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  1. I have been a Copenhagen guy for about 25 year. Started with snuff. Went to Long Cut for the majority of the time and then most Extra Long Cut when it came out. I have finally decided to quite. I know my biggest obstacle in having a dip in my mouth not for the nicotine part, but having something in my mouth and spitting. So, to start I moved to Copenhagen Pouches for a month. Starting Wednesday I will switch Cope Pouches to Fully Loaded Bullseye.

  2. I’ve been chewing for 45 years, I started with Beechnut and then moved on to long cut many years ago. A teacher MANY years ago caught me chewing in class and made me swallow it so I have swallowed the juice and the tobacco for a long time cuz it never made me sick, when I wake up in the morning it’s the first thing that I reach for and it’s in my mouth when I go to sleep at night. I’ve tried to quit a few times with products like baccoff & some other I don’t remember about 10 years ago but they tasted TERRIBLE and were a sticky glob of mess. I’m ready to really quit but I want something that taste halfway decent and something that is at least comparable to Copenhagen long cut. Does anyone have any ideas

  3. I’ve chewed for 45 years now, I started with beechnut and switched to several different brands of long cut but have chewed Copenhagen for several years now. MANY years ago a teacher in class caught me chewing & made me swallow it & it didn’t make me sick so I’ve been swallowing the juice and the tobacco for years now. When I wake up in the morning it’s the first thing I reach for and when I go to sleep at night it’s still in my mouth, I’ve tried to quit several times over the years with no luck, I tried a few different products about 10 years ago like bacc- off but they were sticky & tasted TERRIBLE. I would love to quit,I want to find some product that has a decent taste to it and isn’t a glob of sticky mess

    1. Ron, I quit by leaving my can at home for the day. Instead a carried a 6mg nicotine replacement (Zynn). One I ran out of long cut at home, I only used the Zynn. I then went to a 3mg and eventually to gum and sugar free winter green mints. Everyone has a different way but this helped me slowly back off without losing all nicotine. I chewed for over 14 years. Hope this helps. Good luck Ron!


      1. Jake,

        I too recently quote and the ZYN 6 mg pouches are what saved the day. I replaced my Copenhagen with this. Once I was over the lack of tobacco, I focused on the nicotine and dropped down to the 3 mg pouches. Finally, I just stopped all together and was a much easier transition that i expected.


        1. That’s great, “if” that’s what you do. I’ve tried both ways, except with Nicorette gum. I lasted only 6,months before I caved.
          My opinion, there is no better way to quit than by going cold turkey. The pain you endure not only shows you how bad this chemical is on you physically and mentally…it serves as a reminder of how you never want to go through it again.
          The only successful way is cold turkey, most of the time you’ll fail by using nicotine, to quit nicotine.

      2. Howdy, I was on Grizzly for a bit. Full leaf for a while before that. Cigarettes for about 10years before that. When I picked up longcut I didn’t really care much for any Other tobacco products anymore and I kicked cigarettes because of it. Long story short, Zyn 6mg got me off of all tobacco. Though I put 2 pouches in at a time. Anyway, my lip has started to crack a bit on the inside of my mouth since I started zyn. I don’t know how to describe it. Did you have anything similar?

        1. WelfareBear, first off welcome to KTC. I have been quit so far 103 days after a 30 year addiction. I also had tried all the different ways and products to quit. I can say from experience that you should just go COLD TURKEY!!! If I can embrace the suck for that long and still embracing It then you can to. Just dump the junk, post on roll everyday, find your group that you can post with that matches your hall of fame month, bitch, complain, whine, cry or do whatever you need on this site as they will be here with you. All that crap is going to do is prolong your addiction. Stay strong, ask questions but get in a group, take it one day at a time and as we say I quit you today. Thank you to all who have and are helping me and God bless all you!

    1. I’m going to say no…when you compare the ingredients of what’s in the fake stuff (mostly all food grade ingredients) to what’s in smokeless tobacco….yeah, I’m going to say the fake stuff is
      most certainly a healthier alternative.
      If you’re talking about vape products tho….I am a little concerned with what studies will uncover 20-25 years from now. I feel again, the stuff in cigarettes is a lot more harmful, but the effects that water vapor has on the lungs, is still unknown and that’s what’s concerning.
      But these fake dips, compared to smokeless tobacco, I little to no health issues with them…so long, they are of the No Nicotine variety.

    2. Depending what you use, most are simple food products you find in your pantry, tea leaves, mint, peppers, all food products, especially the product you can swallow. The good news? I’m 5 yrs nic/tob free in come Feb & I have 5 uncracked cans of Hooch in my Man Cave, I NEVER get a craving anymore. I use Teaza at times simply because it tastes good. So the urge for fake stuff will diminish immensely over time. Until then, if you find a fake one you like, use it…….. My .02 worth…..

  4. Got my hands on the new offering from Teaza, Mango/Habanero. As usual Teaza doesn’t disappoint. This stuff is really really good & it’s got some kick to it, the burn is most def there. For me, a little burn from peppers/habaneros helps replace the missing burn from the nic/tob we all want to stay away from. Give this a shot, you won’t be disappointed. There is no other pouch product on the market that is even in the same vicinity as Teaza.

    1. I did shoal snus pouches and the closest thing I have come across has been the Smokey mountain pouches in blue can . Hope this helps!

    2. Black buffalo, made is Chicago is the best I’ve ever had. Has nicotine but no tobacco. Pouches are always out of stock but I guess they found a new factory to fix that.

      1. Just trading one nicotine habit for another. They still got you. I have asked them numerous times if they would bring out a non-nic version. They keep replying “Maybe someday soon” They are as bad as big tobacco, don’t let these companies fool you into thinking they care. It is all about hooking you in and the nic addiction insures you will buy their product. Too easy to go back to the real thing.

      2. I know, I know, black buffalo has nicotine which this website hates. It is a very good simulation as far as packing and mouth feel. I wonder about its other ingredients though, I get the impression that it burns my tongue more so than even real dip. In fact, I’ve never had my tongue feel fried after a minor dip session like BB does.

        I wonder if they’re using cayenne or something else to simulate a “burn” sensation which is a bit over done. Or maybe the nicotine is so amped that it’s either really quick released versus tobacco, dumping it your mouth all at once. Any ideas?

    3. Wasn’t much of a pouch user when I used…but I used Zero Strength Triumph (no nicotine, that’s the goal, to stop using nicotine) when I started my quit. The mint was very close to Skoal mint…I can only assume their pouches are equally as good.
      Just be sure to get the Zero Strength, non-nicotine version, or, you’re really only trading one nicotine habit for another.

  5. Best option for Copenhagen long cut. No wintergreen it gives me heartburn. Really need to quit with the diabetes. Been doing it for 14 years.

    1. anyone know of tobacoo free pouches that are not minty flavored? I currently use the Camel Snus Mellow and love the flavor, but want to quit again. I previously quit for 2.5 years, but started again due to life stressors. My last success was using nicotine gum in between Grinds pouches, then dropping the nicotine, and then eventually didn’t need anything. This time around though, the flavors difference between Camel Snus Mellow and the other options hasn’t been helpful.

    1. Cope is a tough one to find a good alt for. I was a Kodiak Wintergreen guy so take my recommendations with a grain of salt, but I’d point you to these as a starting point:

      Hooch (Classic or Spitfire)

      Triumph Classic (non-nicotine version)

      There are a couple of coffee based products that I’ve heard some Cope users enjoy. Personally I didn’t see the similarity to Cope but again I was a Kodiak guy:

      Go Coffee Energy

      Cowboy Coffee Chew

      And finally, if your’e looking for a pouch product:

      Grinds Coffee Pouches

      Sorry if this is more detail than you were looking for. Let me know how we can help! If you haven’t yet, I’d strongly urge you to join our forums at Its the best place to get support and questions answered from people who know what you’re dealing with. Let me know how we can help!


      1. I have found the absolute best match to Copenhagen is the Black Buffalo. They did a really good job with this it feels very close and the taste is as close as you can come to cope.

        1. But Black Buffalo contains nicotine, exactly what this website aims to eliminate. If you’re moving from cope to this junk, aren’t you “really” just trading one nicotine habit for another? Why not have a pipe, cigarette or cigar instead?
          This site aims at finding alternatives WITHOUT the addictive chemical, nicotine.

      1. Cope is a tough one to find a good alt for. I was a Kodiak Wintergreen guy so take my recommendations with a grain of salt, but I’d point you to these as a starting point:

        Hooch (Classic or Spitfire)

        Triumph Classic (non-nicotine version)

        There are a couple of coffee based products that I’ve heard some Cope users enjoy. Personally I didn’t see the similarity to Cope but again I was a Kodiak guy:

        Go Coffee Energy

        Cowboy Coffee Chew

        And finally, if your’e looking for a pouch product:

        Grinds Coffee Pouches

        Sorry if this is more detail than you were looking for. Let me know how we can help!


  6. Hey everyone… I’m trying to find a tobacco free wintergreen pouches product that can be as close to Grizzly wintergreen pouches. Love grizz WG pouches & it’s all I would ever use…tried Triumph WG pouches over the weekend and was very disappointed. They just tasted awful and had no burn. I only dip when I do certain activities, so I doubt I need nicotine & could care less as long as it can taste like the real deal.

    Please let me know if any of you gents have come across anything (Pouches only) that you are happy with!

    1. You might want to give Bacc-Off Wintergreen pouches or Hooch Wintergreen pouches a try. I like the Bacc-Off ones a bit better.

  7. Here’s what’s REALLY crazy, anytime a flavor or blend pops up with a serious following all the sudden the company that makes it can’t keep it in stock as if every company for past 10 years I’m now counting can’t up production. I’m totally convinced that tobacco companies feed them cash because there’s no other explanation NONE. Past 9.5 years I’ve seen WITHOUT EXCEPTION AND I MEAN ZERO NONE a brand puts out something that’s awesome they get assloads of orders, not only can they not “keep it in stock” but slowly it just goes away. You don’t have to be a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist to see what’s going on.

  8. I’m looking for the best alternative for skoal straight. Currently have baccoff and it’s not doing it for me. I’m also searching for the best mint out there. Thanks

    1. Todd, I chewed Skoal Straight and have tried lots of the alternatives. Taste wise the closest would be Smokey Mountain Straight and the Bacc-off Straight pouches. I personally don’t like the feel of Smokey Mountain. And even though I never used pouches I don’t mind bacc-off’s pouches. Interestingly, enough my favorite replacement is Hooch Keylime rough cut. I’ve tried Tough Guy’s Wintergreen and Orange and really liked them, but they haven’t had any in stock for months. I was never a flavored tobacco guy, but those are my top recommendations. Hooch Cherry rough cut isn’t horrible either.

    1. I’ve chewed a can of Tough Guy Orange and it is my favorite non-tobacco chew! Great mellow flavor. It is long lasting. Generates lots of spit. Feels great in the lip. Awesome metal lid, but make sure you get it back on tight. It is more on the fine cut side, but super moist. One warning: it is the first non-tobacco chew I feel like I could get addicted to!

  9. Tough Guy has herbal Wintergreen in stock. They’re soliciting feedback on their herbal “cut” before getting the other flavors back into production. I ordered some cans. Will share my thoughts after receiving them.

    1. So I received my Tough Guy Herbal Wintergreen and first off, I love the metal lid! You do have to make sure it’s back on tight. The lid said fine cut and I was super happy when I opened it and it was more a fat or long cut. Super moist with great flavor. Pinches awesome and it is not sticky like so many herbal chews. Feels like tobacco in the lip (Hooch does as well, but in my opinion Tough Guy beats Hooch in the flavor department). Stays packed in the lip, too. This is by far my favorite herbal chew and I don’t even like Wintergreen chew. I chewed Skoal and Grizzly Straight and Redman leaf. Their biggest issue is having any in stock. I would love to try the other herbal flavors, but all they produced was Wintergreen and it was a limited amount. Highest ratings for this product!

  10. I just got my hands on two cans of Whitetail Wintergreen ( It is offered in similar strengths of nicotine such as (fully loaded, elicit, triumph, & tough guy). I quit dipping over 5 years ago, tried every fake on market and let me just say… WOW! IMO this is the closest “feel” to a long cut tobacco. Packs and spits well. This offering has a lot of burn (a little too much for me) and needs a bit more favoring. All in all… best I’ve tried “all-around”.

    1. I recently tried Whitetail Wintergreen and didn’t care for it at all, but to be fair I never liked Wintergreen snuff either. I felt like it had a burn from the pepper; far too strong of a burn in my opinion, and once that wore off there was no taste whatsoever. Love the can, but it’s definitely not for me.

  11. Big fan of black buffalo, I’ve tried both the mint and Wintergreen, has a little chocolatey notes to it but packs a punch! Waiting on those pouches! Big fan going on my 4th can

    1. No nicotine free options, however. I contacted them about offering their products without nicotine and they said, “Maybe in the future, but right now we’re giving people what they want.” I explained there are many of us who don’t want nicotine!

      1. I reached out as well… received the same feed back… & (as you) told them a lot of persons are looking for the nicotine free versions.

    2. 100% agree with this statement. I’ve tried everything and the only can that has helped me has been Black buffalo. Wintergreen and mint are the best. Straight is a little tame. But I would recommend this product.

    3. I used to chew for a few years and started off with Copenhagen wintergreen. Loved it and had it as my EDD for probably 1.5years. I caught a flu bug and then I couldn’t stand the taste anymore. I moved to Copenhagen’s other flavors like Straight, Black and Whiskey blend. Really liked them but then tried Copenhagen Long cut and fell in love. It was great and loved that tobacco flavor. We then got Copenhagen mint in our area and had that a few times. I then was chewing over a can a day by this point and the cost around here was about $8 for Copenhagen so I decided I couldn’t do it anymore so I quit cold turkey. It was hard but I did it. I now have no problem with wanting a dip of tobacco but that oral fixation is a hard one to kick. For a few years now I occasionally would buy Oregon Mint snuff company pouches as there essentially a mint which I still use. However I’ve been searching for a good alternative to long cut dip that I can have without the guilt and risks. I tried many different kinds but just wasn’t happy with the taste or feel of them. I’ve been trying many different kinds here and there and kinda gave up on them.

      There have been new kinds lately though that have nicotine in them and I’m not necessarily against nicotine as it’s not much different than caffeine addiction (which I don’t do coffee and rarely have soda). I saw something about Black Buffalo dip and decided to try it. All I can say is WOW. This stuff is the real deal! Tastes, packs, spits just like a real dip. It does have a pretty decent nicotine buzz though. I don’t dip it very often maybe a pinch every other day or so as it’s more for fun like chewing a piece of gum than a habit nowadays so I’m not hooked on the nicotine but Black Buffalo is the best I’ve tried as a dip alternative hands down. I ordered the 3 flavor sample pack. The Mint is my favorite for sure and reminds me of Copenhagen mint. I also think the Straight tastes just like Copenhagen straight also. I thought the Wintergreen was lacking in flavor but was decent. Again though wintergreen wasn’t my favorite anymore when I quit tobacco. Anyways this stuff rocks. I did buy log of the mint after going through the 3 cans.

    1. Long Ball Licorice is the only leaf substitute I’ve found. I used sunflower seeds when I quit Redman leaf.

  12. FINALLY was able to order some Tough Guy Chew, they make an Herbal Tea/nic/tobacco free blend & have 4 flavors, WG, Cinnamon, Lemon, & Orange. The WG was OK & the Cinnamon was a little better than the WG, but not too impressed. But man, the Orange & Lemon flavors are OFF THE HOOK, AWESOME. The Orange tastes & smells like an orange peel, I love it. The lemon is very similar as far as it tastes like it smells. The price is pretty middle of the road, around $5 a can, S & H was free with a code. Here’s the issue, the product is rarely in stock, ever. The site keeps saying they are having equipment issues? Tough Guy teamed up with the Outlaw dude, the guy made famous from his You Tube channel. So the product is in high demand. But the lack of product is concerning. Hooch has been my favorite fake dip, TG is giving it a serious run for it’s $$$$$$

    1. Not sure how you got it Dan O, but lucky you. I’ve still not been able to place an order. All “sold out” still. I’m a Hooch guy myself… it’s “that good”?

      1. I follow the FB page & for a day they had it in stock. I dig me some Hooch, Key Lime is my favorite. but as far as pure flavor goes, TG hit a homerun. I guess if I had to nitpick the TG fake stuff, it gets a little float, with Hooch, none of course. Flavor wise though, TG is the real deal. As far as the “sold out” problem? I made a general statement saying this was not a good business model as far as being out of stock most of the time, didn’t go over too well. They claimed they would have the problem fixed by April 1st. Well, it’s the 15th, so I’m not sure what to believe. I know I’m babbling, but if it ever becomes available, it’s some good ass shit, I’d give it a shot for sure.

          1. Thanks Dan O… I emailed them as well and was told the same as you… “machines ordered ALL products would be available starting the 9th and would strive to NOT be “out of stock” going forward. Guess that is not the case. When it “does” become available, I’ll order the 6 pack since it’ll be worth the try.

          2. I’ve given up… after my 3rd email I was told to keep an eye on FaceBook for inventory. That doesn’t make an sense to me if you have a website (which they do)… SMH. Oh well… still labeled as “Sold Out”. I am glad you did get a chance to try and post a review though.

          1. I was able to order a can of lemon today. They had it and their black tea in stock. The other 3 were sold out though.

          2. Dan O… FINALLY got 2 cans of the cinnamon. Same review as you and a few additions. Really would like to see the tea leaves a little more moist, more flavor, and flavor lasted longer. I’m hoping to get my hands on the lemon and orange… per you, there is more flavor. I too am a Hooch guy, but TG is right there with Hooch. The only other issue i had is the can lid. You have to be careful to make sure it snaps on tightly. if not, it’ll blow up on a pack. First can every for herbal to have a tin top and plastic body similar Skoal and all others. If they can just keep stock up, they’ll be a hit in both the non-nicotine herbal and nicotine products.

          3. An Apple product has me intrigued. Please keep me posted NO CAM.

            FYI, for some reason I cannot respond to you on the Tough Guy thread we were talking on, so here is what I tried to write:

            Yeah, the lid is an epic fail, definitely causes the product to dry out. Popped in a Lemon & Cinnamon over the last few days, both were pretty darn dry. No doubt due to a shit seal. That NEVER happens with Hooch.

            My final verdict is:

            The flavor goes slightly to TG, love the Orange.

            For longevity in the lip & in the can, Hooch blows away TG, not even close. I’ve had cans of Hooch for close to a year & they still stand tall.

            If I was told to pick one, I’d go Hooch. It is easily attainable.

            My 2 favorites are TG Orange & Hooch Key Lime (regular, not RC, the RC has that nasty mint taste). Stay tuned…..

          4. James Cook, I dig the WG Hooch, still prefer the Keylime though. Sorry for the delayed response.

  13. Has anyone tried black buffalo? Came across it online today, very few reviews but they all seemed to be good. They have mint, WG, straight, and peach is coming out soon, they also have pouches. Seems a bit pricey at 6 bucks a can with a 2 can minimum. Just trying to get some insight before I give it a try! Thanks!

    1. Do they have a nicotine free option now? The last time I looked all they had was chew/snuff with nicotine.

      1. I guess not. I just realized that they dont while looking on their website. I was just assuming they did. Sorry!

      1. I reached out to the guys at Black Buffalo to see if a Nicotine Free option is being considered… and I quote, “we have been asked by many persons such as yourself and its seems like a Nicotine version would be in high demand… we are in the process of looking into that option and you may see a Nicotine free product in the very near future”. Good sign to me… IF anyone does want to try it… start sending them emails for the Nic-Free option.

        1. I have asked about a non-nicotine version as well. I told them there’s a big group who would love to try their product without the nic!

    2. Hands down the BEST authentic alternative on the market same flavor,pack,pinch ability is Black buffalo.I got some wintergreen in the mail nothing compares.Ive tried fully loaded full nicotine,hooch,cowboy chew,smoky mountain,and whitetail nothing compares hope this helps and good luck

  14. Chewie… searching through websites tonight and came across another new alternative (Whitetail Chew). Same type of alternative as (Elicit, Triumph, Fully Loaded) where it is offered in 3 levels of Nicotine strength (100/50/0). Only 2 flavors (Wintergreen & Mint). I haven’t tried any new items for some time now, but I wanted to make sure I continued to reach out since this site helped me quit! Hope you reach out to the new company… look forward to your review!

      1. Hey Chewie… ran into another one. Green Leaf Organic mint pouches. One flavor (wintergreen) and one on the way (cinnamon).

    1. I’d be interested in a review as well. I know they used to have more flavors, but now they only have Wintergreen and Mint. It is an impressive looking can.

  15. There’s another fake dip on the market called Fully Loaded, they offer different levels of tobacco too like Elicit. They have a zero tob/nic version called Bullseye, I ordered a few cans.

      1. A representative from Whitetail emailed me back the other day. They are only offering Wintergreen and Mint at the moment. All other flavors are on hold until, get this one, they finish wrapping up on a movie called “Dip Run” (I checked IMDb and yes there is a movie being made with that title and one of the stars is “Outlaw” from all those YouTube dip videos). Once post production, there other flavors (including Apple) will start being produced once again. So, only Wintergreen and Mint for now.

  16. Any heard of Tough Guy chew? It is like other chews in the regard they offer both tobacco/nicotine versions & herbal/tob-nic free products. The herbal flavors are black tea based & there are like 5 flavors. The only issue is they have a problem keeping their product in stock. I emailed them & they are working on getting more product. Will advise if I sample some.

    1. Tough Guy is amazing. My favorite is the Lemon. I have 10 cans of Lemon, 2 cans of Wintergreen, and 2 cans of Cinnamon. They all taste amazing! Hold their taste for a long time. The spit is good, but to add a little bit more juiciness I sip a little water when I first put one in. Give them a try man.

    1. Cope is a tough one to find a good alt for. I was a Kodiak Wintergreen guy so take my recommendations with a grain of salt, but I’d point you to these as a starting point:

      Hooch (Classic or Spitfire)

      Bacc Off Energized Straight

      Triumph Classic (non-nicotine version)

      There are a couple of coffee based products that I’ve heard some Cope users enjoy. Personally I didn’t see the similarity to Cope but again I was a Kodiak guy:

      Go Coffee Energy

      Cowboy Coffee Chew

      And finally, if your’e looking for a pouch product, there are a couple of good ones:

      BaccOff Gen II

      Grinds Coffee Pouches

      Sorry if this is more detail than you were looking for. Let me know how we can help! If you haven’t yet, I’d strongly urge you to join our forums at We’ve got over 31,000 members and its the best place to get support and questions answered from people who know what you’re dealing with. Let me know how we can help!


      1. As a former Kodiak guy, can you give another former Kodiak guy a tip on what tastes as close to Kodiak as they come?

        1. Hey Mike –

          I’d suggest starting with either Hooch Wintergreen, Smokey Mountain Wintergreen or Bac-Off Wintergreen. There are a couple of varieties as well.

          Hooch offers a “rough cut” which isn’t QUITE long cut, but close. They original Wintergreen has long been my standard bearer of best Wintergreen on the market:

          Smokey Mountain has a great consistency

          Finally, Bacc-Off Wintergreen comes in Wintergreen, Extra Wintergreen and Energized Wintergreen. Each have their own merits / tastes.

          Whitetail Smokeless offers a TREMENDOUS long cut wintergreen product as well. But make sure you get the nic FREE version.

  17. My son just gave me Black Buffalo straight long cut. It contains nicotine, so it is painless in that regard. Ordering wintergreen as it is what I normally chew. Hopefully it will allow me to cut back more easily moving towards quitting.

  18. I’m on 48 hours now. I wanna cave in, but yet I don’t. I need something similar to a long cut, mint, wintergreen, whatever. Just something that somewhat mimics the real thing. Smokey mountain is absolutely disgusting. It’s sticky, messy, and just simply sucks.

    I right now, more than anything, just miss something being in the pouch of my lip. I’m going nuts.

    1. I’m right there with you man. Get on Amazon and grab green leaf organic mint pouches. They are working great for me. Good luck to you

    2. Rodney stay strong I have been without chew for 8 days and honestly the first three days were the worst.

      1. Good job and keep it up. I made it a little over a year and ended up caving in. My advice to you is to stick with the fake stuff for a few months at most but start phasing the fake stuff out too. The sooner the better. Eventually you will get to a point where you don’t need it or crave it. After a year it will sneak back into your mind. But be stronger than me. I’m ordering fake dip tonight and quitting again when it arrives.

        Good luck. You can do it.

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