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  1. Day 6 chew free I feel ok. The only thing is that I struggle to focus at work. I do flooring as a subcontractor and I can’t seem to focus. I’ve tried seeds and Tobacoo free chew it doesn’t seem to help. Any ideas or how long this might last.

    • I’m two months into it after a 40 year habit. Still dont feel “Right”. Its funny, its easier when your busy but I question my decision making all the time. Hang in there and focus on the positives of quitting. I bought Nicorette lozenges that take the edge off

    • ADAM and EJ,

      Welcome to the new normal. You can manage these uncomfortable feelings by mastering breathing techniques and exercising regularly. Try Googling Qigong, aka Chi Gong and Xi Gong.

      @sig +1

    • A lot of people on here say don’t use nicotine gum. I quit dip and used one pack of 4 mg gum, then stepped down to a pack of 2 mg, then I cut the 2mg in half to make 1 mg gum. It worked, I was able to quit without much trouble. I’m 6 weeks tobacco free and one week nicotine free. I have infrequent and manageable urges. Not nearly as bad as when I unsuccessfully quit 7 years ago.

  2. Day 17.

    All sorts of worries come up after you quit. Is that normal?

    • They may just be beginning, I had a major anxiety attack about 6 months after my quit. Find other way to cope with life bullshit.

  3. Here’s another tiny one that’s been working for me:

    Proverb invented by me:

    If life goes by in a nanosecond when you are on vacation, then life lasts forever when you are quitting Coppenhagen Long Cut.

    An hour seems endless.

  4. Today is my 3 year anniversary. Very thankful and if i can you can.
    Good luck

  5. Totally agree with you. I tried to quit many times only to fail. I was always quitting because someone else wanted me to quit. It won’t work that way. YOU have to want to quit yourself. Today is day 367 for me keep up the fight!

  6. Day 953 for me……can’t believe it. I was a slave to Skoal for 25 years. No more. Thanks for the site. It helped quite a bit. Keep strong fellow quitters. You can do this and you’ll be thankful, believe me.

  7. That’s awesome!! Two years and 5 months is a long time! It also feels really good to not have to make excuses all the time to fit in that last “dip”. I don’t have to lie and my marriage and family life is great!

  8. Well I made it 365 days today!! It’s been a long year but I can honestly say I don’t think about chew every day anymore. My family life has gotten a lot better and I feel free!! Keep up the fight out there!!

    • Great to hear! First year is a struggle as you do so many things with out the crutch of the dip. My favorite day was when I passed the two year mark because I could honestly say, I haven’t touched that s**t in years. Today is the 2 year, 5 month anniversary of my quit.

  9. Quit is going strong and I feel great again!!

  10. I haven’t been on here in sooo long, which I guess is a good thing. Just popped into my head to see how many days it has been. 594 daysssss unreal! I packed lips nearly daily for 13 years of my life and decided to quit cold turkey one day. gum was a savior as well as this site to see what others were dealing with too. It’s mind over matter, you got this!

  11. Day 3, after 40 years of dipping. This is tough, but so far so good.

    • Hey Dale, 40 years on cope fine cut myself. My quit date is coming up Aug 13th. Already paranoid as I did quit once before for 1 1/2 years. Felt great but thought I could have the occasional dip. Wrong, it took one dip to be right back to a can a day. Good luck to ya.

    • The first week wasn’t so bad. I’m on day 37 but I cracked and bought a can earlier today, after 10 minutes or so I guilt tripped myself into putting it back and getting a refund before I opened it. you’ll probably have slip ups like that during your journey, I’m sure everyone has. but you’ll be fine if you stick with it. I’d highly recommend listening to music that inspires you, Warrior by Disturbed has really helped me fight my urges.

    • I’m right there with you, man. Day 2 after 40 years on and off (mainly on). Keep it up – you got this.

  12. Hi everyone. I am 131 days quit and I started feeling bad again. I was feeling pretty good for a while and just recently I started getting dizzy again…Real lightheaded at times – and super exhausted, I barely have any energy. Anyone else get a wave of symptoms this far into your quit after feeling good for a while?

    • Hell yeah, I’m at day 163 and a couple days ago I was sucking. Seemed like every other minute I was at a higher anxiety level. It passed and they always will the juice is so worth the squeeze.

      • Who are you guys? I would like to connect. I am at the same amount of days and would like to talk about what’s going on with me.

    • Doug – It’s pretty common right around Day 120-130 to have a pretty major funk. Keep fighting through and remember it’s NOT as bad as those first few weeks. It just feels like it because things have been “smooth sailing” for a little while. It’s going to pass within a few days or so, and you’ll be back to feeling great!

    • Hey!!!! You scared, desperate addict. This is the lighthouse. The info is here. This is where your salvation is. I hate sugar coating it. If you want to quit. This is where you will find stories of experience!!!..period. Period.!! Thank you KTC. All of you people that have taken the time to share your stories of quitting….. I can’t tell you what that had meant to me…August 7, 2017. Day 1.. 365 later. I’m not a great orator, so please, please, please…pretty please. USE this site. Dig in. I start 366 tomorrow. I quit with you.

    • I am at day 212 and a few weeks ago started feeling like I was back at day 1. Headaches, fog, everything. Been a few weeks and is slowly starting to get better. Just gotta stick with it and stay positive. Anyone else around day 200 felt back almost at Day 1 again? Really hope I’m not the only one.

    • I am day 206 and I feel that way. My worst times have been 192-206 thus far. Everyone is different.

    • Doug I’m on day 123 and still feel like shit!! This buzzed feeling all day have been with me every day since I quit!! Some days are better than others but it’s not a good feeling!! It would be nice to have just 1 day without this buzz. Just have to keep fighting I guess

  13. Coming up on 3 years Aug 28. Day 1066. I tried to quit a million times. I dipped for over 25 years but on Aug 28 2015 I bought some fake dip and gave it another try. Once I had a few weeks under my belt I was unwilling to give up those days and now I am on day 1066. I am not special and no different then anybody else on this forum. If I can, you can. Life is truly better when you are not a slave to a can or worried when its going to kill you. Good luck

  14. Well I guess my examples weren’t good enough definitely cant say I didn’t try to get support!!!

    • Plenty of support right here. Your choice if you choose to use it. Keep it up sir.

    • Hey Elk,
      There are good number of people here that support you. I look forward to seeing your posts. Stay strong and maintain that quit.

    • Elk,

      Stay the course and stay quit.

      the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
      “he is known to be a man of integrity”
      synonyms: honesty, probity, rectitude, honor, good character, principle(s), ethics, morals, righteousness, morality, virtue, decency, fairness, scrupulousness, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness
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      “upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty”
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      “the integrity of the federation”
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      confidence placed in a person by making that person the nominal owner of property to be held or used for the benefit of one or more others.
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      “I should never have trusted her”
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  15. I often think back on the stupidity of my habit. For years, I had pre-cancer screenings at the dentist as a precaution. It seems crazy that I acknowledged the danger but kept on dipping anyway. Sadly, often right after I left the dentist’s office, I was dipping.

    This morning, I had a routine dental cleaning. Even though, I’ve been quit for over two years now, I still have some anxiety over the cleaning. I always worry that something will turn up. Any innocuous comment from the hygeniest has me worried.

    Aside from the gum recession that came with the dipping, everything was just fine.

    For people thinking of quitting, it’s completely worth the pain.

    • I feel the same way, hell sometimes more scared now than when I was dipping. I’m really only replying to say that I like your name a lot. Craft is the best!

    • Day 3 here for me! But man, I’ve become so inspired and confident about my quit from reading all these posts. So glad I found this site to read everyone’s posts. Man, it’s a trip reading everyone’s stories and having so much in common (besides the f$@)ing can)
      Thanks for helping me with my quit yall

      • Yep, we all went through your pain, if you continued quit, you are on day 5, the NIC is gone from your body, get ready for the mind games. Stay Quit.

  16. Tristen J Griffith

    well, I’m 14 days nicotine free and I honestly feel pretty good, although, I sometimes have a headache, sore jaw, diarrhea, and I feel pretty foggy. but I guess that comes with quitting cold turkey. although I did cheat and smoke a lot of marijuana the first couple of days. but since then I haven’t had an overwhelming urge to load my lip again, so that’s good I guess.

    • A Monday Riddle for All:

      A Monday Riddle:

      If a pig drank a quart of milk before he started
      and ran a mile and a half before he farted
      and the further he runs, the fuller he gets
      how far will run before he shits.

      Now in order for me to win this bet
      I must take you to where the fart was let
      the farmer says he saw the pig pass
      with buttermilk squirting out of his ass

      the farmer was a mile from where the pig started
      and the pig passed just after he farted
      it was so funny the farmer had to laugh
      that god damn pig ran another mile and a half

      now it seems to me if he pours on the gas
      and runs like hell with a puckered ass
      if he sticks to the trail whilst keeping his wits
      He can run 5 miles before he shits.

      • Hey Sig,
        Now that is an original but tough riddle. I know I can not solve that one.
        Hope all is well.
        I quit with today.
        Dundippin day 1046

        • Dun-
          Not my material. My father passed it to me; not sure where he heard it first but I do know he associated with some fine and intelligent WWII Vets. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them came up with it. I am glad you enjoyed it. @sig

    • gregg cunningham

      I use medical herb to help with the anxiety and headaches, just dont lean on it too much as another crutch.

  17. 365 days ago I decided to take my life back and haven’t looked back since. I have a new appreciation for life and love that has inspired me to be the best me every day. This group has also helped me along my journey. Your stories of trials and triumphs have given me motivation at times when I didn’t think I was going to make it. You have all inspired me in one way or another and I thank you all. My journey doesn’t end here and the fight doesn’t end here either. Keep fighting the good fight all and keep battling to stay quit. One love–Mike

  18. I would like to share my story and be an example in a quit group it has been a long time and I sure would like another opportunity to prove myself. Its talked about in one of the reply’s to me. Just a thought again

    • Not trying to be a dick… honest question.

      What sort of example are you going to show?

      • I type a long reply and it is not showing up

      • Me coming back i could show examples of how ACCOUNTABILITY, INTEGRITY, TEAM WORK, HUMILITY, TRUST and SHARING all truly help. for example I remained quit for longer than I ever have when I had peoples digits, knowing that at anytime I felt like I was going to fail I could send a text and ask permission to fail and every single one would have told me hell no. KTC really works everyone and I fucked up no excuses for what I did I own my mistake and I owe an apology so I will say it again I AM SORRY. If allowed back I will show all of the above I will support others I will Post EDD I will use those digits whenever a difficult time comes and I feel like im going to fail. I am quit now and for no reason do I ever want to go back to the can. I am asking you to Reconsider Please it has been almost two years.


    • The only person you have anything to prove to is yourself. If you slip its all on you. Only hurting yourself.

      • I disagree by putting shit in my mouth I have hurt everyone who cares for me

        • And if those who you believe care for you refuse to give you another chance or allow you back into whatever you are begging for what then? Give up and start chew again? You need to quit for yourself and nobody else, atleast thats my opinion. Good luck.

  19. Just a quick check in from me. I’m on day 1,168. I still chew a mix of brewed / squeezed out organic tea, pepper and salt. I can’t seem to get over the oral fixation, but I am NOT using nicotine in any way and plan to keep it that way.

    Just so you know: It does get easier, but it’s not easy. 35 years of 1.5 cans a day has a serious effect me and you too.

    STOP AS SOON AS YOU CAN! It’s SO worth it! Life is SO much better without that crap.


    • Douglas Hutchens

      On day 6 and I still feel like hell in the mornings and throughout the day. But it’s getting more manageable. I figure after 34 years of the crap, my body is just getting even with me. Pushing forward, tomorrow is a new day.

      • Fight on! The first week was hell for me too. Day 142 today — it is worth it my friend. Think about how potent that stuff must be, if the withdrawals are this strong. Life is so much better without that shit. You are earning your brain back. You are healing. Your body loves you for it, it’s just some temporary discomfort while it readjusts to the absence of poison. Nic is the one trying to punish you and trick you into giving in. Your body is just doing what it’s meant to. Hang in there, you have the right attitude. There’s an army of us quitters fighting with you, right here, right now. Stay the course.

  20. These comments are the ones that most people window shopping see so, GET IN HERE! I am 44 days quit after a 24 year addiction! You can do it too! Is it hard…yes, but its not impossible! Everyone is going through the exact same thing and will support you. I am SO happy with my decision and you will be to! If you sign up now you will be in the October group and it is a great group of quitters! COME ON IN! Look me up when you get registered!


    • Webmaster,

      I appreciate you cherry picking my posts; now go strangle yourself!

    • Capital70, Jeff, I’m proud of you brother! It’s good to have family in the September Quit Group 2018! You brought me in and although I was solo for the first few, I’m glad you talked me into joining and navigating the site. Now we are quitters. I’m quit today, for me, not for anyone else. 90 days strong!

  21. Well I have failed once again and I am starting fresh with a complete new attitude. Some bad stuff happened in my life and I just felt that the use of nicotine would help with the stress and it calmed my nerves for sure however I don’t want to continue to use. I had one dip and I am holding myself accountable. it is definitely easier with some support and I took this for granted. SO HERE I AM STARTING FROM THE BEGGINING AGAIN!!

    • Hey Elk,
      So sorry to hear this. I enjoyed watching your journey.

      Let this be a lesson to all of us.

      All it takes is one and you are back here wishing you were quit with a hundred days under your belt.

      If you do one you might as well do a thousand.

      You have got to stop that conversation in your head about having just one more.

      You have to force that conversation out of your head.

      That can never be an option.

      If it stays an option then you will wind up like Elkslayer here. Oops I slipped.

      Now get back on your quit.

      I quit with you today.

      Dundippin day 1027

    • Elk just keep trying. I chewed for 26 years, 14 to 40, I’m atday 344 this time. But I’ve been there before. Mistakes happen, just learn and move on.
      Living the quit.

    • Me too! I had quit for 3 years and was so proud….then I defended two murder cases, back-to-back, and the trial prep triggered my use that has last for 17 months. I’m on my 7th day and jumpy as ever….I do wanna be a quitter!!!

      • Thanks for the support you guys if feels great to be supported again. I feel great I will say here is advice for anyone. Day 1 -3 feel the same as they did the first time and it sucks.

    • Quit hard bro, you can do it.


      Addicts fail!

      Now, pull yourself up by you bootstraps and move forward clean; lesson(s) learned, knowledge gained. You coming back here and sharing your story helps others and yourself. ACCOUNTABILITY, INTEGRITY, TEAM WORK, HUMILITY, TRUST and SHARING will help you on your road to freedom. Thank you ELK.
      NO GIVE UP!

      Very Respectfully, @sig

      • Wow awesome and your welcome Im glad I am able to help others by showing them what not to do. I have been doing well I finally have all the nicotine out of my body and I am feeling great again. Those first 3 days suck just as much as last time so I hope you all take this as advice. THERE IS NO REASON TO EVER GO BACK TO THE CAN let me be the example!!!

  22. Etienne Sullivan (Sully)

    Been dipping for 38yrs: 28yrs Cope snuff til I was in Iraq and all they had was “Formaldahagen”; switched to Skoal Mint for a few years; been dipping Skoal pouches for the last year or so. At my worst, was a 1.5-2 cans/day habit; currently about 1 can/2days. If I don’t have food in my mouth, I have a lipper. I still fall asleep at least once a week with a dip in. Been rolling the dice with my health for too long; especially since I’ve been a gutter my entire time. I need to quit; I want to quit.

    Several unsuccessful attempts over the years. The latest was 2yrs ago, when I tried vaping. I got myself down to 0%, but I could never get over the oral fixation, and eventually fell off the wagon…again. The habit of having something stuffed in my lip has always bit me in the ass, and I am back in chains.

    So I’ve got to get a better strategy. Knowing myself, I need to address 3 areas: nicotine, oral fixation, and accountability/help.

    Nicotine: I’ve seen that several of y’all say to go cold turkey, but 1) this scares the hell out of me, and 2) I was very successful with vaping, and backing down the nic with each bottle…at least I thought I was. What are y’alls thoughts about nicotine replacement, like patches?

    Oral Fixation: By far, my biggest problem. One quit attempt involved an alternative; it tasted like crap, was thick and heavy, and cut my mouth worse than the Cope. I’ve been reading the reviews about the alternatives. It seems like TeaZa is a favorite. If I’m going to go cold turkey with the nicotine, I’ll HAVE to have a good alternative. Any new thoughts about who makes the best mint pouches?

    Accountability/Help: Found it.

    If I drink a six-pack of beer per month, that’s a lot; I don’t play video games; I don’t drink sodas; I still work outside, walk on the treadmill, and hit the Bowflex a couple times a week…but I am an absolute slave when it comes to the worm dirt. I sincerely applaud those of you who were able to quit on-the-spot; I have nowhere near the willpower that you have displayed. I’ve tried that…and failed miserably. I know my weaknesses, and have to address those weaknesses before I quit, or I will fail yet again.

    Thank y’all for your time.

    Semper Fi,

    USMC Ret.

    • The bottom line is you have to want it. You need to sit down and really think about your addiction. When i quit i didnt quit because i was afraid of cancer, tooth loss or even the wasted money. I quit because the reality was it wasnt making me feel good anymore. It wasnt giving me a buzz or headrush. I was using just to get by until my next nicotine fit. I was sick of the way it controlled my life. I couldnt sit through and enjoy a 2 hour movie at the theater without having a nic fit. I was sick of that nasty taste in my mouth every morning no matter how much i brushed the night before. The list goes on and on, i do not miss that garbage at all today. If i might make a suggestion, quit drinking atleast for your first year. A couple of things to keep in mind. after your last dip the nicotine is 100% out of your system in 3 days. After that it is all mental. You spent decades creating connections in your brain associating nic with pleasure, every time you fight off a craving you are destroying one of those connections. It takes time but does get easier as you go. Also those craving usually only last a few minutes at most. And lastly keep in mind if you were to cave in that dip may give you a little buzz at first but within a day you would be right back at using just to get by and make the cravings go away. Best of luck. 995

    • Hey Sully,

      You are already a bad ass. Look at your life’s experiences. You can do this.

      I agree with Tom S.’s comment below. Your desire has to come from within.

      I dipped until I was 59. I parted ways with my company and dipped all I wanted. Then I started having panic attacks and then dip was not helping a bit. It was making things worse.

      So, after trying for 40 years, I finally decided to quit.

      I was catontic for 5 days. All I did was sleep, eat, pee and got back to sleep.

      Once you decide in your head that you are done and stop the conversation in your head about doing just one more, the rest is easy.

      Since dipping is not an option, you will only move forward.

      Learn to distract your attention with thoughts of anything else anytime that certain thought comes into your head.

      Now talk to yourself like you were a commanding officer.

      Get this done. Do you understand soldier!

      I quit with you today.

      Dundippin day 1027.

    • Sully, I just quit after about 40 years…decided one day I had had enough…looked at those alternatives…and decided on real mint leaves I found in the garden…only needed them for a few days…now about 60 days since I stopped…still have some cravings…but carry gum with me and haven’t broken yet…and every day convince myself I can go one day more…good luck to you and all who are quitting.



      DAY 1- Dip is the enemy, kill the enemy by any means available.
      DAY 2- REPEAT day 1…..

      @sigman45, x243

    • Sully,
      1. Dip is the enemy, kill the enemy by any means available.
      2. Repeat 1. daily

  23. Well I hit the 100 day mark for the 2nd time. I am ashamed it is the 2nd time as I had one relapse. I went 9 months with no dip and foolishly put one in when I was drunk. It has now been 102 days since that one and I am doing my best to take it one day at a time. For all of you who are close to caving in, don’t do it! I was pretty much symptom free after 9 months, I put in ONE freaking dip and all my withdrawal symptoms came back with a vengeance! I was miserable for another two months because of that one stupid dip. It has now been 102 days and while I still am having a few symptoms, it is starting to get better. I still get dizzy randomly, and still have small bouts of anxiety. Moral of the post, if you are considering putting in “just one” and think you will be ok, please do not do it! It will only make things worse. Thanks to everyone with their words of wisdom and experiences.

  24. Joeseph Harding

    Day 19….struggling hard…jet lagged from vacation and all I can think about is putting a plug in. Will power through

  25. Working on Day 4 after 20 years. I started today feeling okay but I just mowed the yard and found myself really wanting to throat punch my neighbor just because he’s a prick. Lol. Thankfully I finished mowing and have now decided to spend the rest of the day inside. The fits of anger and headaches have been brutal the past two days!!

    • I am with you brother. I am at day 67 my mouth hurts more, I gained 20 lbs, and my mother in law just moved in because she retired to early. You don’t want me to start about my neighbor.

      • Man I like my mother in law but this would not be the time for her to move in. I’ll be praying for you my friend.

  26. As I sit here this morning, drinking my coffee, and holding my two month old boy I realized that I made the best decision of my life last December. I had been a prisoner to this toxic shit for the past 17 years. It’s incredible how a round can of worm dirt can have so much control of your life. I was at that point to where if I was awake, I had a dip in. I couldn’t go an hour without having one. with all that being said, I know where you new guys are at and where you’re coming from. This journey you’re on is fucking awful but it can be done. You have to hold yourself accountable and power through the cravings…the first 2 weeks are pure hell, but they get better. I have been using Smokey Mountain to help me get past it all. I don’t think I could have made it this long without it. I am a high school football and baseball coach and still struggle at times when I’m out on the grass, but I don’t regret quitting a damn bit. I know this is a long post but this is what was on my mind this morning. I have been looking at this site for the last 6 months but never posted. KTC has helped me regain my freedom, and for that, I am forever grateful!
    Day 185 and I am still quitting with you all today! Good luck and god bless you all

    • BLAKE,

      Well stated my my quit brother. I was hooked, line and sinker on Cope Original for 35 years or so. I am on day 1,000 + and feel great with my quit right now. I will stay put here posting everyday because it works well for me and I know from experience that the NICOTINE Bitch is always just ONE pinch away. Stay quit Mi Amigo. Sig45 x243

  27. day 7 of kicking this demon

  28. Little bit of a humble brag but today marks my 2 year anniversary of kicking the can! The day I started dating my amazing gf was the day I decided I wanted to be around to start a family someday and not look like an idiot all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I miss it from time to time but it’s like that old friend you have fond memories of but will never go back to. The hardest part for me was doing the thing that I loved which ALWAYS included a dip. Hunting, fishing, going out with buddies, watching sports, it all felt like something was missing and I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard. With all that being said I am so happy I decided to quit because now, even though it seems like a tiny piece of me is missing, at least I know that piece that’s missing isn’t my jaw or my cheek bone. Stay quit everyone, keep pushing and NEVER go back. We all wth have slip ups, believe me, I did. But once that pride builds of going month, 2 month, a year, you will build the will power to never touch that crap again. God bless everyone, and keep KICKING THE CAN!!

  29. hey on my last dip today. I tried to quit five years ago and it only lasted a week. hopefully I’ll quit the dip forever.

  30. First day of quitting today after 18 years of dipping… I been visiting this forum from the past few weeks and I am looking forward to a rollercoaster ride for the next few days, but I know it’s still worth it. Got an 8-month old daughter at home and I don’t want her to ever see me with a wad under my lips again. Posted my roll in the morning and flushed all the leftover quid down the loo. Feeling proud of myself for being able to make this decision! Please wish me luck!!!

  31. 31 days, no dip. Thanks for the site. I have been passive in my quit but I have benefited from the advice. Keep pushin’ on…

  32. 25 days until my YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Been a long, hard year but soooo worth it. My health hasn’t been this good in years and I’m no longer a slave to the tin. Jake’s fake stuff has worked for me and dedication to living and eating well. Put your focus on other things. Find a hobby that doesn’t trigger your addiction. Tell yourself you WON’T DIP TODAY!! And then wake up tomorrow and tell yourself the same thing. After a can a day for 25 years I had to make a decision. Continue killing myself or to start living my life to the fullest. Quitting is was the best thing I ever did.

    • congrats michael s i am day 2 and i am so foggy but it helps reading the post time is standing still for me though

    • I quit 4 months ago after 35 years but feel like I’m just starting to feel all of the affects of the quit … has anyone else had a delayed reaction like this ??

      • Seems like everyone has different experiences with the quit. My best advice is find a hobby. For me it was focusing on my physical health. If I was gonna be quit, I was also gonna watch what I ate and exercise more. And familial support is huge!! Having your wife or husband and kids support you every day is the best support. Early on in my quit, I’d wake up to a note next to my smoothie that said “Congrats-you didn’t give in to temptation yesterday, me and the kids are happy” Next thing I knew, I was doing yoga and walking with my wife and dog every night. Next thing I knew, I wasn’t thinking about it every morning when I woke up. I had other things on my mind. Make it your life’s goal to quit. Do it for your family, but mostly do it for yourself. Kill the nic bitch once and for all!!! Good Luck Shawn and Keith

  33. Thanks! I have since stopped carrying any with me at work. There’s one at home but so far I stay away. Idk why I find it comforting in some weird way to see the one can at home on the night stand. Just like knowing it’s there. Next week Thursday will be one month!

    • It isn’t comforting to you. It is comforting to your addiction. Throw it away. Flush the worm dirt (or have someone do it for you would be all the better) and toss the can away. Would someone on a diet be good to go with a cake in their night stand? Congrats on your month!! Keep on keepin’ on!

    • I’m almost to 1 year (338 days) I still have my last 1/2 can on my top of the refrigerator. If it helps you, leave it there.

    • Copenhgnbarbie,
      If I may make another suggestion. One of the most empowering moments you will have with this quit is ditching that snuff can for good and never looking back. All of us come to the realization that the Tobacco is not necessary anymore and I am good to go without it. @Sigman45 x 243

  34. I’ve been chewing nearly daily for about 4-5 years now (can’t exactly remember when it truly started). It helps me relax from the bullshit of my home life (parents on verge of divorce; alcoholic, unemployed dad who refuses to see he has a problem). I know I need to quit and want to quit but damn it’s just so hard. What has worked for you guys to quit? I’m only 22 but I can’t keep dipping and knowingly taking the risk of ruining my health. My friend who actually got me into dipping when we were getting ready to go to college quit and he keeps telling me you just have to do it. I’ve tried and I only last maybe a day or two before I give in.

    • Mike,

      I’m 38 and have 4 kids. I wish I would have quit a long time ago. YOU have to truly want to quit. All those things you mentioned are part of life and if you actually think dip helps you will never quit. My wife has threatened to divorce me too. The difference is I know that dip won’t make that outcome any different. When my kids melt down dip doesn’t magically make them stop. That’s a lie
      I believed for way to long. When you are ready to grow a pair and quit start posting roll everyday. Make a promise to quit for one day. Then wake up and do the same thing the next morning. Be a man of your word. It’s not easy to quit but it’s not impossible. Bad asses quit. Anyone can stay addicted. So are you a bad ass or not?

    • hey Mike, try to find something to take its place temporarily like ice cream or chipolte. You will gain weight either way. Get through the first week with whatever you have to do. No one is judging you for it except for you.

    • Smokey Mountain Nicotine and Tobacco free saved my life. It takes care of the oral fixation. Gives you good spit. Ween(spelling?) Yourself off of that over a few months. One thing I want you to do. Take an empty can of your present chew. Have a friend write a stupid command in it (cluck like a chicken for 10 seconds every hour on the hour. Or something like that. Make sure the don’t tell you what it is. Next. Take replace your present can with the empty can and put it in your pocket. Next time you reach for a dip, you do the command he put in the empty can. This will show you the power the addiction has on you. You, knowing it is dangerous, put something dangerous in your body. Damn. Aren’t we all idiots!

  35. Have had a few good “test” days at work. Was training a new guy and absolutely NOTHING was working right on the machine. Another day was just stressful period. I’m proud to say I made it through all of it without caving! Found myself reaching for it a few times but I haven’t been keeping it that close by. Getting easier I THINK.

    • I was Skol fine cut dipper, it has been1742 days since my last dip, I was able to kick it you can too.

    • Great work Copenhgnbarbie. If I may make a suggestion, if you have a can anywhere near you ditch it immediately.Know your stress triggers and stress release techniques well. Take it one day at a time, keep an open mind and learn from others here. @Sig45

  36. Day 1000

    I still remember day 1, it was living hell.

    But remember, first you start with a second, then a minute, then an hour and then a day.

    The next thing you know you are at day 100 and then at day 1,000.

    Great community here.

    We do not all think and speak the same, embrace those you connect with, ignore those who irritate you.

    Thank you KillTheCan

    I quit with you today,

    Dundippin, day 1,000

    To two of my favorite people – Sigman and Steve no Happy.

  37. I normally would not admit this on a website but I am a recovering alcoholic with over 2 years of sobriety. Although the road to sobriety was rough I can honestly it was a breeze compared to quitting dip. Holy cow!!! This addiction is brutal. Granted, I was a hard drinker for about 15 years and a nicotine addict for about 30 years. Thanks for all the comments and posts, they really do help. I am only 3 days into being nicotine free and am feeling awful. This is far worse than when I was trying to get sober. The pangs and aches wanting me to dip are relentless and non-stop.

    • Great job on the alcohol. Its certainly way harder than I thought it would ever be. I hope you’re still hanging in there.

    • I’m only on day 15, so what do I know in terms of being able to comment, but here’s what I’ve learned after 4 or 5 tries at quitting —- each time I quit and failed I learned something to prepare me for the next try.

      What I learned this time was that for me, I could no smoke cigars either. Some people can.

      I did’t relapse back to dip or keep smoking, but the bad feelings came back like it’s day one or two all over again, angry, depressed, tired, edgy, scared about cancer etc.

      Today is day 3 after cigars. Won’t be doing that again.

      The old yarn about taking one day at a time works for me. All I can control is this very moment.


  38. Two days to go to hit the big 1,000. Still feeling some pangs especially in times of high tension like running for office.

    Hey If any of you live in Harford County MD – Please vote for me for County Council President. Frank “Bud” Hines.

    My wife is running for Maryland State Senate District 7. Donna Hines

    You have to advertise any way you can.

    I quit with you today.

    Dundippin day 998

  39. Hi everyone – I am trying to be patient and I am still struggling big time. I went 9 months with no dip and in a stupid moment of weakness, I put in one dip. That was it, just one. I didn’t go buy a can or put in another dip. It has been 75 days since that relapse and I am having a really hard time. I have put in ONE FREAKING DIP in 11 months and I am still having weird symptoms. My chest gets so unbelievably tight, I have anxiety, I get dizzy, I cant concentrate. I have been to my primary doctor and the ER. Have had multiple tests run: EKG, Blood pressure, blood sugar, bloodwork, chest xray and all came back normal. Besides needing to drop a few lbs, doc said I am pretty healthy overall. I wish these chest pains would just go away. The tests said there is nothing wrong with my chest, but these pains say otherwise. I guess it could be related to stress/anxiety but I can manipulate the pain when I flex my pecs or touch my elbows behind my back, the pain increases so I didn’t think it was stress related since certain movements make it worse. Ever heard of this from someone quitting? Looking for a light at the end of the tunnel…

    • Hi Doug,

      I quit April 25, 2018. Some of the systems I have had sound similar to yours. My doctor told me it was gas trapped in my upper chest and anxiety. I was put on some kind of GERD medicine. With this chest discomfort I also had a lot of burping. I continuously burped for days. One thing I do when I get anxiety is to walk around and drink water. It sounds weird but it works for me. Hope you feel better!


      • Thanks Lance, I appreciate the insight but I dont believe mine has anything to do with reflux. No burping for me. Mine is more along the lines of muscle tightness. It gets so tight, I can bend and crack my chest, like you would your knuckles….but that did not start until I quit dipping.

        • GERD has many manifestations. It wouldn’t hurt to start yourself on a daily PPI. They re over the counter now.

          Also, i’m a physician.

          • Ninja – You think a steady constant pain in my chest could be attributed to GERD? If I flex my pecs or try to touch my elbows behind my back, that is when the pain manifests itself. Doc thought it could have been a small tear in the connective tissue that connects ribs to sternum. I have been to the doctors – EKG and all bloodwork were normal and chest xray was normal…Occasionally I do have a harder time swallowing than I used to.

    • Doug,

      Anxiety dude, plain & simple. I am no Doc & I am not telling you to not get checked out, but I dipped for over 35 years, quit cold turkey back in Feb 2015. 6 months later out of the blue my chest felt like it was gonna explode, like my sternum was on fire. I was 44 yoa @ the time, ok shape for my age, not a slob. I thought I was having a heart attack or some shit. Went to the ER, then to the cardiac unit for 2 days. $5,000 later, NOTHING was found, Zilch….. Saw my general Doc, determined it was anxiety, depression, a little of both probably. That dip shit masked whatever the hell bothered me prior to dipping. Contemplated dipping again, for real. Fuck it, never caved. 3.5 yrs later, still nic/tobacco free. Still get those same pains, just not as often & not as severe. Usually flare up when I get stressed out. I workout & walk a lot, have got my weight under 200 lbs, feeling pretty good overall. Have never taken any anxiety or depression meds, wouldn’t be totally against it if needed. I know I can be a real ass to my wife @ times, so she may get fed up one day & tell me to look into, which she kind of already has. LOL. So my response is, time does help.

  40. Here it goes. Another Day 1 starts tomorrow. I’ve got my arsenal of fake pouches. Got a bunch of different brands this time. Grizzly wintergreen pouches has been my go to for YEARS. It’s been 8 years total since I really started dipping. The worst part is, I had it beat early on! I dipped for 3 months then all of the sudden the stuff made me sick to my stomach even smelling it. Didn’t touch it until one night I almost got in a bad car accident because of some idiot, and I was so worked up my buddy offered me a pinch to “calm me down”. And boy did it work, I was hooked. 6 months later moved to pouches and 8 years and 5 failed quitting attempts later, here I am. Even though I’ve never made it more than a week, I know one thing I won’t quit is quitting. Even if this one turns into another failed attempt, there will be another. And another. Until I finally kick the can for good.

  41. What are the statistics of guys quitting dipping and still getting cancer?

    • 3.5 yrs quit, clear so far……

    • I found out in 2016 that I had a cancerous tumor in my duodenum (between your stomach and small intestine). I had surgery to get remove it.

      I am 50 years old and have dipped/chewed from the time I was probably 8 years old. The check ups that I have had sense are clear and free.

      As soon as I got out of the hospital, we went to a store and bought me a box of Smokey Mountain winter green dip and the Nicotine patches. I have dipped it ever sense. I’m trying to figure out how to stop the Smokey Mountain now.

      The way to look at it is the sooner you quite, the less likely you are to get it. Good luck.


  42. I am at day 107 and it is crazy the control nicotine has had on my life. The last 10 days or so I have been in a sort of fog, not like the intitial fog, but a fog non the less. The biggest cravings I have had during this quit came yesterday. Teeth pain and anger. The positive thing is this being clean for 107 days has shown me how stupid I was to start chewing in the first place. It has shown me that the feelings today are due to my nemisis nicotine. This pushes me forward to day 108 free of this terrible drug. Thanks to the daily texters they help.

    QUIT ON!

  43. Steve No Happy

    My doctor thought tobacco use was hiding anxiety issues,but it wasn’t. The anxiety SLOWLY went away.Try you’re best to be patient , give yourselves time. This may take longer than you expected.

    Do your best to avoid anxiety medications and their side effects. Butt if it gets too too bad , take em . Whte ever it takes to get through this mess is worth it.
    Good luck mates .

    ello DUNDIPPIN & Sig

    • SNH, aka TRDT,
      Always on mark mi amigo. DeanER, It sounds rough but this quit shit and stay clean of all NIC is the real deal. Slow and steady progress is in your future. Try to get plenty of exercise, drink lots of water and OJ (ode to Dun) don’t beat yourself up and overthink the details, KISS. My suggestion for the stress induced anxiety is to try Xi Gong.
      @Sigman45, aka Shep

    • Steve – I am trying to be patient and I am still struggling big time. I went 9 months with no dip and in a stupid moment of weakness, I put in one dip. That was it, just one. I didn’t go buy a can or put in another dip. It has been 75 days since that relapse and I am having a really hard time. I have put in ONE FREAKING DIP in 11 months and I am still having weird symptoms. My chest gets so unbelievably tight, I have anxiety, I get dizzy, I cant concentrate. I have been to my primary doctor and the ER. Have had multiple tests run: EKG, Blood pressure, blood sugar, bloodwork, chest xray and all came back normal. Besides needing to drop a few lbs, doc said I am pretty healthy overall. I wish these chest pains would just go away. The tests said there is nothing wrong with my chest, but these pains say otherwise. I guess it could be related to stress/anxiety but I can manipulate the pain when I flex my pecs or touch my elbows behind my back, the pain increases so I didn’t think it was stress related since certain movements make it worse. Ever heard of this from someone quitting? Looking for a light at the end of the tunnel….

  44. I’ve tried quitting several times, and had full support from loved ones but it never worked. After seeing the effects of this terrible habit I hope that this is what prevails and keeps me from caving.

    • Matt,
      You have to really want to quit. Once you make that decision the rest is easy.
      That allows you to stop the conversations in your head as to whether to do just one more. If you do just one more then you are back to square one.

      Next, you need to be able to switch your focus from wanting that dip to anything else that you enjoy.

      This ability to change your focus is critical.

      When you dip, your brain releases ensorphins. You will no longer be getting these.

      Drink OJ for sugars to replace these.
      Eat three square meals a day.

      I quit with you today.

      Dundppin Day 998.

  45. I am quitting today for good. No more nicorette gum, patches, or vape. Just quitting nicotine.

    The story about Randy really got to me.

  46. I quite cold turkey on 4/1/18. The first 7 days were very tough. I now go a good amount of days without any significant urge, but there are some days that are difficult, which is exactly why I’m writing this today.

  47. Day 100!! Wow longest I’ve ever gone without in almost 30 years. Only occasional cravings now, subsided with a stick of gum or hard candy. This site is great for accountability and goals. Only the beging of a long chew free life.

  48. Two years cold turkey mangs !!!
    Happy Memorial Day
    Salute ( o Y o )

  49. Hi All,

    Quit dipping on April 25, 2018. Some of the things I noticed in the first month was the anxiety, pain in different parts of my body and the different feelings I guess I never noticed before. The most recent issue is the continuous burping. Just wanted to know if anyone else was dealing with similar issues.

    • God my acid reflux has gone up tremendously since i quit. my anxiety is thru the roof and i think Im sick. But I know there is nothing wrong with me. Just haven’t been like this every. Been about 30 days dip free

      • Dudes…I’m a year quit today. Good news and bad news. Good news is, the burping, reflux, anxiety, pains, weird feelings, are all just part of the process. Bad news, it can take some time for it all to go away. When I first quit, I had this awful sensation in my throat. Almost like it was swollen. All my neck muscles hurt, even my my jaw muscles. All the weird pains make the anxiety worse because you can’t explain them. My anxiety was through the roof. Maybe even depression. I feel way better now. I went to an ENT Doctor for the throat thing, thinking I had throat cancer. Nope, he said he thought it was reflux and put me on 40mg omeperazol. I was on it for 8 months. All the reflux, throat issues, etc are pretty much gone now. I still get a little bit of anxiety here and there, but nothing like before. My option is that what you’re going through is normal, but I will advise that you go see your doctors and tell them everything your feeling. Even the anxiety or depression, they can help you. Best of luck and hang in there. Stay quit, Dudes

    • I’m on day 35 and I’m experiencing the EXACT SAME symptoms you are. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one. I’ll also sometimes get really nauseous at random times throughout the day. Pcp and ent say nothing’s wrong with me. Guess only thing left to do is stick with it

      • Hi Lane,

        Hang in there. I still feel like Ric Flare sometimes. Anxiety still happens but not as often. Still burp alot but all the crazy body feelings rarely happen. Wish you the best!

  50. I know quitting is all on me and I really just need to buck up and get it done but here is my struggle.

    I’m 35. I’ve chewed since I was 19. For at least 12 years of the that I chewed from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. I wouldn’t take huge dips and at the height probably chewed about 2.5 cans per week. Over the past 3 years I have quit and started again multiple times. The longest was for 7 months, I have quite for 4 month, 3 months twice, for a month 3 or 4 times, and numerous times for a week or two. Even when I do chew now it is typically limited to my 30 min drive to and from work, on the golf course, and anytime I can get away with it with my wife around on the weekends. (She thinks I quit 3 years ago). Despite feeling the benefits, physically and mentally, of quitting I always convince my self that I can just have a can when I go on vacation or ” just for this round of golf” and always end up back at the same old habit. I always have a revelation and throw the can out the window but it never sticks. I convince myself, at least for a little bit, that my consumption is way down and that I am far better off then before. I also read on here about guys that have chewed for 40 years and have quit and they never had problems…plus you hear about guys that chew a can a day and I never did that….so you know….why would I get cancer?

    The biggest problem I have is that I like to chew…it relieves stress and I just enjoy it—i mean besides the occasional fear of losing my jaw or tongue—I don’t have any other vices, I only drink maybe once every 2 weeks…maybe…

    Don’t really know what I am trying to accomplish by posting this but am trying to find some reason to stick to quitting and just can’t…..

    • So the struggle is you continue finding reasons not to quit? The answer is simple really. Dump the can & walk away. Find some fake dips to help out, post here for support, exercise, use this place as kind of an AA meeting place. Kudos to you for even posting here because as the Bossman Chewie says, You Ain’t Here By Accident……. Had my 1st dip when I was 10 yrs old, quit 3 yrs ago last Feb, just prior to turning 44. The next step is on you brother…….

    • JLO-I applaud you for trying to quit, but you haven’t made up your mind that this is the last chew forever. There is no such thing as having a chew at certain times if you are committed to the quit. For you it’s the golf course and the car. For me, it was fishing and the car. Wife would go to sleep and I’d sneak to the garage to my chew hiding spot.

      I don’t fish any more. It’s not as fun without a chew. I got use to not having one on drives home from work. Chew was sucking the life out of me. Now, I swim 3-4x a week. Lift once a week. Much better. I missed those days at first but 643 Days into the quit, I am much better off. Had to get on Lexipro for anxiety and depression because chew had masked it for 30 years. I decided I am done with the stuff and have stuck to it for almost two years. Dipped from 1981-2016. Done with it. Not a slave any more. You have to make a decision that is final and every day stick to it no matter what.

      • When did you get on Lexipro? I stopped for 28 days after a 24 year habit. Anxiety went crazy…I’m dipping again but anxiety is as bad as when I stopped!!!

        • CAP – I quit in Oct 2016. As is the common theme, Anxiety struck me hard – I thought I had every illness/sickness under the sun. Xanax was the short term answer for the major panic attacks. Back to your question about Lexipro. When I quit I had a pretty major change in my attitude and just my general state of mind. I was constantly on edge and didn’t want to be around ANYBODY – not even my wife and kids. It was bad. Crazy thing- I didn’t crave or want chew. For me, Lexipro has been a Game Changer. I’m my old self again. Couple things to remember about it. It can take a couple months to actually “kick in’ and start working- it’s not an aspirin where you take it and feel better in 20 min. If you are married or got a girlfriend, there are a few potential side effects that can affect your “private” time together. So you will want to discuss that with her. 1 of these side effects is the inability to reach organism. In short, my wife thought I wasn’t attracted to her anymore. We had to make a Doctor visit together to clear that up. So short story long – of the people you love/trust are saying you’re “not the same” take the Lexipro.

      • You still on Lexipro NOMOREBEER? My Doc suggested it for me but I haven’t taken it yet. Just curious your thoughts? I have similar things as you, anxiety & depression, no doubt in my mind dip masked this stuff.

    • JLO, it would appear to me that you are not all in here. I chewed for 42 years, day 100 was today. I can say quitting has sucked. I feel pretty much the same today as I did day one. I am not going back to the stuff because it hurts your life in so many ways. Health, lying(you lie to your wife and family every day) it controls you. Quitting sucks, but it doesn’t suck as much as have nicotine control me.Everybody tells me it gets better I am banking on it, because I don’t want to go through this again. Good luck man you can do it if you set your mind to it.

    • My motivation to quit wasn’t the occasional fear of losing my jaw or tongue, it was a constant fear of it. I got to a point where I thought about oral cancer more than I enjoyed dipping. It took me 25 years to reach that point, but I did. I was just like you, I enjoyed dipping, 25 years of it is proof enough. But at age 45 with a wife and two boys, my health took priority. Hopefully you will find a reason for YOU to quit. I’m on day 953. You can do it, believe me. Is it hard? You bet your ass it is, but this site helps a lot about what to expect. It is accurate. The first two weeks were the roughest for me. After that, my will power took over and my constant fear of cancer got me through. If YOU want to quit, YOU will.

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