I was stressed thinking it was okay to cave.. then I saw someone say “problem +nicotine = 2 problems”. I mean seriously how do I justify cave just because of a “problem”? I always thought it soothed, even so, it never solves. then the problem is gone (like most do) but then we are still using.

    funny thing was my younger brother quit a year before me, he mentioned the site and said it scared him cause people were so hard core! then when I got on a kick that I was gonna quit (empty tin on a Sunday nite, never ran out for more.. I think it was really cold). Next morning i was like wow, i haven’t had any Cope in like 12 hours, let’s see how long I can do this?? Later that day while craving and thinking of reasons why quitting wasn’t a good idea, I googled and found the site, started reading, some things hit home and then never stopped at the gas station on the way home that Monday.

    nicotine is seriously addicting. any of you in the fog now know that. holy crap the further you get from it the more clearly you see how pointless it is and what kind of grip it forms. I would like to puff a cigar now but am scared get that close to it and undo the rewiring in the brain.

    I can’t say i’ll stay quit forever.. but at least I’ve been free for a year and any choice is clearly my own… and from this vantage point I see what a foolish choice it is.

    everyone has to come to this on their own, catalyst could be a health scare, family pressure, taxation frustration, or the wanting to gain back control. now when I see young guys dipping I want to laugh and shake my head. looks pretty stupid now. back then, I didn’t think so. you need to come all the way out to really see what’s going on.

  10. Best way to quit, have the province you live in ban all flavored tobacco products. Yes I live in Ontario,Canada and as of January 1,2016 the government in Ontario has banned the sale of all flavored tobacco, once the stores I go to ran out I was forced to quit. I’m in day 3 and so far don’t miss it at all. I guess it’s because I can’t buy it so I know this is the end. Been doing it for about 16 years and I’m happy to say I’m glad it’s banned now, forced me to quit.

  11. Chances are your wife knew what you were up to. My husband would leave to go buy anything we ran out of, ice, car gas, peanut butter. He was great at running errands.
    He quit once, I was a good support, however I may have over celebrated his quitting to the point that he didn’t want to dissapoint me when he relapsed. I wrote this in my journal a few years ago.

    I’ve experienced what is the worst day of my life and the person closest to me has no idea how much he has hurt me. We were driving to and approaching my husband’s vehicle and I told him “I’m almost at where you are I can see your work truck I’m going to pull in and say hi to you yay” and he said “no no no no don’t come please don’t come on my lunch is done I can’t stay I can’t see you” but I said “no I’m here” he was weird he was running around the truck acting erratic he wouldn’t come close to me he acted like he didn’t want to see me, he wouldn’t kiss me. it was just the weirdest day of my life I’ve cried about it everyday I don’t know what to do I know he’s keeping something from me I’m married to a stranger.

    A few months after the above entry he told me that he’d been dipping for 5 years and that he had only quit for a few months. I am on this site to learn what to say and do and what not say and do in supporting him killing the can. He is in his mid 40’s and has been dipping or smoking most of his teen and adult life.

    Congratulations on quitting!

  12. 21 years young dipped for 6 years about a can a day. I quit for 7 months once but for my gf at the time and it wasn’t for me. This time it is for me. Well my quit day was tmro. But I decided to quit this morning and not buy another can. I’ve had a few attacks today so far. Worst one was a about 15 min ago. I was so close to giving in. But I’m glad I didn’t. A good plus for me is I live 30 min from the closest gas station. Also I just looked up a bunch of pictures of mouth cancer and it was a major turn off. What’s worse feigning for a something so bad or laying in a hospital bed as your family says goodbye to you bc you are dying from cancer??So if anyone is having a hard time like I am continue to fight the urge. Google mouth cancer. It’s not worth it!!

  13. Day 13 nic free dose anyone else have a problem with dry mouth its like im drinking water all the time, but if thats the only negative i can deal with that my bad headaches are gone and i sleep like a baby again not waking up a couple times a night to have a dip

  14. Hello all. I’ve dipped for 10+ years. But I’m happy to say December 4, 2016 was my last day. It was getting bad. My wife was under the impression that I quit years ago. So with that being said, for a few years I had to hide my addiction. I had all kinds of tricks and rituals I had to do before i got home from anywhere to hide it, because any opportunity I got away I had to have one. I would make trips to empty our grass clippings just to have one. Trips to refill gas cans just to have one. I shoot pool a few nights a week and I would leave extra early if my wife was home to have one sooner. It wasn’t right that I would leave my wife just to feed my addiction.
    So going on 7 weeks strong without a dip, I’ve had some cravings, but early on I would use the beef jerky chew and stuff it in my lip to give me that feeling I was missing. I feel 1000% better already. No more acid reflux at night when I’m trying to sleep. No sore gums. And most importantly I get to spend time with my loving wife and I don’t have to leave her whenever I can and feel guilty. I don’t have to throw all my bottles out of my truck before I get home. I don’t have to hide my keys so she can’t go in my truck for any reason and see my spitters or cans. And I don’t look as much like an idiot in public places with a big dip and always carrying a bottle. Basically I wanted to tell my story, because I’m sure there are people out there with the same problem I had, and you can do something about it. After the original couple of weeks it gets a lot easier to deal with. And the results are rewarding. Good luck to all of you.

  15. Day one need to quit iv been dipping since 2009 i have a beautiful wife and baby girl and i need to set a good example for my daughter NEED TO QUIT

  16. This site really works im on day 81 and saved around $818. Join KillTheCan and Stay Quit.

  17. two months and a week without dip. I’m actually surprise at myself because the longest I’ve ever been without a dip in the 5 years of dipping has been a month. And that was back in 2014. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a mindset thing. ive had urges to just cave in and buy a can but read some of the posts on here just helps me a lot. Now I can walk in the gas station and walk out without a can. hopefully I can keep this up, i won the battle but the war still rages!

  18. Craigselk66 grats!! Yup 100 days, $300+ saved. We got this.

  19. DAY 100!! Looking forward to Day 101 of freedom…..and so on.

    Tom S….congrats on your 100 !!!

    And to anyone fighting through some serious shit right now…..stay strong….I was in your shoes… gets better day by day.

    No Nic for me today!!!

  20. Liston, I’m only 7 days in so who am I really to talk, but I’ll tell you this, if it weren’t for this site, I wouldn’t have made it this far. It really has helped me, and I know that it can help you too! If you ever need anything, feel free to email me.

  21. So I quit a few months back for a few weeks but went right back. Now I’m suffering from numbness in my top lip. I quit for good 4 days ago but the numbness/tingling is still in my top lip. I hope it goes away because it’s kinda freaking me out. I wish I had someone other then myself to hold me accountable for quiting maybe this group will help.

  22. day 10 went to the store today walked passed the copenhagen and did not buy but went home and tears ran down my face 43 years of copenhagen i quit for me today and my grand daughter Harper

  23. Totally normal dude! Worst feeling ever, I am on day 48 and this is the 2nd quit I’ve made it this far. I can tell you that if you go back, the quit will suck just as bad as the last time you tried. Do not waste the 3 days you have! It will get better everyday from here on out!!!

  24. My wife just asked me how my quit was going and I said OK (all while having a big rub of snuff in my lower cheek). I tell lie after lie. is it from being a nicotine addict or is it lack of character? Is this a problem for anyone else?

    • Lying and addiction go hand in hand. You’ve certainly not the only addict to lie to his wife.

      That said don’t use it as an excuse. Stop the lying and start on your path to freedom. You’ll be glad you did.

  25. Today is the 3rd day I have not chewed and it is beating my ass. I have chewed since I was 14, I am 22 now. The point of why I am posting is because I have been feeling very dizzy and kind of weak since I quit. Does this happen to most of you that have quit?

  26. I just wonder if any of you are as big of a liar that I am. My wife asks me how my quit is going and I tell her I am doing OK ( all while having a big rub laying in my lower cheek). Is it the nicotine and being an addict causing me to lie or is it a personality fault?

  27. 146 days and tomorrow is 21 weeks. Still using fake dip but its getting easier day by day. Its amazing how the days add up since my quit, just like the days of my use added up to 25 years before i knew it

  28. Congrats Tom S….I’m right there with ya…..Day 99….and counting!!

  29. 99 Days no nicotine. Had a bad dream about using chew. In my dream someone had bought me a can. I was looking at the can contemplating it. The odd thing was is the fear i felt. The idea of just having one knowing one would be too many, all these months i have without just gone in a matter of seconds. Even in my dream i was able to fight it off and i opened the can and dumped it in the trash.

  30. Day 2 of quitting. I feel fine as of right now but I did have trouble sleeping last night. Not sure if that’s related to quitting or not. Anyway my strategy is to keep myself busy. My favorite time to dip was when I could just sit back and relax. So I’m going to stay as productive as possible for distraction. Also plan on hitting the weight room today. Trying to replace a bad habit with a good one. And last night I already noticed a physiological change within my first 24 hours of quitting. My resting heart rate was in the 60s last night as opposed to upper 70s and low 80s like it has been. God bless.

  31. So, I am on day 47… Let me start of by saying everyday gets better and it’s crazy to think where I am from the first 2 weeks when my brain kept telling me there is no way. Here is my question, I am going to hit with my softball buddies tonight and obviously most of them chew. I feel fine being around it or I think I feel fine being around it… Is there any suggestions on how long I should wait to be around that again? Or is it totally my call? I mean in my head I feel like it is Okay, but I also haven’t smelt chew since I quit.

    • Totally your call. But I’ll say this… if you think you’re heading into a situation that you think you’ll have a hard time with, perhaps hold off on putting yourself into that situation? At the very least, come right out and tell you buddies “Hey, I quit dipping… I’d appreciate you guys supporting me in my decision.” Odds are, they want to quit too… they just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

  32. Hey Chewie. I am attempting to quit dipping. I was doing some research and saw that oral cancer has a 10 year incubation period. Does that mean that I could have oral cancer but the symptoms might not show up for 10 years even if I quit?? Thanks!

    • Hi Brandon – honestly I’ve never run across that particular stat so I wouldn’t want to comment. I’ll see if I can find anything that speaks to incubation period.

  33. I’ve been tobacco free for 64 days after 39 years of 1-2 cans of Cope a day. Feel great! I will never dip again.

  34. 98 days without nicotine here too. $294 saved. Im enjoying this extra money i have to spend, just ordered a couple of classic movies with some of the money ive saved, killer klowns from outer space and stephen kings It. I still think about chew sometimes but its rare now that i get an actual craving? Had one the other night that popped up out of nowhere but i easily shrugged it off. Sometimes i think of chew, i forget what it felt like. Not just the chemical feeling but having something constantly in my lip? I put a cough drop in my lip where i used to put a wad of chew/dip and it felt odd? Its easier to remember what life was like in between dips because thats how i lived my life. i usually would go an hour in between dips and it controlled me. When i had a dip in all it did was take my mind off using and when i didn’t have one all i thought about was my next one. Its crazy now how much better i feel. I certainly have some down times like a few days ago fighting off a cold, i am alot more sensitive off nicotine but my joints dont hurt anymore, my ears arent ringing constantly, my bp has dropped, i am getting alot more exercise, that horrible mood i was always in especially after i quit is gone and im alot more patient, i just enjoy life more. I would not give this up to be an addict again. That makes it easier to not screw up. Grats to craigselk, im here with you at day 98.

  35. Day 98 with no Nic….Day 164 with no Grizzly….doc recommended using gum or patch to start the first couple months. Lacking back….in my opinion that was a huge mistake on my part. All it did was prolong my withdrawal symptoms….even with the gum, I was jumping in and out of the fog on a daily basis….until day 66 with gum things changed for the worse…..out of nowhere it felt like somebody hit me in the chest with a baseball bat….I immediately stopped the gum and went “cold turkey”….full blown withdrawal symptoms took over my world. I literally thought I was going insane….until I stumbled across this site and started reading about the pure hell of Nicotine….and then it made sense. I poisoned my body for 30+ years….and now it was time to pay the piper!

    Sorry to ramble….but I’m finally starting to feel better and now am thinking about the pure hell I”ve been through….and it feels good.

    So for anyone that reads this who is considering NRT products…..don’t do it….it prolongs the “suck”…..the first 100 days are bad enough….no need to increase it.

    I quit NIC today!

  36. I quit Cope five days ago after dipping for twenty-two years. I have been using the Smokey Mountain wintergreen , sunflower seeds and increased weight lifting to control the urges. Hope to kick it for good this time after trying many times before.

  37. Day 96….countdown is on! Anxiety and dizziness are still present….but are mild compared to what they were 2 weeks ago…..dizziness has been a huge factor in my quit….seems to be letting up slightly.

    Anyway….I quit Nic today!!

  38. Hi Alan here im 57 that means i have used copenhagen for 42 years i have quit several times once for almost 6 months its been 5 days this time so far I have my 1st grandchild Harper i want to see her grow up that is my motivation a grandchild is Love taken to a whole new lvl. as for me the emotional part of quiting is the hardest part any help or ideas would be helpful.

  39. At 118 days today and having my first bad craving in a long time. Does it ever just go away?

    • Yes. Absolutely. Some folks (myself included) had a really rough stretch post 100 days. It’ll subside soon. Hang in there and go back to basics – water, exercise, etc. Whatever got you there will still work.

  40. I just need help quiting. So please help. I’m 45 and live my kids and wife. My daughter is in college and sons in high school. I’d really love to be around for awhile and not loose all this. I am coming up on 5 years sobriety and would love to add not chewing to that because I know this will eventually get me. I am a prisoner of the dam can. I do good for awhile and went the pressure gets tough I go for the chew. I know it really doesn’t help me think but try and convince my brain if that. I am sure this makes sense to someone. Either way I need help like the support I have been ready on this kill the can site. My name is Wes and I want to quit chewing. You can email me at wesgraham@ Thx for your help. Tomm morning will be day 1 for me.

  41. I obviously need help quitting this dam curse or chewing. I am a additive person by nature and can’t seem to stop chewing. I am coming up on 5 years sober so I would have thought I could surely stop chewing but still I chew. So I am asking for help on this issue because I really would prefer to not get cancer. My email is Thanks to any one that sees this and replies.

  42. Hey guys, I’m from Ontario and chewed for about 3/4 years, been trying to quit for about a year on and off but haven’t had a chew in about three weeks and I feel no urge to have one either, have a dentist appt booked for a few weeks for now but can’t get those brutal thoughts out of my head, I have no alarming symptoms or anything but just wondering if there anyway to forget about and try not to worry for now? Thanks guys

  43. I also started using nicotine when i was 13 and i am now 39. This is the longest i have ever gone without nicotine since i was 13. In all fairness my last week before i quit last oct i quit chewing and started vaping. It somehow hit me for real i didnt want to be controlled by nicotine the rest of my life. It has nothing to do with cancer or heart attacks for me i just dont want to be controlled or addicted. I wanted to see how it would feel weeks and months without using. I realize now how much it really was effecting my life, i feel like a totally different person?i have so much more energy, im not constantly burned out, my attitude has improved alot. I wouldnt say using nicotine gum instead of chew is a mistake. Everyone has to find their own method. Perhaps people find it easier to quit the gum than actual chew but the important thing is you really have to want to quit. Using nicotine gum is just going to prolong the agony. If you quit cold turkey 3 days and your body is clean of all nicotine. If you can make it that long the hardest part is over. Using nicotine created connections in the brain associating using with pleasure. Every time you fight off an urge you weaken and break those connections. thats why there is no easy way to quit you have to fight it. It does get easier as you go. Just make it the 1st 3 days. You can do 3 days standing on your head. Anyway best of luck bro.

  44. I, too started at 12 and am now 42. I tried gums. I tried weaning myself. Dozens of times. You have to cold turkey it, man. And, know that it’s a royal bitch, especially that first week. I can remember going nearly nuts, and stopping myself after driving halfway to the store, having a hard time remembering why I wanted to put myself through this quitting misery to start with.
    Invest in anything you can to calm the oral fixation. I used toothpicks… hundreds of them. The fake chew helped a little, for me. Other guys swear by it.
    You can do it. I’m nearly three years in, and rarely have a desire to chew at all.

  45. I have smoked or chewed since I’ve been 12 years old I am 42 now do you think I should quit cold turkey or with the assistance of nicotine gum help me

  46. Well I made through the night but I have been using nicotine gum. Hoping that’s not a mistake

    • It’s a mistake in that every time you chew a piece of nicotine gum you’re starting over. So yes, you’re “dip” free, but your recovers (and thus freedom) hasn’t quite kicked in yet. It won’t be easy, but you CAN do this.

  47. Day 4 for me. You said exactly what I was thinking.

  48. Day 132. My quit is going well. I still have GERD and occasional bouts with anxiety but both are receding. At this point I am just trying to forget all about tobacco like it was a bad dream. Works most days.

  49. Billy sht sorry didnt see your post until this morning. I hope you made it through the night without using. One thing i used my first week as dumb as it sounds is lemon drop candy or cleaning my teeth with a toothpick from my swiss army knife. Theres no real easy answer what to do to fight off the cravings. Obviously you got to try to do something to take your mind off it. If you have support from family use it. Talk to someone. Watch a movie you havnt seen or havnt seen in awhile. Try to fight them off until its time to go to sleep and the trouble of driving all the way to the store that late isn’t worth it. Try to keep in mind all the benefits of quitting. You dont want to be controlled by drug addiction for the rest of your life. Plan on how you will reward yourself with the money you save. Alot of people use a 12 step program like AA, ask a higher power if it works for you. I spent alot of time looking at benifit timeline online. it was almost like a rush quitting. Your blood will flow easier with more oxygen without the nicotine constricting blood vessels. I also spent more time walking my dog. Keep in mind also that the nicotine fits may seem like they last forever but in reality they only last minutes. If you can just fight them off/think of something else until they pass they get easier and easier to fit off especially when youmstart feeling the benifits of quitting. I hope you made it. If theres anything else i can do i will try to help if i can.

  50. Tom , first day with out a chew. Now it’s night after dinner and I want one bad. Any suggestions

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